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So over the past few months I have had people asking me many questions about ClickBank and how they can have massive success with this affiliate network. I think it’s most important to let you know a few facts about ClickBank:

1. They sell INFO products
2. They have a MASSIVE marketplace (see it here)
3. They have paid out over 2 BILLION dollars to their affiliates and vendors!

These things alone I think put them at the head of the pack when it comes to “affiliate networks”. We all know the the major niches on the Internet (especially for affiliates) are Dieting, Dating and Working From Home. ClickBank has some of the longest standing offers in all 3 of these niches that I have ever seen, which is amazing!

ClickBank is not, however, a “CPA” network. This means ClickBank does not pay you a specific amount of money everytime you generate a sale for one of their products. You actually participate in a revenue sharing program that is specific to each offer on the network. Some products offer you only 50% commissions while others offer you up to 75% commissions! The great thing about this is that you get to participate in ALL of the money generate from what you’re promoting.

I’ve been teaching affiliate marketing now for quite awhile, but I have never really specifically said “hey students go signup with this network it just rocks!” I am, however, saying that right now. I think you should signup with ClickBank today and just explore the marketplace and see what you find that your interested in promoting. They have so many different categories it’s going to blow your mind when you start scrolling through them.

** I get paid NOTHING for this post. If you earn money with ClickBank I get paid $0 because I am not using any kind of “referral link” I just truly want you to have the right platform to create success that’s the only reason I wrote this blog and this post. You can join ClickBank by simply going to


  1. Marie Gertz

    Hi Anthony!!! I am so excited that I just joined up with Kam and your coaching program. I can’t wait to get started. Thank you so much for all your advice and the success connection i’m well on my way. Keep up the good work Anthony. And thanks again. Marie

  2. Natalie Lee

    I have signed up for Clickbank about 1 week ago since you have mentioned it a few times during your training; I wanted to see what it’s all about and I figured it must be good if you are promoting it ; )

    I’ve selected three items to promote so far: Real Writing, Millionaire Society & Bandits411. My only challenge is I still need to promote my personal blog so everyone can see all my affiliate info! That’s the next challenge since my money is so limited right now! But I haven’t given up and know I have to find a way to make it happen!

    Will keep you all posted so I can share how I’ve accomplished this. You are welcome to view a sample of my blog here:

    Success to All!!!!

  3. Jamey Brown

    Thank you for the tips. When I purchased the LeadGen Builder software, I immediately signed up for Click Bank after the Webinar. The categories for ad’s are amazing. Although I have not generated any revenue from promoting since I am still in the learning process, I am sure it will happen shortly. It would have been nice to win a one on one training course with you and I can only hope to win next time. If you have any additional tips or advice for me please let me know. I have been in IT for 22 years and I can say that the Lead Gen Software is very user friendly and loaded with options. Thank you for offering the software to me.

  4. Robert Fulton

    Thanks for your “tips For Success Online – Join ClickBank,” and for all that you are doing!

  5. Joan Smith

    Thanks for the information. I appreciate any help I can get. I’ve been pretty busy trying to go through the classes on your page. I talked with Mark Neeley last Friday and I suppose he will call again this Friday.

    I appreciate you Anthony!


  6. Barbara Alarcon

    I”ve heard a lot about clickbank and the affiliates going there. I don’t know enough about computor to do that. I’ve had people say they know a lot about computors and they said they could help me, but they didn’t know much about computors. As it stands now I don’t have anyone to help me and I don’t know enough. Thank You for your help. Barbara Alarcon

  7. Marshall Hoffman

    I am gradually getting more into affiliate marketing and less in e commerce. At 80 yrs. I am not making much money but I’ve found something that gets me up in the morning and keeps my brain ingaged. Your book got me started. Thanks. My next step is to branch out into e mail marketing with the help of your software.


  8. Luke Pham

    Thank you Anthony, I’ve sign up with Clickbank but I don’t have a website. I’m going to learn how to design a website so I can participate in the affiliate network. Thank you so much for all your effort to teach me.

    Luke Pham

  9. Fred Jordan

    Awesome Anthony, just the push I needed to get over the hill to join ClickBank, I have been following Click bank and never join. I do believe we need a click bank so thanks for sharing info on Click bank I will know explore.

  10. Marshall Hoffman

    ps. I just joined clickbank and plan to promote their books on fishing which is my nitche. I need to get that software for generating that page. Will wait until my next social security comes in.

    Here’s a plan;

    A. Read their books
    B. Turn them into articles
    C. Publish articles on e zines
    D. Continue to build my fishing page on facebook etc.

  11. KevinK

    Anthony, Thanks for the blog regarding clickbank. I recently started a clickbank acct but didn’t know the details of getting paid yet.Most likely one of Amazon’s competitors. I ‘am working on my niche site of PC & Apple Business Software for Sophisticated Professionals & Computer Games and plan to have it active soon.

