And The Winner Is….More Than One Person?

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Well it’s been a full week since my “top 5 goals of 2011” post and I can’t believe the response we have had on the blog. Over 570 comments were left! Almost 100 people Tweeted the post and almost 200 people “liked” the post on Facebook. That’s some amazing numbers and it just means that you are all so in tune with what’s going on and continuing to learn each day. I suppose the offer of giving away $50 surely helped get the response I was looking for so without waiting longer the winner of last weeks $50 gift card is….

RICHARD – COMMENT #91 – Richard please email me asap your full details and ill ship you this gift card immediately…

Now for those of you who left comments but didn’t win…. I’ve decided to do it AGAIN. Here’s the challenge for this week and you bet I am going to pick one lucky person to give a $50 gift card to (but the catch is you have to follow all the instructions).

I am curious to know what your favorite advertising platform is and why. Do you like Google, Yahoo!, Facebook,  Plenty of Fish, Myspace or something else? Don’t just list something you must also tell me WHY it’ s your favorite.

Want To WIN $50 –

Step To Complete:

1. Post a comment and list your top 5 goals for 2011
2. Click the Facebook icon to the top right and share your post on Facebook!
3. Click the RETWEET Twitter icon on the top right and retweet this post!

If you complete ALL 3 STEPS I will enter you to win a $50 Advertising Coupon (you can use it anywhere) which should help you jump start your new year success. I know thousands of people will read this post, but how many of you are willing to complete 3 steps and possibly win free $$ for advertising?


  1. Richard Von Aschen

    I do not like facebook. my goals for this year: 1; make a lot of money, 2; do not work to hard to make money, 3;Finish my show truck, 4; buy a new home for my wife and me, 5; make sure we are financially independent.

  2. Annabelle

    My 5 goals for 2011,
    1. Get website up and runniung.
    2. Make my life right with God.
    3. Learn to love me so that I can love others.
    4. Get blogging everyday.
    5. Help others when I can and to get out of debit.

  3. Verneita

    Hi my goal is to build a website that others can go to and grow a business from. I am all about helping others, but right now I am trying to register on Tony Morrison’s site to blog without being able to.

  4. Mary Goodman

    I’ve been steadily working, unfortunately at a snail’s pace because of funds, but I am continually doing so everyday to make my goal for this year. Firstly, for 2011 I want to double my annual income, which currently is $19,700, and hopefully by the end of 2011 I would like that number to be $39,400. If it’s a bit less that’s okay, but the closer to that number the better. Secondly, I want to be able to be debt free, and with completing the first goal, I will be able to do so. Thirdly, I want to be able to dedicate more time to completing my goals. Fourthly, I want to be a new car, not necessarily pay cash for it, but just be able to buy that new car, and fifthly, completing all these goals will build my confidence so that for 2012 I can double what I complete in 2011. Thanks Anthony!!!!

  5. Robbie

    goal #1: make my own income

    goal #2: get involved in the real estate world

    goal #3: help my daughter financially

    goal #4: trade my truck for a newer one

  6. shane

    I like face book because of the targetting features and also the auto ad create software that suggests an ad from your site.

  7. mark macey be more connected to the law of intention and attraction. be with my wonderful daughter and grand baby have great sucess with affiliate marketing and homejobs for citizens have great sucess with my jewelry store stop being afraid of personal coaching; because of fears of not being sharp enough or appearing stupid, etc. and the list of insecurities goes on and on. To banish all doubts!!!!!!!

  8. PJ

    From a marketing perspective, “value added” is the creation of a competitive advantage by bundling, combining, or packaging features and benefits that result in greater customer acceptance.

    Google is my favorite advertising program because it champions many competitive advantages. In so doing, Google shares a commonality with you Anthony, in that both you and Google have set the pace, and the standards, in your respective industries.

  9. Mentor

    My top five goals for 2011:

    1. To learn faster and smarter about Affiliate marketing concept!
    2. To increase my knowledge of e-commerce and e-business!
    3. To become financially independent!
    4. To be focused, motivated, happy and healthy!
    5. To spend quality of life with my family and friends!

