1. bonnie

    My computer’s hacked and I appologize but if you reply I will too.

  2. Tim

    If you had to choose, which is more important the product or the market?

  3. Shelly Campbell

    Hey Anthony, Just watched the video & I am excited to be catching the beginning of this profit cycle.My goal is to make it thru every video this time.that can be tough with all I have going on.I admire you & really love listening to you & learning from you.didn’t see a face book button to share however,Just fyi.As always God Bless!

  4. John Antaya

    Thank You for this lesson Anthony. Good Analogy of the steps needed as a whole. Looking forward to your next Success Connection Video where you start to break down each step.


  5. Kenneth L. Davenport

    on each one I have the colar worked out I understand that I will have to test
    one slogan at a time into the market place to see what sells best I want to
    keep each theme as cleare as posibel I hope to focus on the youth 15 to 25
    years old I do not want to be prechie or I toled you so, at this stage I have
    personaly created beteen 75 to 85 slogans I have about 300 3×5 cards. I will read something that I like and I write it down old vcr cassete moves t.v.
    magazines books.

  6. Mike Whitlaw

    I am building a SiteSell website/blog and will use two related but separate agricultural endeavors as the key theme. Aquaponics and Hydroponics. I have not finished the site content blueprint it’s where I am now. I wish to segway SiteSell and a training organization I am involved with to help Aqua & Hydro operators who may or may not have an internet presence. I hope to help make those with sites more lucrative and those without sites internet marketers of their operations.
    I am soooo behind. I have only recently fixated on these two endeavors even though I have been subscribing to Site Sell for nearly a year. Took me that long to find a niche I felt comfortable promoting. It might test out that I need to do something else. Who knows?

  7. Robert von Ende

    I have the 1st book you (2008) & you have my e-mail address since then, also order the starting package. Keep up inspiring future entrepreneurs.Thank you, Robert von Ende

  8. Serzh

    Thank you for started this cycle.
    I can not weit to go through all of it.

  9. joyce jacobsen

    Thank you for spelling it out for me, I have tried for so long trying to get something going and I keep running in to a wall. I am excited about this one. Thanks again jj

  10. Terry McCord

    In looking at your presentation, my biggest problem is how to monetize my writing and editing skills in a way that produces meaningful income while minimizing the potential loss factor.

  11. Stephen Morgan

    Great start enjoy the information. I have a sports memoribila niche or idea maybe you want to jump into that or should I try something else.

  12. Tai On

    I believe:
    First: We must have a Website (if no money, one’s can not have the website)
    Second: products to advertise
    Third: to build a contact list of propects.
    If we don’t have these 3 tools, we can not get income( or to make money)
    Thank you
    [email protected]

  13. Michael Herline

    It looks like we are going to get some really great information on creating and promoting our own product. The first difficult task for me is going to be deciding what “niche” I’m prepared to create a product for. Looking forward to learning.

  14. Raymond Ford

    Just what I have been thinking about for 5 yrs,even before I bought a computer & tried to teach myself how to use it. Thanks R Ford

  15. Linda Falola

    Hi Anthony I would like to hear more about the how to published a product.

  16. eric odita

    i am eager to hear the section on affiliate recruiting and networking a new product

  17. frank senner

    dear anthony,
    very informative and helpful information.thank you.

  18. farah

    Hi Anthony! I’m a big fan…I’m starting (again) my product. Website (had one but took it down) scalp care and scalp treatments. I’ve been working on it on and off for 4yrs, but due to financial issues and working the dreaded paychk to paychk more off than on. Long to short, I’m getting back in the game, starting from my home making my scalp oils and on FB giving advice and some of my knowledge. I eventually want to go back to school to become a Tricologist and have my own clinic, but my biggest dream is to become an Internet entrapnure, I always fail at it:(, (that’s how I found out I want to be a scalp doctor)by building a niche website, helping others to save their hair like I wanted to save mine. But it all was making me broke then I had to get a job(ugh). I’m currently unemployed again, maternity reasons. I’ve been following the Morrisons for a couple yrs now, I’ve been to your seminar held in Sarsota yesterday, and will be seeing u, hopefully u, in Tampa next weekend. Anthony, I dn’t want to give up. My new baby is due in less than 2months. I have to grasp this, I just have to, and I knw u can help. SORRY SO LONG:) Thanks so much.

  19. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    This is really nice. I like the idea of launching your own product because it shows creativity and also to help other people. I really want to know how to create. I really need help in one good ad to throw it out there and hopefully get traffic and profits. I am really excited about getting started.
    See you next week.

