1. Jimmy Johnson Jr

    Even tho’ I didn’t win a Grand, I’m still very pumped up at the fact that I made this webinar…I missed it las month & was never able to see the re-airs! I really got a lot of good info from the Webinar last night & it showed ME a few things I just didn’t understand about email marketing. I knew about it beforehand but didn’t understand it totally. Hopefully I can catch the re-air & I was just on my way to buying the new book today!

  2. Jill Carpenter

    Congrats to the five winners of a $1000 each. That’s soooooo coooool! I was amazed by the numbers of people who logged in, over 120,000! Congrats Anthony!

  3. Theresa Duncan

    continue to bribe us… but the information I learn is more valuable.. thank you!

  4. Susan

    Really enjoyed the webinar lastnight. Lots of great info and I look forward to ordering your next book.

  5. Kathleen Magill

    Bummer sorry i didn’t win but i still learned alot from the webinar. Keep up the good work Anthony.

  6. Johnny Barlow

    I Really Enjoyed The Webinar… But I Really Do Not Understand How You Chose The Winners But I Was One Of The First To Log On And I Know 3 Of Them Winners Joined Over Halfway Through The Webinar.. So It Confuses Me How They Could Possibly Win.. Especially Since They Did Not Even Watch The Whole Webinar… That Is Crazy To Me But Your Choice… Thanks Again For The Webinar And I Look Forward To Your Next One…

    Thanks So Much Anthony…

  7. Kent Kreh

    Thanks Anthony,

    I can see that you work endlessly a this. Thanks for your committment.

    You da Man!


  8. Jessie Littlejohn

    I was there,but lost sound after why are we here. so I missed everything.

  9. James Wengerd

    Anthony it was a great webinar learned a lot, I am just a beginner and can use all the information I can get. Thank you for your time and for doing ththe webinars.

  10. Bob Taylor

    Hi Anthony,
    I thought your webinar was great! I would like to know if it’s possible to receive a writtten form of the webinar. Im the kind of guy that has to study and study anything for it to sink in. I am going to get your book, Automated Profits, from what you said last night that the book reiterates what was on the webinar and more. Paydays coming. Thanks again for the opportunity to hear and see your presentation, looking for the next one.
    If I can be constructive. Quit appoligizing for the length of the presentation. Your giving this away. Beggers can’t be choosers. I’d of watched it if it were 4hrs long. You make us, out here, feel like we’re ready to take on the world after your webinars. Keep up the good work. Got me hooked.

  11. Dick Belair

    The webinar was full of information that helped me realize just what the next steps must be. Thanks for all the important stuff. I will keep in touch and expect to hear from you as per your emails, etc. Dick Belair

  12. Robert Rowley

    We are new at this business, so the instruction you gave us last night was very helpful, however,with our limited knowledge of the computer we need additional instruction. We also need more instruction in the CPV end of the business. Do you have a website that explains where and how we sign up for the ad’s your brother showed in CPV Domination? He was using AKMG network. When I went to this website, there was no mention of ad’s. Any information or direction will be helpful.

  13. Craige Bottorff

    Anthony, I tried to get on last night but was unable to. Also I recieve your emails all the time but I am unable to open the content that is underlined. Can you help.

    Craige Bottorff

  14. Christopher Chipoli

    Great webinar last night you are doing very well I work with Carol Amato You guys are the best Anthony I need to check out your new book and website ….. Thank You !!!!

    Christopher Chipli Aka (Chip)

  15. Harold Scott

    I have a severe hearing problem and usualy don’t get much from webnars. Having the information in written form in front of me I can follow what you are saying and understand the program. This may well be the first webnar I have gotten much information from. I don’t have a web site and have not recieved my books but I ‘m anxious to get started so I can use this information.

  16. Laney Mellott

    Good morning Anthony- Thank you so much for the webinar last night. I took notes(3 full pages) and really learned alot. I’m very thankful and a little amazed that you would share all your personal info with us as you did. Wow…no one has ever been so eager about helping me suceed, especially AFTER I bought their book!!! I am eager to start earning money this way as my tailoring business is failing badly due to the economy.
    Thank you, again for all your help and encouragement.

  17. Susan Rutter

    Thanks Anthony. Great job last night. I am up and running with CPV and
    my website but look forward to learning and doing even more! I will be
    on your success video soon!!!