  10. Igor Ropac

    Hey Anthony ,

    I’m really exited about this program . I.m fired up and focused. Just got signed up. Haven’t even gotten the books. I’m watching all the training videos I’ve watched all the video blogs up untill now taking notes on each one.I’ve listened to recording sof all the teleconference calls that are downloaded. I get fired up and motivated nbefore during and after each one.Planning to take snall steps that I can while waiting for book.Focusing on social network marketing with twitter,blogs and facebook. Excited and looking forward to future

  11. Brenda Hubbard

    1.To find quality to spend with my husband and my mom before they’re gone. Like a Real vacation.
    2. Find time to work my own a great home based business that can bring in substancual income to live comfortably for the both of us. Not have to work for my sister daycare for less than minamum wage.
    3. To be able to answer my home phone without fear of the hounding Bill collectors. Because there all paid off.
    4. Have my new Dream home, because, My home is being eat by termites and there’s nothing I can do about it.
    5. Buy a new vehicle.
    6. I’m retired because of disabilities,but I have to keep working i can’t afford my meds. or take the time to have surgery.
    7. I need a manufacturer for some of my Inventions.

  12. David Caudill

    #1 Goal: To be alive and well enough to continue taking care of my wife to be who has breast cancer.

    #2 Goal: To expand my knowledge and understanding of internet/affiliate marketing.

    #3 Goal: To increase my affiliate marketing skills.

    #4 Goal: To increase my overall wealth.

    #5 Goal: To be able to share more of everything with my family.

    And that is the way I want to achieve them from #1 – #5 and I will achieve them by the end of 2011.

    “Thanks Anthony,”

  13. Deborah Massey

    Learn How to make a living from home. Teach others how to make a living from home, Teach others how to be free in Christ- body, soul, and spirit- My top 3 goals for 2011.

  14. Russell Carlson

    I like microsoft adcenter. Its easy to set-up and works well. But the only one I know I made money on is search7. I need to learn facebook, show us how on your blogs please.

  15. Shari Welch

    So far I’m liking Craig’s List. I’ve attempted to make money online for 3 months now. I started using Craig’s list only 2 days ago and already have had some results.

  16. Barry

    Top 5 Goals for 2011:
    1. Join a Gym and work out weekly
    2. Read a new non-fiction book each week
    3. Lose weight
    4. Continue to Grow through Networking
    5. Grow my business by setting goals each week/month/year

  17. Billie Waters

    1.Read my Bible more.

    2.Get my business up and going. Right now I am having a little trouble understanding but i am getting there.

    3.See more of my 6 children. Some live in a different state so I only get to see them once every 3 years.

    4.Pay off some bills including home.

    5.Spend more time with brother and sisters.

  18. Tracy

    1. Start a successful online business.
    2. Jog at least 5 days a week.
    3. Pay off my Current Business Debt.
    4. Buy my wife a new car.
    5. Pay off my mortgage in 2011.

  19. Ruth Nail

    I’ve just started with your program and I’ve had no advertising budget at all. I believe that the Google advertising platform would be one of the most successful and I plan on using it first when I free up some money for advertising. I’ve been using Twitter and following your directions and I’m starting to make some head way.
    My goals for 2011:
    1. To spend four hours a day on my new business.
    2. To put money into my business so I can make at least 200 dollars a week to start.
    3. To build my income through out the year so that I will be making 1000 dollars a week by this time next year.
    4. To believe in myself and my abilities.
    5. To Just Do It!!! (It is everything that needs to be done…no Procrastinating)

  20. kent walker

    I believe There is more exposure to people reading or looking at anything to read you really have to consider TWITTER even tho both are almost a shot in the dark sometimes! All really are diffuclt unless you have a big budget so I have to say TWITTER
    1)Increase my advertising budget
    2)Get my bussiness into 6 figures by the end of the year
    3) I would love to get all my bills paid off 4)Help others get a way to do the same 5)Take a long deserved vacation anywhere

