1. Julio Colon

    I Like to way you get to the point and and how to just let go when you need to. But i have no income just a $785 disability check i get monthly. I am thinking about sacrificing the 49 dollars to get your course and maybe finally make some money online. I tried all types of money making opportunities with no success. MLM, Network Marketing, Click Bank, you name it i tried it and i’m still broke. I Hope i can get your course this coming month because it seems like i never have money left once i pay the bills and still come up short. I will keep following you to see what i can learn. Thanks Anthony for teaching people how to become self sufficient.

  2. Julie L M Howell

    I found the interview full of information and very well done. Keep it up. Please guide this rock bottom woman to start making money! She needs all the help she can get. I need someone to walk me throughthe training personally because I just don’t get it! I’ve been taken advantage of so free is my only starting point right now can you help me??

  3. Deborah Carnahan

    I’m “old,” so I learned to disconnect a long time ago. But it’s harder in an age when it’s now easier to stay connected than to disconnect. I think we get addicted to our technology, and find it more difficult to really disconnect.

  4. Bernice J Adams

    just back from vacation visiting my family in the midwest and going to my class reunion…great fun and a great refresher…it is so important to relax and get away as you said.. now I am ready to get back to work and make more money…

  5. Gabriel

    Dear sir , is there a way to lurn from the start , i real want to do this , and learn to make this !!!!!

  6. Macs

    Even a regular job allows one a week or more to do this, so we owe it to ourselves to “disconnect.” Way to go!!

  7. Lunmenig

    I know everything you do is so wonderful.Your success came from your handwork in the past and the present.Lunmenig

  8. Dennis Gillerman

    I still don’t have a website! I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my free videos, software and work book so I can start earning money. I have no choice about disconnecting. I’m in a Assisted Living Center and there really isn’t much to do!

  9. dave wilkinson

    dear anthony, what you are saying is that balance is crucial to maintain a high level or quality of life. i suggest reading “the road less traveled” by scot peck . he deduced that there are 4 basic essentials for a healthy social life,,1- dedication to the truth,2-assuming responsibility for your actions,3- balance, 4-discipline or delayed gratification. no set order of course. also the section on love could lower the divorce rate if people were required to read it before rushing to marry. a right action is one which alleviates suffering, or helps people or the earth, a wrong action is one which creates suffering or hurts people or the earth. we reap what we sow eventually, there is no escaping this eternal law.. all the best,,,dave

  10. David Moore

    Its always a good thing to stimulate your brain by taking vacations and doing things that you don’t normally do.Its healthy to do and can give you new Ideas and inspiration. I do agree with this.

  11. Frank Fleck

    Success Connection is a great idea. Recently joined and find your talks helpful, encouraging and supportive.

  12. kaiser m.


  13. marty devault

    sure anthany i will tell you what i have lerned since i have been walking behind you and that is disiplin cant wait to be walking beside you that is part what im saying about disiplin

  14. wilson m

    i need your help,mr morrison. i dont have any money to start working but i`m willing to learn and something tell me that you are the person that god send to help you help your father,i hope you can help me because i`m in the same bad economic situation that you descrive they were once, and in my house,me and my family are waiting for a miracle

    thanks for everithing

  15. Peter Baliukonis

    I do think it is a good idea to disconnect and clear your mind. Even though I really do not get time for that I need start makeing time for it trying to get my business off the ground and running is the hardest thing done at this point.

  16. swayze

    If you don’t know much as industry of affiliate how can you be creative?

  17. Alfie Evans

    Taking a time out disconnect period is vital to a creative brain. You feel refreshed and ready with new bright ideas that a tired brain will not produce as clearly. Cool out and meditate is one refreshing way to achieve new ideas. Thanks Anthony for reminding us.

  18. colleen

    I think everybody needs to take some time off from any kind of job that they do. One thing I have learned from this today is no matter how often we feel we need to work we all need to take a few minutes away to recharge. You do seem more refreshed.

  19. Pam F

    I’ve been watching all of your success connection video’s and I can relate to this last video. Sometimes I forget to step back and take some time out for my self until I hit that brick wall and realize I’ve been going non stop.

  20. Hazel Carlson

    This is really good that you figured this out. I worked for years without taking much of a vacation. I finally learned it really gives one a fresh start.

  21. Shannan

    I wanna go! ~;o}
    Your bros product look great!

    I got a call from FaceBook this morning. Any ads on my page MUST LINK to a product that is mine, not promoting others products I had her repeat it twice.

