1. Sharon

    This is me – always afraid of messing up. Been that way all my life. I did have a secretarial service at one time, but I knew exactly what I was doing, so no fear there. This venture is entirely new for me, but I’m excited to get it going. I have been wrestling with it for quite awhile now and trying to get rid of the fear. Thanks for your pep talk.

  2. peter

    Hey Anthony, Well done. Thanks.

    Guess i am fearful of purchasing and purchasing and not knowing exactly the steps that i need to take to see results. I guess there are a lot of possible steps and directions early on that make this seem a bit confusing. I have finially finished all your vblogs (i know, i am procrastinating via analysis paralysis…), but anyway. And i am half way thru the book, have signed up for anthonymorrisonlive, etc. Downloaded wordpress and figuring out a niche, etc.

    I know eventually that there are many parallel directions i can be involved in that will generate income ( i believe), but not sure its clear what to do first. I know you will recommend mentoring – but again, i dont trust fully that i will make the money back (yup, fear. Not 100% doubting your mentors, but maybe myself a bit). Would be nice to see some income and a definitive set of steps to try first. I guess, if i had confidence in the income, i could budget some of the risks. But all this i realize is a bit premature, since i havent really started yet. Havent seen step 1, 2, 3 laid out really, so feel i need to figure out a majority of the picture and define my own steps based on your wisdom.

    wow, i didnt know all the stuff would pour out like that 🙂 Well, you asked for the fears…

    Thank you so much for your candor and your informative blogs. Hope to site you as the guy who was instrumental in my great success 🙂

    thanks again,

  3. Ed

    Im afraid of this losing this business that I dont even like its not online and afraid of not having the money for my kids for school college etc My older one is 3rd year in college the other just about to go into high school and if something does not happen soon I will screw up there lives!!!!!!!!

  4. Fred E. Thompson Jr.

    Hello Anthony

    Great, and the timing is perfect. For me who is going to be our next president is something to be concerned. No more on that subject this is not a political forum.

    Fred & Hyunsou

  5. Carolyn

    You are great as usual! The free advice all the time really helps. I am trying to learn how to blog and get my first one out there. I have a problem with setting up aweber and links, but will not quit until I figure it out! That’s for the motivational spirit and have a great Eatser Week-end.

  6. RJ Barros

    Hi Anthony, Fear of failure is probably what holds me and many others back. The comment above is so true, so many avenues to learn that we do nothing.. I have been toying with this listening to all the vidos and sales pitches and not sure which to go. Not sure why, I have been self employed most of my life and learned everything by trial and error and considered to be very good at what I did. Now this!! Starting now I plan to dive in and with both feet. Failure is a state of mind.. ” FAILURE KNOCKED ON MY DOOR AND I REFUSED TO ANSWER THE DOOR…

    Thanks for all of the help’

  7. Clarence

    Very nice webinar, we all have some type of fear that we must overcome. When we overcome that fear we become stronger in what we just overcame. We must not be afraid of stepping out of the box, and be ready to do things that will help you in the future.

    Thanks Anthony great JOB!!

  8. sandra

    In all honesty, is not so much fear, is more like not too sure how to apply the information in the right context and feel confident for the first time. Or may be your right, fear is the word. You know what I have taken that leap of faith and start working the lead gen builder and hoping to do very well too. Thanks for the great influence to look at the big picture. Wonderful.

    Thank you

  9. David N Ajuebor

    You read my mind. First I thought it was okay to ask for help. Now help is not forth coming. I should put my apprehension aside and do what I have to do. That said, having a fresh approach will not hurt.
    When I signed up I thought that a little help from people who know more than me will be useful.
    Now I know it is not. FACING MY FEAR IS PARAMOUNT.

  10. Mary W.

    Hi Anthony, you nailed it on the head. Fear!!! Have you ever heard of someone who thought that everything they do has to be perfect. That’s me . Everthing has to be in order – miss perfectionist. I hate making mistakes and believe me I have made a few in my life but I also learned from them. Something new scares me – because I think I will not do it just right. I hate mistakes. I am really working on this. My computer was down for a couple days due to a connection problem with my high speed internet connection. Got that all solved yesterday afternoon – thank you. One of the wires was broken – see my luck. Anyway, I am going to work on this program this weekend and if I make mistakes – oh well, I will just have to go back and redo it. Have a great Easter. I will enjoy getting back on the computer and I certainly needed that blog this morning. Thank you. Mary

  11. ruben

    Hi, I want to start this buisness but I need information in spanish if you can provide that let me know please. thanks…

  12. Daniel D Magniza Jr

    It is really nice to know one of the basic principles on doing this business and that is “Not to Fear”. Just go ahead do it and don’t fear to make mistakes, instead turn it around and learn from those mistakes.

  13. Ella Dikeman

    Hi Anthony,
    my problem is that I get started on a project, and then get interupted ,I tend to not finish what i started, I would love to be successful ,
    I have knowledge of what I am doing, I just cannot seem to ever finish what I start when I get interupted,or if I get frusterated ,I also tend to just give up, even thoughI really don`t want to,

  14. Eric

    Anthony another post with great content! Thanks for posting the these little trainings! Have a Happy Easter!


