1. Jasmine

    Hi Anthony, just wanted to say thanks for the video, I have to go back and watch the first lesson but I wanted to to say thank you for being able to give us great information but in terms that easy and down to earth… I’ve been trying to get my feet wet in IM for some time now and as I have done my research your teachings are Great 🙂 ..Thanks Again ~Jasmine~

  2. Serzh

    Thank you for a great tips Anthony.
    I can hot believe this is so easy
    figure out market for a products.

  3. Rohan Pommels

    Thank you for that information Anthony! I thought I had to do it all my self and your story made me feel now that I’m not alone in this. That takes the pressure off. I’m so motivated!

  4. Ben Benson

    Anthony; Thanks for all the information and the suggestions, I think that it will help immensely. I still haven’t gotten off the ground yet. Maybe by the time you get through with everything I will be able to put it together and make some money. Here’s hoping it will.


    Ben Benson

  5. Craig Lubovich

    I was wondering I am into Melaleuca would this help me promote that?

  6. eric odita

    I already have a product that I am going to be marketing. However, I need to say thank you Anthony for good ideas to ensure I actually have a solid market for what I am trying to do. Thanks again

  7. Jane M

    Hi Anthony…Yes, I do know there is a market for a healthy eating niche. I am a member in three affiliate networks and am continuing to search for an ad that is relevant to my niche. You made a good point about I use that website, including, to check traffic on affiliate ads. But, I didn’t think about using those websites on researching my niche. I will definitely do that this week! Thanks for the info!

  8. Mike

    If market category your looking at is general or broad, it might be best to narrow it down.

  9. Monty Monett

    Thank you, I will search to see if the ideas are part of the areas you suggest.

  10. Deniece

    I will try these suggestions that you have made. Thanks for the suggestions Anthony.

  11. Martha Moreno

    I really enjoy and learn a lot from you information. I have always been a follower of you and Adrian.

  12. Mulenga

    Hi Anthony, I am thankful for this as a designer. So many ideas come to mind but I never thought of cross referencing to verify a viable market. You’re a genius!

  13. Henique

    Hi Anthony!

    Though I am still between jobs, I enjoy your lessons. I hope to make use of them as soon I things settle down.

    Thanks a lot

  14. Marc Montaniel

    Checking your selected niches against affiliate offerings and provides excellent sanity checks for those niches. Thanks AM for your advice.

  15. Allison Vokac

    This info is timing for me and my friend. We were investigating where and how we could set up what we do online. I will pass this email onto her, and we can collaborate…put our heads together and ‘get ‘er done’. Eager for next weeks info.
    Thank you for sharing your intellectual property

    PS I left the website field blank…we are working on that. The team has a site, and she and I do not like it.

  16. Julian Chambers

    Well at lease I am looking at emails again. overwhelmed, under paid, got to sell house or lot or game over. You have good info if I can leverage it. thanks jules

  17. Marci

    I will try to follow these steps when posting my ads. I need to make money for school supplies & tuition.

  18. Sharron Hudgins

    I like this advice! This success connection video helped give me a clearer picture. This will be my next project.
    Although, I haven’t made any money online yet. I am not giving up! I have gotten very discouraged through all of this.
    When I have gotten discouraged, I have set out to find answers or advice. The most common advice I get is first to “believe” and second “don’t give up”. Bottom line, I do believe and I am not giving up!

  19. Donna Lagoda

    Anthony –

    Thanks again for the training. Will gladly click on the buttons to share this info. It helps that you provide a place to learn WITHOUT constantly trying to sell someone something. TTYL

  20. Will

    Thanks Anthony! This is the first Success Connection clip I have received. Not exactly sure of what all has been missed.

  21. Maria rojas

    I do not how can I create a website, link or page. How can I make it?, could you tell me, please?, or give me the first step I should to follow, please. Mary

  22. Kate Cardwell

    will begin your program in Sept of this year,thank you for still sending the success connection videos,they are prepping me for what is to come! I am excited to begin working from home and make a good living…Thank you !

  23. Wilma Falzarano

    I am soo excited to really be starting PMI, and I am having to calm myself down, because I want to “do” instead of studying. Guess I want to get the cart before the horse.

  24. emma

    I’d like to get started on this right away and start making money.I know that i need software for almost everything you do online.

  25. John Antaya

    This was a good explanation on what type of product to promote etc. Liked your explanation on how to check if a product would be viable enough to promote or even produce a sub niche on.

    Thank You

  26. Bill Munro

    Great information Anthony. I’ll definitely check this information out & take notes of what I find out. Thanks again for the fine job that you’re doing.


  27. Michael

    this video wasn’t long enough, every time i watch one of your videos you leave me wanting more.Thanks for all the information and inspiration that you give.

  28. Eric SyCip


    Thanks for the good insight.

    What you taught today was very basic but often times it is overlooked by many.



  29. Doria

    Thanks for the easy to implement instructions. You made it look like anyone can carryout this step.

  30. dan tompkins

    hi Anthony, great info, another source to check is the yellow pages. wish you great happiness. yours truly, Dan T.

  31. Melody

    Hi Anthony, Great info about is there a market. Education is the key to prosperity. Another great success connection.

  32. Kareem

    Great information and very informative. I know this is off topic, but I could not get into your live community. I need the info for that.

  33. Terry

    This is an awesome point good way to get started it’s not a big point but people have to know this Good job

  34. Sandra Stiles

    Thanks, Anthony for the training. I always enjoy your training sessions. I missed last week so this filled me in.

  35. michael yowman

    great information Anthony for finding out what traffic to promote.

  36. michael yowman

    great information Anthony for finding out what .and where to go to see what products are the ones to promote and compare. thanks

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