  22. karl

    Hi Anthony,
    I am so glad that you had relaxing vacations. I hope I can go sometimes again on vacation. i work so hard to walk again, it takes all the strings out of me. Be happy!!. I look forward to next Friday.

  23. Laura

    That is good advise. Sometimes it can do more to do nothing and regroup than to go till you drop.

  24. Yes, I need that $500.00 and a vacation

    Yes. I need that $500.00 and a vacation.

  25. Carrie Lippold

    I am just getting started with ;your program literally today andI have waited a year to finally take the plunge after sorting through a lot of other stuff and well, wasting a lot of money but I just wanted you to know- First of all I am really proud of you and your sucess for the fact that you took care of your parents and your family first and then you went on to help others like me become successful(See I am already thinking positive) and that you continue to be available to all who need you. I also am truly impressed by your continuing dedication to help your students succeed and I also think it’s a great thing to be able to give back to your community by way of charity-notably your chldrens charity foundation that you started. So, Thanks again for being a regular good ole southern boy who makes good and helps others- to pay it forward so we can all be better “Students of Life” on this beautiful planet we call home. Best Wishes Always, Carrie

  26. Charlotte

    I truly enjoyed all twelve of your sessions. I have your book so I was able to follow alone very well. Thanks a lot. Charlotte Muse Harris.

  27. Scott Edward Ware

    I want to work your program so much but I’m a minister and a care giver on a fixed income so money has to go to food but i will keep hoping for things to change one day for the better so I can create my own future

  28. John

    I agree with you on being able to disconect occasionally. In fact it has been my experince that some of my greatest ideas came to me durring down time periods.

  29. Sam Hart

    It is refreshing to hear about your time off and that you could unwind and let your mind slip into God’s peace.

    That is something we all need.

  30. Charlene K

    Good to get your video and learn you feel rested, Anthony.
    Hope I won’t be reading this along with others ’cause since last comments I had to endure some nausea then lose my usual home made banana smoothie before falling asleep about 11 AM pst waking at 4PM.- very unusual for me but it must have been necessary even though I got plenty of rest the night before, strange. Not interested in sleeping my life away.

    Pinterest has nice photos. Printer cartridges need new ink so wrote out your directions, which couldn’t be printed except for the photo ads, and am determined to get something accomplished today with it. Supposed to take my mother to her “glaucoma doctor” 8/2/12 as was stated to me which will entail a 4 hour drive from her assisted living home 2 hours from me but unless someone at the doctor’s office can lift 150 lbs. from the car to the wheel chair someone else will have to do it. I cannot. She hasn’t been able to see for some months now. Must arrange that now. Intend further comments to be about business. Catch ya later.


    I hope one day i will be like you – have some time off so that i can enjoy a vacation too!!! I haven’t been on vacation in 10 years!!!!!!

  32. Dave

    I know for where you’re coming from working 2 jobs.Working the one that paing the bills.trying it get this up and running when i get home every night

  33. Paul Fouche

    Thank you for sending me email on your training programs. I have not yet purchased the software. I have to find funding since I am on SS only! I will as soon as I can put together money. Don’t forget me!!


  34. Uriel

    Good advice Anthony could’ve have said it better myself, glad you took some time for yourself.

  35. Darlene Longshore

    Great advice, If you don’t stop and take some time for yourself and others in your life, you will get burnt out and will not want to work after awhile. Everyone needs this advice. Thanks Anthony

  36. Reverend Vernon J. Shaw

    Good day and a hearty welcome home Anthony.

    I know from forty plus years of very high pressure sales that it is very important to take a break from time to time during the course of any web production. I was very lucky to have learned from my very first job that everyone in a high stress possition had to take at least two vacations per year. and they could taxe a third week if they felt they needed it. Corporates reasoning behind this rule was that it was too stressful for anyone to stay sharp for a full year due to the pressure a person is put under when thet are trying to convince someone of the value of saving funds for the things that that they must have after they retireand thier income stops but the bills keep on comming . as to those who have set the pathway that lays out the improtance of taking time off it was note other then our father in heaven who ordered that we do the very same thing and yet a great percentage of us have long since forgotten that if we ever knew it at all. the reasoning?It iw good for every part of our body or as so many of my friends from the south used to tell me it as a check up from the neck up. Like you said Anthony it makes you feel good.

