1. alind

    Hi Anthony,

    Wow, So hard to pick one topic! Popup’s fascinate me but so do good landing pages, or….. ;~)

    I would LOVE to know how to design an Awesome Landing Page for specific topics. And not just plop this here and there, I would like to learn strategies like why one picture over another or key phrases that work better than others. You know, the secrets that they don’t tell you on the free sites.

    Also, If you genuinely want some feedback on your program, I just came back from one of your MS training classes and would love it if you could contact me for just that.

    Hope you have a great holiday and look forward to talking with you soon.

  2. Craig Upton

    Hey Anthony. I will attend your class. What I would like to gain is the simple steps of getting started in an on line business. I know you have been at this for a while and it’s easy for you to understand but I’m like the older men in your video that knew nothing until they followed your system. Can it really be that easy? I want to find what my niche market could be. I want to learn how to tweet. Don’t let this hold me back from being selected. Work with me. I don’t expect to become an instant millionaire but I do want to start small and work my way up to at least a profitable side business. Help.


    Dear Anthony,
    why to your questions and here is the answer:
    I believe in internet, I believe internet is the wave of the future, I believe internet is the only and the only fast road to reach the world in a matter of second. I am very interested to meet with you and I wanted to be financially successfull. I am self employed and I have proven 14yrs of hard work and be my own boss. Now I am ready for the new future which I call wave of the future is Internet. So, Please allow me to have opportunity to meet with you and I have full confident on you. I hope I will hear from you soon.

  4. Nader Afshar

    Dear Anthony;
    It sounds unrealistic for your many viewers around the country to travel to your hometown.
    Good luck and keep up the good work.

    It’s not what you know but who you know.

  5. Barbara moore

    I the think that would be great and i would love ome and i want to learn and i would love the traing and if i had the money i would but i do not have and i would love to learn how to be successful with my business

  6. Evelyn Davis

    I would like to learn a simple plan to make money online that doesn’t cost money but that would make a good, very good income. I am a retired senior citizen and living on SS which just doesn’t provide for all things needed in this economy. Then as I would grow and learn a simple plan, I would be willing to learn even more. Thanks Evelyn

  7. michael shuttlesworth

    This is great idea and since i live in Clinton,MS i would be very close to your office 🙂

    1. How to find/create a niche
    2. How to take that niche and market it

    I just really have not grasped the concept on how the network works(ie. google, yahoo, etc.) how do i take a niche/blog whatever and actually market it using SEO, adwords, etc. I have tried marketing several niches from Linkshare, amazon, have not made a dime!
    Teach me what i am doing wrong…please!

  8. karen

    I would love it, im in colorado springs and that is not a huge trip. I would like more organization efforts to gain more business

  9. Major George P Bouzianis

    I would prefer the training is near or in Charleston ,SC; But let me know what you have.

  10. Vincent Lecompte

    I would like to speen time at you office getting to learn more about kicking
    the right kind of niche. How the get traffice to my website.
    I enjoy the style of traing you do. I just need some reforcrment of the right path to take on my way to sucess.
    I don
    t have a fac book Account

  11. K. K. Kumaroo

    Thank you Anthony for Success Connection #138. I like to come to your place to learn about your technique to start and run a successful busines similar to yours. Instead of “bribing” with $100/- to the listeners of your blog, you should think about paying for the round trip to visit with you….

  12. Salvatore Campisi

    What I would hope gain with a personal session with you would be to learn how to get started with internet marketing. It would mean everything to me and my family, most especially my sceptical wife.

  13. William

    I would like to learn more about doing your system with out the web pages… So if that is something your going to show then I would say yes to coming out there. Hell if I could learn that I would fly you out to me..

  14. Carri Fox

    I prefer training when I can stay home and use Facetime or skype or another program. Thanks

  15. Leota Hartsell

    I would love to come to Mississippi and be in your office.
    And, if given the great opportunity, I would mot definitely make the trip.

    I would like to see a campaign actually being built and place on a network.
    I realize that is a simple request, but the step by step process would be beneficial to me.
    Also, I would hope to gain the knowledge of how to build a landing page.

  16. Lois Amacher

    Hi Anthony! What a neat idea! However, I wouldn’t be able to do that trip, so I hope you have some good responses as that would be wonderful for some young person. The personal training is a great opportunity and they would also get to meet you in person, so a double bonus. Best success! Lois

  17. Kaim Herr

    Hi Anthony,

    I like to know how to implement or post Clickbank, Commission Junction, and other affliliate products in the back of my website? Can you also give me a feedback on my website too? What do I need to do to drive traffic to my website? Thank you very much………

    Kaim Herr

  18. nathaniel chambers

    I would like to learn how to generate traffic. Because just like any business you need prospects to sale your Produsts and Services to. I think learning how to generate traffic, is not a hard thing to do. But like anything else, you need to be educated on knowing how to master this technique. Iam a sixty year old retiree, looking to increase my monthly income, and not have to worry living from pay check to pay check. Anthony, if you could help me out i would appreciate it.
    Nathaniel Chambers

  19. john parrish

    I liked the website and found it to be inspiring. I love th quotes too.

    John Parrish

  20. Robert L Taylor

    Hello Anthony,

    I believe that I could learn much under you tutelage. Traffic building and conversions are my immediate needs.

    Thank You in Advance,

    Robert L Taylor

  21. Alan Olson

    Great idea! I only wish you could have showed up yesterday for a few minutes at the training center – it would have boosted the classes tremendously! I had Randall for the training and thought he was excellent! Sent an email to you but do not know if you got it or not.

    Anyway – we intend to be active with you and yours for a long time to come… that being said – we have the basics down pretty much and making a little online but we really need to know is more of those “creative juices” that you and Adrian have. Those strategies would boost our current conversions.

    So – a whiteboard class would be GREAT – I will be there – if lucky – and what I need to take away is more how to optimize, brainstorm and in picking the right offers to direct link to – especially internationally…

    When I talked with Adrian in TN – he said that I needed to talk to you about our idea of teaching English to young children in other countries thru a membership or subscription process. My wife was born in Kazakhstan and raised in Tajikistan but fled to southern Russia when they started killing whites. She understands how much young children in other countries NEED to learn English and we have put together a program to address those needs. We wanted to know if you wanted to be part of that project.

  22. Denise Loughlin

    Great pitch, fun marketing concept.

    I would definitely travel round-trip from my TX home to wherever your offices are for the following:

    – ensure that my business makes a difference delivering my message to clients

    – learn how to max traffic with utmost value to subscribers

    – learn how to clone you and have your surrogate do it all for me!!!

    Now if you can let me know which of these three work best for you, consistent with your goals and optimum value, I would really appreciate it.

    BTW, how close are your offices to my daily supply of Starbucks Gingerbread Lattes * key geographical factor.

    Merry Christmas
    Denise Loughlin

  23. darlene

    I would love to come to your office. My needs would be to learn more ways to help others financially. There are so many people I would love to help. Little by little I will try to have a greater financially year.

  24. Carol Muehrcke

    It sounds like something that could possibly be very helpful to me, since I am having a hard time comprehending and connecting the dots to get something going for myself. I would love to make that trip, however with having mobility issues, it makes it a little more difficult for me. It would be an adventure.

  25. Joseph H Francis

    I need to know how to drive traffic to my website that won’t cost me

    to much money. ( Under $100 dollars please.)
    I’m working with my Social Security and that’s all I have to work with.

    Respectfully: J H Francis

  26. Greg Gaughan

    Your personal mentoring session in your office in MS is something I’d be interested in attending. I would hope to learn the concepts of exactly what is involved with building a profitable campaign so I can be successful thus allowing me to help others through paying it forward through the different volunteering I am involved with in my life.

    Thank you and God Bless,
    Greg Gaughan
    Affiliate Marketing Newbie

  27. darlene

    thank you for all that you do. Please help me become a more valuable marketing individual.
    Thank you for loving the world.
    thank you very much.

  28. Tom Stowe

    I was hoping to get away and visit my relatives in Pass Christian, Miss. but my son broke his neck and is still in the hospital. I was going to ask you if I could drop by and see you and your operation while I was in Mississippi. Then I would like to see a demonstration about the best method to get active and attain my goal to be a strong internet marketer and help others to do the same. Right now I am in a rut and need a jump start. I have gained a lot of information from many programs but need a few pieces of the puzzle that are missing to accomplish my goal.
    Happy Holidays

  29. Willie johnson

    This would be a great opportunity that i would like to have access to i truly need a change in my life .I would really like to learn how to captilize on advertising and traffic.i believe thats what holding me back in my success in internet business and my financial stand point.Im excited about moving forward in life anhow much i can impact my family and friends once i get this working i truly would appreciate the opportunity to be taught by you face to face great books by the way really straigth forward the hidden millionaire amazing. thanks again for this opportunity hope i can be apart of it.

  30. Michael Hale

    Yes I would like to come to hear you talk. I want to learn more about this network marketing. As I have said before, I live off of military disability.

  31. Yevonne

    I would definately drive to be there. I am stuck on landing pages. Do you need landing pages for all offers? Seems to be absolutely necessary. Thanks!

  32. Markeyetta Sherman

    One of the things I learned from this training is that it helped me gain knowledge about what to expect in the future, and plus I can also pass all of this information down to whoever else is interested in this type of training.

  33. Rudy Arcega

    Hi Anthony,

    First of all I would like to thank you for your continued support to all your students. I would like very much to have an excellent understanding of how to become succesful in e-mail marketing to include social media marketing. Yes, I would definitely come to your training (if I could afford the expenses) to ultimately learn the ins and outs of e-mail marketing.

    Again, thank you and have a great week!


  34. Michael S.

    I watch Anthony’s Success Connection videos and they’re great but their inspiration fades after I start working on other tasks. I think if I were to meet Anthony face to face it would help me overcome this feeling of being overwhelmed with the complexities of running an online business.

