1. Kees Pouw

    Hi Anthony,

    Totally agree with you. You are my kind of guy.
    Respect for your charity work too.
    I have allways had the same ideas about this. Only hope I can stay myself too once being succesful.
    Keep up the good work!!

    Best Regards,

  2. Deborah Brown

    I’m signed up and I’m completely brand new. I want to sign up for your 365 day system so that I can learn properly how to succeed in this business. Waiting to learn,
    Deborah Brown

  3. josh

    goodtsuff im thinking of enrolling in the one year training with ur reps

  4. swayze

    It sound good.. still thinkin about it..but money is a huge issue for me..

  5. Maude Kovarik

    Thanks for all the valuable information. All the points are really to me, just common sense on living a whole and happy life. I wish you the very best and i wish I could clone your giving attitude to the world. All the best, Maude Kovarik

  6. Angela

    Hi Anthony,

    I enjoy all of your post. You make me feel like I can be successful just like you. I look forward to learning more all the time. I love the part of giving back. I think that is the most important part of life. Thank you for all your help.


  7. Deppietinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    I really love this. Everyone needs to take responsibility for themselves. I admire and respect your charity work too!
    I admire you a lot and these past 12 weeks have been fantastic and I really learned a whole lot. I am determined to succeed.
    I am a believer and I will always be here on the success connection.

  8. Charles Echols

    The reason why you are blessed and sucessful is because you have use the God principle and thats helping others as you would help yourself,and you can never go wrong with that.Thanks Charles.

  9. Richard Burton

    You’ve been informative, inspirational and motivational. Thanks for tips over the past twelve weeks. It’s coming along.

  10. James Ivy

    Hi Anthony great blog the responsibility about not wasting your money and paying it forward is excellent. I truly believe I’m an better business minded person now by going through these chapters and I thank you so much. Again always an pleasure and continued success!

  11. Domer Kilgore

    Hey Anthony.
    I have enjoyed all of your Success Connection videos and they have been full of great information. I applaud you and your brother for all you do for charities!
    I had Polio when I was a child and really looked forward to the gifts that were donated to the hospital. Now that I’m older I always donate whatever I can afford to the crippled children hospital because it’s a real pleasure to see their faces light up with the gifts.
    Keep doing it even if you don’t think you can afford it. Good luck to you and keep on giving.

  12. Derunzia Foster

    Thanks for sharing all of your insight. Givimg back and being responsible takes a lot of heart. There are so many ways to give back and with you reminding us, it helps us to be outward focussed and it gives growth to your business.

  13. DeWayne Bridges

    I totally agree as Americans we are so blessed not only with our freedom but also with the great bounty we enjoy. We should be focused on giving back and when we are blessed with even more finanaces and success we are obligated and privledged to pay it forward.

  14. Derru Secrest

    Great information Anthony this is absolutely true I have seen so many people go from being some what successful but because they where not responsible with there money they ended up loosing it all.

  15. Judy Newell

    Giving back has always been our family’s way of living. It is great that your success has brought so much good to others. We will continue to give back and follow your lead. Judy and JP Newell

  16. Kermit Williams

    The Entrepreneur should understand that the principle of responsibility increases as the Entrepreneur grows and that the general responsibility on how becoming successful, also comes responsibility: in management, giving back/sharing with others, avoid being manipulated, maintaining focus, being true to life’s principles overall, the twelve fundamental principles from within ‘The Hidden Millionaire’, to oneself and to others. God bless, thank you for sharing and caring…

  17. Linda Saracco

    Hi Anthony!
    I admire you so much and what you give back to others!! I want to follow in your footsteps and give back what I receive. God bless you and your girlfriend for all your charity work. I went through the success with Anthony course and loved it! I bought the IEDU and your books are on the way. I am looking forward to growing in knowledge along with you. Thanks for your continued support with all you do!

  18. Joe Winegardner

    I have been following you the last couple of months and you have tweaked my interest and began to capitalize on Affiliate Marketing. Thanks so ever much for leading the way and sharing your knowledge and your vision.

    It was most welcome! Thank you.

    Joe Winegardner

  19. Theo

    Well said this is what America should be made of. An inspiration and role model. I would definitely like to learn more about the Antimony’s programs

  20. ada villanueva

    Dear Anthony, I am a new student of your, i am doing your on-line course for 12 months. and i have been with your simenar in california. me and my patner doing affiliate marketing. we still getting having slow start. I would like to have that book of yours. I would love to read it. but right now, I could not afford to buy anything. because I have no job for almost 4 years now. I have trying. hope your business plan would work for me. thank you

  21. Thomas Owen

    I agree with you.
    Christians say you can’t out give God.
    Metaphysical view is that you can’t out give the Universe.
    Or, the more you give the more you’ll recieve



  23. Shirley G-K

    My hats off to your Mom. She taught you well. Paying if forward will be one of the first things on my to do list when I reach my idea of success.

    Keep up the good work,

  24. John

    Good sessions. You have great courage and charisma. They are specail gifts. Thank you for sharing them.

  25. Maxine Bennett

    Thank you very much for you time, patience and persistence in sharing your information and knowledge base. I never figured out how to make a dime or if I did how to get the money I made, but I sure have started some great projects using a lot of your knowledge and advice. I have a good start toward eventually making money. Thank You.


    each one of us has within themselves the ability to go forth and be successful. sometimes it takes a little prodding from someone like you to get started.

  27. Deborah Carnahan

    Only got in on the last few weeks, but this is great at reinforcing what I learned in class. Thank you so much for “keeping in touch” with your students!

  28. Federico Carreon

    Success connection… success with Anthony…all success for Anthony. Congratulations for all your successful endeavors. I hope I can follow your footsteps too. Someday, dreams will come true. Thank you.


  29. Ron Musselman

    Thank you, Anthony, for all the good infromation you have passed along over past few weeks on the review of your first book on how to become a Millionaire. I think well of the fact that you are very strong in the belief of giving back and helping others. You have been the first person I have come across in my attempt to make money online who has made it big and has done so much by spending much of his time and money to help others in their attempt to achieve the same. Give and you shall receive does hold true.

  30. Debbie Highfill

    I am brand new also, having a little trouble with facebook ads and getting conversions on others, but I am still trying. I want to learn all I can and would love to sign up to come to Mississppi sometime to learn properly.
    Until then, I am trying to watch and read all I can.
    Love the videos but I have to say I paid for the webinar on video marketing and was unable to get on. Will it be on again?
    Thank you!

  31. frank senner

    dear anthony,
    what a true statement! i will use it!

    thank you!

  32. Kathleen Judy Beller

    Hello Anthony,
    I remember the first time I saw you on your television show. I felt how sincere you were, and I always feel your sincerity every time I watch your videos. I bought your book and read it. So, I signed up as much as I could. All year I have been moving in your direction. I hope you will continue going through your books or anything else. I want to buy your 365 day program this coming January, because only then will I finally be able to implement what you tell me to do. Enough money has been holding me back. I’m constantly spending money on the learning and creating process. Then I need to save the money to start advertising. I hope you will still offer that program. I am your fan.

