1. Lois Nixon

    Just read about Christmas for Kids,but do not live in your area to help volunteer. Do you have chapters anywhere else? I live just outside of Tulsa.

  2. jean martin

    Thanks for the new info about what kind of offers you should promote on Facebook. I know now NOT to promote offers that cost a lot of money.

  3. Micki Reynolds

    Every time I read anything you have posted, I get so motivated! So thank you for being that kind of person, we need more like YOU.
    I’m afraid I’m not educated enough to understand what you are trying to have me do. I’m not dumb…just not knowledgeable enough in this field to really grasp what I need to put everything together.
    But I won’t give up. I’ll keep watching and reading everything I can from you maybe one day it will all come together in my mind and I’ll take off like wildfire! Thanks again.

  4. Jessica Ruiz

    I always like and retweet your blogs… no problemo… and you’re so sweet for making your GF coffee everyday- my fiancee always cleans out my coffee pot. Will you like MopShops on fb too? That would be cool. =) Thanks! Have a good weekend!

  5. cecilia

    Good Morning Anthony, I hope I can win the $100 so I can buy your 2nd book. Thanks Anthony .

  6. Stella Lelcesona

    I really enjoy you weekly Video Blog and id looking forward to seeing another one.

  7. Brenda J. Manter

    Hi, I don’t know what a tweeter or whatever, is. But really enjoy having you on my Facebook, and I just became a fan too. Have a great life and keep up the fantastic blogs. I love watching you and hope to learn a ton from your books and stuff. I do have to admit that I enjoy seeing you talk, as well as reading your info. Sincerely, Brenda J. Manter

  8. Dorothy Derr

    Anthony Morrison shares great information on how to become successful in
    Affiliate Marketing. Doesn’t hurt to listen to what he has to say.

  9. Carolyn Christian-Anderson

    Hi Anthony,

    Nice Kitchen and MUG SHOT!!!! LOL!
    Anyway, just finished Adrian’s training he just did in Houston, halfway through your Advertising for Profits book, thn will read your Automated Profits from Home book. Want to do Google Pop Ups (cheap) and avoid the creation of landing pages for now. Just want to get GOOD at something SIMPLE to start out until I can generate a steady income streatm. Have an awesome DAY with your girl!

  10. Tammy Henderson

    Hi Anthony,
    Staying engaged and have left a message on your Fan Page on FB. I want to learn all I can! I love your Charity, thanks for all you do! I continue to spread the knowledge I get from you!

  11. Bjarne Breilid

    Hi Anthony,
    I am always amazed at the eloquence as well as the energy you put forth in order to motivate and educate your sometimes backward students – of whom I certainly am one. Still, your enthusiasm inspires even me, a 91-year-old immigrant from Norway, and I intend to do my best and eventually learn how I can make a few bucks to help ease me into the final rest. My health is still good, and I still swim over 1/4 mile every week, so I intend to
    stick around for a while yet. I wish you much continued success!
    Bjarne Breilid.

  12. David Armstrong

    Thank you for the awesome information, Going to start putting it into action right away. Interested in Affilate marketing, and would like to recieve the book, and the $100 looking to get more response from facebook.

  13. Lana Courtney

    I clicked on you become a fan link, but I still don’t know if I really am a fan. Is there another step to the process?

  14. Judith

    Hi ..though I seen 2 of your books.I had already purchase one of your book[profit] I would like to have the other 1 ‘the hidden millioner’ ,but dont have extra bucks..

  15. Frederick Johnson

    Hi thank you for everything. i have a website now call everything is going well so far i need more input on the marketing part.what do you thank is the best way to market my website.

  16. Laura Buchanan

    I enjoy listening to the blogs. I really want to know more about facebook marketing and how to do this without spending much money, none of which I have any of.. lol…

  17. Eugenia Parish

    Hi Anthony—Am so impressed by your approach to your audience. Have done some marketing with dismal results. Want to learn more even if I don’t personally do anythig in the field of marketing know others that would benefit . Eugenia

  18. Theresa Duncan

    still learning anthony.. but I’m making progress.. hopefully.. I will be able to use this tools too.

