1. Christian

    Hi Anthony,

    I very excited to start this month success connections profit cycles on Email Marketing.

    Thank you very much. I have learn alot from the “Mathew Effect”



  2. Michael Herline

    Looking forward to learning about email marketing.

  3. Anna M. styka

    Thanks, I’m excited to hear from you. When you talk, everything makes sens
    and looks so easy. In life is not so easy. Practice, practice, and understanding, learning every single day. You are a good teacher!!!
    But you talk so very fast!!!!

  4. K. K. Kumaroo

    I am planning to watch the entire presentation during the next 5-6 weeks. It sounds logical that everything starts with traffic ………

  5. Sandra

    Anthony I’m sorry I missed your webinar last night. I forgot all about it in time to click on. Sandra

  6. Betty H

    Yes, I am excited about learning about the email profit cycle and will be looking forward to next week’s video. Your training is always awesome and full of content.
    Thanks, Anthony.

  7. Tim Tapp

    I am excited! How do you determine the niche you should be emailing? Can you take advantage of your career history?

  8. Albert Eaton-Bey

    Wow Anthony…the first video tied a lot of details bouncing around in my head.looking forward to the rest of the training…Albert

  9. Anna M. Styka

    I am really looking for your next sessions about Email/Profit Cycle.
    My the biggest problem is traffic. I’m Polish that means problem with
    writing emails correctly. I hope that yours lessens will help me.
    Thank you.

  10. Gregg Doerfler

    Excited about the email training, I have my responder and squeeze pages in place, now it’s time to rock n roll!!

  11. Albert Eaton-Bey

    Have been seeking to learn the “how-to” of generating income on the internet for a long time…so I have a lot of information …but have been unable to put the skills together to produce results. This first video gave me a big picture sketch to fill in with details that produce results…I can see where its going.

  12. Ebonye Johnson

    I’m very excited to hear more into the email marketing Anthony.-and how cool that for the first time ever I was able to view the success connection from my phone/they would never play before,so yay!!

  13. Marietta

    I really need help. I’m totaly lost since a physical situation knocked me out of the loop over a year ago. Can I start over from the beginning?

  14. Phyllis

    Thank, Anthony!!! I am very excited to learn more from your video training on Profit Cycle Email Marketing and am looking forward to your training. You always cover everything in great detail to make it totally understandable for everyone.

  15. wayne wong

    I sent out 1000 emails to all my people and invited them to check out his success connections program of Morris, Anthony

  16. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    As usual, this is fantastic. I am so excited and I really want to learn everything about the email marketing profit cycle. It sounds really amazing and exciting. I cannot wait to get started. Starting traffic is usually my problem.

    See you next week.

  17. Dave Tini

    Thanks for the training. I will be here each week.
    I am a member of your mentoring program.
    Thank you for the help.

  18. Sandra

    Anthony,.I also tried to sign up for your Rippln team but the email wouldn’t let me . And I am still trying to get every thing set up for my business. Trying to get the 7search set up now. Its such a slow go I was hoping to be through setting it all up before now. Thanks, Sandra

  19. Donald Phillips

    Anthony you are a very smart man and kind at that. everything about your company and how powerful your information is could be for someone like me, is a rush. I have had three small businesses that put i together and work hard at
    they were all a success which i was very proud of. then i got sick never been at all in my life, i found out i had gotten Heart decease it crumpled my world. my drive has been getting better, under the care of my doctor who has done wonders for me has put me back in the running of course with paying more attention to my health i feel great, the thing is that i’m broke with little income monthly and i don’t want you to waste your time on me, even though
    you do make me feel like i can move monutains i just don’t have what it would take capital wise to lead you on because i want to learn. I wish you the very best in life as you and your family will have because of your hard work. Thank You Anthony i will remember your greatness as a person. God Bless.

  20. Robert Karney

    I am excited about the total process and want to know the total process and all the details. Robert

  21. merle pulver

    Yes I am anxious to learn more about the quality and convertability of the “lead capture page”

  22. Edmund

    Hello Anthony ,
    How are you today it looks like everybody picked a good topic to start with I tried Aweber service 1$ Trial offer to start and tried it for a couple months it took a little bit to get used to it but once I learned to use it I really liked Awebers service had I been getting more Opt-ins I definetly would have stuck with there service. Thank you, for the great session today and….

    Have A Great Day Anthony!

  23. Henrique Nyankale

    Great Anthony!

    I love your “E-mail Profits” lessons. I will watch all of them.

    Pleae keep up the good work!


  24. Bill Munro


    I am glad to know that you are hitting on this strategy. I look forward to taking
    in all the knowledge in writing emails vs. ads. In a way Anthony, I hate to wait
    till next week.

    To Our Success,


  25. Carol

    I’m excited to get started getting money on Anything! Trying to do the email, but wondering if you need clicks first?.

