1. David Napier

    this lesson seemed common sense. but thanks for it because I see i;m some 150 plus lessons behind since I just joined. I suppose Ill get those lessons
    as i progress through the course.


  2. norman rambow

    Anthony… all your information is so awesome and the webinar last night.. so good..thanks todays lesson just opened my mind.. oh my goodness I get it now.. .DUH !!… If someone wants to promote their own product or represent as we are affiliate’s go to elance have them build something..? Survival is one and financial preparedness … What can I do,, what does e lance charge to do a overview,… is that what they do? The gold card we gave Adrian in Seattle I want to promote but need some help in doing it.. can you help me in this idea. Its huge Oh my gosh this could get interesting,. would you send me an email please if you have the time.. Thanks Norm in Seattle

  3. norman rambow

    Can we have access to all the previous success connections? on your site here Anthony?

  4. Ryan E. von Schwedler

    Thanks Anthony. This process is overwhelming for me. If I were to start at step one and go through this process, it would still feel like an experiment (will this work? am I wasting all my energy, time, and money? etc…). I am determined to find success online, but am not sure what marketing strategy is going to pay off the best. Thanks for clarifying the entire process of email marketing!

  5. Lee Davis

    This training makes a lot of sense and was really good! You explained everything well enough to help people get to the next level.

    Thanks Anthony!

  6. Luc Fournier

    Hi Anthony,

    just great!!!!! I want what you have and for the sucess connection everything makes it o.k. But I need more…

    Thanks Luc.

  7. Kerry

    Great series Anthony. Full of good information on how to build lists and getting your product out there. Thanks.

  8. anita

    perfect! like what i’m doing right now, i’ve checked my autoresponders again, and it was totally different from the first i’ve set it up, don’t know how it could be, but i’ve change my password again, and set it from the first step.
    i’ve applied to some cpa network, but it’s hard enough to be received, how to get accepted to one of cpa network so i can start my campaign again in a right way ? thanks a lot for all of the kindness of anthony morrison’s inc. you’re the best teacher that i’ve ever known, you and you’re team integrity and profesionalism was very inspiring me to get more successfull in this field to help all of my family’s difficulties. GBU all.

  9. Frank Kingman

    Hi Anthony, I appeciate all the free presentations you offer because I am retired and need to make some supplemental income so I don’t have a lot of financial resource to use to develope traffic./income. Your profit cycle presentations are helpful as each time I pick up a bit of insite on concepts to use. I don’t have trouble understanding the concepts but am not computer/internet savvy enough yet to easily all the things that some people either intuitively understand from experience or training. I benefit more from having someone take me step by step through specific platforms and showing me the intricacies of each and how to apply to certain marketing concepts. The one-on-one coaching I receive from PMI that you provide is very helpful. I would appeciate presentations on just what platforms work best for certain types of marketing campaigns/offers. Keep up the good work. I have made my first income on line albeit not much yet. I get the feeling that certain platforms work best for just testing traffic sources but that another approach like direct linking versus landing page processes working better for actually getting conversions. I would appreciate some prsentations on these “big picture” issues and what platforms tend to work best for each. Thanks Much for what you do. I still just need more of it.

  10. Alan Olson

    You always have good info for us that makes sense. The actual steps to accomplish the cycle are left out but a great overview that works in any niche or online business.

  11. Ron Coalson

    Anthony, the relationship between the traffic, list and promotion makes perfect sense. What seems to be missing from all of these episodes, i.e., success connections, webinars, various videos, etc is continuity. I’m new, so for me, I’m struggling to make sense out of all of these, especially from the “how do you actually do it?” point of view. You say make your list, well, How do you make your list? No website is required in the very first event I went to, yet almost without exception everything talks about going to your website, bringing it to your website, etc. Does a landing page work or not? I recognize that some of these subjects were not discussed in this “success connection” but there doesn’t seem to be a way to express my confusion, so I’ve done it here. Thanks, Ron

  12. jim l felsinger

    So it looks to me that i shoud not jump into cpa at first i shoud git my feet wet in clickbank or one of those companys and then try a cpa to see witch works best for me

  13. Roy P

    Like your presentations. Not sure that all applies to what I want to so, but I will continue to follow you, hopefully to one day be able to afford your courses.

