1. Ed

    How can I start to make money as quickly as possible before I end up losing the rest of what I have

  2. pedro Blanco

    not I didn’t win thank you anyway
    the last progam you send to me is the same one
    since I know these program
    the famos story of basball

  3. Deppie Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    The view is breathtaking. Your weekly “Success Connection” sessions keep me motivated and intrigued.
    Enjoy your vacation!!!

    See you next week.

    Deppie Kekatos

  4. Keith Kindle

    Hello Sir Mr. Morrison, I’m sure I don’t ring any bells for you. I’ve been trying to get my things done, and then join your program.. Well I think I have everything coverd on my priority list!! I feel it’s time to buy your program and work at getting my life back on the latter with intent to get back to a normal life HOPEFULLY, I’m a Disabled American Veteran. I am very excited to put your teachings to work for Me … THANK YOU ! KEITH KINDLE

  5. daniel aubrey

    It’s a good thing to win something, What other Guru’s site offer this? None that I am aware of, and Anthony I am not putting you in the class of Guru’s.

  6. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Anthony, looks like you are haveing a good time with your family. I want to congradulate Catheline for being the winner of the $1000.00. Way to go Anthony, I am still learning everyday something new,thanks to you with all your tips and blogs. May GOD continue to BLESS YOU! Your student–Luis, TX.


    Hi Anthony

    Have fun. Hopefully, I can do what it takes to be in the winner,s circle
    sometime in th not to distant future.

  8. James Magee

    Hi Anthony,

    I have looked forward each week to next weeks blog!! They have all been top notch.

    I look forward to next week.


  9. Mary

    Hi Anthony, What a beautiful scene. Hope you are enjjoying and relaxing on your famiy vacation. Really warm and HOT in Phoenix. I have enjoyed all the videos on the Success Connection. They will hopefully be as useful for my success. Thank you. Mary

  10. Ron

    Wow, sure reminds me of my younger days when I lived in Fl (66-70) See you next week

  11. Unique

    Hi Anthony,
    I love Destin, Fl. my family and I vist there a lot it’s soo beautiful. I hope you are having a marvelous time with your family. I don’t have your book yet but I wiil get it soon.

  12. Sergio

    Congrats, to the winner I can’t wait to hear some more in depth wisdom. Thanks Anthony

  13. Norma

    HI Anthony, I am glad that you are on vacation with your family. The water looked very beautiful and area. Thank you for all the advice on the book. Please continue teaching us some more, Take care and have a great time. NG

  14. Patricia Powell

    Have enjoyed all of your teachings that I have had the opportunity to watch. They have been a great help. Patricia

  15. Kathleen Judy Beller

    Hello Anthony,
    I had to listen to this video with my ear plugs on to be sure I heard what I thought I heard. I won the $ 1,000 🙂 ! Wow!!! Now I can start using the Super Affiliate Software I bought, and start putting all my learning into action. I was saving to start, but now I can start sooner. I adore both Anthony and Adrian. When I met Adrian Morrison and your other associates, I knew I wanted to be a part of your group. Thank you! You will not know how much this has helped me and given me positive feedback. Your the best on the internet.

  16. Sandra Hildreth

    Anthony: Love the view from your hotel room. Wish I had time for a vacation.
    Thanks for the wonderful Success Connection blogs. Keep the good work up.

  17. blanca

    Beautiful view! Lucky winner thanks for teaching the lessons about your book. Be safe and have fun!

  18. Mary Johnson

    Hey!Anthony, could you talk some about affillate marketing. I want to start but I am so “chicken” to make that first deal. If I can get over that first sale and get the first click I know I will be on my way.

  19. LindaCarol Ertle

    I’ve been where you are. Not in your room, but on the ocean!! Enjoy!!! Thank you for the lessons, and your attitude! I don’t write much, but I AM learning.

  20. Shannan

    I’ve often thought of changing my name to Kathleen, or Judy, but Beller I can’t spell. Have a great weekend ya’ll!
    Shannan in Texas

  21. Kay Woodruff

    Ben there but the beach had a lot of “stuff” coming up on shore so I didn’t walk the beach or go swimming. It was early spring when we were there. Glad things are better for you and your family. Enjoy.

