1. norman rambow

    I am new about all this and getting a bit overwhelmed but I love the idea about getting information to all subscribers. I am learning so much,.,.thank you so much I appreciate all these training.. good thoughts about the time zones.. never thought about that.. But when is a good time to send messages out? 6am and 9pm?

  2. Mattie Hider

    Hi Anthony:
    Please excuse my memory but had a difficult time since joining the site

    plase refreash my memory, if not to much to ask. Need sign in infor,

    Thank you in advance,
    Mattie Hider

  3. Sam

    Hi Antony have you tried pure leverage . They also have hosting and auto responder very cheap and very good. Let me know what you think

  4. grace higbee

    I’m working on getting my website up and going. Thank for all you do, it is inspiring to receive these videos to keep the hope up that we can make it too.
    God Bless You always.


    A NTHONY regardeless of my failures and the really understand some very strange word and inability to succede i am not given up thanks to your patience, understanding and consideration i will keep tryng until you will be proud of me.. regardsmilena

  6. Mark

    Great Video, love that feature of sending e-mails out to all time-zones at the same time

  7. Tracy Z

    I like the fact that the video is very short and to the point.

  8. Susan Marcoux

    I agree. I initially signed up with AWebber but did check out Get Response and decided to switch over. I hadn’t done much with Awebber yet so, it wasn’t difficult (all I’d done so far was pay the bill) and, when I took GR up on their 30 day trial, they sent me lots of training videos, which I really appreciated. Thanks, Sue

  9. Shelly Campbell

    Thanks Anthony, I learn something new each time I listen to you. I am not yet where I want to be but I know I am getting good info every time I watch your videos.And growing my business little by little. Love the New Marketer Software!

  10. norman rambow

    Anthony good idea.. question: So are you saying that one can set up an ad to run at a certain time as in… set the time walk away and it will be disbursed automatically continually for you at the designated times? Unless one changes the timelines Yes?

  11. Rebecca Parris

    Hope you’re feeling better Anthony. You sounded like crap last night! poor baby!
    AR sounds great. I’ll look into this shortly. Thanks!

  12. Pearle Pearson


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  13. Pearle Pearson


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  14. Laura Kohrt


    I don’t know why I haven’t been following your success connection. I guess I’ve just let “Life” keep me from moving forward….I’ve been catching it the last couple of weeks and I’m really enjoying the series and learning a ton!! Thanks Anthony for all you do…Keep it up!! 🙂

    -Laura Kohrt
    [email protected]

  15. Greer

    I do have one question… When setting up a Auto responder like Get Response what is proper protocol for sending out the follow-up emails.

  16. Dorothy LeFrooth

    How do you get response where do I go what do I do
    Really need to get all the information I can not to smart with computer skills willing to learn

  17. Glenn Russell

    Good to know. Up until now, I was under the impression that Aweber was the ONLY one to use.

  18. Patrick Miller

    Thanks for the info.! Great to have this recommendation!

  19. Pamela Storr

    To Anthony:

    Is that the cheapest one because I can’t afford to much. Really I can’t afford any more at this moment.

  20. Bill Munro


    Once again, you did and excellent job. I do use a Aweber, but I’m glad to know about Get Response. As you may already know, I have a Marketing Site, thanks to you. Since I’m trying to help those who are new to internet
    marketing, I’m very happy to share this information with my list.

    Of course, I will definitely say that this information is from you & give your link to my list, so they can join us in the fantastic information.

    To Our Success,

    Bill Munro

  21. Dale Neff

    I joined Aweber way back when I joined with you. You recommended and I had agreed they where and are great.I am very loyal and I tried Getresponse
    and I loved it, but could afford only one and kept Aweber. I have to agree with everything you said about Getresponse is exactly as I found it. I have made some friends with Aweber and as soon as I can I am renewing my Getresponse, they are TOPS !
    God Bless!
    Dale Neff

  22. Marc Montaniel

    Will try GetResponse as I’m about to start my e-mail marketing campaign next month.

  23. john skanes

    that was very helpful, I just joined with Adam last night, hope i get the extra 42 bonus package, thanks john Skanes

  24. Dianne Yeager

    Learned something new about Get Response…email delivery adjusts to time zones

  25. Dianne Yeager

    Is there a way to ‘Like’ your Success Connection and Retweet after you have already aired.

  26. Melody

    Hi Anthony, Thank you for the info on what AR you should use. I do enjoy watching the success connections & getting the right helpful knowledge that is most helpful in creating succeess. Melody.

  27. carol k gardner

    hi anthony many thanks u for information with me and I am still work on it and struggled something cant enter in…..have a nice day

  28. Barbara Maddox

    Great information and I agree Get Reponse is my choice and their support is the best. Thank you for your pertinent information….

  29. john jayme

    I am just trying to really get thing kicked off now. I have been attempting to get started with Aweber. Their so called easy five minute start is anything but. I can really appreciate this right now. I will look into get response.
    Thank You.

  30. El Dee James

    I an really glad you talked about AR. It gives me more insight on which one to use. This can be very confusing when you are new and just learning all this.

  31. Regina Hunter

    How many people should be on your list when you start? What number is manageable?

  32. Luis Cordova

    Thanks Anthony for the advice,yes I will start with Get Response.