  37. Ning Song

    Hi Anthony, Would you please mail me 2 DVD of the 3 days training at Vancouver? Thank you!! I need to make some money to support my family…

  38. Patrick Miller

    We all definitely need to take a break and recharge – refresh those creative juices! Can’t wait for next week!

  39. Alexander Reams

    I always enjoy the video blogs. I got in late on the july 19th call, time confusion on my part. I will love to be a part of the party of individuals that you are personally working with.

  40. Maria

    I like your videos. I like learning and sometimes you remind me of something I already learned but put it on the backburner. Thanks Maria

  41. Everett Arnett

    Love the idea of just getting away. Sometimes I find it hard to just walk away for a while so it’s good to hear from someone who still thinks its a good idea to do that. Thanks Anthony!

  42. Charles Williams

    Why don’t you use the success connection to answer prospective questions that affiliate marketers have.For example,Show us how to market on Twitter effectively.

  43. Shalisha edwatds

    I feel that if you work for example a 12 hour day and at the end of that day you never really have time to disconnect especially if you work 2 jobs and havtto take care of your kids thats my explanation of why we never disconnect

  44. Steve Swanstrom

    Will be waiting for your response next week. Glad you came to our beautiful state to relax. It is great living here all the time and, if I can get making some money from your programs…hurrrrray.

  45. Donna Moore

    I need to follow your advice about disconnecting. My husband has mentioned that I stay on the computer til bedtime.
    I am not aware that it is stressing. He thinks it is so I will try to set hours to quit sooner.

  46. Ben Benson

    Hi Anthony,
    Glad I tuned into your success connection. Surprise, I didn’t see it coming and you can bet tthat I will be tuned in next week to see what you have to offer. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your time away from work. Yes,I agree that one must take time to get away from everything and just relax and let your body rejuvinate itself. I am sure you fell much better. Keep up the good stuff. Loved it.

  47. dona hannon

    I have not taken a real vacation in years. Too busy working and worrying about money and just surviving, not living. Workaholic…yes. I need a break, a new way to “live”. Your book to me…was sent back. I could not afford the mailbox. Please contact me with how I can receive another copy as it has been paid for. Thank you. Dona

  48. Kathleen Judy Beller

    Hello Anthony,

    I have worked everyday for months without a real rest, and I have burned out of jobs doing that. I now know the only way to sustain oneself is to take short time offs. Now, I take off every Sunday and begin Monday refreshed.

  49. Shirley

    This is excellent advice, you have to take a break from your everyday
    business or you risk serious burnout.

  50. Dannie Riedl

    I agree a week or so give you the time to look at new ideas that can be useful to growing your business

  51. dennis lambert

    Let me know when your next vacation comes up I’ll carry your bags

  52. darlene

    Resting is part of success. Life is so short. Money helps make memories. Memories are not always about money. Even Jesus took down time to pray. Sometimes rest will give the brain a better outlook on life.
    Anthony, you are a young man. Please, stop to smell the roses. Don’t let life pass you by.
    God Bless you and yours,

  53. Andrea

    Just signed up again. I signed up with you before but an abusive life was in my way and I never made progress. I now put me first and don’t focus on abuse because I have to get moving and find a new life.
    Thank you for all that you do to encourage others to make a good life for themselves, and offering your time and help to get us there. This time I’ll make it!
    Taking time to refresh by disconnecting, is the only way to see what’s going on when your not tangled up with others; their problems and ideas. I agree it’s a good way to get a new inspiration and try something new!
    Now I’m knocking at your door for a new education “Making Money”!

  54. bob pascoe

    your right about having a sabbatical and rest, it is hard in this day and age to find people that just rest. so many times we get focused on our jobs, making money, our family, girlfriend, boyfriend, sports and on and on. we have to disconnect sometimes before we can connect.

  55. Jeannette

    Anthony, I believe your Success Connection # 114 was actually addressing this issue too. The title of it was “Investing in Yourself”. If you don’t take care of yourself, and take time out to disconnect, as you say, you wind up not having much to invest in. If you don’t take care of this Temple that God gave you, it becomes rubble. And in the end, you can’t even enjoy the empire that you built with all your time and money–the blessings that even you acknowledge were gifts that God invested in you.
    God Bless, and we love you and Adrian much.

  56. frank senner

    hi anthony,
    taking some time to disconnect,relax and an excellent idea!
    thank you for this idea!

  57. Kong Sourivong

    I happy for the persons who wined $1 k ,and $500,

    I hope I be a lucky some day.