  22. marla

    Anthony, thanks for sharing and the place you are at is so gorgeous and hope you have a wonderful time there.

  23. jim boettcher

    Hi Anthony,Hope you and your family are enjoying your vacation in Florida.Congratulations goes out to the $1,000 winner.Keep doing what you are doing with your business,we appreciate all that you do.Have a super fantastic day Anthony:Jim

  24. Della Hicks

    Congratulations to the winner- Anthony thank you for all of the valuable information you shared. It was indeed valuable and applicable to affiliate marketing and life.

    Thanks again.


    I have tried to leave comments several times, maybe this time it will really happen, I HOPE SO. IT LOOKED FAB. ON THE BEACH WHERE YO WHERE TALKING FROM. GREAT ANOUNCEMENT, I AM HAPPY FOR THE WINNER.

  26. Suzanne

    Hi Anthony, I love Florida, moved there to Miami when I was a kid, moved away but came back, moved away again, and wanting to move back. I wish I won the $1,000.00 maybe next time.

  27. Luke Pham

    Thank you Anthony, it’s good to have time to relax on the ocean and Florida is crowded with people on Summer time. Hope to hear from you next week

  28. Maria Ventura

    Hi Anthony. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family in Florida. I live in Miami, Florida and enjoy that view pretty often. Although sometimes is just too hot. God Bless.

  29. Cynthia A. Chisum

    Congraduations to Cathrine! Thanks to Anthony for sharing the opportunity

    with us. Enjoy the rest of your family vacation!

  30. Chad Norman

    Cool! Take a picture of you and your family and you girlfriend. Have a great vacation

  31. Patricia Stroud

    Hello there Anthony hope that you will partake of some of the luxeries from Fla. while you visit.

    I still do not have the hang of things.

    Patricia Stroud

  32. Ivonne M Fernandez

    Thanks . I hope that you enjoy it. Summer is really good!!!! Fortlauderdale and Miami have beautifull beaches sometime too many people.

    Thanks ….

  33. Beverley Gallimore

    Hi Anthony,
    I learned a lot from the Success Connection. Thank you for broadening my vision of what my options are to work and gain income online. Congratulations to the winner of the prize and I am looking forward to future blogs to learn and grow in the business.

    Beverley G.

  34. BYRON

    Anthony this me byron, Singer for GOD in Spanish, GOD bless you and have a BLESSING Day.. Take care..

  35. AnnMatthew

    Congratulations Kathleen!!! 😀
    GREAT JOB. Well done. Enjoy the prize.
    Sincerely, Ann Matthew

  36. Mark Campbell

    Hi Anthony, great story and i love when people succeed. Also, i hope you and your family are having a wonderful and blessed weekend. Lastly, have you had a chance to read any of my messages. Please when you get a chance can you sent me a reply. God bless, Mark Campbell.

  37. Daniel D Magniza Jr

    Enjoy your vacation in Florida and thank you so much for your continued support for the success of your students. See you in your next session of the Success Connection

  38. Mrs. Maria Asali

    Dear Mr. Morrison, Family and Team: It is a real wining prize, since starting, just to watch and read your e-mails. I can’t believe how exact, simple, sharp and constructive they are for every thing in life. Tank tou so… so much and have my very best Wishes !!!

    Sincerely Yours: Mrs. Maria.

  39. cynthia alfini

    Success Connection-Anthony MORRISON and MM MILLIONAIRE SOC. is wonderful.
    Thank you.
    Cynthia Alfini

  40. Connie Wells

    Still having trouble generating traffic. What do you suggest? I really admire what you have achieved and would appreciate if you give me a little push.

  41. Klaus Meister

    Great place to be at – hopefully with your help I can get
    back to Florida myself.

  42. Pearle M Pearson

    I am sure Kathleen is a deserving winner. also i know it must have been
    difficult to narrow it down. i know you and family have enjoyed being
    together. that is one of plus things that money can provide. Pearle.

  43. Carolyn


    Thank you for your sessions.

    Kathleen congradulations to you!!!!! Much success.

