1. James Ivy

    Hi Anthony the Ad writing sounds great so you saying the subject line and the key word search must match up. Then you just add in your URL link right. I would like to set up some Ad campaigns that would be most effective.

  2. Marcia Brown

    I always love the mini lessons you do on the Success Connection. They are great tips for the everyday routines I do. I needed this reminder especially, because it sounds like I probably get too longwinded in my ads. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Barry North

    I’d like to see more on Solo ad writing so then when I do decide to spend the money and go through something lik DOE and send to more expensive targeted ezines I have the best possible ad written and in place.

  4. Richard G

    Anthony I love listening to u. Are very very intelligent who’s taught me a thing or two about the Internet. Keep up the good work

  5. Bill Shay

    Good presentation. Helpful info, but I would like to know why the credit card offers are not listed in the campaigns on the affiliate network?

  6. walter olchawa

    Oh Wow!! To bring up a an old phrase: KISS (keep it simple stupid) What more can one say…. and you are left handed. See, just a detail, like a key word

  7. Mary

    This was great! Thanks Anthony!

    I was wondering about squeeze pages.

    If we have a website for the product, do we need one?

    Thanks for everything, Mary

  8. Fred

    This video was good. It reinforced some basic ad writing concepts. I would like to recommend some training about landing page copy and design.

  9. josejservin

    anthony. success connection #125:
    ads writing 101 it is very importan to me to learn how .
    to writing ads with good contain i hope you keep on.
    teaching this ads and how to writing a good contain.
    thank you.

  10. Richard J Jones

    Anthony, I never realized it needed to be that simple. I always try to create unique copy that gets attention. I should instead, have realized that my copy would only appeal to a small target audience; and not to the general population who I want to reach. Thank you, sir, for clearingthat up for me.

  11. Diane Garhart

    Anthony, I liked the material discussed, the amount of time it took to deliver (short and sweet), and your smile every once in a while. Thank you for all of the above – Diane Garhart

  12. Rute Radzwich

    I really appreciate every little insight and learning experience with your video.
    Thanks for sharing it… Rute

  13. Dorlyn

    Thanks for the tips on writing an ad. Look forward to next week! have a great weekend.

  14. Robert Flaker

    This was quite obvious to some of us, but many have not even gotta clue, so what you are doing by going back to the basics is quite good. Keep up the good work. It can also act as a reminder to those who do already know.

  15. Sharon Thorne

    This was a very informative and I feel it will help me when writing my adds. I am new at this internet advertising. Good class.
    Thank you Anthony

  16. Bernice J Adams

    I see you are wearing a colts tee-shirt whats up the saints are going to be mad….ha ha

    Great advise about targeting the right person…yes, yes do more like this

  17. Nicole Daniel

    Tthis was short & prpofitable. I am a fallower and student that is dedicated to makiing a 7+ figure income and helping others. Though I dont have any returns yet. Im going to win at this come hell or high water, if it hairlips the govorner!

  18. Kevin

    Thanks Anthony…

    Great video on writing ads. I’ve struggled with the thoughts in my mind on what is the correct way to write an ad. In this video you have shown me an easy way to start writing ads.

    Once again, thank you!

  19. Patricia Di Cioccio

    This ad writing 101 is fantastic. Thank you very much. By the way, you were just in my neighborhood. I’m between The Regis Hotel and Laguna Beach. Glad you had fun.

  20. colleen

    I wish you would do something like this more often. It is very helpful. I would love to get more information on items that would work for a success business. Does it change from day to day?

  21. Sheila Thomas

    This is just what I need. Step by step training. This is all new to me. Show me from start. I am a newbie and have all the software but need direction. Please help and tell Adrian hello too. Maybe I could be one that you visited to get started. I have seen those and that is a wonderful thing.
    Thank you,
    Sheila Thomas

  22. Don Gibson

    This is great Anthony. Can you help us determine what is a successful CTR in a campaign, and how to make it more successful?

  23. Donna Gowen

    Anothony, I am a newbe so any info. is good I haven’t even been to my mentor yet. Still trying to absorb, sometimes is overwhelming but I am trying. Can we go ahead and write a ad before we see our mentor?

  24. Shirley G-K

    Hello Anthony,
    This Success Connection was exactly what I needed. I have been scribbling down pages of ads for the last two hours. I have been doing it the wrong way with way too many details. Going forward I will practice KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid!

    Thanks for the tip and please keep them coming.

