1. Joan Smith

    It is amazing how many people go to YouTube. I’ve looked through there and the number of viewers on YouTube Is unbelievable. I like what you are doing,

  2. juan

    This is great I my dream has always been to do my own buisness
    I have tried different things bit no success I’m a strong believer in Jesus christ
    I’m just waiting for a chance God bles

  3. Tyrone

    Anthony, this was very informative and interesting. I didn’t know that YouTube profit shares with those who post videos on their site neither did I know that I could ask to place an ad on someones video page and providing us with the idea of posting our very own video ads is fantabulous.

    Thanks you,

  4. Mary W.

    I have never used You Tube so I will certainly explore it and see what it is all about. Thank you for the tip.

  5. michael

    Anthony, good stuff 🙂 I knew about YouTube and that you could earn money so this is good brain turning info! It would be really nice to hear more info on this, a little more step by step specific on how to get your advert’s on someones video.
    Also, I would really like to hear some info on how to get my own advert’s/programs on the search engines! Using TE’s and surfing is not really getting me anywhere and takes too much time 🙁
    Thanks again,

  6. Gordon Chisholm

    I am understanding the principles of each section of the last two webinars, but hope you(or your brother) can help me and my wife, Peggy, actually implement these during the upcoming bootcamp session in Las Vegas. I’ve been well over a year chasing Internet Marketing, and seem to have come full circle back to you to make it happen. We’re both looking forward to attending. Thanks.

  7. Doris Gessner

    Anthony – Keep up the great work! Because I only promote one product and am building 1 team I don’t always apply the Affiliate Mktg information but at some point I may. Doris

  8. Sabeela Khan

    Hi Anthony,

    I will love to learn more about Youtube and the link on other people video. I think this will be a great way to make money. Keep up the good work.


  9. Mark Miser

    Thanks for the insite Anthony! I do agree that youtube is a
    great place to reach tons of prospect.

    Thanks Again!


  10. Collene Collins

    I have a web cam but I do not know how to make a video and post it online. Can you help me?

  11. reynold

    I found your video very interesting about youtube. Yes I would like more info on youtube strategies anthony. Keep up the good work. Reynold Hill

  12. leo

    Anthony , i love this youtube business, this will be my first GREAT STEP to success, i fully understand now how to start on you tube business, , thank you so much for sending me knowledge on these business, i definitely can feel now , i will earn my FIRST DOLLAR, NOW, Cheers, , , , .

  13. Cathy Greene

    Dear Anthony,
    Sorry I missed a couple of the webinars. I just had a total knee replacement and was away from my house for about 3 weeks. I am currentlyrecouperating at home and will be back as soon as I can. Keep me in your prayers and thanks for sending me the link to watch the webinar.

    Sincerely, Cathy

  14. Carolyn

    Your AWESOME! Have followed you for a long time.
    What you give back to us is GREAT!
    I would love to hear from you on u tube.
    Keep up the good work.

  15. ingrid clark

    Thanks for your continued believe in those of us trying to make our mark in network marketing

    I am following you and taking notes and encouraging others to do the same, so yes keep the video school going ; there are many of us who are more visual than audial so this “picture painting for your mind” method works best.

  16. Deppie Tinny Kekatos

    This is really great. Youtube is my favorite website. I need one good break and you are very helpful. You are great. I just need more help to get started.


  17. Rohan Pommels

    Hi Anthony, thanks for the weekly blogs! The lead generation is awsome! I am actually waiting on my coach to give me the next step. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  18. Bill Naff

    Yes…..Definitely very interested in using traffic from You Tube to power and send targeted traffic to my affiliate sites. Need some input in how to use and choose and the best You Tube traffic sites to gain the most traffic to my sites.

  19. Raymond Forman

    Great info like always. Can you just do a home made video like a commercial and post it on You Tube for an affiliate offer ? If so, can you walk us thru it ?

    Thanks for all you help…..much appreciated !!

  20. Dick Belair

    Thanks Anthony, I do like the suggestions that you put forth on the Utube video stuff and I would like to see more generated in that direction. Thanks again.

  21. Lu Zhang

    hey Anthony, i spent 3 days to read hundreds of emails that you sent me. i have your leadgenbuilder now, hopefully i can figure out how to use it 🙂


  22. Wilma Tune

    Thank you. I need lots of help with all this stuff. I tend to get anxious. Everytime I do something I get too many emails and I can’t keep up with them anyhow, thanks.

  23. Souad Araki

    Hi ,Sorry I coudn’t attend in Orlando,but I have a lot of ideas I just don’t know how to go from there.would you please help?I like the idea of utube and FB and would love to utilise it.

