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Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook Fan Pages

One recent article announced that Facebook had finally surpassed one billion users, after having reached 800 million some months ago. A billion is a big number, and when marketers get together, they tend to think big things can happen with big audience numbers. And, they can … maybe!

The thing about big audiences is that they’re also VERY diverse in demographics and interests. This is where niche marketing comes in, and with Facebook, Fan Pages are where we can set up niche marketing presences that are targeted to our favored portion of that one billion people. After all, a defoliating face cream that promises to retard aging facial lines is probably not going to grab the attention and dollars of the average male sports enthusiast. And, those ladies who love that face cream are far less likely to Like a page about the latest football fantasy game.

However, just creating a Facebook Fan Page around the football niche isn’t going to make it happen for most marketers. You see, there are others doing the same thing. It becomes a battle for attention, and then a second battle for retention. First you need to get the attention of a whole lot of those people, then you have to give them content, videos, and interactive conversation to keep them on your page and to get those “Likes” and shares.

Not only are there around a billion people to address, there are around 50 million fan pages as well.  So, first we have to attract the right pairs of eyes out of all of those people, then we have to provide them with content, entertainment and interactions that keep them enthusiastic and makes customers out of fans.  We’re competing with similar pages, and we’re working for conversions from fans to buyers of whatever we’re selling.  If this sounds like a difficult prospect, you’re not mistaken.  Like many things, there are right ways to do things and there are wrong ways.

With Facebook, you frequently only get one chance to convert a drop-in to a Like and then you really have to get to work to create value in your page so that they love being there and they tell their friends who will also love being there.  The good news is that we’re experts at this, having been creating Facebook Fan Pages since they first came into being.  We know what works, what doesn’t, what creates enthusiasm and shares, and what converts to income.  It’s not about splashy ads or constant “selling.”  It’s more subtle than that.

We’ve created a comprehensive set of Facebook Fan Page Secrets that we’ve put through the paces and tests and found to be highly successful at growing the traffic to a fan page.  You need only take advantage of our years of research and testing.  Get you Facebook Fan Page Secrets now.

Fan Page

Fan Page

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