    Be Well,


  12. betty gallacher

    I couldn’t make it to the seminar in Nj last thursday but I’m glad I found you here. Thanks Betty;

  13. caridad

    Thanks Anthony, I have struggled finding products to affliate to. I don’t want to think as myself looking fo rsomething I like, but as other people would think and their needs. I will this link and maybe I get a better feel for what products we have out there.

  14. Justin

    Hi Anthony,

    Yes I am a member of ClickBank, but so far I haven’t made any commission yet as I’m working at home for a software business. I’m trying to make some profit sometime soon. I’m still interested in trying out your “Lead Generation Builder” software in HOPE of making some money so we’ll see…..Thanks!

  15. Nathan

    awesome,exciting! thank you so much for what your are doing-helping others to attain success.

  16. Luke Pham

    Thank you Anthony for your teaching. Right now I don’t have a website. I’m going to get one. Will you show me what must be showed on my website in order to promote merchandises. How many pages it need to constitute a website and the links to manufacturers, ClickBank and so on..

  17. John Trendall

    I am interested in starting to make an income again after layoff 4 years ago and uemployment checks ending. How can this all help me?

  18. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Anthony, I want to thank you for this blog you send me. I am going to do this to see what I can find of interest to me. I just can’t wait to start making making my first dollar in this bussiness. I keep getting e-mails saying there is a new software that does everything for me to start making money with out any work required, all automated. But I really want to learn this bussiness from top to bottom. I finally finished reading your first book, and I will order the other books you have to get more educated. Thanks for all you do for all of us students. Your student–Luis, TX.

  19. Marcelino Acosta

    Hi Anthony. My problem is how to promote the products for free.
    I have known clickbank for over a year now. It’a hard to effectively promote the products if you don’t have Ad money.

    Thanks for the information.

  20. Mark Lewis

    Thanks of for the update, Anthony. Most appreciated. I am going there right now.



  21. michael

    what is best way to market a clickbank product? I have tried on TE’s but nothing!
    I do not have my own webpage and not sure how to promote on the search engines.

  22. Patricia D. Shockley

    Thank you Anthony…
    Yes, it has been a LONG two weeks with pretty much EVERYTHING. However.. it will get better. I AM NOT done with this. I WILL learn your system. It is just going to take me a little longer.. I am learning ALOT about myself in this journey.. Very humbling.. I will stay intouch. & I do plan to write about my experience with this journey.. Please excuse the verbage, but IT AINT OVER!! Once again, thank you & let me get back to work.

  23. James Johnson

    Tank you for this extra info on somthing new Anthony! I will have a look at this site and see what I can come up with….this is all a bit scarry to me to be honest….haha, cause im new to it, cant wait to get the hang of it all!!
    Thanks once agin!

  24. Bill Apperson

    I just got through reading your book the hidden millionaire. I’m inspired, you truly are a gifted person. I’m a 56 yr. old man just lost my job as a golf course superintendent in jan of this yr. Been in the golf industry for 30+ yrs. I lost my house so I moved in with my oldest son who lives in a 2bedroom apt. So I moved from st. louis mo. to tampa fl.thinking I could get a job here, nothing so far. I must confess I bought your book from a tv ad about almost a yr. now but I haven’t read it till now today, I’m getting ready to read the other one tomorrow. I guess what I’m meaning to say is ready to do this and if you can help me I not only will try to do this . I will do this. Thank You for your inspiration, the books you wrote and all you have and are doing in this world to help others. From the bottom of my Heart Bill Apperson

  25. Yvonne Bowie

    Thank you Anthony. I appreciate all you’re doing to help us in our efforts in obtaining success in affiliate marketing. I need all that I can get.


  26. James Ivy

    Yes Anthony I have an click Bank account don’t really know how to set it up to start earning money. I can surely use some insight!

  27. John Test

    I haven’t tried affiliate marketing by using a revenue sharing outfit like Clickbank. From what I’ve garnered from your post, I better get with it A.S.A.P. Thanks Anthony.

  28. Waakeelah

    Anthony, I’ve already signed up with them. You right,, it’s much to choose from. However I was asking myself, where to go from here. I’m still a newbie in the marketing field, I truly have many ideas. Especially since my internet provider service is current experciencing tech issues, giving me sometime to think. I hate nit having that access to just get on when I need to for the moment. Simeone need to come up with a back door plan on how to access the internet when service is down. Lol

  29. Vicky Baul

    Thank you so much Anthony. Your help is sincerely appreciated. God bless you always.

  30. Sylvia Pardue

    I saw something on clickbank that tickled my fancy. I’m gonna sign up. Incidentally you might wannt to know I get all your emails twice. Thanks for the free ideas!