    Thank you Anthony!!!!

  33. Helen Manharth

    Im new at this, so very bit information will help me. Your book and success conection have been very informative, thanks for sharing.

  34. Shannan

    some major kudos out to you. Are you saving for a rainy day for your self, philanthropist king? Always amazed at the amount you give. BTW loved CPVDomination, you guys are uber clever. next time I have a grand, that isn’t claimed for living, it is yours. That software looks amazing.

  35. Faye

    Thank You Anthony. I have bought your book and am reading it as well. I want to make this work, and your encouragement is a blessing.

  36. Gordon

    Once again your maturity and overall ability to see the “big picture” shines through. I’m glad to have undertaken your instruction, and wish you more and better things in the future.

  37. Stacey

    Great training. It is like paying it forward. What a great feeling it is to be able to help others everyday. I myself find a lot of satisfaction in that and I would love to be financially able to do more of it.

  38. Joyce Knake

    You’re right, we need to give back or better yet, give forward. What we learn, get, accomplish or what ever, we need to share. And that again will come back to us.

  39. Delfido

    This is my first week as a student, I’m so excited and hoping to change the life of my family

  40. Grant Bishop

    Hi Anthony.
    Your seminars have given me more motivation and a more optimistic look on business.

    My website has just been programmed but is not active yet, but very soon.

    Thanks for your help. I watched most of the chapters but didn’t leave any comments until now. (except one that did not go through)

    Take care, Grant

  41. Pat Rebo

    Anthony, You have to be commended on what you have accomplished. You are where I am going to be one of these days, I hope sooner than later. My goal is to be dept free, have enough to live comfortable, and help my family and others in need. Thanks to Jehovah, you and whoever I can get to help me with this computor…. Have a great weekend Anthony… Your friend …. Pat Rebo

  42. william ortega

    I’m signed up and I’m completely brand new. I want to sign up for your 365 day system so that I can learn properly how to succeed in this business. Waiting to learn,

    william ortega

  43. Dana Koepsel

    Thank you so much for your wisdom I am hoping all of this will rub off on to me. Your tip on giving back is very responsible and I to hope to do the same some day soon.

  44. fatai ijelu

    hi imiss your workshop in chicago ill but my lap tap was not woking for 4month but now is okay, i have little money to start need help guy can some help me ,

  45. Dianne Yeager

    I have appreciated, identified and learned from your 12 principles. I agree that as one establishes an expertise to their niche a platform of ethics and responsibilities must parallel continued success.

  46. Natalie Lee

    Love your Success blogs! Yes….I want to help others. Even now I wish to help others, but I’m not quite there yet. This year is the year I get things going! Will let your blog know add’l info I have, which I’ve just learned about. Will post my new info to your blog as soon as I get things going. They can combine your system with another system and get twice the success!!!

  47. David Larkins

    Good thoughts and ideas. We all need to take care of our brother.
    Thanks for your thoughts

  48. karl

    Anthony, This was a really good Lesson. I agree with this. Yes, it is important to share and trust your instinct. Thanks for sharing your book with us..

  49. dennis lambert

    Anthony it seems you and I have been on the same page about giving back.
    even after having a stroke that lost/ cost me and my family almost everything
    my wife and I still give to others as much as we can. If I win your 1000.00
    I will be able to buy all of your programs I can’t afford now. THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP

  50. Russell Bearinger Jr

    All 12 Blogs were Great!
    The more you Do for Others Comes Back To You Two Fold!
    Thanks Great Info.

    Need more Info on Setting up Campains on Google

    Russell B

  51. Bessie Young

    I like you, you have a kind heart like me. I’m from Ms. maybe that is where we get it from. I love helping people.

  52. Peter Converse

    Thanks for all that you’re doing, Anthony. I’m about to sign up for some personal coaching and looking forward to it greatly.

  53. Jamey Brown

    Well said. Responsibility is key to running a business. It is our responsibility to pay it forward and to help others as needed. It is important to never forget where we came from and what it took to get where we are today. Thank you Anthony for your insight through your books and the success connections!

  54. Marcia Brown

    Hi, Anthony!

    I am a giver at heart, and the idea that I should help others more and more as I am more successful speaks to that giver in me. I am looking forward to the time when I can help people in the big way that you do. That is a responsibility that I will take very seriously.

    Keep up the good work helping us and encouraging us. I am continually impressed with your knowledge, compassion, and helpfulness. Thanks, again, for all you do!

  55. brenda williamson

    I think your ideas are great and like the idea of working with someone with the moral responsibility that feels the need to help others less blessed.

  56. Ken H

    I learned a lot from your teaching. Something are harder to apply than others but I am sure I wont quit.

  57. Robert Andrews

    Really enjoyed your video. Very inspirational and helpful. Never thought about the responsibility that you inherit as you become wealthier. I see why people many times dont keep their money as the become richer!

  58. Grace Loquias

    Yes, I agree with about RESPONSIBILITY. Even though how great is the program but if we are not responsible on doing our part it will bee a big waste. To be responsible and sincere of what we are doing is the BEST key to SUCCESS…More Power to you Anthony!!!!

  59. Mel Saunders II

    Totally agree with how people look at you differently when you you are more sucessful. I am look at all your programs and am getting excited to start. thank you for all your info that you make avaiable.

  60. Leroy Blanchard

    Shareing is essential to help others who lack skills you may have in achieving incomes necessary to provide assests to help the less fortunate.we send monies to help children that require medical treatment at Saint Judd Hospital

  61. louis zube

    Anthony i just bought your 365 day plan. Thank you. I had a teacher do the same for me in third grade with glasses. But some how i made the all star team in baseball with out them . Where theres a will theres a way. And if theres a fear of getting hit in the face with the ball you see it and catch it glasses or not

  62. Dora

    Love the upbeat info. Been trying to reach you, having problems with Wolfstorm.

  63. Susan Sieve

    Great Stuff Anthony!I love your attitude and the fact that you want to pay it forward. What a great way of doing business!

    Susan Sieve
    [email protected]

  64. Patrick Miller

    It goes without saying – give back to your family and community, but do it sensibly and in your own way. You are a great example of this keep up the good work, Anthony!

  65. Ken Curran

    Thanks for reveiwing the principles of your book, it has helped me and look forward to the time I can get it shipped to Canada to read the whole thing.

  66. Carmen Directo

    Hi Anthony,
    I look for heroes thru my life time — since I saw you on TV in 2010 —I said that young fellow will be my HERO and with your way of taking care of your family and your business and your money — YOU are now my hero. Keep up the good work.

  67. Miguel Lopez

    I have not doubt that I will be successful and I totally understand that with that comes responsibility.I can not whait to give back to others not only the knowledge but also the resources so we all can help the ones that are less fortunate and make a better world for them.

  68. joe

    Man I trust you, I knew I had to run to my email to check for an email from you. Can’t thank you enough for the time and effort you put into teaching us.