  58. leaner riggins

    I am a stay at home mom. I have not worked since 1997, do to a lower back accident while working. I am now raising my deceased young sister two son and I hope your program can help, me send these boys through college. See you soon.

  59. Joyce Knake

    Good idea! I like to get up from the computer every so often to get a break.
    This really helps gain new perspective. Also, I try to take Sunday off. It’s hard to stay away from the computer even if it’s just to check my email. We all need a break and you come back refreshed and ready to move on. Maybe I even picked up a new idea to persue or my mind figured out a problem that I was having. So it’s all good!

  60. Tjep Marku

    It’s great as usual. How can I think of having a break if I haven’t got anything from what I am doing. Everything is really interesting, but still like a puzzle to me. Thank you, Anthony.

  61. Muriel

    Anthony – I can relate to what you are saying. I worked two jobs – 1 full time and the other part time. If someone didn’t show for the part-time job I worked the hours so between the two jobs I worked about 70 hours a week for 3 years straight. Talk about burn out! Yes, it’s definitely a good idea to break away from work and the rest of the world for a couple of days or two weeks just to re-group and get your energy going again. I too love to work but it’s always to the benefit of my employer so now I looking to change that…….I need time for me! Thanks for the reminder!

  62. Deppie Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    That is good advice and no one deserves it more than you. However, it is very important to take time for yourself because otherwise you will burn yourself out. Then you won’t be able to function. That has happened to me too but now I am starting to take some more time off.
    Have a great weekend and see you next week.

  63. Ken Clements


    I enjoy your weekly Success connection!!!
    Looking forward to seeing you at the July mentoring class!!!

  64. Sharon

    Hi! After taking a break a person does get new ideas. A vacation does refresh you. I, too, am looking forward to next week.

  65. Tia

    I completely agree, I personally am feeling over whelmed with every thing I’m trying to accomplish and in need of a disconnect. Thank you for the confermation 🙂

  66. Gordon

    Glad you had a chance to relax…I’m off doing Highland Games for the summer as well as working on my affiliate marketing programs. Over two years and your mentorship program…I feel it is all beginning to come together. Thanks to you and your team.

  67. Cheryl Veon

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for all the tips…

    Just a break by walking short walks is great too! Working harder than ever…Someday it will all pay off! Soon I hope!


  68. Dave Reeds

    Good advice Anthony, I have believed in it for years though I have not always followed it. I get caught up in the “rat race” of thinking that I don’t have enough time to make ends meet and succeed at the other things that I enjoy doing.

  69. Rosalie Bullington

    I am taking your advice Anthony. I feel a couple days will
    help to re-energize me. Looking forward to next week!

  70. Shirley G-K

    Hey Anthony,
    I was lucky enough to make it to Pensacola Beach a couple years ago. During that trip I was able to squeeze in one day of the best fishing ever. Your message to “disconnect” is very important. When I came home from that trip I was better able to cope with the grind I knew was coming.

    I am looking forward to next week to see how to win the $500!


  71. James Waters

    I think that it’s necessary to disconnect once in a while. It can give us a new perspective.

  72. Rich

    I think getting away from work for a week or two is great. It is necessary to give your brain a rest—Great idea!!!

  73. Chris

    Hey Anthony,
    To balance one’s life away from work is very important for your Health and Happiness. It is also great for your Spirit when you re-energize yourself.Very good point you made. Thanks for reminding us.

  74. Cynthia Chisum


    It is say, that a man can get more done in ten months than he can in a year. Thanks for sharing your work ethic with us. Next Week is going to be interesting.

  75. Sheila Aldrich

    Often people think they need rest and relaxation when people or someone
    has been telling them for a while “you work too hard”, “take a break”, “get a way for a while”, when there ismuch joy in creation and tho you work
    hard, you also get a great kick out of it and fun.and there really is no limit to how much energy can be found in that. And you Anthony are very good at creation.The better time to take a break
    (and sounds like you had a really good vacation with people you care about)
    is when you have completed some major actions you were working on, have
    your attention freed up some and then go splurge on all that gives you real
    pleasure and with the people who mean the most to you. And as you say you come back mentally and spiritually revitalized and ready to plunge in all over again. I’m glad you found the ability to disconnect.

  76. Stacey

    Chillin’ on vacation right now! I take short getaways almost every month to recharge. It’s important for the soul. A change in scenery and routine refreshes me.