  18. Kevin Sigler


    I really enjoy the webinar. I guess I get more out of the video rather than the book. Interactive learning is better for me.

    I would like to make a suggestion. Rather than give away $1,000.00 that you have to write a check for, give away something of much greater value. I know time doesn’t work because your time is worth way more. How about $1,000.00 worth of on line tools. Landing page setup help, many other things you could give that would not cost you as much but, I would prefer.

    Take all the winners at the end of 365 days and select one of them to bring into your world. Not to follow you as much as you give them a flight, a hotel, and 2 days inside your business to work with your people. Maybe you take them to dinner, introduce them to a few of your key people, let them sit with them and learn the ropes.

    You could advertise this every time you do a webinar or blog post. After the year is over, you could offer the same trip again the next year. Not something you could ever buy.

    Good luck and thank you for all the help.

  19. gary britton

    Thanks for the Seminar at Santa Clara, Calif. last Wed.
    it was very informative, and thanks for
    evening meal.



  20. Marcelino Acosta

    The webinar was great. My only problem is where to get the free stuff
    to put in my landing page. How to post it there so people who sign up
    can download it for free.

  21. Paul Thomas

    I thoroughly enjoyed your webinar last night. Email marketing is something I have wanted to learn about for a long time. It was also refreshing to have a webinar that wasn’t trying to sell something. I am looking foreward to your next one.

  22. Shane Thompson

    Thanks Anthony for some wonderful knowledge and a great experience of learning more or how to build a business doing Affiliate marketing and letting us know how to do that. We love you and will continue to work at it. I know that you get more of it when you put more into it. So it is my turn to put more into it. Thanks.

  23. Gene Anderson

    Attended the Webinar. Thanks! It was great, very usefull information.

    Just a note to tell you there was no link below my page, on your blog video, today.

    Don’t know what happened but it was not there.

    Thanks again

  24. Annette Neglia

    I was one of those whose Webinar pooped out on me at 9:30 p.m. Waited for 1/2 half hoping it would come back but it didn’t. I was taking notes and was enjoying the session. I look forward to the next one as I’m sure by then you will have all the wrinkles ironed out. See you then. Annette

  25. Carl Sacks

    During the Webinar the time allowed to write the necessary notes is not sufficient. Is it possible to create an email with the notes to be sent to those who attend the Webinar?

  26. Linda Laurent

    Thanks for having closed captioning on this weeks blog. I couldn’t hear well enough to know what you were saying, and couldn’t get my pc volume to increase. Then, for first time [like a light bulb] it occurred to me to look for a cc button. Thanks for using technology that will allow deaf and hard of hearing individuals benefit from your teachings. [I also want to share I appreciate the text/photo slides you’ve used during your webinars as that helped me to capture your information onto my notes easier and allowed me to focus on content of what you were saying vs worrying that I’d not type fast enough to get everything down on paper to be sure I hadn’t missed anything. I may be a “late bloomer” but I getting back on track & you’ve helped to make that happen. Thanks! Linda

  27. Barbara moore

    HI Anthony i was at the webinar last night and it was great and i have leaner a lot and you do rock and thank you and i am looking foward to another one

  28. Carl Hendrix

    First of all I want to say thank you, for the webnier, i learn some things. maybe someday i will win too, if i do take my winnings, to start this buisness, in the help, get me started, if i ever win, I know it takes money to make money, but havent any of that, but hoping for chance someday, trying to get educated for now, again thanks for every thing,Friend forever Carl Hendrix

  29. Pollie Witherspoon

    Hi Anthony, I did not get in on the free Webinar, and I’m still trying to learn what I can. Guess I started to late. Well a GREAT THANKS TO YOU FOR EVERY THING.

  30. Alfred Burroughs

    I bought into your package a while ag. I just need some assistance in getting things going. Can you PLEASE help?

  31. Margaret Sansom

    I was so looking forward to your webinar; however, a friend asked me out to dinner. It was the first time I have been out to dinner (or was even able to do so) since being put into a cast from knee to toes because of a broken ankle. I got a walking boot last week, but this was my first outing other than to go to the doctor. If you’ve ever been immobilized with a non-walking, foot-elevated-at-all-time direction from your doctor, you can imagine how excited I was to get out of the house, riding down the street, seeing all the town with new appreciation.

