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To My Students,

I want to personally THANK YOU for making the last 2 months so enjoyable for me. We have completed 2 webinar’s (the first 2 I have ever done in my life) and while they haven’t gone off “perfectly” they did get completed. I’ve learned a ton from this experience and I will use that knowledge to try to make each and every webinar I do more enjoyable for you to attend. Someone posted on my Live! Community that I should be sitting around in a hot tub, hanging out and just basically “enjoying life”, but that’s honestly not what I enjoy. I love putting together new training series, videos and now webinars. Call me crazy but I work until 2 or 3am most nights and get up at 9am the next morning and I am pretty much always happy doing it.

It’s part of who I am and I have embraced that fully at this point in my life. I am already planning my 3rd webinar for my students (yeah if you are reading this that means you are included!) and I think it’s going to trump the first 2 by far. Some of the challenging things to planning a webinar (from my limited experience) are:

1. Coming up with an ethical bribe that ROCKS! So you guys will attend
2. Creating killer/interactive videos leading up to the webinar
3. Creating a great email sequence to keep in your mind that the webinar is coming
4. Of course creating the training piece itself

It’s a lot of work. If all of you would just raise your hand now and say “Hey Anthony we will attend all future webinars. You can skip all of those ethical bribes (don’t give away $$) and don’t worry about all those videos. We are motivated! We will attend” then yeah maybe doing webinars would be a little easier and less time consuming ha. We all know that isn’t going to happen though, right? My JOB is to motivate you, inspire you, educate you and make you want more for yourself than you already do. I am committed to doing just that.

My 3rd webinar (which has no firm date yet) is going to ROCK! I am going to do some things you guys have NEVER seen before to motivate you to get on it. The response from our last “Free Training” webinar was so positive I figure I simply can’t go wrong staying in that direction… So stay tuned… stay focused… stay positive and I promise I am going to do my best to help you each step of the way.

Now for the best part…


I am having a contest on my Facebook Fan Page…. It’s for FANS ONLY and it’s really easy to win. I simply asked the question “Do you want to learn more about Facebook Marketing or Mobile Marketing?” You answer and you could win. The Contest ends Sunday night and the winner will be announced on my Fan page. So all you gotta do to possibly win this week is become a fan RIGHT NOW.

Facebook Fan Page


  1. judy nagel

    Yes i agree it would be great to learn more about mobile marketing.. You have done some very exciting things so far it is amazing that facebook can have all these possibilities for us, so please give us more of your ideas..

  2. Janelle Murphy-Burkett

    I would like to learn more about mobile marketing. Thanks for the webinars! Great job!

  3. Ray Hakko

    Yes, I am grateful that you enjoy motivating and inspiring us. I do intend to learn more about facebook and iooking forward to your next webinar.

  4. Jill Carpenter

    Two questions, Anthony. 1. How many times can we enter. I already left a post on your Facebook Fan page voting for more Facebook marketing. 2. You should do a blog on staying focused and not getting distracted. Thanks to your encouragement, I’m creating tweets and making more Facebook friends…I run out of time to do anything else!

  5. Cathy N.

    Looking forward to your next webinar. I learn more with every blog, turn of the page and webinar you do. Thanks for your time, patience and ideas!

  6. eddie14

    I would like to learn it all use every possible and available means to better myself and to grow in this business

  7. Leticia shields

    I can’t wait for the next webinar more information to keep me motivated bring it

  8. Paula Anding

    Dear sweet Tony,

    Sorry, but I don’t do Facebook. Most of my family is on Facebook. But the
    first time I went on, it was overwhelming and that’s why I purposely have
    forgotten my ID and password. I really talk to people all day every day and
    have over 4,000 emails to answer.

    Some day within the next 12 months (I hope) we will have a website and it
    will be beautiful.; but, ’til then I just can’t participate; but I will still tune in to
    your webinars’ and watch their progression. I once gave seminars, and they
    got tighter and tighter. That’s what happens when you do the series of them.

    Congratulations and success through the roof is prayed for you.

    Your friend,

    Paula Anding

  9. Nelda Percival

    Hi Anthony,
    I already left my responce at at your fans on face book. Been working on my domain name and website. purchase your .com has great prices. and helpful staff. I’m thinking to present a write up on internet marketing with a link to my store front. I’m suprised that you haven’t gotten any campains on Genealogy, or genetic genealogy. I want to add an afiliate link to genealogy items on the bottom of this page.

    Off to work on my internet marketing report

    Bless your heart
    Thank you for everything you do.
    Nelda Percival

  10. Gary Gregory

    Anthony, you are so great helping people as well as yourself, I am 60 years old and am learning the computer, as I learn I will try new things like face book, but I wanted you to know that because of you I am not afraid of the computer anymore, and soon I will put your ideas to work, Please keep up the webinars. Thank you so much.

  11. Fred Haney


    I know how hard you are working . I am a programmer and webinars are a lot of hard work. I appreciate that you do this for us. You do not need to bribe me to get me to attend. Again thanks so much. Have a great weekend.

    Fred Haney

  12. Tom King

    Anthony I’m still trying to get my website and Ive completely enjoyed all
    your work I’m determined to stick with you Thanks Tom King

  13. Tammy Henderson

    Tweeted and Liked, I get emails from my friends asking about you and your program, I let them know how they can join in. Keep it coming and can’t wait for 3rd Webinar!!!!! I vote FB & Mobile Marketing …

  14. Michael Synodinos

    You Rock Man, but I do have Two questions. 1. I am stuck on ground floor. 2. I been sending you emails about this problems, I know you are a businse person, but look forward too your next webinar.

  15. Kathleen Magill

    I would love to learn about facebook and mobile marketing bring on more webimars. Thanks for all your teaching Anthony.

  16. Grace Njenge

    Personally I vote for both Facebook and mobile marketing. This will give everyone an opportunity to decide a preference or to use both marketing techniques. Thank you Anthony for doing this for us.

  17. Bobby Lark

    I’m like Jill above, I have already left you three messages on your fan page but I will answer you again. I want to hear more about facebook marketing because I don’t own a mobile phone yet. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to hear about it so when I get one, huh!

  18. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – The ethical bribes are great but I plan on attending your webinars no matter what. You are doing a great job. My goal is to become a successful
    affiliate marketer with your help.
    P.S. I enjoy Twitter more than Facebook. but Facebook Marketing would be good to know.

    Keep up the good work!

  19. Jcarter

    Yeah you are slicker than most 🙂 but for all the hooks that most Internet hustlers use. To keep us coming back , Money is the grand universal oil that keeps the machine running, keep up the good work. It cost me nothing to listen to anyone .

