Google AdWords – You Simply Must Get it Right!

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PPC Marketing

PPC Marketing

PPC, Pay Per Click marketing isn’t going away, mostly because not only is it highly profitable for Google and the other search engines, but also because it works for bringing in business … IF you do it right.  What exactly is PPC, and how does Google do it?  Well, the short answer is that advertisers and companies create ads and bid against each other for position in the paid portion of Google search results pages.

Why do advertisers like PPC advertising?

  • They only pay when a searcher actually clicks on their ad and comes to their landing page at their website or blog.
  • They can set per-click, daily and monthly budgets and not exceed what they have to spend.

Why do some advertisers speak poorly of PPC?

  • They have not seen significant return on their investment for clicks.
  • They believe that they’re having to spend too much for each click, such that they can’t covert enough of those visitors to a profit.

Google AdWords is the name of the PPC program, and advertisers bid to place ads in the paid ad results sections of the search results pages.  First, let’s look at a screen shot of where these PPC ads are displayed on search results pages.

Google Adwords Display

Google AdWords Positions

The areas in the red boxes are paid search ads.  The others are free and result from good SEO for the site.  While we’d all love to be in the top few free positions, that’s a tough job and many times you’ll just never make it.  With Google AdWords, you can pay to get positions at the very top and high on the right side for your ads.  While you are bidding against advertisers who want to have their ads presented when certain keywords and phrases are used that you’ve also selected, it’s not all just about your bid.  It’s a misconception held by many that it’s all about the amount of the bid, so it’s going to be very costly to get to the top of the paid results.

The facts are quite different.  Sure, the more competitive the keywords and phrases you’re selecting, the more that you’ll have to pay for clicks.  However, we guarantee you that just because an ad is showing in the top three to six paid positions it doesn’t mean that the ad bid higher than all other ads under them.  It’s all about your Google AdWords Ad Quality Score.  It’s calculated from a lot of secret variable data, but it definitely is based heavily on things like your ad’s CTR, Click-Through-Ratio, your landing page content,  and the actions taken by the searcher after they reach your landing page.

And, your ad’s CTR is going to be heavily dependent upon your ad title and body wording and other factors that will draw the eyes of the searcher on a very crowded search results page and entice them to click your ad.  We’re experts, having been working with Google Adwords since the beginning.  We know how to select the right keywords and phrases to save money through reduced competition with great results.  We know how to set up ad campaigns and ads, split test, and create titles and wording that will produce clicks.  We know what you must have on your landing page to get what you want, make Google happier, and Google rewards you by giving you a higher position in results even though you’re paying less per click than ads under yours.  You only need to let us show you how!

Google Adwords Master

Google AdWords Master

Get the Google AdWords Master Course Now!

Get the Google AdWords Master Course Now!


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