  26. John Antaya

    The email profit cycle is something that everyone should learn in relation to internet marketing. There are several different aspects that need to be done and usually in their proper order to make this work for you. Thank You for this part of it and the future parts of the email cycle.

  27. Mark

    Thanks, Anthony, appreciate the effort you make to bring these lesson to us.
    Love it.


  28. Zamo Nyankale

    Hi Anthony:

    Thanks a lot for the great lessons you diliver. I am more than motivated and I cannot wait to start implementing your worth while tips. my bugdet is coming along and I will be able to secure some money to get started. You are a great teacher!

  29. Carl Sacks

    You are moving me in the right direction and, I like you presentations

  30. Chris Nweke

    Hi Anthony; Very innovative the profit cycle email is appreciated, I believe we are going to learn more thing from this training. I look forward learning from you on this topic. God bless you the more.

  31. Julie Scheinthal

    I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with your training systems. I am a mother of three who as of next year will have graduated college. And although they are all about the same age as you I still want to be able to do for them and I want to do for me too! They have spent most of their lives taking care of me. I have Multiple Sclerosis and hd to quit teaching school in 1993. It is my hope that in will be able to make money and help out my kids with your business as soon as I understand how to do it and begin to make money on my own.
    Thank you very much for your wonderful webcasts and all of your information you are putting at my hands.
    I look forward to sharing with you one day how we’ll I did!
    Thank you?very much!
    Julie Scheinthal

  32. Jimmy Fabiano

    Fantastico, looking fwd to it! You have nice training sessions that your brother Adrian has had for me, thanks Anthony

  33. Yvette

    I don’t know if the first thank you got sent to you but here it is again.

    Thank you so much for training me on email marketing as I have become aware it is all in the list . As I gain my confidence about doing email marketing I could use all the training that I could get ,You could not have offered it at a better time Thanks again Anthony.


  34. Mario Meneses

    good anthony teach me all u can I would like to chat with you on face book to learn your secret to finantial succes
    thanks for your precious time my friend

  35. Margie Mclaughlin

    I am very excited about getting started with the Email Profit Cycle


  36. Hazel J Adams

    Hi Anthony ! This is just what I needed,to get steps that will get me started with Email marketing.Keep it going ,you share very good training.Thanks !

  37. Carl Hendrix

    Sounds Great! Hope to have this accomplish in my learning the end of this training and act upon it. thanks once again, Carl

  38. Mark Hatley

    This is a great subject to go over!! I am glad you are teaching this Anthony, you always do a great job teaching making it easy to understand. Thanks for teaching this to us!! It is always great to have you teaching us!!

  39. Chris

    Hey Anthony,
    I think the email information is good information so far. Looking forward to the rest of the email pieces. Ready to learn about emails.

  40. Patrick Miller

    Looks like a great plan! Cannot wait to get started!

  41. m.zaborae esq

    How much is it going cost get coaching and traffic? How much is the commission?

  42. Irene Wolfe

    Hi Anthony,

    Yes, I am very excited about this new venture of e-mailing. As you probably know I am very new at this game and am in your 3 day class now. There is so much material to absorb. I hope everything works out and I can really start making some serious money. Anyway, thanks for your classes and your support.


  43. Felix Enadeghe

    That is super cool I hope is easy and true the way is sound.
    Hope to learn more from you and hope to see you in
    Houston for the train.

  44. Sharon Carpenter

    Where can we get help and training for the Get Response session?
    On average how long will it take to acquire the knowledge and then be able to leverage the skill that will result from the training?

    Take good care!

  45. Sharon Carpenter

    Sounds intriguing.
    Will we need to create a website as part of this service?
    Is there anything we can do and/or review now to prepare for the upcoming 6 week session you referenced? On average how long will it take to be enabled to leverage the traffic attained for inclusion in the Email Marketing list?

    Thanks for the highlights. Have a great weekend!



  47. Tomi Haynes

    Can’t wait for the additional training. I am excited about going over the email cycle. It will be great learning the techniques, strategies and timing in order to generate revenues


  48. emma

    I didn’t choose email,but i should have.I’m going to like learning more.It’s especially helping me by taking notes.

  49. Sandra Hornor

    I have had your program for a while (to long), and have not began working your magic till now! Is this a good time to begin the program? I’ll be a good student. lol

  50. Thomas Griffin

    lets quit talking about it…lets actually do it.. how about details

  51. Pat Ready

    No website yet………….looking forward to next week.

  52. Marc Montaniel

    I’ll be starting my e-mail marketing this month. So, this lesson comes in handy as I get to polish the steps that I need to take to make my e-mail marketing a success! Thanks Anthony.

  53. Melody

    Hi Anthony, I enjoy watching the Success Connection & looking forward to learning more about the profit cycle email marketing.