  14. Astre Grant

    Hi Anthony great video. It’s funny because I had a thought today early this morning to create my own product for company I currently promote. Would it be smart to do that even though it’s not my company? It also wouldn’t be anything free. This is something I have never done before so I want to make sure I am on the right track. But I will say that it will be targeted more towards the newbies. I’m still brain storming..any advice?

  15. Eloisa COLBERT

    U are a multi media genius mate. You are my promotional guru. Cheers

    Eloisa COLBERT

  16. Marietta Anderson

    How does one begin “at square one” or get caught up after a season of inactiviy?

  17. Danielle Roscoe

    Hi Anthony I thought that process was so helpful to see each step and where to go next. You are a great teacher!! Could you actually do an example and go through each step with us just general to keep it short I think that would help put it all together for me. Thank you for your time and doing this to help those of us who are having troubles getting going.

  18. Delores Dees

    I still don’t know how to get my initial e-mail list. Just what to do with it when I get it. Do I need to buy a list of e-mails of people interested in my type of products or what?

  19. Denise Johnson

    I enjoy every lesson. I am highly passionate about the entrepreneur leadership you offer. As soon as I can I will purchase. I know money makes money. I just got off treatments December 9, 2012. This is the business for me. Being unable to stand for periods of time. Coming off of a career programming a voice switch. I know I will be successful

    Thanking you in advance,

    Denise Johnson
    P.s. (for my first $1,000 month yet to come)

  20. merle pulver

    I think I have mastered the mechanics of sequence you have presented.

    I am having a problem of affiliate (clickbank) products that people will purchase.

    Thank you, MC

  21. Emma

    Thanks again for lessons. I have to go back to previous lessons and put them all together. I am finding that trying to make money on line is no easy feat.

  22. Basil J Miller

    Anthony is a very helpful, intelligent, caring, kind, and successful guy !

  23. Jan-Inge

    Hey Anthony,
    Thanks for the last Email Marketing training. Now I understand how important it is that all the steps have to match each other. It’s so easy to not think about those important details. To have deeper knowledge about this I recommend all to buy your course “Success With Anthony”. Take good care!

  24. Denise Johnson

    Very simple and easy to understand, now it’s time to put what I have learned so far into motion. I am going to gear my traffic toward a certain type of medical needs and supply them through my website.

    Thanks, again

    Denise Johnson

  25. Brian Dalton

    A great finish for the success connections that have been presented the last few weeks. I hope that everyone understands that each step lays down the building blocks for the next step, and that each depends on the other for a successful end result. Like you said, one piece at a time, and focused on the same goal. Pick a niche( ex. weight loss) and keep that foremost in each step and you will find success. Traffic, list, promos = $$$.
    Also, the subject matter that you sent between each success connection, that enables the completion of each step, was really helpful.

    Thank You

  26. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    This is really awesome! It’s all about eduction. I really have to get going on this. So far,I have researched Direct CPV but I still have a long way to go. I have seen Get response and A weber. I have to visit these sites again. This very helpful information.

    Thank you Anthony!!

    God Bless You.

  27. Steve Anderson

    Another great video AM! I learn so much by watching you every week. I’m so eager to start building my list. I have a question though. Markets like dating, survival and fitness are my primary interest, but they seem very competitive and intimidating. What do you think is the best way to break into a super competitive niche?

    Thanks again, and I’ll see you next week.

  28. Dottie Seavy

    The lessons were fantastic. Is there a free sample of a landing page other than AWeber? Your offer is wonderful and we are thinking about purchasing
    the offer if it is still available.

  29. Robert Karney

    Anthony, you hit the nail dead on when you said it has got to make sense he and $=$. Unless you have an inside line on a product, your not likely not going to have the inside line to get in the fast lane to make the money. The Affiliate offer is going to win.

  30. Larry Grannis

    This was a terrific lesson, Anthony! Just what I wanted and was looking for from the beginning when I mentioned in a comment that I needed a “Step 1,” “Step 2,” “Step 3,” etc, approach to getting started. Your last element was the KEY. The whole cycle begins with “Traffic” and, yet, all other elements relate back to “Traffic.” So MY “Step 1” is to define, “What do I know and understand? What are MY likes and dislikes? What am I enthused about?” With those answered and thus, my direction focused and clear, I can begin to build my List, my Traffic and everything else should fall into place. Know ME and I know my potential Traffic and understand my list. Seems simple but I just didn’t get it and know where to start until today.

