1. Sandra

    This is all new to me so all information is so helpful. Thank you

  2. yvone

    Thank you for your insite into the ‘lead capture page.” Simple and effective. I enjoyed the lesson.

  3. michael shuttlesworth

    Good training Anthony. I have always known or heard that having lead capture page is important, but never made effort to build one..shame on me! ha
    Thanks for info and look forward to next training.


    i’ll share with my son. dont understand alot about internet and social media but realize it our future and present. your videos have gotten me a bit more understanding . so i’ll ( AND MY SON) will watch more of themn.
    thank you anthony

  5. Ruth

    Sounds good, but adds to my confusion re: making a website. I gave up on
    one, but am at it again. Mind boggling!

  6. Kurt Stockhausen

    Great advice and tips! Looking forward to applying it!

  7. Carl Hogue

    When you talk about a capture or squeeze page, the video I understand, the opt in I understand, and the giveaway PDF I understand; what I don’t know, is what product I need, to build the capture page. Word press? if so, what theme? What software do I use, and is it drag and drop? Blessings, Chaplain Hogue

  8. Ben Amara

    I always enjoy your trainings, Anthony! You always go into such detail. The step-by-step instructions make it easy to follow your advice, which is always on target.

  9. Laid

    Thanks so much for this valuable information , please if you could give us an live example about the creation of this landing pages so we can model it


  10. Debra Lewis

    Hi Anthony, I sign up with you 09/07/2012. I went through some personal problem and was unable to get my web sites at that time. I have been following you and learning so when I get my sites I will have some knowledge of what I will be doing.

    Thank you so much for your program, it has been very informative. I am looking to get my web sites here in the very near future. (saving my pennies)
    Again Thank You….for your program.

  11. Maurice Tuck

    Hello Anthony,

    Thank was awesome training on Lead Capture Pages. I understand everything you went over and it make a lot of sense. My only problem I am having is, how to expose that capture page when done. How do I promote that page? Is it through SEO with Google? This is one of the missing links to connect the dots that I am having.

    Maurice Tuck

  12. Chet Rodgers

    Hi Anthony,
    I think you are doing a great job at turning our economy around (which no one seems to have mentioned yet) by giving away these awesome Free training classes. You know how to motivate people and get a positive response from your students. You have motivated me and that can be a hard thing to do since I’m disabled and can sit at the computer for a hour at a time, and it can get depressing when you want to do more work but your body tells you no more right now.
    All I can say is Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
    Sincerely, Chet Rodgers

  13. Beth Cabral

    I liked the information for the Lead Capture Page, but what I am really interested in learning is how to create and place an ad by using your youtube scraper, in front of someone else’s ad or video.

    Thanks, Beth

  14. Stephen Morgan

    Nice information. I will try the page design process but the only problem I am having is cash. I do not have enough to promote my website and the question for you is How do I create this type of page for free? I just need more details that is all. Thanks for all the teaching.

  15. Michelle Mamea

    Hi Anthony,

    I wouldn’t miss any of your free trainings. I have attended all of your webinars and have gained so much knowledge its unbelievable! I think you’re awesome (and its not just because you’re wearing my home team shirt in the above video – Go Hawks 🙂 because it is quite clear that you truly want to help people, like myself, succeed in this business!

    So, as always, I look forward to the next time I hear you speak 🙂

    Forever Your Dedicated Student,

    Michelle Mamea

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    Hey very excited to start the program. I am a hard working mom with 3 jobs and 3 kids. I would love to be able to support my family to the fullest and really have the time to enjoy my family instead of working three endless jobs.

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    Very Creative way to to make money . lol I like very so and cheap doing

  18. Clara Leake

    Looking forward to next week on how or where to put our lead page. This week’s info was very helpful, as usual. How can I contact you about your ATA program I purchased?


  19. Pamela Storr

    To Anthony:

    This was good, just like every week.

    Would it cost me any thing or not.