  35. Everett Arnett

    OH YES! would like it very much, I’m always looking for a way to learn more. I would hope to learn more about Facebook and email list subscribers. Sounds great, love it. I would be there.
    Thanks Anthony

  36. tina houston

    I would love to get my blog to where it is actually producing fans and driving subscribers. I have my blog foundation set but am struggling to get it where it needs to be in the social world. I have been watching your success tips and have read your book and it sure helps alot. I presently have a friend that is going to try to help me get some things such as videos and content like that and such. Your information in the book is helping . I am just a hands on type of person, it seems like I get things going that way alot quicker. I just said the other day to myself that having you mentor me to get where i need to be with internet marketing would be a life’s dream! Thanks Anthony, Tina

  37. Floyd Black


  38. Dottie Seavy

    Planning and more consistency would be ideal to cover in your feed back.

    Having training session(s) would be more convenient in Las Vegas. Staying in a hotel and hire a car would cost more than in your office..

  39. verna longendyke

    It would be impossible for me to come to your office.If I could spend 1 full day with you ,I am sure I could become a succeus on the internet ..Something keeps me from getting it right.You always make it sound so easey.From youn I have learned quite a bit ,But I still have a long way to go.Thanks and GOD BLESS…..

  40. Kelly

    Hi Anthony,
    My name is Kelly, want I would like to learn is a career that someday my kids could take over, I’m in a rebuild in my life rite now. I love the job I’m doing but of course it doesn’t pay enough. So if I could find something out there that can pay my bills and I can keep working at the job I love that would be heaven sent to me. Basically do what I want to do and not worry about the MONEY thing.

  41. Lynnette

    What is the single best way to profit in internet marketing by investing time and effort before making a financial investment?

  42. milena miglietta

    hello Anthony, after listening to your WEBINAR. I AM ENTHUSIAST AND
    Hello Anthony after attending your Webinari amentusiastic to know more of your tecni and knowledge of the internet business S..
    at present it is difficult for me to follow your instruction using you video
    i would like to have your books or your personal instruction.
    this would mean so much to me since lately i have tendency to think in italian.
    i have been talking about you and your achivement to my many italian friends they are looking forward to meet you on their next arrival
    reach for the sky has been my motto for all my life irefuse to believe it for while. now with your help and knowledge i am sure to learn and
    achieve my goal thank you milena

  43. Marilyn Fisher

    Yes, I would attend one at your office as that is more personal and more of a hands on experience. I would like to learn more about how to write more effective emails and Facebook ads that get clicked on.

  44. Leslie lapalmer

    Hello anthony i would absolutly positively come to ,mississippi for training plus the opputunity to rub shoulders wit the number 1 internet marketing TYCOON MR.ANTHONY MORRISON lol..I applogize but their is not just 1or2 things i can pinpoint that i would want to learn,i wanna hear and learn about it all from start to finish hands on.Im a firm believer of INFOMATION WITHOUT DEMOSTRATION IS JUST CONVERSATION…

  45. John A. Shabazz

    Yes, I would be willing to make the journey to JACKSON!!



  46. Henry Valdes

    Hey Anthony,

    The Number One thing I would like to learn is how to pick the proper product to promote, as well as how you determine what website (Location) you will be promoting the product on?

    Because if Location, Location, Location is the number one factor in selling a product, then I’d like to learn how you go about determining what the location will be?

    I’d also like to learn how you determine if the product will be direct, or indirect marketing? It can’t be just the fact that a website allows direct marketing, especially if the product is hot and you can justify indirect marketing to gather e-mail addresses.

    So yes, I would love to learn how you think about these things and determine where the product you are advertising will be, as well as what method you will use, direct or indirect, based on what factors?



  47. Sue


    I would love to come and work with you personally…I’ve not been able to figure out how to monetize affiliate ads on a website. I really don’t have any start-up money, and I had to let me website domain expire because of that.

    Thank you for your consideration and all your advice!


  48. Barbara Guffey

    I would like to learn more about the programs I have purchased from you.
    I would like to find affiliates for my product.
    I would very much like to meet you and discuss the senior nitche market
    as it is world wide and unlimited in numbers, how to reach the cell phone market as not everyone has computer skills.

  49. milena miglietta

    HELLO Anthony after attending and listening your WEBINAR IT IS important that i learn much more how to use the internet and your tecnic your knowledge is impressive, and i believe that your personal instructionl
    woud be the best gift of all. i would love to read your books .my goal to reach success thru your teaching is to be able to teach others, to give
    to people in need to have peace.happy hpidays ! milena

  50. Sharon Johnson

    What changes would I want to make in my business and personal life if I have the opportunity to work with you.

    1. Clean up the mess on my desk !
    2. Achieve a good business plan that will not constantly drain my accounts.
    3. Stop making the same mistakes over and over.
    4. Try to make time for a personal life outside of Real Estate.
    5. Not be afraid of making CHANGES.

    I have been working on this list for the past few weeks. I am working to the point that when it comes time for any personal family commentments I am to exhausted to enjoy.

    This list my look very simple for some people. I could use some fresh ideas and make this list really happen.

    Thank you,

    Sharon Johnson

  51. Faline Connelly

    YES! I would make the journey from Colorado! I want to learn how to keep all of this organized and how to approach my business on a daily basis. What are my priorities when I work and organize?
    Also, I am still trying to get up and running and am just not sure how to go to the very next step. Isn’t a LP the same as a pop-up? See? I need help and I’m not giving up because I believe in me and I do believe you want us to succeed! Thanks for considering the on site training!

  52. Ed Bradley

    I had you build me 5 landing pages. They have not done much for me, but I still believe in the concept. I would come to your office to learn an easy step by step method to build a landing page. I do not have much of an email list yet.

  53. RONNIE

    Yes i would attend i enrolled in your pmi training course i still don’t quit grasp how to set up a web site and find the right niche.I am haveing to work 2 jobs right now to earn more money so i can learn all their is to be able to make money online please HELP.


  54. FRANCI

    …WOOHOO…send the M*JET!…lol…Wow…that would sooo Rock to train personally with you Anthony. I think for me, I get hung up on the techie stuff . I am an idea person on top of being an artist and it’s Very important for me to produce quality work. I am overwhelmed sometimes with all it takes to do this type of work. I know I make mistakes all the time,and I have a hard time focusing. My personal goals are to pay off debts and to try and do something with my God given talents. Unfortunately for me, I have health issues and sometimes it’s hard to want to do anything. However, being I am a very driven and ambitious woman, I still believe I have a purpose in life. I truly respect you for not giving up on your students. Even the most craZy and rebellious person will eventually learn Something (ME)…and who knows, I may even surprise myself. *_*…

  55. J.Lawrence

    Anthony you can keep your 100 bucks as long as we get to sit in a room with you and learn this the right way . all i need is a turn key system something like follow the colored buttons kinda thing.. and know what’s it going to cost me for that success in a box or better yet a help line that i can just pick up the phone and say hey i need help with something and i don’t get nickel and dimed for it all the time..


    Talk Soon

    J. Lawrence

  56. Connie

    I would like for you to show us how to set up a webpage like I saw Adrian do on the infomercials. I am a person that needs to be shown. I don’t understand some of the technology just by reading it.

  57. Oleg

    Hi Anthony,

    I would like to learn from you how to populate the affiliate marketing website content.
    Thank you,
    Oleg L.

  58. Doc

    I need help getting started. My problem is pulling the trogger. I would like to fly to your location and meet your parents and just by observing your work method.

  59. Cecil Busboom

    Anthony, we would love to come to your office in your hometown we were there for Level 1 training and also for the level 3 training. we were very impressed with your Hometown. We will be moving to a town within 300 miles from Madison by the end of January, and would certainly be there. We feel we need to know more about affiliate marketing, and Landing pages, and anything you can teach us.

  60. daniel

    yes I would most defiantly attend cause I believe your personal intervention would absolutely help me. I am one of the hands on people I’ve been having trouble getting things going even though I believe I’ve followed all the steps In getting started So yes I would love for the once in a lifetime chance to learn with you about how I can learn this business and then go on to teach and share. Thank you for the biggest moment in my goal to prove to myself that I can do, I can learn something that I once knew nothing about.Looking forward a dream come true.

  61. Dave Taylor

    I would rely like to meet you personal .To have a one on one with you and your brother would be great. I feel that what i have invested by now I’m disappointed in ,Just be able to set down in front of my computer with you guys next to me and tell me where I’ve went wrong would be a blessing tom me and my wife.

  62. Sandra Fallon

    I would like to know how to get on board with good not necessarily the top Affiliate Markets, to find the best offers. It seems that they prefer experienced Affiliate Publishers with websites. I do want to build landing pages after I choose the right offers for what I want to do.

  63. Ernie Thompson

    I would love to go anywhere to get started,I’ve been disabled for seven years with little income and I’m waiting for a settlement so I can get started.I really know very little about this business but I’m ready to learn.

  64. Linda Starr

    I appreciate all of the information you put out there for us all to see. I’m at present dealing with a physical disability and low income, thus can’t travel very easily. I’m still trying to figure out the basics of how to get started doing this without really any money to invest. I did buy two of your books and when I finally started reading one of them found it to be rich with ideas. I have big hopes that this will be the thing I can do from home. Thanks again for all you do – I saw one of your webinars yesterday. You’re doing great things.

  65. milena miglietta

    HI A NTHONY as time goes by i believe thatyour invitaton to teach in your office would be the best i am available to came anytime is convenient for you and your family i have to learn so much . thank you for your offer

  66. Steven Ruedebusch

    This would mean, from God word, with prayer anything can happen. This means, that I need alot of help to kick start my business. When I retire next year June 2014, I can do this internet marketing 100 %. At this moment, I am still struggling with the program, while working my real job at Homeland Security from 4 am to 1 pm. If or when I do get this business going, I would be able to spend more time with my family!!! Thank you for the great offer to spend more time with my family. What I would hope to gain with a personal session with you would be to learn how to get started with internet marketing, so I could quit my real job with Homeland Security. It would mean everything to me and my family, especially my sceptical wife.