  21. bob slanina aka angel superman

    wow but you didn`t post his winning entry !! surely it deserves to be shown and posted again !!
    1, to get timely answers from, anthonies people and not stop till I do,
    2 to implement them and speed my growing my business
    3to continue to do the things I always have that contributed to my success which is share and recognise those who help and contribute , and give credit to god first then, all of those who help me
    4 to get cable high speed and wi-fi and able to speed the whole implementation of the building fo the business after a rough and slow start do th no fault of my own!!
    5 to learn and keep progressing in knowledge and utilize it progresively , and gain speed and more networking connections and utilise more of them!! to all I am on lhere personally these are not auto blogs or posts these are the real me for now and I am a giver a sharer of knowledge for knowledge!! 😉 take care all ,, and have a superfantastic 2011. I am already lol . lets get rocking

  22. Barbara moore


  23. Gus Perez

    1. Finish my website
    2.Start making money
    3.Get a brand new car (Jeep)
    4.Help out family
    5.Be able to pay $500 a month for training

  24. Rich Stein

    make $1000.00 while sleeping
    taking action in all my businesses
    Get a plan and stick to it.
    What is the first thing I have to do.
    Make six figures this year.
    Get a team and work it!!

  25. Esther Fuller

    #1. Home Base Business
    #2. Get Out of Debt
    #3. Take my family on a cruz
    #4. Buy My daughter a new home
    #5. Start donating my time to a worthy cause

  26. Erica Folk

    My top 5 goals for 2011 are:
    1) To be positive no matter what or who tries to hold me back or bring negativity to my life.
    2) To follow the rules: If I can’t, I must! If I must, I can! If I can, I will!
    3) To never give up on what I start.
    4) To take care of myself before others.
    5) To realize my-self potential and what I am capable of.

  27. Karyn

    I believe most people are on facebook than any other site these days you can find people thru that site so ads on there would be seen in a largeer capacity.

  28. Eu Sheng Chung

    Hi Anthony,

    I am currently living in IL alone working on my college, I am from Malaysia which is very far away from US. My family is having a financial problem supporting me on my study as their business is going down. I am desperate looking for money to pay my college. I also tried to look for a job as I am not American nation, and my college had empty position for me to work. As one day I was in my friend’s house, I saw you were in the interview with Hansen. I was so excited that you said you could make someone like me to earn much money.
    After i watch many videos of yours, I bought your book. I started your method and made $1.23 in 3 days.

    My 5 goals for 2011 are
    1. Earn as much money as possible through your methods.
    2. Help my family to boost up their business.
    3. Buy an Air Ticket and visit my parents in Malaysia this Summer 2011.
    4. Pay my college and finish with a degree.
    5. Be someone successful like Anthony Morrison.

    Thank you so much Anthony Morrison.

    Eu Sheng

  29. nick

    1) gain 1000 followers on twitter. I started a mounth and a half ago and Im up to 328 followers.
    2) Become apart of the Marketing Success Academy
    3) Set up Domains
    4) Start email Campaigns
    5) Make $1000 a week

  30. Ann

    I choose facebook and yahoo, there seem to be more people using those two than any other.I have a hard time getting tweet.

  31. Oliverliski Murphy

    1. Launch a successful ad campaign
    2. Build cash flow enough to help my family
    3. don’t take no for an answer (I can achieve anything)
    4. step out of my comfort zone (Way Out)
    5. Be more creative minded

  32. Java

    My goals for 2011 are to be successful in my online business, purchase my first home [condo] for my two year old daughter and I, Get out of debt, Spend more time with my family, and enjoy my life to the fullest- [bonus] and be proud of what I do.


    1. Work hard towards my goals for 2011.
    2. Study the “Advertising from home” book.
    3. Follow Anthony’s techniques from his website & books.
    4. Stay focused on what to achieve with Anthony Morrison’s program.
    5. Strive to succeed so that we can exceed this year.

  34. richard burk

    1.publish our 1st website by January 20th.
    2.finish e commerce 2 course
    3.continue to study different e-commerce strategies
    4.spend more quality time with family daily a new scripture everyday next to computer for insiration

  35. Angela

    1. Stay focused and driven.
    2. Become sucessful in the Affiliate Marketing business.
    3. Become Debt Free.
    4. Market Products that will increase a good quality of life for the consumer.
    5. Increase the passion and enjoyment of owning my own business every day.