    Please let me know.

    I will join every week when possible.

    Sincerely yours,

    Pamela Storr

  20. Doris White

    Learning alot from the trainings, looking forward to starting a business.

    Thank you

  21. Jessie Mashburn

    great way to teach technique. very informative and right to the point.
    That’s the way to effectively get your message out. I learn better that way.

    Thank you

  22. Connie Chapman

    I need this! My company is a start-up in a new coaching arena, lifestyle

    change for diabetics. I teach sick people to be well and stay well.

    Unlimited potential but open for training from you. Thanks for staying in

    touch with your friendly e-mails. Connie from HOUSTON

  23. Barbara Parker

    Hi Anthony,

    I like to thank you very much for all that you do in helping us to be successful.
    I have a question about Rippln. I want to know if there is a page that I can use already set up like that to get more sign up for Rippln.

    Thanks again,

  24. Jose

    Hi Antony,

    I am one of your students and I am taking tons of great information from your videos…

    I am currently preparing an own product and I want to shoot myself a couple of videos for it, but I got any experience with video broadcasting.

    Your videos are looking with really good quality… Can you give me some recommendations on the equipment and software that you are using for your shootings… I mean… type of camera, microphone, and software.

    Thanks in advance for your input !!!


  25. Linda Nortje

    Thanks for the training and for never giving up on your students.

  26. Ellio Domenick

    Do you offer the service of building this Landing Page (?) and hosting it?

  27. Byron Spurling

    Thank you so much, this is a big help and I thank you for all that you are doing for us newbiez. Yes I think that I willl use Fiver for this one. One question though, I would like to add a amazon affiliate product, Garcinia Cambogia extract but in the wp-admin on this site I do not find where I can add html code under a new post as I only have the tabs for Visual or Text. My other sites have visual or html.

  28. Jaques

    I always value the information as given by Anthony. What I particularly like about this video is the layout of your opt-in page.

    Well done Anthony

    Best regards

  29. pearle pearson

    5/9/13 Lead capture page advertises how to earn profits from home.1st step is to capture attention on the first page. A hot market, or niche
    website should have 5 or 7 money idea words to create a funnel to set up
    traffic to implement trends. This helps to motivate. Click bank market place
    a good source for ideas. Go to Google, type word phrase and look for . . key words Incentive gifts attract attention. Does not have to be expensive People like to receive freebies . Anthony’s $1000 incentive is a welcome
    gesture to entice students to learn and further their education.
    Pearle Mp

  30. Madeleine Eve Villamor

    i havent really started co i dont know how. I signed up for the live training but unfortunately the schedule (Thursday) always conflicts my work schedule. I really hppe you can help me start doing this coz i dont want my money go to waste. Thank you.

  31. Katheryn Bazar

    Thanks Anthony, I think this is a big part of my problem. This helps a lot

  32. Chris Crawford

    Hi Anthony
    The lesson today was easy to follow . I reckon i would use fiver
    Just to let you know i have a problem with the times on your webinars
    as 4am is not practical for me .

  33. Deanna enger

    Very enciteful and interesting. I am excited about getting involved in this endevour to succeed.
    Thanks Again

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    Another spectacular video Anthony! Keep up the great work. Still can’t believe you are giving away all this great content and education…but don’t stop! 🙂

  35. john skanes

    thanks that wasa alot of help,ill do my part with facebook and twitter

  36. Dale Neff

    It do not matter about the money, like I win all the time. I can watch you over and over and still pick up a little something.
    God Bless!
    Dale Neff

  37. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for this lesson. It is really interesting, innvoating and very exciting. I will probably get someone to do it for me. I would have more success that way I think.

    See you next week.

    Have a great weekend

  38. SCarpenter

    It would be interesting to see some of this demonstrated to enable us to capture feedback, results and observe response to unanticipated issues that may occur.

