Weekly Blog #72: And The Winners Are…

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To This Weeks Cabo Gift Winners That are Announced In the Video Please Email Me ASAP!


  1. Kellie

    Yes, please continue webinars, Anthony. It is very helpful. Thank you!

  2. Steven Surace

    Webinar’s are in my opinion better than conference calls. It helps to visually see the contents of the webinar as well as hear it. Really looking forward to the next one. Keep them coming!

  3. Sheila Dickerman


    Yes I think the webniar’s are much better than just phone calls, we can see what you are talking about and I am more of a see and do person. I would also suggest that you start like at the beginning for us newbie’s trying to get the business started. I know you have been doing this for some time but all of the info coming at you in the form of your books is a bit overwhelming. I am still trying to figure it all out. I am not understanding just where you get your products to advertise and how they pay you and how you pay them. So even if you can put together a set of trainning CD’s it would be helpful.

    Thanks and I look forward to the august webinar

  4. Angela DeYoung

    I am a visual learner. So webinars are great! If you continue to offer them I will show up. Thank You for your poll.

  5. Alissa Garrison

    I will be at the upcoming seminar like I was for the last one! I look forward to learning more!

  6. Lisa Lankford

    I think the webinars are the way to go instead of conference calls. I would love to see you do more webinars in the future.

  7. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – Always good to hear from you. I enjoy the webinar forum even though I have not had the opportunity to be on any of your conference calls.
    I have recently signed up with your program within the last couple months.

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us.

    Dorothy Derr

  8. John Grigsby

    Webinars are vastly superior to conference calls. Hope you will continue them, even though they require more preparation. It would be nice to have the connection so that we can send written questions to you during the session and you can respond immediately.

  9. Henry

    What am i suppose to do? I am new tp the internet.I habe a website but i don’t know how to make money.

  10. Richard Peterson

    I think the webinar approach is more effective than a call-in system.

  11. John Lee Holland

    The webinar seems to be the best way to train and to let everyone know what’s coming up. The blog is also a good way to train and inform but it is not as “personal” as the webinar.

    BTW, I joined the Tellman group ‘send email’ on your support of them.

  12. Deanna Martin

    hi Anthony, Would love another webinar. Wish i could have purchased the software from the last one. Went to Adrian’s seminar in Tampa . Awesome!
    Thanks, Deanna

  13. Michael Tracy

    Webinars are much better, if for no other reason than that involving visuals, as well as audio input, typically results in greater attention on the part of the viewer to the material being presented. In addition, information received via two senses, e.g., vision and hearing, or vision and smell, is received by the brain with greater intensity, and thus leaves a greater impression and stronger memory.

  14. Maria Isaza

    Your webinar was great, unfortunately I was one of those that couldn’t get in, and though that something was wrong with my computer. The good thing is that I have watched your webinar three times already (sorry getting older, so I need repetition ;))
    I am exited with the new webinar and this time around if it crashes again, I will wait.
    Thanks for the effort you guys are putting into this.

    Best regards,

  15. Allen

    I would much rather receive a webinar than do a conference call…much ,much more like live.

  16. James Croom

    Anthony, even though I haven’t done very much with your program, I certainly have found you to be perhaps the most ethical and honest person I have been associated with on the internet. Being honest with myself, the reasons that I have not been successful is like of money and fear of failure. Thanks to you , I’m becoming more confident.
    Thank you and God Bless you. I love what you did for those people in Joplin.

  17. Nanette Baird

    Thank you for teaching me so much information. I learn from everything you do to keep me engaged. It tells me what I need to do to be successful within the new wave of media exposure. I am completely amazed how easy it is, except for the hours of effort, it is to create and execute the process of media press releases. Thank you. I look forward to hearing more…

  18. John M

    I wanted to take this opportunity to give you 5 stars on the webinar repeat and new webinar upcoming! I would love to see a live webinar with a combination video and computer examples similiar to last time! The live portion would consist of a white board in the background giving you the ability to add to the presentation on the fly if something inspirational or creative comes to you! The gifts are great too! I enjoy the real world, pull back the curtain techniques that will put cash in the pocket!

    P.S. I am going to featue you on my site! Please check it out!

  19. Cynthia Becker

    Webinar? Love it! I’ll be there! Now my question is this:
    does lightning strike twice?

  20. Robin Sherwood

    More webinars are great. They help to see how things are done. Computer crashed this week so be busy trying to get it back up and running.

  21. Kathleen Beller

    Hello Anthony, I will joyfully attend the webinar August 11th, because I need
    to learn how to use the CPV method since it is one of the cheapest methods to get traffic. I would like more webinars. I would like to give a helpful comment on the first webinar. The volume was set too low on your end. I had my computer volume turned up all the way, but I literally had to put my ear to the
    computer to hear it. All of your other videos have had good volume.

    Webinars are fun and exciting. After all, I am joining a large group of people without having to travel anywhere. I am in California so the 9:00 pm Eastern time is good for me. Thank you!!!

  22. Wayne Adams

    You do not know how bad i want to do this program. I am on a fix income and is very hard to stay above water but if there is a way you can set up some type of payment that would be great. Wayne

  23. Gina F

    Definitely, got alot of information from the last webinar. So, yes, I do think that this is a better way of teaching vs. the conference calls. However, I am still a newbie and still haven’t got the entire puzzle put together yet. Thanks for all that you are doing. You are an inspiration. Thanks.

  24. Daniel

    I prefer webinars to teleseminars. I look forward to more of the former than the latter.

  25. John Kennedy

    In response to your question: I personally believe for me the webinar is more educational and a better one on one than the phone conferences. Most of us older clients would like you younger folks to slow your speaking down a little so it will be more understandable ha! I have that problem with my own two grown children. Thank You!

  26. Steven Crespin

    I think ppl learn more by going in to a webinar cause u see it how it is being done and wat to do with it in the end,so in my opinion I prefer webinar instead of conference calls.