  24. Dale Neff

    Always love your messages and there is always a little somthing in them. Good Bless! Dale

  25. Linda G

    Great info, you always have clever ideas that don’t cost a lot. Keep them coming.

  26. glenda

    i wil be looking forward to your next conference in san antonio, or new orleans.

  27. Terrence Redix

    I don’t have a website at the moment. Enjoyed the video. Like the idea of being empowered. While I’m completing the training this weekend, I’m gonna explore You Tube. I will be training with you every week.

  28. Ivy Rice

    Thanks for the useful information. I hope I can someday wrap my brain around all you are trying to teach me. I will be glad when we finally meet in Utah in September. We are coming to Mississippi in May for Adrian’s training. Would be ever so nice to run into you there, too.

  29. James Ivy

    Hi Anthony excellent sugguestion I always wanted to be able to make use of an youtube video. Thank for the ideal.

  30. Scott Duddles

    Anthony, thank you for the hot tip on & about YouTube advertisemnet, as always you have shared some great marketing tips to help us out. I truly appreciate all that you do, God Bless you & your family & Peace Be With You All.

  31. Justin

    Hello Anthony
    I really liked the video on youtube I had absolutely no idea that you can get paid by youtube. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you.

  32. Adrian Mulloy

    Yeah youtube has always been a main stream target of mine I even have videos with some semi-nog views and Im working everyday to make it grow.

  33. Chuck2

    I’m getting too old 🙂
    Nobody reads email, Facebook is full of trivia – YouTube is the way to go.

    Thanks’ Anthony

  34. Ken Curran

    Thank you for your perspective, I still new to all of this and find the tidbit training most helpful in making my next adaptation of my business.

  35. chuck fitts

    Hi I have ben watching you and your shared lessons for a couple of years
    I went yo your workshop in the Portland airport your teaching is what I have ben inspired to take action with. Your doing a great job The utube video is a good source. I have learned a great deal from your webinars I joined your affiliate program thanks for the imfo don’t stop now , you are on a roll.

  36. Angela Mosley

    Hi Anthony,

    I really have enjoy, listening, to your comment on exploring you tube for profits. This information was very informative, and I would like to know more about this.

  37. Tanya White

    I had heard of this You Tube but had followed up.
    Thanks for the simple confirmation.

  38. Ilan Gez

    Hi Anthony,

    I love your show, you got lots of great ideas for business owners.
    We at Pages LA work on a daily basis with small business owners in LA.

    I read on the news that Youtube is in a process of creating 96 channels. They are investing 100 millions of dollars in this project. I got an idea where we can attract small businesses to work with us with your help and create a channel on youtube.

    Please contact me at your convenience. Thanks, Ilan

  39. Charles Rose

    Anthony you are right on point! Please show us a step by step use of YouTube as a way to generate money and complement our internet business. Keep on mission and we’ll all profit! CR

  40. Melissa Jacquez

    I like this kind of training!!! My problem starting up is I just don’t have a solid idea of where I want to go with my business. Keep up the good work with yours. Your getting better everyday!

  41. Mark

    I liked your you tube commentary. I’m not a great facebook person-it’s a little too wide open for me. So this was great for me. Please, if you have any more insights I for one would be delighted to learn more about how money can be made using you tube.

  42. Mareta Varner

    Some good ideas in this webinar. Thanks. I will explore You Tube.

  43. Natalie Lee

    Yes Anthony, I would like Youtube tidbits/training every month or every other month. I know it’s a huge marketing option that affiliates use– and I’d like to know a lot more about it!

  44. Paulette Orona

    I’ve enjoyed keeping connected. I watched LeadGen Webinar and listened to phone session. I did buy the program via payment arrangement. That really helped. I am pretty spread out with all the on line systems there are, but I’m not gonna give up. It would be so nice to sit with you personally and talk about organization, scheduling, structure, discipline etc… Right now I’m on line morning tip night cuz there is so much to learn. I hope this time invested becomes less hrs one day. I’m a single mom and I’m pooped.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.
    Paulette Orona

  45. Stephen Hand

    I am interested in learning more about using you tube in business, Anthony.

  46. Monique Mitchell

    Hello Anthony,

    I have just purchased the LeadGeneration software and struggiling with it. While it’s a great software, I am still at a loss to figure things out but I really need to make some profit. Watching the above video on youtube, I need help and appreciate your valuable advice.

    Thank you for any assistance.


