1. Michael Herline

    I want to learn how to do marketing on the internet, promoting my websites that I create. I appreciate your sharing your personal experience on what you do to succeed and for your motivation.

    Your program is so informative that I’ve learned a lot so far and know that there is a lot more to learn and I appreciate how you teach. You make it understandable.

    Thank you.

  2. keenan cuthrell

    Im really interested in ur whole program i think entrepreneurship will help me with my long term and short tem goal which is ultimately take care of my family but my son mostly. I have been following you since i seen one of ur late night infromercials and u had me sold problem is i dont have the means to get any of your software to get me started with these goals.if u could find it in your heart to personnaly help me like i seen on your vlogs would really really help me and would be enourmously appreciated and it will also show that somebody with absolutly nothing can start your program and be successful i hope you see my sincerity in this comment and help me out thank u

  3. Karen Wilt

    I am a procrastinator. I listened to a lot of your book. I watched some of your webinars. I think the information is good and I want to do this, but the motivation is lacking. I want to be my own boss, work from home and actually make money using my computer instead of my computer using me. I’m going to continue to read (listen) to your book and I’m going to give this a shot. I always see things (like when computers first arrived) but don’t jump on the “bandwagon” when the “gettins’ good”! This time I’m going to do it and throw caution to the wind. Like your saying goes: “The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure
    is to not try.” Well, I’m going to try it this time around πŸ™‚

  4. Catherine Tobler

    I’ve just gotten started with not much results but lots of work trying to learn how this works right from gate 1. I can learn but the learning curve is quite steep. I don’t mind the work but I just don’t always have a clue. Motivation is never bad and always helps, especially on those no clue computer days. I want to learn more but from the beginning with someone who is willing to spend as much time with me as is possible. Another words, step 1, step 2, and so on. Thanks for a great program and the staff that does work hard with all of us. Cat

  5. Jay garcia

    I would like you to teach how to stay motivated and stay focused until I start making $1000. per week!

  6. Ray Bailey

    Anthony, thankyou for reaching out to help us newbie marketers, and as you and Adrian together are building the “Morrison Empire”, that means you guys are dedicated, and will still be there to help new people get started. Thank you so much. Anthony I need help with just one thing. I don’t know how to load an image pic into the manual POF creative. I was just trying a few regular POF ads before I switched to Adrians POF software. I tried to copy and paste a banner code from an aff site and the pof creative would not take it. maybe the box is for something else. I have not 1 ad out because of this road block to me. thanks Ray Bailey. PS I use a different email for your brothers thing.

  7. vincent Lecompte

    I would like to choose the right niche, I think weight loss is to broad.Also learn how to get good traffic to get my site earning some money

  8. James

    I want to learn, how to build a residual income that lead to a more stable and secured financial independency for myself and family; having the ability to share with others on duplicating that process.

  9. Paolo Belluigi

    My problem is getting started online. I want to be able to start a website. I know there are hundreds of people proffessing to have the blueprint, but to an older citizen like me, I need it simple.
    Please is there a simple explanation on how to put up a website quickly and effectively.
    In step by step format.

  10. henry munthali

    The most things i want to learn is how one like myself can get motivated if i want to do an online business capable for it to advertise to companies that can invest in third world places in terms of products that are green house friendly,

  11. Billy Gillard

    Hi. Anthony, I need to learn how to keep myself motivated. This is one of the hardest things for me to do, I would love to be a person that can sell products online. I have never been a person to keep motivated in my work. Thank for your program. God Bless you.

  12. Randy Weaver

    I would like some more step by step instruction on how to be an internet marketer and also some more of you life expierences for motovation.

    Thanks for all you do Anthony.

  13. Linda LaCorte

    I want to be able to get organized to get this system set up. I’m feeling so overwhelmed. Even by all the stuff you keep sending. I’m motivated, however, i’m looking for how/where to start. I need to eliminate distractions!

    If that epad will help me get organized, please pick me to win it!

    Thank you!


  14. Bob Balogh

    Better organization to bring various skill sets together…seems to be disjointed at present.

  15. Renee

    Definitely need help with marketing, copy, eye catching for social media marketing on FB,POF, and pinterest. Have trouble thinking what is catchy or clever for younger targeted markets. I’m new at this .

  16. James

    I know it is cliche, I am interested in it all. Even if I have heard it somewhere else, IE motivation, it is beneficial as a refresher. Repetition is the mother of mastering a skill. I am at square one and in the process of developing the road map to my journey, and every bit of information is useful to me.

    Thank you for sharing.

  17. Ruby Gabionza

    Hello Anthony,
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experiences about becoming a successful business entrepreneur. I admire your generosity and your passion to give back.

    I understand marketing and want to have the motivation to push myself to do what I need to do in order to have that drive to success. Please help!

    Thanks again.

    Ruby G.

  18. Barbara

    I would like to know exactly what an entreprenuer does. All this is very confusing. Alot people have the title, but they cannot tell what they do. What is involed?.

  19. Randy Roden


    I have been an entrepreneur for some time now with acceptable success, but I want to learn more. Marketing is my largest need for growth. I am self-motivated mostly, but really enjoy and learn when I listen, watch or read from successful individuals like yourself. Your energy along with your track record help me believe in my future successes.

    I also have basics of marketing learned from my business career in retail foods. But my primary role there was corporate legal and financial management, which did not require me to be a marketing genius in day to day operations.

    Marketing to targets is the name of the game as I see it from what you, Adrian, Randy Judd, . . . . the list goes on . . . have taught me in this short few weeks of my new business as an Affiliate Marketing Manager.

    I look forward to more and more opportunity to learn!

    Thanks for your hands-on approach in training.


  20. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    I really excited every week about what you are teaching us and sharing your experiences with us. I am motivated and excited about this but I would really like to learn how to write one good ad so I can generate traffic. My ads are weak and don’t seem to work no matter how hard I try. One good ad to generate traffic is what I need to get started. I need the tools of how to write a great ad and where to generate traffic from. Your success connection every week is the highlight of my day.

    Thanks Anthony.

  21. Keith Hill

    hey anthony, your blogs and email info are great to let you know straight off. i’d like to know more about being and entrepreneur and about marketing that seems to be my blocker at the moment.

  22. Marlina

    I need to be connected with people who can directly advise me on entrepeneurship. My struggle is I am a creative thinker and not business-minded. I am bad at math and not savvy enough to negotiate on my feet. So it’s the “fear of flying” for me! I’ve worked in non-profts, arts and education. I am successful at promoting other people. But have such a hesitation about taking that first crucial step and then, once you take that first step: Do I have what it takes to maintain this? Can I afford the financial risks? (I am already under the water since being under-employed for 3 years now.) Where can a down-and-out broke person like me get the capital and start-up? Webinars, success stories are inspiring but it’s me…me…me…that’s stopping me…What can you advise? How did you prepare/shield yourself from the down times? If you have only yourself to rely on (I come from a not-business-minded family), where can you go for actual concrete capital (especially when you’re so deep in debt?) How do you get out of the “fear of flying” and take the first flap before you soar?

  23. Joe

    I’d like to learn how to become a better entrepreneur by learning which products to market. I’ve been learning form all your software and modules and taking action advertising many offers, making squeeze pages, etc. for months now but nothing I have done so far has really hit or taken off. How did you come to find the right niches?

  24. Karen Williams

    The most important thing for me is being able to set up a campaign. This is a big challenge for me.

    The other piece is knowing how to set up my own capture pages and sales pages. I know you have someone creating them for us to give us a head start, but as a business person we need to know how to do them as well and then we can outsource knowing all the elements involved. This seems to be the stumbling block that holds a lot of people back.

    It is a lot easier for me to run a business when I understand how all the elements fit together. It doesn’t mean I have to do them.. but if I had to I could.

    Internet Marketing for me is like a puzzle. If one can actually visualize or see how all the pieces fit together then it makes it easier to move forward.

    For instance, I’ve tried to market online for a while and it wasn’t until you explain the basics of email marketing, was I able to visualize the build – send – and profit methodology. That was an eye opener for me.

    It’s different for all people. You just have to be committed to what you are trying to learn and be willing to learn from people who are actually doing it in the field.

  25. Joseph F Sandoval

    I WANT TO EARN MONEY. I feel that my employment is running out. I have about 10 more productive years left. I would be interested in any and all.

  26. James Ivy

    Hi Anthony I guess for me I will like to know more about marketing online. Because I work evening and only have the week ends to really do my business. What is the most effective nugget you can give me.

  27. Spence

    Anthony i would really like to learn more about how to impliment these new marketing strategies and how can i make it easier so i dont spend all day at the computer in other words how do i automate this , thank you

  28. Val Winer

    Your success training is so valuable. I try to watch every one I can. Please consider me for that ePad.
    Thanks Anthony, your the greatest.

  29. Helga

    Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, these are two projects that I have not mastered yet.

  30. jack haun

    The only trouble I have is to get enough money to get started, tour teaching is great, thank you. when I make some money I will E-mail you. I,m not real smart with trying to build a web site. If I can learn any body can. Thanks for
    what I have Learned.

  31. robert lemler

    well anthony,
    i need the ” nuts and bolts”. i am a newbie, so training in marketing is importanat to me.
    i look forward to thr “success connection ” each week.

    keep it coming,

  32. Gordon McCracken

    Want to know about nuts and bolts, hands on, actual how-to techniques!! I’m not very computer savvy – can I still do this?

  33. Debbie M

    I need more help in getting started with very little money, I’m not quite understanding the PPV concepts.

  34. Dannielle kennedy

    Mr. Anthony,

    I have been on the road to being a personal transformational coach. I have also been on a journey to make revenue from marketing at home as well as other (at home) opportunities just to make a additional income. After 6 years of wasting money from (make money from home ads) I have given up. I am solely focused on making a business and brand of my own. I am also working full time so my days for myself are at an absolute minimum. I am interested in all of your offers but I’m so afraid to feel like I am being taken advantage again.
    I am highly grateful for your part in helping me kill this belief of all online marketers is crooks. I have never had the opportunity to speak to you before I really feel this is a coincidence for this question in which has been a life long strugglemystery. The topic I would love the most is how can I collide my life coaching business with making money online and make it all work together? I am building brands and topics but I also want a website that is also making money as well. I have taken great tips and notes on your topic so I am highly excited about it.

    Once I thank you for the information you have provided for people like myself.
    God bless

  35. Barbara Taylor

    Anthony, love your webinars and info that u g
    Info that u give us. But I need
    To know more a bout marketing.
    Cant seem to get it. Thanks for all u

  36. Robert Crawford

    Anthony, I want to learn how to make money period, I am a older person it may take longer to learn but i am willing to learn. Every penny i can make is very important to me. Thanks Robert

  37. phillip combs

    I would love to hear you talk about how to get started when you are unemployed and broke.Really need some advice on how to get going with no money to advertise.HELP

  38. Kenneth

    Hi Anthony,
    I need to be motivated more and learn to do what I need to do every day. I would like to see something/anything to make me get up and go:)
    Thanks KC

  39. Heidi Endres

    Dear Anthony,

    We bought your initial books & tapes package under my husband’s name (Robert Rebitski), but I am the one who has the interest in making money from the internet. My husband discouraged me from doing your website because he said that it was a scam & we didn’t have the money to support a monthly website. I did read one of your books & am impressed by your background, morals, practicality, and success.

    I need one-on-one coaching and personalized guidance and to get feedback on my particular situation. For years, I’ve wanted to become an entrepreneur, but I wanted it to be in an area that I’m passionate about (like you did with the baseball cards). I’ve discovered some areas that interest me, like art and dogs, but I still don’t have that daily drive and motivation. I’m a hard worker and am on the computer all day everyday, but I need to set up a feedback loop that rewards me for what I do. I’ve been helping animal charities but am not making any money–in fact we’re losing money.

    I want to be more productive. I feel like I am just going through the motions every day. Then I would be in a position to financially help both my family & the different charities that we assist each week.


    Heidi Endres
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  40. Larry Garcia

    I would like to be able to learn from you what exactly I have to do on my computor, what you did with the three guys in your videos, whereby I can generate 200.00-300.00 per day to supplement my income thereby getting me out of debt. I am 64 years old and am employed as an LPN for the past 30+ years and would like to supplement my income and yes, eventually replace my current income so that I can be debt free. Thank you Anthony for what you did with your parents. What an inspiring story for me.

    Respectfully yours

    Larry Garcia

  41. Bonnie Roi

    I NEED help to post ads confidently. I am in desperate financial condition. HELP!

  42. Jerelin

    Hello, Anthony
    I think what you are doing is amazing .
    I believe that you are genuinely tryng to help people just like l=me success in life. What I would like to see more from your success lessons is what is the best way to advertise a product. What are the exact key elements that should be used or that you used to promote/ advertise your products. What is it that you believe customers want to see when purchasing a product?

    Thank you for your time .
    From: Jerelin

  43. John Barsky

    I fit into a group of person(s) that has been afraid to take action on what he really wants to do. Make easy money on the internet.

    I just saw a news report that showed men and women who have no inventory of thier own , no warehouse . what they do is take pre-paid orders and prvide goods that would cost so much more to buy retail somewhere than what they would sell them for.

    An example was a car’s plastic headlight that would sell at a dealership for well over $100 and the person found them somewhere for $5 and will sell one for $44- $45 dollars.

    I would love to do that with products. I would be getting a great wholesale deal and selling it to people at a fair price..not ripping off like all these businesses do . It would make me a fair profit and it would be a good thing to do for people as well.
    PLUS I would not have to have inventory. I would just be ordering what people have already paid for but I would be saving them from the enormous
    profit taking by people that have so much overhead that they have to charge so much to the consumer.

  44. Angelina Graff

    I would like to learn the nuts and bolts of advertising.
    Thanks for all that you do.

  45. Jean-Pierre Brault

    Business building strategies. How to scale and outsource an online business.

  46. Berkeley Cooley

    Hi, wow, watching you is like having a friend in the office.
    Nuts & Bolts would be my choice. Motivation’s fine, product’s in mind, making advertising work – yes, yes! Thank you, berkeley

  47. Ronda Maestas

    I want – and I never want for me. I also am a very giving person. I want the chance to learn as much as I can to be the golden winner in all I do.
    To learn more of the basics and how to implement the basics. The visuals are great but I always seem to get to the point in the process where I have missed something and I have to go searching so I am off the track and this is simply because I am not familiar with all of this terms and language. Your teaching is great but I am the computer for dummies kind of girl right now. I know repetition is always good and will be my successor of the golden win. So what I hope to continue to see is any information that will continue to help me and all of us who’s joined to grow.

    Thank you,

  48. Janice Thrift

    I work 40hrs a week 2nd shift 3-11pm, I am not allowed to take my laptop to work. And that makes it impossible for me to join the the weekly sucess conection, so I stopped signing up so my space could be given to somone who could watch it at 9pm I cant. I cannot afford to buy web hosting for the 5 sites you have given me its bad to work all week and not have any money for anything extra I know, but I live paycheck to paycheck and get paid byweekly, if the training were in email form I could watch them when I get home from work @ 11:30pm or save them til I wake up. Your Brother and you are the only emails I open the rest are just out for money, I believe you two really want to help people. God Bless

  49. Carol

    I have been to your seminars. I’d like to hear about what has changed or has been updated from the information that was taught.
    For instance, which affiliate networks are you recommending. Which offers do you suggest running? What type of advertising is working or not working anymore. Etc.

    I was registered for your webinar Tuesday but I wasn’t able to make it. Is there a replay?

  50. Estella Rabbani

    I need more creative “nuts & bolts” of advertising. I don’t want to do the same thing others are doing. I believe women need me to educate them about so many health issues from skin to hormones.

  51. Rita Taylor

    I believe that what I really want to learn more is to know how to be more motivated and how to accomplish my goals when you have to divide your time between this business and family.
    Definitely want to be successful at this but sometimes i find it hard to concentrate when my toddler is running around the house and I can’t chase him with the laptop. πŸ™‚

  52. Richard Short

    I want you to show me how to set up a campaign (promoting a clickbank product) using penny traffic. I need a squeeze page, and hook that in with auto responder. then I need a tracking site like Hypertracker to help me determine if the offer is profitable. Track clicks, conversions, and ROI and net profit. I just need to watch over your shoulder while you go through all the routine, fill in all the boxes correctly in order to get paid and go live. I will need a traffic network to like cpvdirect.

  53. Marie Gertz

    Thank you for everything I have learned from you so far! I need to learn about building a large email list and how to get people’s attention. I am a shy person, but since I have been watching you every week on the weekly blog…. oops the success connection. And I am attending the PMI training school. I am learning to come out of my shell ( so to speak ) . You have put together a great team at PMI I might add! I am starting to connect more with the people through social media, IM and some emails. But I need to get a bigger email list and more ideas on how to get to the right people. So if I could get some more information on that I think I will be set. Oh and Adrian’s DVD’s are alot of help too. Keep up the good work and i’ll be tuning in next week. Thanks again Marie

  54. Rachel Hagos

    Hi Anthony, first of all thank you for give me this opportunity. I want be Successful entrepreneur . I want learn Actual adverting on line, Specific market technique and i don’t get a market yet .could you teach me how to be success Please !! Thanks Rachel

  55. Linda

    Anthony – I would love to learn how you convert you offers into positive conversions. Conversions to commissions.