  69. Robin Smith

    Hi Anthony

    Thank you for all your emails and someday I will be working in your business. Soon as i can sign up for some training. Not able to pay right now but soon maybe. Good willing. I like you. You seem to be down to earth kind of guy. I like that. Can believe in you better.

    Robin Smith

  70. Anthony Fedora

    No one, and mean NO ONE else but Anthony talks about the importance and the need of helping out the less fortunate when we become successful.
    That is yet another reason that Anthony Morrison is above and beyond any other internet marketing professional. Thank you Anthony!

  71. Eileen

    Hi Anthony,

    I think you’re right…the last success connection (#116) was definitely the best one. I totally agree with it. I’m hoping everything goes well with this business because I want to be able to help my parents financially. How do I sign up for your 365 day system? Need help getting started!


  72. Jeannette

    I love your book. It is a resource that I will re-read and refer to many, many times. I feel like I will always have questions that I can find the answers to in your book.

    Also, the tradition that your family started of sharing Christmas with the Angels on the Angel Tree at the Mall was a tremendous story and had a real impact on me. This is something that I will be trying to get implemented this Christmas. I already work with Buckner Orphans Home and their Angel Tree but I would like it on a more personal level also.

  73. Dorothy Marr

    Thank you very much. I have more understanding from these 12 weeks. Look forword to more good explainsions.
    Dorothy Marr

  74. Ivy Rice

    Thanks, again, Anthony, for all that you do for others. This lesson on responsibility once you achieve success is a much needed one. Hope to be able to achieve success similar to yours someday.

  75. Donna Moore

    I agree with your philosophy of being responsible. A pay it forward philosophy.
    I like the charity idea. I give to selected charities now but would like to have more to donate.

    With the training you provide I hope to give much more.

  76. LEVENT

    Hi Anthony
    it s awesome how You r thinking.everytime U r giving other reason for follow u

  77. Nina Perdue

    Thanks for all your mini-lessons, which if followed, become large lessons and fruitful lessons of life. I have enjoyed each and every one and thank you for caring.

  78. Steve Horn

    Im from columbus, ohio . Coach Woody Hayes of past OSU sucesses always said u must always pay back for ur success. Thats exactly what ur doing.

  79. Joseph Blanco

    This is where some successful entrepreneurs fail to do, is to share their success and teach other people in need of success on what to do. Some get greedy or they’re just too selfish to share. What you are doing Anthony is great. Not only do you share but also do some charity work which what all successful people must to. Help the ones in need and teach people who are having a hard time to attain success. Great series, all 12 weeks was worth it.

  80. Nancy Dobson

    Is there any way that I can go back and watch the other videos?

    I love your idea of responsibility.

    Thank you,

  81. Angela

    It is a wonderful feeling that I had finally joined, tomorrow I will have a introduction coaching session with John. Can’t wait to start and to unveil the secrets.

  82. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Anthony, That is the reason you are so successful, you give back to charity’s. You lead by example and that is a positive attitude. Thanks for all the tips you give us students. GOD BLESS YOU! –Luis,

  83. karla

    this video and all of his videos are are explanatory and excellent i love what he does he is very excellent in helping people and wanting to succeed and he is very commited in seeing people wanting to succeed in helping people succeed and he is there at anytime you need his help

  84. Brian

    Hi Anthony,
    I totally agree with everything in last chapter and in the whole book, I am just starting in affiliate everything is going slow but hopefully it will pick up with your help. Thankyou Brian

  85. NeilB

    Anthony, For someone so young you ave a maturity of senior years..
    I hope the younger generation are listening to your viseo and inspire them to help others…NeilB

  86. Cynthia A. Chisum

    Hi Anthony,
    No you just got up earlier than I did. I agree. Your words and deeds match. I got up to my computer and turned it on and I wouldn’t go on. I come out, my computer was in the shop. It’s a responsibility.

  87. Jo Ann Edwardsjoann.dobbs

    Hi Anthony,
    your success connection is very informative. hope this can get me out of this rut. I am doing better with my one year training. I get discouraged at times et quit for a while. Really could use a little success now.

  88. tommy pumphrey

    I had read the book some time ago but it is nice for you to break it down. I do believe you have to educate yourself and surround yourself with good people. I also believe you just have to do it even if sometimes you do understand it all. The book is a motivator but education puts you over the top and giving back when you get there is very important.


    …Paying-it-Forward IS what we were put on the planet to accomplish–whatever our mode! Thanks for sharing your spirit of “a compassionate & generous heart!” Let like such Spirit abide in us all, always! P.S.–was a perfectly concise, quick, touch-in snippet–“food-for-thought” mode–Bingo!
    (Hi! …am one of you guys newest fans and graduates of your 3-day training, last weekend in Ft. Lauderdale, FL–was a “blow-away,” “killer,” totally packed industry opener of learning! Thanks for those great classes! Have enrolled in the Level 4!)

  90. Doris Blakeney

    These trainings were very helpful. I have the book but I haven’t read it yet.

  91. Robert Walker

    Hi Anthony. I am looking forward to helping support several mission endeavors that other people operate. I know them well and have been able to support them with a meager offering until now. They are part of my goals. These 12 sessions have been great, and your presentations have helped me immensely. Thanks for all you do.

  92. Tjep Marku

    Thank you, Anthony. Everybody certainly wants to be successful. Some can easily run to reach success. Some other are only able to walk. Last but not least, there are some who are only able to crawl toward success. There are so many reasons behind each of them. Anyway, all should be ever onward. No retreat.

  93. Anne Martin Bell

    Hello Anthony:

    It is wonderful to hear that you give to those in need, and the more you earn, the more you give.

    I would like to earn money to give more to others. I help my four grand-children on my limited income…but now that I’ve heard how successful you are, that allows you to help others, I want to do that too.

    I really meant it!

    With kind regards.

    -Anne Martin Bell : ))

  94. mikey mohney

    yes !! you are rite.. don’t blow your success!! by buying up everything people ask for just because u have the money to, charity is different and i love to help a charity as much as i can.. thanks Anthony for sharing your book with us. i hope you plan on sharing some more success mentoring with us in the near future to keep us all on our toes. 🙂

  95. AnnMatthew

    Thank you Anthony for an interesting and informative series of classes.
    It only makes sense to show responsibility by paying it forward. It also makes sense to be responsible by taking care of the way you do it.

    It also makes sense to me to have respect for not only the people we can help with money but money itself, by taking care of how we save, invest, donate, and in YOUR case, ethically bribe US by USING money as a tool for motivation.
    I AM not able to Connect to both Facebook abd Twitter for some reason BUT THAT is ok. The value of These SESSIONS is not for the $1000 oddly enough BUT for WHAT I LEARNED WHEN INSTOPPED TRYING TO ACCESS BOTH NETWORKS. I have HAD to ACCEPT MY LEARNING LEARNING style.