    I am now looking forward to watching the replay when you send it.

    Margaret Sansom, aka: Ms. Sam

  32. Glenda Betz

    The webinar was super. Just what I have always wanted to know. Now to get set up to put it to work. Thanks Anthony for being so passionate about helping us to get started. One tip can be the difference between failure and success. You have a good heart to give so much.
    Glenda Betz

  33. Ed Bradley

    I send an email reply that I did not get to see the Webinar. I must of had a problem. I logged on about 10 minutes early and got on, but the page never changed.
    I will be looking forward to the replay.

  34. William K. Grossoehme

    I enjoyed the Webinar. Thanks for fixing the link, I will try it out again.

    Learned a lot of new things and how to gain time from the computer when my x-wife wants it.

    Bill G.

  35. Rosalie Malvini

    I am so looking to getting the book. Mom had Cancer but now is a Survivor and being in my own business when I stop for emergencies money stop. I am strapped now so this method of Automation E-mail is the first thing I am going to start.

    I have a local Website for Insurance and pay for on line leads and will probably get my own leads with the e-mails. I am excited!

    Although I can not bye the Book right I will be going on the Mastery Site and learn what I can there also. As soon as I can get the New Book I will.

  36. Rod

    I enjoyed the webinar I like your presentation on the CPV can’t. do it right now, but you guys need to jump on that strategy. Thanks Anthony see you next week.

  37. Ericka Larrieu

    I really enjoyed the teaching last night. Thank you for investing in us and for having a giving heart! I’ve learned a lot.

  38. John M

    I wanted to thank you again! You have chosen to be
    Different and provide real steps to help achieve success!
    The server crashed and that happens! Maybe send the links
    Via PDF and offer a discount for us to buy your
    Book at a discount!

  39. Arvella Kunz

    I tried to “like” your webinar on Facebook but it said your friends amount was at it’s limit. I’m new to Facebook. The only email account we had was used to open my husband’s Facebook account. I now have another one on gmail, thanks to the lessons I have been taking. Thank You for all you have been doing to help us all in our endeavors to start and grow our online businesses. Good information!Thanks again, Arvella

  40. Lueroyce

    I may have not won the $1,000 but I did win! I was able to increase my knowledge about internet marketing and that was worth more the $1,000!
    With knowlege I can use it again and again and again. With the $1,000, once it is gone, it is gone…

  41. chuck berry

    I enjoyed the webinar.
    I have a question, how do you get people too your landing page so you can start building a list?

    Thank you

  42. Michael W. Lanicek

    Anthony, just wanted to say thx for all you do for others. True, I’m just a beginner but am trying to get a start at the methods you describe because you seem to get across that your method is very simple.
    Sry, but I’m a very analytical person therefore haven’t quite understood how doing your methods is not copyright infringement in some way. I am still studying your methods & I’m sure it will finally “click”.
    Once again thank you for the time you spend educating & if you can find some time try to explain how the aforementioned is not correct.

  43. Karen Frejlach

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you for all the learning techniques and keep up the wonderful job! I did sign in for the Webinar however I had to work and so I missed it. Was wondering if you plan on doing another one or maybe this might just have been taped and you plan on replaying it? I was so disappointed that I missed it!

  44. Sandy Hall

    Loved the webinar! I offer Webinar Set ups on my Site! It’s the way to go for getting messages, information and products out to the world! Love it Anthony GREAT Job, Wonderful Wealth of Knowledge!

  45. Doris Gessner

    CONGRATS! to the $1,000 winners. Thanks Anthony for continuing to offer education on this very strange tool, the internet, and how to use it. We all appreciate you.

    Warmly, Doris Gessner

  46. Shirley York

    Thanks Antony for the great webinar last night. You did a good job for someone just being to do them. Practice makes perfect you know so you will get better.;););). I purchased the book and I am looking forward to getting it since I have already read the first one and loved it.

    Thanks again and look forward to more webinars.

  47. Ramon

    As always your message keeps the lesson on my front burner. This type of ongoing encouragement makes me want to move faster and leap ahead. Thanks for including me in your class!

    PS Your presentation was very good!