    Thank you for beings so supportive and positive.


  56. Jane Macpherson

    Marketing, big issue, however, I am a visual person, and I can go further if I can see it done in steps rather then see it in writing, or just hear it.
    The saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” really applies here for me.
    Everything you offer is great, but is a mute point if I follow through in the wrong order.
    Cognitive disability is what I struggle with after a stroke. So visual, visual, visual. Please?

    Also, one request. My name is Doug, not Jane, Jane is my wife’s name.
    Your mailing Jane? Through douglas.macpherson, please repair this.
    Your program is exceptional, and though my retention is poor, my ideas are working. Thanks for all your doing.


  57. David Armstrong


  58. Loyce McVay

    I have the motivation! I need the “nuts & bolts” of advertising/marketing!
    I am spending HOURS trying to set up campaigns (FB, POF and DirectCPV)
    with no conversions, etc.

    I am a Mentor student and have your software; but, apparently I need some help to start seeing results. Thank you so much for all you do for us,

  59. Karen LaFournier

    I would like marketing techniques..sometimes this is just too much information and I have a hard time trying to figure out what will work for me. Thanks, Anthony.

  60. Dottie Seavy

    We, Ted and I, found the webinar instructional. I need to know how to do Declaration Marketing with Facebook and Twitter. We discussed this last year at your Office. However, I need more help.
    You are so positive and I believe positive thinking will let me use the abilities, training and experience.
    Thank you very much for adding allowing me to use this.

  61. JD JImerson

    Anthony I would like to hear personal stories about when you were first starting your online business. The reason I would like you to share stories is because right now I’m putting work into my online business but it is not making any money, so i’m having a struggle with my faith in my process.

    Thank you,

  62. Dorothy Marr

    Anthony thank you for always keeping us in mind. I enjoy learing and one of my son-in laws is really thinking hard on doing this also. I would like to learn more about Advertising on Line. I understand some of the nuts but I need fore informaton on how to tighten those bolts up.
    Thank you very much.

  63. Kim Williams

    What I “really” want to learn is how to become a successful entrepreneur who is continually achieving SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS. Hence, I am currently between jobs after being downsized by the same company for the third time. Yes, in the past they have hired me three times and downsized me three times (interesting, to say the least). I am a hard worker, who loves to work hard. However, I want to work because I enjoy it, not because I have to; and I want to work without the concern or thought for whether I will be downsized again. If I am fortunate enough to win the iPad, there will be no need to ship it. I can pick it up while I’m attending your 3 day training in Mississippi next week (smile).

  64. melinda smith

    Hello Anthony. I not only want but NEED to learn more about advertising. When I started this journey to financial freedom I was unaware of the massive amounts of info about how to do it. I’ve learned so much so far but still feel like I’m on the brink of making that connection. If i knew the right door to open I could just skyrocket. Please pick me for the iPad because I spent my money to buy my daughters mac book for college on starting this new entrepreneurial adventure with very high expectations. Thank you so very much…melinda smith.

  65. Pam Manilla

    I am having a problem on how to get started and to continue,I was told I was given copy and paste free, but I am new I have no clue. I really need help. I want to be w winner and not give up.HELP….
    Pam Manila

  66. Victoria H willson

    Hi Anthony, what a fabulous idea! Iam so motivated to spend money. I would like some help on tweeking my ads. Yep ads and marketing.

    Thanks for your time
    Have a Happy Day !!

    Victoria H Willson

  67. Faye


    Because I am new to this I would really like to learn more about the marketing aspect of this business. I have recently enrolled into the PMI and am overwhelmed with all of it. There is soooo much to take in. Your blogs have been a tremendous help to me.

    Thank you so much for all you do to help those of us who are starting from scratch.

    Have an awesome day!


  68. Josette

    Dear Anthony,

    I wish to succeed on line and make some money to help my family.

    I don’t have a particular method, I just wish to make it.

    Thank you,

    You are the kindest person.


  69. Anthony Fedora

    Of course I want to learn to be a successful entrepaneur. But for me to do that, first I would want to learn how to get started in this business with little or no money (I have a hard time getting that start-up fee). Even with a coach by my side? THEN take my earnings and BUILD AND BUILD AND BUILD my ’empire’.
    You never cease to amaze me. I have searched, spent and believed so many other internet marketers….but you always come out on top. I trust you more than any other.

    Thank you for everything.

    To our success,

    Anthony Fedora

  70. Yvonne Strahle

    I am very new to the marketing industry and very willing to learn much, much more.

  71. Yevonne

    For someone just starting to advertise, do you prefer we stay on DirectCPV, Facebook, POF, etc. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Ad Ctr are great, but you can spend alot of money if you are not careful. Help with your suggestions.

  72. Karen Praksti

    I would like to have more confidence in being an entrepreneur so I can own my own life and quit my job altogether. Thanks!

  73. Isaiah "Kallen" Diggs

    I want to learn the nuts and bolts of actual advertising online. I got the motivation and the entrepreneurial spirit ok. Just need to learn your techniques. Thanks for your iPad offer. Hope to win one. I can sure you use it!

  74. pat frame

    i would really really want one, i’ve been with you a long time and and I couldn’t afford it any other way i’d like to get a start with something with this..

  75. Charlie Lombard

    I want to learn how to be a better entrepreneur and get more motivation!

  76. Jean Leavitt

    I would love to have your epad. I am interested in marketing and with to learn more about it. I will be coming to Ebenezer Blvd. next week for this purpose.

  77. David Wilkinson

    I would like you to go over what it takes to be a success in a business you would say is right for someone who is just starting out in a selected business. I am retired and have all the time on my hands to work hard and do what it takes to suceed but i need to know what to do. Thank you. David [email protected]

  78. melvin williams

    I like tons and tons of quality support. With all the programs out… it’s not easy to stay focused. Another problem is outsourcing. When I tried it I had problems where people would not do quality work. They would drag it until the cost could not be justified.

  79. JaniceG Robinson

    I need nuts and bolts of advertising. I just can’t seem to get it out there. There is a fear factor for me. Fear that it just won’t work.

  80. Joseph Pfetzer

    I want to earn money to help pay bills. I want to get help to earn money by learning to get my idea out there or my product out there so people can see it and buy it.

  81. Kathleen Judy Beller

    Hello Anthony,
    I am well motivated and I understand how to make this my business or use it to advertise my business. What will help me the most is step by step instructions about a specific marketing strategy. For example: one way to make a marketing plan for a product. Different products should be advertised in different ways. How do you line up the product to the method?

  82. cate

    I need all … I am a total newbie. LOL I want to be successful enough to enjoy and pay it forward.

  83. Victor


    Love your Success Connections videos. I want to learn how to convert clicks to actual action. On Facebook, I seem to get lots of impressions and high CTR. However, the clicks are not converting to actions. How do I make that better where clicks turn into actions and money?



  84. David Wilkinson

    I like it when in your videos you use the paper backboard and write what you are trying to explain. If i miss something when you are explaining you topic for the video i can play it over again and again until i understand the information you are trying to explain.

  85. Sandy Schuck

    Maybe the whole package. I am so excited when I watch you and the motivation is high but then life enters in and then I don’t get back in to it. I have had 2 back surgeries and a cancer scare that resulted in right arm surgery all in the past year. Now I am not able to go back to work as an Emergency Room nurse and so the worry of a job and health insurance has been center in my life and it becomes overwhelming so I have promised myself that I will watch your education products and get started. Thanks Anthony for all you do. I know that if I just listen to you I can do this.

  86. Evelyn Pechart

    I fit into all 3 categories, however, since I am totally new to affiliate marketing, I need marketing more than anything. I knew absolutely nothing about this until connecting with you guys.I have already learned a huge amount of information in just the first week. I couldn’t be more excited about learning all I can & being a huge success in affiliate marketing. Thanks,Anthony & Adrian.

  87. Denyse Power

    I sometime have problem to moviated myself. That is why I keep listening to you all the time and go over my tapes from Adrian 3 day course. I how every got laid off and not able to rub 2 pennies together to do this at this time. I love your talks and information is very motivated to me. I would love the I pad but I also wanted to let you know that I just got a job starting in 2 weeks. Once on my feet I plain to jump into this full force. I love the nuts and bolts you give me. I enjoy knowing about your family because it makes me feel like I am part of your team. Please give any and all information you can give. I am a firm believe that knowledge is always power and I appreciate all you give to me. Thank you and your family, your team for all that you give others. Denyse Power

  88. Zainab

    Hi Anthony,
    My name is Zainab, am the type of person that really needs all three things that you mention and i need it so badly. I can’t wait to meet you in person.

    God bless.

  89. Carla de Heras

    My motivation and skills I’ve learned thus far, thanks to your guidance, has placed me in a position now to really concentrate on marketing, which is where I feel I need direction with. I would love for you to further share with us your expertise on marketing tactics that have made you successful.

    I enjoyed last weeks webinar, and took advantage of your offer.

    I hope your dad is recovering well from his surgery. My thoughts and prayers go out to him, you and your family.

    Carla πŸ™‚

  90. tom

    Staying focused on my top/down list of do’s and do not’s.
    Keeping on top of my end-of-day notes, actually taking excellent notes, and reviewing those notes.
    Also, the world is changing…continuing education. This is greatly overlooked!

    Thank you, Anthony.

  91. Vicki Bannister

    I understand what it takes to be a good entrepreneur and I comprehend the social media and marketing campaign techniques. I have the motivation to do better and I your weekly success connections helps me to feel empowered and continue to reach for my goals. The one thing that comes to mind is FEAR, in doing a specific thing you are not comfortable with. Fear keeps you from taking that next step. So for me, the education you provide to us on a weekly basis no matter what the subject is it always hits home. I apply your teachings and focus on being more fearless each day. Thank you, Anthony, you’ve been a real inspiration to me!

  92. Matt Shumann

    Hey Anthony,

    I can tell that you have always been a great help and inspiration to many. I have read your books and followed your along with your blogs and webinars but have yet to make a move foward with my online marketting. I would love to hear about some more of the techniques you are using and hear about what you first started with in online marketting. I am ready to take the next step but I am not exactly sure where to start. I guess I am having problems putting all the puzzle pieces together. MY favorite video so far was when you went out to the three gentlemen’s houses and helped them get started. I would love to watch something like that (or a replay) againd. It got me super excited and motivated. Thanks for all your help!!!

  93. Michele McKinney

    ANTHONY hello I hope you’re doing good. I’m a single mother of four very beautiful children. I however am dealing with some medical and also mental illnesses, so I find it hard to get motivated to do anything… My phycologist has told me I have PTSD due to childhood trama :). I find it hard to even get up out of bed and if I could I would probably just sleep my life away. You know what I need is motivation. One would think WOW four children don’t motivate you enough? Well, when my children were smaller I was extremely motivated however as they have gotten older I still have the same love for them however the motivation has left. I think it’s due to me having to do it all on my own now and even when the house gets messy I’m the one who has to clean up after people (my children) and I receive no help from anyone in return. Now,you said you can try and help me with whatever I need to be more successful that’s all I need is just the motivation because I’m not saying I’m a genius but I am pretty smart… I cannot believe I just told you that…lol I guess I’ve been watching you so long I feel there isn’t anything that I can’t ask for your help with. Rehash you for all your videos and emails at times your speeches can be somewhat motivational :):):) Michele

  94. Cinthia

    I would like to learn all of them …Marketing , motivation and to be a good entrepreneur. I still need to learn a lot about the 3 subjects and I know I will with your help! Thanks Anthony!

  95. Paul Monasco

    I would like to know html5 css much better can you help me . would like to put up a web site that I can make.Can you send a begeners top of the class corres to us your want to be.

  96. Rudy Arcega

    Hi Anthony,

    In as much as I want to succeed in Internet Marketing, it proves that it takes more than knowledge to become successful doing it. I have read your books, gone through your 3-day seminar (taught by Adrian), started a Website, watching a lot of videos… but still have not any success yet. I know with patience and proper attitude I will be successful as an Internet Marketer. I very much appreciate your continues support through e-mails & success connection videos – they serve as my driving force to keep on working & pushing myself to become a successful internet marketer.

    Thank you very much… I know my time will come!

    Rudy Arcega

  97. Adam Markiewicz

    I would like to learn more on-how to stay motivated and how to advertise effectively on the internet.

  98. Bernice J Adams

    love the new product can’t wait to really get into it and make it work.. this is what I really want to learn…I need not only all the knowledge of making this work I need more motivation to stick with it even when I am having a slow moment and not making the money I want to …thanks for all your help and yes keep them coming

  99. David Wilkinson

    I would like you to use the white paper backboard to list the things that it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

  100. Trudy White

    Thank you Anthony! I am used to having brick and mortar businesses, physical products or using hands on services; so I think I would like to learn more about advertising as this is a different venue for me. Really appreciate your emails and trainings!

  101. Gini Smith

    I want to learn how to actually advertise Affiliate Marketing online and also e-mail Marketing. I need the step by step how-to-do-this.

    I hope you can do this for me. I need the REAL information. Thanks, Virginia

  102. Michael Kluka

    The hardest for me is to make myself to do new things: to open accounts, to do Internet research, to implement new techniques, etc. But, in the same time, I crave for learning and doing new stuff. I think I need some encouragement of some sort…

  103. Melissa Williams

    I would like to know more about marketing. I believe that if you are in the “business” field, it’s important to know how the market plays a part in it. For me, it would be more knowledge and understanding of how people think and how the Corp world works. To be sucessful, I need to know what is out there so I know how to play the game. It’s all about KNOWLEDGE…

  104. Gary V

    Hi Anthony, I do not need motivational speech. I would like to learn from you how to do Internet marketing in the right way to be successful. You have experience, knowledge, tools and I’m here ready to learn.

  105. lavonne ochs

    My intellect tells me that what I really would value most is the nuts and bolts, step by step of creating an ad campaign. Walk us through one or two to give us a picture of how all this information we have received fits into a ‘campaign’.

    With that said, however, I have to admit to the immeasurable value I have gotten from the motivation and organizational tips you have given us. In fact, I have a reminder on my calendar that pops up every day that says ‘I AM AS ORGANIZED, MOTIVATED AND SUCCESS DRIVEN AS ANTHONY MORRISON’. Which, of course, I am not, YET, πŸ™‚ but it underscores to me the value of those three components of success, and i got them from you..

    lavonne ochs

  106. bobby terrell

    would like to explore more situations or simulated ( app or software ) sit reps to give some actual trial and error methods to apply to marketing. I am an older generation trying to pass on some learned experiences to my “newbie” son. he has the tech savy , need something to bridge gap and help both of us experience The ever-changing marketing frontier together(would not hurt to make the old man look good to! lol ) or is this just wishful thinking on my part? keep up good work and hope to hear from you! Bobby Terrell

  107. colleen

    I would love ot know way more about markerting. I can get myself going as you been such a wonderful help. This is something I have always wanted to do but just didn’t have the know how. But you supplied that plus. Now I just need alot of help advertiesing. If you could help me out with this I know I could get my business off. I appreciate all you have done. I wouldn’t had come this far if you didn’t give me the information that you have. For that I ” Thank-You”.

  108. Rick Besaw

    Hey Anthony,
    First I would like to say I enjoy your videos on the Success Connection. The thing I am trying to learn more is the linking starting from the squeeze page all the way to the final download page. Also being unemployed for several months now, getting traffic without spending a lot as I am on a very tight budget.

  109. william keller

    no website yet, just getting started and would appreciate some recommendations and suggestions as far as how best to really get going.should I get your super affiliate training 8 DVD’s? thanks.
    William Keller

  110. Mary Jane Cherry

    More motivation. Still working a full-time job and having hard time finding time to get started. Went to training in Baltimore this weekend with a friend. Very informative. I am excited for the opportunities, but need a step by step map to get started on a small scale till I retire..Thanks.

  111. Bunni

    Thanks Anthony !! I would like to know were to start online. What is the first thing to do?

  112. Katheryn Bazar

    I want to learn all three. This is my problem. I cannot get on one thing and
    stick with it. I go from 1 project to another and never get anything done.
    I would like to know what to do about that. You give so much good info that
    my mind absorbs it like a sponge. At this time I do believe that I am in
    overload mode.

  113. Ted Seavy, PhD

    Anthony , I think you do a wonderful job of motivating people. I am interested in the nuts and bolts of procedures. I do want to thank you for sharing E-Home I office with me. My main mission is in healing and wellness. The money is a means of keeping score.