  77. Dariusz Stankiewicz

    Hey Anthony! What you are doing is great. You are not only giving people hope, but also opportunity, priceless knowledge, tools and help. Yes, it is hard to keep up with you, but all your hard work and commitment is keeping us engaged and excited. I want to thank you, Anthony. Keep doing what you are doing, and don’t forget to take vacation from time to time. It is important to reset sometimes.

  78. Ivy Rice

    Good advice, Anthony. Everyone needs to back off and relax now and then. Someday when everything is on auto pilot we can do it more often… Again, thanks for all that you do for others. You are a great role model, even for those of us twice your age…

  79. Robert Walker

    Hi Anthony,
    I am glad to know you had a great time at the beach. It usually takes me a couple of days to cycle down and then I can start enjoying the vacation more. Thanks for the good advice.

  80. Darlena Hay

    I disconnected this weekend. Helped my mother with a garage sale in 110 degree heat! I would have rather been connected!

  81. Marie Gertz

    Hi Anthony and welcome back! I wish I could go on a trip somewhere, anywhere for that fact. But I just don’t have the funds. I’m wondering how I’m going to put a new roof on my house. But it comes down to you need money to make money. I can’t even buy a camera to sell stuff on eBay or Graigslist. But I keep tuned into you and hope I get a break. Let’s face it I have to keep trying everything you have taught me. I don’t have time to take a break because I am always thinking on how I am going to make things work out for me. See you next week kid and keep on doing what you do so well. Have a good week Anthony!

  82. Walker

    Anthony u are a genius thanks for the feedback that u provide from your experience.

  83. Diana Bendickson

    Thanks for the reminder Anthony. I am also a workaholic and struggle to maintain balance. Each day I wonder why am I doing this? What is the reward? I guess I need to remember…the harder I work, the fewer vacations I will take! Vacations don’t have to be expensive. Sometimes it is just not answering your phone and spending time with family. Sometimes it is treating yourself to a day doing your favorite activity. Sometimes it is just taking the time to get rest. As they say, “Life is too short.” There is no reason to hurry up and die, rather take your time at that one!

  84. Debbie M

    I grew up in Florida and still have family there, I’m sure you had a great time. I am looking forward to more help in getting my business off the ground. T”hank you, Anthony.

  85. Ricardo Turner

    Anthony, I hoped you enjoyed your time of relexation. Sometimes you just need to get away, it some how refreshs your mind. I look forward to your Success Connection to hear your perspectives on online marketing.

  86. Sandy

    This was “Great” advice.
    I love Success Connection! Keep it up.

  87. Jeff Aschenbach

    Anthony sorry i did not see this on Friday,it is true you need time do disconnect i found that out when i was in the military talk about needing a break.Is there a way that i can get started for very little i just can’t seem to grasp the concept and am confused on how to start can you send me the steps to get started

  88. Harold Ward

    Hi Anthony, refering to your vacation in Destin, Florida where you just,
    “disconnected from work” and relaxed with your family and took in some
    fishing. Over too soon I’m sure. But, you came back refreshed, your mind
    was relaxed and you could be creative. You could come up with better Ads,
    lower some costs, get more traffic. The value of a vacation regardless of
    the time.

  89. Cecilia

    It is very much a high priority to take a break from your activities of striving to gain an income. We just returned from vacation to the mountains. The time away was so relaxing and the views were fabulous – truly enjoyable. Once again Anthony you hit the right button right on the nose with the disconnect.
    Thank you.

  90. Brian

    I am glade you had a great time on your vacation i spend about 10hrs. a day on my computer learning how to get better and this weekend during my birthday i just sat down and took a break from my computer and it did help a lot. Thank you Brian

  91. Eleanor Davis

    Anthony, good for you every little step counts! You are young yet do it for your wellbeing.

    Spend that money and time now on yourself and do the things that will make you healthy, wise and have good memories. Live now so, you won’t have regrets later for anything.

    I want to thank you for your time, effort generousity and compassion. The comment from #61. Adrian should let you know Anthony how important it is for you to take care of yourself. Just sharing how you have grown in values, gives strength to others.

    I have been struggling financially since, I got divorced with 6 children (in 1999) all of whom are grown up. I am now the grandmother of 9 (8 boys and 1 girl) ages 12-8mos.
    I work afternoons and feel like I’m missing out on everything. I work on my feet 7hrs. In Production but not a factory job. It is hard for me to eat, sleep and be productive in my own life and this is not something I enjoy. I’m challenged to keep balance in my life period.

    The Best thing I have going now is my relationship with God and faith that I will soon be the example of a balanced believer, to my family.

