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Squidoo Links for DollarsHow many separate websites or blogs does it take to create success as an affiliate marketer?  That’s really too broad of a question, as what is “success,” and what are the goals of the marketer?

To post a broad answer to this broad question, it takes as many as it takes.  Some very successful affiliate marketers bank huge profits because they don’t limit themselves to a single marketing niche, in fact they may be working dozens or even more.  So, how do they manage to create, maintain and track all of the sites, blogs and social site accounts that they need?

One marketing strategy that has proven to be phenomenally successful for some is to not bother with all of those sites and blogs.  Why spend all of your time trying to create the blogs, spend money to host them, post the content, and do the SEO to get the visitors that click to provide your income?  Why not just go to one resource, totally free, that will get you up and running with as many mini-marketing venues as you want?  Just take a trip over to Squidoo.com and create lenses to get the job done.  However, that’s just going to get you to the right place, a lot like arriving at the conclusion you need to learn magic.  We’re going to show you how to bring Squidoo Magic to bear on your affiliate marketing and bank the profits.

Why Squidoo?

Why Squidoo is the easiest question to answer.  Google, even after some really nasty algorithm changes, still likes Squidoo.  It’s a massive site with a lot of very informative content in lenses and tightly relevant to the topic of the lens.  If Google likes Squidoo, then we love it.  You get this great SEO clout at zero cost, and the site is easy to use.

Which Products?

Our course is designed around making this multi-niche marketing strategy successful without having to hire a staff or losing sleep.  Using the gigantic marketplace at Amazon.com and implementing specific product and keyword strategies, you can generate a nice income with a single affiliate account and a single place for all of your marketing.

Building Effective Lenses

This is the area where most marketers fall short.  After starting to experiment and track results from 2008 forward, we’ve found that certain very specific lens creation techniques have produced consistent results.  It’s an integrated approach that includes product selection, call-to-action tools, proper keyword strategies, and tagging for increased exposure.  Success comes from the proper combination of these techniques.

Publish and Promote

Once your lens is published, you can’t just sit back and wait for the money.  There is a promotion piece to this success puzzle, and it pulls it all together, as well as pulling visitors to your lens.  These visitors click and you bank the profits.

Let us share with you the complete process for profits through our Squidoo Magic course.

Get the Squidoo Magic Course Now!

Get the Squidoo Magic Course Now!

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