  48. Maggie Higgins

    Excellent CHAT and I always come away energized and recommitted to working on my project. Your point of choosing an area/item that is wanted,needed and I know about–right on point. Exactly right! Thanks

  49. Debra Rebetje

    Dear Anthony:

    Looking forward to the replay of your most recent Webinar as I was unable to attend. You sound so excited about the response. Can’t wait!


  50. wannetta collins

    found it informative. hope i can do this as i’m not internet savvy. i was about ready to give up but i will try to work with this because i really am looking for a way to get out of debt and be able to leave my kids some money when i pass away .

  51. Greg

    Didn’t win, but as usual you are right it is all about the knowledge. It was exceptional in my ways. I was wondering if we, those of us that attended your webinar, could receive an outline of your webinar. You could email it as soon as we login and could concentrate more on your words than trying to write down and listen at the same time. It’s been 35 years since I went to school and am a lot slower than many of your listeners. That would be a truly excellent way to help ensure that the webinar information was absorbed. Another option could be to provide an outline at the end of your talk and allow us to listen again to the webinar to solidify what your trying to convey. Again, thank you for the webinar. It contained a wealth of knowledge.



  52. Tom Hindman

    Hi Anthony, Loved the webinar, the pases in the webinar (then my computer was loading the webinar) gave time to write down all the info you were giving out. I want to put all the info to work as soon as possable.. Thank You so much…look forward to the next one…T Hindman

  53. Carol B

    WOW. Now I understand what I am seeing when I click on places different emails and why ‘your name’ is so important.
    Maybe an ‘old dog’ CAN learn new tricks 🙂
    This ol’ granny is getting more excited every day.
    I’m glad you want to share what you know with people like me.
    Thanx. 🙂
    Now, I have to learn how to not be afraid of FACEBOOK 🙂 I am scared to death of it. It is so . . . so . . . widespread. Yep. S-C-A-R-E-D ! ! !
    See you next week 🙂

  54. Ruth Taylor

    Thank you for a fantastic webinar…I really learn a lot from them I am now researching more and setting up my business. I have set my “Open for Buisiness” as 9-1-11. Thank you again.

  55. Nancy Persinger

    WOW to the webinar last night …filled with lots of info and I think easy to understand.

  56. Ed Anderson

    Not winning may not be important to some Anthony…However to some of us on “Disability”,and having to choose between food or meds….Well it can be very important indeed…to some of we smaller individuals.

  57. Madeline

    Hey Anthony,
    You are right, it is not about the money, although it is nice, it is about the educatiion. I learned a lot last night and plan to continue my education.
    Thanks for putting so much into all you do. I hope to be making money soon.

  58. Michael McVicker

    Hi hope all is great, I did attend the Webinar. thanks for your time. And I did hear a few things that i did miss in Utah About the book you are so right i had it 1/3 read before I got home. Then what, right like you said it looks so nice next to all the other perfect yourself books in my office. Dusty closed and well I will get to it one day right.
    But really from what i read it looks like it is answering a lot of the questions people have ben asking since signing up.Just not mine like who is my freaking mentor anyway Maybe Lolo can send me this info in a message…… just to see if ths is read I will get a visit have a great day

  59. karen gibson

    I love the webinars. They are awesome. I didnt win the 1000.00 which i need desperately!!!! I am happy for the lucky ones that did however. I think anthony is awesome for teaching us what we need to know in order to succeed. I havent been able to buy his books yet but i will as soon as i can. ( thats how badly i needed to win the money) I have been unemployed for awhile now. I worked for a printing co for 18 years and they shut down and things have really been tough ever since so i cant wait to get started with all of this so i can get some extra money coming in. I will have to wait til i get a job b/c even 20 bucks is hard to come by at the moment. Thats sad to say but true none the less. When i saw the infomercial with anthony i was so excited but still cant afford the book to get it going. In the meantime i watch all the webinars and anything else i can to start learning. Thanks anthony for all you do… God Bless…


    Hi Anthony, Webinar was interesting, I have been watching your cds intensely, overwhelming, but trying to figure the business out, if cash to buy and sell is needed and that is something I don’t have a lot of presently, how can I get cash fast? and I am interested in DOMAIN PARKING, I need help can you send me assistance when all the pieces come together I will be in the business working hard. Thanks Marta Reichenbecher.

  61. Victoria Tarrani

    I enjoyed your webinar very much!