  31. Steve

    Up to 80% promoting somebody else’s product (where they’ve done all the work) versus 100% (where you have to grind it out and perhaps incur significant expense)? Hmmm! Certainly makes sense to me. Thanks!

  32. Kate Cardwell

    Great short lesson…to promote others products obviously you must have several lists if you present several products.How do you keep track of the lists and individual products,may sound dumb but I am new to all of this…I am sure that you will provide all that info in your lessons.(maybe I answered my own question)!Thank you for all you are choosing to do.I am also choosing to do your system tho I have not yet bought it. Thanks much.I will visit the sites you mentioned i.e. Aweber and icontact….to see more.This will be a big decision for us.

  33. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    I really liked this because it made a lot of sense. For me, the affiliate offer is the way to go. This lesson was exactly what I needed to get motivated and determined. You explained everything very well. It is a bit overwhelming as every new thing is. If I take it one step at a time, just like you explained, I will have success. Now that we went through everything, I will watch them again and put all the pieces together. I think that Get Response is the best list builder and even better than A weber and icontact. I cannot wait to get started and I am determined to make money soon.

    You rock as always Anthony!
    Have a good weekend.


    The Traffic must be to the list that explains what they are looking for? And the list must guide them to where it is at, is that the concept, Anthony?

  35. Anna

    Hi Anthony ~ That makes a lot of sense; pomotions must match your list. What I still don’t get is how to make the list. I guess what I’m not understanding is the list in the traffic? Or is the list seperate from the traffic? Can it be done with out a website? If so how. Thanks so much for all your help, Anna

  36. Keith Dansie

    Thanks for the training it was great.If you use someone else website, how do you get paid?

  37. stanley escolano

    Thanks Anthony, great info on matching list from traffic and list
    to offers..

  38. Leslie Alaman

    It sounds great, but I have so much to learn, even some of the terms are a little foreign, like affilliate marketing. You said something about using other peoples products at 80% and not have to work so hard….just have a lot to learn.

  39. john jayme

    Great instruction as always. You consistently reaffirm what I have already picked up as well as giving me a new ideas to work with.Thank you.

  40. Marc Montaniel

    I now have a much better understanding of the e-mail marketing strategy and will be applying what I learn soon, now that I just created my aweber account. As you’ve been emphasizing in your previous SC sessions, I need to focus on getting the right traffic source and the right affiliate offer that will attract this traffic. I know that I will make mistakes along the way but with the lessons you, Anthony, just gave us here, I’m confident that I will be able to minimize these mistakes. Thanks for these valuable lessons.

  41. Ken B.

    You continue to explain things so well that topics appear straightforward and simple to understand.

  42. W gilzene

    Thanks again Anthony this was awesome I am now very clear on your method ,I will coutinue to share this on social media.

    Thanks again.

  43. DJ McCormick

    I would like a little more info on building your own product. Some examples would be very helpful. Also, any resources to help with this like you have suggested for other topics.

  44. LaShaunn

    Thanks Anthony – good info (as usual). Would not have thought about using Elance for product development…..thanks for the tip.

  45. Enaud

    Very intuitive and informative.

    How much does it cost to get our own product made?

  46. Sarah Nova

    I am like Darlene:
    Please enter me in your contest, and also to be mentored by you.
    Thank you.

  47. Patrick Miller

    You make very good points! You have made the whole process very clear – now to get at it!

  48. Carolyn Burkett

    Each step needs to relate to make a successful cycle. Makes sense.
    Thanks Anthony.

  49. Speransia

    Hi Morrison,

    I like every step of your teaching. It makes sense. I am so happy to have found you. You are so true and you teach what you know and have done. The only this holding me back is financial. I would love to buy the package and start immediately to follow your steps. I am learning a lot.

    Thank you

  50. kwiye stewart

    I really appreciate for your effort to teach us so that we can grow in this business. I am experiencing that the journey of learning affiliate marketing a little easier whenever i get to watch Success Connection.