  39. Leroy Miller

    How do visitors download your free gift (PDF)? Where do you put it on your site or do they download it from the Lead Capture page? How do you control the download? Do you let people download the free bonus even if they don’t optin with their name and email address?

    Thanks for your comments.

  40. Akin

    Hi Anthony:

    Thanks with this very informative video, greatly appreciated.

    I will try that..

    Talk to you soon.


  41. Bob Weierbach

    Thanks for the tips! Looking forward to next week.
    Who Dat? (Seahawks?)

  42. wallace whiten

    Anthony, mine is a question. I missed something, you mentioned e-lance, Is this a company that you were saying get someone to do the work for you?

    This video, you presented it so clearly, brief, and made it look so simple. I have seen presentations attempting to do the same thing, and it looks so complicated.
    Thanks so much,

  43. K. K. Kumaroo

    Good – Lead Capture Page of Success Connection #160. A question. Suppose the person who reads my page does not want to furnich the name and address, what is good about my attempt. These days when Internet Theft of personal information has become a daily threat how I can expect people to give me the true information….?

  44. mark

    Thank you for the information. Every peice of advice adds up and helps me a lot as well as it keeps me motivated to learn more.
    Best Regards,

    Mark McCauley

  45. Michael Crooks

    Great stuff again can’t wait to use what I’ve been learning.


    Dear Anthony,

    I always find your videos informative and inspiring. I have not utilized
    your program yet but am starting to come up with some ideas for what
    I could do to earn some income off of the internet . I purchased your
    program over a year ago and find it very helpful that you keep in contact
    and provide free information and training on a weekly basis. Thank You
    I really appreciate it.


  47. Maude Kovarik

    Thanks Anthony for sending me this info. I really hated to miss last night because of a “pre ad’ from Java. I tried everything, but could not get through to the webinar.
    Thanks for all you do.
    Lee ( Maude)

  48. Jacqueline Harmon

    I am learning a lot..but I need to know about blogging. What are your thoughts on it and how to go about doing it..

  49. Richard E. Darling

    hey there Anthony,

    Interesting information on squeeze or capture pages. I personally would be interested in how to up load a video and set these pages to our hosting sites.

  50. Hazel J Adams

    Hi, Anthony thanks for this info today.I didn’t know what you called these pages’ I’ll look forward to your next training….thanks

  51. Isaac Zor

    I watched the success connection #160. It was very informative. My question is what is the difference between a capture page, landing page, squeeze page and a optin page?

  52. Scott Gaylord


    We’re new to your program but absolutely love the information. Where may we find Episodes #1 – 159? Do you have an archive?

    Thanks in advance,


  53. Robert Ahnert

    Great job Anthony!! Can you go a little deeper? Is it really that simple?

  54. Dorothy LeFrooth

    how do you know what to put on video. Sound like a good start to something positve. Need something to turn around soon.

  55. Isaac

    This is a very important aspect of marketing online that we need to learn and implement.

  56. Ed Ringer

    Like your presentation. Question: Why do the videos in your emails start and then stop and start up again? I have a laptop with Window 8.

  57. Brenda Mohammed

    This was a very good topic.
    Most people advertise their full website, but viewers do not have time to look at a full website when surfing.
    Lead capture pages always do the trick to get people to sign up.
    Thanks Anthony.

  58. Dianne

    I have a Mac so my question is what apps can you use to record and build my lead capture page.

  59. Richard

    Sounds sort of easy to execute, even for newbies like me. Could you answer how you set up the page within our auto responder?

  60. Keith Wright

    This was interesting, short and right to the point. Can’t wait until #161.

  61. Ngapari

    Hi Anthony
    I have submitted an affiliate product using a platform and I would like to know is how do I send an email to all my subscribers addressing them all with their personal names only once as a follow up response. Would it be better to use Aweber or email merger of some sort. Thanks

  62. Betty H

    That sounds really easy especially if I can get someone else to do the work so cheap. Love your videos as they are so informative and I love having a chance to win some money. Thank you, Anthony!