    Steve Ruedebusch

  67. Martha Murray

    It sounds good but I don’t think it would be possible for me to travel right now. It’s just I’m so needed at my job. I prefer to learn online through your webinars.

  68. Louis Monaco

    Hi Anthony,

    I’ve attended your training in Allentown PA and really didn’t do much with your program as I did not have the time since the training to get into the information. I have recently retired from that National Guard and would love to create a life long way to make money as an online marketer earning enough money to greatly beef up my retirement fund which is in real bad shape. As a National Guard retiree, I don’t collect a (very small) pension until the age of 60 which is 6 years from now.
    So, I have six years to create the wealth that I will need for my family to live off of. I understand that once a campaign is set up it can continue generation income for years. That is what I would be most interested in. Setting up an managing several profitable campaigns. Thank you for your help / support. I really do need it!

  69. Linda G.

    I am paid to come to class in Madison for class #4 and really would like to talk to a mentor now to get busy making some money before I come to class. I have a couple of pop-up campaigns running but I also have so many questions…The first and most important is to get conversions on the ones I have running. Thanks, and look forward to class with you and Adrian.

  70. Patrick Miller

    I would like to attend, if I was able to get away from my obligations here in B.C. However, I don’t see that happening so I will continue to try to learn from your videos and webinars.

  71. Cheri

    I would like to to learn how to to do the email marketing, how do I learn to build lists and send emails or offers on email. This would help me to get started in my own business. My son Dan will be going off to college next year and I would like to be able to afford it.


    I would love be able lean the way to create a paying campain. to date I have not been able to the right product or the campain to go with. I am still trying.

  73. Robert

    I would come but this time of year is not good for traveling. I live on SS$$ and so it would be hard to take the $$ to travel. I would like to know that I am not as stupid as I feel. I need to get over the mental block on how to do this and other things thank you A ILU

  74. Bernice J Adams

    yes, yes, yes….I would hope to learn better the email marketing … it would really mean alot to me to get my business up and running really

  75. Yvette

    Hi Anthony ,

    I would have thought that holding meetings in your hometown would be something that you are already doing., but if not would this be the one and only time that you would hold meetings in your hometown office? I think it is of a great formailty to let New ones and old ones that follow you in internet Marketing be able to gain confidence. I am looking forward to learning more about keeping my business at the top once I arrive at the level that I am hoping for. What we bring into the lives of new Internet marketers seems like a dream come true ,So how would I be able to maintain such a business once I am up and running. in other words what would my back office look like once I am up and going .For me this would be something that I would want to know because with every thing there are rules and regulations to follow .What are the rules and adherences to running an Internet based business? what would be my responsibilities, after I make the tons of Money that I see being made with the Internet?

    Just to be able to meet with you and talk about the seriuosness in the business,I think would be of greater value and benefit to me.

    Thanks Anthony and good Luck

    From Yvette.

  76. Dianne Yeager

    Hi, I would thoroughly enjoy and be greatful for the opportunity to work with you. I went to a seminar in Utah last June. I am ready for set up my web page.

  77. David McGaughy

    Hi Anthony yes I would attend a class at your office. I would like to learn more on how to build a very effective landing page, lead generation page and I would like your input on where my money would be best spent on your courses to get me up and going on a limited budget. As for what it would mean to me it’s at the top of the list to be successful enough to afford and pay things off that are necessary to secure my families future.

  78. Terry

    Anthony, that’s an awsome idea. I know some people would try look for a good answer to try to make the world out of it. I would get straight to the point. One thing i would like to learn from your idea, is to learn the techniques, on how to run a business of my own. I haven’t run a business of my own but it would be more easier to learn directly from the founder. So i believe to learn directly from from the person who started the business is better that from a second hand person. Just like watching an original movie and a duplicate. This is all i can say hope your plans turns out the way you expected. Good luck..

  79. Norma Alcazaren

    First and foremost, it is the best business I could get into. I have invested some great deals of money from my retirement hoping to get it back at least and earn more. Anthony, if i can really, really come and walk me through
    within my own phase of learning it will be the most meaningful Christmas of
    my life. I observed that email marketing is easy for me but I cant even start
    it without spending again to buy another software you created. If I can personally see you how to do email step by step allowing me to really do it
    by the numbers, I know I will learn from it. EMAIL MARKETING THATS
    ALL FOR NOW. Lastly, been attending your webinar, learn something but
    handson is what I need NOW.

  80. Nancy Eurotas

    Thank You Anthony you are always so generous with all of us. Your webinar
    is great. Would love to attend your offer to meet in your Office. The setting
    is more personal and your hands on advice would be Great to Help Me take
    advantage of my Web Sit for my Business. I am sure you could give me a few good tricks. I would like my Facebook ads to receive more Business.
    Happy Holidays!

  81. Esther Romain

    Hello Anthony,

    It’s a great pleasure for me to give you this feedback. I think it will be fantastic this training; Meet with someone as you it’s a privilege I think on the net you are the first person I see and I trust at one hundred percent. I was waiting for an opportunity like that, because I don’t really understand all your presentation because I don’t understand English very well, I want to follow your instruction but I don’t have someone to help me for example yesterday after receiving your message and see the video, I opened my account with AWeber but I couldn’t understand all the contents so I didn’t finish it; someone from this company call me this morning to help me to finish it, again I couldn’t understand; I have the name of the person and the phone number I have to contact him again, so you see if I meet with you how it can be benefic to me. I don’t have a Website I want to create one I need some help to do that so I can start to make some product for example I have some beautiful clothes for dress up or interview I have real painting, but I can’t do nothing by my myself so a training as this one would be very helpful to me. And the most important thing I hope, if I meet with you face to face I could be maybe the one of the person who can promote your product in French, Spanish and Creole.


  82. Steve Longbrake

    Yes that would be great to come to your home town for a class.Wow!!!
    What I would like to get for the visit would be the knowlegde of creating
    a e-mail list as well as how to creating good e-mails for my list and blogs.

  83. Paul & Kathy Dietz

    We made OUR FIRST $6.50 today! We are SO excited. We were getting discouraged. We just returned from mentor training wed. My husband & I both lost are jobs and are STILL unemployed. We fill out tons of applications but they never seem to go anywhere. ANYWAY. We HAVE to make a go of this & ARE COMMITTED. WE want to more about making the liltle ads like on POF or facebook turn over money instead of draining us. We want more training on those. BTW>… we LOVED Mississippi. We want to refine our skills. Thanks.!

  84. Carla N. De Petris

    It would be hreat if the workshop would give me the training to really be good in one thing for success in traffic. I have been to scattered in learning many program and I have not been succesful in anyone, The lack of understanding the internet maze is frustrating. Thank you

  85. Thomas E Johnson

    I would like to learn more about utilizing various platforms to find the best internet presence for my niche

  86. Linda A ndrusyk

    I really need to know how to get started. I read, listen, watch and make notes but still don’t know where to begin.

  87. Lynn Owen

    I have been interested in your program for some time….starting to get the concepts. Watched your webinar a couple days ago on landing pages. So interesting….Going to check out AWeber and click bank in the next couple days. I would love to be able to come to your office, but I doubt I could afford it until I figure out how to do what you have been teaching. Thanks for the emails. I just tweeted my first tweet and now I will like you on Facebook.

  88. Glen Jones

    I would most definitely come to learn the most I can from the “geru” of Affiliate Investing. I have wanted to meet you for some time now and to have an opportunity to be personally trained by you would be a special treat. I WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN THIS BUSINESS!!!

  89. Michael Zillman

    I would love to come to your training, what it would to me would be that i can learn ways to make money to support my family i have been woirking different jobs struggling and i would love to show them that i can provide for them and give them the life they deserve

  90. ken

    Hi Anthony

    Yes I would Love to!

    First is to learn the secrets in Starting From scratch like free stuff
    After Earning in That free stuff I would invest it in More opportunity online like blogs, traffic, to sales and leads, I want to be just like you and mentor the world,


  91. debbie

    Hey Anthony,
    I would love to join you .
    The one thing I would like to focus on is Ad copy for sales pages, landing pages and for solos.
    I believe this is the one thing that would jump start my business.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  92. mathew varkey

    Dear Anthony,
    Definitely I would love to come and meet you in person and know every aspect of your enterprise, Learn and absorb every minute details about internet marketing. Trust me I am a diligent and fast learner. Having said that, to take it to the next level I would be asking you Anthony, just one question? Can your whole business setup be replicated in a different country? Different continent? If the answer is yes, then my second question is can I be the one to take you, Anthony and me (affiliate partner:)) to that next level of marketing:). That’s all

  93. Sharon Davidson

    The #1 objective for me today is to CONQUER MY FEAR. I’ve been afraid to complete my website for fear – not the right keywords/phrases, where do I put them, don’t know how to link the articles with the various pages, what if I start making money, what if no one comes to my website, am I making the right decisions. You name it, I used it as an excuse for not building my business.

    I just watched a wonderful CD last night on this subject and it really spoke to me. Now I see that it was definitely fear that was holding me back. I’m making a good effort to combat this fear, and with the Lords help I’ll overcome.

    So, to get to your question. I think that what I’d like to learn would be “How to be comfortable with the changes in my thinking and my life as my business grows” and How to put all the components together that are needed for making my websites successful.”

    And who, better than you, could do that. I think a seminar at your office would be awesome. Don’t know how I’d get there, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

    Thanks for all your inspiration and help.

  94. Debbie Sundholm

    I’d be delighted to attend. Providing it doesn’t conflict with timing of new job or schedule. It would be an honor to meet you and learn first hand answers to questions & move ahead confidently not wasting money, doing the right steps. Would like to know more on how to pick the best offers for CPV and the entire process of CPV from beginning to end. All the ins & outs. What to avoid or not do. When to change it up & how to connect to website or landing page including popup with name & email:D

  95. Macs

    This is a great idea, but I would not be able to participate. If I could travel out there, I would like to benefit from becoming more technologically savvy.