  114. DJ McCormick

    Marketing techniques and which are most successful today. Also trends. Where is online marketing going. What techniques are overloaded, exhausted; what does not work anymore. Where is the biggest bang for the buck (pennies I hope) in internet marketing now and over the next 6 months to one year.

  115. Richard Hunter

    What I need and want is a thorough underrstanding of the mechanics
    of advertising. I am old school. I would learn a lot quicker in a class room
    and grow quickley from there. I get bombarded on line every day.
    It all has become an overload, continuously.

    Bottom line I need something that can grow and grow with intelligent
    application of your principles.
    Much appreciate all of the good information you desenimate, and
    your sincere interest in helping others succeed
    Richard Hunter

  116. john hollis

    The marketing strategy, the inspiration to do it & the entrepreneurship have all been demonstrated very well by you and other leading marketers of today.
    Seems like the biggest hurdle is not in the decision to get started. It’s in all the intricacies of knowing your building your site right.. Domain selection,choosing site name, the variety of hosting options provided by each provider,etc.,etc.,etc., The concepts you demonstrate are reasonably easy to understand. It’s in the nuts and bolts of your initial construction choices while building your sites that needs to be addressed. If after talking to a prospective new internet marketer & you determine he/she has the grasp of the marketing cycle there is only one major thing to do. Have a workshop on actual live “site building” that you and your new client have discussed.
    Your not teaching IM in this workshop. It’s for actually doing what it takes to build the site correctly. In this manner the newbie enjoys numerable advantages such as timeliness in the many decisions that have to be made in this MECHANICAL phase of building a MARKETING website.
    Just think then you know you’d be completing your mission of establishing
    internet marketers.
    Cheers and BOL to A.M.Enterprises,


    John Hollis

  117. Don Warren

    Anthony, I’m a detail oriented person. I am mostly interested in understanding the details of free marketing. Pinterest is the best example I have. Most of the urls that I try to post are bounced back as being ‘identified as spam sites’. I would like to be able to post items.

    I still feel the need for a step-by-step process of how to get going. The 365 Days isn’t really what I’m looking for.

    There are just so many options that are available for making money on the internet that I get confused on how to select the best one & get started on it quickly.

  118. JeandieuseulAbellard

    For the beginning,while you are talking and said,engage with you,then this
    word put my feet in the right place,for now,can I start with Advertising Marketting online with Success

  119. Sharon Lancaster

    I have learned so much from you during my short schooling. I need to learn the nuts and bolts of marketing. Another thing I need is a glossary of words and terms that relate to marketing on line. Little books with little cost = happy student. :)) God bless you.

  120. Vicki Ingalls

    I want to learn more about advertising and how to keep myself movatied

  121. Mrs. Amparo Avillanoza

    Dear Anthony,
    I Am Absolutely A Beginner. I have been dragging myself to learn how to be an Internet Marketter since last 2011 but it seems I am totally very inadequate and a very slow learner until now.
    But, I do not lose hope. My 68 years of age is not an excuse to fail.
    I love your Success Connections and I will continously strive to improve my internet business skills with your sessions . I get excited and fully motivated by your connections all the time.
    Thank you for caring and being patient with me.
    Smile, God loves us all.
    Mrs. Amparo Avillanoza, Pearland, Texas

  122. Claude Poole

    Thanks for all that you are doing. I’m new at this and in the process of building my website. I published it but it isn’t picked up by the search engines. I thought I did the research but obviously not well enough.

    How on earth do you end up on page one? Thank you.

  123. Bill Staunton

    Need more info on specific techniques and marketing focus areas

  124. Shirley

    I have the most trouble with following and understanding the terminology you use, and how to take the right steps in order to get started right and to be able to do more. More info on how different steps lead to the next would
    help and more explanation of how the steps actually get you results.

  125. Chris

    Hey Anthony,
    I want to learn about being a successful online entrepreneur and learn how use my time in a more effective and efficient way. I believe any examples that you can share and show through your experience can help those of us who better learning visually than reading through a lesson. I am a full time college student in my bachelors degree program right now and I want to learn how to spend just a few quality hours a day (2-3) working on and building my online business while making as much profits during this time as I can. I believe this can be done but with some of your guidance since you may have gone through the same thing while you were in college. Like you say education is the key and since I only have three more quarters left to graduate with my bachelors degree I am staying in college to finish my degree that I started. I believe in I can achieve what I focus on. My goal is to become a millionaire through the help of my online business that I am starting with the help of Success with Anthony program.
    Thank you

  126. Regis Ribaille

    I’m on disability,taking care of myself takes a lot of time,would need more motivation/energy,but for that,Iwould have to feel better.

  127. Roger VanOrman

    We’re just starting Anthony and we’re just not sure how to get started. Maybe just a step by step overview of what steps to take to get going.


  128. Gary Hoppe

    I would like to know more about how to advertise as cheap as possible using no website, just cheap ads like CPM… And what product to advertise that are quality products, how to target the customers, and where to advertise( other than facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) … other social networks! Thanks for your continuing instruction!

  129. Kim Williams

    I really want to learn to become an entrepreneur achieving SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS. I want to work without concern of being downsized a 5th time

  130. Linda

    I want to learn more about affiliate marketing letting the effort I make bring money in all the time.

  131. Regina McLean

    I find that a step by step how-to webinar to be most beneficial to me since I learn best by seeing and hearing. The clear cut instructions on how to setup a site, blog or market an affiliate product, etc. with targeted traffic (Facebook, etc) are necessary to quickly and correctly learn how to implement new marketing strategies. Most people are purchasing and learning marketing for the first time and need to save a lot of money and time just by learning correctly from the start.

    Forums are also helpful for those late night or off times when a question needs an answer right away and there is no around to ask.

    Your course has taught me to produce my first site in only about 24-48 hrs. This was truly a milestone for me! Thank you!

    p.s. BTW any suggestions or advice on how to get targeted traffic to my site would be most appreciated!

  132. don

    I am new to internet marketing. I have taken your three day course. I want to start an affiliate business. Goal is to develop a fulltime income, and then go upwards from there. I think some guidance as to what to do when you first start getting commissions, money management, reinvesting, etc.
    I am a fulltime marketer.

    Thanks, Don

  133. Danielle Roscoe

    Hi Anthony and team
    I truly have that fire and desire to become a great success, and the drive to keep it going, but I need those nuts and bolts you speak about to keep it held together. Those techniques, methods, step by step directions, that you have used to get you to where you are today. I see you as a mentor, a guide,a great resource of knowledge that if I can tap into it then please let it out. I am sure not alone on this matter but I look forward to see what others are needing. Have a great day. Danielle

  134. Teresa

    I would like to learn more about becoming my own boss making more money

  135. JeandieuseulAbellard

    Can I please start with anyone that you see that it will be fit for me then week by week that I will be more motivated,thank you,God bless Success

  136. Alice/Strictly

    The question is What do I want to learn ? Anthony Morrison I would like to learn the nuts and bolts of marketing and to learn how to integrate all my sites together.

  137. Deborah Carnahan

    Thanks, Anthony! I have gone over and over the Marketing, and over the software, and feel I am o.k. with that, but need help on focusing. Aside from killing off the procrastination gene, I need some advice on how to stay focused when I no longer have deadlines as I did working for someone else.

  138. Bonita M. Pomeroy

    Dear Anthony:

    I have only been following you a short time and I have not had the monies to buy any of your products yet. I am learning a lot with the emails that you send me and by visiting your site.

    I think the thing that I’d like to learn most is how to set up a website. Or how to setup affiliate advertising banners on other sites.

    I know a little about Clickbank and making up hoplinks, that’s all easy, but where do I put the hoplinks – that’s my next questions.

    Thanks for sharing and here’s to me winning the ePad.

    Best Regards,

    Bonita Marie Pomeroy

  139. Philip McCarthy

    Everything that you teach is very interesting and of value. I personally am struggling with the finaces needed to jump in with both feet,but determined to do it. I know once started, time and drive are the least of my worries. Look forward to more . Thanks Phil

  140. Linda Adams

    I would like to learn how to be more effective in the social media platforms, such as Facebook, with getting people to visit my website.

  141. Felicia Jones

    I need a lot, I need motivation, and trying to understand marketing. My site is going nowhere and the more I try to read on marketing I get so confused. I really enjoy watching your videos, they do help me. Thanks

  142. Gayle McLeod

    Hi Anthony,
    I’m sure there are many out there like myself that knows nothing about affiliate marketing and I have stepped out of the box and purchased the Level 3 program and am not going to attend your classes until October due to vacation commitments. I am going through your training and I am finding that I do understand the training to a certain extent but I have a question about the Landing Page. I understand how to create but I don’t understand as to whether the landing page is what you use as creating you web page or not.
    So what I am suggesting that the very simple things that you may think everyone knows what it is, I feel that you need to explain to us what each thing is for such as the Landing Page. I may have missed it when reviewing and then maybe not.

    Thank you


    I just want to let you know that I registered early and when I tried to get on the webinar it said “full”. Is it possible to listen or view it in the future? Also, Please increase the volume on your videos.

    Respectfully yours,
    Royel Montieth

  144. Kimberley Pate

    I am really struggling financially and my website should be ready to promote on Monday or Tuesday of next week. However, I don’t have much (if any) money to get traffic to the website. Can you please give us all the FREE traffic ideas that you have and some extremely inexpensive ones too? I know I need a way to build a list. I just don’t know how with so little to fund it. I will have a “capture page” on my site. I am signed up with Aweber to build the list. I just need some FREE ways to build the traffic list. Thank you so very much for your help. I need to keep my house (pay the mortgage). My work downsized to 8 hrs. per week and I’m struggling to survive.

  145. Linda Andrusyk

    I am a 59 yr old almost that magic number 60 and I may be too old for this but I’m still trying. I actually need assistance with all 3 of the suggestions. I need to get motivated to do my first advertisement (I am scared of failure) – and I want to be a good entrepreneur but I feel I lack the skill. I have been watching your videos and trying to advance. I have set a goal to have my first ad completed by end of next week (Aug 12th). Then I can call the manager that really wants to talk to me and get his input. Wish me luck and send your blessings. My main goal here is to start making money on my clicks that I can save and hopefully attend the Mississippi training.

  146. Jerry Hieronymus

    I’m excited to be one of your followers and have found it to be very educational.

  147. Timothy Lanier

    I need to know the ins and outs of marketing how to go on clickbank and link banners to facebook youtube,google and twitter and plentyoffish and the ones are the most profit buisnesses on clickbank and the ones I need to avoid how where to go and how to get you own wedsite I remember the time when you flew to show three people how there can make money on line using clickbank I saw the results but not the process that is what I think will help all of your students and will get more people to believe that you are not one of those gurus triyng to get there money but that you truly stand by you offer what this world needs now is Anthony Morrison

  148. David Brubaker

    Motivation is great, but I feel my time is better spent when you’re at the whiteboard teaching. Thanks Anthony.

  149. Daryl Stoltzfus

    Hey Anthony, I would love to see the nuts and bolts. I always call it the behind the scenes when I am talking to my husband. I am a visual learner and I appreciate when someone shows the step by step of how to apply things we are taught. I am so much ahead of where I was 1 month ago and I am more motivated than you can imagine. (Well, you can imagine). Thanks for asking what we want and for all of you and Adrian’s help!!

  150. Curtis Hooks

    Hey Anthony Morrrison, sir it’s funny you ask that question because it come with some many different answers. In this business everyone are different and look at this business in a whole different way. I get into or you may what to say started learning about Internet Marketing back in 2009, which enclude programming, seo, nich marketing, social marketing, article marketing and learning how to get slash by GOOGLE over the years. Through everything i learn i could not still be here, but my passion is so strong for the lifestyle it can give me and my family. You learn so much about this business over the years, if i knew what i know now back in 2009 and came over you and Adrian Morrison, i would be with my 15 years-old baby girl, but im not there yet. Now that i have YOU and Adrian Morrison backing me up the end of the road coming soon of not making money online is about to be over once and for all. Marketing use-to be my problem, but now im not so sure now, what i mean is i have website and for years i had no idea what to market on the until i started working with the Morrison Family. Now i know what to market go to my website see for yourself what it has been looking like the 3 years 8 months and 3 days before i change it or if you want to help me with my site, “i want say no”! The good thing about this site is Claim Cash i use it alot. You can look and see where my story begins. You don’t have to give me an ipod, i just want to talk to someone and most of all say THANKS, sir. (

  151. Cassandra Shelby

    I’m not set up with my site yet but I would like to understand the “Nuts & Bolts” of marketing. I’m a little slow like you said you were when you were a kid in school, but I want to learn this. I know you talked about the coaches that you have for us but I don’t think mo one has called yet. I watch all of your videos and still get Adrian’s videos too. I want o get on your level because my situation is pretty much like yours was and I feel that god is going to bless this business once I get the hang of it.

  152. Samantha Grant

    I would like to know how to be an Entrepreneur; I am tired of living from paycheck to paycheck. I would like to make a few extra 100 each month. Could you show me how to do that, and then I would be a happy camper, thank you so much for all that you are doing for us all. I love your training video’s they are the best, I get a lot out of them.

  153. Tanya Givens

    I would like to learn more about the best strategies to use when first getting started in marketing my product, with very little income.

  154. Sherri

    Building confidence is my greatest need then finding my niche for helping people.

  155. ed hirons

    I need the nuts and bolts please. I am in terrible finical shape and don’t have hardly any money to spend right now. I just need to get started as cheap as possible. Anything will help at this point.

  156. Robert Walker

    Hello Anthony,
    I joined your organization back in December, 2011 at the Level 3 “Mentoring and Site Building” level. From previous “Success Connection”, formerly “Weekly Blog” presentations, I saw your webinar about the power of email marketing, “Build, Send, Profit”. I still have it to watch over and over, but I fail to see where to begin. In other words, how do I collect email addresses and what, specifically, do I execute to run the software, and where is it located? I understand the overall concept, but the details are missing. I think I need a website, but how is it employed? This is my request.

  157. susan miller

    Anthony, you have so much to share…. I’m just so overwhelmed I sit there kind of stunned. I don’t know what to do right now. …so little time with so much to do.

  158. timothy atwater sr.

    great video anthony but can you show me more about epad.. thank

  159. Denise

    I want to learn how to help others become the kind of person they were created to be, to fulfill their God-given potential.

  160. Dennis Knight

    I Dennis Knight would like to be a good entrepreneur and like to be a very good motivator for my self. I need this chance to become successful in my life. I getting up in age I need to balance my security financial in life with my family. I have some set back but I’m trying to get back on top of things. My wife doesn’t work and my son is type diabetic. So spending a lot of money for health and medicine. so please bear with me. I really want to get involve with your wonderful program on success in life. Thank you Dennis Knight

  161. peggy thornburg

    need help to focus not only on today but the future. the BIG picture where i will be in 6 months. will i reach my goals or even pass them. time and patience will tell

  162. nancy starr

    Thanks anthony for this opportunity to win an ipad..course then you will have to teach me how to use I have been learning a lot from your video blogs, I’ve gone back to the first one and am about cought up. There is so much to learn I don’t know what to suggest so just keep doing what you think is best.

  163. Marlon Orozco

    Anthony, From the 3 aspects that you mention. I got the motivation, after been alive from a work related accident, God gave me the opportunity to be motivated at all times. The market advertisment aspect is the one that I’m a little behind. I have facebook and other network marketing web sides, but I’m getting no results. There’s where I need help.
    Thank You.

  164. shannan

    What do you want? Your amazing as taking care of thousands of strangers, what do you want? Seem a bit sad.
    I’ve learned so much from you, focus being the big one. Speaking of which, I need to get back to it. Take care, cheer up. Let someone give you something for a change.


  165. Thomas E Johnson

    I recently quit my part-time job to care for my mom on a 24-7 basis. I’ve been reading your books and dabbled in domain names and marketing platforms. If you could help me in any way, I would really appreciate it. Thank You

  166. Paulette Guillaume

    To be more successful, I need to know more about how to keep myself motivated. I learn all the tools and marketing to keep me going but I have this lay back and fear which are preventing me from moving forward. I need that push to help me to do more. I need to think real and not allow my situation to pull me down. I need to use it as a way to push me to take action. I know that I can be a great and successful entrepreneur if I stay focus and consistent.

  167. Clara Green

    Hi Anthony, I want to be a great entrepreneur. The training last weekend with Adrian was what I would like more of because that is how I learn faster.
    I like that classroom effect and sharing with other individiuals. After the court trials the 8th & 9th I should be in a better position to take the additional courses that were offered, but at home I am watching the videos over and over and it is a help.
    You and your brother do such a great job and you are blassed to be a pert of such a close knit family.
    Clara Green

  168. Garnet de Souza

    Being an Entrepreneur is easy, but staying afloat is difficult. I am always on the look out as to how to bring my costs down without affecting the amount of publicity I like to generate. Most feedback I get is to keep going to networking seminars or meetings and start from there.
    Any otter ideas???