    As for sharing my favorite advertising platform, I really cant say. I am new to the industry and am still learning, but i would think that google and yahoo would be good…because of the traffic that is driven to these search engines on a daily basis.

  36. Charles Villegas

    1. I want to learn the Programs.
    2. Keep everything in a journal, for progress and losses
    3. Read on how to perfect a webpage, and try tobe one page one sooner
    later?+-, 50/50, up to the HEAVENS =).
    4. Read more so I can put things on my webpage (stories or articles,
    recipes, something?
    5. Dream about what isn’t as though it is here today now. A Mansion,
    to my liking, a very expensive car, Pool, OH, So much and much
    more. =). YES !!! =)



  37. Gilbert

    1-Fire my current boss
    2-spent more time with my family
    3-Help other people financialy
    4-Become a better christian
    5-Have a nice vacation

  38. Kelli wood

    My Goals for 2011 are:
    1. Keep God 1st Always for Giudance, Direction, Insight & Forsight!
    2. Stay focus & positive & continue studying & learning new ideas & new things.
    3. Continue to journal everyday for my book as well as study purposes & future resources. ~ Blogs,training, Research, Readings, etc.
    4. Keep these goals updated every 6 months & ALWAYS Keep them
    ATTAINABLE & REALISTIC to prevent failure.

  39. Sandi Mitchell

    1. Set up web page-landing page
    2.Buy domain name
    3.Set up social web marketing accounts and ads
    4.Finish reading advertising profits from home
    5.Build and start 1st. PPC ad on google

    Peter Ackerman says Anthony’s book is general and generic and not complete enough to build your business, but I beleive it is the most informative fact filled book a beginner could handle. The only problem I have, is what to focus on first.

  40. Ron Bish

    1. Continue my daily assignment of learning something know each day.
    2. Continue my search for a business grant.
    3. Creat a utube account an learn to use it.
    4. Promote 4 new clickbank items each month and try to track their level of success.
    5. Stay more focused on the project at hand.

  41. dan justus

    I like facebook, because so many people from all walks of life are on there and its a much more open forum.
    5 goals for 2011 #1 become more focused on business-#2 work smarter and harder than 2010-#3 be the person I know that I can be by giving more support than advise -#4 create enough income so that I can take care of my wife who’s terminally ill, without leaving home if I don’t want to -#5 Put my goals, dreams, promises and my daily plans in front of me everyday and do something to work toward them

  42. Scott

    1.Stay positive
    2.Stay focused
    3.Stay confident
    4.Be successful
    5.Be more successful

  43. Steven

    My Goals for 2011
    1.Have money to take care of my family in my church/close friends
    2.Have a way to make money
    3.Have money on my vacation to NY, Las Vegas & Hawaii this year
    4.Have money to get a car
    5.have good amount of money in bank account

  44. Debbie Seelbach

    1. family
    2. keep learning
    3. stay focused
    4. positive affirmations
    5. random acts of kindness

  45. Shalimar

    1. Stay centered
    2. plan my work
    3. Work my plan
    4. Do not take on any more projects
    5. Stay in contact with business mentors

  46. Freddie

    1. I would like to make at best $100,000 this year.
    2. More social on the net.
    3. Spend more time with friends and family.
    4. Get more Merchants and their products on my site.
    5. Add more pay per click champaines to the site.
    6. Get more visitors to sign up for site.
    7. Help more people earn money online.
    8. Learn more myself on making money online.
    9. Publish great content to the world wide web.

  47. Mary

    My goals are to get back to work pain-free and I’m taking the necessary steps to achieve a healthier life.

  48. Christopher Holmes

    never give up,stay dedicated to your goals and dreams remember that constent focus is the key to success.Stay on the mission till its accomplished and you will reap your reward and enjoy your success.

  49. MARY

    Set goals .
    Study daily.
    Follow through goals.
    Set priorities.
    Be more organized.