  27. Juanita

    Thank you and your webinar was informational. Are you a God sent Angel? I’m a single parent struggling. Since last year I’ve been following you. You are one inspirational person and I do have stickey notes everywhere and do get laughed at but I say you just wait. 😉 I only have a computor at work and I live in the country so conference calls are too good. I’m looking forward to the next webinard. I want you to know that I would have to go back to work at nite and spend the nite to whatch the next one but I think It’s worth IT;)
    God Bless,
    Thank you,

  28. Laura Heigh

    I had one conference call and one webinar and both were helpful….I like just having the information you provide and the whole idea of you keeping me motivated into doing the next thing or have you done this yet. I am excited and am looking forward to the day that I make my first dollar or dollars……: ) SMILING BIG!!!!!

  29. Tammy Ruegsegger

    I am not sure if webinars are better because I have not done the conference calls. I would sure like to see more webinars because they are helpful and inspiring because sometimes that is what we all need.

  30. RLee

    Anthony- RLee here, I am in financial trouble, I need help. Is any one out there? I will not forget those whom step upto help get to success and finaancial reward. Thank You! R Lee

  31. Jo MacDonald

    Anthony~ First thing I need to tell u is that ur doing well, “if” u want something done, U get someone, busy to do it. That way ur sure.
    I’m pleased to know that u are doing something that doesn’t take anything other than my time to attend, that everyone can afford. The last webinar I felt like I was blind sighted. I did get on, early and I sat while u crashed and then to find out the main thing was to sell something, I was p_____d! I have listened to u after making 1.00 out of ur book, then waited while I earned the 400.00 to do PMI. I had no money but sure glad I did PMI. I needed the one on one as I’, Brain Injured. Keep it up I want to learn as much as I can so I can pass it on to others on disability.
    Still don’t have a website but that’s coming soon. I’m looking for a decent dropshipper.

  32. Diedre Lingenfelter

    Hi, Anthony! YES! Continue with the webinars. To me they are more friendly than the conference calls – especially for those of us who are visual people. I’m looking forward to the August webinar. A BIG thank you for using this method of teaching.

  33. Silvana

    Congratulations to the winners. I will be waiting your email regarding the next webinar.

  34. Lueroyce

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the webinars!! They are so informational and increase my knowlege by leaps and bounds! I am VERY excited about the upcoming webinar in August… I have told my husband that we CANNOT plan a vacation for August until I know the date of the webinar! This venue of encoragement means more to me than all the other emails, etc… Thanks for taking your vauable time to keep me motivated!

  35. Carolyn Christian-Anderson

    Hi Anthony,

    I am going to your training with Adrian next weekend with Adrian in Houston, TX. Will let you know how I like your webinar. Listened to your conf. call this am @ 10AM. Warm & Fuzzy. You sound like a very nice guy. Printed off all your 3 e-books and looking forward to reading them before the training next week!

    I am very motivated to get this business off the ground.

    – Carolyn Christian-Anderson, CPCU

  36. Karen Delgado

    Webinars are great!!!!!!!! It makes it easier to understand when we can not only see you talking to us but when you write things too!! Looking forward to the next webinar & for the details next Thursday!! :o) Thanks forall you do!!
    Karen D.


    Hi Anthony.

    I especially admire your dedication in helping and sharing your experiences with people. Your experiences are an eye opening to some us.

    Best of luck!

    John A. Fontem

  38. Michael Setar

    I look forward to Anthony’s weekly blog to inspire and provide the motivation required to help me operate a successful business.

  39. Cindy K Brown

    I like the webinars for initial learning,but I am a visual learner so that just may be me. Once I have basic info down, conference calls are OK.
    Keep it coming Anthony!!

  40. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – I do prefer the webinar to the conference call. I am familiar with conference calls from other businesses but have not had the opportunity to be on one of your calls. I know I made the right decision in ordering your book and signing up with your program. Couldn’t ask for a better mentor!!

    Thanks for all your help,
    Dorothy Derr

  41. Susan Eldridge

    Although I haven’t been on one of your conference calls, I believe the webinars would be a better learning tool. Every now & then a conference call or Q&A would be great. Looking forward to it.


    Good day Anthony.

    I read your books and watched your program with great interest and excitement.
    I should be grateful for your continued support and experience sharing.

    Thank you!

    John A. Fontem

  43. Valerie Parker

    Webinar are much better than the conference calls. Looking forward for the next one.








  45. Linda Guarino

    I want to be included in all you do, I have learned a lot of new thinngs. One day I will afford the complete course so keep making the offers. I am trying to save for that day.

  46. Debbie Seelbach

    Yes webinars, I think, are better. Because it’s visual (like the weekly blog) and doesn’t tie up the phone lines. I am a visual learner and this is my type of learning tool.

  47. Ronald McCarty

    Anthony, the training Webnairs will be much appreciated by all. Freebees and money are also great but shouldn’t be the motivating factor. Now that’s not to say that I would turn that down but the reason and only reason I view your sites and now Webnairs is to hopefully learn from your success.
    I must say your upbeat approach leaves us all with hope.
    Thanks, Ronald J. McCarty Sr.

  48. Joy

    Thanks Anthony for putting together the webinar. They are much better for everyone. I am very hard of hearing and the calls did not work for me. I really want to figure the whole business out. I am impressed with the effort and programs that you put together.

  49. Jen Johnson

    I do like the Webinars, but I have to admit that the very first time I heard you speak was on a teleconference, and your message came out loud and clear. I could truly hear the honesty, commitment, and dedication in your voice and in the words you used. Just don’t lose those qualities and I am sure we will do excellent either way.
    See you in August!
    Jen Johnson

  50. Fred Kiene

    Anthony, looking forward to the next webinar, why is it I don’t see in the list, that it/s not on my name, Fred Kiene?