  54. maryshelton

    i do not have a website i need a little more to go on i believe i can be successful doing this i have lisen to all your programs how can i get traffic can you give me a little help

  55. Steven Tullis

    sweet cool Hope it will a very step by step process like you have said before. Preferrably talk about the auto responders.

  56. Glenda Garey

    Glad you are doing this. Most interesting.
    Thank you

  57. Kazuko Finney

    Hi, Anthony,

    Thank you for your great teaching.
    I’m really excited about learning the profit cycle e-mail marketing.
    This time, I think I can start up the on-line marketing process and
    set up the working system. I’m ready for good learning.
    Best wishes, Kaz

  58. matt Shumann

    I can’t wait to learn about all this great stuff. You are a great mentor who always keeps us motivated.

  59. Karin Altankov

    I’m exited!!! From what I have learned, that’s a basic ingredient in marketing online – please correct me if I’m wrong! I would like to know which day of the week you’ll send the emails out, it would make it easier for me to remember! Thanks Anthony for all the help you provide, without it I think I would have given up long ago…

  60. M.A. Allen

    This is a great idea. It looks like you plan on doing each cycle of 6 on doing a list with each way of doing it. But the 1st with the cell phone which maybe new to everyone. Plus just in time for some of us who only know how to make calls and play games with it.

    All thought I wanted it to PPV Marketing first. Because I have a website on hold waiting on all the details to launch for the 1st time. And need details on how it is done to add to the website with what I would be promoting.

    Keep it coming.
    M. A. Allen

  61. Wayne Hackworth

    I would like to know how I can start right from the beginning and get a Internet and or email business up and running. I also want to know how to use my smart phone for this type of business. Thank you; Way e

  62. Ann Salmi

    Had two that did nit open, work friday nights. Watch later still building list. Thanks soon will start working.

  63. Kitty Young

    Avid FB fan, answer others ads, attended presentation, very interested; however, do not have monies available for investment.
    Kitty Young

  64. Ruby Gabionza

    Excited to watch more of the email profit cycle….thanks so much, Anthony!!


    Ruby G.

  65. helen

    I really need help with this – using the autoresponder and the email marketing, struggling with it. Thank you Anthony.

  66. anthony

    I like your program it;s very informative,i been on all your webinars and looking forward to thur.night web.

  67. Sandra

    Yes Anthony, As it shows above I sent a replay May 3, as I can see above this reply. I also have my business all set up. Thanks, Sandra

  68. Joe Bosch

    Good program, I’m looking forward to it. However, how do I get traffic to my site to begin with so I can generate an email list? If there’s no traffic to begin with, no email list is going to come into being. This is where I’m stopped.

    I enjoy these lessons and look forward to the next one.


  69. Alice Mafabi

    Thanks for the introduction to Email marketing.
    Is it ok to ask how much it requires for one to invest in completing the cycle before making your first dime. This helps a lot. Can one invest step by step til completing the cycle.
    Regard, Alice

  70. Ben Benson

    Anthony; Yes, I am excited to receive what you are going to teach us in the next 6 weeks on the “Profit Cycle”. I trust that it will lead to being able to get my business up and running. Very excited indeed!!!!!


    Ben Benson

  71. Emma Brunson

    Can’t wait for the other videos. May this time I will start seeing some revenues

  72. Pamela Storr

    To Anthony:

    That is good. I can’t afford anything else with my money. I hope it doesn’t cost me any more at this time.

    I will listen to you all the time.

  73. Fouad Al Zomir

    My dear Mr. Anthony

    Thank ya so much for your awesome enthusiasm.

    Our God created Mr. Anthony in this life to be a professorial in Internet

    – Fouad.

  74. Ipe Pereira Da Silva

    Hei Anthony, I’m so glad to be your student! I am learning so much with the Success Connection. I like Profit Cycle Email Marketing… Thank you very much.

  75. Dorothy A-W


  76. Audrey Wittnebel

    During seminars when you use the whiteboard, I find it very difficult to read the words on the board. Could you write a bit
    bigger and/or could you use a black pen?

    I like to copy the graphs you make and add notes. I am struggling with reading the words as you are lecturing because the words are quite small.

    Thanks so much for your interest in teaching!

  77. Bill Munro


    Once again, I’m very excited with this part of the Profit Cycle. I share your
    information with myNetworkingPro, Facebook, & Twitter. The more I learn,
    the more I find that I need to learn, to be successful. That’s worth waking
    up for each & everyday.

  78. El Dee James

    Anthony this is great. I am looking forward to learning this phase of the marketing. The only thing I would like to ask is on the diagrams could you write a little bigger. Usually I can see them fine but this one I couldn’t read what you had written on the circle. I always try to take notes so I can refer back to them but sometimes you talk a little faster than I can write and if I can’t see your diagrams then I can’t get all the info I want to.