    I just turned 57, If I plan to do anything to enjoy my family I have to get busy and make changes. Take care of myelf and not be stressed out by work. Money is necessary to make a differance but time spent is just as important to even utilize money to make it count and be enjoyed.

  92. Michelle

    Hope I can win the $500 and be able to pay for the class to learn more and have some income.

    Good Luck everyone!!

  93. Mary

    Hi Anthony, Great to hear from you again. I really like this video and hope I can put it to good use. I need to take more time for myself and slow down doing for others. Time has to be put into this to make it work. I am going to work harder and more consistently to improve my skills. I know I can do it but I let others take so much of my time.. Keep sending the videos. I always listen to you. Mary

  94. Sandra Kane

    Dear Anthony,
    I attended your seminar in Albuquerque two or three years ago. I have not been able to start your program due to health concerns plus many other commitments – especially to animals. However, I follow your work as best I can and want to tell you that of all the different presenters at the program I attended have dropped off, but you you have persisted the entire time. I admire that, since from the beginning I have been extremely impressed by your integrity as well. You have a great package, should I say – you are a fantastic human package!
    I am working on my energy levels and am starting an ayervedic program to rid myself of my arthritis which will greatly increase my energy levels. When I have that under control, I will contact you again! Hopefully, the timing will be right!


    Sandra Kane

  95. John Midgett

    I can relate to working long hours and getting burned out, but I can also testify that rarely does anything worthwhile come without effort. That said, it is critical to find the balance and it was good to hear that reiterated in this week’s message. Working hard is crucial, but taking time to relax is just as important a factor in becoming successful and staying sane in the process.

  96. Larry Bosley

    Every time you speak your encouragement shines through. The ideas many times are overlooked by the business of our trek for excellence!

  97. Justin


    Pretty much every day my mind has been glued to the goal of achieving succes and making money online. Thanks for the great tip on how it’s important to just disconnect for a second, take a deep breath, and free myself mentally and around me. It’s tough being a disabled young adult with ongoing symptoms and trying to make this overwhelming career goal work. However I still remind myself every day to “keep pushin’ it, stay positive, stay strong, and above all Neve Give Up!” Thanks again Anthony!

  98. irene arevalo

    Hello, Anthony

    I have read Hidden Millionaire and Advertising Profits, I am in the same
    boat as one of your followers Julio Colon. I problem is that I am the most
    untechnical person on this planet as I was reading APFH book I was lost
    my head was spinning I am a visual and hands on step by step at a 10 year
    old level learner. So investing any more money is a very scary thing as income is minimal.

  99. Heather

    Hello, Anthony (et-al); As a fellow workaholic (I normally have a day time “office” job and then a “fun” job at night i.e. in an art Gallery or retail or something else-that helps me disconnect but I can still keep busy making contacts and networking at the same time) I feel that whatever a person’s idea of disconnecting is, all the power to them -as long as it allows them to focus on their objectives refreshed and energized with new ideas on how to run and improve their business. I wish I could get your package via money order: some of us do not operate on credit cards, so it’s a shame that although I’m an extremely dedicated and hard worker, I have to be excluded from your “official” opportunity, however, I still get value from your videos so thank you for allowing those of us who don’t have CC’s to receive your thoughts and motivational strategies. Greatly appreciated. Good luck and success to all in the program. H.

  100. dennis lambert


  101. JW

    Hey Anthony (Mr. “M”): July 23, 2012

    Great idea. To be creative is a must in this business; it is sooo cutting edge.

    To be able to just get away & disconnect / let-go is the main frame for why I’ve decided to go with the Net marketing. To soak-up all from you whom has been-there done-that is my target here.

    Thanks for the intel!
    Would be nice to meet up w/ ya & brain-storm some ideas @ one of those “get-away” locations here on planet earth. Therefore, super aff is the overall yet initial target for me at present.

    The one with way much catch’N up to get done.

  102. jan rose

    I couldn’t agree more! I don’t even realize that I’m not doing my best work until AFTER I get back from taking some time off, and then I can see it. It’s so important to the quality of the work you can produce when you are working to take some time to be away from it!

  103. Ken

    Thank you for reminding everyone how important it is to take a vacation. We get so caught up worrying about everyone and everything else except ourselves.