  20. emma

    Im really going to enjoy this profit cycle.This kind of work is what im really interesting in.I want to get started on this asap.Do you have to have your own website to do this cause i don’t and how do you get pd.

  21. Herlinda Gallego

    I’m listening, haven’t gotten started yet but I will.

  22. James Cook

    Great Anthony! Really looking forward to this training, Question How large a market has to be, to be viable for your product. How do you measure a viable market?

  23. christine quinn

    hi anthony i find this profit cycle exciting as i have a lot of topic i know people are interested in and people are responsive to me when i tell them how best to do /cope or solve a problem,be it gardening /cooking/painting/or how to cope with their illness/lifes dilemas.i just need the confidence to allow my self to complete the challenge. looking forward to the next profit cycle.regards christine



  25. Demetrius Witherspoon

    I would like t do weight loss because I fond many ways to phelps people to lose the weight. S what would be the best way to present it so I can put this information out there for others to try

  26. Jim Brundahl

    Thanks for the overall picture. Did you mean get affiliates to promote your product?

  27. Linda Brown

    I hear you speak on these lesson’s and it makes sense, but being a newbie i can now see how much work you put into all this…but it was worth it in the end for you. I have done much of what you speak of, and I’ll get all my material out to look over and go over it.

  28. Lilian Mercado

    Hi, I really really need help? someone created my website to help me out, because I do animal rescue, mainly cats. and the purpose was to have the profits help me with their food ans shelter. I have been unemployed since 2011, used up all my savings, unemployment etc. So Now I really need to get this website going. Can you plse, help? I get frustrated, need guidance. Lilian

    P.S. the need is greater than ever now, because a lot of people are dumping their animals into streets, because of the economy.

  29. Matt Holimon

    Anthony.I had this affiliate website for almost a year.I’m trying to get the search engines to recignize it better to draw more traffic on it.Now I tried Direct CPV.It’s really money I don’t have yet until it gets going good.Is there anything else I can try thats inexpensive,or mostly on the free side for now?Matt Holimon….

  30. Ann Parrish

    I am inspired by the profit cycle because I would love to market my own prodiucts. How many products would be necessary for a product line?

  31. Doris Busari

    Very Interesting video of Anthony Morrison. Looking forward to come on board immediately.

    Thank you, in advance for the opportuntiy to work with your agency.

    Respectful: Doris Busari

  32. Jason Chappell

    I’m sooo excited about this Success Connection training series… I’m already brainstorming ideas. Thanks Anthony!!!

  33. Gary Hoppe

    Seems simple enough which is good for us newbies but it is probably not as easy as it sounds. How does a brand new affiliate recruit the big guns when you have nothing to offer unless it is a percentage of sales they generate 50/50 split???

  34. abim theophilus

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you very much for this training as you have simplified it so well. Making any form of marketing very easy. It’s sounds so very simple and make me think, why did I not do it like this or think like this before now
    The idea I have been trying to get out there is about ways to clear debts and have a clean credit file. Most people are not able to get credit due to bad credit and creditors are on to them.
    You rock

  35. Sharron Hudgins

    This is great information! I really enjoy Success Connection! I do like the subject, but my question is, how do you create a product out of a niche?
    Also, I have an idea for a new social network, however, I do not know the steps to take to make it a reality. I believe it is a good idea and could become very popular, possibly even give facebook a run for it’s money! I believe my idea is great for the times we live in and could become a great connection for people.

    Sharron H.

  36. Reneee Hicks

    I would like to learn all about marketing. When you all were here in my state i did not have money for the class.

  37. Jane M

    Hi Anthony…I am interested in learning more in launching my own product. I think it will be useful in (finally) creating my website/blog and posting affiliate ads on the side.

  38. Eddy Mc Locklin

    Hi Anrhony,
    I am very interested in learning about the profit cycle as it relates to a producr or service I want to bring to market. I am enthuiastically waiting for the next success connection.

  39. sharon siemens

    Alot of your video’s aren’t working for me.
    Funny how you should mention to sell on Ebay,etc.
    A friend of mine he makes his living selling things on
    search engines and he’s going to show me how to sell

  40. Patrick Miller

    So far, so good! Right now the general overview is just what I need.

  41. Marc Montaniel

    Eventually I want to launch my own product/service over the Internet. So, I’m looking forward to learning more about this in the coming sessions. Thanks Anthony for sharing your knowledge.

  42. Jacqueline Alderking

    It is a good idea but how does one learn about these sites to check out

  43. glenn

    I need to know more about “listing” the product with a network. Details, Anthony, details!

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