  50. Barbie

    Well this has to be the year. I am now on disability and so is my boyfriend. We are going to lose him because of something in his brain where he can die in his sleep, not to mention he has a bad heart with a hole that is inoperable.
    So enough of the self pity. That is not why I’m hear but why I’m so determined to make life work.
    I have two children to take care of and I need more.

    My first goal will be to build myself a very large list of motivated people. If you don’t have a list, in one form or another, then you have no market. You can’t sell to people you don’t have.

    My second goal will be to make sure I stay true to who I am because your name is who you are online and off. Don’t play with people just to make a dollar, I don’t care how desperate you are.

    My third goal will be to find a great product. If I have to create one, I will hopefully find someone who is good at it and we will create something together. Maybe something different and new. Place as many blogs and ads as possible. Make the blogs content abundant. If they don’t get read, then obviously you are putting in the details you need.

    My fourth goal will be to make it all work. When I do start making money, I am sure to spend some of it on charity. So many of the great money makers out there have a saying, 10% to charity. I believe that. If you are making millions of dollars, help out.

    My fifth and most important goal is health and family. We all need to be healthier. And my family is the most important thing to me. This is something I am working on everyday.

  51. Virginia ~EarthAngel~

    My top 5 goals for 2011 are as follows:

    1) A renewed relationship with God

    2) Read and study the Bible more, on a daily basis

    3) A closer and more loving relationship with Family & Friends

    4) Continue to be a Caregiver for my Mother who is 92 years old

    5) Acquire Transportation Services for the Elderly & help them in whatever way that I can.

    And last but certainly not least…If we had to list 6 goals or more, another one would be to lose weight/eat healthier and I would love to go to school to become a Master Herbalist, so that I can help people all over the World who have health issues and concerns; especially those who are suffering with chronic illnesses & diseases, because I believe in natural medicine & healing, from the inside out!


    I love Advertising on the Google Platform because I always get great responses to my Ads and since I’ve started using the Ning Social Network, it’s also a really good source for Advertising because it’s Viral.

  52. Danielle Campbell

    I prefer to use microsoft adcenter for my advertising because i find they are cheaper for pay per click and there customer service is great. Also you get to advertise in two well known search engines bing and yahoo!


    goals for 2011: 1)loose weight 2) meet george clooney 3) travel trip to australia or new zealand/perhaps emigrate if they’ll take me.4) buy a bicycle 5) visit the GRAND CANYON

  54. Ulric Kurashige

    1. Be a good manager of my life
    2. Maintain a balanced life
    3. Be proactive on all things
    4. Care for the people in my life and put in quality time.
    5. Learn everyday that I may improve on all of my goals above

  55. Sarah

    1.I want to learn how to get traffic
    2.I want to learn how to sell ebooks
    3.I want to be able to have all the knowledge I can soak up in my head
    4.I want to be able to live my dream
    5.Finally I want to make my 1st sale other than Ebay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. James Bachand

    Boy I’d love to know this answer. I have been trying MyAds for MySpace. It was my first attempt and ran it for about 5 days. It was advertised around 40,000 times and had several clicks. However, doesn’t appear that any converted. I think I am going to try yahoo advertising next month and use that $75 coupon. I’m broke this month from Christmas so I can’t afford to spend anymore cash till next month. I’ll have to try some free methods till then. I have myspace, facebook and twitter accounts. So have been trying to promote that way. Got to build up my friends list more.

  57. brian lynch

    to be more attentive to others feelings
    to help out more around the house
    save money
    say my prayers when i go to bed
    make myself a better person

  58. Cherie

    My Top Goals for 2011
    1. Always be positive
    2. Always be proactive
    3. Network more in person
    4.Increase my sales
    5. Make sure I consistently follow steps 1-5!

  59. Karen

    1. Keep God first – or the main thing the main thing.
    2. Reach for my goals – actually reach or stretch towards them.
    3. Know that as I support others , I will be supported.
    4. Don’t break the circle; but break the cycle.
    5. Share a little of my little with a friend.