  31. Antonio

    I just want to know where I can purchase the LeadGen Builder software , can you send me the link ? Tks

  32. Sharon Ewalt

    Thanks much, Anthony!

    We can all appreciate and benefit from this information on our own with no cost to us, and profit when we use it! I still hope to be able to buy the Lead Generation Program ASAP!

    Blessings for all the ways you help others! Sharon Ewalt

  33. Donna Reeves

    Thanks Anthony! As usual you are right on the mark with great info and tips.
    I really appreciate all the emails you send.

    Thanks again,
    Donna Reeves

  34. Ann Matthew

    Just returned from needed vacation, & great COUSIN’s Reunion in ARIZONA. This sounds very interesting. These three areas are very popular & seem to generate great interest, (read traffic). I am exhausted from the long trip, but jazzed about the idea of this. I want to sign up. Thanks for sharing. All the best. Ann

  35. Beverley G.

    Dear Anthony,

    I am signed up with Clickbank. I also have your BuildSendProfit Program. I am working on putting a product with the e-mail program and launch something soon. I will let you know as soon as I have accomplished that.

    Thanks for the continuing great advice!


  36. Cecilia

    This is wonderful, wonderful. I thank you for sharing this information.

  37. Virginia Archie

    Thank you Anthony ! You always motivate me…thank you for everything.More power to you! I’m going to join the click bank and try if I can make it…..God bless you.

  38. Audrey Kroll

    Thank you for the infornation Re: Clickbank. I truly believe you are interested in helping p eople, and that is probably one one the reasons for your success. I am going to join Clickbank and START working at this instead of just reading and studying. everything about Internet Marketing I find and thinking about it. My main reason for becoming interested in this is because of the book I purchased from you some time ago.Best to you. Sincerely, Audrey Kroll

  39. Sue Robinson

    i’ve had clickbank from the beginning–for some reason, i am having trouble getting this laptop to successfully copy and paste!

  40. Tammy Ruegsegger

    I love ClickBank, they have so many offers it is overwhelming I just have issues trying to choose the right one for me. Carol Amato has a great way to advertise ClickBank through Facebook for no cost to the affiliate marketer. It is in one of her video blogs. Thanks Anthony for clarifying this for me. I appreciate it.

  41. David

    Thank you Anthony, For all the great information that you put out and usualy it is to mostly help others to see or understand what you are doing with the Affiliat marketing field… I do need help and really want this to work for me and as it does – I want it to work for my three beautiful daughters aswell! and that is up to me to be able to put together a great program to be able to teach them the “How to” as you are doing for all of us who reply to your thoughtfull emails.
    Thank You! for All you do…

  42. Angela Best-Longhurst

    Thanks for the information. I am already a ClickBank member. I am just figuring out how to use the program.

  43. Bridget Quent

    you truly cover all the bases. I have most of your materials, but I have done nothing with them so far. I cant remember when I bought them. But listening to you talk puts a spark under my A@# to actually start moving in the direction of your lead. Thank You Anthony Still trying.

  44. Carmel Bosquet

    Thank you Anthony, for all the great information you have giving me from you website. I am currently in your 3 day class and learning a lot from your brother Adrian. Adrian is a phenomenal speaker and I am learning a lot from that class. I’ve joined ClickBank may years ago and I’ve not make any money promoting any products. I am confident after leaving the class this weekend I’ll be able to start making money online as an Affiliate marketer.

  45. Esther Gales

    Hi Anthony! I have just finished listening and viewing your latest Webnair and I was very inspired.I have saved most all of my e-mails from you and tried to keep up with whats going on. Tonight and the video webnair was so good especially the one on one with you which proved that you really do care and want people to be successful and took time out to go into their homes to give them the help they needed. Because of illiness in my family my sister who lives in Mississippi had to have emergency open heart surgery I was unable to keep up but now she is on the road to recovery and I can now get focus on becoming another one of Anthony Morrison success stories!

  46. Angel

    Thank you so much for the tremenduos support to online entrepreneurship wannabes and starters. God bless and reward U. Pls kindly help advice on how we can participate in D clickbank affiliate from Nigeria. My why is to attain financial freedom via the internet and also help others to do so.

  47. Nasim

    I have attended one of your seminar in Hamilton Canada early this month and signed up the linkshare the same night. I am making my website and want your good guide.

  48. vernell rolle

    hi anthony,this is very generious of you , .thanks very much the information i receive today is what i really need to take my business to the next level. may god bless. vernell

  49. William David

    Clickbank is the only one i’ve really dealt with but C.J. (Comission Junction) has good affiliate programs also right. Do you use them?

  50. dating

    Wonderful beat ! I would like to apprentice while you amend your website, how could i subscribe for a blog site? The account helped me a acceptable deal. I were tiny bit acquainted of this your broadcast offered shiny transparent concept

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