  51. Eric

    Anthony, I like the support and continued webinars, without them and your marketing support their will be a great lost to the marketing comunity!

    Thanks for all you have done tp support my business and the valued support you offer to all marketers.

    Best Reguards,Eric

  52. sandra martinez

    Yes I would attend I thank that this is a great way for us to learn more.I’m a hands on type of learner and it helps me when i can see it and not just read it. THANKS Anthony

  53. Jeremy Winkler

    I caught your interview on a program from derict tv the other night called something klike i live next door to a millionaire. I am stoked to learn how to do this with you and the other 22,000 people. Can you email me on how to get started and where should i be more focused with this. please thanks so much


  54. Jeremy Winkler

    In fact anyone that has spare time to get me up to speed is more than welcome i would be very excited and thankful you can email me at [email protected]

  55. Sandy

    Oh I can’t wait for the Webinar, It’s amazing that so many people can be engaged at once! I LOVE it! I learn so much more and tons of lightbulbs go on over my head when I am learning from Anthony! Thank you Anthony for help US! I can’t wait till I can help others too!

  56. Renee Burden

    Yes, Anthony, the webinars are better than conference calls. You are able to see as well as hear the information and it helps. Looking forward to the next webinar!

  57. Carol Friesen

    I look forward to the next webinar. I do thiink it is VERY informative.

  58. Merry Lou

    We like the webinars. We know they take a great deal of time for you to put together but it seems easier to understand. We have done both.

  59. Jesus Olvera

    Conference calls, although they are still being done by others, are something like the “horse & buggy” which we all know is a thing of the past. The “now” thing is the webinar because they are much more beneficial in terms of understanding what is being presented. Send the date and time for the next webinar.

  60. Robert "Ike" Isakson

    Will be waiting for your email with date and time of Webinar.

  61. Ronnie-Ray

    Webinar are much better than the conference calls.
    Looking forward for the next one.

  62. Ariann Childress

    I have to say I absolutely agree with doing the webinars. I am able to follow more closely with everything and the information seems to make more of an impact on how things are done. I’m truly looking forward to seeing more webinars in the future.

  63. Michael Edes

    Yes,Anthony I will be on the webinor,
    It would be Great if can do more webinars,
    I know you have very little time Thank You for Your time!

  64. Betty Todd

    The webinars are great if you have visuals for us! Or a lot of information that we need to write down…. that way we can have a blank word document open, do a print screen and copy, for what ever we need to remember, then paste it to the word document, save it … and refer back to it whenever we need to. Much faster than taking notes. Conference calls are fine if there are no visuals to learn from.

  65. LeRoy Shepard

    Smokin Hot ! I won the note pad, I intend to use it as motivation to earn enough for a trip to cabo to vist the Cabo Wabo.

    Webinars are cool and I plan to attend all that come along. They do have the drawback of timeing. You may want to consider pre-recording something as far as tips or lessons to eliminate all viewers connected at the same time, or a back up recording for those that missed out for one reason or another.

    Have a Super Rockin day

  66. Ronnie Graham

    I prefer Webinar much better because it is more personal and shows more info and can be played back in case you missed something. Thanks for all your dedication and hard work Anthony

  67. Susan

    Webinasr are great. It is great to see you talk and to watch you do what you do best, affiliate marketing. I have learned a lot from you and Adrian and hopefully I will not be in the mountain without my computer on the day you are doing the webinar because otherwise I am going to be online with you.

  68. Rosie

    Hi Mr. Morrison,

    Looking forward to the next webinar,
    I hope to get in on time on the following webinar.
    God Bless have an outstanding weekend.


  69. Marina C

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for the upcoming webinar. I am looking forward to listen. ‘Hope I’ll learn something new.

  70. Henry Jones

    Webinars are 100% more efficient than telephone meetings. Itseems to be more hands on. If we could have some type of direct messaging to you and responses from you/your team. This is the way to go. It seems to be a more hands-on approach. Thanks for listening.

  71. Ron Dubuque

    Anthony, Please continue the Webinar format. You project a lot of excitement through this medium and it’s quite motivating. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks!

  72. Linda Cress

    Yes! speaking for myself, I like the webinar better, because I can see exactly what you are doing. I can pick it up faster by seeing it than just hearing it. Yes I will attend any one that you do because I learn a lot more than what I know. Thanks for all your hard work for all of us.

  73. Laurel

    Webinars are much better, they are interactive and visual is always best over conference call where you on hear information/

  74. John Hervan

    Hello Anthony,
    I like the WEBINARS. They are a great way to train. BUT, I thought the confrence calls were outstanding. I was usually coming home from School when the would start so I wold just grab my celphone and call into the Confrence call and participate while I was riding the bus home, (Mass Transit). I guess especially since yo have to put in so much extra I guess I can as well. I just have to keep those days open for the Webinars.
    Have a great weekend.

  75. orufe abara

    Hi Anthony
    I like webina because you can always go back there to check what ever you do not understand, unlike conference call. So i think webina is better.

  76. Jennifer

    Yes, the webinars are good, and as I am learning the biz, the phone calls directly answer questions I may have at that time.
    Maybe after the webinar and as people begin to have questions, you could put together a faq so we can reference back to questions others have had that may help us learn too.

    My difficulty after last webinar was being able to sign up for the free money to advertise on cpv. tried numerous times but never saw it come through on my account with cpv. hmmm still have lots to learn.
    tks for all your help.

  77. Kathy Pavone

    Thanks Anthony for working so hard for all the training info. I am new, do not even have my website up yet, so I have not done a conference call, but love the webinars. Looking forward to another one.

  78. Bill Roser

    webinars are much better format than phone conference calls. the webinars don’t get interrupted by the log-on counter. The voice quality is 100% better, and I find you give better information in the webinars than you did in the conference calls. Keep carving out time for those webinars. If you need help, I write scripts and have produced similar programming.