  33. M. A. Allen

    This great to have choices in sending out you response list. Plus it is good to know about that not all process the same way.

    You did not say if the Get Response group told you their new factures or if you found out by using them first.

    Please tell us if you have to ask question or they have a information page for new comers.

    Thanks again M. A. Allen

  34. Joe Bosch

    Great idea, it will be useful once I have a site with LOTS OF TRAFFIC. However, as long as my site has virtually no traffic, there won’t be any leads to put into an auto responder system.

    Now, how do I get traffic so there will be leads to put into this?


  35. K. K. Kumaroo

    With reference to #169, can you give us the addresses of the autoresponse companies?

  36. Felton Jackson

    Hi Anthony, I really trying to get into making money on line. I want to review all of your previous success connection topics. Could you let me know how I can review this information, Thank! Felton

  37. john skanes

    as you know I am new too this and I was trying to find out what is involved in get my affiliate link I D could really use some input thanks John Skanes.

  38. Mary

    Thanks Anthony,
    First, WOW! I dont have a list yet and have heard mostly about Aweber.

    I have been kooking at Get Response because for a newbie, it is a lot less expensive (before we are making money.

    I have 2 questions
    1)Does it have a feature where the emails cant duplicate? I always thought that was really important

    2) I dont mean to pry, but why don’t you put your affiliate link below? We are all in the same biz. I dont see anything wrong with it. Is there?

    Thanks Mary

  39. Betty L Crabtree

    Anthony – Thanks for your information about Get Response. I do use Aweber now and paid until December.

    I will check out Get response – your suggestions are always right on.

    BettyL aka Ruffles

  40. Chris Nweke

    Anthony I will like to know how to get account with “Get response” and enlighten me on how to use it also Ihave not got account with clickbank and I have no website. I want an affiliate link. Please educate me on all these. I real want to make money online. I want to buy the software “Auto Traffic Accelerator” because I want to be in front of traffic. Please advice me on what to do first or step by step of what to do to make money on
    line. I want to take action. Thank you for your concern and cooperation. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  41. Stephen Morgan

    Thanks for the great information. I have tried icontact recently but it is expensive. I will try getresponse because I try everything you present. It is great and trustworthy. Thanks.

  42. Al Liufau

    l am over my head with so much info.I am trying to learn and understand your system so I could see the daylite. I don’t blame you for my not being able to follow the inttructions quickly. I guess I am slower than most people. I hope You could give me some suggestions.I really hope that I won’t give up ’cause I really want to help my family. Thanks for your help Anthony. Al

  43. Yvette

    Hi Anthony,

    Sometime I think that you must be reading my mind. I chose Aweber for my e-mail subscription ,but thank you for the future reference .As always you are right on time with providing me with information that I need in order to succeed in internet marketing .I look forward to my Friday or Monday Session with you Keep up the good work .

  44. Thomas J Russo

    Thank you Anthony, I have been having medical problems, I am a veteran , sneco the VA. had me in the hospital for a while. I home now so I can continue my classes. I have not been able financially to proceed with a squezze page etc. Thank you for your success connection.

  45. Mark

    Yea, i love get responce. great auto responder. Thanks for word.


  46. Kazuko Finney

    Hi, Anthony,
    Thanks for another useful lesson.
    I just can’t get things started up yet, but.
    it is good to know that the “Get Response” is the
    good AR method.

  47. Edmund

    Excellent Session Anthony Thank You Very Much For The Valuable Information Concerning Email Auto Responder Services.

    Thank You Anthony Have A GREAT DAY!

  48. Larry Schmitz


    Your training is awesome Can you send me your affiliate link to Get Response so that I can sign up under you. You deserve to get the affiliate commission from me because of your excellent training. Thank you. I will watch for that. Email is [email protected].


  49. Kirsten

    I comment when I especially enjoy a post on a website or I have something to contribute
    to the discussion. It is caused by the passion displayed in the post I read.
    And after this post Success Connection #161:
    What AR Should You Use? | Anthony Morrison. I was moved enough to drop
    a thought 😉 I actually do have 2 questions for you if it’s allright. Is it simply me or do a few of these comments come across like they are left by brain dead folks? 😛 And, if you are writing on other places, I would like to keep up with you. Could you make a list every one of all your social sites like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

  50. Deniece Poston

    Get response great way a send emails to my contacts tks

  51. Deniece

    This is great info Anthony, that has been problem getting the traffic, but no way obtain a list of contacts to send my emails to Thanks again

  52. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    I went into get response and they are really great. Thank you for the great lesson and tips as usual. This will be very helpful. I need all the support I can get. I have had some financial problems but now things are finally getting back on track slowly. We really were not able to recover from Hurricane Sandy completely.

    You rock Anthony.

    See you next week

  53. james Ivy

    Excellent blog on the auto responders Anthony thanks for the tip about the “Get Response “auto responder will look into it. Always informative look forward to your next blog. Thank you.

  54. Jodi Ritter

    I’m still new at this too and appreciate all the information while learning out of my book at the same time. Question though, do I need a URL to send out emails? Thanks Anthony

  55. Michael Townsend

    Hey Anthony,
    I have a question about residual income. How do I become an affiliate of a site like get response, that pays residual income? I am aware that by referring someone to a place like that creates residual income, but I do not know how to set it up with the actual company or business.

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