  15. Frank Haika

    Want to do this but don’t know where to start. Bought your software a couple of weeks ago but haven’t been able to do anything yet as I am very busy getting ready to retire out of my real job. Can you point me in the right direction?

  16. Jeonila Duenas

    Anthony i am here to let you know that am in fear due that i do not know where to start when it comes to going more deeper in the computer business making money ,that’s why i have asked for Help to show me how to start.please let me know,cause when it comes to computer i only know to play games and get in to my facebook to check my email and that’s far as going in to start going into websites i get fear on why do i need to do first.your my teacher show me how please———just to get me going.

  17. Eletthia

    Hello Anthony, I am afraid & appreciate you being open and honest throughout the whole time I’ve been following you. I purchased Adrian’s DVD sometime ago & its been very informative. Why haven’t I started I keep asking myself over & over: fear of failure, the not knowing, the what ifs. I have to think positive & move forward & DO IT AFRAID. Thanks again & hope to be in this with a great outcome & successful connection.

  18. Stephanie

    Peter, you said it best! It’s hard to take risks in the begining because it’s not always clear where to start! it’sespecially hard to part with your hard earned money for start up costs when you barely make ends meet. That’s when it becomes emotional and the fear sets in! I feel a lot of us are in the same boat because if we had money to begin with, we wouldn’t be looking for alternitives. Personally, I am going to start putting aside a little money every month untill I have enough to own a site and get things going. It’s the only way to not have fear about losing money when I know I set it aside for this adventure.

  19. Ashton

    Hello Anthony:
    Thanks for addressing that fearful topic; although i am not, but you did a very good job, you are like a real motivator. Topics like that can indeed help
    affiliates get started.

  20. John Haynes

    I totally agree! Fear is the destroyer of success! Thanks for all of your encouragement!

  21. Denise Johnson

    Thanks for giving us basic principles. I’m currently on tour and won’t be home til June, but your words applies to everything in life. When I return, I look forward to learning more and I’m doing my best to keep up with your weekly blogs…

    Thanks Anthony !!!

  22. James Magee

    Very good advise Anthony. Inspiration without prespiration is useless.


  23. H Segan

    Hi Anthony,

    I am also in the same situation as of Peter, yes, as he said, the only
    worry is whether I can make money or not? I just wanted to earn
    few hundreds a week if not thousands.

    As far as fear is concerned, I don’t fear, I just work till I find the target
    but it’s only the time that takes to Succeed in this Venture. I am unable to predict, How long it’s going to be? before I earn my first Dollar.

  24. Dottie Seavy

    Trust i9s something with which many of us struggle, mostly because we have been disappointed in some form or another. Maybe fear or trust mean the same things. Now Today, I open to the possibility that I can trust myself and others..

  25. Willie Anderson

    Hi Anthony
    I don’t think that it is so the fear of falling or knnow klknowing what to do as much as the lack of money to move with ads and run ads on sites. There was something that happen that I could not control so I just have to work it out. I will do this and become good at it with your help and traning.



  26. Rob

    Hi Anthony,
    I like the direction that you are moving with the Success Connection.
    Words of inspiration are always welcome and useful.
    This is especially helpful for entrepenuers who, for the most part, are working on exisiting or start up on line businesses and have very little input or encouragement from others.
    Best regards,

  27. Luke Pham

    Thank you for your advice, I’ll follow you as much as I can in my situation.

  28. c.lucci

    Hi Anthony,
    We have no fear to become success in life, how ever our budget would
    not allow us at this time, hopefully we will be able to participate with your
    program real soon. Thank you for a beautiful lesson.

  29. Joan Smith

    I needed this. I’m always afraid I won’t do my best. I can do just about anything I set my mine to do.

    Thanks so much

  30. Ed

    Thanks for kick in the pants, sometimes I think we need reminders to help us move foward when you can’t see light at the end of the tunnel yet. I haven’t made a move yet but with this reminder to make a move, it will happen.

    Keep up the good work,
    Thanks, Ed

  31. Donald

    I enjoy your blogs Anthony. Yes fear is paralyzing at times but ya face it and move on ahead anyway. Sometimes I feel like I need to have someone hold my hand and take me through steps 1 by 1 and other times I can move forward on my own. Sometimes you dont know what to do so you do nothing which is not good. But I believe that as long as you keep engaged somehow that engagement will propel you forward to your ultimate goal. Thanks Anthony.

  32. Deborah

    Thank you Anthony for the video on fear. I am fairly new to internet marketing although I have had 3 or 4 different business’s online and the most I have ever made is $20.00. I am pretty skeptical about buying things online. It just seem’s that they never work for me. I have your website and I am trying to learn how to use it. I need direction on internet marketing and I am very glad for your help. I know that being afraid is holding me back. Thanks Deborah

  33. Eparkyn

    Dear Antony: I don’t want to join the winners, but trying to save our house from re-posession it has’nt been easy, and trying to learn everything that is to learn about this business is a bit over wellming. I know I can do it,just is so much Info. and finally will have the time and $ to start baby steps. Thanks for your encoragement. Thanks Elizabeth

  34. tanesha sharpe

    I have read your book id like to get started making money but i dont know how? I dont no what the next step is. Im a stay at home mom with 2 children i need extea income badly. I know it cost money to make money and thats difficult for me. But can u please tell me where to began. Thank you.