  20. Philip Kuznicki

    My life is at the job away from home…not in front of my computer. Therefore I need a system where I can market while on the road and at the job. I am determined to use your information to make this possible. My goal is to replace my income and do this anywhere in the world This income will be used to pay my daughters college education and for retirement in 2 years.

  21. marianne england

    Hello Mr. Morrison:

    Yes, I would like to learn how to advertise on Face book. Not up on technology and some what computer illiterate. Can function to some extend but still have a lot to learn. Lack of familiarity on fundamentals of a particular field of knowlege before I can have the know how or feel comfortable to use the Internet.

    Thanks for your time.


  22. Phil Farrar

    Anthony, my wife and I are so excited to be in your program. I know we are at the “crawling” stage right now and cannot wait to burst through to become proficient and profitable. Thanks for keeping the training coming.

  23. Kim

    Hey i would love to learn more about all types of affliate marketing.. i am trying to learn this on my own with some help from people like you .. still not able to purchase all the help i need but i am watching and learning til i can do that … thanks for all your help Anthony!

  24. April

    Yea all this sounds good I thank you a lot for every thing you are doing.Also Ive did the facebook question.Know I’m just hoping I’ll win lol..

  25. Larry Fulgham

    I sent you a message that I would like to learn more about Facebook Marketing. I thought the other 2 webinars were great and can’t wait for your new one. You would never think that you are new to the webinar. You have done a very good job of putting them together like a profesional that you are, so keep up the great work and you can’t go wrong. I know lot of other people think the same as I in saying you are teaching us alot. Thanks Larry

  26. magdlene

    Hi Anthony I am magdlene monday and i can’t get on facebook with you. And i would also like to get on twitter with you and the other site. If you will send me a invitation to get on facebook and twitter and the other one i sure would appreciate it. Magdlene

  27. Dave Jones

    I say Both…Any and all training and knowlege is best for all. It’s a win…win situation

  28. Joyce Knake

    I think that any time I can learn something new, it’s a good thing. I guess there’s more ways to skin a cat so I need to look at all my options and see what can work for me.

  29. margaret sitar

    facebook and mobile marketing is the next exciting new technique and it doesnt surprise me that Anthony is on top of it! thankx ! cant wait

  30. Sheryl Nalls

    I would love to learn more about mobile marketing and Facebook marketing. I really enjoyed your webinars and look forward to the next one. Thanks for all your help.

  31. jhon wendy

    i dont really understand the way to start and to end.
    please i need some one in oder to explain me what i have todo.
    i really want to make money home i dont any idea yet

  32. Lynn Siler

    Anthony, I love all yoru training sessioons so you can put a checkmark by my name and just assume that I will be to all the webinars. I also love the PMI coaching sessions. They require me to create long and short term goals with action items with a date that i have to have them done when I meet with my coach. Otherwise I would always be chasing the shiny star. Thanks for everything and yes 5 twenties would be just fine.

  33. Lana Duty

    Hi Anthony,
    I have been working so hard since March to get customers and was very low in my self esteem until you came along with your ideas. How great I feel is because of you, your webinars, and the workshop I attended in Clarksville this week. I am dedicated to learn all I can about facebook marketing, thanks to you!!

  34. Doug Parsons

    Hello Anthony, I want to thank you and Adrian for the training you have given us. I took my son (age 53) to your seminar in Boise, Idaho and this was the first time he was ever exposed to the possibilities of the internet. He has been a gamer all these years, “Everquest” and “Thrones” etc.
    He now has a website up and is working on getting traffic. In the process he has excited his wife to the possibilities ande she is surpassing him in getting websites up and traffic coming. It is fun watching them while I am doing my own thing.
    Doug Parsons

  35. Lamont Harris

    It’s with great pleasure, that you enjoy helping other’s to succeed, Not alot of people will do the training videos or webinars to show people exactly what they have to do. Thanks Anthony for showing us your technique’s and giving us the oppurtunity to make money when we really and trully need it. Your work is forever appreciated!

  36. Perry Dalton

    Hey, thanks for the PMA. Yes, I am excited about learning more about how to use facebook marketing. And you do not have to bribe me, I’ll be at your next webinar. You are doing a good job on these. I understand you have a girl friend. She is not going to let you keep up this pace —- is she?? Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Thanks for your joy in helping others. By the way, I’ll bet I am your oldest student. I am 71. Its fun!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Perry Dalton

  37. Marilyn McLeland

    I bought your book awhile back and have read some of it until I got to part I had to pay I think for web sites if I remember correctly so I had no money and thought it was another scam to give you more money. I have watched and read your thoughts lately am still out of work and going down fast. If I don’t done something fast will lose my car and will not be able to pay my rent and most importantly feed my dogs. I am going to find my stuff I got from you and try to get started again .My take a while to find where I put it but would like to stay in touch and get help to get up and running since I know you are a real person and seem and look like you are a genuine a good and nice guy. There are not hardly any of those out there . My dream is to pay my car off and get a house for me and my husband and my dogs which I admit I have too many of but not their fault I love them very much .So I will stay in touch and hope will be able to figure out how to get started. I have to do everything . Thanks for being real and a good guy you have restored my faith

  38. Kahleel Martin

    I think that mobile marketing is better because you can reach people on the go. Whereas with Facebook Marketing you may not reach as many people. Tat is my personal opinion.

  39. Layne Mounts

    Yes!! I agree. Doing Facebook & Mobile Marketing would be beneficial
    on both accounts as I do both and so do most people. Especially on my smartphone. The information that you could get and the availability
    doing both would be priceless.

  40. Muriel

    Hi Anthony,
    I would like to know more about both Facebook Marketing and Mobile Marketing. I enjoy your webinars and other products.

  41. Eve Estes

    Loved the last webinar, but on to your question: I prefer facebook marketing, do not like to get ads on my mobile phone; does anyone?

  42. Jack Connell

    Since I understand they predict that the mobile app market to be in excess of 50 billion/yr market by 2014 and I am learning to build mobile apps it would be a natural for me to want to learn more about mobile marketing. Thanks for all you do.

  43. Cheryl Bryant

    Hi Anthony. I enjoy reading all your messages and will be a part of your marketing in September if everything goes my way.
    I enjoy the information you give and I am inspired by the webinars.
    God Bless

  44. Milt Willford

    Learning is the best way to “let the future in” (Graham Greene).
    It may as well be on facebook, but mobile is beyond my technical pay grade.

    Your ethical bribe is seductive, so I’ll follow the money.

  45. Olen

    In response to your question:

    Do you want to learn more about Facebook Marketing or Mobile Marketing?

    I want to learn more about both of those subjects, so I will attend either…

    Thanks in advance, as I need all the training I can get…

  46. Louise Allen


  47. edith

    I really do thank you and appreciate every thing that you have taught us on the Blogs and webinars! At this time it,s really hard for me. I have very little skills in the working of my computer ,or facebook .