  169. Bob Kirschner

    Get An Alternative To Door To Door Sales. I Turn 61 This Month. Getting TIred.

  170. Brian Turner

    I want to learn step by step instructions on how make make money on the internet. i have a good job now and make better $ than a lot of people, but I am tied to a specific location. I have to be here to make the $. I want to be able to make $ wherever there is an internet connection.

    I just went to the 3 -day thing in Charleston, SC last weekend. So this is all very new to me.

  171. Dal Neff

    What ever you teach I listen and learn my friend.
    God Bless!
    Dale Neff

  172. Anthony Ogans

    How do you do it, Anthony?! How do you keep me so imformed and so intrigued? I love your posts, blogs and viral presentations!! Keep up the good work!!

  173. Dwayne Sturge

    I would like to know how to market, what words and phrases inspire people to show higher interest in your campaign over all other campaigns that we are flooded with day after day. What grabs peoples attention to get people to listen to what you have to say or sell. Writing messages can be done by anyone but there is a secret that compels people to respond and/or opt into opportunities. What is this secret of success?

  174. Susan

    I know and understand what has to be done to advertise my website, but I’m just plain afraid to take the next step (contacting someone) “… because it just might work and then my life would change and do I really want that?” I need motivation – a dream big enough.

  175. Dana Bertling

    I would like to learn more about how to drive traffic to my site and the marketing. The how to acquire the skills that will generate the most business for our sites and ultimatly give us the best ROI possible. What is the trend and what trend is the most profitable to continue to grow in marketing. Driving traffic to the sites is the ultimate most important because we are here to learn how to grow our business and wealth. Thank you and I enjoy your videos and web site. Really learned alot about the affiliated marketing from you. Dana

  176. Shelly Ross

    Hi!! I am working with PMI, and it seems a bit overwhelming.
    Right now I need to bridge what I know to action; I believe by learning to build a website and getting my work out there?

  177. Cecilia

    Anthony, I have stepped out of the comfort zone. I am working on understand affiliate marketing on the internet with software I received through one of your instructional videos. I now need to focus on the ad marketing. I am committed to being successful.

    I know I missed an excellent session this past Tuesday – completely full. I am however going to persist with the affiliate marketing. Appreciate and thank you for your help.

  178. dennis lambert


  179. Linda Saracco

    Hi Anthony!
    As I do medical transcription from home and I have chosen making money from home to help others as my niche I am extremely motivated to make my business work but what I do need help with is getting my website seen and SEO marketing, back links, etc. etc. I have gone through the success for Anthony course and am extremely grateful I have all the resources to go back and go over the information again and again. I have created a few websites, have my autoresponder set up and have a few subscribers to my list πŸ™‚ I have your books and belong to IncomeEDU and am so excited to go through the modules. Been using my facebook fan page and twitter to promote and have had some luck but still there is so much more to learn. I appreciate you so much as my mentor. You truly explain internet marketing in ways one can understand and receiving your e-mails are always exciting -Thanks! Also love your webinars!

  180. Marc Montaniel

    I just turned 62 last April and expect to retire from my full-time job of 27 years, 3 years from now. I’ve worked 35 years of my life working for somebody as an accountant, computer programmer and currently, a database developer. When I signed up for this two months ago, I knew that I’m entering a new chapter in my life. My parents owned their own businesses as I was growing up. I’ve been wanting to own my business too someday along the way since I graduated from college but just did not have the nerve or the triggerpoint to do so. Now that I’ve seen what this new “venture” will bring to my life, I’ve vowed that this time there’s no stopping me to be my own boss. So, I believe NOW is my chance to become a true enterpreneur and achieve total financial independence along the way. Just as they say “no pain, no gain”. I really don’t mind spending this past week going all the training videos that’s part of my homework. I hope that one day after following your footsteps, Anthony and Adrian, I can call myself as successful enterpreneur just like my parents and be able to help not only myself but also my 3 kids towards achieving the same financial independence that I’ve been aspiring for myself all these years!

  181. John Bostwick

    This probably seems off base but I would really like to know about how the business is set up internally. How are you keeping track of all of the stinking pass words, affiliate links, urls, etc. I have been trying to do this with excel but even that is such a cluster as I still have to spend too much time looking through the list to find what I want. I guess I am asking for little office organization tips for an at home, on line business beginner.

  182. jan parrish

    i want to learn how to get started making money on-line, how to send an e.mail, i just do not know what to do

  183. Teri H

    As always I follow your sucess conection. Really need
    To learn the nuts and bolts of internet marketing

  184. Cecilia

    Thank you Anthony, I am interested in the affiliate marketing area and studying the cpv domination information right now and just need to understand the steps from A. to Z. in the setup. I am motivated and persistent (slow many times with other life activities that come up) and I have stepped out of my comfort zone. I am trying to keep myself from getting confused and be focussed on the steps.
    I just thank you for being patient.

  185. Richard Burton

    I want to learn more about getting more traffic to my blog. I tweet (5000+ tweets in 6-months); blog daily; have a give away item to create e-mails- this is disappointing somewhat because only have 42 autoresponder sign ups to date (been active three months). I’m getting about 3000 unigue page visits this past month. Using AdSense and Clickbank. I’m seeing a small amount of $$ and want a lot more. I think all the knowledge (although a little overwhelming) is in front of me…but I’d like to see more. I’ve decided to double up on my efforts, re-take some of the lessons, I subscibed to your incomeedu and very impressed (as usual with your courses)…but I want some buying traffic!


    I need more in depth information on how to get started for the least amount of money. And how to stay on top of everything. I need all the help I can get. Thanks for all the work you do to help everyone be successful.

  187. Don Hall

    I would like to know if I can make money without spending any.
    I live on a very small monthly income.

  188. Thomas Bromann

    I come from over 45 years of business experience, both in the financial and IS segments.
    The overall design and direction of the system is excellent. Very glad I choose it.
    I want to concentrate on learning effective marketing and process direction techniques so that I can begin to really excel and increase the Cha-Ching that I’m looking for.
    Hard work has never been an issue with me, but the technical aspects of this business in regard to all of the web design issues have proven to be quite a problem for me.
    I would rather be working on the creation of business related analysis and promotions then working through technical building.processes.
    “Time is money” and I would rather spend my time making more effective decisions then working on web sites.

  189. koryn


  190. Solomon

    Hi Anthony, I really want to learn how to market and advertise effectively and in the right way. You have provided several informative ideas but I guess I’m missing something or not been able to connect the dots which can be frustrating. I’m not going to give up but rather keep learning till I get it.


  191. Sandra K.

    You could have 3 levels of teaching. Entrepenuer is the 2nd step of info. Motivation is the 3rd. What I myself need is specifics on the 1 step: what, for example, would I literally be doing on the internet to make money. Thanks.

  192. James Waters

    Anthony, I would like to learn more of the nuts and bolts of Affiliate Marketing. This is new to me; and, I could use any assistance that you can provide.

  193. Patrick Miller

    I guess I’m another one of those ‘slow-starters’ – I need a little more motivation to get going (maybe a kick in the pants will do it!). You are definitely giving us a lot of very good and useful information and advice – now I just have to get myself going with it. Thanks for everything you are doing to help us be successful!

  194. JohnRingo

    I have all your books & several of your courses. I seem to be great at starting but a little less so at finishing. What I’d like to learn is how to stay focused on one thing long enough to get it on auto-pilot. It’s hard to earn money trying to go from one thing to another.

    By the way, give us an update on your Dad.


  195. Nancy Surace

    Hi Anthony,

    I would love it if you would go over marketing. I have 6 websites now and I have learned so much from you over this last year.

    Marketing is now where I need to focus on to make these websites as profitable as I can. I’m done putting up websites until I can learn the correct way to market them.

    Thanks for asking!


  196. Jan Voss

    I need to know the key strokes of making my web site, of the actual doing of the things you
    do on line. Once I see it being done, then I can do it.
    I just need a little instruction.
    Thank You Jan Voss

  197. Jan-Inge

    I want to learn more about advertising, this is important key to success.

  198. Michael Hanle

    Aloha Anthony,
    After bein laid off a few months ago from my 10 year position as a director of sales and marketing of The Ritz-Carlton Club I find myself eager and ready to finally put the hours in and invest in building my own income stream through helping people. I have a grand idea for a website, product(s), and a web community that I’d like to get up and running and finally have the time to really dive into your courses that have been eluding me for years ever since I ordered your original program 4 years ago. I an currently reading the more traffic in 30 days course which I really like. I’d love to see a course or program that can guide someone from beginning to end like that utilizing all the tools and courses you have available. A tall order for sure, but a step by step guide laid out chronologically like that would be amazing for someone like me who knows marketing, but is just breaking out into this new world of entrepeneurialship. Thanks sooo much for all that you do!!! Mahalo!! Michael Hanle

  199. Elizabeth Holiday

    Anthony, I am very new to your family, and very excited about what I have heard and seen. I feel that this is something that will help me to achieve the goals I have for myself and others. I will make the money I need to get the personal training from you and your team. Thank you for all the help that you are giving me to get started. I will do the best I can with the information I receive and I will stay connected.

    Thanks again,

  200. Melissa Young

    Anthony, you are doing a great job and thank you. I would personally like to learn more about advertising. I have been reading your books & blogs but don’t feel like I really have it down quite yet.

  201. Obdulio Molina

    I want to learn more about how to work with the internert marking system. I’ve been trying and trying, and I really need to learn how to to this kind of job. There are a lot of scams companies but I feel very confident about Anthony’s system that I want you to help me with this. I am a pastor and I don’t have income thru the ministry. The last job I had closed for going out of bussiness since May of this year. So I really apreciate your help.

    Pastor Obdulio Molina

  202. David Earl

    I allready am motivated and I have been and know what it takes and means to be an entrepreneur. I just need some one to listen to what some of my ideas are and show or tell mehow or the best way to apply them. Its just to hard for me to choose the right ave to take. But I know once I’m on it I’LL FLY.

  203. Richard

    Dear Anthony,
    I have enjoyed your Webinars and Success Connection videos,and am very interested in the Advertising subjects especially with regard to Mobile Marketing.My wife and I attended your Riverhead LI Seminar and we are following up with Adrian’s Super Affiliate Training . We have also purchased your CPV Domination & WorkBook Software and have started to use these programs.
    We have become an affiliate of Wolf Storm Media, and established a FaceBook Account. We shall continue the processes for our Affiliated Marketing and for our advancement as Entrepreneurs.We know this all takes time, but we will be working hard at achieving our goals for financial sucess in these endeavors. Thank you for your concern and help, we love your sincerity and sharing of your own family experiences.

  204. King Richard

    Anthony, I have a burning desire to make money and to be an entrepeneur. My problem is the doggone Internet. I took a course at a community college on introduction to technology and I enjoyed it. The professor went way to fast and after a month of trying to learn HTML I was totally clueless. I need somebody to kinda help me out. I know how to text on the Internet that’s about it. I could use a helping hand big time I’m not the fastest learner at all. U seem like such a good guy soooo am I. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

  205. Liby

    I was on the webinar this past Tuesday. I thought what you have planned is beyond phenomenal. I’m w/Melvin I appreciate & need quality suport.

  206. Mark Rizzotto

    I personally feel that if you are here and watching these videos and trying to make it work, then motivation is not the issue. I think where most of us fall short is the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Personally, I would like to understand the psychology of marketing.What makes people respond and what turns people off. What actually works. And probably what order things should happen. I think you have put out a lot of good information as to how it works and what needs to be done, but there is so much it all starts to run together.

  207. steven wilson

    I am very motivated to succeed as an entrenpreneur. I have created some blogs, and squeeze pages, but my main problem is finding ways to drive traffic to these sites. I would appreciate your help in way of increasing traffic.

    thank you

    Steven Wilson

  208. M H Sabir

    First I would like to thank you for all the e-mails you send for your program.
    I believe that one cannot become successful entrepreneur until and unless he has that drive to do something for himself. And building a good solid business model requires in-depth product knowledge (marketing in this case). Once you get hold of the product knowledge then only you can prepare how to sell and whom to sell your services. So I would suggest if you could guide on How to enter this business, what is required and what are the different tools from which you can start building your business.
    Like all other businesses, it will take time until you reach your target goals, but goals are to be defined.
    So in my opinion Product knowledge and how to start would be a great help.And also if someone outside the US can be part of your program and how can he build it would also help.


  209. Daniel Brown

    I have been following you for several months and find your specific blogs the most helpful. So more information on one or two specific ideas or plans at a time.

  210. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Professor Anthony, I am looking forward to see and hear more of your information you put out for us students to learn this bussiness. Everything you do is positive.You are a great teacher. Thanks for all you do for us, GOD BLESS YOU!–Luis ,

  211. Albert

    The nuts and bolts would be great to learn. This should help to be a better entrepreneur.

  212. michelle campbell

    HELLO ! Anthony actually to Mark Mr.Peterson all of whom I spoke with today. Im going to be honest Im so much into this that Im wanting to know all of the marketing sell all you have in store for me to personalize and use adventually. Im so very nervous right now to have jumped in this, But in a good way. Just to comment back and say Thanks. Michelle OH also Micah

  213. Basilio

    I fit in the group where I need to learn the technical aspects of “internet marketing”. A step by step guide.

  214. Catey

    I look forward to your motivational materials. I would like to become more organized in my efforts. Thank you for all you do.

  215. William

    I joined the success with anthony program, and also PMI. These are great training resources. What I found out, is the additional cost involved,
    in implemitting your pograms. What I wouuld like you to do, is to show the
    quickest way, and least exspensive way to start. Then take what you have earned and reinvest it into the business, so you can do more, and to buy additional programs to educate, to become successful. I hope this suggestion is helpfull.

  216. AnnMatthew

    Hello Anthony,
    Thank you for the specific question of what we need. I JUST SIGH each month when I know that if I had an i-Pad or a computer newer than 2002, that incidentAlly WILL not accept the PLASTIC plug in from MY Cable COMPANY’s modem cord. I BOUGHT a router to solve the problem since the laptop is wireless and can now access the Internet, no don’t chuckle but it is funny.
    Yes I am in need of an i-Pad, and would use it to learn the nuts and bolts of what you are doing because you are successful.
    I am motivated, desire to make an income to become financially secure, am just holding on, finally purchased the commission based pay to place so I would have money for bills and to pay a coach at Anthony Morrison’s
    I’M somewhat desperate to make this business work for me and have fun
    Doing it And I refuse to give up.
    Nuts and Bolts it is for me, and yes what you are doing helps all of us.
    We really appreciate the sharing of all of this amazing knowledge.
    Please keep it coming.

  217. AnnMatthew

    YES ANTHONY, I do want the e-Pad. Can’t believe I am asking to be included in the give away, but I really am, and am happy to ask to be in lured to use it for the nuts and bolts of successful advertising.
    SORRY my other comment was so long but heart felt. Ann

  218. Pauline

    I attended one of your presentations about advertising email marketing here in Dallas, TX. It was very interesting, but I just could not afford the price of the course. I would like to learn more about advertising on internet in detail. Information on how to start with baby steps. If you could have like a short low-cost mini course on that.

  219. Rafael

    Hi. I like to see action. I sent your team an e-mail back in may, asking questions i had, never got an answer, made me wander…is this really work?..Anyway, I’m willing to learn from you so i can have my own business online. I thank you so much for your time. Raf

  220. Cynthia Thomas

    I need to learn step by step how to get this program started. I need to know the nuts and bolts of internet marketing. Thank you for your help and for being such a caring person.

  221. thomas r herd

    hi anthony, iam so glad i read my email rom you.i want to stay motivated to make money your way.

  222. Dariusz Stankiewicz

    Hey Anthony. Good to see you again. Well, I think I fit in the group of people who want to learn the nuts and bolts of advertising and marketing online. I can figure out many things on my own (I guess I like to be challenged) but it takes time, energy gets drained and discouragement comes next. So, yes I would like to learn more technics and strategies about advertising and marketing online. Thanks again for all your help and lots, and lots of positive energy. It is priceless.

  223. beverley mellors

    hi Anthony,

    It’s just so hard to say what I want, because I really am not sure what is out there in regards to the marketing industry, twitter, facebook, and generally making money online. Just keep anything that will motivate me and help me build an online business. One can spend money unnecessarily without having the knowledge of what to do so keep every thing and anything coming in these Anthony Morrison success-connection. An Epad would definitely be a motivational tool to take wherever one goes. Thanks again Anthony, bev mellors (Australia)

  224. Dana Koepsel

    Anthony, You are amazing. I enjoy hearing what you share every week on Sucess Connection. I am not computer smart but I am trying. I would like to learn about how to come up with the ads that people will go for and how to stay motivated to keep going. Thank you Dana

  225. Nina Perdue

    Hi Anthony,

    I want the “nuts ans bolts.” I am such a newbie. My mind is completely open and I love everything you say. am in a learning mode and you are a great teacher. Keep on keeping on. Your enthusiasm is infectious..