  35. RICH

    Hi Anthony, Rich here, I have bought your books, and a few programs from you, and i have learned allot, i have implemented a few domain names, and hosting, i have some great IDEAS, I even wrote an ebook: however its taking me along time in learning how to create sites or blogs, with wordpress, i knew i could always write, but I am struggling with sites, time seems like my worst enemy, taken care of my disabled mother, and my 87year grandmother, with a back disability myself. is tuff, see its not about the money to me, even though, we need it to pay our bills, and put food on the table, its about my family, having the financial freedom, to just live comfortable, thanks for everything, i have been grateful for all i have learned from you, GOD BLESS US ALL, THANKS RICH.

  36. brian k

    thank you Anthony for this positive reinforcement keep them coming

    i relate to feel the fear and kick it’s xxx (oops)

    brian k


    Hey Anthony, well i am just a newby with your programs, been to your trainings, do not know where to start , some many directions to go. so many coaches calling me, when i spoke to some of them they seems to be new, some need money after all that money i paid to attend the 3 days classes. recently in ATL. I really want to grasp this program. i am on it morning to night. still trying to figure it out. i purchase the amfastcashcommission and still no progress. i need your personal help. I would like to talk with you , fear is not my game, i have the ability to grow and get better….

  38. catalina

    Hi Anthony,
    The fear that I have is that if this program keeps on adding costs to one thing or another I will not be able to keep up with all the costs. Please let me know if there’s going to be anymore costs along the way. I can’t afford any more costs added to my payment.

    Thank you,

  39. William Basinger

    instead of sending me anymore of your buy products won’t you please consider reimbersment of my money because I am going to lose everything because I can not pay my bills. I finally got a job but it doesn’t pay enough to cover my house payment and car let alone the credit card. Please read this and know I’m serious and can not continue with this program. Please!

  40. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – Thanks for bringing up positive thinking and motivational talks again. I need to refresh my way of thinking. I know I can do this. I know successful people make mistakes. If we don’t try it will never happen.
    I am not fearful about making mistakes. My financial situation is still my concern.

    This sounds silly, but I do not understand how to copy and paste my product affiliate link from ClickBank to wherever I intend to put it. I’m trying to follow steps with a program I started and got stuck because I wasn’t sure how to copy and paste. I’m probably making a big thing out of nothing.
    What you said today makes me want to keep on trying.

    Thanks for all you do.

  41. Glenn Robertson

    hi like the success conection and you ideas,would like some ideas in next success conection,on how to place the ad on the sites. glenn Robertson…….

  42. BST

    I Agree that we must step out of the boat and take chances to overcome our fear, that is the first step. But what if your heart is willing but not your wallet. What do you do then?. Awesome words of encouragement. Keep up the Good work. Thanks

  43. Grace Higbee

    I am wrestling with my website. Once that is a set up, I know that I can generate the income I need here and now. knowing that others have stumbling blocks helps me to know I am not the only one. Thanks so much for this blog, 104. It makes perfect sense. Grace

  44. kijana mahdi

    Hi anthony this is my problem I AM A ENTERTIANER. I am working on music, singing with a big band not making much money. I want to get into this. Right now my time is the PROBLEN and music is not making enough money and I think this is a good thing to help my music grow. When I get enough money and time. I think. Anthony is real and to help people grow with knowledge, about this computer and making money on the internet is good thing and he is bless..I am not afraid,I want to learn now.

  45. Ace Luv

    Having fear is not good especially when it comes to branding your site or product.Click my name above to overcome that fear and help in your business connections and methods.

  46. Tracy Charles

    Hi Anthony! I really enjoyed your video! Yes, i admit it. I was and am a little fearful of failure but my husband is like a lion and doesn’t fear anything and i am slowly becoming a lioness with No Fear! I’m on the ground and the only way is up! Slowly i am learning and implementing the strategies and techniques i have learned from your classes into my goal to be successful!