  48. Graciela Zambrano

    HOLA,, I bought some of your’s books and evrything looks simple,,however .I do not know to much about computers,..and ..I do not understand to much about it..You are really nice person ,,and I do know if you can help me,..I have plans to go back to Monterey N.L. Mexico whit my parents, by the end of september,..And I which I can learn some how to do this business….TANKS.

  49. Kasombo Kapumba

    It will be great to learn new skills in mobile marketing. I really enjoy all your teachings. Thank you so much

  50. Tanna Milburn


    Thank you so much for caring. A person I used to know once told me if you can look back on your life and say “The people are better because I came” the you can truly believe that your life has a true meaning and purpose. Thank you for coming and for those that are serious about learning it is not necessary to offer money. The knowledge you are sharing is more than enough incentive. THANK YOU

  51. Sharon Duncan

    Thank you Anthony for sharing your wealth of knowledge and Yes I am motivated to learn more about Facebook Marketing and Mobile Marketing. I am grateful to you and look forward to your next Webinar.

  52. Caroline


    Yes your webinars, the two you have done, have been great! I am just a rookie at this, still reading your book and setting everything up. There are lots of little details that can be missed so anytime you want to do a webinar for people with not a ton of internet experience I will be sure to be there.
    Most of all, completely grateful to you for your desire to share what you have achieved with the world so the rest of us can do something similar is an understatement. Most people would just keep doing it for themselves and never share the process. Thank you!

  53. Abe Doliente

    Thank you so much Anthony for your messages, blogs, posts and the two Webinars. I have noted and enjoyed all of them. You seem not to tire doing this. May God Bless you and all that you do. Abe Doliente

  54. Cindi Reitz-Absher

    Hi Anthony
    Yes Yes Yes..more mobile marketing and facebook marketing!!

  55. Lynn Rader

    Hi Anthony,
    You are great and leaving quite a legacy! You must have the greatest family that is totally supportive with all that you do, you are blessed!
    I NEED to learn everything you are willing to teach! I have your new
    book and I am starting it this weekend and hope that it is as easy to
    understand as it is listening to you. I will attend every webinar you can
    offer! There is NO One like you, Anthony, no one, that is so dedicated
    to those of us that trust you and really depend on you to show us the way!
    I commend you for how hard you work and that your brother is there for
    you too! You both make an incredible team! I need to earn a living and
    more doing this because I am unable to work outside of where I live.
    I also have so many reasons to earn above average earnings so that I
    may be a blessing to my brothers and sisters and to the charities that
    matter so very much to me! I love that you want to make a difference
    as do I and this could make all of our dreams come true, Thank you!
    I really do not think you need to worry so much about the emails to
    entice people, if they have the desire to succeed they will be at the
    webinar with bells on! I feel your main focus should be on the webinar!
    You will be brilliant, like you have been so far!
    Sincerely and Best Wishes
    Lynn Rader

  56. Bryan Hook

    I look forward to learning more about Mobile Marketing. I have really enjoyed the Webinars.

  57. Bishop Jonathan & April Dickerson

    Praise The LORD…
    GOD Bless You Anthony for Helping People to be Financially Blessed independent of the worlds sytem (so to speak. Proverbs 13:22)
    PS. Son I caught that lesson on St. Matthew 25:29… Excellent I often teach on it self!
    GOD Continue To Bless Your Endeavors in Our LORD JESUS Name Amen!
    In HIS Service, Apostle, Bishop & Mrs. Jonathan Dickerson
    Shalom Uverach…
    Greater Zion International Churches
    9640 Dixie Hwy
    Clarkston, MI 48348-4153 1 248 625-0361 (24hr Prayer)

  58. Scott J.Van Giesen

    I’m sure I need to learn about both to be vesatile in the market place & I’m sure thats true if you are even offering each to us .There is so much to know we are blessed to have the opportunity to learn from a person such as your self.You I’ve found are more like a true American was meant to be proud of being ,a true Christian was meant to be like & that is at the least refreshing as both are being lost at a alarming rate ! I’m sure atleast for me you restore confidence that maybe America still has some true life left in her! Thanks Anthony !!

  59. Geoffrey E Blume

    We need to get into more details and methods you use to embellish the information in the books. Everything needs to be updated once in a while.
    You are doing some great work and you should be proud of your accomplishments. I am certain your parents are proud of you.


  60. jay maldonado

    great job on your webinar!!!Question: I am recently coming back from a horrendous illness. i WANT TO GET STARTED AGAIN. i’M STILL I N REHAB. i NEED Your help.. you’re my only hope. Jay Maldonado or please advise me who i can contact to begin again ??

    Jay Maldonado

  61. valerie stefko

    I would like to learn both. Any marketing knowledge can only enhance my business.

  62. mammapease

    I would love to learn more about mobile and facebook marketing. I think the more I can learn the better. I think that you should consider offering as an incentive a day or two maybe a week of special one on one training with you. It would be grate encouragement and fantastic trainging.

  63. Carol Isenhower

    Hi There!!!
    Yes I want to learn any all that I can from you!!! You rock!!!

  64. james

    Hi Anthony,
    I am very excited about this new area of making money. I look forward to your upcoming post. Thanks!

  65. David Armstrong

    Thank you for the letter, glad you had the opportunity to inpart in the lives of those who are partners with you. I am really excited about getting more information about making mony.

    love your webinars

  66. Deborah Perkins

    I am grateful for all the tips and info. you provide and of course, the webinars. I would love to learn Facebook marketing and Mobile Marketing tips. The only problem for me with the mobile marketing tips is that I can’t reply for some reason. It might be that my phone is a stupid phone!! It’s not a smart phone!!

  67. pete bos

    Tony, I’ve been a builder for almost 40 yrs. I invented a great new building system, (safe, eco, cost competitive) think’en of teaching others to build with, and would like to supply kit homes. Have been a super building mobile home parks and like the concept w/ my modular bldg sys. instead of mobile homes. Not that great @ marketing on the computor, but understand its the future. Any ideas for my delimea? regards, pete

  68. Ernestine Emery

    ROCK US – we are ready. I want to thanks from the bottom of my heart
    for all the great time and effort you put into helping others. I wish you
    the best life has to offer. Keep up the good work.

  69. Silvia Barreto

    Thank you for all your patience, experience, and ability to teach. It is great to know people like you exist to help others. I am listening to your webinars and registering for cpv domination. I am exciting to learn more and to improve my skills to get good results soon. Please thanks your mom, on my behalf, who teach you to care about strangers with the Christmas Tree letters.Thank you once again!!