  226. Mike Meltz

    Hay I just need a kick in the behind to continue. I think NO I know I can do this . I will be going to the 3-day boot camp and be hard on me,please. I need to have an income as I was let go of my job forever and trying to raise six kids I just smile and let God and the bible serve me. Especially the chapter in Matthew you so did fine. God bless you my fellow man.

  227. Terrance Jackson

    I find that tit’s very hard to keep a continued drive when I run into a roadblock of marketing. So, it’s probably a little of both. After all success can not be achieved without understanding how to put it all together.

  228. Nicholas Ferrer

    I am please you are a man of character and passion and is great reason for me to continue on with your course, after serious time from schools. Thanks Mr. Mr. Morrison, Iam convinced your entity will be helpfull indeed. Nick Ferrer

  229. Dee LeCroy

    I have the motivation, I would like to learn from you what you have been doing first hand. I am new at this, very new. I would like for you to walk us through from A-Z on what you do. Show us some specifics that we can get going on from the beginning to the submitting.

  230. chris

    in a simple word anthony,i just wanna be like you, thanks for the kind information so far


  231. Anton Sylvester

    I want to learn about everything that you mentioned. Entrepreneurship, advertising, and motivation, You have a great combination of articles, communications, ideas, and different ways of implementation. You have everything for our success. I am glad that are feeling better.
    Anton Sylvester

  232. Margaret Conley

    I would like to learn how to get started, and more information on affiliated marketing.

  233. Valrie

    I am very facinated by your internet business and look forward to learning your marketing techniques to earn money!

  234. Dianne

    I want to learn how to market and design websites. I am getting relatively good at writing blogs so I need help with the next step. My niche is helping new moms lose their baby weight.

  235. Dave Tini

    I want to learn the nuts and bolts of actual advertising online.
    I’ve been in business all my life.

  236. Eric

    I would like to learn a little of everything but would like to start out learning more about how to be a successful entrepreneur and important business skills. I have the drive and motivation…However, do not have the business knowledge to know where or how to start.

  237. Kathy Bermingham

    Anthony, I want to know that with the help of some great people that care about helping other people. Care enough to give people like myself one on one help to start a business on line. People for a lot of reason can’t go out in the work force. Give to them what was a dream become real. So they to feel like they are a part of this great world. With ONE ON ONE HELP you can be proud right along with God that put us there to help one another to be proud of themselves. That help can come in the way of a step by step HELP DVD or CD coarse. God has given you a gift to go out to the people. As per my e-mail you know the rest of the story. Thank you.

  238. mikey mohney

    id like some more mentoring/education on marketing/being an entrepreneur. . like exactly how to become a vendor. step by step ways on how to create my own stuff to sell. instead of being an affiliate only. how to build(Write) ebooks and how to use adobe.

  239. Kathy Knoshaug

    Hi Anthony, I need to learn how to get my website started and I need to learn how to do marketing online. I hope that your future Success Connections will get more in dept with the online marketing. For some reason I’m having a hard time catching on to this concept. I would really like to win your e-tablet.
    Thanks, Kathy

  240. Mark George

    Anthony,for me the most important thing you share are the nuts and bolts of what you have experienced. With an ever changing playing field it is up to me to find what works best for me then work at it.

  241. Pollie Witherspoon

    HELLO Anthony, I’m so sorry that I miss your Webinar. You have already done what I wanted. I wanted some one to set down and show me how to do it. Your people were here, and I did not have the money to pay for help. So I thank you for all you have done. pollie

  242. Judy Tatum

    I just want to know exactly how to get started. I bought my book awhile back but didn’t do anything but get my website. I really wan to do this…Please help me get started…step 1………step 2…..step 3. Thank you.

  243. Debbie Braddy

    I would like to learn a little bit of everything. How to be an entrepenuer, how to advertise, how to stay motivated. I think it takes a balance of it all to be successful.

  244. darlene mckean

    This is my birthday… How cool is that? Most of all I would like to have a more successful life next year at this time.
    I love your educational programs. Most of all I would like to learn how to start from the beginning to end the same way you did. Step by step please!
    Thank you for calling us your family.
    God bless you Anthony.
    Best regards,

  245. Mary

    Hi Anthony, I am so glad you asked! What great question!
    I bought your program and haven’t been able to spend alot of time with it because
    I am LOST on what to write on the landing page to capture buyers! As well as in the articles or auto-responder. And what are the buying keywords etc? There is a lot to learn about everything but without that, all else will fail.

    Because that is so difficult for me, I lose motivation for writing articles.I AM TOO NICE and can give info easily, but selling is another matter! I want to be nice and profitable TOO!
    My first site is a BUST– the second and third are on their way and I have no intention on giving up. I actually am loving all of this. It is so amazing and SO ARE YOU!!! I am glad I found you!
    I would also like to ask if you think small niche sites or a few authority sites are better to start?.

    So that is my VERBOSE WAY to say– nuts and bolts of marketing on the website would be my priority.
    In fact, just writing this, I am going to start your program tomorrow night!!!!
    It is the Success with Anthony program!
    Be Well! And thanks! Mary

  246. Diana Gamble

    Hi Anthony,

    I have a Entrepreneural Spirit and want to be in charge of my financial freedom. Due to several circumstances both economical and personal, my hopes for financial freedom have not been realized. I want to learn the ABC’s of generating traffic for less than a penny from start to finish. I have listened to your webinars and will be attending your seminar in OKC.

    I believe in what you teach and demonstrate. I just need more instruction to get going. Money to invest in your programs has been difficult. It is my desire to help others as well. I have always been service oriented in my work. I appreciate the webinars where you share what has worked for you and the notes that give us key points.

    Hope your Dad continues to recover from his surgery. My prayers are with him and your family.

    Thank you for your generosity.

  247. Denise Fiedler

    I love the honesty of the procrastinator, I work a mid shift and it’s difficult to come home and want to do any kind of work… When way tired, even money stops my motivation, help.

  248. Carlos Gomez

    I want more motivational content but with a plan for implementing your strategies. In other words, a plan of action after receiving motivational content…

  249. Elaine Steel

    Just starting out but am incredibly motivated and am getting through the training well. I foresee that my main interest areas will be learning: marketing techniques, creative methods to sustain success/raise business capital using tools you provide, and what new and emerging markets/technologies to take advantage of (eg. new social media sites, new devices).

  250. Richard Carignan

    Hi Anthony! Thank you and your brother for your teachings.What I would like to know :your definition of an entrepreneur,qualities and skills needed to have, aquire or develope to become one.

  251. Ruth

    Anthony, I need the actual marketing info, though your encouragement/motivation is good and appreciated, also.
    I want to THANK YOU – I already won one of your Coby pads – I hadn’t even thought about it, but when I went to the first program for ‘Secrets of an Internet Millionaire’ at the Hilton in Fort Collins, CO I signed up for the 3 day program in Denver (after much going back and forth as I could not afford it) I just committed and my name was called, as I’d won the door prize, the Coby!
    Good sign, don’t you think? Ruth

  252. Debbie Napolitano

    I really want to learn more about how to keep motivated so I can make money online. I want to learn more about how to become a successful onlint marketer. Thank you so much for all you help and education. I would really love to win one of the IPads.

  253. Grant Bishop

    Hello Anthony.

    I am from Niagara Falls, Canada
    I invested in your course about 5 months ago. I like the fact that you keep in touch with everyone (not a get rich overnight scheme)
    I realize that it is best to build a strong foundation so it does not crumble.
    My website has been programmed and it looks quite nice. ( some things need changing before it becomes ALIVE)
    . My dad passed away last week so my mind hasn’t been all there.
    So I am turning the page to another chapter in my life.

    Motivation is what I need right now. I’m Mr. Procrastinator, I can always do it tomorrow. And I know that’s not good. (I’m my boss but take too many breaks)

    But I am going to persevere.
    Looking forward what you come up with for us all.

    Take care, Grant

  254. Muriel

    Hi Anthony!

    I’m in information overload, I’ve read your books and watched the blogs but I get frustrated with myself. I’m a creative person, love to learn new things but it’s putting things in proper order and doing the “math” properly. It’s like when I played a musical instrument, I knew the notes, and I could read the music but I needed to hear someone play the piece of music first or I wouldn’t get it right.

    I need to see how to do things in a step by step process but using the “KIS” method. I’m trying to figure things out like the
    “ClickBank” but I’m in the beginning stage. It seems a little over-whelming and intimidating at the same time. I know that I can learn this just like I did with my other jobs however it seems that I’m not catching on or I have a Huge mental block. I need to get something going so that I can help others. I usually go pass

    Sorry that we met

  255. Steve Le Baron

    A SUCCESFUL marketing affiliate entrepreneur in selling. The most reliable what to martket… when to market…who to market…where to market and HOW to make it all come together for big profit days!
    No matter what I’ve tried…hasn’t produced any sales…WHY? With Anthony’s amazing marketing and promotional skills will make a successful Internet Marketing Entrepreneur…..sign me up!

  256. Charlie Souden

    I want to learn more about SEO and finding the right keywords to make my site successful. I see one the Income Edu site that there is a SEO course coming soon, but any help I can get before that drops would be great. I think I have the entrepeneurial spirit but I want to start with a successful website and build on that.

  257. Elena Dominguez

    I really appreciate all your wisdom sharing with all of us, but I will love to hear how exactly, step by step become an affiliate marketing person. Start making some money and know the specifics of auto pilot the follow up with customers.

  258. Velma

    I wish to learn how to become an excellent entreprenuer. I have worked for many years., and my code of practice stated “Good clinical practice is the only advertisement that is needed to sell your skills. No other advertisement is needed. Now here I am trying to make a living through advertising or promoting someone else’s business.
    When i become a good marketeer, I want to remain motivated to build a business one can be proud of.

  259. Adriana

    Ho, my biggest hold bacj is making the call to new prospects or referrals, how can you help me???

  260. tommy pumphrey

    Well I have almost nailed down my dropshipper using PMI techniques. I really want to be with you on the program you just put up on podcast but the coaches say to do what I am doing and then get your stuff latter. I am really interested in Marketting cause that is what I believe will drive the ultimate success. I spent 3 years watching you and believe my dreams will come true. I know that because your team has helped me, when I get able i will give back. I do give to St. Judes, my Church, and the Humane Society but I want to give back big. You are right in your tweet that an Education can make you money but Self business will get you greater rewards. I know because of your help I will not get the Pad but it would be nice. I sorry that I was not able to get answers from you on the cast or from your brother on the follow up email but I am sure you know Erika Gonzalas will lead me back to you when I get to Affliate Marketing. Still hoping your Dad is well and will continue to Pray for you and your family cause I think with your success comes my success. Be Blessed Tommy

  261. Gayle Grant

    I’m interested in learning how to launch a couple of Internet based businesses that will let me go into semi-retirement/if no full retirement in the next few years. I’m ready, willing and able to launch but need more information on resources to help me do so.

  262. Michael Spear

    OK . Sure, I want an ePad, but I need answers to advertising
    questions even more than I want my own new , sleek ,
    shiny, cool , personal , COBY . KYROS. [ * d r o o l * ]

    Ahem . . . I know that some phrases or word combinations
    create questions in peoples’ minds. Other word choices
    immediately make people want to say or do something in
    response. And let’s face it . . . other words immediately
    turn some people right off. But I don’t know which words.
    . . . More importantly: I don’t know which positive or
    negative words/phrases are the most critical to obtaining
    the desired response from a _specific_ audience.

    In thinking about it, I’d have to guess that there would be
    at least three kinds of word/phrase uses:

    * Grabber/Headline
    . . Attention Grabbing Text;
    * Slobber/Copy
    . . Text to Create Irresistible Desirability;
    * Clobber/Action
    . . Text to Deliver the Perfect Compelling Knock-Out Punch.

    So, my questions are:

    1. What are the words used in headlines to compel
    the reader attention’s attention to my copy?
    2. What are the power words/phrases which create
    desire in advertising?
    3. Which “juicy gems” should I use so that . . .
    Mr.(I’m only browsing) Prospect becomes . . .
    Mr. (maybe I can take a peek) ClickThru,
    only to morph into . . .
    Mr.(I bought one & YOU SHOULD TOO) Customer!

    And yeah . . . I’ll admit it . . . I want an ePad.

  263. Tom Stowe

    Need to replace my laptop, my girfriend spilled a cola on it and it fried. The repair center wanted $800 to repair. I have to borrowed a friends computer to listen to the webinars and training. Unable to attended all because I am without a computer of my own. Want to go forward and do Social Media Marketing with Facebook, Twitter. etc. Want to learn as much as I can so I can train others to do the same. Spent a bunch of money on your products and they are awesome and very detailed. Thanks

  264. Rob Zalesiak

    Anthony as always great advice. I would like to learn how to build my emal list and generate more traffic to my landing page at little oe no out of pocket expense.

  265. Kathy Lamandia

    I like all of it. Videos about motivation, ad techniques, etc… since everything intertwines.

  266. Vincent

    Hey I would realy want to know more about the affiliate marketing techniques and how to get facebook to show them more and how to improve CRT and conversions also who to target and how to overcome the lack of reach on facebook

  267. John Myers

    Hi Anthony, I want say how much I appreciate all you do. Shortly after starting this, I had some serious health issues. I had to lay down just as I was getting started. My strength is at the place that I wanted to pick it up again. My problem now is that I have so many great programs to work on, I am confused about whers to pick up and start. I think an overall business picture would help put some things in context. With that understanding, a person could decide with which part they wanted to start. For me, evertything is new, so it already sounds like greek to me. If you can show a simple game plan of the entire game., and then go back and break it up into smaller steps, it would help me. Call if you have any questions as what in the earth I’m talking about. Your’re great. Keep up the great work;; Most of all, thank you for being you. John



  269. Sharon Davidson

    Hi Anthony,

    Would you please start from the beginning and show us step by step how to work this business, how to make the business work for us, and how to stay focused so we don’t go off on tangents!!!

  270. Gregory Chingas

    The reason I have invested in your programs is to better my life. I have been viewing so many of the videos and reading so much material, and it’s all informative and needed but, I just need a way to be able to put it to practicle use. I see that others have “gotten it” over time so maybe I just have to keep working on it.So much comes in through the e-mail and you have to check it out that it becomes overwhelming and you feel you’ll never be able to absorb it all. I want to become an internet entrepreneur. I want more than anything to be successful at just that. I like your support videos. They at times seem to be the only things keeping me focused. so, keep them coming!

  271. Richard J Terronez

    I just wanted you to know, since I started in July your videos, and teaching, are awesome( BLODS) Sorry I miss out in webinar,.I happen to be at other site you recommend. It show me some tricks I just order another book from you I am only half way threw this first one. Successful internet marketing is valuable The money will come later It’s a gold mine here and I could become a great entrepreneur and teach other to be successful.. Teach us some more tricks.. God Bless

  272. Benjamin

    Anthony, Its been great reading your work and listening in on your webinars these last few weeks. I see, hear and read so many helpful things, I hope to be able to send you my small success stories shortly. I am motivated and love being an entrepreneur. My biggest problem is organization. I work 50 -60 hrs a week and come home to spend time with my family which is the greatest thing God has allowed in my life. (Family that is) But yes, organization is my problem. In order for me to see your webinar’s I usually have to go to the replay when every one else has gone to sleep. Keep up the good work. Oh yeah, I have trouble getting your customer service to respond at times but, I deal with it.

  273. Terrence Redix

    I now work as a sales agent for a clean energy company, which is creating a new way of making electricity from the wind. Yes, the company creates electricity from wind mill farms, which is revolutionizing the way energy is made, 100% pollution free and providing lower rates, which translates into lower bills for customers. There is a company website, which customers can input my code if they want to sign up, however, I don’t have access to that, since I’m a field agent. I would like to know how to market my product on Facebook, Twitter and blogs and other ways. Then I could afford to purchase your software to market with the emailing system. Any help will do. This company pays well. Thank you

  274. Neal Cordova

    Hey Anthony,

    I enjoyed your three day course in Timonium, MD last week. I have endured many personal and financial failures in my life, and the journeys you, Adrian, Tweetmaster, and others have traveled towards success have inspired me. Obviously, I lack experience in this field, so any knowledge I can gain from you in marketing techniques, especially quality ad writing would be much appreciated. Right now I’m working on marketing through Twitter, so if you happen to have some dos and don’ts in writing quality tweets, that would be great. Thanks again, and I look forward to someday being one of your success stories.