  47. Pauline Hicks

    Anthony yes I have felt fearful just like anybody else heading into something they don’t fully understand, and procrastination always seem to be the next step behind it, but, today, it is not neither fear or procrastination that is holding me back from following your advice to success, I have followed you for years and still doing it cause of my situation of not having a job for over the pass 10 years due to an oral surgeon completely messing up my whole right side in my jawline in my mouth that lead to other extremities from my neck, shoulder, arm and now on down into my leg and foot and I have circulation issues in both my leggs that I was dealing with even when I had a job working in a pharmacy trying my best to become a technician, I even use to work in a middle school with children running up and down hallways with very strong leggs, I had to resign, my mother got ill and I took care of her for 4 years until she lost her battle in year 2000. I got the bad oral surgery in year 1998 that left me with nothing but pain injuries and I tried to be strong for my mother and tried to work but the conditions left me with trigeminal neuralgia daily pain that left me with weak nerves, tendons and muscles that cause my rt arm to weaken down for my job causing another surgery for tendonitis on my rt wrist, I was too weak for the long hours on my job and a regular routine cleaning upset my oral condition in year 2004, I been home every since praying for a home base job that I haven’t got yet, I have no benefits cause I was cut off too early from the workforce without enough workpoints so no income! No help from the oral surgeon who took away my joy in life either. So that left me without a way to have my own credit, I finally lost use of what credit I had after years of not working and my husband denial, so he stop allowing me to use them adding more debt to what he was already paying for us. He helped me on one of your marketing programs almost a year ago on his credit card, but unfortuanately it was the wrong program for me, you were offering several to earn from home packages and I got the one with lots of steps to set up ads online and get traffic on them but I fail to understand how to follow the steps and one of your technicians explained the steps to get me started and I wrote them down, but as I dealt with it I saw it was too many steps to set up and I was worried about the monthly cost as well on my husband’s credit card, he was only giving me 3 months to make some money, if not, he was going to stop the service on his card, I wasn’t making any progress fast enough and I called your customer service and told them I wasn’t fully understanding this and felt I had got the wrong package, they stop the service and told me all I had to do to start the other program was go to a website and get started. When my husband saw I wasn’t successful on the first program, he wouldn’t agree to help anymore and left me without a way to pay for your service, so these are the reasons why I haven’t gotten fully aboard your ship yet, yes I have bought a lot of your books years ago and I set them to the side if I had no true way to pay for the rest of the way to earn. I am still trying to convince my husband to give me a second chance to prove I can do this with the right help and the right source to pay for what I need to move forward, but he feels you shouldn’t have to pay to earn or have a job and I agree with him but from homebase I know that it is a different story when you’re trying to run your own business. I have over 10 niches that I got from another program a few years ago that I own but I had to let the company go cause they wanted too much money for their service and I had no job or credit to keep that up either so now I own ads that I can’t use or if I had the right credit I would have checked with clickbank to see if there was still some hope for them but I don’t, seems like a total waste of time and money, so Anthony I know there is nobody out there who is going to try to work with an individual like me and others who are probably in the same boat, it is ashame to me that the only way to pay for marketing and online services is through credit cards, if this changed you would be surprise at how many more marketer want to bes would knock on your door and enter into your programs. You see sometimes it is not cause we don’t want to do it, but it is because we don’t have a financial way to do it, I wish it was like going to school and we could get some type of loan program to pay instead of using that plastic card all the time that everyone is trying their best to get rid of and get out of credit card debt, but there is no way if all we do is continue to add to it everyday, even every month for programs such as yours or any other kind, I understand you have to pay your bills too, and you where bless to have other peoples to follow you and your advice, now it is time for you to open up that door to your heart and help back those who have been kind to you also, you are so blessed to have many ways to do this, I just hope and pray that you be the first mentor that step up to the plate like no other ever have and help give others a chance by any means they can rather it is through low-income loans, or monthly payments with more options to pay because I know you keep up with technology better than anybody and if you have notice there are gift cards, green dot cards, paypal, serve and so many other ways to pay for things now, when you or any other interprenuer can open a wider door for payments other than using credit cards, that will be a happier day for people who are struggling like me that can’t afford or even have a way to use a credit card. Thank you Anthony for being there to care about other people success and that is why it is so important for you to open many doors to reach higher goals for you and others. God Bless

  48. Rob Edmonds

    Anthony, the question “are you fearful, Rob” does not apply with me . I want to get with this program at least a month ago. I just happen to be shy of the cash needed to start. ….yes , even the payment plan….most times I receive your letters at work and they sometimes create a online block to your material if I don’t respond ,it’s just out of my hands to do so….In a week or so I may have the necessary funds to begin ….so until that time know of my interest and I hope to be working with you soon. Rob Edmonds

  49. Shirly

    You hooked me with a T.V. Infomercial over a year ago. I read your first book and reluctantly signed on to create a website. It went “live” almost a year ago this June. So far, I haven’t seen any income, but I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from the journey. The tutorials in the Education Center and the consultants at PMI have been phenomenal teachers! With their patient help I’ve become a real techno “wiz.” Considering how far I had to come to get here, it’s nothing short of a miracle! I have great online products in a niche market, and hope to capture some of the revenue that is available in that market soon, but I don’t regret the education I’ve acquired about this arena of marketing. I have always believed that perseverance pays off. I’m confident that soon “my check will be in the mail.”

  50. Ann Ward

    Ok….I want to add products to my website: I think I have a niche…does anyone know a no fee dropshippers or affliates for : outdoor products…..