  70. Walter l Corbran

    missed last one computer is out of memory
    my sister in law rescued me she is going to give me hers

  71. Peter and Rose Alvino

    Hi Anthony, we enjoyed your webinars and look forward to the next one. It’s always good to hear and see the person behind the voice. You have said that in order for a business to be successful, you must be motivated and driven. I can see why you have been so successful. The fact that you work until weird hours of the morning and wake up by 9 am is not surprising. My husband and I have checked out the numerous websites you have supplied in your “Advertising Profits From Home” and we whole-heartedly believe that your stragedies work and we will put them to the test soon. Your disc 3 of 3 from “Mastery Level Education” is so full of information, especially domain parking. Please continue your educational webinars.

  72. Jane Davis Holmes

    Dear Anthony,
    I’m about to leave for the emergency room to get my INR checked to see if I need more courmadin to keep my blood free-flowing enough to avoid a stroke.
    (I’m in the middle of atrial fibrillation currently.)

    Thanks for your message and for all your contacts, ethical bribes, etc. Hope
    to be able to get active on this soon.

  73. Albert Shinn

    As i’ve stated before I think the training and communication you provide is very good. I think you have the first person in a long time that comes across sincere. That is good.

  74. Orie

    I admire your marketing strategies. I look forward to having mine in place soon. To that end I would hope that the ethical bribes aren’t required. I understand the psychology of the hook but if folks aren’t motivated to the work then my opinion is to let them choose without the bribe to see if they truly are. On the other hand free enterprise is a buyer be aware environment. Also thanks for the PMI connection it is working well.
    Best Regards!

  75. curtis hahka

    i have watched several things but im kind of slow at learning this internet stuff great at other things and always willing to learn something new thanks for all your info im just tryin to learn something .sometimes i ask myself can i really learn this so you keep teaching ill keep listening and trying thanks….


    I’m open to learning more about Mobile and Facebook marketing. I enjoyed your webinar, it was very informative.

  77. Gustavo Valdes

    I would like to learn more about facebook marketing. Thanks for the 1st webinar I missed your 2nd and would really like to know if there is a video of it to catch up? Great job!

  78. Jessie Littlejohn

    I have enjoyed the wrbinars and my contact with you,but I am having problems with my pwople and things. Trying to stay focoused and understand what is going on,but I am afraid that I wll walk away and never
    live this dream. I feel overwhelmed and not smart enough to achieve this.

  79. Ramona Whitted

    I am about to deploy, just hope I can still get everything that you have to offer. I have also started an online business thanks to you.

  80. Allyne Bentley

    Of course…. How could I not want to learn more. So far I’ve only touched the surface regarding this Affiliate Marketing! I still can use all the help I can get!
    Thank you!

  81. Janet Burke

    Hi Anthony.. Thanks for all the hard work you put into presenting us with cutting edge ideas. It is easy to tell you never get your mind off of work!!! I vote to learn both, Facebook and Mobile. Maybe you can do them both in time!!

  82. Jeffrey Weaver

    Anthony, I am tech-illerate, and want to learn everything I can about
    marketing via the internet.
    Thanks for your good work, and sincerity, Jeff

  83. Don


    You definantly over deliver on the teaching.

    In my opinion there is so much contridicting information on IM. I have received hundreds of emails saying social media is the way to go. I also get hundreds of emails saying just the opposite, social media is a waste of time.

    I will continue reading your blogs and catching your webinars when I can.

    Don The Irishpro

  84. richard grunert

    Dear Anthony
    Is there any way that we can record these video seminars. I would like to use them as references and motivation.?

  85. wayne smith

    thank you so very mutch for your time keep it up ,this is the best thing i have ever heard of in my life absolutly for making money money is freedom.god speed , amen.

  86. Sharlene Putman

    Thanks for sending me a emails and letting me know all the Webinars coming up in the future. I will love to have information on marketing and mobile marketing. Keep doing what you like to do…..

  87. Donna Branham

    Would love to see Facebook Marketing.. so many people are interacting with Facebook, and such an easy way to do business with friends and family. Great way to reach all over the country. So, I vote for FB Marketing and hope you will be able to do lots of business there soon.

  88. john o ewaldsen

    thank you responding to all us fans . I did listen and take notes on the last webinar. very interested stuff .How many hours per week do I need to get started . I am between jobs again . please advise me on your website domain name ops. ? have a great weekend .

  89. Fred E. Thompson Jr.

    I will not miss any webinar you put to gather for two reasons, # 1 I need the education, I do not have access to the information that your staff help put into an hour I think everyone should give them a hand.My second reason is very simple. Personally I think if you are willing to take time out of your busy schedule to put it to gather I owe it to you to listen.
    Concerning the lets call them prizes consider donating a sum of money to one of the charities you follow and let our participation determine how much you will donate. Sounds good to me, how about you?

  90. Phyllis Lang

    I found the last webinar very helpful. Just getting started is the biggest obstacle. The first webinar could come after the second one, then it would make more sense. I’m looking forward to growing my business with you as you grow your business. All the “big boys” who have been doing this for 15-20 years have no real memory how to get started. Your last webinar was so straight forward and took away the obstacles.

  91. Dawn Long

    I would be more interested in Facebook marketing since I spend most of my time there. Thanks.

  92. Lynn Forsberg

    I am extremely excited about learning Mobile Marketing and Facebook Marketing.

  93. Nancy Montes

    Loved both of your webinars and am looking forward to the next one. I want to learn more about the Facebook marketing you are talking about. I read all of your emails and look forward to them each day.

  94. ken boone

    i would vote for mobile marketing. I think it has a tremendous amount of potential

  95. Pollie Witherspoon

    Hello Anthony, the only way I don’t attend your Webinar is I can not afford it. I will be one of your life long student. I think I sign on your Fan Page yesterday, yes I would like more on Face book Marketing and Mobile. Any Subject You Teach, I’m willing and available to learn. Thanks for your encouragement.


  96. Ruth Santos

    Like the above message, I’ve entered before about media marketing. Just flip me a message anytime to tell me I’ve already enteed.
    I couldn’t listen to the webinars. The first one didn’t come through, and the second one just played music. Guess it was over?

  97. Nancy Ferraror

    I am finding all of your teachings interesting so far, however, am trying to envision success through them. I realize I still have a whole lot to learn as I am just a newbie. I love the idea of using Facebook for Marketing and look forward to applying your techniques there.

  98. Diedre Lingenfelter

    Thanks for spending the time to prepare these webinars for all of us to learn how to get started, keep motivated, and press forward. I truly appreciate your sharing your knowledge so freely (no pun intended!).