  96. brian patterson

    Anthony , what I most want is to develop a life long learning relationship with a reputable company that provides continuous training of high caliber and quality learning products that work, and an additional benefit would be a feeling of mutual support and comradery within the training network.

  97. Kathy Hauser

    My husband and I would be very excited to travel to MS for personal training from you. We would especially like to learn to build good landing pages and lead generation pages, create an email list, and perfecting email marketing. There is much more I need to know also. I appreciate any imformation you are willing to pass along.

  98. Ada Anderson

    Yes I would attend because I would like to ask questions personally about the techniques. I want to follow your footsteps of success. What better way the straight live with the teacher. I am originally from Hattiesburg. I have relatives who want me to get it right so they can do the same. I want to do effective emails for better results and understand how to me really successful.

  99. charlie

    Hi Anthony, I dont mind comming to mississippi for hands
    on,training with the ” # 1 Affiliate Marketer In The World “.
    After your three day class her in Franklin Tn, so much info
    and education, I am still learning to post on facebook , twit-
    ter, blog etc.Given time enough to work around my finance
    and job, yes I will like to soak up more knowlege
    in person.All this is new to me, but , I am willing and ready
    for a change. Thanks, ” GOD BLESS “.

  100. Sondra

    I’ve tried a number of get rich schemes and 99.9% of the time I was duped. I would so much love to attend your session. I do believe that you are sincere in what you do. I am ready to start my second chance in having a successful life, and I hope you will be part of this success.

  101. virginia archie

    Hi Anthony,
    First of all I would like to say thank you!
    I would really want to attend a free seminar so I can learn how to write a blog or how to write an effective ad or a proper words for a search engine Also I would like to learn if I may how to put it together.
    I tried to go to the click bank and tried to promotes some other products and never get even one penny.Sometimes I just want to give up and try some other things to do to make money,but everytime I click your ad ,it makes me enthusiastic to try again because it looks very easy when i’m watching you in video.I would love to learn more technique but I don’t know if I can afford to go to your place because I always need money to support my brothe’s medication ang and for his family’s food allowance.Thank you ! Keep up your good work!!!

  102. Warren Thiele

    Yes, I would like to attend your training session. Any time a master of an art form asks for his students for special training I would be foolish not to jump at the chance to attend any personal meeting. That personal touch is so important. I would hope to gain more expertise in setting up the tools so they work effeciently. To gain knowledge and to act upon that knowledge is the key to success, having a mentor would speed the process of assimulation and express that knowledge into action.

  103. Linda Ware

    Yes I would! To be able to meet with you and have your help one on one would be such an asset in moving forward with my business.

  104. Lorie Salvador

    Yes, I would attend your class in Jackson, MS! I would definitely be interested in learning how to write EFFECTIVE FB ads as well as develop kick-ass landing pages!

  105. Cindy

    Naturally I would love a class with you. I think one of the biggest questions that I have is “How do you decide how and where an offer would work best” I know dating works best on POF and other social sites. I want to know more about pop ups, moblie marketing and understanding demographics better. And of course, now that there are more internet marketers, how do you stay out in front?
    Thank You,
    Cynthia Lawson

  106. Charles Nelson

    Good Morning Anthony !!

    Yes ! I really would love to come to Jackson to meet you and spend some quality time learning specifics on marketing techniques on POF, Google, twitter,facebook and other social medias ! I’m just now learning some of the products on Click Bank. I feel I need specific direction on the PRIVATE networks in order to advance my business. I am familiar with CPA TANK and EWA Private Network, however I have not been successful gaining access even after several tries !! I want to learn how to observe trends in the market place through out the entire year in order to take advantage of them ! I want to be able to market several different products and companies and only pick the ones obviously that will convert.. I have just launch a few campains in POF. Eventhough all of the campains failed I”m very encourage with the process and I feel with additional education I will be able to select different converting products and programs in order to succeed. I would appreciate ANY assistance in this area and wish you a safe and prosperous holiday season !!

    kind regards,


  107. Daniel

    Hi Anthony,
    I would like live demoS for developing campaigns on a $5 per day budget. I would like to see these live demoS for FB ads, CPV campaigns AND if possible an email submit campaigns. Start w/ good offer selecting techniques, ad development, split testing techniques. Then after the campaigns are started allow the group some kind of ability to track and monitor how the campaigns are doing AFTER the training weekend, show the group ANY changes that are made. Initial budget should be $5 per day, but once you show to be profitable, then start demonstrating how to scale up. This will take more than a weekend, but it sure would be nice to learn directly from you how to manage a $5 per day budget.

  108. rosemary

    to be able to make functional landing page an work out how to write invoices an receive email cheques

  109. JohnRingo

    What a wonderful idea. U would love to make the trek from sunny Florida for this event (proposed). I’ve been a trainer for most of my life & it’s always been easier to shiow my studebts what to do and let them do it.

    What I’d like to learn is a step-by-step of how to get started in affiliate marketing at the class then leave armed with the tools to cary on after I get back home.

    Thanks for the opportunity,


  110. Thomas Gene Vickery

    Hi Anthony, I wish I could come but the way I work. My job want let me, I work 8am til 5pm Mon.- Fri. and some sundays. I have my sister and brother that live with me and they done work. I’ve tryed doing business online and I have not had any luck. So I have put it off for a while now, but im going to try again but slowly this time. Thank you for your offer.

  111. Rodney Syler

    My son and I will be in Mississippi next week for training and look forward to learning how to get started. After that, I want to focus on targeting maketing as accurately as possible to get the most bang for the buck. Anything you can teach us that more accurately directs the ad to the person wanting the procduct will be well received. See you there.

  112. Orville

    Hello Anthony. There’s so much information available to me that I don’t know where to start. I have no answer why I am failing to take action, except information overload.

  113. Paul Hamill

    I am currently enrolled in your class for next weekend. If I was being brought to your home town to take the class from you I would like to think I am getting the best education on the subject . I am sure that you have very good staff doing this, however learning from the creator would be much better and the opportunity to do that would be unequaled.

    I would be very interested in learning from you the best ways someone coming into this business can be successful and to create the most traffic on the WEB. There must be some personal tricks and methods that you prefer to use and can pass that knowledge on.

    However, I believe the most useful reason to have access to you would be the first 30 days after the class is complete. That is when the knowledge that you have would really benefit a beginner in this business.

  114. Chris

    Hey Anthony,
    Sounds like a great opportunity to learn from you.If I was able to be there I would like to learn about Niche, email, using Facebook and several others.At the moment two things are preventing me to be there. School and Money. Whatever you will be teaching I am sure it will be a great lesson.


    Anthony my good friend I have been too busy working out there that i have abandoned the idea of making money online I try that out before but it seems impossible,and the only way that has been always in my mind of making money online is watching sombody doing it in real life,,so we could learn about everything ,,and specially having a great product and creating a list of people who take advantage of this product..thanks Mr Anthony I hope to see you someday and learn with the master..I appreciate…thanks

  116. Betty Zotta

    Hi Anthony, You have impressed me with your training and knowledge, more than anyone else I have heard in the last 10 yr. A face to face with you would be awesome. I am 69 yr old, and need someone to take me by the hand and draw me pictures of what I need to do to be successful in my own business. Thank you for giving your readers this opportunity. I will do my best to achieve the goals set before me. Learning where to post my ads and the proper way to do it is my highest ambition at this time.

  117. William Rice

    I would love to meet you and attend a personal training session. But, I need (just guessing now) about 6 months experience in order to ask relevant questions and hopefully understand your replies. I just finished level 4 training today. I am confident that I can be successful in AM, but not so naive to think that I know the business well enough to hold an informed, intelligent conversation with you. Looking forward to our future’s.
    Merry Christmas!

  118. Carol Tinnea

    Yes I would like to have training at your office. I want to build a mailing list. I need help picking the right product and creating an ad campaign to get results. I’ve tried PPC and lost money.

  119. Sharron Hudgins

    Hi Anthony!
    This is a wonderful opportunity! I would love to visit your office in Jackson. I am not very far from there, here in Mobile, Al.
    Just to pick one topic is difficult. There is so much I would like to learn about affiliate marketing. I would have to say, I would start with the website I bought from you during the seminar via phone. I have been just plain stuck. I really want to begin there!
    If your question is what am I stuck on, it is just I am totally not understanding. Prior to my purchase I had been studying affiliate marketing nearly 24/7. I still had to continue learning and studying from anywhere online which I have been able to find to pick up information.
    So the final answer would be to get jump started with a niche and I am interested in the social networks such as pinterest.

  120. Connie

    I would like to have a hands on training it is easier and faster for me to learn when I am shown something. Would love to come to a seminar

  121. mike haley

    Hi anthony, I would love to come but can not afford to come. If i was able to come I would love to learn how to make my first dollar on line. I have been falling you now for over a year and still have not made my first dollar on line. Not because of you because nothing i do ever works. mike

  122. ida

    I would be delighted to come learn any technique that can help me advance financially.

  123. Eric Daniel

    Anthony,what I would hope to gain with a personal session with you would be to learn how to get started with internet marketing. It would mean everything to me and my family, most especially my sceptical wife.
    Thank you Anthony for all that you’ve been showing to us. I’d like to come to your place to learn about your technique to start and run a successful busines similar to yours. Instead of “bribing” with $300- to the listeners of your blog, you should think about paying for the round trip to visit with you from Atlanta GA

  124. Bobby

    I think that would be awesome to see your offices and see where you teach from and get personalized teaching Thank You Anthony.