  47. Dean P.

    i got a $20 ad on a Darth Vader video…. 1 year ago, still making money from it. that was a long time ago. it works kids. as usual, anthony is correct….correct, but late… love u anthony…

  48. Norma Garcia

    Hi Anthony, Your blog this week was very good. Keep up the good work and tell us more about YouTube. Please tell us about other things that will help us with our internet business. Thank you, NG

  49. Debbie Poston

    Anthony, this was good info. I especially appreciate it was pretty short and to the point. I have not done anything with anything I have purchased from you. Have not set up my website, etc. I have no time. I am so busy that I unfortunately have not been able to pick up and read any of your materials i bought. Thats bad! I need somehing that i can quicly pick up and get whatever it is you want to convey quicly. I will eventually get to seeing all the videos. Thanks for your patience. I know there is value in it.

    Debbie Poston

  50. Francine Hamanne

    I really appreciate the info you give us through your weekly videos.

  51. Donna Beck

    I have looked into You Tube for a way of making profits. Per your suggestion will look into contacting the person of the video for possible advertising my offer(s). Thank you.

  52. Donald

    Oh yes!!!! Advertising and music go together. Ads and Videos go together.

  53. James Sliney

    Anthony, thank you for sharing these two ways to use You tube to build my business. I have a ways to go before I can implement either method, but I have taken good notes and plan to use one or the other when the time comes.

  54. Jamey Brown

    Wow! I am new to your training and I would have never thought of this idea regarding YouTube. This has really opened my eyes to other opportunities to post affiliate offers. Thank you for the insight. I hope to see more of these type of training videos!

  55. Yesenia

    Yeah…definitely, I have looked into promoting in You Tube. My idea is to search for high rate views and promote on them on the free tweet tube (this time it’s red bird with like little thinking antenna–you will be able to see this red bird as soon as you go into any you tube video) but I don’t know yet how to promote this. I had called the people in PMI to see if they can help me in this and they didn’t had a clue on this because it’s something new. I have seen many people promoting their links using this method and I just don’t know how to do it quite yet. Is there a way you could find out to teach me how to do it. Hope to hear from you soon!

  56. Jim

    I like the idea as I am a comedian/emcee/actor and would like to apply youtube to increase traffic to and from corporations/associations. I am looking to become active in doing associations and corporate events as the Emcee/comedian.

  57. Jeanne

    Thanks so much! Its awesome not to have to pay for a tidbit of great information!

  58. Kathy Mc

    I liked this Webinar because it was a little shorter than others and I like the home work directive. Good idea Anthony!

  59. Eduardo Alvarez

    Hi Anthony,
    The idea of putting a link on a YouTube video is great! I just bought a program that automatically contacts the video owner and asks them to put the link for a payment. This is done automatically so you can contact hundreds of videos owners! I will let you know how good it does.
    Thank you for confirming that this is a great way of making money.
    Eduardo Alvarez

  60. David Kitavi

    I appreciate the information.I have never thought of you tube as possible site to advertise the affiliate offers.while I am checking on this,more educational tips will be good

  61. peter

    thanks Anthony. Keep up the great training videos. Appreciate the youtube info.

  62. Joseph B

    I thank you for your suggestions about considering YouTube as a Profit Center. Can I do the same using my facebook account? I would really appreciate an answer.
    Joseph B

  63. Toni Rowe

    Anthony, using YouTube is beyond my current level of computer geekness, but I will be catching up — and these “tidbits” certainly help educate me and enable me to set higher and higher goals. Keep it up!

  64. Beverley Gallimore

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for this eye opener about YouTube. I will definitely check out the possibilities and potential for a new avenue of income next.


  65. virginia

    Hi Anthony,great info.that’s what I’m trying to create but I’m just taking my time… you’re doing an excellent job helping people…well done! Thank you !

  66. jean martin(use first name)

    Just watched the video on using Utube to place an ad to run under someone’s video. This sounds like an excellent idea. Can you list the steps involved, in order, so that using Utube to link to my ad, is a simple process.
    You are a wonderful teacher. But, I still haven’t made my first dollar.

  67. Luis Zaragoza

    Anthony, I look forward to giving YouTube a try.


    P.S. Looking forward to seeing the new YouTube methods in the future.

  68. Cecilia

    Thank you Anthony for sharing the You Tube business idea connection. This is an excellent tool Anthony. Thank you.

  69. Silverghost

    Thanks, Anthony! Great direction for business thinking, taking opportunities that are readily available and wide-reaching.

  70. Phillip

    Great ideas Anthony, especially contacting the owner of a very successful video to have a link on his video. I hadn’t thought of that.

  71. Ray O'Connor

    Great insight and observation on your part Anthony, Well done!
    Rsay O”Connor

  72. Jane

    I have no idea how to put anything on U tube but can see this would be an excellent opportunity to show my products and generate interest. Cool.

  73. Steve Le Baron

    I do go to YouTube for vendor research mostly. Setting up a YouTube Channal is what your recommending for more web site visibility? Your the “MAN” Great instructional videos. Keep them coming.

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