  99. elvader tate

    i think your webinars are awesome! you do a wonderful job trying to teach us on how to become wealthy in our mind as well as in our pockets stay kool …

  100. Susan

    I already left answer that I would like to learn facebook marketing but, you know, Mobile Marketing I think might be better. Because as you know mobile marketing is the thing of the future and is getting there now too. Thank you so much for all you are trying to teach us all, and most of it is for free. There ain’t nobody else that would do that for people. I think it is great that you would rather be teaching people what you know instead of relaxing and enjoying what I’m sure it must be like when you are a wealthy person. Thank you so much for what you are doing.

  101. Mary Hughes

    I am far more interested in social media marketing and training.

    Thanks Anthony,

    Mary Hughes

  102. Laurel McGee

    Facebook and mobile marketing will both be valuable. I don’t want to choose between the two. Thanks for all your efforts. A 3rd webinar will be widely viewed and appreciated.

  103. Merriel Zimmer

    Dont’t have a website yet, but am working on it.Your Webinar’s are great! How often to you “become a fan”?

  104. Ron Bish

    I know you have been working extra hard to be sure that we get the best possible training. Your support for your students is totally top shelf,,I can only apologize that my schedule does not allow me to go full bore with all the info you share with us,,but if you don’t give up on us,,I certainly will not give up on you. You Da Man !!

  105. Merriel Zimmer

    Forget to ask what is mobile and/or facebook marketing? Would be interested in knnowing, so answer is yes!

  106. sandra martinez

    Yes Anthony i would love another webinar it keeps me motivated and learning.THANKS Anthony and I’ll be watching for the next one.

  107. Bill Lock Jr

    I’m motivated. I have been reading your package, at this point, I think my mine is off. I’m trying to put every thing together! I don’t have the knowledgeable to complete every thing. I’ will not give up! Think you for all the information. I only know basic computer. One day every thing will come together. I’m on FB and tweets.

  108. Faye K. McClendon

    I’m eager to learn more about your mobil marketing. dYour webinar was fantastic. Keep up the good work.

  109. Egbert

    It would be great to learn as much as I can especially since it seems that
    the social media will be the trend.

  110. Peggy Baker

    I would like to learn more about internet marketing . I am trying to learn everything I am just getting started. Very excited. Watching all I can

  111. Peggy Baker

    I vote for facebook marketing that would be totally Cool as you say that would ROCK!!

  112. Victoria Tarrani

    You, my friend, are a genius. Not only did you & your brother figure out what to do to make money, you also designed software to help people like me learn what to do,

    Thank you for the webinars. I’ve learned a great deal from both of them.

    I have tired to get to your fan page, but I am continually blocked. I’ve asked you to send me a personal invitation so that I can get there. I don’t know why Facebook is having a problem setting up my account right, but they are.

    Victoria Tarrani

  113. Marti H

    Since I don’t know about either topic, either one would help me move forward. Thanks Anthony.

  114. Barb Noecker

    I would like to learn more about Facebook Marketing!!!!!! I will definitely attend webinar #3!! Thanks for all that you do!!!!

  115. milton allen

    Anthony Please remember to find time for you while you are GIVING TO ALL THAT YOU DO. i AM A STUDENT OF LIFE AND COULD USE INFORMATION ON BOTH. milton allen

  116. David Crookall

    Here is an idea that would help me a lot; How about teaching us non-techy people how to get a Blog going successfully with a step by step procedure that doesn’t leave inuendose and second guessing up to us? I sure would appreciate your reply. Dave. 8/27/11….

  117. Shirley Robinson

    You are awesome at keeping people engaged. So keep doing webinars and and ethical bribes ( I might actually win one of them one day) LOL. For us newbies, I wish you would do a VERY DETAILED step by step process on a webinar that will actually create us an income. Don’t know if anyone else is like me but I am a totally visual learner. Need to start making some income so that I can invest into this business.

    Thanks a bunch!

  118. Teresa Hamilton

    I did post on your fan page earlier Facebook marketing is what I am most interested in right now. I have a team of 10 and we all have a computer and are on FB. Thanks for all you do; currently reading “Rich Dad’s Increase Your Financial IQ” Robert Kiyosaki. Teresa

  119. Richard Archacki

    I really like a step by very tiny step as how to click write post an ad on face book. I spent 1000 and still confused.

  120. Tom Hayes

    Hi Anthony. Thanks for the two very informative webinars. I know very little about facebook marketing or mobile marketing, With that being said, both will br very important to me.

  121. celia childs

    would like to learn more. I am on facebook too . Your seminar was great in Jacksonville but as I am on a small social security check have not been able to participate in anything that cost money . I would , however, like to order your book next month which will be in my budget. I am looking forward to making a better life for myself. Thank you and God Bless Celia

  122. eleanor myers

    Thanks for everything so far. I’d like to learn more about facebook & mobile marketing. i agree with those who have already commented that they want to soak up everything and i like that you are offering so much about affiliate marketing. i’m looking forward to a time when you extend your phone support hours and add some phone support on saturdays

  123. Rosie Mason

    August 27

    Golly Anthony I spent the week preparing for my _ _ th birthday bash and missed a good webnair, oh well, I am glad you having another one coming up.
    I would like to learn more about Facebook and how to navigate to the various marketing technique’s you are teaching. I shall make it a point to
    watch your new webnair whenever itis ready.
    Thank you so much for all your hard work making things easier for your


    Rosie Mason

  124. Marie Weihrouch

    Hi Anthony, I want to learn about mobile marketing since it has such potential because there are so many cell phone users in the world.

  125. Colleen

    I am very much looking forward to the next webniar. I am not very good at getting around on the computer, but trying to learn as I go. Thank you for being you.

  126. Nila

    Hi, Anthony I love to learn how to do facebook marketing, I spend a lot of money to other affiliate marketing nothing works, so i need your help my sons getting marry next year Jan,14 2012,and we dont have enough money to do it thas why i need your help. thank you so much.

  127. Ellen Novota

    Thank you Anthony, Facebook marketing for me at this moment. Maybe mobile later after I upgrade my phone and get data service.

  128. norma edwards

    Thanks for the opportunity to learn the Mobile Marketing, would love to learn more about it. Just finished your book, very motivating, reread several sections multiple times.

  129. Vernette

    I really would love to learn facebook marketing. Thank u for this opportunity.

  130. Leah Wyeth

    Thanks Anthony,
    For all of your constant encouragement, it is much appreciated.

    Leah Wyeth
    Talks Alot Global, LLC

  131. Mary E Monk

    I really appreciate you doing these webinars for all of us, Anthony. I don’t see how you have gained so much knowledge in such a short time, but I am glad you have. I will attend every webinar I possibly can. It would be great to learn about facebook and mobile marketing. Looking forward to it.

  132. Kaye Hutton

    Facebook Marketing!
    Thanks for the encouragement and “Pep Talks.” We all need that to keep us focused in the right direction.