  96. Jo-Anne

    Even though we have finished going through your book, I know this is not the last of the Success Connection. I am looking forward to more topics as it keeps you going and encouraged.
    Wayne Dyer says that if you are poor, there isn’t a lot you can do to help others with money, but if you have more money, it is easier to share and help more people and I admire that you have done that.

  97. Ryth

    Great addition! Can’t wait to get to this point, myself.
    Thank you, Anthony, for ALL of your efforts.

  98. Jill

    Great comments on giving back. I wish more people thought that way. Our country would be so much better.

  99. Sharon

    Thankyou Anthony, i have found the lessons to be so informative and helpful to me, I have learned a lot from your lessons, I’m wondering in the upcomining webinars if you could go a little deeper into the popups on others sites.
    Thanks again,
    Sharon Valenta

  100. Libby Sosa

    I realy get off on that whole giving back idea that’s why that movie “Pay it Forward” rang so true for me!

  101. Larry Marinetti

    Very inspirational book. As I read each chapter the antispation of what was comming next kept me reading it to the very end. Only had a short break for lunch. I have recommended it to family and friends. Really helped me understand the requirements to become a successful internet marketer.

    Larry M.

  102. James Magee

    Hi Anthony

    I enjoyed each session and looked forward to the next each week.

    I’ll look forward to whatever you do next.



  103. Shirley Miller-Gore

    Still don’t have a website. Please inform me when there will be a two day seminor here in Vegas. I believe I still need to attend this class so I can learn, what I can and can’t do in this program. It’s been months and I’m still not running with a website. I still need to learn. Still waiting, hope to get something soon. I’ve watch all your programs. Thanks

  104. francis domaoal


    this information really help me a lot. the thing i am worried now is that i don’t actually know where and how to start my affiliate marketing business. Also, I am totaly scared to do it; though i really wanted to try and face my fears..I also read you books, but it is to much to take for a starter like me..I really need help on how to start this business and also i need more education about online marketing business.

    Thanks Anthony!

    you truely help us a lot!

  105. Bill and Sally

    Your leadership is admired by many! We are signed up and we will see you in a few weeks for training. Thank you for your guidance. Looking forward to building new dreams…

    Sally and Bill M

  106. John Galik

    I have been applying your 12 principles in the development of my business and in my personal life. I have found that I am more positive on becoming successful as well as have more confidence in myself. I know I am much older than most but I believe as long as I have the motivation to succeed I will be successful.

  107. Muriel

    Anthony- I really liked this one as I can relate to kids that need help when they are going thru a tough situation. Giving back by raising money for Abused Women and Children Shelters – starting to work with kids with cancer as my younger brother passed away from that disease. The fact that you started so young because of your mom is terrific! Bravo to your mom!!! You helping with the children in the burn centers is great! I wish more people, who can afford it, would help out others in need – it’s very rewarding. If you can’t afford the money, then donate the time. Anyway, really enjoyed this one!

  108. Muriel

    Responsibility! It makes one stop and think. You’re right about making sure that you are doing what right for you not what people expect of you. Be true to yourself! Love what you said about Childrens Haven and giving back.

  109. Jan-Inge

    I have already programmed my brain to if I have more succes in my life, I will give more to charity. Today I am a sponsor for a boy in Peru Southamerica. I feel so happy and contented to be able doing that. And to give more to charity will make me feel even more happy and contented!
    To share that knowledge that I acquired is natural. And if that knowledge will give more success I will be more than happy to share it with the ones that I love!

  110. Sheldon martin

    I understand what you were saying in this segment that you need to be responsible for what you have earned. With a lot of money becomes great power and you must take care of it. I am glad that I started this business and I hope I learn a lot from this business.

  111. Starmist

    I’m following along with your book and am very excited to learn something new every day! Thanks for all your free training you provide, it really is very helpful!

  112. Blanca

    Thanks for sharing your story! I agree with you, we should pass on to others the knowledge we get. You have shared knowledge and wealth. Sharing wealth is optional but definetely rewarding. Helping others in need is the most rewarding action there is, I believe in God and know, our wealth is not only found on earthly things. So, keep up the good work! Keep sharing!

  113. Gloria Brooks

    Hi Anthony
    I haven’t been keeping up with every segment with your book, the interesting thing is that i can go back and pull them back up thru my e-mail. I’m taking in all the the bits and pieces that i can before i actually decide to sign up. thanks for your time.


  114. Sheila Aldrich

    hey Anthony – Great concept and true. The giving back very very valuable.
    Glad you saw and sorted this all out for yourself. Quite a commendable!
    Wishing you continued success and more and more insight which I know
    you will then share, cos you’re that kind of person.

  115. Mark Lewis

    Wow, Anthony, it’s like i said when i met Adrian, you guys are one of a kind. Thank you for doing what you do to help the folks that need. I hope i can follow in your footsteps.


  116. Kong Sourivong

    Hey Anthony,

    I Love to here from you ,I hope you have a good Day.

    You bring successful in our live .


  117. Gayle McLeod

    Just completing your 3 day seminar and am going for the gusto and will be meeting you on the level 3. I have read your book and have enjoyed your life story and love that you are giving back. That is what God would want of you and everyone else. You are very inspirational and am looking forward to blessing others.

    God Bless

  118. Shawn

    I like this advice. To whom much is given, much is required, especially, self control. Keep up the good works.

  119. Melody

    Hi Anthony, Great video blog. Having the right mindset & being responsible is also important you must also stay consistant. You never stop learning there is always something to learn. Finding the right technique is also important. There are all kinds of successful techniques, Success leaves clues. Success isn’t always easy it takes a lot of hard work & effort & be resposible. Choose success. Thank you Anthony for all of the great video blogs. It is greatly appreciated. Melody.

  120. Sergio

    Great words of wisdom, I wish someone would had given me that advice when I was in a previous industry. I ended up making all the mistakes and I learned the hard way.

  121. Lisa

    Anthony, Thanks for doing what you do! Sometimes its easy to forget our responsibilities. Thanks for sharing and going through great information.

  122. Carol

    Looking forward to the time that I’ll be in a financial position to pay it forward. I’ve actually thought about that a lot already.

  123. Thomas J Russo

    Anthony , You are a good example to follow , I am brand new to your program and I am committed to follow your lead. Thank you again for sharing all your success Tom Russo

  124. Nancy Goolsby

    Hi Anthony,

    I got your books a while ago but have never gone int my website. I am ready to start but don’t know how to get into my website.
    Can you please help me and guide me? I think all your information is good.
    Thank you,

  125. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – I read your book but enjoyed having you go through the contents. I truly admire you for trying to help us become successful and giving to those in need.

  126. Edward Zisk

    Anthony, I enjoyed your book especially the last chapter where you disclose who you are with giving back to others less fortunate. We have an organization in our church that helps the needy of our parish and often times other parishes. Our organization, the Antonians, help with food, clothing, electrical repair projects, paying for medication, etc. At Thanksgiving and Christmas we provide baskets of food, toys, clothing, pay electrical bills and provide services from members with various trades in our church. The money comes from members of our parish through the POOR BOX. When there is a great need, we advise the people in our parish and before you know it, the POOR BOX is filled with the cash that is needed. The person or persons donating are unknown. It did my heart good to hear that you are giving back to those in need. Keep up the good work. I look forward to working with you to be successful in Internet Marketing.