  25. CarolAnn Browne

    I am a newby and with limited finances what program or coarse would you recommend to start with. I am retired and am looking to supplment my income. I am just eager to get started, then build from there

  26. Tina Carter

    Awsome instruction on the correct methods for writing ads. I really learned a lot. Please teach more in this manner.

  27. Rosalie Bullington

    The tidbit you gave on Ad Writing was very helpful. These are the little
    things we sometimes get hung up on. Thanks for sharing. Keep them

  28. Rita Rodriguez

    This was refreshing! keep it coming! I’ve been “wading in the water” & am expanding my campaigns. How about listing all the different affiliates companies out there. Variation is a key to success, Lord I’m starting to talk like you! 🙂

  29. Deppie Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    I love the Success Connection. I like the whiteboard and all your tips and advice. All I need is one great ad to get going and how and where to post it. You really inspire me and motivate me every single week on the success connection.
    I am glad you had a great vacation. Welcome back.

    Have a great weekend

  30. Anne

    Can you show some examples of a good affiliate web site? What its should look like. What it needs for conversions. Text or products or both

  31. Debbie Sundholm

    Thank you Anthony for precisely clarifying what a good ad is and why as compared to the wrong way! I like that and appreciate it:)

    Would you go over the SEO of the page content with the link(s) correct way another session?

  32. Katharina Norwood

    thank you for teaching us someting specific. Learning about writing ads is great, I surely need it. Another thing that you could teach us is how to set up a squeeze page.
    I also need to add that you are very nice to give people gifts.
    Have a good day!

  33. tommy pumphrey

    Thanks Anthony, Welcome back to Ms.
    Thanks for the Keywords, Have worked had to set up my site with this.
    Like to know how to build Twitter Followers and the cost for advertising on Facebook in this example sending People to other websites as opposed to my own site.

  34. Luis figueroa

    This is something about you don’t know what you don’t know. Thank you for sharing.

  35. Gary Hoppe

    Nice hints for targeting your market because it is easy to do it wrong and get less CTR to your site or affiliate offer. Thanks!

  36. KATIE


    I like this and it was very helpful and I would like to see more videos like this where you are teaching. You do a really great job and I appreciate the time and effort that you put into helping people learn how to do business on line.

    Thanks and may God continue to bless you!

  37. elwood evans

    Target what & when
    Great Anthony, This is good we all need to keep adding and improving our basic foundations
    Subject Line: Students Credit Cards
    Copy of Add: Apply Now Online
    URL: The page your sending people to

    Use key words
    Use benefits, action, to take
    Display URL: The page you’re sending people to

    Test, test, test for audience

  38. Kathy Hauser

    My husband and I both enjoyed learning more about the right way to do an ad. Thanks for the tip. Looking forward to more marketing tips.

  39. Carol Spence

    Thanks Anthony! This was very informative in such a short video. I stopped doing affiliate marketing because I would get nowhere, but thanks to your help I understand what I was constantly doing wrong! May think about trying it again…

  40. Mary Johnson

    Anthony! Can you please utilize the whole white board? I write tiny like you too. I can hardly see what you are writing . That is a big board, please use as much as you can for the older generation! I liked your show today. I just don’t know what to do about anything. How ’bout start at the beginning with step by step ” Instructions For Dummies”. Thanks, Mary

  41. Steve Le Baron

    THANX for this set me staright on credit cards, I’ve been considering doing this. Can you tell me, if it is difficult to get credit card affiliates?

  42. Cassandra

    Thank you so much for doing this. I had been so afraid to try. This success connection information is wonderful and gives you so much more than just the basic training. It helps me to understand a little better as I am very slow to understand and get started. Please keep doing this and stay on the white board. Thanks again for sharing this information!

  43. James

    Really liked your Ad Writing video. What I would really like to learn from you is this: I would like to be good at Facebook advertising. Can you do some videos on what really sells well on FB, and how to get the emotional factor out of the person not just to click on the ad but get them to buy? Thanks.

  44. Maria Yesavage

    Hi Anthony,
    I loved this success connection…… very informative, i would like to see more like this in the future….and some of your positive motivation thrown in once in a while as well. See you all soon!!!

    Maria Y.

  45. Mark

    Welcome back to the classroom. This is the way i know you and this is the way i like it. I appreciate all your lessons. Keep up the good work.

    God bless!


  46. Dorothy


    Thank you for going back to the teaching mode. Your advice is much appreciated. Look forward to trying this out, just the basics, and look forward to next week.