  19. Jesus Olvera

    I sure wish you could record your webinars on your weekly blogs because I can view the weekly blogs but I have not been able to view the webinars. For some strange and unknown reason my IE cannot display the webpage when I try to watch the live webinars or the recorded webinars. Is there anything that can be done? Is anyone else having this kind of problem? Or am I the only one? Thanks.

  20. Sally Naylor

    Really enjoyed your video, been on the fence about joining. I’m almost there, and would love to learn more. Have your books, and DVDs, but need help. So I’ll be in contact soon. By the way” Nice Kitchen “. and great mugs.

  21. Alex Martinez

    Read your book profits from home but I am still learning just sign up on face book today Hope to learn more about all marketing on the internet Thanks, ALEX

  22. Cheryl Bryant

    Love these motivation videos…I also love the Billabong shirt you have on. I want to someday go to Australia and visit.
    I am joining your program as soon as I can. Have to wait for first of month when I get paid as I am on SSI and live on a limited income.
    Thank you so much for your time.
    Cheryl Bryant

  23. Carolyn Peterson

    I would like to learn all about mobile marketing. Thanks Have a great week-end

  24. Mildred Mannings

    I went to one of your seminars and your instructor mentioned mobile affiliates. He was going to explain what it meant close to the end of the seminar. I had to leave and was not able to see the short video. Could you please tell me what mobile affiliates are and how you would become one.

    Mildred Mannings

  25. Barbara moore

    Hello become a fan of Anthony morrison and get good advice how to be succcessful and bill your on internet and if you want to learn how be a fan of Anthony and mobile maketing is good for peoples because so many peoples are lose there job every day so internet so this is intriguling because mobile can be use to help so many peoples to build there on business so thank you Anthony

  26. Kate

    Hi Anthony….
    Just joined – became a fan, facebook like, tweet tweet, …
    and looking forward to weekly blogs!

  27. david mulready

    You are intersting, keep it up, you have great knowledge for us to learn about!

  28. Linda Guarino

    I am learning new things from you all the time thanks for the info. Waiting for the day to join your team. Something always comes up to pay and not enough money to pay it when you are poor. But thanks I will get on the the team one of these days. Hope I make it.

  29. Laura Scott Hi,Monday i get my new laptop set up so I can watch all ur blogs and videos. I want to create my own fb fab page(can't on my mobile ) so i am really stoked!

    Hi Anthony, Getting my new laptop set up monday! (my other one was stolen:() So, as u would say, im really stoked!!! So anxious to be able to watch all ur videos from my own laptop and set up my own FB fan page. Thats why it’s been goind so slow, But im not giving up! Thanks for not giving up on me. Sincerely, Laura Scott

  30. victoria jordan

    Morning Anthony, I watched your video, clicked to be a fan, and retweeted and for some reason it will not take my cell number. I really like your bogs and the weninars. I have not bought your $20 program yet but have signed up for your news letter. I’m not sure i know enough about computer stuff for this to work for me i would really like to learn. Any good hints.

  31. Alvina

    HI, Anothony, thanks for #75 video. I like the comments I read on the
    e-mail. Especially the 91 year old lady inspires me to try and learn
    everything on facebook marketing also. I also, enjoy every video.

  32. Nancy Higgins

    Hey Anthony,

    I’m a facebook friend, a facebook fan and a member of your live community. I love your books, your weekly videos and occasional webinars (far more than the conference calls, as I’m a visual person). This may be why I don’t use twitter (so far).

    I would like to learn more about facebook marketing, and anything else that your enthusiastic self would like to teach me! Thank you so much!

  33. Greg Shepherd

    I am exploring how I might use some of your strategies with non-profit organizations. I would like to know if you are aware of non-profits that use your strategies and could we learn more to fulfill the needs of these organizations?

  34. Joyce 'Enslen

    Thanks for all you accomplish for myself & others . I hope to learn how to txt msg soon so I can read your infor online. You are a good example of a successful young man , I hope the wind stays at your back so you can continue your work.

  35. Ruth

    Yeah, I’d like to know how to advertise on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook for I hear how it increases ones ability to prosper.

    Would like to be a winner of the hundred bucks. Then I can order your books.
    Hey, saw you on TV this morning. Very cool!