  51. Doris Gessner

    Great as always. I don’t always have fear, but the Internet thing is getting me. I have 3 products in 1 company to offer online on my website and I’m trying to build a successful team. The product is the #1 in the world and is a supplement and the company now has the top compensation plan that I have ever seen put together by the top company that helps companys do this. Because I am an ethical person I’m finding it’s hard to find people that are not in my ‘other’ business to share this opportunity with. I’m just stuck because I’m ethical. I’ve tried a lot and don’t feel what I am trying is working. Would sure love some input. Doris

  52. Mariam Morehead

    Hi Anthony, I thank you for hanging in there with emails and invitations to me. I was looking forward to attending your lunch meeting here in Portland last month (March)when I was called away for a family emergency. Now it’s tax time and I’m traveling! So please continue with your mail and your videos … I haven’t given up on starting up a business using your plan – to see if I can be successful with this – there have just been some unforeseen issues to deal with first. I do admit that I have fears, too, I have failed at business twice because I went into it thinking I could do it! Now, I’m at a point where I HAVE to be successful at whatever I try next, and I like your offers – if I just don’t get lost in the maze of wondering what my next step should be. Is there a customer service center or person I could talk with?
    Thanks, Mariam.

  53. Bruce Morris

    I guess I am fearful but I’ve been purchasing and purchasing and I have a mentor jus gets frustrating with in purchasing I have to purchase somemore I jus want to have all the programs I need to become more successful and you come out with more programs that can help and I feel like I’m missing out because I dont have the money for alot of the programs until I profit from one of them first. I have no fear in taking the operatunity jus dont always have the finances to take the operatunity and I feel like I’m at a loss if I dont.

  54. Carol

    Boy! Diid Peter hit the nail on the head. I’m one of those people that can only focus on one thing at a time until I feel confident that I know what I’m doing. Information overload has really kept me from getting anything started, but I’m not giving up yet!

  55. Larry S

    Wow this is me, I need your leadership Anthony. Thank you for the insight.

  56. victoriawillis

    Hi Anthony i really would like to start on a website about the 28th of april if you would have someone call me my husband just became ill he is not walking i hate i missed your visit to Las Vegas but my husband,s needs first Victoria Willis

  57. Donny

    Anthony you are a outstanding speaker and i totally agree you must believe you will succeed and never give up. quitters never win.

  58. Sharon Volkman

    I developed some ads and got many people looking at them. But that cost money. I am afraid of running out of money. You have told us many other ways for success and I need to study them more.

  59. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Professor Anthony, HAPPY EASTER SUNDAY! Thanks for those words well said and very true. I know I just have to get going and start this bussiness. You always say positive words in your blogs. Anthony check out this “” take your family and friends, this is truely the greatest show on earth! They are touring the country. May GOD BLESS YOU and your family&friends! Your student–Luis, TX.



  61. Pat Rebo

    Hi Anthony, hope you had a good weekend. And I would like to thank you for the advice on fear. It’s not fear on my part, it’s lack of funds. You need money to make money, thats something I don’t have. It’s $19.00 a month for Aweber acct. iContact is $9.99 amonth & some other feese. I have to get caught up on some past due bills.I just can’t work it right now. Give me time, i’ll get where I need to be. The webinar was the iceing on the cake, I learnsd a lot from it, and I keep watching it over and over. Thank you for all the free help. Sorry I couldn’t come up with the money, even on the payment plan for the software. Have a great week Anthony. Your Friend Pat Rebo

  62. Natalie Lee

    I absolutely agree with you 100%. You cannot have fear in learning Online Marketing, otherwise you’ll never do it. You were actually very helpful in getting me started, taking baby steps, and I’m looking forward to learning more. When you actually take action, it feels so rewarding! I have not made money Yet, but plan to keep going until I do so. I have put together my personal blog, that was also a learning curve….but now feels great that I’m learning all that go along with it. I’ve also found a new online marketing start-up, who can assist in promoting any blog or business at a higher level for a very affordable cost..

    Love your mentoring and waiting for more!!!

  63. Michael

    Great piece of inspiration!
    I agree that fear will hold you back. I see it all the time from the people I come in contact with every day. Maybe, it’s just my luck of the draw at the moment to be running into this group. I remember when people were more willing to step out of the box. Now it seems, they’re too scared to try anything new. No matter how easy or simple it is. They just don’t believe they can do it or that what ever it is they’re looking at, just won’t work for them. Yes, they’re afraid. They have no faith in themselves anymore.

  64. frances vick

    dear anthony i read your web site book and started to cry your book remined me of my son who recently died on his birthday new year day of last year He had so much of your attitude it is uncanny. I know he would have love to meet you However he cannot but I will and would like to start the business we never had the chance to complete . I look forward to seeing you in N.J. on the 21st.

    [email protected]

  65. Phillip

    Hi Anthony,

    Very true & very well stated – have “no fear”.

    If we follow your advice of setting a $5 a day budget for a campaign we learn without loosing a lot of money until we know enough to make money. I’m sure that’s what you had in mind.

  66. savannah

    I enjoyed your blog.Fear is hard to deal with. I am going to be successful I just have to have more faith in myself. I am having trouble getting back in the education center.

  67. James Ivy

    Hi Anthony you are right fear will block your way to having the true success that you are seeking. But then again you have to fail your way to success!