  127. leon

    Anthony Morrison,
    There is a lot people giving out information on the Internet. Most of them, I wish they would stop! But your information is usable. I can take your information, put it down on paper, disassemble it, re-engineer it, make it work for me in the way you laid it out, or use it in another fashion. Anthony, you possess a great gift, and what a gift you are to us!

  128. carina

    Hi Anthony:

    Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet Adrian, your brother in the 3 day workshop. It was amazing!

    It is so refreshing seeing that you guys lead by example and you are so grounded.

    Yes, success has it’s “price”. responsibility is one of the things that comes with it. But make money without doing any good with it is not real success, so any “price” you have to pay when you are successful is actually what makes you successful.

    As they say, when you make a million dollars (or you achieve any other goal) the success is not in the accomplishing that goal but in the person you became to achieve that.

    Thank you guys. I am so thankful to meet you.

  129. Karen A Fox

    Hi Anthony,

    It sounds like you understand what pay it forward really means! Keep up the wonderful merciful good work!

  130. heather

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  131. David

    Truly agree with you. Liberty, Freedom and Responsibilty go hand in hand.
    To have the freedom you want takes work, but the responsibility is your own. Someone once mentioned the proposal of building a Statue of Responsibility. I am currently taking the training course with PMI and am a subscriber to incomeEDU

  132. Dondi


    In short, much is given, much is required. Good principle on responsibility.

  133. Anna

    Anthony, I am so excited about learning how to make money and have your own business and not working for a boss or depending on the government. I actually was layed off from my job and have been looking to find a way to bring in some income.I am also grateful for your kind heart of giving back to charities that are in need. Thank you 🙂

  134. Hayderic Lababit

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    I have a question why do I not get these broadcasts for almost a week late?
    I have your book and it is very informative.

  137. Polly Jones Fuentes

    Hi Anthony I just join your success connection online but I did get the opportunity to go to one of the millionaire seminars in heron bay in coral springs, I wish I could have joined that night,I found the infomation very helpful in finding success,it was a great story in how you got started.I am in the process of utlizing your information in becoming sucessful,with success it does come with great responsablity,my problem was getting started,by your teaching you are letting me know that if I want it I can have it it is all accepting the responsabilty behind it it is not a over night thing you got to work at it.I want to take this time to thank you for sharing you have been a great inspiration to me .
    Thank you
    Polly Fuentes

  138. Robert Banegas

    Anthony, thanks a lot for the work you perform in order to share your knowledge with others regarding this proven way to the top and financial freedom. Thanks, Robert

  139. Luis A. Deleza

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  140. Andrea DeVito

    Thank you for giving your time to share inspiration and encouragement to us who want to become successful. By listening to your webinars and phone calls, I wanted to learn more so I finally made the time to read your book and Think and Grow Rich, and several other books to help me gain knowledge and move forward in business.
    As you’ve stated many times, learning has a place, action is what makes results and progress happen and FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!!! Failure can only result from not pushing hard enough!
    I’ve written my goals, given a date for successful steps to happen and have enough knowledge and courage to take the first steps into tomorrow.
    The FEAR FACTOR has held me back but if I don’t use any money, just contracts, I can’t lose! I’m starting today to make calls for success.
    Best wishes always,

  141. Brad Stanley

    Just wanted to say that i appreciate your work in sharing your thoughts and goals with everyone. And to hear that you are actively involved with helping others shows the honest and open way that you practice what your Mom and Dad taught you growing up. I am proud of a Man like you who is open to helping all of us achieve more and then to allow us to share directly with you. Thanks Anthony for being a great guy and i think a wonderful friend. I am always here to help you when i can!

    Brad Stanley

  142. Debbie Dunlop

    Hi Anthony

    I found your video very informative and was able to be inspired as a new person try to be successful as a person with ideals trying to make it on their own talents and I am also a published poet!

    Thank You and look forward to your next video and I would love to purchase your book but financially on disability benefits so not able at this time, sorry about that!
    Yours Truly A Fan Debbie Dunlop

  143. Sharmaine Mirchell

    Anthony, your book and your attitude are completely in line with what I grew up learning. Thank you for sharing your secrets with us!


  144. Luis A. Deleza

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    What a great knowledge and wisdom of success you have acquired so young and you are sharing with those of us who are trying to get there!
    I’m 70 years old and just starting this business journey and I now have a new mindset for the success with these 12 principles you have
    so diligently. I really appreciate the wisdom that we are responsible for
    our success and helping others responsibly.
    Thank you for your insightful teaching.


  146. Inez Trosper

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  147. Muriel

    Really liked the Angel Tree story! It’s something I will definitely participate in this year and for years to come. I think that the things that you & your family have done is truely wonderful. I wish more successful people would take pointers from you and share how they became successful and to help others that really need help! Really have enjoyed the videos – really makes one stop and think! It’s definitely worth the time!!! Best wishes always!

  148. Mary

    Hi Anthony, Success is up to each individual. How we handle the ups and downs of life is also a part of our succcess. I am always trying to be a better person and a giving person. It is up to us to follow the road that we have been given. Thank you for all you do. Mary

  149. Rox

    Hi Anthony! You really are a blessing to all of us who want to earn more and make a difference in this world. I recently bought a laptop so i could follow your lead at home (can’t use the office PC!). I was able to get just a few of your offers but would love to learn everything. I hope to win, i could use it to enroll on your 365 day system and more… I am new to this and just don’t know exactly how to start…I hope living half-way across the globe from you won’t be a problem. I look forward to meeting you in person someday, you’ve inspired and made me realize i have the potential to earn outside my 8:00 to 5:30 office work. More power to you! God bless you more and more each day!

  150. VIKRAM CL

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    also facing the same problems ,i’m 19 year old student is my main issue for my present situation after reaching your position definitely i will also join my hands heartily with you, my father is also a retired person no financial support i have full faith in your project hoping my all problems solved.thanks for your useful information. wish you all the success for your charity works.

  151. Yurgen

    I went to your workshop in Vancouver. I enjoyed the workshop. The fellow who led the group was excellent, funny and informative. I will have some time off this summer and will read more of your book and look more in to the affiliate program. Thank you for sharing your ideas! Cool!

  152. JAN D. POULIN


    Yes, this is very, very true. Keep a cool head, but be generous when it is justified.

  153. Sue

    It was definitely worth listening to the entire series! Looking forward to what’s next, and hopefully my own success.

  154. Muriel

    Enjoyed the videos – no matter what you know or how smart one thinks they are – one can always learn or re-learn something new! Responsibility comes with the territory! You really hit it on the head regarding what you perceive in yourself and what others expect of you when you become successful. What you give away will come back to you three fold! So helping others will have its on rewards. You may be young compared to others but you seemed to have your head on better! Thanks for sharing!