  79. J. Michael

    The webinar is the way too go! Feels like i’m back in college again. Never liked trying too learn over a phone anyway.
    Thank you;

  80. Clara Leake

    Yes Anthony, the webinars are more productive and gives more important information. I will definately attend. Looking forward to it.

  81. Renee

    Hope I get to attend the webinar on the 11th that’s my granddaughters first birthday… We may be having Ice cream and cake…

  82. Dan B

    Webinar’s are the bomb over conference calls. It helps to see the contents of the webinar as well as hear it. Keep them coming!

  83. Gene Arnett

    LOVE!!!!, the webinar, best teaching I’ve had. Would love to see them continue. Next webinar, I’m ready, lets do it. They by far a much better way to teach than the calls, OHHHHH YA!!!!

  84. Shane Thompson

    With Webinars you can reach more people who would might not be able to afford the cost of getting to the live session and you provide them with time it takes to travel to do other things.

  85. Dianne Hauser

    Webinars are better than conference calls because people like me get more out of seeing than hearing only. I learn better when I can see what’s happening than just hearing someone talking.
    Keep them up your doing a great job.
    DJ Hauser

  86. Pam DeGuire

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Love the webinars. I have to say that you offer so much information that at times it can be somewhat overwhelming and the webinars make that information easier to grasp. Plus, so far what you have shared is valuable. Looking forward to the next one.

  87. John Banks

    i like the blogs that your sending me too anthony there great keep sending them soon i will be getting out off this truck an spending more time with you guys doing whats best thank you for every thing an keep sending i hope i can meet you soon JOHN BANKS

  88. Debbi in AZ

    Hi Anthony,

    Great Ideas, as usual!

    Was just reviewing Adrian’s Home Study Course and
    watching some tutorials . . . there is so much good
    stuff you guys give us! . . .

    YOU rock!

    Debbi in AZ

  89. Sheryl

    Yes, please continue the webinars. I am one that learns better visually than just by listening. Please continue the webinars.

  90. Rich Westbrook

    I just got hooked up with you Anthony and I’m looking forward to your Aug. webinar. S far I have to say that your way of doing things is different than anything else, and I’ve tried quite a few different systems, so I’m really looking forward to learning from you and follow what you do in the future.

  91. stella amoako

    Yes Anthony continue the webinars as many as you can
    don’t stop It’s good education.

  92. Eileen Katzer

    I think your webinar was great. Thanks for the time and energy you put into doing it. I am looking forward to the next one.

  93. Carol Powel

    Anthony I like webinar training better than the conference call.
    I look forward to you new trainings on the web.

  94. Deb Herber

    I like the webinar system best….conference calls are alright….but I like the interactive “show us” method of a webinar. It can be recorded for those of us whose “life” gets in the way, and so has to be viewed later.
    The webinar information delivery can be adjusted to allow for good note taking!

    Sure appreciate your efforts Anthony! And yes, bribery to stay engaged WORKS! lol 😉
    Hugs from Kansas!


  95. Ann

    I like the webnar format better than conference calls and I look forward to hearing what you have to say on the one!

  96. Mervat

    Yes, I would love to attend. It’s going to be new for me and hopefuly very useful.

  97. Debi Schwartz

    Webinars are ok, but I think your weekly blog videos could be expanded a bit to actually do some training on different subjects. That way I could watch on my schedule. Thanks.

  98. Sharon Davidson

    Another Webinar in August would be great. It’s much easier to retain info from a webinar than from a conference call. Two of our learning skills are being used – sight and hearing. And if we’re really smart and take notes, we’ve got three things going for us.

    I realize there’s more work for you to give a Webinar, but as you are aware, we’re all worth it. Thanks so much, Anthony, for seeing the bigger picture and helping us move our business forward.

  99. Becky Lisot

    Your Webinars are intriguing and innovative. Please keep them coming. When your teaching, help those of us who take notes. Well, doesn’t surprise me above, I just don’t ever win anything. However I feel you have reached out to me specially and that means so much to me. I amazed at how well you do with such minimal time. Hey could you do a webiner on time management and priorities. I will email you as I have an innate interest in what you’re doing. Stay with it, Anthony, you have so much to offer. Sincerely and gratefully, Becky Lisot

  100. Mindy

    I prefer Webinars over conference calls. It’s easier for me to learn when I can see what you talking about. Thanks for all you do – Looking forward to the next one!

  101. Fred Haney

    Hi Anthony

    I enjoyed the webinar. Thank for all the great info. Be safe have a great weekend. OH yes I will watch any webinar you put up.
    Thanks again

  102. Dodie Pagaoa

    Anthony, i prefer webinar vice conference call. It is a great teaching tool.

  103. iris galloway

    Glad the two winners won your gifts from your trip. that was so nice of you. I like the webinars, yes continue. thanks, iris galloway

  104. Jessie Littlejohn

    A big YES!!! to the Webinar,I learn better by seeing what is being talked about. Conference calls are ok,but seeing is believing.

  105. Luis Figueroa

    Webinars are great, but we can make it win/win by having conference calls.

  106. Lisa Jones

    I really loved the notebook!…. Maybe I can win your next cool gift.
    I get a lot from both your webinars and teleconferences, but I guess I’d say I like the visual training better. I’ll definitely be attending.

  107. Marlene Garcia

    Hi, Anthony

    Thank you,
    I’m the winner for The Cabos Palm Tree Yes, I’m intereted in the August webminar, and please send me the e-mail to register for the webminar.
    I’m still reading your 2 books and I’m confuse, on how I’m going to make this work for me, I suppose you have my address to mail me my gift.

    Have a bless weekend

    Marlene Garcia

  108. Wayne

    Your last webinar really rocked, got me excited to learn more so you can be sure that I’ll be there Thurs. Keep up the good work

  109. Beverly Fowler

    I start learning from Tasha on Thursday, Aug.ll. I am very excited to begin learning your techniques and pray I can duplicate them. I have taken a great leap of faith here but I know with all of your help, I , too, can be sucessful and bring a better way of life to me and mine. Thank you, Anthony, for making this possible. I will do all I can do to suceed and with the help of God and all of your prayers, I can do this!
    Please do the webinars as I along with many others need your expertise advice and guidance.
    Bless you!