  68. Amanda Harris

    I am affaid of failing and rejection. I never completed anything before in my life. I start things and do not finish. If things get too complicted or too hard where I can not understand I will give up. But what I have recently realized that anything worth having is never easy to get. Moving forward I will be giving everything I got with this program and my life cause with god on my side and a concer the world because this is my time to shine. Here I come

  69. Henry

    This is one area I have to get past. I’m very timid about approaching people with my business. Thanks for the encouragement. I will try harder and learn from my mistakes.

  70. Lillian Bannister

    Hi I am presently a Personalshopper whos Business consist of me shopping for People and also going out and Buying merchandise.I spent time over the weekend watching your webinar in which i got from afreind on fb. It was very interesting but not affordable at this time. I to want to be Wealthy and a Global Entrepreneur Like you,I have been in business since 2005- Present and gross maybe 5-7,000 a year and want more help in growing since I do have the clientele. Thanks

  71. Shirley Miller-Gore

    What Anthony said is true. My greatest fear, is to lose hope and not to believe in myself. It’s a loney world out there. Someone has to do the job, I guess it’s time to jump and loss the fear. Even if I have to do this alone and no support form family member. Thank you for reminding me that Fear is my worse enemy. Well Anthony, after a year of trying to get my attention, here I am now and I will continue to build my success.
    Thank You, for giving of yourself to aid others.

  72. Jeanne Jackson

    Thank you Anthony. I did miss this one. Very well said, stressed and accented, I WILL do this!!! And, I will let you know!

  73. gary shelton

    hi my name is gary shelton and i have look at every email that you have sent me you don;t no how bad i need some thing to make money at i don;t have much computer skills if i can;t find some thing to make some money at my wife and i is going to loose our house to fourcloser i just don;t have the money to started i just need some thing real bad thanks and godbless gary shelton

  74. ngoeh agnes

    hi Anthony you are good teacher,ican,t quit the race as far this program never ends.the issue is getting the money to make the money. i am very slow to understand how it works and taking a risk i need step by step so that dont go in dept b/c of failure ,l know i will catch up with time.

  75. David Dockstader

    Great talk about fear. Fear is the mind killer and will stop your progress every time, if you let it. Take a deep breath and do it.

  76. Stella Marie Renfrew

    Dearest Anthony,
    Inspiring and great encouragement and motivation.Thank you for offering the LeadGen for half off..I was about to get it but my card was overused..had to buy airline tickets for my dad to be able to get back home and see my brothers and sisters for more than 10 years.I was awaiting to get my tax refund back. I would love to start off and just do not know how to start again.I guess that was my fear,how to let you know that I am on ground zero and clueless on how to rebuild what I just totally neglected . i was caught up with the domestic and career concerns that I never set up the time to really put an effort on this. Please help me out and I do ask to please be patient with me. Thank you very much for your understanding and continuous support.

  77. Josie Montano

    Hi Anthony
    Thanks for the boost of confidence I really needed it have been in a doubtful down turn.

  78. Suzanne Brandt

    I have a business, but for the past 12 years I haven’t been selling anything. I started selling on ebay, just a little bit. Then my daughter sent me out the door. I moved to another state, and I have not been able to sell anything on the computer because, I didn’t have a computer to list my items. Please what do I do then? I didn’t have a digital camera to take photos to show what I was selling. Thanks, Suzanne Brandt

  79. Rodney

    Thank you for the closet caption that i read your video
    God bless you

  80. Beverley Gallimore

    Hi Anthony,

    I did not miss the blog. I was just a little reluctant to admit that I am fearful of taking that first step. However, I am moving forward this week more boldly and hope to have something up and running by week’s end. Wish me luck!


  81. Marcus Silbery

    Always good advice Anthony thanks. This applies to me the way that I too am sometimes afraid to push the envelope a little which kind of turns in to procrastination and therefore stagnates for a while slowing down the whole process. Have the fearlessness to push and go after things that need to be done add up the little steps to success.

    Thanks very much


  82. Anthony Canty

    this video hit the nail on the head, my fear is finding what i need to put everything together. but i’m moving ahead with my course.

  83. Ernest K Reyes sr

    Anthony Thank You For All Your Support ,but becouse of lack of fauns we hand pout oure awber accounts,on hold for now, thanks for all you do.

  84. Jose Da Silva

    Dear Anthony, you touch to the point. I am really a fearfull person. But I am always watching to your video till I got there. You are doing a great job teaching people to loose the fear for facing the reality of life.
    You will be always blessed.
    Dasilva, Jose

  85. Sal Penunuri

    I’m in the boat as some of people who have written to you. I have never been the type of person to jump first and ask questions later. I have alway had a plan and a budget to recoup my investments. I have always been fearful of taking that first step and as a result have never been as successful as I would like to be. I am really close to making a decision but with my current financial situation I find it hard to commit to a payment plan of which I am not sure I will be able to pay without knowing if or when I will begin to see results. Im just in a financial crunch right now but I would like to thanks for your words of encouragement.