  155. Muriel

    Anthony+ Thougjt that I had forgotten to respond but already have so…..great video on responsibility! That’s it!

  156. Chad Norman

    Great message! Glad you reach out and pay it foward! We all must get saved to make it to heaven,,, giving money alone won’t save us! Want to thank you for your hard work! I will look back on your information when I reach that point in my business! Thanks for being kind, and not self centered like a lot of wealthy people are! If you ever want to put your name and a message board on a Chevy Camero,,, I would be glad to drive it around Chicago on Saturdays for a month! What is the next lessons on! Wish we can skip next weeks, and go straight into the next lesson! Thanks again!

  157. Dannie Riedl

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  158. Paul

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    so to cover all bases so to speak to avoid becomming complacement and being well orginized Good luck! and keep pressing on.
    Giving back or to the less fortunent thats a great Idea,
    and it will pay dividends in the future keep up
    the good work.
    Best Regards Paul

  159. Samuel Mautia

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It is been a blessing to me especially. I will from now on be more accountable and responsible for all of my actions.
    God bless you.

  160. Marvin Grindler

    Thanks Anthony for sharing your knowledge.
    I was at your 3 Day course in Vancouver BC with your brother Adrian last week and absolutely think it was well worth it. I believe I learned enough to get me started on the path to “Super Affiliate” but also really like the ongoing Support/Help that we get from you all. Still studying the 8 Super Affiliate Training DVD’s that i got when I finished the 3 Day, they really help because it’s hard to remember everything you hear&see. The DVD’s are Forever.
    PS: I just turned 73 Yrs old last month (same age as your Dad. I asked Adrian’s spouse)
    “It’s never too late to start something new”
    Marvin G.

  161. 7/9/12 PEARLE M PEARSON

    You never cease to amaze me whtether on internet or through

    Hi anthony, You never cease to amaze me,be it in a book; in
    your speech, or your actions, So young but yet si devoted

  162. Debbie M

    Giving back is not new to my family, years ago as a recently single mom of 3, with the holidays just around the corner, things were looking pretty bleak. We were “adopted” by our local fire department, they provided food and gifts for not only the kids but iven one for me. That spirit of giving has never let us and we each have found people in need to “adopt” until they get on their feet again. People don’t alwaays want a hand out as much as a hand up.

    Thank you, Anthony.

  163. Jeannine Lowden

    Anthony when I first saw you I was impressed with your enthusiasm and your desire to tell others how to make money but more than just money. You had a vision to inspire, to look higher, think bigger but you also provided not just the fluff, but everything we needed to succeed. You held nothing back. Integrity like that is hard to find. Keep up the good work. God bless you and your work.

  164. 7/9/12 PEARLE M PEARSON

    Anthony, you never cease to amaze me whether through your book,

    from your actions or from your dedication, So young but yet so
    committed to helping your fellow man.

  165. angelica

    Hello Anthony,

    You are perfectly right “success comes with responsibility” – it is a great priviledge to be able to give back to the (community or in those less fortunate children / people of the society) of the wonderful blessings – “great success” – you have and be accountable of how you are going to respond to it – ” For it is more blessed to give than to receive”. It’s God’s grace.

    Thank you,


  166. jan rose

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  167. Trudy White

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  168. dave wilkinson

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  169. Jeannine Lowden

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  170. Ranger Phillip

    Anthony, I certainly agree. Success in any aspect of life – wealth, power, position, rank, etc. – also places on the blessed the requirement of giving back & helping others. No person is successful without help. We owe it to humanity to give back something to help others. You mention learning that from your mother. You seem to be doing that with not only your charities but also the heart you seem to have in helping people be successful in this business. Thank You for helping me.

  171. Sharon N

    Going through these principles has been great. I kind of got behind on them when I started working on some activities I learned when I attended a 1-day seminar your organization held in Dallas and also a 3-day conference in Dallas with Adrian and some other super people, which was phenomenal! Please continue to keep in touch.

  172. Anthony Galecki

    Thank you for the chance for normal life. I attended a course Jul.06 – 08 12
    in London ON.

  173. Anthony Galecki

    Hi Anthony.
    Thank you for the chance for normal life. I attended a course Jul.06 – 08/ 12 in London ON.

  174. Grant Bishop

    I watched the video again. What I realize is you can’t outgive God. The more you help each other, the more blessing we get.

    In other words, “what you sow is what you reap”

    Thanks, Grant

  175. Leitha Frye

    I totally agree with your giving back attitude. I worked in a sewing factory for several years. We had a Community Involvement Team that raised money for charitable causes. It was truely some of the most rewarding times of my life. I know exactly what you feel when you see those childrens faces. Unless you have experienced this you may not know the real joy of Christmas. Childrens’ Joy is what is all about. I also understand that you can’t let people take advantage of you. 🙂

  176. Laura Grebeldinger

    Hello Anthony,
    I printed and read your book, and it has been wonderful following along with you reviewing it. I’ve been following you about 2 yrs now. I’m studying the Super Affiliate Training Home Study Course right now. I’m probably older than your parents, but I can learn this. I have to tell you – I am so proud of you as a young adult.
    Respectfully, Laura Grebeldinger

  177. Dianne Decker

    Thank you, Anthony, for those great words. My two sons and I just finished your 3 day training sessions with Randy in London, Ontario. We are so excited about getting started. We look forward to learning all we can from you so that we too can be able to give to others. We have been on the receiving end so many times since my husband’s brain injury. We want to be able to pay it forward. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  178. Eparkyn

    Antony: Thanks again for the Success Connection series, we need everything your teachings are intended to share. Have great break when I learn from you, only wish the $ was there to go full sail.

  179. Jag Sodhi

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  180. Bonitaj

    Thanks Anthony!! I can’t wait to give back in a very affordable way!!!

  181. Duane

    Hi Anthony, I am finally able to pull up your emails on my phone. I haven’t been able to before. I am a giver at heart and have a lot to learn about giving. Thanks for your concern about helping others to succeed. May God bless you for this. I am very grateful that someone cares.

  182. Reginald Gill

    Anthony, you message is on point and well received. I wish I could say I have started earning money on line with your system but unfortunatly, I cant. I haven’t been able to purchase your course due to fianancial reasons which ironically is the sole reason why I need to get my hands on it in the first place…. that and a burning desire to susceed. Here’s hoping one day soon that will change for this 50 yr old.

  183. Bennie Lawrence

    I love the power of understanding that once you have what you ask for you know the wisdom of being a responsible person to your self and other!!!! I am fighting to be ready!!!

  184. Teronia Johnson Clark

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    Ms. Teronia Johnson Clark

  185. Elisabeth Treacy

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  186. Carl Schmidt

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    Thanks for all of your Interesting & Informative Information. A Lot of Good Stuff to digest.


  187. Norma

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  188. Paul

    It is true, that the truly successful entrepreneurs do not “keep it a secret” but do share their success and also find ways to help others… The old saying that “What goes around, comes around”.