  125. Michael Delgado

    Hello Anthony, my goal would be to successfully set up my web site, and to expand my beliefs that I can really make money online. I would like to get away from my current job and hopefully begin a new one with an online business. I would consider making a trip from Michigan to attend your class. Thanks, Mike

  126. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    I would love to come to your office and get training from you in person. That would be like a dream come true. I would just like to build a good email list to promote my very few products but I have not been getting any responses. I will get on fiverr to post a video on you tube about possibly weight control. I am having trouble designing my website. So, I need a good website and a good email list. I would travel as long as I have to come to your office and get trained by you.

    Have a good weekend and good week!!!

    See you soon I hope.


    anthony that is a great idea ,i would like to learn how to set up a squeez page and post a web address so i can get this started finily,and would like to meet you allso well going to like this on face book,but every time i tweet any thing it dont work.thank you Glenn Robertson,in Grayling Mi…….

  128. Jeffrey Hernandez

    good evening Anthony,
    I would love to come to your office. I welcome all the training that I can get because I know that the more I learn the more effective I could be. I would like to learn more about getting free traffic to my website. I need to learn how to be a great affiliate. I would show up at your office with bells on 🙂
    thanks for the opportunity.

  129. Jim Hannum

    Yes, I would like to have the personal meeting with you. The main reason is to be able to design a better web site. Thank you for all your insight to date

  130. Ken Swarts

    Yes, Anthony I would like to take the the basic tools I’ve all ready to learned and apply them to any format you have been teaching. ie Facebook marketing,seo’s linkpages,adword and campaigns.

  131. Steven Tullis

    Would like to learn more about how to find a better way to get a better niche for the search engines. Learn more about seo & to program sites for this. More about e-mail marketing.

  132. Thomas J Russo

    Anthony, Its a great opportunity for all who can afford to make this trip. You have so much to share with all your students, that it would be great for any subject you choose. I can not make it physically but I would be there in spirit .

  133. Steven Ritter

    Hello Anthony,

    3-4 years ago I saw you on TV and purchased your training materials. Somehow, I was just not as motivated then to doing something new, and making a comfortable living in my airport services business. Your materials collected dust-until now! With my business giving way to corporatism, I find myself needing to reinvent myself and thought at 61, it might be hard to teach “an old dog new tricks of internet selling. I read your book “The Hidden Millionaire” and you and your Dad gave me the inspiration I needed. I will finish reading Advertising Profits From Home, today. Though certainly I would like the $100, that is not as important as being trained by you. I find you highly motivating Anthony, and if I could learn how to begin agaqin at 61, and be SUCCESSFUL, that is better than winning the lottery, because it will be a sense of accomplishment that I will be proud of. Selected or not, I want to thank you for instilling inme now a motivation.

  134. Carroll Fultz

    I believe that I have found a niche with chriopractors. I have made a presentation and it sounds like they will be a client. How do I sign up someone that isn’t on EWA?

  135. Judy Griffith

    In the last five years I have lost more money trying to learn affiliate marketing than I care to admit. I keep coming back to affiliate marketing because I know, like I know, like I know, that I can make support myself nicely if I could just get myself off the ground. Of all of the programs I have been involved in, yours is the only truly honest one that I have found out there. Your system is second to no other that I have been involved with. I will be traveling from Florida to Texas in mid-February and would love the opportunity for my husband and I to make a “pit stop” in Mississippi so we could go through “hands on” setting up a successful campaign, because I do believe if I could get it right just one time there will be no stopping me.
    Thanks for the good job you are doing!

  136. N.Dizon

    I would like for you to give emphasis on building landing page and website which I believe are the two most important components of a successful ad.
    Also, when you place that click button for email submit, what url do you place in there to retrieve the “email list” from your ad?
    Thanks for your stimulating blog .

  137. Anthony Misiak

    I would attend a training at your offices but I wouldn’t be able able to afford it. However, if I could manage to make it the number one thing I would hope to gain from it would be to become more motivated to actually getting my feet wet in this business. I have been homeless until August of this year from May of 2011 so I have exactly no income to advance in this direction at all. I now, because of Pell Grant and student loans, have an apartment. I did, or am carrying a 4.0 GPA into the spring semester. This goal was set by me in August when I started this journey and it is great to see my accomplishment, and the fact that I now can qualify for scholarships. I would like to have this same enthusiasm for affiliate marketing. That is what I would hope to gain if I could have made it there. I don’t much care about the prizes offered for this, I just wanted you to get the feedback you were asking for.
    Anthony Misiak

  138. Terri Yoshinaga

    No money to attend, but if I did I would like to learn about where you made the most amount of money, quickly and how its done.

  139. Debi Schwartz

    I would love to come to a training where you give the secret missing piece of the puzzle regarding the training you did for those 3 gentlemen this year.

  140. George Forbes

    Hi Anthony It would be difficult money& time for me to get to your office, however I like your info— my needs1)Internet marketing 2) affiliate marketing. 3) SEO Your local. seminar would wk for me—at this time the$2000 is beyond me Unless I could pay from profits. With intrest You seem to be the most knowledgeable & as impt the most honest & real. Thanks. George Forbes. FOF

  141. Keith Kindle

    Mr MORRISON , I’m just a country man, I am a Disabled American Veteran.I got started with my computer,to learn an honest way to make money to help keep my bills paid,and Ive been so close to losing my house it worries me. When I got my HONORABLE discharge from the Marines, I spent time with help of my sister, she’s 4years older. The both of us took care of Mom and Dad for their last 11 years!!!!!!!! I was getting married and bought out my two sisters, and my oldest brother,I’m the youngest.. The disability pay I bring in now,just pays my bills,and leaves a little left for exspences of mine. I am a hands-on individual,I see it ,to be I guess more confident with myself, and I try to make it work!! To have direct help from you I am sure I can make a push for a “NEW BEGINING OF A KNEW LIFE.THANKYOU SIR FOR A DREAM HOPEFULLY BECOME ATAINABLE. YOUR HOPE TO NEW STUDENT!!!!1 THANKS K. KINDLE “USMC VET.”

  142. JAN D. POULIN

    Well, it certainly looks like I am not the only one having trouble. I am beginning to feel better and feel I am making progress. I am teaching myself WORDPRESS and EXCEL, and I feel I am finally getting a handle on what I needed to know before I started all of this. I will hang in there!

  143. Rita

    I would love to meet you, in the mean time online will have to do. What I would like to see from you is a class on utilizing Facebook for advertising.

  144. Jo Ann Edwards

    I would love to attend a workshop in your office. I live in Aberdeen, Ms.
    I would like to learn how to get my business started. Trying to get my website up now. You know I have finished all my lesson, but still struggling.

    Jo Ann

  145. Steve Bowman

    Great idea.
    I seem to be drowning in information but have had difficulty in pulling it together to produce a product. Something is missing. I need to figure out what the missing piece is. A visit with Anthony would probably resolve this. I can already hear myself say “OHHHHHHHHHH !”

  146. Roy Bullock

    As you may not know I’m very very new to your team infact so new I’m trying to schedule my “Mentoring & Site Building” session for Jan.2, 2013, I plan to drive to your training site in MS. I realized during the initial training session here in San Antonio with Adrian that this is an excellent vehicle for an old recently retired guy like me to have serious retirement income in addition to my rental property. My being very new you can imagine the training I need – from building solid landing page(s) to learning to fully utilize the excellent set of tools you have available. I’m in and thanks for the thought.

  147. Linda

    I would consider traveling to your office for a training conference (not a single session but a one or two day full-day conference). The number one thing I would like to learn is how to commit to this business and make it the success I know it can be. So the conference would be as much about motivation as about education. Sometimes we have the knowledge but need to tap into the passion behind the knowledge to be able to make it work for us.

  148. Richard J Jones

    Anthony, so far I’ve not been able to develop/create an effective, high click on, video presentation to promote on the YouTube website, or elsewhere, for that matter. I didn’t grow up learning about PC’s, etc.; and have had to play catch up as to how to build a home web page, create videos, and use ads, and applications for PC and mobile device presentations. I’ve tried to educate myself in these disciplines, but, as yet, haven’t been up to the task. Spending time with you, personally, and seeing, in person, how you create and implement these would benefit me immensely. Thank you, sir.

  149. Myria S

    Anthony, I am a PMI student, and am stuck on choosing with products to advertise, narrowing down demographics for the items. I see $$ signs from trying the pop-up ads, but intimidated to try it. Having been given the huge amount of information to success, I am on information overload and afraid to take the leap. I feel like I just need a push. Thanks

  150. Babafemi

    Yes, will love to attend.

    There are too much information that scares one to even start. Starting with a baby in taking the first step in life will be the first thing followed by how to take the second steps.

  151. Darryl

    Athony,my website is not built yet but I would like to learn how to build a landing page and direct it to a affilite link and be able to direct traffic to that affilite link.Also I want to know how to set up a good blog without racking my brian for words of my own on my website .

  152. Robert

    Yes I would love to attend a training class. Maybe the class I would need the most would be, How to become more creative. I have always worked with my hands, and have almost no experience projecting information and products to other people. Building something from a blueprint is one thing, but creating is art. I’m just not sure where to start.

  153. Niche Marketing

    Hey Anthony,
    Personal training is always a good idea. I have been to one of your classes at your office under one of your assistants, but would welcome the chance to meet personally with you in a smaller setting other than the hotel conference. Of course, cost is always an issue.
    As far as topics, I would think real training on making our own landing pages, complete with some ad copy education. The psychology of the process would be good, also, as far as buzz words, customer motivations, etc. Also, to follow up on that would be tracking and testing. You always hear those words being thrown around, but with out the technical knowledge, it means nothing.
    Another thought would be Niche marketing tips other than the big 3 or 4 markets. Something that us smaller guys can compete with.
    I could go on, but that seems to be my trouble spots. Does that help?

  154. Beverley Gallimore

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for the offer to let you know where I need help in jump starting an online business. If I were able to come to Mississippi, I would want to learn two things: How to create my own web site to reflect my niche, emphasis, weekly blog, and advertise affiliate connections that would enhance my primary niche.