  51. Deb M.

    Hi Anthony,

    This was great, easy to understand, as all of your videos are. You’re an
    awesome teacher !!!

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge, you’re awesome !!!

  52. Ken Nixon

    I have a clickbank account but i could really use some help with it, I have your books and have made some money with CPAs, and now it’s time to make more.

  53. Richard Ortega

    Hi Anthony,

    This makes sense. I’m just getting started so a little overwhelmed. I feel a little confused where to start so it would be great if we are say a beginner that wants to make money right away to start at point A while going thru the rest of the training. This will keep someone like me encouraged to make money now while continuing to learn. Let me know what you recommend. thanks.

  54. Miss Vicki E.

    The biggest thing I’ve learned from all the tools in my toolbox, workshop, and/or webinar is not to give up. I do truly feel success will come in time, but I have to stay positive and continue to pursue the challenges.

  55. Mardi Blackshire

    This is good, I’ve always thought that it would make no sense to seen someone just any advertiment; because it wouldn’t get their attention because of no interest. I have a question though, When you use a capture page for a product, and the visitor leaves their information what do you do set-up a database for just those people alone?

    how do you keeping them seprate, when they come to you only with a name and email?

    Thanks Anthony, I turly appricate you!

  56. Tino Villalovas

    Sounds good but I’m still not sure how to get that list or the offers. maybe I missed something and have to go over it again.

  57. Ben Nyman

    Thank you Anthony for the valuable information how to make money from list building. I was informed from the Education Center I can use many different products and services and use one and the same List. Like you said that doesn’t make sens. Thank you, and Jason performed masterly with truly valuable tips and information in the 3/28/13 seminar and the next is a Must Attend one.

  58. Dwayne Lowe

    Hi Mr.Morrison how are you? just wanted to say that i would like to be entered into this contest as well as learn how to make money using your system.

  59. John Antaya

    I’ve been very impressed with the way you have been teaching this. You have been able to clear up a couple of items for me through your teachings. Am glad to be part of your organization and a person can learn things here dealing with Internet Marketing.

    Thank You

  60. Rosalie

    Great information. As always these videos are the key to getting the right information to successful conduct an online business.

    Thanks for sharing.

  61. Dianne

    I have been following you and your brother for years and have attended workshops in Utah but still can not make that leap. I am interested in affiliate marketing to promote fitness for new moms after pregnancy but not comfortable enough yet. Is there a possibility that you can do a webinar where we can simultaneously create a landing page for Clickbank, such as Plenty of Fish so I can JUST get started making some money so I can move toward my better goals.

  62. Dale Neff

    Perfect sense, including the clickbank.
    Hope your Easter is good.
    God Bless
    Dale Neff

  63. Sharon Oliver

    enter me please in your giveaway…and yes another make sense, interesting video

  64. Fred

    Promoting a product is the way to make money whether its yours or someones else. I agree that you keep the same subject on your site. Emails and trafficking software is also required. But then there is processing orders which is needed as much as trafficking. . What do you suggest for processing orders?

  65. Sharon

    This lesson was real good training. You are such a good speaker, Anthony. I understand your demonstrations and it is very helpful seeing the complete cycle. Thank you.

  66. Shaketa Stevenson

    Salutation Anthony,
    Another invigorating edition of affiliate marketing via success connection. I want you to teach me all you know. Instead of only watching video tutorials, I look forward to and my goal for campaign marketing advances toward utilizing these advantageous strategies and promotions on a proper web page, with a reputable landing page, and achieving betterment of resolutions. Anthony, you have so many industrious ideas in connection with enticing a multitude of prospect marketability and making a profitability conversion. I have to distinguish what marketing method would be more profitable when I start promoting either email marketing with Aweber; Leadgeneration Builder; and Clickbank and a probability of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing, relevant to CPA, has a higher conversion rate than what we would consider CPC or PPC; and I noticed conversion rates for open and click email submits went up from regular email submit rates. I think I grasp the concept of email marketing more than affiliate marketing. Does affiliate marketing necessitate more of a commitment than email marketing? Each method prompts tracking, positioning and balancing; although, in my theory, email marketing presents less time constraints. What strategy, for success, do you believe to be most profitable, nonetheless, easier for affiliates just starting? And then, what web and landing page would be utilized for affiliate marketing, today? Obviously, investing in various promotions and building a web page synonymous to each landing page could be costly unless affiliate network upgrading is available; do we put each marketing strategy in motion with your newly built forum?
    Thanks Anthony for your ongoing support,
    Shaketa Stevenson

  67. Bill Munro


    I always enjoy your teachings. They are extremely informative & to the point.
    Lately, I’ve seen some pop ups that are totally not targeted. I say to myself,
    Whoever is responsible for this pop up, needs Anthony’s help. Keep up the
    fine work Anthony. You’re a Bessing to all of us.