  104. Ameer Ali

    Hi when you put a lot of time and enegy in your work after some time go bye you tired so you have let go and take some time away from it all

  105. Alice Wilson

    Good advice – refresh times also regenerate your creativity so it can be a real win/win to take that much needed break.
    Thanks, ~ ~ Alice

  106. daniel gilreath

    I will be getting back with my coach this week. I noticed that it seems that click bank will give you a different url for each product. where as might give you one for all they have in that service. I will know tommorrow, once I see wht they do upon the applications. Being it would be easier to use cpv domination, and direct pvc. Being it would save on my daily limit. Thank You, Dan… the guy who had trouble logging on to cpv domination for weeks… I am glad I could now.. Thank you… Dan Always watch your blogs, can you tell me how to blog, and also how to use utube in some blogs… Dan

  107. Helga

    Hy Anthony, Could you please send me the PMI and Affiliate Training.
    My computer was at Staples and the technician lost me all my bookmarks

  108. Kong Sourivong

    Hi Anthony , I have awesome day, I just came from work, thank you God that I have a Job to work to take care my family.

  109. Kazuko Finney

    Hi, Anthony,
    How true it is! Our body and mnid will be simply burned up under a long
    non-stop stressful work, You certainly look refleshed and rejuvenated.
    I’m going to take a break this weekend myself and to be revitalized.
    Thnaks for reminding us of good, healthy and successful way of living.

  110. Lisa Rowe

    I agree with you it’s nice to get away and disconnect every once in a while;)

  111. timothy atwater sr.

    show me anthony how your system work for you i don’t want someone that work for you. i only want you (anthony morrison) to show me..thank

  112. levi singer

    Wow Anthony,

    I just came away for the second time in a few days and I just was asked about a vacation. My rely was that others need the vacation I am to busy. What it is is that I’m available for others and at times I need a rest and hate to admit it.
    You are the help I need to afford the time. See… it’s money I need to help others and me and I’m running out of it all the time and…God, please let me get started and thank this blessing I see.

    Thank You for never giving up on me and this chance


  113. Richard J Terronez

    Yes I am happy for you, taking the time for a vacation is good. Resting your mind, body and soul, it’s great. What you are doing for us in the community for business marketing It’s awesome. I know it true that success doesn’t come over night, but with Jesus Christ first in my life, with my hard work and your knowledge Anthony Morrison, I will become successful and as for all the other members, students, persons I pray for their success for years to come. I truly could use $500 God Bless the U.S.A. Pray for all the leaders of world for peace. Jesus Christ is coming soon Seek him and his kingdom first and everything else will fall in place with all his blessing

  114. Bob Bliss

    Hi Anthony,
    I am looking forward to being able to disconnect once I get something working so I can earn while disconnected. I am a workaholic as well and always feel guilty when not doing something. Glad your trip was such a good eye opener. Looking forward to getting started with the coaching so I can have some disconnect time.

  115. Thomas J Russo

    Anthony you are truly a great role model . You have inspired so many of your clients , the blessing that you share with us all is so vital to the hurting world.
    Our future as we look in a worldly way looks bleak , however thru your eyes and wisdom we all have hope. Even the God we serve was an example of taking a break from all his work . I honor the lord day of rest every sunday with family and worship and teaching. May God continue to Bless you in not only body but spirit. Love Tom

  116. Kathleen Judy Beller

    Hello Anthony,

    I work most of the time at something. Sitting still for very long is not something I can do. I’ve always chosen work that keeps me on my feet and moving. Sometimes I need to spend time on the computer, and I love working on the computer, but sitting for too long is hard for me. We all need to disconnect and revitalize our spirit and mind.

  117. Luke Pham

    Hi Anthony,

    I was sick for few days I can only listen to your 118 connection today and thank you for advising us relax. Actually I’ ve been relaxing for a long time. I understand that in order to do a business you must have some capital while I don’t have any capital, every month I received a gov. check.It just help me to pay my bill for food, lodging. Any how I continue to listen to your teaching.

    Thank you

  118. Ranger Phillip

    Anthony, You are right about the need to take time off to refresh & recharge. I did that this past weekend because it was my birthday. But after 50 years of working hard for someone else I too find it difficult to take time off Monday – Friday. My habit has always been to work hard so it’s difficult to take a brake without feeling that I’m goofing off though now I am retired and my time is really my own.