  275. Mary Carron

    I thought acquiring my BBA in my late 40’s would serve me well, but it hasn’t. I believe it’s never too late to learn. I have been on a quest, and until now, was very discouraged, as other programs did not offer the education I felt was necessary to be able to become the Entrepreneur I desire to become. I want to stop the madness of working hard for someone else, but work hard, and smart for myself, so that I can teach my kids, and grandkids that there is more to life than just working it away for someone else’s gain. That it will take dedication and sacrifice, but with the right education and tools you can do it. You can have a rewarding life, and be able to pay it forward if you aren’t a slave to money, but it is working for you, because you know how to work it. I believe your program will do this for me! I know it won’t happen overnight, but I BELIEVE it is going to happen! That is why I signed up for my Income EDU membership. Thank you for paying it forward!

  276. Merryla Fidler

    Dear Anthony

    i love your skills,vision and your motivation to help people learn from your personal challenges in life.
    i believe in your education.

    i love my course with The PMI,and i want to know more about affiliate marketing on the net;however,my problem=limited knowledge with computer and this is hindering my advancement.

    Now i need to generate some cash and then go back into my PMI course to become a great business woman with your skills+tips and tricks hahahaha!

    So dear Anthony,thanks for who you are+what your are sharing+your big heart for the children.

    i want to be rich and help my family,friends+loved ones and unfortunate kids…

    Thanks to you+all the coaches.
    i appreciate all of you.

    A biiiiiiiiiiiiig Hug.


  277. Beverly Paff

    Most of us are so stressed out and bogged down with fufilling financial obligations due to partners loss of job. Can’t the forrest for the trees.
    Motivation is not my problem , I have 5 jobs. Time management is key.

  278. phumi notha

    Hi Anthony,

    I am a 5% and i am content with the awesome coaching material.I have accepted this will take longer than i originally anticipated,and i am prepared to do what it takes to make this work.

  279. Angelyne Glenn

    I would like to see more tips on actual ad campaign success stories. How do you choose which offers to promote? How can I make the most money with the minimum investment. I have learned a lot in the time I have been doing this, which is not so long (only a few days, in fact.) I am having trouble interfacing social ads pro with my facebook ad campaigns and I would like some more tips and pointers on that as well.

  280. Alan Correa

    im interested in the marketing but seam to have a little trouble figuring what to put in the different URL blocks.
    url —————-
    tracking url —————-

  281. Cynthia A. Chisum

    Hi Anthony,

    I would like to know more about the all the aspects of the internet advertising and marketing to get better foundation. But at this time I’m very a where I need to tune up keeping my motivation and how to keep the motivation and momentum in front and learning to stay on the task when life little happenings begin to seem so big. I’m still here, and ready to learn.
    Thank you &best wishes

  282. Keith

    I was layed off two months ago . I would like to do more but I have no money. what can I do to get some money so I can put some add out so I can get ahead. I love your teaching I love your software but I can not buy it because money is short. thank you.

  283. margaret sitar

    I started gaining the knowledge of marketing in high school. never did anything with it! always had the motivation but never impemented it! your teaching and programs are top rated and realistic! I think starting today i will begin! all i ask from you is keep coming with the ideas and your motivational speaking as i know you will and we will all help each other and be one big success!

  284. Wesley Baysden

    I wouldl like to know how to use AWeber without a website to do email marketing. I would like to do email marketing and not have my own website. Thanks.

  285. Newguy100


    First of all your weekly success connection segments are pretty awesome. I believe I have learned alot from them. I would to see more about tips and tricks on your weekly segments. As your online classes are pretty easy to understand I am sure there are techniques that one could use to make the process of selling more easier and efficient. I think this would definitely benefit the Affliate Marketing community.

  286. Ingrid Jno-Charles

    Thank God for you. You have awaken something in me where starting a business of my own would be of great asset to me instead of having to wake up early to go to work and answering to a boss frankly I have to be honest with you have no idea how to go about it I am a total dummy when it comes to starting off a business. From the blogs you have sent me I have seen what a wonderful and caring person you are taking the time to go out their and teach others how to make money on line. As a child I always wanted to be my own boss and I think by listening to you every day I just might end up accomplishing it hoping you will come to New York and teach me everything you know. I want to learn from the best so I intern can be the best from what I have learned directly from you. Will you do me the honor and take a trip to New York for me to meet that wonderful person that God put on this earth, your parents should be very proud of their son. I will continue to keep you in my prayers as you continue to do such a good deed for so many people. I have given the information to my son Cayon to start his own business which he has stated I took the money I had to get it done for myself and gave it to him in order to push him into being successful hoping someday he will be as good as you are. Looking forward to hearing from you have a pleasant and blessed day.

  287. Crystal

    Specific steps to newly starting the process of marketing. Just finished reading the books and would love to begin earning a steady income! Very excited about this opportunity. Thank you!

  288. Dave Taylor

    Anthony , I’ve got the motivation and drive. Wanting to make this work. I feel like the more you do the nuts and bolt thing that will help everyone. Why would someone watch these (blogs) If they aren’t already motivated.

  289. mary ann teasley

    I would like to know what direct step-by-step information that I need after purchasing a website that is needed to start making money right away!

  290. Ofilia Martinez

    Anthony, I’m a retiree that has no monies to start a business nor $$ to pay taxes I owe so not to lose my home to foreclosure, but would like to get out of debt, and reach a place where i no longer need to worry about not having enough $, and be able to be so BLESSED that I TOO CAN NOW BE A BLESSING to family and others just like you Anthony! You know, that
    many of the above comments are stating that one has to create a website and continually pay on this. I’m sorry but your advertising is stating that there’s no need for one to be computer savvy, no need now for website building, no need to sell products or anything to make $$$$ money using the internet. Above comments are stating differently, which is it!
    Anthony as you stated before, “it’s being educated and having the knowledge”, well I believe my new iPad would assist me in getting this, and thank you so much in advance for it and for my continual growth. Ofilia

  291. Larry reynolds

    Anthony; I would like to learn more about marketing. I read everything I can and try to apply it but for some reason I get lost in the middle each time I try. Somehow I need a better Way to
    Organize and implement this information.
    Thank you for all your assistance.
    Larry Reynolds

  292. Mark Campbell

    Hi Anthony, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share with you what is very important to me. I am 52 years old and i have been disabled since 2005 and what i really need is to learn all the nuts and bolts of Internet marketing. I need for someone to hold me by the hand and help me learn everything and learn how to do it right. I have been trying so hard and for so long know i am to the point of depression. Also i have almost given up hundreds of times, but i am a very proud son of a World War II Veteran and even though i lost my father at a farley young age, he taught me to never, ever give up. Also I try and try and i cant get anyone to take a little time out of there lives to help me and teach me how to make a living on the Internet. Moreover I cant put into words how very important this is to my entire family and for myself. Next, i also do believe in giving back and i have done that most of my life. I have always found it to be more satisfying to give than receive. So i can promise you the minute i start making money online, i am going to help others who are disabled and hopefully make there life better to. Lastly, thank you so much again Anthony, sincerely Mark Campbell.

  293. Mark

    Thanks, Anthony, for putting your heart and soul into helping others. Most valuable quality. For the most part i need some motivation, i am doing the PMI course right now but have stopped to take care of some issues. I hope to restart as soon as possible. I am looking to me this business mine and to reach the goals that i set in the PMI module, with your help of course.

    Thanks again!


  294. ROSALIE

    I want to learn what I need to know to make it all come together and make
    the sales I need to keep going. I am still learning but I still lack something to generate conversions. I can not put my finger on the missing link. It sometimes becomes very confusing going from one idea to another. I am willing and able to learn just need lots of support. Thanks so much!

  295. mark ortman

    I want to learn internet markrting, like affiliate markrting, where you don’t need to sell make and sell your own products.

    Thank you for your motivation. I have paid my $1 for access to those courses, like in the webinar and will see what I can do,

  296. Deborah Barton

    I want to learn an become a motivated and successful entrepreneur.

    And Anthony, I am sure I will learn alot just had computer repaired and now I am able to go back and catch up on the last 12 weeks of your program

  297. Mady Buddington

    Your support is the most generous I’ve ever encountered. I personally like your “white board explanations”. They relate best to me with prior non-web marketing experience. I’m having a problem staying focused.

  298. Lisa Blackford

    I am having problems with motivation and being a successful entrepenur. My problems with following the instructions in the DVD’s that I brought home from the seminar along with my notes tend to frusrtate me. That is because I feel like an idiot that I can not get the process to work for me. I also have to get up to commute a long distance and then a really bad commute home through downtown bumper to bumper traffic which causes me to get home when I am totally burned out and exhausted.
    I am trying really hard to have the energy and participate in webinars, reading the blogs, and reviewing the DVD’s from the seminar. This week I even left work early because I had signed up for the webinar and still was late and could not get on by the time I got home and went to sign onto it. I just need to find a way to be motivated when you have no energy & you are frustrated because you have been so unsuccessful at tryinig to implement something that you know is not complicated. You attend seminars and know all of the others around you can do this and are successful at it, so why aren’t you? Instead, you are commuting to a new job after being on unemployment a long time which is a job you really do not lke and killing yoursefl with the commute and long hours that it makes it hard to stay motivated and learn how to be an entrepenuer. I would like to learn how to be motivated & how to be a successful entrepemeur

  299. Brad Ansberry

    I have purchased ur books read them and still dont get just wanted to have fun and hopefully make a PROFIT i am giving up wish i could have done it there is a way and i thought it would have been your books that would have got me hear thank yout

  300. frank young

    I would like to know what it takes to become a better marketer and as a inventer, how to promote my inventions to the right people.I have a lot of inventions but do not have the resorces to promote them. I would not dare to talk to the wrong people and have my product out before I get a chance to make money.

  301. Sharon

    Anthony, I want to know more about advertising online, without spending a lot of money. I want to know more about your specific marketing techniques, the nuts and bolts of your routine. So that I could have an income. Thank you.

  302. Barbara

    Hi, Anthony,

    I have a strong technical marketing background, am creative and organized. At this time, I’m finally finding some success in selling toys online. Since Amazon is shipping most of my orders, I have the time and desire to be a successful affiliate with you. But, I feel like a lot of the others who want the steps to really get started.

    Thank you for all you do…

  303. Bob Ouellette

    Hey Anthony, First off I appreciate your sincerity in WANTING to help! My biggest problem is I get off and running with a sevice or a product and when it starts to fail I run for the hills (so to speak). I am motivated I just need the stick to it drive. I appreciate you programs and I know more of your personal struggles and downfalls will help inspire me to stick with it. I don’t want to work the JOB (just over broke) I want to build a secure retirement and leave a legacy for my son and daughter and their families! Thanks again!

  304. Muriel

    I want to learn everything! I’m really good @ sales however, I’m not really proficient on the computer. I’m one of those people that I can read music, I understand the notes however, I need to hear the music first and then I can play it on my clarinet. I don’t know if this is the type of feedback you need but here it is!

  305. Me

    I just want to succeed! I’m interested in the marketing aspect but also I want to learn about being an enterpreneur. I have all of these ideas in my head but don’t know where or how to put it altogether so that I can successfully market those ideas. I’ve read your books but it’s like a foreign language because I’m not a
    “geek” like some of my friends are. It’s not coming together although I have learned a tremendous amount of new knowledge reading your books and watching your blogs. I am willing to learn but it’s trying to have everything make sense.

  306. Bhavin

    HI Anthony you are the best person I admire you have change my life an get some more DVD you are talk about make money thank friend



  308. Alisa Bhudan

    I want to learn more about being an entrepreneur, I’m not quite sure how to know whats the best thing to use for my business or what people will want. And how to get myself to remain motivated in whatever I choose to do.

  309. Deb Herber

    I would be interested in a session on how to work smarter (instead of harder)! And I would be interested in something geared to keeping organized as an Affilate Marketer. Keeping track of the baby steps gets a little complicated for me… would help me a lot to hear some tips from someone with more experience on what actually works (and helps motivate!)
    Thanks Anthony….sure appreciate ALL that you do for us!

    Deb πŸ™‚

  310. Kazuko Finney

    Hi, Anthony,

    Thank you for providing us with such insightful and useful information.
    I have just started setting up the internet marketing process with
    PMI help. It involves a pretty complicated system for the person
    who does not have any knowledge about the internet marketing
    business. So I would like to learn all about the three areas of
    interest, to be a successful entrepreneur, grreat marketing and
    high motivation.
    Thanks, Kazuko

  311. William Angel

    I want to learn how to split test my campaign & pick the one that get results with conversions that pay. Education is what I need to become successful.

  312. Sheila Aleshire


    I would like to see you share a work at home daily campaign model. I find that as there are many aspects to each campaign, I often spin around what is the most important or the best sequential order to plan the work.

  313. Steve Le Baron

    Good morning Anthony,
    You constantly come through. This is my second email on feed back on what I’d like to learn. I DON’T get the market on how, when, where and who with affiliate marketing of your ‘s and your brother Adrians promotions. I have many different social network sources…I’ve built many web sites, my self…BUT just can’t get them producing sales…Travel / Diet / Mobile / Dating / Internet Income from Home and few others….would like YOUR help! I like your CPV and the “Plenty of Fish”
    THANX so much for ALL your education, seminars and just being a good person.

  314. Tom Maggio

    I am most interested in learning everything on marketing on the internet, promoting my websites that I create. I have several web site, but just don’t seem to be getting hits and/or closing sales

  315. Audrey Williams

    I just want to learn the concepts how to actually do internet marketing by put out the ads. I am following you since 2009. I never really didn’t what i got and the importance of affiliate marketing. Now that i am attend the classes and training, i am very serious to learn this business. Thank u for your time. I am following you and Adrian. I just want to get it done. Sometimes the money is not available to invest but i still need to know the how.

  316. Frances Robinson

    I’m new and just starting out. There seems to be so much info that it gets confusing at times. I need to learn to do this . so yes motivation is important but but i would say learning how to write ads online to earn commissions is important when starting. Learning how to write strong ads to get ahead. Its kinda like david wilkinson states above ….. i just need to know what to do to succeed. How do you know where to start. There is so much info and how do you know where to begin. especially if you are not a pc wiz. How do you know what works and doesnt work so you dont waste alot of time. And money is something i dont have to waste. I am trying to get ahead not go broke. so yes please help me .



  318. John

    Anthony, I enjoy your videos and books,because they do motivate me in the right direction. In fact I started this from those two sources. What would help me right now is learning techniques in climbing the ladder with a low budget in the quickest amount of time.

  319. Robert Karney

    The more data I know about advertizing and the ability to gain traffic that better I will feel and do. I know you know all the trick of the trade and have very successfully. I also know it does not come over nigh and you have to work at if and I am going thru the classes your tapes to obtain all the steps. I am motative and know that data you have provided works. I just need to continue down that path. Bob

  320. Laurie Johnson

    I would like more on the nuts and bolts of how to do the advertising.

  321. Fred E. Thompson Jr.

    Hello Anthony

    One of my greatest weak points is where too look and how to choose most likely products to make me money on line. If you have some answers that wont cost me money to use that would be of tremendous help.
    Fred Thompson

  322. Consuela Williams

    I have always been interested in making money from which allows me to earn extra money and maintain my necessity to spend more time at home. I am really interested in learning good advertising strategies to maximize my wage earning potential. I want to make my website work for me in the most cost effective way. I look forward to your blogs! Thanks for giving me this opprtunity to be my own boss!!!

  323. Donna Frasier

    I am like many others, not sure if I am doing the marketing process right, and getting credit for drawing people to those sights. I am trying at the same time, to promote and build a business in my area. I do not have a website, just a facebook page. I kind of need the 1.2.3. steps as well, especially for the API Keys, hop ads, etc.
    (although I see the hop ads on the sight I used are being retired.)
    Don’t think I am set up correctly. Have 2 or your dvd’s and 2 books–haven’t really helped me when I get down to putting it all together.


  324. Cindy Moreno

    Hi Anthony! First I want to say thank you a million times for your willingness to share all of your priceless knowledge and entrepreneural spirit with the likes of me! I know that I will never be truly successful in life wasting all of my time, intelligence and talents working for somebody else. I know I have what it takes to succeed – I just previously lacked the tools. Now, with your income education program, I know I can! I recently acquired a liquidation website, and now I would like your invaluable advice and tips on how to offer my service to the world via the internet. Thank you so much again, and may God bless you for all the good that you are giving back to this world of ours!

  325. Donnie Henry

    More white board training on affiliate marketing, ads, and general tools to do so. Resources would be helpful.

  326. Kathy Giambrone

    Good day,

    Looking at marketing, entrepreneur or motivation. The most important to me would have to be motivation. If I am truly motivated, I will be able to dig deeper into marketing and how to become an highly successful entrepreneur .
    I believe it all starts with how much desire you have. Then comes the motivation following other good points. I look around and see other entrepreneurs that have made their dreams come true, with that said, trying to stay motivated to become all you can be is number one.

  327. Linda

    I would appreciate your input on how to stay focused and organized during the day to be able to schedule times to go through the steps in creating an affiliate business. Even better yet would be a how-to webinar walking through the steps. Thank you.