    Thank you,


  47. Joyce Knake

    Good information. I tend to shy away from things that aren’t right up front. Let’s face it. People are busy. Get to the meat of things and the shorter the better I say.

  48. Joany Clinard

    Hi there. I purchased your books when I was living in Orange County, CA. I moved to Mesa, AZ a year and a half ago. I just located the books and they are at my sister in laws house. I don’t have a car so I can’t get over there until mid next week. I just clicked on one of your emails and watched the vidio, and enjoyed the sensable way to write an ad. What do you suggest I do to get started with this marketing job until I get my books this week?

  49. Laurie Ortman

    Could you please talk more on how to create a good landing page
    with an opt-in that works well with either aWeber or iConact. I would
    also like to learn how to track your campaigns whether it be CPA,
    Impressions, affiliate campaigns or sells.

  50. stanley escolano

    Great info. now I understand what target your customer means
    with keywords. Need more white board info. like this one.


  51. Al Dinger

    It is always refreshing to learn from you. I truly appreciate the white board and these tremendous insights.

  52. levi singer


    Having a problem with the audio and tried all I know. I’ll try in the morning and ask my son for help. I did see the detail on your board… I’m excited and will write back after the audio.

    Thank You for your teachings,



  54. Ruth Adams

    loved it – simple and direct – looking forward to our visit for training in MS next wk. must get a website up and running.

  55. John Antaya

    Thanks for the great info Anthony. I did have a miss-conception on how to put together an ad and you’ve made my life a lot easier on this subject.

    Thank You

  56. Maude Kovarik

    Thanks so much for sharing. Right now I need to know if I really have a live website with Hostgator. I’m trying again today. Thanks for all you and Adrian do. I’m glad that your family was ok during ‘Issac’.

  57. Tom

    I found your success connection #125 to be very interesting. My question is where on google do i place ads like this to earn money and how much does this cost to get started?

  58. Greg Lefebvre

    This small piece training is to me the best way for me to learn a little at a time.
    I will definitely will be watching all of these.
    Greg L -Brunswick, MD

  59. nathaniel chambers

    Talk more about content writing, Blog Posting, Article Writing. How to use Keywords for certain Niches.

  60. michael davis

    anthony-i always watch you-i really appreciate your suggestions/Regards

  61. Marcia Brown

    Hi, Anthony! I thought I’d already replied to this, but just in case, I’ll reply again. I really appreciated the review on ad writing. I can see by this Success Connection video that I am probably getting too long winded in my ads. It helped when you said the ad is not meant to sell the product but to catch the reader’s attention. Thanks for all you do to help us do better.

  62. Kazuko Finney

    Hi, Anthony,

    Thanks for the great tip for Ad writing. I’m under the PMI training,and having
    a tough time in writing the e-mail article about my campaign. I’m not making any progress. Maybe I need to use this ad writing technique. I will give it a
    try on that and hope to give you a good report in the rext message.
    Best regards, Kaz

  63. David Guthrie

    I bot the socialadspy from you recently and I would like to know how I can be an Affiliate marketer thru a network like Commission Junction, when I don’t have a website, because I am currently only wanting to run ads on Facebook with your program? Do I have to have a website first?
    Thanks, love your books and software am working hard to get going.
    David Guthrie
    [email protected]

  64. jeff

    thanks for this is again I do apprecieate all you talks.I am glad that you are coming to bowie.hope to see you.thanks jeff

  65. malick

    Anthony, you are awsome.
    I haven’t started advertising anything yet, I even haven’t built my first website yet but the way you teach, the way you follow up with your students is different than any of these A.M.Co I’ve run into online.
    Thank you for keeping to show me the wrong vs the right way.

  66. Chris

    Hi Anthony,
    Great information but could you also give advise for a newbie such as myself which program you offer would be best to start with and with little to no spending at first. If this makes any sense to you. If you anything could you just make a quick statement to those of us who want to get started.
    Thank you

  67. Laurie Shaw

    Yes i’ve been watching all your videos, Thank you very much . The videos been very helpful to me and it’s really easy to understand. please send me more videos Thank You

  68. Cindy lei Peterson

    I am a newbie, and any and all that I can learn from you will be greatly appreciated.

  69. Casandra Arne

    Hi Anthony, I just started your level 3 mentoring program with my mom. We are going to meet our mentor on Oct 3 and staying for 3 days. We have been learning so much. We are very thankful for you.Your videos are very inspiring. At this point we are still very new at all this. We are hoping to learn and grow our business.