  36. James McDonald

    AkA: Chefmaxjt, I’ve been trying to finish your books, and it’s just as you said. I have so many things going on that I read a little stop, read a little then stop. Ok Ok ! I’ll read the whole thing, but still like to hear more about mobile marketing ? It is a present venture generated. Thank you for being who you are, and “that’s not a phony” !. May God Bless you, Anthony M.

  37. Cheryl Smalley

    I am also enjoying directions for how to get started on facebook and twitter. Thanks for helping us get started. It’s all new to me.

  38. Mary Howell

    I am still in the process of trying to grasp this concept, and it is not because of any lack of communication on the part of Adrian Morrison but just that I need to go over it to take it all in. Thank you for the weekly blogs and promotions to keep us on our toes, so to speak. We have gotten a little behind on our training because during the initial sign up, my husband has been going back and forth to the doctor from his eye surgery. This is not an excuse but an explanation. We are trying to get back on track and we will. I like the incentives! Thanks again.
    Charles and Mary Howell

  39. Janise Sims

    I just read your blog and I’m trying to become of fan on Facebook…but I’m not sure if I did it right. I’m very new to Facebook, so I would like to know more about Facebook marketing first.

  40. Fred Lechner

    One of the best things about your program is how sincere you are; you have convinced me that you truly do want to help others succeed….now, it’s up to me to listen, learn, and apply what you have shared. Oh, and I will be doubly excited when I receive the $100 “ethical bribe.” Thanks, Anthony!!

  41. Bridgit Manacchio

    You are such a sweetie and a constant surprise. Don’t every change. Oh….I don’t want/need the 100, just wanted to express how my appreciation and gratitude for these courses. Going slowly, a few unexpected events have turned up recently, but glad to have this new business challenge in front of me to keep me sane and focused.

  42. Valerie Darlington

    Thanks Anthony. I have already “liked”, just need to learn more about tweeting:)

  43. Dale Copper

    Hi Anthony,

    Right now I’d have to say Facebook Marketing, since I’m so new to the program.

  44. lin

    Have your books and really enjoyed them. I’m trying to learn all I can so I too can succeed, but am having a hard time with it.

  45. Stan Bookstaber

    Affiliate marketing seems to have many more options and avenues of exploration. In turn, it leads to more $$$$$$$$’s

  46. Debbie Seelbach

    Both are great, but right now mobile marketing is what I would like to learn…looks like I am out numbered though. Always willing to learn!

  47. Season Westbrook

    Great stuff, always good to see your videos, Anthony. I retweeted and liked on facebook.

  48. Darrell O'Hare

    i just retired and i am one whom believes it is never to late to learn something new. looking forward to putting your program to work.

  49. Kaye Hutton

    I clicked the link to become a fan and left you a message there so I hope that means I am now a fan. (I have done that twice before, also.)
    I’m looking foward to learning all I can about Facebook and e-mail marketing since the two mediums are a part of every day of my life.
    I have got my granddaughter interested in your program now. She is in college and should be very good at your programs.

  50. Shirley Robinson

    Anthony, enjoyed learning a little about your everyday life. I am almost finished with your book Advertising Profits from Home. Unfortunate for me that I am a visual learner. I still don’t understand quiet how to get this all going. Maybe one day I will get it all figured out. Until then, I will keep listening, watching, and learning. Thanks for all your teaching and I absolutely love the ethical bribes. Keep em coming! LOL

  51. Harold Scott

    I thought I was the oldie in this program. Bjarne you have me beat by 8 years. I don’t think I could keep up with you in the pool but I still do a bit of work in my shop refinishing antique furniture.
    I haven’t gotten my books yet although I have been waiting for them to arrive for over two weeks. I’m looking forward to earning a few bucks and it wouldn’t make me mad if you had to look at 6 figures plus.

  52. Lori Keehn

    I love coffee too and I am most interested in facebook advertising, prob because I dont have a mobile phone yet, lol.