  110. virginia

    go for it, i have learned a lot by the last one you had, am looking forward to the new one and congrad to the winners

  111. Charles L. [Lew] Jenkins

    I think webinars are very helpful and a good learning tool. I agree with LeRoy S. Please record the webinar so people that couldn’t attend or take notes slower can have an outline of your presentation. Thanks again.

  112. Kathryn Mann

    I love the webinars and look forward to the one this month. I would love to see you do one if not every month, every 2 -3 months. I really appreciate everything you are doing to help us get started and not lose focus.

  113. Lavantes

    Yes Anthony, I believe the webinars are much better than the conference call. They are great!

  114. Kyle Kendra

    I think webinar’s are more interactive and an easier way to learn techniques. Looking forward to attending. LeRoy has a point about the drawback of timing. With those of us who still have “regular jobs” and have to get up early, the late evening webinar’s are hard to attend. But understandably, you can’t make everybody happy. As the saying goes, “You can please some of the people some of the time but not all the people all the time”. Keep up the good work and hopefully we will all be able to attend.

  115. sandra

    Webinars are ways to get to the core of learning the process. looking forward to next webinar super!!

  116. Jacqueline Moody

    Dear Anthony, I ask you to continuethe webinar. It helpsmeto understand a lot better.Sincerely, Jacqueline Moody

  117. Beverly Klahn

    Looking forward to next webinar. Hope it does not come at the same time
    as our vacation.

  118. Sharon Walton

    Webinars are great please continue it online. It is very helpful with the right information.

  119. Nina

    Hi Anthony,
    Please keep the webinars going, they are a great tool those of us that are new to your company. One question for you and that is, I work at night and I was able to take off work early for the last webinar, I walked in the door 15 minutes before you began and then CRASH. I was glad that I was able to see the webinar later. Will the next webinar be avaliable for those of us that work at night? Thanks, for helping us begin our journey.
    Nina L

  120. Melissa

    Yes, I would like to see more webinars..it is helpful to see how things are done rather than to just hear it on a conference call. (=

  121. Karl Huber

    Hi Anthony,

    We are new at this and have never attended a Webinar but it sound like a very good idea. We would attend if the time frame is right and towards the evening during the week.

    Have a great day and nice weekend.

  122. miguel

    yesssir i like the webinar very informative n plus its also visual keep doing ur thang!!!

  123. Karen

    WOW—WEBINARS!!! I must prefer webinars to the conference calls–I got on a couple of times but couldn’t hold for all the questions–Please continue with the webinars.

  124. Laura

    I’m a show me type of learner. I’m trying to become an affiliate marketer but I’m totally confused and fustrated as to how to become one and what are the steps to being an affiliate marketer? Do you think you could do a Webinar on. “How To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer”? I think Webinars are better than conf. calls for the simple reason that a person can see what is being done instead of hearing and than playing the guessing game as to what was said.

  125. Jr

    I love the wedinars over calls. Plz keep posting them. i make fe fill like u r talking strait to me. They really keep me motivated and keeps me going strong. i have a lot of steping stones and obstacles that have been in my way an has held me back and down. An going thru a devorice that is broght me down. ( Just recentley) But now i have moving over them an giving a 150% to my net time an what u have taught me. Thank u so much for pick-in me up an showing me i can do it.

  126. Kaye Hutton

    I really do like the webinars. They are a lot like one on one training and are very helpful. I would like to see them continue.
    I have my calendar marked to look for the e-mail next Thursday 08/11.

  127. Bob

    Webinars are far better than telephone conference calls…keep up the good work.

  128. Florence day

    Thank very much for doing webinars I really enjoy them. I learn so much more when i can hear and see a real person. Books are great but some times I can’t graps the concept. So I give your webinars a two thumbs up !!!
    And i can’t wait to get my email from you on Thursday

  129. Selesa

    I really like your teaching Anthony; please continue with Webinars rather than Conference Calls.
    thank you for you time & valuable info.

  130. sondra

    Yes I thinkthe webinar is a better way of teaching. I will be there each and every time you do a webinar. Thank You!

  131. Janet Burke

    I like webinars, but I like conferance calls too!!!! Do them both. Everything helps us!! I know your to busy, but have your staff do them.

  132. Jamielee Hutton

    Yes I’d like to see more webinars . Webinars are much better than conference calls to me because I can see what I’m actually supposed to do . The last webinar was great with lots of valuable info .
    Thanks ,

  133. Ed Roche

    I much prefer your webinars. I pickup on things by seeing it over hearing it.
    I download them so I can watch them over if I prefer. Sometimes you pick up more information the second time around, at least I do.

    Thanks, Ed

  134. Milton Saltzman

    Continue the webinars. I want all the information I can get. Thanks and keep it up.

  135. Sandy R. Doten

    Hey, LeRoy, Congrats!,

    Isn’t it great, in these times, to have hope, and a vehicle to realize our dreams.
    You’ll have that trip, I’m sure…..Rock on! : )

  136. Sandy R. Doten

    I, too, enjoy your Webinars. Anthony, you are an honest human being, giving hope to so many. I look forward to seeing the next one.
    Thank you : )

  137. Sheryl

    Yes, I am so excited that you are doing another webinar. I missed the last one so excited that I can get in on the next one if it is not too early in the day. I am pacific coast time so if it is around 6 or later I should be able to join in. Because I work by the time I get home get things around the house done and dinner over it is usually after 6pm.
    I learn better visually so I love the webinars.