  68. Bill Munro

    Forgive me. The last sentence is supposed to be that You’re a Blessing to all of us.

  69. howard stewart

    Thank you for emphasizing that client base has to match type of promotion. It’s easy to get desperate and grab for any type of traffic. Difficult to understand why it doesn’t work until someone extends understanding.

  70. Marita

    My husband and I are both excited to meet you for a three day training here in Maryland

  71. Eddy Mc Locklin

    Hi Anthony, A sensational job in making all the pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly together Thank you for letting me sit in on your success connection classes. I woud also like to be a student of your webinar. Can you tell me what time the next webinar presentation t be. I want to be a student.

  72. Sylvia

    The pieces of the puzzle are coming together nicely! Can’t wait for next Success Connection ;D

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    I am brand new to all of this. It makes sense. I’ve been trying to start with affiliate marketing and I could use a lot of help. I’ll be here for the next Success Connection.

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    Hi Anthony,
    I am so glad to have discovered you. Now I understand what PPV/CPV and all those terms mean. Before, I was in dark, but now slowly I am beginning to open my eyes. You have given me light. As I said before, financially, right now prevents me to commit, but soon I will really follow you fully by buying one of your package. At least I know who to follow. Thank you.

    P.S please do not close doors. I know you are very popular, but I have faith.


  75. Speransia Bizimana

    Thank you a million Anthony. I am noting all the points from you. I hope and wish to win that $1000 so that I can invest this money into your very promising products. That is the only way I see it here.

    I need to know how to start my email network, get a good product to sell and know how to sell it and where to sell it. I actually need a step by step on how to kick start. You are the only hope.

    You are a very good mentor.

    Counting my blessing.

  76. Suzanne Peterson


    there is some room for improvement.

    Think of it as organizinig your ideas into 4 file folders and putting them in a filing cabinent for easy retrieval. It will improve your teaching and your students will learn more and retain more. How does that sould?

    I propose that we get together and exchange ideas. I’ll teach you how to teach more effectively and you’ll teach me how to make money online. What do you think?

    I haven’t seen any internet marketer use this teaching system though it is widely used at Brigham Young University where I taught and studied.

    I am retired now. I;ve taught students for 20 years ranging from elementary to college level I have a Master’s Degree in Family Life Education and half of a Doctorate Degree in Instructional Education….why only half? We’ll what if we wait till we meet and I’ll tell you the story?

    I’m married and my husband Jeff and we have 8 hiliarious, wonderful grandchildren. My talented husband works for the Dept.of Justice.

    Do call me or send an email please…I’d like to help you be even more successful and I would love to meet you.

    I await your response.

    Kindest Regards,
    Suzanne Peterson

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    Anthony, your trainings are succinct, clear, enlightening, and genuine. I will finally be able to apply what I have learned and look forward to taking this journey with you. Life has a way of unfolding, and I am grateful I have this option to get me out of my temporary storm cloud. Thank you.

  78. Stephen Morgan

    My question is about my emails? I am trying to put banners of my merchants sales on my emails but it keeps coming out text. Is a banner possible on emails or just text?

  79. Bruce Bell

    Hi Anthony:

    To promote a CPA offer, where would you reccommend us to apply? I might be wrong, but I was thinking about going to Clickbank and pick a niche. Then review the various products offered. Then see if there are any affiliate offers to promote that product.

  80. Mike

    Hay Anthony,
    Good lesson. I think I am starting to get the idia of how this works. But I just need to get started some how.

  81. Ferris Brown

    I am intrigued by lesson. I have found a product and am ready to move ahead. I am working on the list both locally and nationally. I just need to make the time to put it all in motion. Thanks for the help!