  60. Lionel

    My favorite form of advertising by far is mobile marketing. Simply put, there’s almost NO competition and with costs as low as 2cents per click its downright amazing. Once you learn how to do it correctly you’re well on your way. In November 2010, Facebook reached 500 million users but that doen’t come close to the 4 billion cell phones that are in use today. Many people have their preferences when it comes to advertising media but mobile has worked wonders for me. I build my list on the front end to market to later and also sneak in a CPA offer as well. The Sky is the limit.

    5 Goals for 2011
    1. Manage time more efficiently
    2. Buy new home
    3.Become completely debt free
    4.Take a real vacation
    5.Learn more about Internet Marketing

  61. Gracie Danford

    1. Stay on top of your priorities
    2. stay motivated
    3. stay up to date with whats going on with your campaigns
    4. stay positive
    5. keep your faith.

  62. Kevin Griffith

    1. Keep a clear conscious of what and who God really is, and talk to him daily.

    2.Read something new from the bible daily.

    3. Stay in a positive outlook no matter how negative some things are.

    4. Tell someone I love them eachday. And not the same person , but someone different.

    5. Learn something new eachday.

  63. Edison Masereka

    My 5 Goals for 2011;
    1. Build my GDI 1st level down line to 500
    2. Improve my social media marketing skills
    3. Grow my online earnings to US$1000 a week
    4. Pay-off my home mortgage
    5. Buy a new car

    In terms of marketing, i still find social media marketing my favorite. First because it’s cheaper and can be highly effective if you learn how to successfully leverage the platforms (Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn) and they are not difficult to master.

  64. Badi Bukas-Yakabuul

    Hey Anthony,
    I do not have a website yet. How to get one, please advise.
    My goals for this year 2011 (If revised)
    1. Make my life right with God stronger
    2. Get my website up and learn how to use it effectively
    3. Know well what blogging is and blog everyday
    4. Make money money money to free myself financially
    5. Help others as I help myself

  65. Kevin Griffith

    Facebook seems to me to be a great social site. With all of the games and stuff that reconnects people together, that seems to provide a vast opportunity for advertising any services, or products and to be highly succesful at bringing in new business. Plus one can place a link to their own services web site right on facebook, and I believe to do so is free. So what a better way to advertise to multiple groups of people and thousands upon thousands of potetntial clients.

  66. Nancy Savage

    I’ve seen interviews with children who are making big money with advertising on their websites. Some of these websites are simply their posted videos about their latest shopping adventure! I want that kind of income stream. After sitting on this information for 3 years, I finally made a step forward by joining “advertising profits” to get myself started. I suppose I could have gone to the library instead. But, that resource is there if I need it, and so it the internet.

    Goals for 2011

    1. To make enough money so that I can give 90% of my income to help others in dire need here in the U.S. and around the world and still have enough for myself to live well — including traveling.

    2. Begin my book series, and complete the first book. Included in each book will be a charitable designation form with an individual serial number printed on it. The purchaser can choose a charitable or non-profit organization for me to donate 10% of the price of the book. The form will also be available online, using the serial number for proof of purchase. If they don’t choose one, a default organization will be chosen for them.

    3. To remove all the clutter from my house, including the garage. Yikes! I want clear, clean flow lines and a place for everything and everything in its place.

    4. I want to be married to my long time boyfriend or finally go our separate ways. This ties into #3. We live together. Half the mess is mine.

    5. Next week I finally have a dentist appointment and enough money to fix my poor, broken smile! When I mention my smile to those I know, most say they don’t even notice the broken, missing teeth. Ha! How can you miss it! I’m feeling so emboldened, I just might post my picture with that broken smile, and then post a new picture when my smile is complete.

    6. One more: I want to see my pet project produce a harvest this winter: geothermal-heated grow dome or greenhouse at 7500 feet in winter.

  67. Wayne McLeod

    My favorite advertising platform is AdzZoo. My goals for 2011 are: 1. Enroll 20 direct new Campaign Directors in my business first quarter; 2. Train & Develop 5 Senior Directors in the first 6 months of 2011; 3. Open 5 expansion offices on the MS coast, Al, FL, TX, and TN; 4. Become debt free including home; 5. Have $100,000 in liquid cash in Money Market.