    Thanks again,
    Casandra Arne
    C&C Price Marketing
    7 Cherokee Rd.
    Shailmar, Fl 32566

  70. Renee Martinez

    Its helping me alot thank you. also if you can teach on word press how to build plugins.And how to upload to put amazon Google.or just to upload links website.It will be great Thank you again. Renee M

  71. Yelena Bowerman

    Hello Anthony!
    Thank you so much! Your videos help me alot!
    Have a good day!

  72. levi singer


    Welcome back home after your California visit.
    This Success Connection is clear and to the point. DO it your way.

    Your the best,

  73. Ellen Camobell

    I love the work you do. An helping others, Thats a plus.
    I will love to learn everything you have to teach me. After all we are nearly nabors. I want to learn more…….ellen

  74. JeandieuseulAbellard

    Hi Anthony M,I do appreciate that,the left area is the wrong way then the right area is the better way to apply now online for credit cards,sell your pro-
    ducts,learning page,special techniques to be motivated,mind set.Thank you
    for this information.

  75. Rich Myrick

    Still working on my website, finishing my 4th milestone and waiting for my first squeeze page on ad2action to be finished by the support people for my course.

    The way you describe how to do an ad, target the fish – so to speak, makes sense. You want a certain kind of fish, use the right bait. Be specific and concrete, define the customer, I like that.

  76. Don Warren

    Great stuff!! You have cleared up several confusing areas that I had. I tend to overcomplicate stuff. Guess I need to use the KISS technique (Keep It Simple Selling)

  77. mary

    the white board is great for learning, what type of add would you write for a personal glass designed as weddings such as rememberence and glasses and special ingraved glass. could you give me some ideas please.

  78. Tim Bate

    I really like what you’re doing. I’m writing a book and looking for book topics for kids and / or adults. So I’m a little off track but I can put all new money into where you want me to go Thanks, Tim…

  79. Steve Le Baron

    You never stop amazing my wife and I about all your educational products.
    We as well, are new to this. Learning from an icon as your self. Is inspiring.

  80. Rocky Pulido

    This was my first Success Connection, And it was great info. I like it alot Thank You. Anthony M.

  81. Ken Curran

    Thank you for the refresher on ad writing. Please keep teaching fundamentals which are so valuable but are sometimes lost in the fray.

  82. M.e.

    Thanks Anthony! Great information on writing ads. I know that I would write too much and be too general. WRONG! I can see how your way makes much more sense. KISS method applies for sure! You help make it more understandable for the people that are not quite as computer savy as you are. Look forward to the next video!

  83. Cecilia

    Vacations are so nice to have – great way of clearing the head and resting the body. Yes Anthony, this is exactly what I need.regarding ads. How to write targeted ads and so in important – what not to write.
    Thank you,

  84. Eileen Ferrer

    Thank you for the white board lesson. Some of us need the visuals to know how things are to be done correctly. Please keep doing those types of teachings as they are very helpful and informative. Could you please do the same foe facebook advertising? Much appreciated!

  85. Francisco Luque

    I really appreciate your sincere efforts to tell us how to write an ad properly.
    I’d like to have your direct mentoring, but as of now I can’t afford that. Thank your for these short free lectures.

  86. Robert Walker

    Hi Anthony, it is good to be reminded of properly wording ads so that it tells the reader to take action.

  87. Robert H. Woodman

    Anthony, does the type/content of ad copy you write differ whether you’re writing for Google, Facebook, or Plenty of Fish? If so, could you explain what those differences are?

    What I mean is this: let’s say you want to write an ad for a free gift card from a major lingerie retailer. Am I going to use the same type/content of ad copy on Google, Facebook, and POF? Or am I going to change up the type/content of the ad copy by platform? If I’m going to change up the type/content of the ad copy by platform, then how do I know what changes to make? Could you break this down for me, please?

    BTW, my wife and I will be in Madison next weekend for personal training. Hope to see you and talk with you then!

  88. suresh

    I am very new to this business.. I was wishing to get more info and I am getting them after seeing your videos
    thanks Anthony

  89. Alice Wilson

    Love your white board presentations – simple – direct – great information.
    Thanks, Alice

  90. Liliana

    I love mini courses like this. Your videos are wonderful to learn fast and easy. See you next week.
    Thank you so much.

  91. Robert Meeks

    Simple and to the point strategy, and doesn’t waste a lot of time! just the way I like it!