  138. Thomas Caines

    Anthony Webinars are much better than conference calls ,its more
    like I am there with you and I can even relax and listen to you exponding as it were the truth of APH Marketing you are a God send person helping the poor and needy those of us who seems never can get over living a live from pay check to paycheck .I do not have the funds at this time to get started but
    I do believe that APH Marketing is the way out for me .Contine the good Work .God Bless you and yours.

  139. Robert Banda

    Yes I believe that they are very helpful and more personal as well that way we can learn from you better, because more people are visual then anything else

  140. Ruth Taylor

    Hi Anthony, I think that monthly webinars would be fantastic for training. I am just getting started and would love to know some of the nuts and bolts of the how tos. I have a VERY LIMITED income and would love to see a payment plan that could be stretched out over 12 months for the higher priced software…or even a loan to use the software for say 3 months to give enough time to make the money to pay for the software. I would have already been one of your best success stories but MONEY is my hold up. I am reading all of your blogs, etc….on your web page to get some more insight as to what is the best way to start. Thanks for not giving up on me. RT – Mayo, FL

  141. Karen Karo

    Yes webinars are much better. Next to actually doing, visual learning is a very effective teaching device.

  142. steve


    Yes I think the webniar’s are much better than just phone calls, we can see what you are talking about and I am more of a hands on than see and do person. I would also suggest that you start like at the beginning for us newbie’s trying to get the business started. I know you have been doing this for some time but all of the info coming at you in the form of your books, vidio and is a bit overwhelming; for someone that don’t have computer knowledge. I am still trying to figure it all out. I’m not understanding just where you get your products to advertise and how they pay you and how you pay them. So even if you can put together a set of trainning CD’s it would be helpful.

    Thanks and I look forward to the august webinar


  143. Tomi


    Webinars are so much better than conference calls. To see a face and see how it is done is a better learning technique for most people especially for me…to just hear it described means nothing if you have never done it before.

    Keep up the good work


  144. Richelle Johnson

    Webinars are definitely better, it’s easier to see how to actually do something with visuals!

  145. Fred Godfrey

    Yes, webinars are better than conferences. The visual aspect is better for retention. Look forward to next one in August and hope you have more.

  146. danna seale

    Your webinars are the greatest! I love your whole operation: information, presence, and giving spirit. Thanks

  147. cecilia

    I’m looking forward for this month webinar. Congratulations to the winner.

  148. Albert Shinn

    Hi Anthony,

    I like webinars a great deal. I thought I responded to this on the last blog but I didn’t see my name. You impress me a great deal and I want to get as much as I can.
    Thank you 🙂

  149. Ron Ennis

    I just got the materials, and am excited to get started. I will attend the webinar. I think it is great!

  150. Adrienne Kim McCray

    Anthony, I’m really looking forward to your training webinar this month and would like very much for you to continue to train in this way, I MUST successfully begin to generate income from this opportunity and I MUST begin to do so before this year ends! Also I would very much like to be one of the WINNERS of the cash prizes, that would be SO COOL and RIGHT ON TIME!! Have a great week!

  151. Ginger Avvenire

    Conference calls are good, I do well with them. Webinars are really good too. I learn from both of them. Thank for your interest in continuing education and support to all of us little chichens.
    I just read Leroy Shepard’s comment and I agree with it concerning webinars and timing.

  152. Beverly Brown

    I cannot wait for the webinar in August. I am so impressed with the last webinar that was a great training tool. I am going to attend each & every webinar. They are a much better way of training than conference calls and easy to follow. Please continue the webinars! I know your time is limited, but they are so much easier to grasp the information than a conference call.

  153. Sharon Walton

    Yes your palm tree is beautiful. I am a visual learner rather than listening to a phone call.

  154. randy pridemore

    webinars are a very good teaching tool and opens the viewpoints of others. with other viewers questions there is help to enlighten questions that have been forgotten.

  155. P San Gabriel

    I attended one of your seminars and I am quite impressed with the way it was handled. I have sent you 2 e-mails explaining why I am not able to join. As of now, the fee is too stiff for me because i lost my job last 11-2008 and still unemployed. I already run out of my unemployment benefits. I am really struggling because I have a mortgage and car payment to make. I am living off my SSA pension.

    Hopefully when things get better, i will be able to enroll in your program.

    Thanks and more power to you.

  156. Quinzetta Moses

    I like webinars because I learn so much and I can see what your talking about at the same time. Please keep doing them they are very informative.

  157. Tenesha Bradford

    I think the webinars are very engaging. I will definitely be looking forward to the next one!

  158. Ruth

    The Webinars are for me. Many times the phone calls are muffled, and cannot be understood. Bring on the Webinars!

  159. sharon carpenter

    I like the webinars. Conference calls are good but it’s nice to watch the webinar screen like another person has said. It helps to take notes as well.
    I ‘m trying to learn whatever I can for when I really have a business working for me or rather me working for it. Either way I appreciate you, your honesty and all your hard work in helping others. It’s not just that you want the money. Your efforts will be rewarded moreso because you give of yourself.
    God Bless You and your staff.

  160. Annette Saunders

    I certainly like having the webinars much better than the calls. They are more convienient for me. Thank you Anthony

  161. Cherita Young

    Yes, keep the webinars coming. Preferred over conference calls. Thanx

  162. Barbara moore

    Hi Anthony I will be attend the webinar and yes the webinar are beter and i like it and thank you for been there for me and god bless you in all you do

  163. Carl

    Webinars can be effective when they concentrate on content and are not to long.
    Conference calls the same.
    Please make them available for watching and listening at later times!

  164. Ed Wright

    I prefer webinars over conference calls any day of the week. The information is easier to grasp and absorb than falling asleep listenting to a phone call.