  86. Patricia

    This is great! It would be nice to see some income from the products I have purchased online. I am working with the new product Lead Generation Builder Software. I hope this work because this will build my confidence in the income generation. Then, I can budget some of the risks for my fears.

  87. Arturo Garcia

    Hey Anthony , than you
    you right is is exactly the fear of going the righ direction! i am kind of confus and i do have confidence on my self but with a some help i think i can move on , and start making money, and see all what i been watching on videos and webinars.

  88. Deppie Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    I am always afraid of starting something new and I just don’t know how to get started because I tried a couple of things on my own and I failed. I ended up dealing with fakes. I will try google next. I hope it works.

    Thanks alot

  89. Elias Nkerbu

    Thank you very much for all the help and encouragements. I know that I am going to succeed though it is taking me a little bit longer than the rests. I believe that I am going to make it whatever it takes. Thanks again A Morrison.

    Elias Nkerbu

  90. Kathy N

    Hi Anthony,

    Hi Anthony, I thank you so much for the encouragement and education that you provide on your weekly blog. I watched it everytime. I also watched your webinar. My biggest hurdle that is preventing me to get started is financial. I don’t have very much to start with and with limited experience I’m always hesitant to get started. I wish that I have at least enough to get me started. I’m greatful that you don’t give up and continue to educate us the best way you can. I am not giving up, I’m a person that when I set my mind on something I will at least try.

    Thanks again for the time and information that you continue to share.

  91. Travis

    Hi Anthony can I still start the Lead Gen. Builder, I have save enough money to make the monthly payments.

  92. Lydia

    I haven’t had everything handed to me on a platter, however, due do things beyond my control I now have extreme fear of trying to improve my present situation. I have a website, I have read both of your books, but have not “pulled the trigger” to obtain success. I need help in setting up back links to my affiliate website please.

  93. Jo Ann Edwards

    Thanks for the encouragement. I am working with PMI and it is so much to
    learn. I am trying very hard to keepup.

    Thanks, Jo Ann

  94. iris galloway

    thanks anthony, fear has kept me back, I hit a snag in pmi and it did something to me, was doing great, but never got around the snag, setting up a landing page. sounds crazy, but got hung up on that and it did me damage. learned a lot in course of pmi, but the elephant was always in the room. still hoping someday, to get where i want to be.



  96. Susan Tamboury

    This was so timely- I am making “No fear” my weeks mantra. My current fear is that I wont’ be able to make “good enough” copy for a conversion- I have gotten clicks- just not any conversions as of yet- I need to believe in myself.

  97. Doris Taylor

    Hi Anthony,
    Love the video. Fear is the number thing that stops alot of people from taking that first step but,I’m not giving up!!!!

  98. ann

    I am afraid! i am admitting i read your book and have been procrastinating on signing up to start your program. i hate bills. i am just afraid of loosing money i dont have and i have lost a lot along the way but i feel if i am still searching then i am almost there. Thank you i have been visiting your web site and reading so i am feeling more assured of the choice i want to make knowing that if i continue to do the same thing i will get the same result. thank you Anthony.

  99. Anne (Cookie) Webb

    Your determination to help & compassion for you followers shine through! Thank you. Boldness is the father of No Fear & I embrace this principle with both arms. Looking forward to the other 3 members.

  100. Cecilia

    You know Anthony I do have fear. I am in great need to just become more organized so that I can accomplish more in my time frame. That is my greatest fear problem. It’s no doubt I must work at organizing my time better.
    Thank you.

  101. Audrey Kroll

    thank you for your great attitude. You are right. You must feel success,and this attracts more success .

  102. Derunzia Foster

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for all of the input and info. I am totally on board with all you teach, unfortunately I cannot afford it at this time. I will definately purchase and begin my business through you when I can afford it, hopefully soon! I have learned so much already.

  103. Tamie

    Thanks Anthony, you hit the nail on the head with this one as I am fearful but am taking action at the same time. I am getting lots of comments on my site now but still no conversions so need to figure out what to promote next. Will keep on and hope the fear lessens soon!

  104. J.W. Brown

    Hi Anthony

    I am just afraid of something new! But like you say once I get started, I always make it over an past the humps. Its just getting started. Once I do I always do well.

    Thank You For Your Support,

  105. Eckhart

    As usual, you’re always inspiring to listen to. I took the program in CA in Aug with your bro, but still need to launch. I admit I need to make this a priority: now!

  106. Steven Baswell

    Hey Anthony I think this issue is one the hardest for most people to get past. I learn very quickly that You can’t let fear hold you back, I have been marketing for about 4 months now mainly because I lost my job 0f 10+ years over 6 months ago all while go through a divorce, had alot of things not going my way. But one day I just change my whole mind set an kick fear out the door and I can do this. The main thing that help is I excepted that fact that there was going to be some failure before sucess, but in the end I will prevail.