  63. Patsy Jackson

    This was great information for me. I’m sure anyone can learn from this video.
    I wish I could talk on a video like you. Thank you so much for taking your time doing this.

  64. Raymond


    You’re 100% on target that video converts more than just a text capture page. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on auto-responders. Personally, I use Aweber. I love their metrics and the ability to create custom HTML broadcasts and followup series.

  65. Carol

    Where do we put the lead page? I can’t be the first person on this! I would watch your videos if you didn’t give money. Because I don’t expect to win.

  66. Kahssaye

    great tips and fantastic delivery; you are on a mission to help;
    I wish I could master thesqueeze page technique.

  67. Theresa Smith

    I like these reminders. I’ll review your video on the lead capture page in our lessons.
    God bless

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    I am enjoying all of the wonderful training. I really think I am begining to understand.
    Thank you

  69. Anica Ioanas

    Hello Anthony,

    I am fallowing your directions,” One Step a Time”. Breaking the big “picture” and applying/practicing in small steps is clearing up the idea and it starts making sense for me….as I can assimilate is with a “Puzzle” where each piece should be added at its right place, in order to build-up the puzzle. It is a great start for the beginners,such myself! Thank you.

    Warmest whishes


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    Good information I’m always looking forward to your blog post.

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    thanks for everything that you are doing to help with all the different steps.

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    thanks I was thinking about how much this was cousting you to put this up ..thanks anthony

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    This is a good start. But you said you placed the video on the left upper corner and then later you stated that you put the entry box to the left of the video? But then the video will be on the right side of the screen, which likely is not the correct place for it?

    Was this only a bumble, or did I misunderstand?

    Please clarify.

    Kind regards

    rolf k.

  74. Charles Rose

    This training was very helpful in opening my awareness to how to setup my “Lead Page” and organize my webpage point of entry. Now I have a perspective on how to introduce my products and services using a YouTube video and page design with links to social networks to get the word out. Many thanks

  75. Charles Rose

    This training was very helpful in opening my awareness to how to setup my “Lead Page” and organize my webpage point of entry. Now I have a perspective on how to introduce my products and services using a YouTube video and page design with links to social networks to get the word out. Many thanks! CR

  76. teri

    Dear Anthony, You make it very easy to learn .Thank you all you time. PS you are no such a bad drawer… Teri

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    The thing that I like about these videos is that they are succinct — get right to the information that I need to know. Question–I would prefer to keep this marketing separate from my personal communications. Do I need to set up a separate account for the marketing?

  78. Susan Marcoux

    Makes sense but seems harder to do (especially when you have no extra money to throw at things) but…I think I’ll watch it again just to see if I missed something. By the way, the #9 webinar was great!

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    Great start. I can’t wait to watch the rest of the series. I appreciate all the value you give away for free!

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    I am amazed at what you are doing. Am interested in the business on how I can work from home and earn a decent income. My existing health condition and age has constrained my ability to do work but I believe that if there is a way to do it, I will.

    Thank you for all the good things you do helping others achieve some success.

    E. de la Vega

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    Anthony Thank You. Great information. The more I watch your success connection the more I learn. The information is powerful.

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    Got two websites. One is getting some traffic but i dont have a capture page. So where does the info go if they leave their info

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    the only incentive I need is to see cash in my click bank account from applying the wonderful information that you have shared with me. It’s a little more difficult since I’ve recently learned how to use a computer. Now if I liked and tweeted someone wearing a seahawks jersey, my friends back home would casterate me. LOL The zillion pieces are starting to fit. Great job Thanks Anthony

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  86. Alice Woodham


    Anthony this sounds really good but, I’m having a tough time going through
    things that you tell us to do FAST, but Anthony I can’t do things fast or I’ll mess up everything I’m doing. But I do want to go fast, really Fast but I’m always scared.