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    Hallo Anthony!
    How you show the lessons, its look so simple, but it is a lot of work. The most important, I think, is, to have a list. If you have no visitors on your website, you can’t earn any dime.
    Best regards
    Elmar Berger from Germany

  83. Raymond Ford

    My time was used up 1/2 thru your lesson so I misses some. Now I have increased my internet time 3+. I have your first 2 books that I’m rereading. I’m pretty computer dumb, but I have 5 books about computers that I study daily. I have faith but I’ short on money. I knew you were sincere the first time I saw you on TV. I intend to go all the way.

  84. Joan

    Hi Anthony, Thanks, you are absolutely right about the right contact list. How do I get the right contact list? I definitely have the wrong list. It was very informative. Have not been on here for a while. Glad I decided to click on it.

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    I think that the “Information” that you are providing makes very good sense, and IS helpfull to newbies, such as myself!!

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    That money would really help me.

    It is very good and very interesting to me.

    I need help to figure it all out, but my money is limited.

    I also need some more help on the landing page.

    Sincerely yours,

  87. steve apicella

    At this point I am trying to write two kinds of emails one for people I meet in person and have given some information about the product I am promotting and another email for people I meet on the internet. How do I structure these emails.

  88. Dottie Seavy

    Dear Anthony.
    Will this be available on the Success With Anthony. The information you presented was awesome. We need this but if it is available from you, that would be great!

  89. Kazuko Finney

    Hi, Anthony,
    Thanks for very useful lessons. I’m beginning to understand how the whole
    profit cycle of this internet marketing works, but still not sure exactly how to start up the system. Don’t I need to use your software to initiate the first step onto the profit cycle? Also, I still need a help from one of your coaches
    to show me the step-by-step operation.
    Best regards,
    Kazuko Finney

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  91. Mardi Blackhsire

    Hi Anthony,
    I would like addition training on how to build your own product. I have just come across a company which gives you product which they will customize with your name and information built-in and you can offer it free or charge a fee. Is this something similar to what you are talking about? Should I feel bad that I’m offering a product that I didn’t really create? How can I create something on my own or should I be concern about this? Do I have to wait until I’m successful like you before I can do my own product?

    I would really like to hear your feedback on this!

  92. Denise Johnson

    Anthony, I go over and over your material. Each time I get more inspiration from each lesson. Working on drafting appealing emails regarding what I plan on marketing. My ideals are geared toward the medical field. Thank you again for such simplicity. Looking forward to going all the way with great success.

    Denise Johnson

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    Thanks Anthony for continuing to plug away to help us to “get it”.It’s always difficult to go from the known to unknown with confidence,but, you’re peeling off layer after layer and building confidence with videos like these. Again_ Thanks

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    That makes perfect sense. I am still working with putting it al into practice and am patiently awaiting one of your coaches to guide me in accomplishing this. Thansk

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    The steps were simple tell me more about affiliated relations, promos, trafficking and social media. How do I get started how do I create a successful list I know that the information will help me and doesn’t matter if I win or not because I believe that the information you provide will bring succes to my life.

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    Anthony great information. I have watched all your training on Success Connection. Great information. I always look forward to learning from you.

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    Hi Anthony, great lesson, I would love to learn how to create my own products to sell.

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    Is linkshare a good place as far getting products to promote? I does make a lot of since to make sure the traffic and what you are promoting matches up. Thank you once again Anthony

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    Yes, lists matching offers makes sense.

    We are still in the start-up phase. Have two domains purchased, both sites in progress, but one site requires video creation still to be done.

    Loved the Webinar I watched Monday. Great product. Would have grabbed it, but — no funds yet!


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    As always thanks for your time and making it all sound easy. Your staff (Kirt and Dana) have been trying to help, and work with me on a problem. Very nice people! Last Thursdays training was great however it’s a two part, to be continued! Can’t wait for this week Thursday now!


    Anothony, i’m real excited about your program but the last 3 or 4 videos would not play. nd I wanted to e in the contest.

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    Thank you Anthony for sharing what you know with us. Your lessons are always very comprehensive and I appreciate your commitment to the business and teaching. My questions is ” Can I have too many keywords when using PPC or CPA?


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