  133. barbara brewer

    I am looking forward to learn more about Face Book marketing as all of this is very new to meand I would like to increase my income. Thank you.

  134. Bill Kearns

    Anthony, I have been more impressed with your tenacity, your never giving up on me, your persistance and more than anything your sincerity in wanting to help me or anyone who is willing to learn. Up to this point I have been just playing like I wanted to be succesful but you have convinced me that with some effort on my part you will guide me and your webinars have been a great tool in motivating me. I want to learn mobile marketing and see how it will tie into facebook. Thank you, Bill

  135. Louann Jewell

    Anthony, Anthony, Anthony… Louann and I raise our hands to say that we will gladly attend all of your future webinars with or without any ethical bribery. Still wishing you would hear us. We do however, remain steadfast.

  136. Maria Isaza

    I think both are equally important! Probably Facebook will help us a lot since is so popular, but I would also like to learn more about mobile marketing.
    Thank you very much for all you do! You are a great teacher, a credible one; you have been there, done that and you are a walking example of “Yes, I can!”

  137. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – I did what you told us we should do by signing up on Facebook and Twitter. I feel more comfortable promoting our Affiliate Marketing business on Twitter. My relatives who are on Facebook are not very supportive of my new venture right now. I know this should not bother me but it does. I guess this is a form of motivation to prove to them that I can be successful at Affiliate Marketing.
    Can’t wait for the third webinar!
    Thanks for all you do.

  138. Audrey Kroll

    Love your Blogs, and especially your happy attitude. I would like to learn more aboout EVERYTHING conected with Internet Marketing, but am especially interested in Mobile Marketing presently.

  139. Ralph Faught

    Facebook first I’m learning as fast as I can. I have a few small problem but I’m working thru them’ time is not on my side right now. Your E-Mails and Blogs are great keep them coming.


    yes i will attend the facebook and mobil marketing. we need to be focused on everything we due . not only at work but our other thing that we have to due on a daily basics. Keep bring on the contest and give aways . you could also up the prizes buy giveing away cars and other big prizes and trips.. thanks athony

  141. stephen konevitch

    each time i attend your webnar…I am suprised that a person of my age…83years young…can interface with this now young generation…especially with there abilities too
    grasp the fantaskit communication of the web…amazing…and the best part of it….I like it….it proves
    one thing…even …with AGE…one can grasp…cope and accept the upward climb…amazing…hope i did not degrade the old pop generation. my generation????????

  142. Karyn Lewis

    Hello Anthony,

    I am super excited to be a part of your community. I have been reading and studying as much as I possibly can because when I take off I am going to explode!!!! With you as my guide I know that I will be successful.

    I just want to thank you and ask God to continue to bless you and us all

  143. christopher j bigley

    I’m pleased to find that this is not another pie-in-the-sky “get rich quick” scheme that doesn’t work. I’m happy so far with the responses I’ve received from your customer service department, and I’m looking forward to continued success, using your step-by-step program.
    Thanks a million (literally, I hope!),
    Christopher J Bigley

  144. Dale Blair

    Facebook Marketing!!!. Will knock it out of the park with all of your help.

  145. Sheetal Chakravarty

    Facebook and Mobile Marketing Wow!, I would opt for both intead of one. having more knowledge is always good and both strategies would inturn make us the first dollar that most of us out here are longing for!!!

    Anthony, please schedule both in future and keep up the good work of motivating us!

  146. Jinny Snow

    Have just scratched the surface so far, but remain interested.
    Whoever reads this and believes, please take a little time to pray for those on the East Coast.

  147. Ania

    Thanks Anthony,
    I personally I don’t have a website, but I think as an affiliate marketer is OK, yes I want to learn more about facebook an e.mail marketing from you.Thanks
    again, GOD Bless you.

  148. katrina

    Anthony, I’m very glad to be mentored by a very young millionaire. My younger daughter is the same age as you are, and most of the time I ask for her advice. I’m hoping, you’ll take me to where you are now. I just received your books and the DVD’s. I’ll start reading your book once I have finished my homework. At my age, 61, I’m still in school finishing a 2nd degree in psychology. I hope to build up this business to have a good retirement income. Thanks to you.

  149. Debora McGlynn

    I also posted on FB wasn’t sure quite sure which media site we were to write our thoughts. As for me, since you are always looking for new ways and cutting edge techniques, I know I can look forward to learning and training strategies about either media marketing . The webinars help to keep me focused in the direction of ‘developing the marketing mindset’ so that either system and any of the knowledge and tools you share will help me just add another ‘tool’ to my toolbox so I can be successful.

  150. Patricia

    I will follow your emails and webinars without incentive. I want the knowledge and methods and appreciate your time effort and expense to help me and others.

  151. Sue Williams

    Anthony, I am up for learning more about Facebook marketing and also Mobile marketing…the more the better!
    You offer so much info in your webinars, we would be crazy not to tune in! Keep sending those messages of support and encouragement! It’s greatly appreciated.

  152. Charlie McGregor

    Anthony I would to learn more about mobile marketing on a future webinar. I really appreciate all the training YOU have given us so far and am looking forward to the next webinar. Thanks again for all YOU do!

  153. Nelda Percival

    Hi Anthony,
    Been working abvout 18 hrs on creating the personalized website to push traffic to my Site created by you.

    Had to change browsers as my slow slow dial up and IE kept droping me off godaddy site. Now there’s a great groups of tech support personnel… Paid for my domain and hosting at 7:30 am and worked all day on it.. It is now Monday 3:57 and I just getting ready for bed. LOL but the sites’ ready and When I wake up I can upload it.

    Still gotta get Mailchimp to work, but FireFox Browser should fix the problem there too.

    Thank you, with out the steady emails, I wouldn’t have made it.. Because I do volunteer work with webbuilding I was able to figure out how to get around the slow dial up… but I can not use your videos. and I was getting depressed..but your bright smile and encouragement pushed me through,.. I depend on your winabars and emails. and lots of Tech support

    Nelda Percival

  154. Sharon Davidson

    I’m really enthusiastic about your Webinars. Thanks for doing them. They are a great teaching tool and inspire me to stay focused and move forward.

    The only problem I had with the last Webinar was that I got no sound, so I missed much of the teaching. When I spoke to your staff about it, I was told there have been others with the same problem. Maybe there is something that can be tweaked on the Webinar system so everyone can hear the next Webinar?

    I was able to hear the first Webinar and I can hear your videos, but on this last Webinar there was no sound. If it’s my Mac, maybe you know how I can fix it.
    Hope you have a great day.

    — Just one more thing for you to think about —

  155. Luis Figueroa

    Thanks for your dedication and perseverance. You give me an example of what it takes to take it to the next level.