  328. Robert Lewis

    I need to learn the nuts and bolts of affiliate marketing. I am stuck. I have to pick a product that I want to market and I am spending so much time viewing products on click bank and cannot seem to make a decision. I really need to be motivated, that is number one. I need to think of something to motivate me other than money.

  329. Jennifer Howze

    I want to learn how to do advertising via affiliate marketing.and also how to apply my already acquired marketing skillls to become successful as an entrepreneur.

  330. Philippe Z. NKIER

    Thank you Anthony I would like to learn how to do marketing and be successful in internet marketing thank you

  331. Ramiro

    I am very interested in the marketing strategies that you teach us. I find thses the most helpful in my businesses. I have learned so much that I didn’t know. I have used some of the simples techniques and they have made a big difference. Thank you for sharing with us!

  332. Shirley Miller-Gore

    Still waiting to create a website. I have no knowledge on how t create it.
    I could sure use some HAELP. I want to be a part of the business on line.

  333. terry

    i want to know what you did to get started what really got your boost and how u set up your web site thanku terry

  334. Reba B.

    I found it more thrilling to watch you going to peoples homes and giving one on one instruction.I think a one day seminar with training there with every one taking their lap top and doing what you do while watching on a big screen.Able to copy and make money while they are there.I think that would really give a lot of people a lot of motivation.

  335. Hamada Eldeeb

    i want to learn how to us the web to my advantage and gain life changing information in order to make a differance in my personal life and in the life of thought around me.

    thank you AKA ( Mada)

  336. Mark Roth

    I want to use the information I learned at your seminar 2 months ago but have procrastinated and now I find Wolf Storm is no longer working with your students. I need to get on track and make this happen for me and my family. Can you help with that first step, that jump off the cliff you might say to get the ball rolling.

  337. Jeremiah Afong

    Hi Anthony,

    I would like to learn the nut and bolt on ADVERTISING and MARKETING strategy. Making money on the internet is great motivator and if we don’t know how to advertise or market a niche,then we are wasting our time and money.

  338. Sergio r

    First I will like to thank you for all of your help and pointers it has help your program is great and you have guided me every step of the way I will like to know more about affiliate marketing I really don’t understand yet how it will works thank u again for all the ideas

  339. John Trybus

    I have the motivation.
    i have the general and somewhat specific knowledge you have provided
    WHAT I NEED is nuts and bolts under-the-hood detail information that answers all those niggleing little technical questions that keep coming up with every step I take!

  340. Jim Hannum

    I’m one that is looking for the Nuts and Bolts you have me completly motived and always looking for things to make it work.
    Do to the magor storm here on the east coast I missed #119
    thank you

  341. Joe Bosch

    I see I’m not alone. A lot of us need to be able to get traffic to our website(s). The best site in the galaxy is utterly useless if nobody visits it.

    Good job, as usual.

    I see you too are a member of the SPCTTA. The society for the prevention of coat, tie, and trouser agony…

    Joe, a charter member.

  342. Titi Ibrahim

    Thank you Anthony. If you are looking for somebody that is highly addicted to listening to your videos and interested in this business, that will be me. But then, The question remains do I quit my job now so I can really focus; I do not have a website yet, I have about five items to listen to, to finish my homework then I can get my website. what I need now is motivation and how to start apply the basics. I can not wait to fully see myself doing this even, if I do not win the gift Anthony, that will not be as important as getting the motivation that I need for the head start.

  343. Jan Mikaelsson

    I thoroughly enjoy your Success Connection and all the advice you give. You are a unique individual. I would like to learn more about the “How to get started” and get the momentum going. It seems like I have not yet grasped the concept of utilizing the Internet for advertising and what is needed to advertise on the Internet. Kind regards. Jan

  344. Dannie Riedl

    Once I have a product how do I promote it to get the maxium response? With maxium sales.

  345. Kelly Byers

    I just got done the weekend with your brother Adrian. Booked the 3 days to come down and meet our mentor and get more traiing hands on. But it can not happen soon enough (do not come down unitl Sept 10th). I want to take this education and run with it. the sky is the limit.

  346. Robin Smith

    I would like to learn the nuts and bolts of the business. I need to learn from A to Z, Hands on application. I appreciate all you help. God bless you and your Family.

    Thank you kindly,

  347. Gerald Smauldon

    I need advertising the intricies of how to do it from writing an ad to posting.

  348. Angie Monroe

    I think there is a fine line when shifting into this type of market, between taking time to learn and taking time to implement. The process of learning is of great importance, but the implementation is where the ROI comes from. I tend to use a kitchen timer that helps me block out my time through out the day. But I am interested in other ways or proper ratios for divind up your R&D time to your Marketing time, to your ROI time.

  349. Claudia Wade

    I want to know the specifics on making a campaign. I have been in for several months and just don’t get how to actually do this. Yes, I am not very computer literate, so I need to be told step by step and the basics.

  350. Dimitar

    It’s very interesting communication in internet can change the way of communicating.Some People try this……..but i am only fan of this what you do Anthony.I think if i can,and spend time here in internet and if i chose this to do,i can bring something fresh,just as conversation program website with products,bying is not effective if we are not commitment with our client.
    I want to meet man or girl with which i can do this website ,because in my country there are too much byers but not so much interactive connections.
    My wish is to do something fresh,no commercial ….Or i THink we need some website,here in my country,but Who will do it.If nobody and if i have time .i will do something as communicating service website,not only for meeting.

  351. Anne Martin Bell

    Dear Anthony:

    How can I become a Motivational-Entrepreneur with excellent Marketing skills like you? Why, I think more of your stories of how you became successful by elaborating on step-by-step instructions on what you did to get there!

    I believe in you so much!

    -Anne Martin Bell

  352. Carrie Smith

    How to earn the money I need to actually get started with a website. I am disabled and am on a limited budget and have not been able to get the money together to even get started.

  353. Cassandra Shelby

    For right now, I need lots of motivation! Every time I think I’m gonna get started with posting my websites, something else comes along and then I don’t have the money for it. I’m on a tight budget and I want to make this happen. Your program seems to be the only one that is straight up, honest and helpful. So please help me! I’m ready!

  354. terry wesley

    I’d like to learn to be more motivated with a better understanding for the business side things .

  355. Mary Duff

    Hi Anthony
    I have only been trying to work from home for about 9 months now and when I started looking online for a program to use I first came accross a program that made me skeptical but intrigued so I bought it and as you can guess it was so hard to understand and follow I got frustrated and said this ones not for me, so I went looking again and found your program your video stuck in my head for several days though before I really said theres somehing about it that made me get it. I was hoping it was going to be the one, guess what it was you showed me so much with your trainings and videos and webinars that really taught me step by step and what I would like is more step by step teaching from you. The weekly training kept me focused and help me stay on track. now that that training is over I find I want more. You recommend great other products that compliment yours and that means a lot to me so I am not wasting money on junk and I listen to your recommendations. I am not making any money yet but have learned a lot. Education is as important as making money to me. With it I will start making the money, so teach me more please.

  356. David

    How to put affiliates on my site and to monetize my site so that perhaps to earn some money from it or give it up!

  357. Vernon Magnus

    I need to become much more successful in advertising yo buildbusiness

  358. Sally Miksch

    Thanks Anthony for sharing your success stories and showing how to be successful like you. Keep us informed of new ways to expand options. Thanks
    Sally & Bill

  359. PK

    My dilemna in earning online income is sporadic cash flow. I have the vehicle setup for my offers but I continually run out of fuel (cashflow). I send it down the road but too soon it runs out of fuel for promotions/campaigns and I find myself hitchhiking back to work for more fuel (cash for promotions/campaigns). How can I get this vehicle (internet marketing) in synch with the cash flow (fuel)?

    Thanks for your dedication to our success! This is the best community of educators I’ve encountered on the ‘Net.

    May your blessings multiply back to you,
    PK Smith

    P.S. I commented before now in a similar nature but it didn’t make it on your roster of comments???

  360. Pamela Miller

    Hi Anthony. I wish you could supply me with a lot more motivation and motivational techniques. I also am the type of person that needs a lot of support and “hand holding” getting started…and then watch me take off! I’ve been following you for a long time now, but due to one thing after another, have not been able to “really get going.” I really want to do that now!! Can you help?

  361. Thomas Elam

    I’ve been struggling with this for a year. I took off for months and went back to California on a construction job only to get home and find I had nothing saved. I corrected the problem and now I am starting a new job this month with the hopes that it is only 5 days a week so I can make internet marketing work. I’m very interested in how to market with the correct avertising tips from you and Adrian. I’m getting impressions and started getting clicks this week. Thanks for all the advice.

  362. Donna S

    Your teaching using a whiteboard is the best:) Most of us are visual learners. Anthony, You ROCK! Thank you is hardly enough for all that you provide to us who are ready to pounce on to implement your teachings! Please keep on keeping on.

  363. Adrian Mulloy

    I need the big motivated push. I have seen you on TV and web for years and Im just looking for that right information to get me started on my own success. I basically think you could bring me to the point in my life that I need to be at. I want to be my own boss!

  364. Jaime Marquez

    I need it all! I would love a refresher of all! I get your emails all the time and and they are awesome of course! Some of us have strayed (like myself) and need a good refresher from square one! I love what you do and set a great example! Everything you go over is valuable and looking forward to more more more!


  365. Elizabeth Holiday

    I have a strong desire to do the business because I believe in it. I need more training on how to set up a marketing website. Thanks for introducing this opportunity to me. I’m very excited.


  366. Mark Arthur

    I purchased your program almost three years ago, and still have yet to start marketing. I’ve actually created websites for this purpose, but just haven’t figured out how to market products to niches in a way that would pull in decent amounts of conversion traffic. I feel this is my biggest hold up when it comes to internet marketing. There are a lot of great products out there, but just trying to find the best marketing techniques and creating copy that is appealing to customers is not always easy. Thank you & Adrian for all of your motivation & and the wisdom you provide all of us who are learning how to market on the internet.

  367. FRANCI

    “Sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage…just twenty seconds of embarrassing bravery… and I promise you something great will come of it.” ~(We Bought a Zoo) …..”

  368. levi singer

    Anthony, Good morning to you and the Morrison family. I really need to believe in my self again. I need to be confident that I know enough. Hearing from you about what you do and how you do it helps us so much please continue in that vain.

    With great respect,

  369. John Antaya

    With all the information being received I’m not sure on how to separate everything in order to keep pushing forward. I feel that I know what to do only how do I do what I know? Could this be what is called information overload?


  370. Connie Craig

    Nuts and bolts of advertising is good. I would also like information on how to design and build websites.

  371. Bobby Williams

    Thank you. sounds great! look forward to taking action. Sounds like a winner!

  372. Michelle

    Marketing will be my weakest point. Need to learn more so I can move forward. Thanks!!

  373. Jose

    I will like to have my own bussiness at home. Start walking before running. No money to invest right now

  374. mark

    I would like to see specific examples of the work product that you are teaching. If you are teaching about blogging, then give examples of blog posts. If you are referring to web site design, give the URLs of example web sites to illustrate your point. Also tie in the bigger picture as to how the lesson fits into the bigger picture. You might want to start with the big picture with all of the elements that make affiliate marketing work, then have a lesson on each element.

  375. Richard

    Hey Anthony,

    Thanks for being my mentor. Can you teach me how to get more new leads and customers? Thanks a million.

  376. manny soto jr

    When I was young child wanting to learn how to ride a bike. I didn’t read books about it, I didn’t watch videos and I didn’t go a seminar. I learned by getting on my bike every single day, I fell several times and bruised a rib, scrap my hands and knees but I got back on and got better each time. It how I feel about internet marketing, I know financial freedom can be achieved, but I’m currently getting scraps and bruises as I haven’t made any income from it yet. I want to get to the point where I can ride this bike with no hangs. To achieve that takes two things, knowledge and action.

  377. Anthony Walton

    I want to learn from scratch on how to promote products to make a living and support my family. I’d like to be able to take what i’m taught and be able to show other’s that really have a need. People that are shut in and need meds and the ones out of work.

  378. Tracy Barber

    You have definitely given me the motivation and the confidence to move ahead. As Zig Ziglar said: Confidence is going after Moby Dick in a rowboat and taking tartar sauce with you. I now need the tartar sauce. Thanks

  379. Robert Hart

    Dear Mr Morrison
    I have had you website for two years and still have not made any money so i need you to teach me ah lot more so i can be scessifull . Thank you for all your teaching

  380. Jana

    I am very interested in all three areas. I’ve gotten started with some CPA and CPV advertising as well as Facebook and Google ads. I’m working on setting up a new website/blog that we’d eventually like to use as an entry into an e-commerce business in the golf industry.
    I’ve attended your training and am on almost every coaching call. Keep the information coming – just give us a good blend of entreprneurship, motivation and the down and dirty on internet marketing. Thanks for all your efforts to help others.

  381. Clint

    I would love training on where to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to advertising. Is it Facebook, Google AdWords…where have you had the most success and where will a “newbe” be most advantages to direct his or her limited funds to get the most conversions?

  382. cory groom

    Hi i love this on how to make money online but i wanna make more and learn more. I’m in a network marketing company called Vemma and absolutely love the fact i make money while i sleep and get to hang out with friends. I don’t have to listen to someone tell me what to do. Bob Proctor told me in his book and books the only way to have rich success is to have multiple incomes and that’s why i jumped on board to amazing online money. Have you Anthony as someone we can look up to is so awesome. Its like what they say, “do what they do, say what they say, and get what they have.” So in all other words i wanna boom my online marketing skills.

  383. ebuka

    I want to learn how to market my website and get more traffic. I also, want to learn how to be a better entreprenure. I would also want to learn how earn more success in the online community. Thank you

  384. Miguel Marrero

    Procrastination all I call say I resemble that remark. Like a lot of people out there tomorrow come and tomorrow goes and you still don’t get started. I feel that once you overcome this word procrastination you can move on to time management, creating a plan and executing it, and once you start seeing results (money) you can become highly motivated and stay motivated. Of course all of the above go hand in hand to be successful but you have to take action and stop procrastinating. My issues are still that sometimes I fall back into my old habits of procrastinating and not managing my time at that point I check myself or I get checked by my wife .Bad habits are made to be broken. And remember β€œIf you fail to plan then you plan to fail” Thx. Miguel M.

  385. Roberta Guerra

    I need to learn how to stick with one system and work it. I am one of those always jumping from one system to another and just spinning my wheels.
    I get so many emails in my inbox with the latest and greatest that it becomes hard to stick with one system when I am not making any money.

  386. Theo

    I would like to learn about Mobile Marketing in regards to my Affiliate Marketing campaign.

  387. Karin Altankov

    That is such a hard question to answer. I would want all three, but since we have to choose I take motivation first, then marketing and lastly entrepreneurship. Motivation because I am a procrastinator, it takes me forever to get going. I am also kind of afraid of success and what it brings.
    Marketing, because when I’m listening to you, it all makes sense and doesn’t seem hard at all, but when I sit down to implement it, I get lost.

    Thank you Anthony for all that you are giving. I appreciate everything, but what I am grateful for the most, is that feeling you seem to transfer, which is “you can do it too!”.

  388. alaskajack


    I really would like to have your new ePad…My comments begin with: Yes, bringing back the White Board lessons would be very beneficial to us to see how you are doing your marketing advertisements.

    How do you rank well in the Search Engines and get back links to your websites from high page rate websites that use anchor text in those Links?

    What is a great way to quickly receive high quality back links using the anchor text for the keywords we want to rank for?

    How do you “Spin” articles to get 10-20 versions of each article?

    Thank you for your help and assistance and keeping us motivated,


  389. Connie Kauffman

    I really need marketing – I am really motivated but this internet marketing is really new. Thanks

  390. Larry Silver

    Anthony…I am needing your referral on EWA. Can you provide that? I am an NYU grad with lots of business and entrepreneurial experience. I am interested in making money through what you taught at your free seminar. Thanks…Larry

  391. carina

    I think I need the 3.
    In the first place I need definitely about strategies of how to advertise, but also I really need to understand how to be an entrepreneur. How to make this a biz instead of a job. Now, I am personally going through a lot of stuff, more than just money issues, so yes motivation is also important to me.

  392. Mike Gaspard

    Hey Anthony,

    I would like to learn how learn more of what it takes to be a successful
    entrepenuer and the latest traffic strategies that you are currently using. Not only how to get traffic but how to get the right traffic. As most of us have experienced not all traffic is created equal. Also how to get traffic that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Thanks.

    Always enjoy your weekly video blog.

  393. Cheri Huckaba

    I would like to start doing this but I have little or no income right now and have been sick so I am trying to find something to do at home that I will be able to do at home and still be able to go to the doctor and work, I have just recently had to take a LOA from my job which is a work at home position because I can’t do the work that is required of me, I would love to learn how to do this and succeed.