    I will have to set up a facebook account, so next time I can be a winner. I don’t like facebook, but to market I saw that I need it. You are a winner with your blogs and webinars. After I move to FL and when I have help with my illnesses I want to be more active. Be a winner and make my first $ on the web.

    You, Anthony, I trust. You look like a friend of mine did at your age. He is older now, but he was always trustworthy and honorable. Like you.

    I’m sorry I had to back out of moving forward with the program for now. I have just been too ill to do anything.

    First day on the computer for any length of time in 2 weeks was the webinar. It was right on. You always are!

    Victoria Tarrani

  62. Bonnie Wiese

    Thank You, for the free Webinar,Your a great speaker and Make Our lessons at our understandable, level. We appricate ,Your help…Have a wonderful weekend,Bonnie Wiese


    Do you look funny! The announcement of the $1000 winners did not come thru! It was on mute. There was no way to get the voice to come on. Now I don’t know if I was a big winner! If I won, I was going to buy the course for $997 and have $3 left for a hot dog.!

  64. Victoria Tarrani

    Another few ideas, Anthony.

    The ability to record the webinar so that I can watch it slower and write everything down. I’m not as fast a writer as I used to be.

    Also, you mentioned several web addresses and said you would get back to them, but you were so busy working you didn’t.
    I got these:
    lead impact network
    … and I know there were more.
    There were other items you mentioned, but I didn’t get them.

    Can I get a copy of the webinar?

    Thank you,
    Victoria Tarrani

    I know I won’t be able to bring in money without your help, but it is a few months away when I can really commit.

  65. Mary Brown

    Anthony – WOW!!! The webinar was amazing! Not only did I learn a lot, while missing a lot because I couldn’t write fast enough, but I am so very pleased to know that you are the real deal, a man of your word. You delivered all that you promised, and then some. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  66. RosemRie Delfel

    Hi Anthony. Thanks for the super Webinar last night. Your time and effort in teaching us your techniques is commenable. The Webinar rocked! Thank you so much.


    PS – I don’t have a website yet. Had computer problems.

  67. Victoria Tarrani

    Sorry, one more thing. Can you make your books available for Kindle?

  68. Dorothy Garner

    I have reply and asked sveral time that I cant hear anything on your video, I need where i can read it with texts or something that you can send al linfo. vie my email..


  69. Berney Hann

    I enjoyed toe webinar very much, of course it left me with more questions to be answered. Looking forward to the next one…Berney

  70. luke lukanen

    thanks for the time you spend with us trying to keep us after our goals and giving us up to date on your information. have fun! luke

  71. Carol Cheshire

    Heck! You could have picked me. You were great last night, 75,000+
    on the webinar. WOW!!!!
    Why don’t you speak at Ken McArthur’s jvAlerts. There is one in Sept. on the 15th at San Diego, California. It would be nice to meet you in person.

  72. George Seitz

    Finally got on after several retries. GREAT WEBINAR.

    Disregard frustrated email last night. I was so pumped for this one after participating in the first one including purchasing the CPV Domination package.

    Keep up the good work.

  73. Esmin Lever

    I was not able to get in on the webinar, and I got in 15 min. early. This also happen the last time, when the clock got to “0” that was it nothing happen no matter I did.

  74. John Corley

    very interesting concept…enjoyed the presentation very much…will definitely put it to work…what’s next?

  75. Dilek Boran

    Hi Anthony,

    I want to buy your new book online, but I couldn’t because I live in North York Ontario, Canada. What should I do?


  76. cecilia

    Hi! Anthony, I’m so thankful that I was able to attend the webinar. I even take notes but, not able to catch up with everything. I’ll do my best to collect emails so I can start my business. Thank you

  77. Linda Guarino

    Great learning webinar, it is great that you do this I especially am grateful since I can’t afford to join yet. But I have made every webinar and am so glad you do this.
    Thanks for all you do.

  78. Kate Raymond

    On the books just a suggestion…Kindle Editions! Sad but true the hard back book will soon be a thing of the past.

    Reasons for going Kindle!

    1. Kindle editions are searchable so if you need to find something to refresh your learning it is way easier than thumbing through a book.

    2. Kindles are downloadable. No shipping hassles for you and no shipping costs for us.

    3. You get it now! Again the downloadable thing strikes again. No waiting for shipping no matter how fast you can ship it now.