  79. Jim Long

    Dear Anthony,

    I am interested in getting up and going. I have so many ideas for really making this a great profitable adventure, but need a launch plan. Please contact me.

  80. Darlene Jarosch

    this video was very helpful. I am very motivated.

    I can’t wait to start your class the week of May 20 to 23. Have a good day

  81. Jeanie

    Yes, I am excited about learning your techniques. Thank you,

  82. Wilma

    The traffic with the right promotions requires having good ads Anthony …

  83. carol k gardner

    hi anthony many thanks for information with me just start looking forward for profit cycle email marketing working on it now

  84. Frank De Leon

    Am very excited about learning as much from you as possible. Thank you for the opportunity.

  85. Claudia

    Hello, Thank you so much for doing this helping so many people. I am very happy and will follow so I can learn as much as I can. Thank you and God bless

  86. Sharon

    Thank you Anthony, for each lesson.You are a very good teacher. I sure need to keep learning from you.

  87. David Gentry

    Looking forward to the E-Mail training. I need all the help I can get. Tired of being ripped-off by internet phonies.

  88. Carol

    Hey Anthony, I put “Make Money On Line” I had a lot of tweets about it. So I responded to one guy with lots of questions to Check out PMI and Anthony Morrison. Hope he does.

    I’m trying out your program. I’ve set up an ad on FB with 80,779,880 viewers.
    So with the deduction Tim made I should still have 8,078 ! 🙂

  89. Vantina Christmas

    Thank you Anthony:

    This is a great time for me to learn and earn a decent aMount of revenue. I am praying for my understanding of the lessons. Thanks again for your generous nature, I need to win, and know how this works!”

  90. Becky Quint

    Thank you Anthony, I’m excited to get to work on this.

  91. Felix Enadeghe

    I am always interested any time i listen to your teaching,i can not
    wait to start my internet busines, my three days training in Houston
    is just 3 days away and i can not wait i am looking forward to it.

  92. Stephen Summitt

    Hi Anthony!

    Thank you for your time, support, and willingness to provide training on an understandable level. I am so excited that you have decided to teach the E-mail Marketing Profit Cycle!!! Especially, since everything I read and have learned from webinars says that building your list is the foundation to e-mail marketing and internet marketing in general. I am a newbie at internet marketing and am open minded and ready. So, I look forward to “taking action” from your teaching.

    Best regards,

    Steve Summitt

  93. Mike

    Yo Anthony,
    Looking forward to seeing how this all comes together.

  94. Nicole Antoine

    Hello Anthony,How are you? I’d like to thank you for all your precious times to teach me and other people that you don’t even know about online marketing.I’m looking forward to watch the full presentation of the the profit cycle.You are one of the best teachers that I know!!! keep up the great work anthony! may God continue to bless you!

  95. Nicole Antoine

    Hi Anthony, how are you? I’d like to thank you for all your precious times to thelp me and other people that you don’t even know about online marketing.You really touch my heart with your kindness and your desire to help are such a great teacher.I’m looking forward to watch the full presentation of the Profit Cycle.May The lord continue to bless you and your family.

  96. Virginia Scott

    Anthony, I’m a retired senior who is not at all tech-savvy. However, I’m confident that this marveous system of yours is my answer to a better life and a promising future

    Thank you for caring.

  97. frank senner

    thank you anthony.i do not think that i recieved this information before.i am excited about getting more specific information on each part of this cycle.

  98. Linda Kimsey

    Just bought your course on email and am excited about these training lessons. I know I can’t have too much info to be successful at this. Thanks Anthony for your willingness to share with us.

  99. Harold Haulbrook

    “I’m” NOT, a man of many words, –‘I’m” just trying to soak it all in, “One” [email protected] a time. —If i fall brush myself off & keep going —“you have to have” the mind set –it’s not “If”– “Its” when. “Everything” worth wild –“takes time”. “THANK YOU” hope all’s well.

  100. Aysha Burnett

    I am really excited to learn more about e-mail marketing.

  101. Deniece

    I can’t wait to learn the proper way to learn about building up my list using
    email. Thanks Anthony

  102. Jodi Ritter

    I am finally to the point where I feel I can fit your training videos into my day. I have been working out of the book I ordered “365 Days to Success” and the material is awesome! I love being able to learn a business from the ground up so I feel I can understand everything and how it works.
    Thanks you so much, and I am looking forward to learning about email marketing. Jodi

  103. Sharon Siemens

    Success Connection, both you sent weren’t working.
    Could you send them again? No 159
    Thank You!

  104. Henrique Nyankale

    Great lesson Anthony! Thanks for making it easier to understand.

  105. Henrique Nyankale

    Thanks again, Anthony. Easy stauff to implement? It should be.

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