  165. patrick daly

    yes i really think that you should continue to do webinars i think
    you get more information about the things that you are being showed and talked about they are more
    informative and you get more information thats more helpful
    and the webinar was the best thing that a person or company can do
    thanks for listening to my opinion and i cant wait for the up coming webinars thanks and have a great day night and great days ahead

  166. Harold Scott

    I read Joe Hammerton’s comment. I too am a veteran and trying to live on a Social Security check. I really need the information you provide and if I had the money I would jump on your offers like a chicken on a june bug. Offer a small down payment and payments over time and I will be a very happy subscriber.

  167. Linda Emery

    Loved the wbinar, tried to watch the last news but the sound would not come.

  168. Maria Rodriguez

    These webinars are totally easy to understand and taking baby steps is definitely the way to go then taking a large step ahead without the right concepts

  169. Maria Rodriguez

    Webinars are easy to understand and follow. Way to go! the more i learn i get more excited whats next.

  170. Christopher Hopkins

    Hi Anthony Morrison, Your webinars so so informational. Your teaching all of your students how to be successful like you.

    “Success breeds successful people in life”.

  171. Odeli Aguilera

    Hi , my name is Odelin Aguilera,i really like your busines and motivation,but i haven’t been able to set up my web page and that’s the only reason why i didn’t make one dollar et whith your system but i’m not given up i need your help n support ,thanks

  172. Elizabeth Vidal

    Yes, please do webinars. I am visual as most people are so webinars are very helpful! Thanks!

  173. Tim Forgy

    Looking forward to the webinar. Hey, just above this box is a place to put a Website….what exactly is that looking for?

  174. Melissa Gonzales

    I am so ready for the next webinar see you next thursday. Trust in God and everything will go in the right track.

  175. Elnora Mercado

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  176. Ferrell Davenport

    Webinars to me are a better way of learning. I look forward to the next one. ferrell d…

  177. Debra Rebetje


    All your ideas and techniques are incredible. Looking forward to your new Webinar. I expecially like the fact that I can access the Webinar at a time other than the “live” presentation as I am almost always unavailable.

    P.S. (Thanks for your exuberance!…it is particularly motivating.)

  178. Joseph Mulinix

    Anthony, I thought the first webinar was excellant. I got a lot more information and it was much better than a conference call. I can’t wait until the next one.

  179. Cynthia

    I’m going to be there, Anthony, if you took the time and made the effort to produce the webinar in order to help us, I beleive we should take the time to be there. Besides any help I can get is greatly appreciated. God Bless You!!!

  180. Charles & Lori Boyd

    I have never before felt so comfortable then with Anthony. He is a great business man and such a great speaker it’s completely easy to relax, and enjoy. He makes you feel this is the truth and he can be trusted. I think most of us know exactly about being scammed on the internet. I have never seen all what he has out there to help us. We are recently re-tired so I am looking forward to “the ride of our life”. We truely feel blessed that Anthony came into our lives. He has a way to always give back to people without asking alot. Charles & Lori Boyd

  181. john eggen

    yas the webinars are helpfull so are the call.the webinars give me idas ,that i wouldn`t have thought of.thanks for both.

  182. Josie M

    Hi Anthony
    Yes Please webinars much better than conference calls. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks

  183. Mary

    Webinars are the way to go. We work on computers, so the input you are going over is visual. Please feed it to us visually. I know you love challenges, so I’m sure you’ve fixed the server problem from the last time. Can’t wait to see it. Would love to win some cash to put back into the business. Thank you.

  184. saiko

    I like webinar. I am visual, so it helps to focus what you are talking about, but I think you could use more bullet point etc. to make the writing part
    easy to read. More like a Power Point format. I know it was your first webinar last time, so I think the next one will be even better. 🙂

  185. Kaye Hutton

    I watched the blog last week and again today. As I posted then, any time you do a webinar, count me in. The training is like one on one and so very helpful! Thanks in advance!

  186. orufe abara

    Hi anthony. webinar is very cool and more heplful in helping me to understant what is going on and it keep s my hope to make money .

  187. Rachele

    It nice to know that you are there to communicate and encourage us in our success. thank you

    Ps. the webinars are great and very informative.

  188. Rosalind Groves

    I am new to the business and like the Webinar format. I learn easier and retain the information easier than just hearing it. So, I appreciate your time in putting everything together Thank you..

  189. Crystal Sain

    Due to the craziness of the last webinar I was unable to attend . However, I am looking forward to the next. Thank you for taking the time to put these together and I hope you will continue to do so.

  190. Shirley Gerler

    Webinars are great and we would definitely watch if we could. We have tried two computers and neither will bring up the webinar. The screen just sits and stares at me. We cannot get high speed where we live and I am sure that is the problem. Would be great if we could get it, but we can’t.

  191. debra antoni

    Thanks for the webinars their are very informative. Keep them coming.
    We appreciate your hard work and support with this program.

  192. Debbie

    Hi Anthony,
    I am new to all this and I am looking forward to watching my first webinar this month. Trying to learn as much as I can and get my business going. I really enjoy your videos and am learning a lot from you.

  193. Miltonetta Atwater

    Hello Anthony,

    Yes, I think the webinars are better than conference calls. I am a visual person. Want to also thank you for your daily encouragements through email. Looking forward to next webinar.

  194. Pat Sequino

    Yes I would very much like you to continue with the webinars. I learn more quickly by seeing you demonstrating how things should work. I always think that visuals are a more perceptive way to teaching ideas. Thanks for this opportunity.

  195. James Shacklock

    Looking forward to next Webinar. I think the webinars are an excellent motivation tool as well as educational. Keep them coming. Thanks!

  196. Shirley

    Personally I don’t care for conference calls, I have to be on the phone enough as it is so please do the webinars!

  197. michael osiecki

    i’ve listened to a lot webinars but yours is the best by far thanks for all your hard work

  198. Jessica Ruiz

    Love webinars, and I like conference calls just as much. Whatever you do, whenever we can learn, no matter the method- I’m in!

    Congrats LeRoy and Marlene!

  199. Grace

    Webinars are much more benefical to me because I can hear and see it. I can also replay it later. You can’t beat that!

