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Great news today!

I have officially released a new software product “Affiliate Offer Spy” it’s a great tool that my brother, Adrian, helped created. Basically as most of you know there are just hundreds of affiliate networks and most of the time they all of the same “affiliate offers”. One of the biggest time consumers is trying to find what network is going to pay the most money for a particular affiliate offer. More times than not it’s impossible to find “the one” with the highest payout so most affiliates lose some ROI by simply just not knowing they could get paid more elsewhere.

Introducing our solution to this problem: Affiliate Offer Spy – Watch Demo Video Now

It’s a great tool and you can get instant access to it online and use it from any computer anywhere in the world. No doubt it’s going to save you time and money by simply letting you know what offers to promote and what networks to promote them from based on the highest payout. Check out the video right now for more information.


  1. Linda hopson

    thank you for being a great teacher I am learning right now and everyday I take a step toward being not afraid of success. I will overcome! I will be your next great success story.!

  2. Virginia Brogdon

    I have read all of the books Anthony includes in his information regarding advertising. Thank you, Anthony, for being so thorough and for giving step-by-step instructions to us, your students. All of this advertising information is absolutey foreign to me, but I can admit that I’m learning to recognize the acronyms. You were truly blessed to be brought up in a home where your parents encouraged you to forge ahead with your ideas. It is easy to see that this encouragement has paid off!

  3. David Sohl

    I looked for the place to post my goals and could not find it, so here they are:
    1. Finish my training program with you guys. 2 Get my site up and producing to reach $125Knet/year by year end. 3. Invest time and with my wife , kids and grandkids to help them get ahead in the world. 4. grow spiritually to keep a balanced life 5 help some one else get connected here and learn what I am learning. so they can be better off in life.

  4. Ioneze Clark

    Anthony, u r so electrifying when i ordered your marketing program, I started reading your books,and 2wks after getting into it, I was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery(major) all of this internet/computer lango is foreign 2 me, blogs, affliates clicks,adsense, setting up website etc…..DOES NOT COMPUTE!!! but iam not going to stop trying and with your help & GOD’S I’m certain that when i am at full recovery I WILL PREVAIL may GOD continue to bless u in EVERYTHING U DO IS MY PRAYER!!! My goal anthony is to follow your lead(teaching) and to live DEBT FREE and beable to be financially secure so i can help others, but b-4 i can do this… I’ve got to help myself first!!! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!

  5. Michael Paloy

    Dear Anthony;
    As always you are inspiring and knowledgeable. Keep up the good work
    you do. It’s appreciated by all.

    Michael Paloy

  6. sheila steele

    Anthony, I really enjoyed your phone content this evening. You never fail to fill me with inspiration and new ideas! I had really hoped that you would be offering your books as e-books since I’m visually impaired and I emailed you about my condition and what would be most helpful for me to learn along with our other members! Thank you so much for your program.


  7. james shears

    i just look at your video i wish icould be there iwant to make a lots of just like you im 66 year old and been trying to get something for years butfailing help me please

  8. Colette Stevens

    I’m getting ready to purchase your program and I’m praying I will be able to make $1,000 extra a month…I’m really hop[ng for $4 to $5k a month; just so I can get all of my friends in the hood to shut up about your program being a scam! Pray for me and call me when you have some free time! LOL! Thanks in advance! C. Stevens

  9. Sharon Volkman

    Hello Anthony, I finally got it figured out, downloading on Firefox. Thank you. I need to spend more time on the other lessons you have given us.

  10. Darleen Saczawa

    Had a bumpy start with all the training, but am finally figuring it out. I hope to get the chance to meet you next time we are in Madison for your training class.

  11. Patricia Davis

    Hi Anthony, I know that I still got to study, but everyday I’m making progress. I told you that you were a God sent person and well you are. I have been doing so well with the little time that I have been applying myself. The motivation you share is great and you help lots of people. I am truly excited because I am accomplishing so many other small things that I have been taking for granted. I was able to download the new toolbar and Foxfire without any problems. I don’t know how to use it yet, but I will be understanding it as I go along. Thanks again for help and may God keep blessing you, so you can be a blessing for so many others.

  12. georgina castle

    Hello Mr Morrison. Just a line to let you know I purchased your latest software, do not know what to do with it yet but I guess I will learn.Wanted to let you know I wrote my first blog and posted it but they did not put in the template so I guess I did something wrong. I was excited over your third Webinar and I got it. I am going to see about joining Firefox when I find out how and not get all mixed up, I am still learning how to use the computer but I keep losing every thing and have to start over again, my blog is coming in fifteen sections, one every three or four days, I hope that is fine. GC

  13. alma

    Hello Anthony, Like you I am a student , have a husband that has alheimzers, and 21 children a blended family, his , mine and adopted .plus a few others so I need this like last year or a few years ago, face book hates me because I speak up and out, But thats o.k., there has to be other forums that people can keep up with what politicans are doing or not doing.I am 69 years of age and dumber than a door knob , but, I am not a quitter, and have alot riding on making sure I eventually am successful, no matter what is sent to keep me distracted, I keep coming back and trying to find time for your courses,I have yet ever to see a dull moment , do not know what bordom is, doubt I ever will know what that means. I do “everything” cook , clean , caretaker, baby sitter, laundry, bill payer, student, teacher, and there are plenty enough out there just like me , people that must carry the ball, because there’s no one out there to help them help them selves , so of course, I know money shortages, so I guess I will see what I can do on twitter and try generating cash for the program you offered. God bless and thank you for taking us dumbo’s by the hand and leading us. we needed that heaven knows” the politicans today certaining do not care about the peeons in the country, all they ever do is talk redoric and vote against programs for the people. so thats a whole other issue. so I can see where things like what your doing is an attempt to help people help themselves (Thank You).may God continue to bless you in your endeavors to do that.

  14. Curtis Lawson

    Thanks for your persistence. Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. That what have learned in the short time I have studied the material. It’s requires hard persistent work and trial and error to be successful. I’m up to the task and with your help I will succeed.

  15. Essau Magombo

    Hie anthony,
    The impact which is being shown in the lives of many is great & i personally appreciate it.
    Continue being a blessing to us all, may the good Lord God guide you.

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