  119. Tammy Ruegsegger

    I hear what you are saying Anthony. I agree you need to walk away from what work you are doing and take a break. Not just a weekend break because we all know that is not a break, that is just time spent at home to work and get ready for the next week of work. There are some people who can’t afford to leave and take a break like you want. They are struggling to make their house payment, car payments, and put food on the table. So taking a break may just make their financial situation worse. They need to stay home to work or look for work so they can attempt to pay their bills. Thank goodness for your internet marketing hopefully it can pull me and all the rest of the people who struggle to make their monthly payments to live. Thanks for all you do this is helpful but wish everyone could afford to follow this advice.

  120. Trudy White

    Thank you Anthony. I’ve been home recuperating and can at least listen and try to learn while I can’t work. I am so looking forward to implementing what I have learned so far. So much, I enjoy your videos and email, and your courses when I am able to spend time on them. Looking forward to the future and sharing what I know also. God bless America.

  121. Linda Griggs

    It is imperative that you balance work, family, and downtime. The stress that can consume you if aren’t willing to take a break from work.

    Your little Pearls of Wisdom are always timely.

  122. Deppie Tinny Kekatos

    This is really great advice. I am also a work-a-holic and I am feeling totally wiped out. It is time to step back and just take some time for myself for a change to rest and relax.

  123. Rahimah Sultan

    Breaks are GREAT, even if you’re on a fixed income, as I am, and am just trying to make money to get out of the “fixed” bracket.

  124. Katheryn Bazar

    I agree on the disconnect. If you don’t take a little time away once in a while,
    your brain becomes overloaded and is not worth anything.

  125. Cecilia

    Anthony, Taking a break from everyday activities allows you feel refreshed in so many ways. I am glad you took the time to just have time for yourself. Very Important. I certainly appreciate all that you are doing Thank you.

  126. Faye

    I have often heard it said, “Come apart before you come apart”
    Thanks for sharing great advice.

  127. Dondi

    Anthony, I definitely believe in disconnecting. Sometimes we get so caught up in the rat race that we don’t take time to smell the roses. Whether we like them or not. It’s all about taking the time.

  128. Cinthia Carrillo

    It’s Awesome that you got the chance to enjoy yourself after so many hours of hard work! Congratulations and thanks for sharing!!!
    Great Advice! thanks

  129. William Parker

    Time off to re-energize is something I have been doing for 50 years. Hope I can afford it for the rest of my life.


  130. beverley mellors

    Thanks Anthony for another interesting talk. So glad you had time out. I know you really needed it. When I get too bogged down in what I am doing, and this internet stuff can send you nuts, I just turn the computer off and go for a walk to clear my head. This really helps, but I know a holiday would be much nicer. Only problem is I take my computer with me!!
    Thanks Anthony Bev Mellors (Australia)

  131. Bryan Perdue

    ThNks for the heads up on taking some time to step back and reevaluate what are your priorities. It puts yourself in better focus.

  132. michelle campbell


  133. Natalie Lee

    Glad to hear you finally took some time to relax! I take note of every tip you give so please keep up the good work! I’m still plugging away and hope to start some success this year 2012! Your guidance helps us all very much!

  134. Marcia Brown

    Hi, Anthony

    I definitely think that a person should disconnect from time to time to relax and get renewed. It regenerates your mind, and as my dad said once about traveling, “It gets the cobwebs out.” I am sure he meant that relaxing and taking some time to think about fun things refreshed his mind and allowed him to come back to the humdrum of life better able to deal with day to day stuff.

    My problem is not remembering where I need to start again when I get back to the business of internet marketing. So I am going to try doing some planning either before I relax, or say, on the plane as I fly to our vacation spot, or maybe in the evening as we sit watching tv as we rest after a day of site seeing.

    I really appreciate your weekly Success Connections, and thanks for the giveaways. I haven’t been blessed by winning one yet, but will keep trying.

  135. James

    Florida is a great place. Lived in central Florida for over 30 years. Just wondering when you were going to put out that free info or course that you said you would do by all of your students voting on the subject matter on what they would like for you to cover the most. Take care

  136. Steve

    Good for you and your family. Way to go. You do so much for us that it is about time that you took some time for yourself.
    You also role modeled for us one of your twelve principles of balancing work and family time.
    Thanks for being you and all that you and your team do!
    Excited for the new info coming from you now that you are revitalized.


    What i have always beleaved in anthony! Good to put it out there for others to grab and make it a part of their lifestyle!

  138. Joy Wright

    Good Advice. Trying to live it consistently with meditation and being in the now rather than the past or future is a positive goal. Answers just come when you rest your mind. Cellular changes for the better are actually possible with ongoing mindfulness.

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