    I would love to have one or two ancillary products on the site that would be from companies I am also doing business with and with whom I have secondary relationships to my primary niche. In other words, I would love to build or buy a really class A web site, but maintain it myself. I think I have learned an enormous amount about online busines from you, Adrian, and a few other luminaries in your area. But I am not quite there yet, in doing this on my own and being competent and effective in doing it.

  155. Bruce Bell

    Hi Anthony:

    The most important topic to me is how to drive more traffic to my Private Money for real estate investor’s website. I need action takers, and not tire kickers who are wasting my time, So my website needs better quality opt ins who are sincere about borrowing money to fund their deals. That would be a dream come true to meet with you in your office and learn from you.



  157. Don O

    My wife and I would both be interested in attending you session! What we both need is increased passion and knowledge! We are retired but lead a very active lifestyle!! WE need a lot of coaching and John Hall has been most helpful but we need A LOT more!! WE bought in to your Domination and Spend programs but still haven’t used them need help!!


  158. Valerie Wimmer


    I am a beginner. I am so anxious to absorb the information you teach, take it to heart and put it to work in my life.

    Thank you for sharing your extreme knowledge with me.

    Valerie Wimmer

  159. Curtis George

    I think I would definitely be interested in going out to meet with you for additional training.
    I would be most interested in learning more about creating successful ads. Ones that not only get clicks but convert.


  160. King Richard

    U bet I would attend your seminar! Anthony I’ve taken computer courses at my community college in designing websites and I was sooooo confused! It would be such an honor to meet you in person and learn from u. Love to start up some type of marketing business and simply sit down and talk to u in person. Love your attitude. Positive, easy going and intelligent.

  161. Neville Thompson

    Hi Anthony!
    My problem is marketing and that is what I would like to master ,I have bin trying for years to have a successful online business but unfortunitely never able to master marketing,I would be happy if I could join you in this endeavor

  162. Paul

    I would like to learn how to operate a website and become somewhat adept at changing and/or adding products to it. In this way I would hopefully also eventually become experienced at installing ‘links’ to websites that I would become affiliated with.

  163. ed

    the most important is LANDING PAGE, please send me how i start maybe 3 examples how to start landing page how to build

  164. Keith Graham

    Anthony, We all know that the power of making money on the internet is in the LIST…
    Therefore, LEAD CAPTURE/Building would be one of the most powerful courses I would like to see

  165. Fernando Campuzano

    Hi Anthony I do like to go over your town to learn from the start
    I have bent watching many videos but I’m steel not able to do nothing.
    I would like to learn how to do or pick and Ad and put it on face book
    I want to learn how to pick a niche and how to do landing page well
    if you can see I am very new to moss of the on line business.
    have a nice and happy holiday.
    PS I hope you get this feedback

  166. ricardo garcia

    I would like to learn more about CPV Domination,directCPV,and wolfstorm Media.

  167. Dale Neff

    Of course I would love to. But after thinking would be something I haven’t seen you touch on I missed it. Free giveaways or resale of the softwares. Something in that area.
    God Bless you all and Merry Christmas
    Dale Neff

  168. Gayle McLeod

    Hi Anthony
    Help me think out of the box.
    1.Keywords, I use Google Keyword Tools and adversuite but feel I am not using the right words. Need guidance.
    2. Have created landing pages but have not had success with them so far, have changed them up but not getting click through rate, which could be my keywords again. Need guidance.
    3. Maybe the basic’s. Just imagine you are starting all over again with affiliate marketing and you want to get your business up and running. Do a seminar for beginners step by step how you would start your business on line. We probably have learned the basics as to putting ads on facebook, plenty of fish, popups. Now we need to know how to make them better to get conversions. So if we have this knowledge already what are the next steps you need to teach us. Do it step by step, you have been there and are very knowledgeable. I am finding that there are so many avenues in this business that us new students are overwhelmed with choices and can get lost. Try a step by step for beginners to really get us started.
    4. Its always nice to receive $100, which would be used to come down for your teaching. I would defiantly come down for the training. But it has to productive and not surface training. I want to learn as much as I can.

  169. Mark Roth

    Hi Anthony, I would love to come to your facility and learn from you but that would be impossible for me right now. I have a day job still which I have to keep until I can get this business off the ground enough to cover our needs financially. If I were able to come I would want to learn 2 things, one, the best way to choose a niche, and two, a specific model of how many adds someone should typically put out for one offer. I know this will fluctuate greatly but still, a bit of a framework would be nice. Thanks again for what you do, have a great day.

  170. morena engelking

    Hi Anthony,

    I have been beating around the bush, spinning around and seems stuck and needed to make money like yesterday. I tried but everytime i get started something almost happen and I fail everytime. I know if I could come to your office and have a one-on one training with you, that would unstuck me and really propel me to success. Having this chance to have you personally teach me one-on-one would be God sent and the break that I have been praying for! Thank you Anthony as always trying to find a way to help others! God bless you and your loved ones!
    Morena Engelking.

  171. linda w.

    I would love that still trying to figure out how to turn this into a true money making opportunity. After reading the books and watching the web seminars the hands on would bring it all together. Thank you

  172. Nadim Ebrahim

    Thanks Anthony..Where and when do you have webinars that I can attend. I would really like to benefit from online businesses. Please keep me posted.

  173. Mary

    WOW——that would be so great Anthony……I think the one thing that I would love to learn is to find out how to get the best keywords to bring that person to the product, but also when they get there to buy the product too… Anthony, Thank You for all you share with us…..God Bless you and your Family……. 🙂

  174. Elizabeth Kellett

    I’m interested in the content of that contract that enables a business relationship between me and the local businesses which have allowed me to create a website for them at low cost, so that they can better compete with the other local enterprises in the same business.

    Catch is, I will only be paid by local businesses, so I need a contract so they won’t welch..

    Eliabeth Kellett

  175. Yvette

    Hi Anthony
    I do hope this is the place for me to place a comment to your questions.
    I would love to come out and sit in your hometown with you and
    learn a little bit more about How to maintain a back office once my Website is up and making money. It is easy to start a business but what about maintaining my business once it is up and running . I know that with every thing that there is Rules and regulations will follow. I get very excited about all the money there is to make in internet marketing but I am not to sure about maintaining my business so that it is legal and ethinically sound.
    I would have thought that having meetings in your hometown would allow for me to know that I have a serious mentor on my that is looking out for my best interest. So learning more about building my internet business and maintaining it through my back office. thanks for asking and good luck and Warm regards.

    Yvette Grissett

  176. Michael Furth


    You seem to have it all. There are many people who want to have the life that you have. Just read what they wrote. Now, understand me! What I have to say is quite simple: Listen to others for they are speaking from their hearts. When you listen with your heart, then you will understand all things. Let them be your teachers. Listen to your heart, also.


  177. Richard Bouchez

    training would be great.
    I would like to have a step by step plan to go by.
    I work two jobs and dont have a lot of time.
    would you consider a training package on line
    coming to your home town would be great but i dont know when I would find the time off of work.

  178. darlene

    I would come in a heart beat. Your advice in business start up skills would help me jump ahead. Most it would help me become more internet intelligent.
    Your experience in network marketing and website design would be great to learn.
    Your love for children truly connects our hearts. I went with your program because of the angel tree Christmas program.
    Please allow me this opportunity to conquer my fear of success.
    Thank for the time you spend with me.
    God bless,

  179. marc

    i am just starting out i would hope to learn more than what i know from you thank you

  180. Carla N. De Petris

    I already listen to this before and I answer before, but I try again
    I would attend a workshop if I could practice with someone how to use Social Media Thank you

  181. Lawrence McKay

    I used to belong to Amway and we would have several hotel meeting during the year. I would learn so much during those times. We got to meet the big wage earners and also develop relationships with those who have walked where your walking. Presently we get five minute learning clips that really don’t help the beginner like myself.

  182. Steve

    Yes I would be interested in meeting you personally. My biggest problem online is Advertising and Getting conversions. I hit the like button and tweeted as you said. Not sure if the Like Button went to my Facebook page? Hope you and your Family has a great Christmas. God bless.


  183. Emma

    I would like to meet you in person. That sounds like a swell idea. I would like to learn more about the intricasies of the internet and establishing a good business. I have spent so much money on so called gurus and made not one red cent! for some reason, you seem more trustworthy.

  184. norma

    Anthony I attended a class with your brother Adrian in san antonio tx. So loved it but i don t feel like I learned enough to get me started. Did follow some technics on pop ups. Placed two adds but did not make money. What am i doing wrong. I have been trying to make money online for at least three years n no sucess i have ordered item after item with no aveil. So the answer to your question. Heck yeah would love to go to Mississippi i wanted to go so bad when i attended class but didnt have the funds way to much money to attend. My reason for wanting to do this is because Im miserable working for someone else. I want to make my own money ,and spend quaility time with my family and enjoy vacations. Not having to worry whether Im going to have enough to pay for my bills and mostly would love to help others in many times i see a person begging for food or children starving and my heart goes out to them but i dt have to give because i dnt have the funds to financially help. If i could have the oppurtunity to go and learn the correct way to make money online i would wnt to learn from the best. The only way i learn is to actually do it as i learn so if i could have tht chance i would love to go. Thanks and God Bless.

  185. Jane M

    Hi Anthony,
    I would love to go back to Mississippi and attend an additional class, especially when you will be teaching it. I took a mentoring class last October and really got a lot of information, and beautiful scenery.
    For your class, I would definitely like to learn more about creating landing pages. I’m quite intimidated in making landing pages because I don’t think I can write a lot of information on an offer, or two. Second, I would like to learn about other websites you can promote affiliate ads aside from the big ones like Facebook, Plenty of Fish, and Lead Impact.