    BTW nice kitchen and my son was afraid that this would have a scary pop up at the end so he hid around the corner while I was watching, LOL

  53. Katherine Roush

    In answer to your question, I think I would like to learn more about marketing on Facebook. I’m not having any great amount of success yet, but there is so much to learn and understand. I’m hoping things will happen for me soon.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  54. Inez

    hello Anthony, I’m getting ready to watch your blog now I know it will be great.. have a great weekend

  55. Inez

    As i was reading some of the comments II is good to know that i’m not along with learing this marketing program, sometimes i think my brain is on lock down and can’t move forward. then a light goes on .In my head and i can take a few more baby steps. I will finish this program

  56. Sue Williams

    Thanks for all the free online marketing info! Learn something new each day! Love your cash incentives…everyone could use a few extra bucks in their pocket. Keep up the great work!

  57. bruce chong

    hi anthony i watch your weekly blog 75 giving away $ if you choose me the winer please send me my price to my address pobox7435 saipan mp96950.thankyou my e mail submit i want to send my email to evryone on facebook to support the brucechong foundation.ok thanks

  58. Colleen DeVoll

    I was really surprised on the master videos i watched. i would like to learn every thing

  59. Larry Crosby

    I don’t get to the computer every day to see the blogs. Learning and staying positive is the name of the game to be profitable in any business, so thank-you Anthony.

  60. John and Annette Hayes

    Anthony, Great blog — really appreciate you sharing as you did. We love being a part of your group. Thanks for everything>

  61. Douglas Miller, PE

    What is there for those of us – yes we do exist – who don’t choose to FaceBook or Twitter or whatever – who would like to remain anonymous?

  62. Peter and Rose Alvino

    It’s great to see you live and know that you are so dedicated and motivated. You motivate us to continue learning to become a marketing affiliate. We are reading your books and will begin soon to use the knowledge provided to earn some income. Thank you so much for sharing with the rest of us.

  63. Albert Shinn

    I watched the blog yesterday on my Blackberry but hit a wrong key, so I couldn’t respond. Good stuff about marketing on FB. I should have the funds soon to work with a coach. That is going to be helpful not that I can’t do it on my own. I can avoid making mistakes with someone assisting. I simply feel good with the things you are doing. Thanks again Anthony.

  64. gertrude

    hi Anthony, hope i will be the winner, i need the money to promote my niche @ clickbank, cant wait to make money.
    Thanks for sharing.

  65. Beverly Bonne

    Mark, I have told several friends about you and the “Anthony stairway to Heaven” I am a novice to this and I look forward to all your Webinar’s, Blogs etc. the fact that you want to truly help people that you don’t know is inspiring in itself. Keep up the knowledge. Also, I can’t tweet so don’t give up on us computer users. Haven’t been able to locate or activate my website. Could you give us a step by step so I can get started. Thanks a MILLION.

  66. Ellen Novota

    Thank you for all you do Anthony. I’m so glad I opted to go with the coaching anfd training for publishing my soon to be website. The study is very interesting and thorough. I also appreciated being able to view your last webinar which I had missed last Friday. Thank you for that video, and the info. on reoccurring income.

  67. Ali in San Miguel

    How do I learn my way around facebook and twitter so I can do more of what you say to do?

  68. Cheryl

    Yes I am interested in learning more about facebook marketing. Thank you and have a wonderful week-end!

  69. Kee Hill

    I really appreciate your enthusiasm in motivating us to strive. though i haven’t had much time to read your book, thoroughly. Yet, i want to learn more about marketing on facebook. thank you and keep striving.

  70. Lonni

    I see some of these off and on. That is not a god thing. You’re stuff is very interesting, very motivating. I really must make the time to watch all of these and to follow the program. There have been too many of these blogs and emails for this to be less than what you claim it to be. I think I’m hooked. I will be watching for the next blog. Thank you!

  71. Dawn H.R. Frederick

    coffee mugs from faraway places. Great premium and souvenir idea.
    Dawn H.R. Frederick

  72. Floyd Gathing

    Hey Anthony, how are you doing today. Great I’m sure. I just want to send a shout out to you for the exceptional way that you present and deliver your educational materials. You have got it all together.

  73. Margaret Maher

    Hi Anthony, I love watching your videos and am setting up my website. I am finding it very hard at the present but I will stick it out and keep trying.
    Keep the info coming. Thanks.

  74. mauricio londono

    i do not know how to get to mi web page. but i would like more knowledge for the ethical bribe

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