  394. ScottD

    Hi Anthony
    Definitely marketing & advertising with some motivation thrown in the mix. I think many of us have the drive and dertermination (at least initially) – but sometimes when things don’t seem to happen as quickly as we think they should we get a bit discouraged. And then we question if this really works for us.

    Continual skill building on the nuts and bolts of marketing and advertising, on small, bite- sized, anyone-can-do-it projects, I believe will increase the confidence level which will carry more of us over the goal line. Thanks! And IncomeEDU rocks!

  395. Mike Meltz

    Hey Anthony, I just think I saw my daughter’s comment on this page. Why that smart kid of mine knows how good your system is. I am proud. Any how I want to stay on the cutting edge of daily changes in life. My computer I just bought yesterday is most likely of of date today. But you are not. I stay close to you and we both succeed. You are the cutting edge of my being an entrepreneur and with your help I can succeed to be now not then. Let us work together these next 3 days at the training class in Milwaukee,WI. Thanks again. Mike

  396. Carolyn Helton


    I want to know more about the nuts and bolts of marketing and setting up a
    website….but I would like it in SIMPLE terms. I am a senior citizen and everyone knows you cannot live on social security alone…that’s a given…

  397. Carolyn Helton

    I want to know more about the nuts and bolts of marketing and setting up a website…but I would like it in SIMPLE terms. I am a senior citizen and everyone knows you cannot live on social security along…that a given…

  398. Beverley Gallimore

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you for continuing to share with me and request my feedback. In exploring all that the Internet has to offer and trying to figure out the best way for me to make the income I need to supplement what I now have, I came to the conclusion that instead of pursuing entrepreneurship, I will work from the other direction. I am a pretty good writer so I am going to pursuing copywriting instead. But I will need to continue listening to what entrepreneurs are doing in order to serve them with lead pages and information for web sites, etc. I will continue to be one of your fans and accept your gracious mentorship as critical to my goal. I hope to hone my copywriting skills before launching out in that arena and expect it to take at least the rest of this month to get some training in place. Wish me luck! Beverley G.

  399. Loyce McVay

    I need you to use the “white board” to show me step-by-step how you choose the BEST products to promote. I need tips especially with DirectCPV!
    I am getting lots of “views” with no conversions.
    I’m going to watch some of the previous blogs to look for tips also.
    I would love to have your ePad!!! Thanks again for all you do.

  400. Barbara moore

    Anthony i thank you for all your help and been there for me i have being with you for 3 year and a half now and i have learner so much from you and i thank god for you and i thank god you are in my life the training and books helpme every day

  401. Cheryl

    I have bought several of your books and a couple of your programs but can’t decide what website to start with. So I guess I need some 1,2,3,etc steps to get me going. Thanks,

  402. carol

    I dont have a web site yet but what I want to learn is all that you have to offer . I have done some form of avertising for alot of years but the internet is different. I need to know how to bring the internet to life for me. I want to be able to put my grandchildern thru school and teach them the values of life .

  403. Herbert

    What will help me most is step by step instructions on doing actual advertising online. Such as, from the time you pick your domain name to the actual posting of the website and generating traffic. You have a great program and I am always learning something new each time I visit your websites. Thank you so much.

  404. Betty Bumbray

    I have read all of the comments and can relate to them all. I need direction as to getting started after reviewing the cds .A simply cd or webinar with step by step instructions on doing your first ad would be a great help for me. The initial ad is the hardest to implement. Even if I am not selected for the epad please consider my thought to help us all who are new at this. Thank you Anthony for all your support!!!

  405. Olavo Multini

    Hi , Anthonny
    My focus is how can I learned to sell my painting and digital arts. I’m former art director criative in adds by I sold for others but nothing for me is to hard.How can you help me, please.
    I have two girls on colleges , in this days I can’t to to pay my bills it is struggle.
    Above is my website.
    Thanks for your Attention
    Olavo Multini

  406. Megan Krekorian

    It would be nice to see some sample blue prints or game plans to get a business going. General ideas of how to get started small and grow. I think that many people feel overwhelmed so they have a hard time just getting started. They are not sure where to take the first step. This has always been the hardest part for me, knowing which parts to focus on first. The motivation is there, but as with most people who have limited time and resources, the first couple steps are the hardest as “scarcity” is still a very real thing.

  407. Donald

    I’m looking to learn more about Advertising online. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.

  408. Malinda R

    Anthony, I want to learn both entrepreneurship and how to do marketing. I need to regain my motivation…..when I purchased your program, there was a problem with the download link. You guys fixed that but not before I had to return to the overwhelming workload at my job. Now I am just lost and don’t know exactly where to start…..Help.

  409. darlene mckean

    Thanks again for being aware of your students.
    I would like to learn affilate marketing and finding the perfect niche.
    best regards,

  410. Evelyn Pechart

    I really need all three since I am brand new to affiliate marketing. Marketing is my biggest need. I am already motivated. I have learned a lot in the past week but am so far from jumping in to the game.

  411. Ethel Maharag

    Anthony, I am an entrepreneur and very motivated. Being old enough to be your mom I am a bit behind the eight ball with technology,yet I do everything I can to learn. I am lacking in the marketing piece. I can market the heck out of someone else, but I have not done so well with me. It’s time!
    Ethel M (the other one)

  412. Christine Berry

    I desire to learn online marketing to become a successful entrepreneur and a stay at home mom. With this unsure economy, I don’t really have security with a 9-5 job. I strongly believe that more and more people are beginning to realize that and online marketing is the way to go. My son’s first years are crucial for me to be a part of and with an online marketing career I can be there for him. The knowledge that I absorb from Anthony Morrison is phenomenal. And I am grateful for this opportunity. Thank you.

  413. Fernando Inigo

    Hi Anthony. I just bought you Social Ads and i am still waiting on it. Its a blessing that someone like yourself would help out families and poeple would have just the worst luck with anything, to have a income. The thing i geuss I would like to learn more about is how can i make it in Soical Media, to be an Entrepreneur. I am so tried of telling my 3 kids they cant have this or that because of no income or “I need to pay bills”, or there is no food. I really want my family to make it I want a better life for Ohana, Im really excited about your product I cant wait to get it in my hand and really apply it, I really dont care about the epad I just want to give my family a better life, my family means everything to me. I think with your help I can succeed.

    God Bless & Aloha & Mahalo

    The Inigo Ohana

  414. Sharon Brickley

    Would really appreciate some one on one with one of you or a staff members to get through some of the little (small detailed) information needed to get further on my website.
    Thanks. Would really appreciate a reply.

  415. Markeyetta Sherman

    Hi Anthony, I just want to say thank you so much for letting everyone, including myself, in on what you learned and experienced about being an entrepreneur. It really means a lot to me. The questions I have to ask are what does it take to be an entrepreneur, and is it hard sometimes to be an entrepreneur?

  416. Rita Hardin

    I have just signed on to this – I hope to learn all aspects of marketing and advertising. Hopefully to change by prospective for making a living by having fun doing it. I need a change and money making motivation since losing my job last year. I need a new prospective and motivation – possibility of new life style.

  417. Domer Kilgore

    Great Success Connection. It would be reat to have training on how to accomplish the tasks that is involved in setting up and using different programs we use with your marketing programs

  418. Bill Naff

    Actually..a little of each topic….Entrepreneurship/Motivation/Advertising!
    Since each topic seems to work off the other…but Motivation seems to be the strongest glue that puts the pieces together!

  419. Russell Bearinger Jr

    Hey Anthony. I not only want but need to learn more about advertising. When I started this journey to financial freedom I was unaware of the massive amounts of info about how to do it. I’ve learned so much so far.still feel like I’m on the edge of making that connection. Google is Really hard to Run adds on Need help!
    Really !!
    a ePad Great , Put me in too!


  420. Lynn Zimmerman

    WOW Anthony,

    I went from knowing nothing, to now understanding so so very much thanks! I’m not going to say that i have learned everything there is to learn about on line business, each and every week you teach more and more Thanks. glad you are here with me though my learning process

  421. Basilio B

    I think a step by step guide for beginners is a good idea. I believe in the system of internet marketing & advertisement. But I don’t really know how to get started.

  422. Ron C

    I would like to learn how to market ebooks, etc. using websites I create, & the proper advetising that goes with it..

  423. Joy Wright

    My site, URL as above, and under the name HomeHarmonyNiche on social media needs traffic. I believe I have to make it easier for the people I do have, (700-2000 per day – closer to 700 right now) to buy. I think I need tables for my products (Amazon & other advertisers; affiliate only). I also need to know the most effective way to get traffic. I am beginning a mailing list through IContact and have autoresponders, mailings, segments.
    Mainly now I need site reorganization (slightly) and traffic. I have the following pages: home.html, about_us_books.html, kitchenfunlinks.html, seasonal_gifts.html, and golfshopfun.html. Home page has Music to Make your Home Complete, indoor and outdoor articles, colour & seasonal trendings, Book page has meditation, yoga, abundance, books, movies.
    Seasonal has events, wedding products (flowers, chocolates, wine club, etc.Kitchen page has weight & kitchen organization articles & products.


  424. Julie and Carol

    We would like to know more about marketing and what techniques work well to persuade people to even consider the ads we post. We’ve gone through several of your programs and found them to be beneficial but now we feel it is time to get on the internet and start making money, what can you do to help us?

  425. Val Winer

    Hi Anthony,

    I have been watching all of your videos for such a long time now. For your young age, you are doing great. You know so much and know how to teach it. You don’t need a Coaching company (I will keep their name to myself), but your own videos to teach people about your own products. I need more marketing knowledge for sure. Please take my words to heart. They will help you because I am sure I am not the person who feels this way.
    Thank You for everything

  426. Cynthia A. Chisum

    Hi Anthony,

    I’m a clean slate, I need allot of everything. I’m interested in becoming an
    Enterperuer myself not only for my family but for those people who want to better themselves to be more. So I very great full the that you’ re willing to start at the beginning.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Best Wishes

    Cynthia A.Chisum

  427. David Wilkinson

    I would also like you yo use the paper backboard when you explain what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. If a miss something or did not understand something you said in the blog i can go back to video and watch it over and over until i understand everything that you are trying to convey on a subject. Thank you David [email protected]

  428. Tory Christman

    This may sound corny, but I need easy access to your information and an Ipad would do just that. I feel like you’ve nailed HOW. Thank you for sharing your information, whether *I* win it or not, I’ve already won just by hearing your videos about getting started. Biggest need for me is daily tips on how to turn my 2 million views of my videos into something marketable. Tricky, but my guess is YOU would know how. πŸ™‚ (My site is ToryMagoo44 on YT). Love and thanks πŸ™‚ Tory

  429. Dave

    Dear Anthony,
    I really commend You for your resilience in ensuring that we succeed.
    My main interest is to learn how to become a successful entrepreneur and Affiliate Marketer.

  430. Mary Jane Cherry

    Motivation…and simple step by step, uncomplicated how to get started guide. Thank you!

  431. Carol Benner

    My husband & I are very motivated – we are working our way through Andrian’s DVD training and want to make this work for us. We are not very computer savy and need more specific techniques to advertise on-line. Computer know-how that your generation takes for granted is something we have to learn.

  432. Debbie Coody

    I am a flight attendant for a major airline and I am going to retire soon because I have 2 young kids and a mother who needs me here at home. My husband has his own business but I want something of my own to help out because my kids are not even out of school yet. I have been wanting a home based business for quite some time but could not find a trustworthy company. I want to learn all of it and would appreciate all the help you could give me.

  433. Shari

    What is key for me is the “strategy” behind successful marketing. I am motivated. So Anthony, how does one market any product so it reaches out to others?

    Thanks, Shari

  434. Ricardo Turner

    Anthony, I desepartely need a coach. My goal is to come to Madison, Mississippi. I realize without a coach I’m totally lost. Then maybe I can see
    things alot more clearly.

  435. Rosalie

    I left a message last week but could not find it on here. I would like to just learn how to make money without waiting a month or two and spending more than my budget will allow. I have been studying and learning alot but it seems like there are so many different ideas it is so hard to follow one that really starts to generate the dollars. You seem to be the one who really “cares” I am thankful for all the help you are always giving.

  436. Clovis Polk Jr

    Gdafternoon Anthony, yes eye want to learn more about marketing on the internet or internet marketing. Eye have my own music business where eye ‘m the brain behind this company. As a CEO, eye have to spend time creating songs 1. lyrics of songs. 2. composing the vocal tracks and the music tracks. 3. Then work with my vocalist on the songs we are releasing for my company as well as to have major artists to record my songs on their future recording project or cd. Eye feel marketing is the way to go especially internet marketing. Through that idea of yours eye have found several sites that can help my music company to my goals. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Peace: cpjr

  437. tommy pumphrey

    I am so excited that am getting a droppshipper and domain name this week. Slow yes, but still trying. Next is MARKETING. That is a think one of the most important thing in e-commerce and maybe all the rest of Affliate, blogs and etc.

  438. CARA

    I want more motivational content but with a plan for implementing your strategies. In other words, a plan of action a outline to implement.

  439. Randell Jones

    Marketing the right products that are hot to the correct demographic is the main thing I want to learn. I get more motivated when I have some success, which I know will breed more success. I have been in sales for over 30 years and realize you have to work smart, be motivated, and take calculated risks to produce positive results. Right now without any current income, I am being very careful about how I am spending my money which is slowing my progress right now. However, in a few weeks I should have a full time job to provide more income to spend on my campaigns which should help me move forward. I would love the Ipad to help me better manage my internet business. My oldest daughter has one and loves it. Thanks for your time and the class Kaci taught us was excellent. I learned a lot and just need to apply it.

  440. Geri

    Anthony thank you so very much for keeping me in touch, I am turning 60 this year and I am still trying to get the right business to help my family to continue. I have been wanting to find out how to be in the Affiliate Marketing business. I need organizing and more learning in this business. I am in the Fort Walton Beach area and hope to see you this week, I will be there, trying to get more information to do this business right. Thank you for all of your great info. Thanks ever so much. Geri

  441. Raymond Myers

    I am well past retirement age, but have limited means. I also have no experience with creating and maintaining a website. I know you have sent me information as part of joining your team, but what I really need is someone to not only motivate me, but also need someone to “walk me” through the whole website building process.

  442. Gwendolyn Williams

    I am sure that I have a website but I would like to know more about learning how to develop a small start up of entities that would be of interest to most of us. I am truly interested in the broad scope of interest in many of the technologies that are available to us such as: Internet, IPAD, learning on a wide screen, how to place adults in an area that would facilitate their learning. I would truly enjoy this a great deal. Please suggest a focus that I can pay attent in focusing on and doing my best.

  443. Gwendolyn Williams


    Whatever you can suggest, I would be willing to learn. It appears that each time that I get on here, I am usually not successful. Allow me to try again.


  444. Val

    Hello Anthony,

    I would like to learn about the latest advertising techniques and tools in order to ensure reaching the appropriate customers, delivering concise and relevant information/messages about the services that will be rendered and increasing customer loyalty.
    Thank you for your help.

  445. Carl K

    Because you do what you do I salute you!
    A motivated entrepreneur is first and foremost a problem solver.
    I want to now how to make money online abc.
    Or I know nothing so where do I start, and when does it show up in my
    bank. Yes, Anthony back to square one.
    Thanks again, keep chasing the grail!

  446. Linda L.

    Thanks for asking. I’ve bought your book, software and went to a training which was great. But I can’t seem to get into studying on my own. It may be fear of doing the wrong thing or even fear of success. And, once I study and learn the procedures, many times there is a resistance to put them into action. I wonder, if we knew others in our city with the same goals whether we could work together to even study and encourage each other. Wouldn’t that be a switch! Instead of constant self-gratification, learning to help others, and getting helped in the process.

  447. Heidi

    Hi Anthony
    I have listened to many of your seminars attended courses and listened to your blog. I am not a marketer, but really want to implement what you are teaching. What stops me, is just picking ONE thing and implementing it without the fear that it’s going to cost me more money than it’s going to make money for me. I have spent quite a bit of $mullah$ in training, and am scared to “invest” more $$ that it’s not going to be profitable. I really want to know where to “start” and just “go for it”, no looking back, and get really GREAT at it so I don’t even have to think about the investment part of the equation… thanks for all your help

  448. Maude Kovarik

    I wrote you quite a long comment last week. I SINCERELY appreciate all that you and Adrian have taught me. It seems that every time I listen to you I learn something else. I have bits and pieces of all kinds of info from all kinds of internet experiences. I love the technical stuff to fill in those holes. That helps you a lot doesn’t it? More than anything right now I need to get some money for all kinds of reasons. Just want you to know that I would love to be a part of all the learning that I can. Most of all, I appreciate you Morrison brothers. Thanks and God bless.



  450. Steve Gunter

    I really just want to be successful in learning to make money from the internet. Never done it before and never made a penny just need someone to guide me