  186. Eddie Dean

    Well Anthony, That sounds pretty good. I have a truck that I just blew the motor in. Then to take off from work like that just not possible. All in all that is a great idea. I would love to learn how to make at least $100 a day. I have been promised a lot more than that and have paid more than that. I can use the personnal traing from some one like you. All iwant to prove is to start with something small then progress from there. NO BIG PROMISES. Well any way, I don’t think I can make that trip from Rockport,Texas. Thanks for asking my opinion. Hope you’ll find some one that can. Have a great one.

  187. marvin stutts

    hello anthony .first of all yes I cold travel to your office ,what I would hope to come away with from your personal training would be to learn as much about Internet marketting as you. with your knowledge in computers and business I feel as that I could learn how to exspand my business to be where your at finnacaly. I hope you and your wife have a verry merry christmas ps I think this is a great idea as I am strugle with the use of my computer it would be a great help thanks for your help .

  188. Burt Anderson

    Hello Anthony! I’d love to visit you in Mississippi, but I’m still trying to absorb and maximize all of the great stuff I’ve learned at your seminars. (Too bad about Wolfstorm. And did you actually DO anything with photograph Really enjoyed the Orlando gig. Invitation always open to visit Anderson Ranch in beautiful downtown Amado, Arizona. Hi to your dad and mom. Have a great Christmas season. Glory to GOD!

    IHN, Rev. Dr. James Burton “Burt” Anderson

  189. robert posey

    Yes: I would like to learn the how to do of marketing. The software used and how to use the software. There is so much out there and time is short. Also
    the in and outs of making the software work.

  190. Linda Andrusyk

    I would be thrilled to death to have an opportunity like that. I’m not sure how many days are included in this training should it take place. Because I am a beginner I would like the opportunity to actually walk through the steps, whether it be for my first ad or a highly ranked landing page. I just feel that when I finally think “by George”” now I get it – something new pops up and the learning starts again. It’s like I’m on a merry-go-round that never stops.

  191. Ronald Bish

    Hello Anthony,,I was real happy to hear that you are considering having some students come to your place for some live trianing with you. THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME THING I HAVE EVER HEARD. As you know I am finally getting ready to retire in April 2013,,and I am still very much interested in learning internet marketing and affiliate marketing well enough to be able to earn an income and even to be able to teach others how to do this. So,to answer your question,,,Absolutly,,I think this is a great idea and I would love to be one of the people that gets an oppurtunity to be personally trained by you or Adrian. For me it would be the most AWESOME HOMERUN EVER HIT. My regards and a Happy Holiday Season to You and Your Family. Ron.

  192. mathew varkey

    Hi Anthony,

    Yes. I will be really excited to come to one of your meeting and learn all and as much as I can in a 24 hour period all the fine details. I would also want to venture out and do marketing the way you do marketing in a diffrent part of the world. I would love to be the affiliate marketer promoting your way of marketing.:)

  193. fred brooks

    Yes! Mr. Morrison

    This is a very good idea for anyone who should win the opportunity to learn from a master. The one thing that I would hope to get from this is how to start, run, & own a business. Second, I would hope to gain the best knowledge necessary to maintain a good business. haven’t learn to tweet yet!

  194. Daya

    I would like to learn how to use the landing pages to build a list and the steps to take for generating steady income.
    I also would like to learn web programming to detect traffic patterns.

  195. Karen Gaynor

    Would I be willing to come to your offices for some one-on-one training by a super affiliate/millionaire internet marketer?? YOU BET!!! Okay, to be blatantly honest with you, there are many facets of internet marketing/affiliate marketing which are very confusing to me. I don’t believe I’m getting anywhere fast; except more broke and more confused by the plethora of internet marketing software offers out there for sale at a discounted rate. Where do I begin? There is the confusion of squeeze pages; SEOs; PLR; WSOs; and then there is the confusion of Clickbank, WP themes and plug-ins, etc. If I could just comprehend some of it, then I could successfully begin to do affiliate marketing and internet marketing. So YES!!, I would welcome and be exceedingly grateful and feel very blessed by spending time being taught by you to be a successful internet/affiliate marketer and know some of the tricks of the trade which have made you so successful!

    Have a very blessed day and a very blessed Christmas!

  196. Ace Scott

    Greetings Anthony, I plan to be in Mississippi over the Christmas Break. It would be a sheer pleasure to come to your office. I need to know how to take the information you give and use it over a variety of targeted audiences that are looking for me, not me chasing them. A little consistency would go a long way for me. Thanks for having this awesome opportunity. This is just what the doctor ordered.

  197. Bill Jones

    Developing ads and webpages for a particular niche. We just completed the level 1 training on the 5th and 6th of December and will focus on direct linking with 7Search initially. Developing webpages and doing the opt in for email following is a avenue we would like to get going. It is an area we would like some mentoring. We realize developing an affiliate business will take time and a lot of effort. We both work and our initial goal income wise is to develop enough so Jan and I can retire and focus more on developing the affiliate business. From the amount of information we have received we are able to see a huge amount of potential and want to tap into it. I am reading your book “Advertising Profits From Home” and plan on calling the number on page 14 once I finish reading it. Have a great and Merry Christmas season celebrating the birth of Christ.

  198. eddie strickland

    Being able to meet you in person would be a dream come true. I want more than anything to get good and be successful at internet marketing. I am new so I am at the starting gate ready to bust out in a full sprint, just needing the simple direction to get started properly without going the wrong direction. I want to cross the finish line, not run into the ditch. So I need you very much.

  199. Ereyk Alicea Jr

    Greetings Mr Morrison!

    First and foremost Thank you so much for this opportunity and let me tell you i do believe this is the best business I could get into. I believe the internet is the wave of the future, I believe internet is the only and the only fast road to reach the world in a matter of a second. Thank you Anthony for Success Connection #138. I would i love the opportunity to come to your hometown office to learn and gain with a personal session with you about your techniques to start and run a successful business similar or even more successful than to yours. 😉

    It would mean everything to me and my family, Will be such a great blessing to my self and family we been needing and waiting for. Your blessed opportunity will help me become financially successful and independent to create wealth for my future generation paved the road for them and leave them something to inherit and continue the business and pay for there college etc. So they wont have to struggle like i have all my life.

    I need to learn it and and learn the correct way to take it from baby step 1 to the money making successful wealth building step. To see a campaign actually being built and place on a network, To learn how to find/create a niche, How to take that niche and market it, Build traffic, etc. everything that’s needed to be successful.

    Anthony, you are inspiring, great teacher so i’m sure i’ll be able to become an expert learning hands on by who better than the best? Anthony, if you could help me out and bless my family with this opportunity i would really appreciate it and for ever be grateful to you and in return i will be able to help other’s in my same position that i’m in now when i’m at a position you are in right now. Give them the opportunity your given us!

    I would really would like to meet you personally, To have a one on one with you and your brother would be great blessing. I feel that what i have invested and thrashed money i couldn’t afford with many Gurus by now I’m disappointed and in the other hand you are a person i trust and want to
    Thank You Anthony for being always so generous with all of us.

    I need to give it one more chance and this blessing your offering us can make that difference and finally get me there. I know so many of us that follow you are in need and would like the opportunity and wish the best of luck to all, may God guide you to pick the person in most need that will really take this opportunity and use it and be successful and will also repeat and do with others in need like your doing with us,

    But my need is a very special delicate one and just hope i’m one of the bless one to receive this opportunity your bringing to us. Thank’s again and looking forward to meeting you and pick your brain for all the secrets you have that have made you so successful! Please pick me?!!

    Thank you, Blessings to you and love ones and may you all have a Happy,
    Safe, Blessed Holidays and a Happy, Safe, Successful and very Prosperous New year 2013!

    Best Regards,

    E. Alicea Jr

    (Hopefully this will be done before the Holidays and be able to make some
    money to provide a Xmas for my family!)

  200. Bobby Hart

    I would really love to travel to your home town to be trained by you personally But I can’t afford it at this time of the year. What I would like you to teach me more then anything else is BLOGGING, BLOGGING, and more BLOGGING.
    And then how to drive the traffic.
    I don’t know how to put this stuff into Twitter, I just set it up,


  201. Ereyk Alicea

    Hi again Anthony!

    Well done everything you requested, left comment here, you’ve been on my Facebook and also twitter but went there and twitted about this and FB!


  202. Paul Even

    would love to attend training at your place.
    Ad writing is a skill set I need improved./

  203. Bob Howard

    I would love to meet with you, but I am unable to travel so here on line with you will have to be it.

    I would love to learn more about the daily tasks you go through to keep your business up and going.

  204. Cecilia

    Anthony, you are so gracious. We are so fortunate to have you helping us. I am currently working on cpv domination and understanding the steps I should be taking. Great information, as usual I moving ever so slow and back tracking before I take the next step. I listened to your initial introduction of cpv and picked up more tips on moving forward. The more I listen the more I understand. I am also listening to the land pages introduction to see where that fall in with the process. Basically just getting to the understand what I need to do next and which direction to take. I have done the clickbank process also. I have been on overload on direction and just need to process what I need to do. I am getting there. Anthony, I have to say that your instruction are wonderful. Thank you

  205. Rita H

    Hi Anthony, I would like to learn how to become an Online Marketer Enterpuernier, so that I can help others to learn how to also become Online Marketeers from home. Cause the work offorce world is awful in this day and time. It would mean so much to me to be one of the chosen ones. Thank You for taking the time to do what you do for the unforntunate ones like myself.

    Rita H.

  206. Tom Manders

    Hi Anthony,

    I can get to your office from Texas, because I would enjoy meeting you and learning face to face.Your personal coaching would help a 73 year old newbie learn a system that could help fund my retirement and overcome computer/ internet intimidation. See you soon!

  207. Joseph X. Thomas

    I would very much love to be involved in a mentoring program face to face with you. I have read all your books and listen to every session here online. Working hard to build my new businesses and really need your training to increase what little knowledge I have concerning online advertising and promoting. I would be such a pleasure to actually meet you!