    The past 12 weeks have been Great and hopefully we all will have learned something! Thank you Anthony…

  189. Robert S. Dufort

    I enjoyed the luncheon meeting in Vancouver. I find the book quite interesting , I have not had the chance to finish the whole read but I am almost there. I found the experience very enjoyable and educating . It seems like a dream come true. I must Thank You and Your team for a most informative session and I am very pleased that I did go and get some information useful for my future. Thank You again for this opportunity and I will make the best of it.

  190. Walter K.

    Grate job Anthony. Keep it going!!! You are million’s people hope and inspiration!!!

  191. Donna Oliver

    My heart goes out to this 15 year old. I know exactly where he is coming from. It’s a shame that some of our family members and friends are not supportive of our dreams to become a successful Entrepreneur, but we all know who’s hands will be reaching out when success does come our way… don’t we? Thanks Anthony! You always inspire me to push myself even harder 🙂

  192. Jennierose Mendoza

    Hi Anthony,

    I really love your topic this week because it teaches how to share. It’s also a form of showing love for others. 🙂 Keep it up! I hope you inspire and help more and more people.

  193. Crisoforo

    Wonderful Anthony:

    Never a dull moment with your blogs…always learning from you. I’ve enjoyed introducing other people to your message. Great work Anthony, continue everything you so.


  194. ann burton

    Thank you Anthony just signed up with the one year and its really good. i would encourage procrastinators to try it its a wealth of info i get to go back until i get it on each lesson. i have that book but never read it only the first one so i am going to read it for myself. thank you

  195. Cara

    Thanks for you informant information glad you took moment out your live to give to all us,

  196. Theresa Priester

    I bought in early your ideas on “sucess connection.” You are persistent and consistent in following through on those who show interest in what you are offering, and for that I say Thank You. However, I know how to analyze, synthesize, and present ideas clearly. Your presentation seemed to be about using “common sense” well and having an indominable spirit toward your goal. I need your encouragement to maintain my strength to be steadfast in my goal. I know I will be reading your book more than once and incorporating your wit and style in making my small business work.

  197. Jeannine Lowden

    Your enthusiasm for helping others is infectious. Thanks for leading the way. Thanks for helping to make dreams come true.



  199. Evadne Johnson

    Went to one of your trainings and was very impressed with the presentation and your willingness to share with others.

  200. Cal Aldrich

    One of my key motivators now while I am learning and struggling to start my business is the thought that I will be able to help the people that are closest to me: my family.Many of them,like me are dealing with lost jobs,cut work hours and anxiety about the future.It is a day to day process that takes commitment and a strong desire for betterment . Thanks for being one of the positive influences to help me achieve my goals.

  201. David Moore

    Thanks for the wonderful 12 weeks. I has been fun to listen to your personal advice from your book “The Hidden Millionaire” lots of great advice, thumbs up and thank-you.

  202. aloy


  203. AnnMatthew

    Thank you again Anthony for the last Success Connection with great lessons in responsibility and sharing and giving.
    Life is richer and fuller and more meaningful when we are sharing and helping others. Paying it forward is so important, all year long, each and every day, finding a way to help others is the key to success.

    My GrandMother always said, “Others first.”. She was
    a Music Teacher and a Florist, and she lived her life like that.
    Others first is the key to good business strategy also.
    It just makes sense to be a giver, a helper, with in kind donations to your communitie’s charities, with monetary donations to National Charities,
    there is just no way kids in AMerica and the world should be hungry, or children with a cleft palate not get the reconstructive surgery and have a smile. WE ALL CAN HELP EVERY DAY. Being a responsible business person just helps us be able to give more. Thanks Anthony. I am looking forward to the next book.
    God Bless you for the work with the Burn Center & especially the Shelter Against Domestic Violence. Someday we won’t need these shelters.
    Thanks for helping provide relief from suffering, and great happiness, with
    Needed help and clothing and games and toys that make eyes sparkle.
    Thanks for the lessons on giving. Sincerely, Ann

  204. Theresa V Smith

    I have learned a lot just from the recap. “What you give you keep.” is something you reminded me of that I learned and practice every day.
    Thanks Anthony.
    God bless

  205. Chris

    Hi Anthony,
    It is very important to give back whether it be knowledge or money or both. Giving is extremely important when you become successful because its a alittle more difficult when you yourself are struggling with finances. What drew me to your program was how you seem to care about helping others to become successful. Helping yourself and your family seems to have been one of your greatest lessons. I am attempting to get off the fence. I hope my lessons have similar results as yours. Thank you for doing what you have done and continue to do.

  206. lovely parker

    I dont usually log in to see it videos but today somthing just made me click on and I absolutely loved tha message u put across the US I’m n see that this was the last part when missed the others…but now just hearing ur message have just gave me a bigger push bake into life…God is so good n thank-you…. Lovely Parker….

  207. Andrew Hall

    I just won’t to say Anthony everything you touch. it turn into a gold mind.and in all you do success is your middle name. the one thing about you is that you are always trying to help others. by teaching online in your seccess connection coures, you have been a big encouragement to me. sometimes this is just what alot of Entrepreners need. ( help, knowledeg, principles, trust, insight and that one on one coaching.) and you said what your book was about and how worked from the beggining of your book . just keep doing what you are do . becouse your blessings have just started. i just wan’t to say may God bless you and yours.. i look forward Anthony Morrison, to a lot more of your online marketing and affilate, connections….
    because i am one of the peoples. that need help…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  208. Daron Weathers

    Hey Anthony, Nice video. I have to share that you are a real, genuine person. Not to many people in the world today that will be an honest genuine person that cares about helping others. Very good qualities in life. Thanks for the sharing and support that you give.
    Daron Weathers

  209. Robert Blake

    Hi Anthony,
    Read your book last year and have been following your teachings Everett since. Money is tighter than ever but would love to spend more time with your systems. They make a lot of sense with me.
    Thank you,

  210. Donna F

    Just really getting started in learning how to be a successful entrepreneurs. Illiness has plagued me for a while. Live in a small town and really interested in starting something that will give the young people somewhere to go and something to do in a safe fun environment. Look forward to really finally getting through your book.

  211. William Parker

    Thanks again over & over for all of your help and what an attitude!


  212. Joe Bosch

    Excellent talk about sharing and giving, and you are so right, BUT this country is full of “Professional Panhandlers” who do a great job with guilt trips, “help, help, send money, etc.” Much of which is used to pimp and pander for even still more money much of which is spent to sustain their own lifestyles… (I’ve been a telemarketer, etc…)

    Spend a little time and ask yourself, how can I REALLY do something about the plight of the poor (or whomever)?

    For example, look at the TV programs: Extreme Makeover home addition, the Secret Millionaire, etc. and when you see the plight of these people, ask yourself — WHERE IS SOCIAL SERVICE, WHERE IS JOB SERVICE, WHERE’S OUR RIGHT TO KNOW WHERE OUR TAX DOLLARS ARE GOING?