  68. Yolanda Cherry

    My goals for 2011:

    1. To take the $500 I saved from quiting smoking and finally invest in my business.

    2. Learn this business from the beginning again.

    3. Once I become successful, share with others what I learned so they can share what I teach then wit

  69. Mark Soto

    My five goals for 2011

    1.To get a new home.
    2.Spend more time with the family.
    3.To lern more fundementals for advertising.
    4. To get my web site Traffic rolling in.
    5.To become accomplished.

  70. Jesus Tobon

    Hi everyone.I like Facebook, even though I got bad comments last week about it. I think that Facebook is the best social network in order to make advertising because of the huge amount of paticipants and because it is growing up everyday. I support Facebook!. My goals will lead me to stop making money for somebody else an become free financially.

  71. Darryl

    Goals for 2011; #1. start a weekly blog, #2; start a second web site asap, #3; work a min. 4hrs daily on sites/blogs, #4; Make a large amount of cash daily,#5; work closely with God too help others achieve their Goals and find our inner peace!

  72. Jeanny G.

    TOP 5 GOALS FOR 2011
    1. I wanna purchase Anthony’s System ASAP
    2. First earn money to help family back home in the Philippines
    3. I want to fulfill my dream becoming a writer
    4. Try to settle down and Work on some marriage plans?
    5. Dont work too hard its giving me headache/ migrane

  73. Jeanny G.

    1. I wanna purchase Anthony’s System ASAP
    2. First earn money to help family back home in the Philippines
    3. I want to fulfill my dream becoming a writer
    4. Try to settle down and Work on some marriage plans?
    5. Dont work too hard its giving me headache/ migrane

  74. Daceline

    1. Become a Model
    2. Make money
    3. Spend more time with my family
    4. Buy a house
    5. Get a car

  75. ken hunter

    1.Is to meet Anthony Morrison in person,for a one on one chat.
    2.Get my business up and runing.
    3.Make enough money to pay off all of my bills.
    4.Buy a new house.
    5.Take a life long needed vacation.

  76. suzann

    I like yahoo I know nothing about social networks my kids use my space and facebook so I guess they are most common as for goals: increase income somehow, learn advertising, get out of debt, help my family, be a stay at home mom and work online.

  77. natnael Asmelash

    1.Read the books i purchase from anthony morrison
    2.starte the market
    3.get my chake
    4.visit anthony morrison and share more about his life and bussiness
    5.put my wife and family on anthony morrison bussines

  78. Laila

    1 – to be financially independent
    2- to increase my knowledge on e-marketing and e-commerce
    3- loose weight
    4- exercise more and be healthy
    5- share more time with family

  79. Samella

    1. to make enough money so I do not have to worry about the recession
    2. to continue to learn more about emarketing and how to make it work
    3. to improve my health by proper eating and exercise
    4. to make enough money to go on trip to Hawaii
    5. to be debt free!!!!!

  80. cheryl

    I will find my son who has been missing for 6 yrs.. {2}. Be more disciplined. {3} Find a way to make more money,be careful with what i have. {4}. Love those God has put in my life with new passion. {5}. Learn to live & let live.

  81. Jim Cooper

    My preference would be Google, Yahoo, and MSN as the more efficient and trackable/controlable way to do business. Perhaps the training seminar will prove me wrong, but if it does it is to my benefit as an affiliate marketer.

    My goals for 2011 are as follows:
    1. Be successful enough to be able to afford a necessary organ transplant so I can stay on this planet long enough to enjoy some measure of success.
    2. To pass on my lessons to my wife so that she can live a worryfree life (if/when) I am gone.
    3. To provide for my wonderful grandson whom we now have responsibility for.
    4. To learn as much as possible so that this venture will not be a waste of time and money that could be used for other things.
    5. To be successful enough quickly so that I will earn enough to save the cost of the seminar tuition in the first 90 days.

  82. Halie Wallace

    My 5 goals are:
    1 Pray that God will lead my life in the direction he wants me to go.
    2 Follow Gods direction he wants me to go.
    3 If its Gods will, get a job to help raise my kids and do as God leads.
    4 Thank God for the job, help, money, or direction he has lead me.
    5 Help people with anything I can do for them if it’s Gods will.

