1. LaJuan

    Your weekly blogs are very helpful and inspirational. Thank you, Anthony. I am praying for you and your family.

  2. Elaine Ho-Wan

    Hi Anthony,
    I like to optimize the social media;i.e. twitter. I read your book over 5 times and I’m very interested in getting more education on making money with twitter. Thank you for inspiring all of us !

  3. Linda Gebhardt

    Love your video’s…if anything they are inspiring to move forward, which I do every day. Can I send an email to your list (sounded like I might have more success with traffic) for my website…

    Right now I only have $400 to spend on a marketing campaign on my offer: and want to convert. CPV?


  4. Judge Edward Singleton

    Thanks so much Anthony. I am probably the bonehead that resulted in this blog being put up. I am in two programs with you, newly blind, but never doubting my enthusiasm and courage to go forward. I look forward to meeting your brother Adrian this weekend weekend Burbank. I feel like the young eager ball player stuck in the bullpen and I am beating down the doors with enthusiasm, I just need the help and couching (that I final got figure out I think completely with Rob Barnes at PMI he is one patient and cool dude) and wisdom from the younger generation which is you and your brother Adrian. I was was born right in the middle of two very different eras of humankind and I have decided that I want to advance with the new era, and I seek the wisdom (funny and backwards maybe some might think, but you and I know better) young entrepreneurs like you and your brother so I can too feel the freedoms of financial freedom. Thank you Anthony.

  5. James

    Hey Anthony, I really look forward to your blogs and training. I am the king of procrastinators though, so I am looking forward to your next week’s blog about motivation. I am also not well versed on computer basics, so any advice on that would also be welcome. Thank You for all the great stuff, James Stanton

  6. jack

    I would really like to know how to create and implement a squeeze page as well as how to create an email marketing list.

  7. Wally Kyle

    I really feel your business is what I want to do. I just do not want to jump into it fast without study and understanding the complete program. I have talked to your reps,Donny and Mike, and they explained your system well.
    I am going to read your books again and listen to all the programs you sent to my email then I will start slowly so it will be a business I can be proud of.Once I make this business work I will help others follow your plan and help them with the costs of starting a business..Thank you

  8. Donald Napolitano

    I have 20 other sites that are WordPress based. I would like to incorporate that to my shopfast site.
    How do I do that?

    I listen to your blogs each week and read your books they are very informative.

    Donald N

  9. Edison Masereka

    Great Vedio and powerful stuff!!

    Will be on the look out for more of such programmes

    Best regards


  10. Janet

    I am in the process of finishing my Business in Management/ Project Management degree. ROI is return on investment, critical to all business. Thanks for another great video!

  11. Dale Haynes

    Great content today as always Anthony. Thanks! And to note with Adrian as our mentor we have used Affiliate Offer Spy software in our several Overlook Online Ventures, Inc web site activities and found great value in it helping us find and compare offeres to pursue.

  12. Marsha W. Moore

    I don’t send e-mails that often, but I want to THANK YOU for the weekly blogs, they are very informative. By watching your blogs, this lets me see in your training sessions how passionate you are about what your business.

    Marsha Moore

  13. Gordian Igwilo

    Anthony, thanks for the weekly blog. I always look forward to next one because am an old school who is not good with computer and Iam learning a great deal.

  14. Randall Brown

    I really am tired of not being financially secure. I really need your system to work for me’ I just don’t know how to get started! I need a step by step guide. I know I can do this; quiting is’nt an Option! Maybe I need some coaching. I will do whatever I have too in order to succeed in this endeavor!

  15. Didier Rivillas

    I’m very rookie with this. I’m enjoying a lot your blogs, I am sure if I follow whatever you say I can enough skills to make my own business.


    Hello Neighbor!
    First I’d like to say thanks for all you do, I look forward to your weekly blog and the great information you supply us…
    My question is auto-responder’s, my contact list is small at this point, but growing everyday but I find myself spending a great deal of my time sending and answering emails…
    I’am new at internet marketing, but realize the benefits of the internet…
    Theres just so much to learn and so little time, I can see the need of a mentor to help keep me on the right track…
    So Anthony if you might touch base on this subject (auto-responders) in your blogs, many Thanks are coming your way!
    Also: Your thoughts on website vs. blog…
    “Wishing You Happiness and Success”
    Mark Houck

  17. Gary Monahan

    You’ve done it again! I think you’re a very effective communicator, and that’s why I enjoy watching your videos. I always come away feeling more motivated, so keep up the good work!

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