    Next, demand real answers from our so-called representatives before donating or working on their campaigns. Oh I already know their usual song-and-dance answers, “It’s the budget, the poor poor budget, ad nausium… NO! It’s a matter of priorities! Did they have trouble finding money to raise their own salaries, perks, benefits, etc.? Explain fully why we still need 750+ military bases in 45 different countries, etc.

    Question; how would we feel if North Korea, Iran, etc. had active military bases near our borders? Hmmmmmm??

    “The budget should be balanced, the treasury should be refilled, foreign adventures should be curtailed, lest we become bankrupt.” Cicero 55 BC

    One last item. Everyone has the right not to accept guilt trips…

    Good job Anthony!

    Hope all y’all had a great weekend.


  213. Thomas Longerbone

    Giving back when you are successful is a key to being responsiable with your money. The 12 lessons were full of great information.

  214. Lisa W.

    Anthony, I agree with everything you have been sharing with us. Thank You!!

  215. Rene

    Anthony, thank you very much for his teachings. I have tried to assimilate all the information and have achieved a fairly high percentage. Now I’m much closer than before to be successful working as an affiliate and promote and sell products crystallize others believe. I’m just standing for lack of cash, but soon will arrange for that cash to start promoting products and achieve conversions. With his teachings that make it I w’ll do it

  216. Alfonso Leon

    I’m glad I met you through your inspiring book and your internet presence.. You will mean a lot to many in search of their core values and their minds set up, Have you ever considered make your books in Spanish?

  217. david ricketts

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    your David Ricketts

    canada Ont,

  218. Randell Jones

    Success breeds success if shared. It makes us all better people if we help others and not just hang it over them to say look at me. Even though I am just starting out with this business, I do plan on being successful and helping others succeed as well. If most people took the time just to help one other person, they would realize how much better it makes both of them feel and what they can accomplish I look forward to the advanced class in a couple of weeks.

  219. Robbi

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  220. ELC

    Have always loved being able to donate both money, time and resources to good non-profits that help those less fortunate.

  221. Erum

    Hi Anthony,
    Always give charity to others because if you give more you get more. There are many people around the world who needs are help and support. Not only money wise but if you give a simple smile that’s also a charity.
    God Bless you


    Thank you Anthony for sending such a good message to me and other people.I think that your video is very interesting.For such a young person you are very sucessful and i hope one day i will be just like you thx 🙂

  223. Georgette

    Anthony, I feel so blessed to be one of your students. I appreciate so much what you share each week. It is great to see that you do give back to charities. When I become successful I hope to do the same & eventually start my own non-profit to help single mothers with housing & teach them this business so they can be independent, support their family and have respect in the community. Thank you for all the education you offer. I love the SWA program I am working on now. Great Info!

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    I wish you a lot of success and I hope I will be able to contribute soon to your charity.

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    Brother Anthony,
    I really want to be selected for the $1,000.00 because I really need to win THIS WEEK. If you select someone else, of course I wish them all the success in the world. 🙁 Bump that! I NEEDS TO WIN!!! )Your story is very similar to mine Anthony and I thank God that I have you as a mentor. I’m at the part of the story where you are just starting in internet marketing fortunately I have YOU as a mentor which is even more valuable than the $1,000.00 I pray that I can be successful with my first marketing campaign. SUCCESS breeds more SUCCESS. If I am selected to receive the $1,000.00 I will use the money to succeed at Internet Marketing and to pay it forward by helping someone else that needs a helping hand just to get off the ground.

  228. Alice Wilson

    Thank you for this reminder to pay back.
    I think I answered this one earlier

  229. Fred Jordan

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    So true, to whom much is giving, much is also expected. “Life is give and take”, my mother always say. I believe it, feel it, know it. I look forward to meet Ryan here in San Diego for the One-on-One Mentoring program. Then to meet Anthony and Adrain for the level 3 and 4 in MI.

    Finally, hope to be the winner of the $1000 wind fall, GOD’s willing!

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  238. Robert Smith


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    Waiting till next week…

  239. Robert Smith


    I just got started. I’m curremtly taking training with PMI coaches. I started your success connection webinars and on videos. I love both and see how I need both. Most importantly, Where can I purhase Hidden Millionare that will have the most impact on book sales revenue?

    Waiting till next week…


  240. Steve Le Baron

    Anthony…you came through once again. I’m looking forward to your next Such a kind and caring person. You know, a while back we were struggling…but since we heard about you, in early 2011 we can’t seem to see and here enough of what you have to share. Your motivation and determination is radiating out to all your listeners….we to hope to help others and also do more volunteering then we currently do. From being there for those in need(like your self…is commendable) to money, to giving of our time, to helping others emotionally and spiritually. Everyone watching your seminars should follow your lead. WE do….as much as we can. Our personal goal is to give back to those that might have been there for us, or truly deserve more then then to worry where their going to sleep, when their going to eat next, take a bath, a place to sleep. We want to see and here more from “Anthony Morrison” DON’T YOU?

  241. dennis soloy


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  244. Lori Micheletti

    To be quite honest with you I have not engaged in the 12 weeks of SWA. I am currently a student of yours through PMI…….a lot of ups and downs as to be expected with any new business, however, whenever I watch one of your videos I feel inspired and alive again with my new venture. You truly and honestly have the gift of giving and I thank you for that.
    Lori Micheletti

  245. Nell

    I have no website but I need one or more.It’s awesome but like I told you that I don’t know how to do by myself and need a step by step guidance.
    It’s not a problem of giving back because I always give even the last penny in my pocket, that what’s our creator wanted us to do. I already learn a little but some was taking advantage of the money that was created and I don’t know what happened…Thanks……………Nell

  246. Eustacio Vasquez

    Hi Anthony! You right, I think we have a responsibility just by living and a free country and have the privilege to have a choice to be successfull or to do what ever we please. Thank’s Anthony I enjoy learning from you!

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    Thanks for the great teaching you have shared!

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    Dan Vanguardia

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    I am wanting to do the very same thing. With your help Anthony, I know
    that I achieve my goal. You’re doing a great job. Keep up the fine work.

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  252. Peter

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    365 day system is my next step, maybe in three months the most. I think you’re a great coach, great personally etc. Thanks for sharing.

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  254. Anthony

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    Anthony: Thank you for sharing your wonderful principles with us. You are outstanding in the midst of other blessed and successful gurus who kept all their secrets to themselves. Your success will be on the increase because you are following God’s principle of sharing what you have to help people who need to be successful in life. All you shared is lesson learned and I will use your training in my pursuit to be successful. I am planning to sign up with the basic training of Build, Send and Profit. As I want to be successful online with your help. Again Thank you for you do for people like me.

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    Good luck all

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  258. thoma

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    Do not place your light under a basket.

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    “THANK YOU Anthony”

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    I totally agree to pay back when you are able to do it. It means so much to other that you share with them. You have come a long way from your start and I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge. Thanks a Bunch!!

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