  208. Mardi Blackshire

    That would be great, I think it would be even better if you had a drawing for one person to attend this training for free. I personally need all the help I can get. I have been working on this now since August and still have not had any sucess. This is no doubt not your faught but mine for not understanding the system better….I just nees some one on one help or advise on almost everything!

    Thanks, Anthony!

  209. Mona Lisa

    Yes, we would like very much to come back to Jackson, we need to learn it all, It was very confusing when we were there in november. Getting a website going , and landing page would be great. We might get more out of this if we are instructed by you.
    Thank You.

  210. Gregg Jackson

    I would like to learn how to develop a terrific lead generation page and landing page in order to start accumulating email address for future use.

    I was in Madison when this video was released, for my 1st mentoring session. I need to come back and get additional training. I learned a lot but missed a lot also. Need to feel better about my ability to design quality campaigns. Would like to have someone cretique what I did and tell me how I could improve on them. It is about a 7 hour drive for me, but will make it numberous times to improve my skills.

  211. Sammy Hauser

    I would like to learn to build and use landing pages and lead generation pages. I would also like to learn all about how to do email marketing. We’ll be in MS Jan. 5th & 6th for the workshop at the Hilton. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of good information that weekend.

  212. Jamielee Hutton

    Yes I would , but financial constraints would most likely keep me from doing this . I’d love to learn how to build websites that convert more buyers . Also learn how to pick the best offers to sell .
    Thanks ,

  213. Jim Rausch

    It would be awesome to be able to train with you personally. I hope I get the opportunity to meet you and your family someday. I attended your St. Louis seminar this past weekend and have just finished watching Adrian’s DVDs. I have signed up and done some looking on EWA, WolfStorm and iStockPhoto and am about ready to put together an ad. Your online training videos, additional Facebook and other training are also next in line.
    Keep up the good work!

  214. Patty J Marnix

    Tuesday, ‎December ‎11, ‎2012

    Dear Anthony,
    I hope this response brings a new excitement, and confidence to my path of affiliate marketing success.
    I thank you for offering a unique training event, I respect the time, and knowledge you have invested in these last years.
    Yes, I would be honored to attend.
    I have a niche, and have invested time in researching areas that are in the idea populated range of potential Face Book clients, a new area that has not been touched, and others that are coming in the future.
    Building landing pages that offer a “win win” way to market products, so that both buyer, and seller are satisfied, advertising clicks that possess success. I can go on and on.
    I need mentoring, with new tools that best prepare for the ever changing viral internet market.
    I-phones is another area I am interested in, I have a
    marketing idea that I am anxious to experiment with, and I would love your input.
    Thank you again for your time.
    Successfully Sincere,
    P.J. Marnix… Agent One

  215. Mark

    Hey, Anthony, I think for me if i get the opportunity to meet with you on a one to one basic, would be how to find and create your own product to promote. You have given many other ideas but creating one own product and have that promoted would be what interest me.

    Thanks for all that you do.

    God Bless!


  216. James Waters

    Yes. I would be willing to go to your home office.

    I would be interested in learning to market in the social network starting with Facebook.

  217. Louise Stacy

    We attended the 3 day seminar in Salem, Oregon last Month. We are particuarly interested in pop-ups and facebook advertising. We do not know how to do a ‘landing page’. Not just what it is, but technically how to do it. We have tried an affiliate ad on facebook but could not get approved. Still don’t know what we did wrong (and are still doing wrong apparently). We would have enjoyed taking your second and third level classes. (Fourth level also, but alas, it is not in the cards). Hopefully we can get the ads going. Would consider visiting you. How close are you to a major airport?

  218. Marc Montaniel

    Yes, I will be very interested in learning more from you in person about e-mail marketing. I’ve been doing a lot of CPV marketing these past 3 months and it’s time to take my affilliate marketing business to the next higher level.

  219. Cecilia

    Hi Anthony,
    Depending on the training schedule I would really love to attend. I hesitate because of I have committed myself to a couple of events in the early months of 2013. Sometimes other events is actually what move in and occupy my focus from what I need to do to keep the understanding on a higher level without feeling overloaded. I am still plugging along – I am studying the instructions of cpv domination – listening to your initial introduction also. I have signed on to clickbank process. I am listening to your lead generation to understand what I need there. I thank you Anthony so much for your interest and concern.

  220. Tammie

    Hi Anthony, I would love to have the one no one training. I have to much information that I try to put together at once. Then I get confused and just give up for awhile. I need help understanding the system step by step. Thank you,

  221. Sandra K

    You didn’t mention what state your offices are in.

    I would want to learn what percentage of people doing this find it lucrative.

  222. Andrea Trowbridge

    I would love the training and the experience. I am on a fixed income with SS and it does not stretch far enough so I have no room for any extras, I would like to be able to do something from home to supplement. I have seen and heard some of your videos and read some of your news articles.

  223. Larry Husted

    I read both books though and I need more information on really how to get started I want to learn about websites, blogs, all the basics.

  224. Kong Sourivong

    I would like to go and learn how to marketing.

    I hope to go to Mississippi and training with you Anthony.

    God bless.

  225. Allison Clarke

    I am very interested in learning more about pop-up ads and would love to come to Mississippi, but with the holidays upon my travel fund is running low. Have you ever considered using any of the web-based connection programs? I do not know the risks involved in placing your proprietary information on the Internet in this way, but if you staff can Skype with your students, I would think a Web-Ex or Adobe Connect would be a likely next step. Forgive me if you are already using this type of application as I just recently attended your seminar.

  226. Al Dinger

    I would love to go where you work and see how you do it there because of the spinoff. Like Joshua loved to be around Moses because somethings are better caught than taught. I have never truly gotten successful like I like, and believe that spinoff from you would be better than going to Vagas. I love the South.

  227. Hector Suarez

    Hi Anthony.I will like to attend you training section;but unfortunately I have too many commitment at this time.One thing that I am stuck on is getting a product to sell on line.
    Have a great week.

  228. taffey

    would love to come, thank you. just learning this , but would like simple steps to put this in place. thanks again. God bless

  229. Larry Schmitz

    I just got back from your 3 day workshop in St Louis and have signed up for your level 3 mentoring program. Would love to piggyback a mentoring session with your training. I would like more training on creating a landing page that “sells the sizzle” so that the reader will definitely want to take action.
    Merry Christmas and God’s Blessings.

  230. James Ritchie

    I would love that kind of training I,d do my best to get there to learn a new way to make money without working 7 to 3 every day .Yes I would find a
    way (time,and money) James

  231. Sylvia

    Going to your office would be a fantastic learning experience. I really need to know how to get started. I read, listen, watch and make notes but I still don’t know where to begin. Where to advertise, how to advertise, I understand you need money to make money but what do you do if you don’t have money for advertising???

  232. Debra

    Hi Anthony, I think that’s a great idea, and would love to come to a class at your office, although I don’t have the money, it would be great to learn directly from you. I haven’t had the money to buy any of your books, so I am still not up and running yet ! Thank you for all you do for us, GOD BLESS YOU !

  233. Evelyn Murdock

    Your blogs are always informative. I have listened to so much “making money at home” videos while studying courses but remain confused. I
    have chosen a niche and purchased a domain, have clickbank account,
    word press acct. By following your instructions now, I feel that my next step
    would be to contact someone for website, write ads, and articles. Am I missing anything? I have read through your complete course once to
    familiarize myself with it. Now I am ready for results after months of searching and studying different courses.
    Decided to ignore anyone else’s e-mail and concentrate on what you will
    teach me. Too many people and emails will boggle your mind.

  234. Alice Woodham

    Hi Anthony,

    To tell you the truth Anthony I would like to learn more but I can’t travel, because I deal with a lot of pain in my body, because of my diabetes and
    other things. I’ve been with you now since 2009 but I haven’t made any money yet, but I’m still trying because I believe in what you tell us all. I will
    continue trying.


  235. Steven Tullis

    To be able to pick at a mulimillioaires brain. 1.To find a really great nich. 2.To be able to have a really easy way to be able to do the reasearch.3.More about seo with the keywords.

  236. Samuel

    Hi Anthony i saw your viedo and yes i agree 100% and ill give you r feeback, i frst of all im very interrested in your program cuz well all know why…..Money yes, but i wanna share with you about the diffrent techniches i wanna learn to later in life i can actually quit my job and just do what i wanna do best….LEARN and LEARN more i mean diffrent ways and ideas to make my life a hole lot better in the future for my family and actually get my life back on track, and watch my business frow and grow and commission as well. The more i learn the more i make money and easier to do in such little time. Come on i wanna spend more time with my family then busting my tail trying to make ends meat. Who wouldnt want to make tons of money just by learning your way and how to actually do it by ourselves and go on with my life. I just want to suceed in life and to better my future, cuz us adults were pretty much in a hole (i mean dead) im looking out for my family and put my kids in collage hey who knows maybe ill be with them. But the most important reason why i wanna learn is how im going to start and when im going to make lots of commission. I hope you can help me make my dreams come true.

  237. Karen Hudson

    Yes, I would love to come to your office for a training as long as I can walk out of there with a plan to make money right away.

  238. Rita H

    Hi Anthony
    One of the most important things that I would like to learn is: how to become an affiliate using autopilot with commissions. It would really be nice to know how to do this. Thanks again.

  239. Marcia Brown

    I am not sure I commented on this one.

    I would love to come to your office to be trained personally by you!

    The areas I am struggling with right now is how to get traffic to my offers and where to promote them. Some companies won’t let you promote just anywhere, and they have guidelines that I don’t always understand. I love some one on one training about those things.

    Thanks for all you do to help all of us!

  240. John Gilhooly

    Yes Anthony, I still really want to learn how to market on the internet with Clickbank, for starters. However, like many of the other retired persons in the above responses, I am just getting by on social security (called “Old Age Security”) in Canada.
    I know that internet marketing (more specifically “affiliate marketing”) is the great equalizer in terms of providing opportunities for working from home.
    Please help me to get started in this field.

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