  87. John Antaya

    Hi Anthony

    This Success Connection Video was very interesting. The part I was really interested in was where you put your lead capture. I’ve noticed that the lead capture was right side top and not right side bottom and I’m not really sure as to why this would be.


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    Thank You for your time and help in teaching us who want to learn the secrets
    of success. It’s amazing how much of the information is right there, all we have to do is expand our minds and take what you teach us and do it.

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    I appreciate the great information. I’m learning alot, being one of your students. Education is a never ending cycle. I strive to become better,
    so that I can impact people’s lives like you are doing. You are a real Blessing.

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    Great job Anthony!!! I always find your videos informative and inspiring. I purchased your
    program over a year ago and find it very helpful that you keep in contact
    and provide free information and training on a weekly basis. Thank You
    I really appreciate it.

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    “Leads me ” LOL! Seriously,continuing great stuff. Thanks always!

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    So much to learn! Thank you for breaking it up
    in small pieces, as I learn to digest this technology

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    The capture page has been the missing key. I get plenty of traffic, but no way to hold it. I will stay connected.

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    As usual I have gleaned important information from you for building an online business. This time into driving traffic to our website(my brother and I). This is not an easy job to do. I am just getting into the email and newsletters and building a list. I am using Getresponse which I learned about from you. In fact, we have been using your books etc. from the start of this venture to the extent we are economically able. This is a good time to thank you for your inspiration and help. So Thank You!

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    Once again, VERY informative. Thank you!!

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    I use licenced plr books, plr videos, and plr that are license to give away free. I usally get them free with Master Right. I use safe list and Surf sight to get lead. I find that you have to have a video load fast because you have about 30 seconds to view ad. Also I like to give the choice of watching the video to the viewer.

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    Thank you very much Anthony for great info on the LCP.. I am saving to purchase the software and start the business as soon as possible. Christian

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    I want to thank you very much about all the great information you are providing us every week. It has been great for me and I hope to see you again this week and the weeks ahead. Sharone

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    to view them or store them so I can use them later

    Oh.. I am glad your girlfriend is from seattle.. love the Shirt.
    Seahawks maybe they should be using some of this information .

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    I will watch the next one, and I am sending this like to my Ebook writing partner.

    Norma Jeanne

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    I am a little confused about presently setting up a lead capture pages. How does this all work with the Free Website Offers that I have received .They are already done for me but you are absolutely correct about offering them something of value In return. As I am still learning about internet marketing myself what can I possibly give them for free at this time?

    Thanks Anthony
    From Yvette Success 2013

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    Great, fast and to the point. If you ar going to use white board, please use a good black felt pen. I can barely read your present notes.

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    Hi, Anthony,

    Thank you for your good lesson. But I’m still having a trouble understanding
    the very basic of this on-line marketing process. Do I need to have my website to advertise the products or services? Is this lead capture page
    actually written on the e-mail page just like a normal sending a message?

    Also, I desperately need a helping hand from one of your coaches to get me
    going on the Success with Anthony 2.0 program.
    with courage, Kaz

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    Great lesson. Are there other techniques that work just as this one to capture emails?

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    I cant tell you how much this helped.
    It is a great idea for the video, but I felt that it was impossible to put it all together.
    Is the lead capture page the home page?
    Thank Mary

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  140. Chris Nweke

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    Thank you Anthony, Now would this capture page be the same as the landing and squeeze pages?

  142. Harold Haulbrook

    “Hi” Anthony;—-“Hey” call me crazy”—“But” ya know whats been helping me—“I’ve” been Bookmarking” all–( or most of ) your success connection’s & any other “info” i can gather, & go over & over & over again .—“I”ve” got myself a heck of a little library going on “here” —it’s been helping a little “bit” —“I” hope,—–“I” think !!!! —-( l.o.l ) –“I” guess “i’ll” find out when the time comes. “Just” wanted to say “Thanks” again.—–“Hope” all’s well with you & your family.

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