  107. Micheal, Williams

    I have been fighting back fears of The New Age Internet Technologies. I’ve been having conflicting time issues getting friends or relatives to interact with me on the teachings of Email, Gmail, & Facebook.
    Things are picking up. Your comments & pep messages are incouraging, thank you. Right now I’m at my Car Dealership for service using their Internet, Earlier this week & last week my daughters & Lawan (business partner) were teaching me uses of Email, Gmail , Facebook . I’m on my own now reading your emails, typing my Comments. Because I don’t have internet, still due to cable company delivery & set up delays.
    Well I hope I didn’t type all of this & you not get this response.
    Because I want you to know I haven’t given up, & for others who may still have some fear. Reach out to a friend or relative , to help get you going on the internet trend way of life.

    PS: I found out Burgers, Shakes , Pizza, are good Youth Motivators

  108. DENNIS



  109. Carla De Petris

    I am gkad to kniw that I am not the only one who fears new things. The web is a labirint and it not easy.
    Thank you for reassuring.

  110. Cecilia

    Anthony, You are absolutely right about the fear. The organization of what I need to do online and maintaining and completing other projects have always my largest fear. I just have to persevere. Thank you for the inspiration. As always the weekly blogs is right on time.

  111. Marcia Brown

    Thanks for this encouraging video! Today, of all days, i really needed it. I pur my first ad on Facebook yesterday and it was approved. Later in the day I out the same ad up targeted to a different audience . . . and it was disapproved! Same exact ad. I sent them an email and they told me they don’t allow the offer I wrote the ad for. NOW they are reviewing the ones that were approved and I am quite sure they will be denied as well. They are about the same offer. SO . . . I was getting very frustrated.

    I am running a similar ad for this same offer on 7Search. I haven’t seen any conversions as yet. The offer is the 500 Scrapbooking Sketches. Do you have any ideas on where I could run it?

    Thanks again for the encouraging video!

  112. Deborah Stewart

    Hello Anthony: I just joined you on April 25th so I have not done the 3 days course yet. I am pumped and ready to get started. This video is very powerful and I think it would have been a good one to see at the first meeting when I was introduced into this program. I was sitting on the fence and was “AFRAID” to move forward. This video would have inspired me to move much quicker.

  113. Joyce Knake

    Wow, I didn’t know so many people were fearful!!! It’s a big thing that holds a lot of us back, including me. It’s hard to take the plunge but if I don’t do something I just don’t gain anything.Thanks for the pep talk.

  114. Deb Herber

    This is one blog that meant a LOT to me personally. I work a demanding schedule, it’s hard for me to keep up with your lessons, and I’m also a fulltime college student.

    I love being good at my job, and being someone that others come to for answers to questions and confidence on the job. I’ve always wondered what my life would be like if I devoted as much time and effort to something of my OWN, instead of someone ELSE’S business.

    I want so much to be independent. To be able to generate an income…without having to work for someone else! Not afraid to make mistakes, and I love working with people.

    Going to close my eyes….and step into tomorrow! More than anything I want CHANGE! 😉

    Thanks Anthony….for all you do!


  115. Michael Rivera

    In the words of The Green Lantern “will is stronger than fear”, so you shall overcome, as long as you are willing to try.

  116. Marva

    The bible says, God did not give us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. I try to live by this principle but sometimes it’s tough when there are daunting challenges facing you.

  117. Wilma Tune

    This is one thing I don’t let bother me. I’ll just work to push forward with what I am doing. I would not be where I am today if I let fear guide me. I trust the Lord always to be there to help guide me. My problem is I’m just slow. Thanks for your help.

  118. jan rose

    I’ve watched this edition of the Success Connection more than once… It helps me to realize something, and that is – What, actually, is there to fear? I’ve already acknowledged the possibility of failure and decided to learn from in instead of being defeated by it, so… what, actually, is there to fear? Thanks, Anthony, for the inspiration!

  119. Tammy Ruegsegger

    I am working hard at trying to chase my dreams. I keep running but feel like I am going very slowly. School will be out soon, so I am hoping to spend oodles of time on ads and trying different ads to see what works and what doesn’t. I want this to be successful so I can stay at home and work my affiliate business.

    Thanks so much Anthony.


  120. Gary

    Anthony, more this is great stuff, Please don’t stop .
    Thanks, Gary T.

  121. david neal

    wow, wow wow. my biggest problem is ME. my negative thinking. i am a truck driver and ive tried in the past in other ventures trying to make money on the internet. one was forex. others too numerous to mention. tried listening to other so called gurus only to find out they were not very reputable. thanks anthony. i believe you are legit. GO AFTER IT. no FEAR. keep positive. i must reform my thinking and that will be very hard.


    I guess that loosing/failing money/anything really is a fear.

  123. Joseph Blanco

    In any business, to be successful is to be fearless, and always think positively.

  124. Steve Le Baron

    Obsorbing, understanding, applying and fully committing 100% effort into the idea of being successful…is the only way to prospering as an affiliate.
    I’m not a article writer, have prior marketing back ground, sales experience. Just me, crawling along in hope of walking someday.

  125. Thomas Longerbone

    Great advise as usual. Fear is a hard emotion to get over. I don’t really have any fear I just have a built in atitude that I have to do it right before I do it which makes me take a long time to do something.

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