1. Marquis Garrett

    Hello I am looking for advice. I want to start my own affiliate business but I don’t know where to start. I believe it will be successful with a lot of hard work but I need help.

  2. Ms. Devin

    Hi Anthony,
    I have a new website which is a directory for group music teachers and the students looking for them. I got the idea while looking at I so wished that someone would put together a website for music teachers of enrichment programs, group classes and group lessons. And then I thought to myself–hey, why don’t I put the directory together? And here it is…
    Any suggestions on marketing?

  3. Jane M

    Hi Anthony. I chose a niche in healthy eating because I have lost 15 lbs. last year from doing this and want to share it to the public. I was thinking of creating a website/blog and share my healthy eating recipes on it, as well as share some nutritional facts. At the same time, I like to promote some affiliate ads in my website. However, I am having a little hard time finding ads from Clickbank and Peerfly that would be relevant to my niche. I’m thinking of creating a product, but what? I can’t wait to watch your next video next week.

  4. K. K. Kumaroo

    I am making an exhotic list of things I am deeply interested and good at. But you must tell me how I can launch the business without investing any money which I do not have. This comment is for you to give me a reply. If you do not reply me, I will have to assume that you are doing all these talks only to make money for yourself

  5. Michael Herline

    Thanks for the motivation. I’ll be thinking about what I can do best and what to share with the world.

  6. Jason Chappell

    Awesome teaching series… I bet the “jack of all trades” type of person can make a ton of money knowing this information.

  7. Emma Brunson

    Thanks for the great information. What will be greater is, if you take one of our niches and have a live demo, starting from beginning to end, so those of us who are not tech savvy can make a go at it.

  8. Emma Brunson

    Finding one’s niche and launching it seems a daunting task. How much in your estimation, does it take to do this, from start to finish?

  9. norman rambow

    Great talk Anthony.. and welcome back from your trip… Okay niches. I am a really good at communicating and opening a conversation with anyone.. been a baker and participated in trade shows most of my life and have sold nutritional/ health supplement products. hopefully there are a few items in each I can work with.. as right now a couple campaigns I’ve launched aren’t doing so well.. oh back to PMI again,.,

  10. Pamela Storr

    To Anthony:

    That was good.

    I was thinking for a niche “Do It Yourself Books”.

    I hope you have a great weekend.

    Sincerely yours,


  11. Mike

    Look at areas of interest that you’d like to specialize in as well. If you enjoy learning new things, don’t limit yourself.

  12. Audrey K

    As always, I enjoy the helpful information you give us and your honest way of doing business. I am happy you are enjoying the success you deseve1 Audrey Kroll

  13. emma

    Im so excited about you set up your website find a product and make money do you set up a paypal account for this or clickbank.

  14. Patrick Miller

    Great suggestions! Now to pick the right one to work with!

  15. Ann Parrish

    This lesson on finding your own niche is one of the hardest to teach. I have a product and my niche is teaching children with difficulty learning to read. My product helps them focus on each sentence so they can get the information in their head to process it. My problem is that my product is so similar to products already on the market.

  16. Felton Jackson

    Hi Anthony, I am still with you and I like the small profit connection lessons. Thank! Felton

  17. Monty Monett

    Been gone on vacation w/ no internet access. So glad these are recorded so I can watch them now and I couldn’t then. Nice to catch up on what you are teaching

  18. Marc Montaniel

    Finding the niche is certainly critical to finding success in internet marketing. Yet, this presents a daunting challenge to me as I really need to dig deep into my inner thoughts to figure out what I’m really good at. So, it may take me a while to come up with the niche that will spell success for me in the long run.

  19. Thomas Longerbone

    I have choosen a niche in the Photo to Graphic T- shirt. I see a lot of people waering these type of tee’s. I already have several designs. I just need to get it going.

  20. Thomas J Russo

    Anthony , you are the real guru, always trying to share good news. Love you

  21. Thomas J Russo

    Dear Anthony , thank you again for your wisdom, and also your helping all your students.

  22. henry wise

    Well , I’ve seen alot of different niches to follow up with..and I like all of them now as becoming a affiliate marketer its not just about the “niche” it seems like it is really based upon the ,Traffic and thats what i’m figuring out now. What, I learned from reading ,Anthony’s books and following him on different sites we as Newbies in this field or even some one that has had a successful career could not have a better MENTOR than Anthony himself !!! now its just about start up money….??? (1) niche (2) traffic (3) ????? i have 2 out of the three….now its up to me and with a mentor like Anthony I will accomplish

  23. farah

    Awsum, just awsum! I am sooo inspired sooo excited! Thank you Mama Morrison and Papa Morrison for having such wonderful boys! Had a fantastic time in Tampa, and I hope to meet U too soon Anthony. Keep up the videos it’s learning and confirming…Thank you!

  24. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    This is great advice. My niche is eating healthy and weight loss. I am really committed to fitness and weight loss through Weight Watcher’s. They helped me see which is the best way to stay healthy and loose excess weight. I want to share that with other people who want to loose and don’t know how to start or where to start. Food that tastes good can be low in fat and low in sugar but still taste delicious.

  25. W gilzene

    Thank you Tony I learn a lot from this video It’s the time to commit you effort to building my finance and help others build their in a peacefull manner.


  26. Anna Styka

    Thanks for advice Anthony.. Every day I’m learning more.
    Maybe someday….Hope soon.

  27. Sharron Hudgins

    I like the idea to create a list. One thing I feel I am good at is writing. I do want to excel my ability. Somehow, I do not know if I am good enough to start blogging. I really want to do this. But, how good do you have to be?
    Back to niche’s. I want to create help for people in hurricane areas. I started a blog on blogger, but failed to qualify for google adsense. I feel my advice is great considering the information that is out there. I have actually been through many hurricanes personally.
    Anyway, this is just one thing I would like to do to help people. I just am not sure how to start. Should I write an e-book or do a campaign?
    This is important to me, especially since Superstorm Sandy. There was a lack of information there for sure. I am 50, so I have a lot of hurricane experience. Can you help?

    Thank you,
    Sharron Hudgins

  28. wilkens edmond

    hey Mr. Morrison, i just got finish readying your book that i had for almost 3 to 4 yrs now (THE HIDDEN MILLIONAIRE).. Couldn’t sleep one night turn the tv on and your show was on so i started to watch it so i sign up and i got the book and a DVD. so since i got the book i never open it once, but the good thing was that u never stop lol sending me e-mail.. so few months ago u sent out an email to and i read this quotes(
    “There is no royal, flower-
    strewn path to success. And if
    there is, I have not found it.
    For if I have accomplished
    anything in life, it is because
    I have been willing to work
    hard.” – C.J. Walker
    thats when i started to read your book and love it… thank u got lot out of it.. hope u come to ft. lauderdale or miami, florida soon

  29. Deniece

    This is a good place to start, I will have something to thing about seriously.
    I good way to learn about myself

  30. Deniece

    This is a good place to start. I will have something to think about seriously. A good way to take inventory, I can also remember how to spell.

  31. Sandra Fallon

    This is great information. Thanks for taking the time to teach this, every bit of information helps, and many time the little tips make a big difference.

  32. El Dee James

    Great information Anthony. You are right, everyone is good at at least one thing. We just need to find out what that is and do we have the passion to work at it and make money at it.

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