  92. Bobby

    Great Info Anthony thank you so much!
    Actually this means that ppc marketing is the same like SEO for blog (website) etc..
    Very helpful and thank you.
    Can you make something for solo ads it’s will be great, because it’s very powerful traffic source and it’s have a lot of people which give that opportunity to blast your ads through e-mail.

  93. Quinn Wilkins

    Thanks Anthony. Good communication and Ad writing home something in common. K.I.S.S. Thank you for pointing it out.

  94. Luis A. Deleza

    Thank you Professor Anthony, ok I am back to start taking baby steps to learning more of your teachings of this bussiness. I sure did not know this, so keep them comming. GOD BLESS YOU!–Your student-Luis,

  95. rory taylor

    Great job Anthony , I really liked that an Im going to Put in effect right now.
    Your training is really helpful and educating , people should really listen to you. Thanks Rory Taylor!

  96. Jon McClennon

    Out of all the programs I have bought into the last year yours by far has been the most helpful. This was a great tool to make ads context simple.

  97. John Antaya

    Well Anthony I guess I forgot about the keywords in the Subject Line. Thanks for putting out this video. You’ve turned my head around again.


  98. Bill Munro


    This session is excellent. I am looking into a few new niches, and this
    advice is truly fantastic. I learned alot from this short session. I am even
    adding your advice to my auto responder. This is indeed information that
    we all can use. Keep up the fine work, Anthony.

    To Everyone’s Success,

    Bill Munro

  99. Marina

    Hi Anthony
    Thank you very much for the training, I learn new things every time I attend trainings and webinars. I find it hard to go back to sleep after the webinars, here in SA it is then 4:30am hahahahaa
    Anthony, absolute loved the video on how to search for domains and then find landing pages/products form eg Clickbank. I would appreciate more detailed training in this regard eg how do I negotiate what CPV and PPV? Or where to find the info regarding CPV and PPV that need before I start putting the products up. I am not really good with computers and I need detailed training, please.
    Thank you
    Marina (Port Elizabeth, Suth Africa)

  100. Toby Carlisle

    Hello Anthony,

    It appears to be so obvious to those of us who have been in marketing for years but that’s because we have spent many years learning how and then doing it. Today a lot of people think that access to a website is all they need but that is the route to failure. You must put the time in on learning.


  101. soohaeng Hong

    Thank you Anthony !
    It is very useful to me because I am now learned basically.

  102. Anne Borg

    Thank you for this lesson I do not have access normally to video playing on the computer and i have been missing your videos and am sorry I am on a borrowed CP so glad I am Enjoy the way you teach Thank you.

  103. El Dee James

    Anthony Thank You for the video on adds. It sure makes a lot more since on how to write great ads to attract customers so thanks once again. Very informative.

  104. Leonard

    Sooooo much appreciated Anthony. It’s short , precise, it held my attention…what to do n what not to do.

    Thank you so much.

  105. Sha Akeelah Jones

    Cool…there’s not a lot of people teaching this so It’s always good to get more information when you can. Great topic!

  106. Victoria Harsche

    This is so important. Thank you. I am one that feels like getting all the sales pitch out there right away, so this was great to hear.Let the web page or affiliate do it’s own selling!!! Thank you Anthony. You are so incredible to share your expertise.

  107. stella

    I ‘m inspired at your teaching,please I want to know more about creating Landing page

  108. Ngapari

    You have just answered my question about an adv. I have where in 6 hrs I had 140 views but only 15 responses about getting paid to review video/games online. I filted the adv. so people will need to send me their details first before I send them the link. As I wrote a lot of the answers in the adv rather than getting them to send details first.

  109. miri

    Hi anthony , very important information . these tip are useful and helpful way to understand , the simple and brief the information the better is . thanks.

  110. Chris Nweke

    Hi Anthony; The Ad writing is good, more of this is needed, keep it on. I like to use your style it is good. God bless.

  111. MikeMorris

    This is so informative its great

    I have been trying to advertise on POF but my ads keep getting rejected, could you run through the correct procedure

  112. Steve

    Anthony, the most honest person I know in sharing his ways with the inquisitive and want more out of life inquiring minds.
    ” Don’t Let Someone Who Gave up on Their Dreams and goals, Talk You Out of Reaching for YOURS “

  113. William OSullivan

    Did not know you had such an interesting following. CongratulationsI At the moment am quite busy, will get back to you one of these days,

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    Great information, as usual Anthony. Thank you so much for sharing. You’re an awesome person. Wish I had 1/8th of your knowledge!!

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    A great suggestion. This ad entices one to follow through.
    You make it look easy.
    Thanx !

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