  44. John Hervan

    Thanks Anthony for your continuin to keep us engaged.I HAVEN’T KNOWN ANYONE ELSE THAT GOES TO SUCH LENGTHS TO HELP THEIR PEOPLE.
    Congradulations Kathleen.
    John Hervan

  45. Muriel

    Congratulations to Kathleen! Enjoyed the view Anthony – next time lets see some actual beach! Meaning you on the beach not the inside of the hotel room or the balconey so we can see you enjoying yourself since you are normally working hard.

    Great 12 weeks!!! Wondering what you have coming up next on your videos.

  46. Muriel

    Congrats to the winner!!!! Where is Destin? Glad you are enjoying your vacation.

  47. Kathleen Judy Beller

    Hello Anthony,
    It doesn’t seem right to call you by your first name, because you are such
    a special person. This is amazing! I have actually won. I hope I will keep winning with you as my guide. I bought your book, The Hidden Millionaire, after watching your T.V. Show, because I saw how sincere you were. You have never let me down. Instead, you have given me a traveling lantern to follow in the dark. Have you ever gone on a night walk? There are always fascinating lights. You are a fascinating light for me to follow. Thank you Anthony!!!:)

  48. Kathleen Judy Beller

    Hello Anthony,

    It doesn’t seem right to call you by your first name, because you are such
    a special person. This is amazing! I have actually won. I hope I will keep winning with you as my guide. I bought your book, The Hidden Millionaire, after watching your T.V. Show, because I saw how sincere you were. You have never let me down. Instead, you have given me a traveling lantern to follow in the dark. Have you ever gone on a night walk? There are always fascinating lights. You are a fascinating light for me to follow. Thank you Anthony!!!:)

  49. Peggy Moore

    My website still needs a lot of work, however I’m a little distracted after going to the three day siminar recently in Van Nuys, California on affiliate advertising. Studying all materials, reading books, watching videos everywhere I find them. I’m doing my best to be informed before I jump in the Market.
    I hope I can go on a vacation like where you and your family are….it looks like my kind of place…enjoy
    Thank you for your continued support and work from wherever you are.
    Peggy Moore

  50. Muriel

    Congrats to the winner Kathleen – hope I spelled it right! Didn’t see the comment blog underneath w/ the comments. Have a great vacation with your family.

  51. Leon German

    Lookimg forward to attending the three day training program in Birmingham Alabama.

    Leon German

  52. Kong Sourivong

    Hey Anthony, Enjoy your vacation, I hope wonderful Vacation with family.

  53. Karen Delgado

    Great information & a great view. My daughter is going to Destin next month & now I see how beautiful it is!! Thanks for never giving up on anyone!

  54. Ima

    Hi Anthony. This week I’ve been busy studyling the Super Affiliate Training Course by Adrian. It is so much to learn and so interesting. I’ve just finished the second DVD and I’m taking tons of notes. I feel so blessed to have instructors like you and Adrian and I know with your guidance, I’m going to accomlish much. Enjoy your vacation.

    Thanks for everything and God Bless you and your family.


  55. Cassandra

    Congratulations Kathleen! Enjoy and much success to you and everyone.

  56. Thomas Owen

    I’ve vacationed a number of times in the St. Petersburg area.

  57. Mingchun Cao

    Thanks Anthony, I’m so eager to learn to try to let myself out of my debt.

  58. Ana

    CONGRATS to the $1,000 Winner

    Thank you Anthony, for last workshop we have in Canada

  59. Mary

    Hello Antony thanks for all your help, information, tips, and motivation. Please keep working for you and for us. God bless you.

  60. clovis polk jr

    Eye thank you bro.Anthony.Eye know eye’m the next winner.

  61. Anthony Ogans

    Anthony, I love getting your sessions! They are so informative. I too want tobe where you are, successfully. Please tell me how!!

  62. Andrea

    Congrats Kathleen.
    Destin Florida is a beautiful place I hope you and you family are enjoying the time away. I am interested in attending a seminar if you or your brother are in the Missouri area!

  63. Harold Ward

    Hi Antony, just wanted to thank you for the things you have taught me.
    And I wanted to congratulated Kathleen on winning the $1,000 and putting
    it to good use in your new business.

  64. Natalie Lee

    Congrats Kathleen! Very happy for you. Maybe I’ll be the winner next time? Keep the bribes coming; this is very helpful to us all ; ) Your mentoring is the best!!!

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