  156. Dale Neff

    Of course I would love to learn more of what ever you have to teach I listen to your freinds,Tellman, and some of them others Your way of teaching is much more real and freindly. My advice to you my freind is move a little faster. I only wish,not that i wasnt there , is on the last webenar you would have been two month earlyere would have saved me money by making it a whole lot easyer to understand with your method of training

  157. Carol Caneal

    I work for the government and cannot be on the webinar live with you. Is it possible for you to replay it the next morning so I won’t have to miss them? I work 8:30 pm to 0500. Maybe a replay at 0600 hrs? I did get a text from you asking why I have not contacted the success team yet. I read the instructions when I opened your box and it said to read the book first. I am still slogging through the last couple of chapters and have been billed twice for the monthly service. I really am lost because this stuff is difficult to understand. Am I allowed to call before I finish the book. I really could use some help. I am not computer savvy and have an awful time trying to get my husband to teach me. So you are my only hope. I truly need your help. Is it ok to call?

  158. Dilek Boran

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for doing these webinars for us. I’ve learned a great deal from both of them, but I have some questions to continue. Where should I send my questions.Thanks again 🙂

  159. Lynda

    Both are interesting alternatives and both have advantages and disadvantages. It is really hard to say.

  160. vishwanath shastry

    Dear Mr Anthony Morrison
    I am very slow in typing and not very good in doing tasks on the computer so I am not sure whether I shall be succesful in making any money online after attending your webinar and reading the books published by you.
    Vishwanath Shastry

  161. John in Arkdale

    Hello Anthony. Thank you for the seminars, They are helpful, as computer work is still new to me and I am not familar with Facebook . I have always been lerie of those programs, I do not need to get a virus or have some hack my PC which has already happened a couple of years back. I lost almost all my business information and that was a about 20 years of work and addresses which I was not able to get back and since then my business has suffered a lot as I lost contact with my customers who were only on my PC. I m a low income person, mostly on Social security at this time and just do not have the extra funds to work with at this time. My business is way down due to information I have lost. So it is almost like starting over. I have been doing our Barrel-Lite Tm for 35 years now and I have not begun to scratch the surface of this program although I have made a lot of head way as my web site shows. It still is a wide open field in the Sporting world. Your programs sound really good but I lack the funds to take full advantage of them. Sorry about that. I wish you and yours the best in everything you undertake. Thanks again for the information I have received. John in Arkdale, WI.

  162. Cheryll


    I hope to get started but been having issues with access to internet, but enjoy info rcvd and cant wait to put it to use. Thanks for everything!

  163. Elizabeth Pugh

    I think it great that you take time to pour your knowledge into

  164. Elizabeth Pugh


    I think its great for you to pour yourself into all of us through your know how. Information you had to learn the hard way. So far the journey has not been easy. I still have obstacles to overcome and I will not give up! Thanks and keep feeding the word of knowledge.

  165. David Pratt

    Thank you for just being a normal person, with a sharing heart of what you have built will be useing the face book the move forward with what you have shared thank you so much

  166. Constance Archer

    Joan’s Gift’s LLC signing of keep the faith let turn America around I’m also writing a book called Broke Dreams The American Dream. We can do this we will have to do some work. I’ve been working on my book.

  167. Brian Saylor

    Anthony keep up the good work and I think the next webinar should focus on either Facebook or mobile marketing. I could certainly use training on both but I think that combining both for one webinar would not allow for a thorough explanation of one topic. So do one for Webinar #3 and then you have the other topic for Webinar #4 (presuming of course that you will have a #4).

  168. Lane Reas

    I am way behind on everything, not all of my doing, but I;m still very interested in your teachings. I will catch up some day. Keep up the good work !!!

  169. Carolyn Engle

    Anthony, you have a great mind for marketing, no matter what way you do it and I do appreciate anything you want to teach me. I can’t really afford to go too far out with advertising, because of being on a set income but as far as facebook goes, I would love to learn anything you got to teach about it. Thank you so much for what you are doing. God loves you and He gave you a very caring heart and we all love you!

  170. Christine Jackson

    Hello Anthony!

    Since the first time I’ve watched you on the infomercial late in the night
    1~1/2 yrs. ago? You had a certain way about you, that was honest and truthful & not out to con/scam your viewers.
    Especially when you talked about your brother always borrowing from you. And then he finally wanted to get in on how your business worked.

    That sounds just like your typical sibling. And you being happy to show him how it all works so he could make his own money and you wouldn’t feel obligated anymore. And now he’s doing excellent himself!
    I love families that learn together and work together. I’m so sorry because, I know I have not been around lately, And I missed the last Webinar.

    My illness has gotten a lot worse! I can’t spend much time on this PC anymore.
    I would like to say however: How proud of all your works and your teaching and being a wonderful mentor to everyone.

    You must be spreading yourself very thin. But, It clearly shows how excited you are for your students who are doing this work you brought to them. And how exciting it must be to share so much you taught yourself and then go and share with all of us here!

    (Just keep in mind: Your health comes first always!)
    I know you will always succeed in everything you do. Because, your a very Positive person!

    Keep that wonderful attitude going Anthony!

    Always here for you,
    Your Friend
    Christine Jackson

  171. Earnest Powell

    Mobile Marketing. I believe it is more likely to reach real customers that way than by facebook. Maybe explain the difference for us.


  172. Reuel Kim

    I am so pleased to hear your business success for the benefit of all the participants.
    Thank you very much,
    Reuel Kim

  173. Isabelle

    Hello Anthony; You have been blessed in this life and you are sharing all you know with others, thank you for been you. God bless.

  174. Dave Ingram

    Facebook Marketing 1st! Then Mobile Marketing!
    Thanks for “Keep’n on” for us!

    Dave Ingram

  175. Gina

    Yes I do want to learn more about facebook marketing and mobile marketing. I really enjoyed your webinar. Your doing a great job thanks so much for all the training. I am learning so much from owning the business which is starting to help a lot.

  176. Stewart Handlin

    Facebook Marketing. I use my mobile phone only for business and would get irritated if I started to see messages not related to business appearing from different companies.

  177. Sally Royce

    Yes, please talk about Mobile Marketing and Facebook. I’m interested in both. Thanks for your encouragement and motivation.

  178. Sally

    Yes, I would like to learn more, I need all the help I can get. Anthony you inspired me to try this out, plus all the positive replies to your web sites.

  179. Deb

    Hi Anthony,, Thanks for all you do . I think Mobile Marketing would be helpful .. stil learning the facebook stuff,,.. not real computer literate yet but learning.. Have a Great week..

  180. Chris Sadlier

    Considering the overall potential of both strategies, I would implement them both. Thank you for the unique dedication toward your students’ success.