  200. Zoia Lu-Choglokoff

    Webinars are easier to follow-up and understand. Please continue. Thank you.

  201. Daniel Eaton CEO

    I think both are GREAT!!! Plus you learn ALOT this way as well. And God Bless You Anthony For Everything You Do For People.

    From: The Eaton’s!!!

  202. Kevin Laffoon

    Both are very beneficial. The webinar is better if have the time.

  203. Ronald Bish

    Hello Anthony,,just wanted to let you know that I think the webinars are better than the conference calls. Have a great day and thanks for all you do. You Da Man !

  204. John Beniston

    Yes, I prefer Webinars over conference calls. I am new to this and it is much easier to comprehend with a Webinar then conference calls!!!

  205. April Langford

    Webinar are great and so are calls to. Any kind of help with something your doing and want to improve at is great!

  206. Linda Hunt

    Love the webinar idea! Hoping I do not have to work at the same time as the webinar because I am really looking forward to it. Thank you for taking the time to do this for us!

  207. Julie Bodeau

    I have not yet had the opportunity to attend a webinar. But to me, being able to watch someone speak, as opposed to just hearing someone speak, is a lot more engaging and inspirational.

  208. Madeline

    I think the webinars are great. I watched the other one about four times. I plan to watch the next one and hope there are more to come.
    The gifts are fun to look forward to, also.

    Thank you for all your hard work,

  209. Sheetal Chakravarty

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for scheduling these webinars. Its an excellent way for us to understand and indeed provides us the motivation to move ahead without the fear of learning something new.

    Thanks again and do offer us some free internet tools that would help us on the path of success. Having said, i will surely attend all of them in the near future.

  210. margaret sitar

    webinars are the most informative and interesting new way to teach, learn,and build .to me i think it is fun and more exciting and it makes me feel more important like I actually can participate in

  211. Amber

    The webinar are great anthony. You need to keep them coming they are very helpful

  212. Nelda

    Oh I can’t wait for the Webinar, It’s amazing that so many people can be engaged at once! I LOVE it! I learn so much more and tons of lightbulbs go on over my head when I am learning from Anthony! Thank you Anthony for help US! I can’t wait till I can help others too!

  213. Mavis Turner

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the webinars. Please don’t stop giving thie webinars,
    they are very educational and interesting. Sorry that it’s more work for you. They
    are absolutely wonderful. Giving you the thumbs up! thank you so much.

  214. Brian Baca

    Love the webinars! Please keep doing them, much more enjoyable to see who’s doing the teaching than just hearing words and trying to take notes! Thanks Anthony!

  215. Karel Ann Randall

    Looking forward to another webinar. We have a lot to learn. We learn best by visual stimuli.

  216. Gail Antolin

    Webinars are much preferred, Anthony! Looking forward to your next one!! Thanks!! =)

  217. Ronald Carpenter

    Having a background in teaching. I learned a long time ago that people remember much more from visual content than audio only content. I have since forgotten the exact proportion, but I believe it to be something like 70% visual 30% audio. It is probably a much wider % comparison. Therefore I highly recommend the Webinar over Telephone conferencing.

  218. Nancy Persinger

    YES…..I am so excited to be getting all the training I can get with these WEBINARS!!!!!!

  219. anthony harris

    Ok everyone knows that it is easyer to understand things you can see.That is why video comferance calls are the way corperate america does it now.I didn’t see the last webinar but I bet I see the next one.

  220. Alejandro

    Webinars are better especially for people that are visual learners like myself. Thank you for taking the time you barely have to make the webinars.


  221. Gwen

    I would love to attend the webinars, but most of them are being done while I am at a second job, so far I have not had the opportunity to attend, but I am looking forward.

  222. louis prophete

    Webinar are better than conference you are able to put a face to the comments and see and feel the speakers passion for the message expressed

  223. kerryann allen

    Hey Anthony, just finish watching your videos in my email. Even though I just started your program I enjoy the webinars. Hope to see more of it. But I’m kind of confuse on how to get started. Still waiting for the book to be delivered. Very positive about this program.

  224. Paul Even

    prefer webinars due to flexibility in time i have available to watch.
    Keep up the good work.

  225. Timothy Johnson

    Webinars are much better then conference calls. I have one recommendation to the content of the visually content that it be made in zoom format so the content can be seen or read.

  226. Alan Kidd

    Anthony, thank you for the webinars and information you already share. Yes, please do continue the webinars. I get more out of the webinars because I can see what you are describing in front of me. Thank you!!!

    Create an awsome day!


    thank, my friend anthony for the motivation,anthony +afilite system=net marketing results = motivation for everybody :)=];;< ,try my best again hard but not difficult,

  228. Bannister R.

    Webinars are instructive, interactive, and helpful as long as at the end a product is not “pitched” [after its been stated that the session is completely free without promotion] that is vital and absolutely necessay for continued success.

  229. Cindy

    Excited about featured webinar’s…til the 18th, have a great week everyone!

  230. Betty beebe

    Yes please continue webinars. Would like to have more precise step by step picking products or finding your niche for us new ones in the business. So far this seems to be a huge hurdle to overcome. At times it has pushed me to the point of thinking maybe I have picked the wrong business. But I’m determined to make this work even though it hasn’t happened nearly as quickly as I would have liked. So that would be my request for one of your webinars. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

  231. Dianna Thomas

    Webinars are more helpful for me. The visual cues and interaction make the points you are covering clearer and the whole process makes more sense. It also serves to motivate me. Keep doing the webinars.

  232. Nick Kiss

    Yes continue. Its more active for the listener when he/she is watching and listening

  233. Nancy Ferguson

    Yes, definitely webinars are better than conference calls. Thanks!

  234. Patricia

    I would like to learn more about webinars. I perfer webinars rather than conference calls because it’s visual and I seem to learn better!!

    God Bless!

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