  83. Candy Hill

    5 Goals For 2011

    1. Establish myself as a foreclosure scout and generate income.
    2. Establish online store and generate traffic, advertisement, and income.
    3. Obtain necessary certification and coverage to provide services from generated traffic.
    4. Train two people to scout for me.
    5. Generated enough income to be able to vacation w/o going into debt.

  84. Karyn DeVincent

    1. Have Faith in God to get me through each struggling day
    2. To finally get over the loss of my home after 30 years and getting out of debt
    3. To find myself successful and not being taken advantage of on a regular 9 to 5 job.
    4. Have enough money to buy food and the day to day things that other people take for granted.
    5. To be able to help others just like me . . . .

  85. Rosie Smith

    I hope it’s not to late for me to answer.

    FIRST and foremost I always keep my faith and trust in God at the forefront; SECOND, my goal is to achieve one of the Principles of Entrepreneurship: KNOWLEDGE. I work so many hours It took a while for me to finish the book. THIRD, my goal is not to work so many hours so I can build on this opportunity. FOURTH, I missed a lot of the good information Anthony places in his blogs; one of my goals is to read them, get caught up and set up my Website; and last but not least, FIFTH, I seem to have inadvertently taken myself out of life, out of living. That’s what I gave for myself for Christmas; the Gift of Living and Having fun, enjoy my life.
    Good Luck to all of you in 2011

  86. Marilyn

    Honestly, I don’t have an advertising preference. You see, I’m quite new at internet marketing.

    Goal #1: Live in balance with passion for life.
    Goal #2: Teach my youngest son the same.
    Goal #3: Build my internet business so that it supports us.
    Goal #4: Give support of some sort to someone every day.
    Goal #5: Plan and build my business for my future.

  87. Sheila

    1. Get the website up and running
    2. Set a reasonable routine to grow this thing bigger than I imagine
    3. Continue to review my other goals and work to fit them in! ie set up my dream restaurant and B&B!
    4. Help my kids with their financial needs
    5. Look for other positive folks for commraderie
    6. Search for new opportunities to service
    7. Enjoy life through all of this!
    8. Take some time off when I want
    9. Watch beautiful sunsets
    10. Take a vacation whenever I want

  88. Barbara

    My Top 5 Goals for 2011 are:

    Getting my business started and making it profitable.

    Purchase a second home to use for a rental home.

    Setting up financial security for the future for myself and my family.

    Build a greenhouse to grow exotic flowers in and sell in my community.

    Go swimming everyday this summer and go water skiing for the first time!

  89. sandra gentile

    My top 5 goals for 2011 are:
    being the best mom and mammaw I can be
    working on and making my relationship better
    getting all my bills paid off
    getting all three of my vehicles in top running order
    finishing my decks and porches

  90. sandra gentile

    My top 5 goals for 2011 are:
    being the best mom and mammaw I can be
    working on and making my relationship better
    getting all my bills paid off
    getting all three of my vehicles in top running order
    finishing my decks and porches.


    1) gain 1000 followers on twitter. I started a mounth and a half ago and Im up to 328 followers.
    2) Become apart of the Marketing Success Academy
    3) Set up Domains
    4) Start email Campaigns
    5) Make $1000 a week or more the sky is the limit!!!!


    1) gain 1000 followers on twitter, facebook, myspace, myyearbook on each!!! I HAVENE’T JOINED YET BUT AM GOING TO PAY & START TODAY!!!
    2) Become apart of the Marketing Success Academy
    3) Set up Domains
    4) Start email Campaigns
    5) Make $1000 a week or more the sky is the limit!!!!


    1) gain 1000 followers on twitter, facebook, myspace, myyearbook on each!!! I HAVENE’T JOINED YET BUT AM GOING TO PAY & START TODAY!!!
    2) Become apart of the Marketing Success Academy
    3) Set up Domains
    4) Start email Campaigns
    5) Make $1000 a week or more the sky is the limit!!!!

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