  181. Shirley Ajayi-Carroll

    I enjoy reading your emails and Inspirational talks. You try so hard to help others and you seem sincere! Yet you are still young, and yes most your age are not doing the things you do.
    You remind me of a scripture in the bible that states; ‘My thought are not your thought and thus my actions are not your actions.’ you are a man of God! God bless you!

  182. Nathan

    Thanks a lot Anthony for your training,am truly focused and i’ll stay tuned. recently i started pushing cpv campaigns,i received amazing clicks for a few bucks though the conversions remain low-am still working on that.-pretty soon am coming for the cpv domination kit. thanks

  183. Mae Koh

    Thank you for doing the webinar for us. Sounds like those of us who are checking out your program will get some real help. We will finally be able to go out and make some money. That will be a CHANGE…

  184. Jamielee Hutton

    I’d like to learn Facebook I’ve heard so much about the income being made with Facebook alone . However I’m intriqued by mobile marketing also .

  185. Derek Pacuk

    First of all, I’d like to take the opportunity to say that I feel you and your staff are doing a great job maintaining this difficult, and in depth website. Now that I’ve gotten the ass-kissing out of the way (even though I meant ever word, haha), it would be a good opportunity to tell you what I actually think. I’ve noticed that there has been more focus on Facebook marketing but not so much with Mobile advertising…perhaps your next webinar can include both: Facebook Advertising and Mobile Marketing with an emphasis on Mobile Marketing. Simply put, I know more about advertising on Facebook than I do about Mobile marketing. In either case, any information you decide to share would be much appreciated.

  186. Joyce Shipman

    Thank you so much for your last webinar. I want to learn all I can about any kind of marketing. I’m a young 60 something, have been a successful interior designer for many years, and now with the poor economy I must find another way to support myself. At my age, I think the best thing to do is something on the internet. I am now working a part-time job on the weekends, another part-time position a couple of weekdays in addition to my design clients when I have them. Thank you so much for your free training. I do know how much satisfaction you experience from giving of yourself for these webinars. After Katrina, a family moved to my area and I donated my time and talents for a month to make them a new home to begin their new life. I received cash donations to help buy needed items, and donations of furniture, etc., and I contributed some furniture and accessories I had in my inventory. My work has always been very rewarding, but this experience touched me in ways as never before. So, thank you for all you do and may God bless!

    Joyce Shipman

  187. Venessa Barbeau

    I need to get a website going and there is so much info I am overwhelmed but I am happy to say I feel like what I am learning is wonderful. Thank you! By the way I will be going to a conference you are holding in Santa Fe, NM. I can’t wait! I am excited.

  188. Donna

    Unable to get onto Facebook at this time, I will have to wait and enter another time

  189. Alvina

    Hi, Anthony, I want to learn more about facebook and mobile marketing.
    THANKS FOR YOUR email.

  190. Loretta Garcia

    I’m just a nube and I can’t wait to be apart of the facebook and mobile marketing group. I can see that Anthony really wants to help us do are
    best in marketing. Can’t wait…….:)

  191. Floyd Gathing

    Thank you Anthony, for you being a real you! I believed what you said on your television show, so I invested my hard earned money in your materials. And I am so happy to report that I am completely satisfied. I am still in the process of setting up my website for the products that I am going to sell. And of course I will also become an Affiliate Marketer and E-Mail Marketer. I have no doubts that I will be successful. All because of YOU.

  192. Paul Even

    thanks for all your hard work in teaching us how to become independent and successful. Going slow with long hours at my day job, but getting there. Please keep the webinars coming!

  193. Jan


    I just purchased your product and waiting for delivery of your 2 books. I have read the 1st 3 chapters on line. I am on the “Getting Started” videos. Part II is

    Making a list of items I like before moving onto Part 3.
    I am at a lost already. What sources do I use to Make a list of what I want to market?

    Where is the best place for me to ask you questions in the future?

    Thanks for your help.

  194. Stacie Kenemore

    Hi, Anthony. I wanted to just tell you that I have learned a lot since I have been working with you and getting all the wonderful tips that you share with us. I would love to learn more and that way maybe make some money so that I am able to show to everyone I know that this does work and I am not just working my rear off for nothing. I am very excited for every piece of information that you are willing to share with me. Every little bit helps. I have been building my site and it is looking great, but I have you to thank for it. So, thank you very much for everything and I am thanking you ahead of time for everything else that you are willing to share. Take care.

  195. Brendallstix

    I think its great what your doing and also great that you keep up with all of us to stay on track. The motivation definetly helps alot. You are absolutly right when you say you wish we would all say forget the money but of course that wont happen. lol Thank you so very much and keep up the hard work.

  196. Tammy Ruegsegger

    I vote Facebook. We have been trying our hardest to advertise on Facebook and we are not too successful. We need some more help, we have optimized our ads. multiple times and so far nothing has really worked. But on the other hand since I know so little about mobile that would be awesome too.

  197. Francine Hamanne

    I enjoy your short videos. You are down to earth and wish more people were like you!

  198. Mavis Turner


    Thank you for everyithing you have been helping with, you are really so wonderful to share your expertise knowledge.
    Believe me, I need all the help that I can get.

  199. Mavis Turner


    Thank you so much for all your help and sharing your expertise information with me. Everyone knows I certainly need help! Love the webinars and want
    to be encluded in everyone you have.

    Thanks, again,

    Mavis Turner

  200. Rebecca Ordaz

    That is actually a hard decision for me, I want to learn about both. I believe their both very important in the marketing marketing is really important due to the fact everyone today has a cell phone, and facebook is just as important because just about everyone has a facebook.
    So I guess if I had to choose I will say mobile marketing.
    Thanks for all that you teach.

  201. chris wagner

    Thank you for being a genuine,honest,supportive,power house thinker and living in the harmony of the master mind with your brother. There are great things in store for your union of attraction and loving spirits of drive and aggressive force to get the job done.I am sure that mobile marketing as well
    as face book are great subjects of interest.However i would prefer mobile thanks again for alllllllll that you do.

  202. Claudia Y Cota

    In my opinion I think is a great idea! to MARKETING IN FACEBOOK you can reach millions of people that uses this social networks and also reach mobile throgh this conduct.

  203. Esther Gales

    Facebook would be an excellent tool for Marketing. Millions of people or on it each day. It’s the next best thing next to the internet itself to reach people and places world wide.
    Esther Gales

  204. James Kahalewai

    Anthony……….Both FB Mkt. & Mob. Mkt. are excellent goals to follow. First, we need to find out what our goals are, map out a plan, educate yourself, then proceed with diligent persuit. I always remember and counsel my children, “IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, YOU PLAN TO FAIL.”
    Thanks for all you do………..Jimmy K.

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