Going Mobile With a Tablet

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Apps for MarketersWhether you’re a die-hard Apple fan or one of the new Android fanatics, it’s never been less expensive or easier to take your business mobile.  One of the greatest things about Internet marketing is the ability to run your business from almost anywhere.  It’s about posting to blogs, placing ads, checking performance statistics, and improving your marketing processes.

With today’s tablet computers, you can do just about everything in a smaller portable format, and you can do it with WiFi, cell service, or both.  You can do most of this with a smart phone as well, as the apps work on both in most cases, but the larger screens on tablets make it a lot easier.

The apps and abilities we’ll talk about here are pretty much the same for either the iPad or an Android tablet, so we’ll be a little general and you can locate the best apps to get the job done for you.  Let’s look at them based on what we’re trying to get done:

Post to WordPress Blogsites:  WordPress is a amazing platform for your marketing sites.  There is an official WordPress app for both iOS and Android.  It’s almost fully functional, as you can insert media and build your post, saving it in draft or publishing it from the field.  WordPress for iOS     WordPress for Android

Office Files:  Whether it’s an article draft, income tracking spreadsheet, or a PowerPoint type presentation, there are apps to get the job done.  For iOS, check out DocumentsToGo or QuickOffice Pro.   For Android, look at OfficeSuitePro or QuickOfficePro.

Hootsuite:  Many of us use Hootsuite to track and manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other accounts.  It’s not a problem going mobile, as Hootsuite for iPad and Hootsuite for Android are up to the task.

Web Browsers:  No links necessary here, as you can just go to iTunes or Google Play to get the browser of your choice, with Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and others for both iPad and Android.

Photos & Editors:  If images are important in your business and marketing, there are many camera apps and image editing apps for both operating systems that will allow you to take high resolution images, apply effects, crop, resize and more.  And, these other apps will allow you to use those images in your documents or blog posts.

PayPal:  All of this is about making money, and many of us receive the bulk of our income into a PayPal account.  It’s not a problem to keep up with that income or transfer it with the iOS PayPal app or the Android PayPal app.

There are thousands of apps for both platforms, and you’ll very likely find just what you need to manage and market online.  And, with some of the 7 inch and 10 inch tablets coming in under $200 to $300, it’s not that big of an investment to let you work from the fishing pier, the hotel balcony, the beach, or the ski chalet.


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