    Thanks for listening
    Kate Raymond

  79. Richard Bertolina

    Anthony, I still have not be able to find my lifetime website URL. Please email my specfic url as I now am able to do marketing full speed.

    Please put “URL from Anthony” in the subject field or I may not get/open it.

  80. Elizabeth Walker

    I attended the webinar, did not win but want to congratulate those that did win.It was very informative and hopefully I can profit from the info. Thanks so much Anthony for caring enough to teach these Webinars.


    I’m scared too death on doing this,,,,Do I start by getting a domain name and do I have to use my own name? I want to do the health industry but I’m perplexed on how to set up everything. I listened to the email marketing program last night and I understand the logic in it, but don’t know the technological aspect on setting it up.

  82. Jennifer

    Good information on email automated…. I am on cpv… it has increased my views. Still learning how to use all its possibilities.
    Wondering if you could help explain how the email works toward a website. I am looking for ways to increase traffic to my website not particularly an affiliate.

  83. ronald smith

    I think u did an out standing job last night. So keep up the good work & GOD Bless. Also I posted a ? but did not get a response is there a limit on what can offer through CPV marketing. Thanks

  84. Cherita Young

    Thanx again Anthony for the webinar. I learned so much and will continue to tune in for more information.

  85. Lisa

    I’m understanding more as I go along, I’m not very good at the computer,
    but learning my way around it,, thank you!!!

  86. Joan Ditullio

    Thank you for that most informative webinar. I learned so much and I am spreading the word for people to join up. jd

  87. Edward

    I signed up for the webninar, but could not log in.

    How do I “refresh”?

    When I am given the option of “click here”, what keys do I hit?

    Ed Cargile

  88. Donna Hoffman

    You are the one of the kindest persons I know giving these people money and gifts, You are a blessing to many I hope they apprecitate you!!! I know God certainly does… Thanks again for a great webinar last night

  89. arthur v, torres

    I was hoping that i might be one of the winners. but it did not happen i understand that are thousands of people alegibles to win, but its just of matter of luck like the sweep stakes thank you any way for inviting me.

  90. James Bray

    Hi Anthony, Enjoyed the Webinar, It was very informative. I will look forward to more. You showed a book in the webinar that I don’t believe that I have. Is this a 3rd book. I believe it was to do with e-mail.. Please inform me I have the 2 that you advertise on your infomercials. If you have a 3rd book out I’d like to purchase it. Thanks: —jim bray—

  91. Mercedes H

    Wish I’d won the $1,000! LOL maybe soon. So wish I could afford the $500 course but can’t pay rent or phone for now. I do have time to read… DID say to read the book 1st!….right?

    Baby steps…..thats what am doing for now


  92. Tracey Jordan

    Mr. Morrison,
    I truly enjoyed your webinar! I wish I would’ve won!!!!(I coulda been a contenda”) ha!ha! I really wanted to be able to invest that kind of money into this program and your wonderful products! Oh well, it will be a bit slower that’s all! Speeking of slower, I am kind of handicapped, I have to pause a great deal when I watch the learning vids, because I don’t write quickly or well. Would it be possible to either keep the typed info on the screen longer or make it shorter. I’m having a little difficulty deciphering my webinar notes, some I just can’t and other just don’t make sense. I got the gist of it but the details are a little fuzzy. Thanks again, for the program I feel like I gor a real bargain for the info I’m getting. my next purchase is the book you mentioned in the webinar, I’m on my way there n ow, thanks again! Bye!

  93. Neal McManus

    The webnar was filled with information that will be of great help. Ordered the book so I can really dig into the system. Please keep making the webnars. Thanks for the help.

  94. Vera

    Unfortunately I couldn’t watch. We had a storm in Philadelphia last night and all conections was damage.

  95. Greg Mack

    Thank you Anthony for giving away useful information on your webinar. Thank you for showing people how to truly make money online. There are so many people claiming to show people how to make money online and they try to sell you some type of software that may have worked at one time but now it is outdated. This is where you are different. You are ready to help people make money by showing them how to fish, so to say:) You offer people free information that is very valuable, but only profitable if they put it into to action. Thank you for showing me the water, and thank you for what you do!

  96. leroy harris

    i like the viedo it was real good.iam just starting. iwill come through

  97. Iciphene Hardy

    Thank you for the informative webinar which you presented. I did learn a lot and there were many tips and ideas that I hope to put into action in my own internet marketing. I learned more about E-mail marketing and landing pages that I wasn’t quite sure how to do them. Now I have a much clearer idea of what to do.

    I do not have your book “Automated Profits from home” but I will order it and begin reading it when it arrives. Thanks for providing the tools we need to learn how to become financially successful.

  98. Nancy H.

    Anthony, thank you so much for webinar #2, it was as interestng and informative as expected! We do appreciate your time and effort to help us do better and learn more. Keep up the excellent work!

  99. sheila locklear

    i took notes last night and the seminar was great, but for someone like me who don’t know a lot about the internet was confused i have call the 866 # and waited a long time and still have not talked to anyone and i really need help on internet marketing. you said there was free places to go and i did go to quant cast but i need help and i really needed to win that $1,000 so i could of had some money to start building my sight. i brought the book for forty dollars and i did,nt really have the money to spare i’m a single mother with a son in college and a daughter starting high school. i dont have any money to spend right now but i need help so i can start building my sight.

  100. Gloria Rios

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    I am semi-retired and for now, just trying to learn about possibilities of producing income.

    Thanks again!

  101. Debbie

    Great Webinar, Anthony!
    I am so excited about CPV marketing and can’t wait to learn more so that I can lay out a plan to build an email list and launch my own CPV campaigns. As always, thanks for being an inspiration and encouraging all of us to dream big and believe in ourselves!

  102. Jose Mercado

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s all new to me but I can see the opportunity. Can’t wait for the next webinar. FYI tried the link posted, could not get in (probably traffic overload) will try again. Need to get a copy of your book “Automated Profits from Home”

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    I think what you are doing is great and amazing.I actually could’t get in-there wasn’t any sound.I had sound if I went into my quest/mail video.My computer showed the chat screen even tho, i could’t play.
    Oh,well. I will be buying your book. I just jumped in without any training but-
    Thank you.
    Cynthia alfini

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    Thanks for inviting me to the webinar .. It was a great presentation, loaded with some really good information. I look forward to the next one and plan on keeping up with your Affiliate Marketing programs. Keep up the great work.
    I appreciate your patience and enthusiasm.

    Be Well

    Cole Nocks

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    wait to get my copy of the webinar. I rarely win anything but I’m more interested in data you put out.
    Thanks again, Lew

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    Have not got my website set up yet, but hope to soon. Have been reading your books. Enjoyed your Webinar, Thursday night.
    Thanks for the info. Hope i can use it soon.

  113. Ernestine Emery

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  114. Gwen Davis


  115. Christine Goeggel

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    Thank you,

    Pierre Mocombe

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    Missed the webinar but looking forward to first and second replay. You are a great guy and God is blessing you. Looking forward to earning some cash to take care of some business.

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    The Webinar was great but wish I would’ve seen the first one. I am deciding to step out of my comfort zone and take the “RISK” to get ahead.
    Thanks, Anthony and I really do hope you read all these messages.

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    Congratulations to the winners. I had hopes, as we all did, but it didn’t happen.
    Thank you so much, Anthony, for caring about us, and trying to help us.
    Not many do those things.

  126. Albert Shinn


    Your right it’s not about winning the money. It’s about getting the informative good information that you provide. Thanks again! I become more confident with the way I’m proceeding to financially grow. Thanks again for the webinar.

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    Sorry did not make webinar. I look forward to receiving the link so I can watch it. Again thank you

    Fred Haney

  129. Dale Neff

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  130. Nathan

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    I am looking foward to the next one.

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    I being so busy trying to understand how to really earn money on the Internet and earning a college degree in Associate Art Business. When I do put it all together and become successful I will remember where I received my start 🙂

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    I enjoyed your webinar last week. It even seemed a little short this time, lol. My only criticism would be that the presentation went a little too fast. Writing notes and keeping up with you was a little difficult. If you could go a little bit slower next time it would be much easier.

    CPV Marketing and Email Marketing are very interesting to me. Hopefully, once my life settles down a little bit. I can learn these techniques and how to use them effectively.

    Thanks again for teaching us, and being there for us. Have a great weekend!

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