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Hey everyone just writing you this message on a wonderful Saturday morning here at home. I was actually inspired to write this particular blog by some of the recent events taking place in our country. Last week there was a major earthquake on the east coast and would you believe that the news broke (from what I’ve seen) on TWITTER. I could not believe that something so important and so relevant to our country was broadcast first on Twitter. However, it is important for us (myself included) to realize that things like Twitter and Facebook are the new medium. They are the new way to spread news and get your message to millions of people and we need to embrace it.

The trend right now is changing as more and more people use Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter to find out information, report information and just share daily thoughts with other people. Gone are the days when you have to wake up and walk to the front yard to grab your newspaper, now you can just get an app for that on your phone. Most mornings I read the news on my cell phone before I even get out of bed. The Internet and this insane “connectivity” that we now have has simply changed the way we live our lives all the way down to how we wake up in the morning.

It’s a crazy thought, but it’s very true. So with that in mind I want to embrace it (as should you) and start to publish/broadcast more of our information via sites like Twitter and Facebook. As you know last week I ran a contest and gave away $100 on my Facebook Fan pages obviously this was an ethical bribe to get you to join me there so we can keep you updated with the information and trainings I am publishing weekly. This week I am doing the same thing, but on Twitter so here’s how it works.

I am giving away $100 to one Twitter follower – Announcement will be via Twitter so you’ll need to keep watching to find out who wins!

If I can hit 10,000 Twitter followers by September 6, 2011 I will up that to giving 5 people each $100 … therefore increasing YOUR ODDS of winning… you can help me get more followers by simply hitting that RE TWEET BUTTON right above this post.

Simple request. Great ethical bribe… and in the end you and I stay more connected and after all that’s what it’s all about!

Step 1: Re-Tweet this post
Step 2: Follow Me on Twitter (click the Twitter bird below)
Step 3: Watch for the winner to be annoucned!


  1. James Carr


    I bought your books last February ead them bu didn’t do anything further I am in school and wanted to wait till I had more time to concentrate on being successful. I now see that this was a mistake. I watched your webiner about a week ago and I listened to the conference call last night and have activated m website and paid my hosting fees. And ready to get down to business.

    I am a disabled veteran living on a very limited fixed income so I don’t have a lot of money for things like having my system set up for me and some of the videos ou have sent me I wish I could buy everything I could get my hands on but at this point it is not an option.Ireally need to succeed in order to help my children and give back to the community I live in Kokomo, Indiana. I desperately need help.

  2. Les

    Anthony, I don’t know what Tweeter is, I don’t use it.


    I just use old good email. I don’t know how to re-tweet or follow you 🙁

    Your sincere fan,


  3. Barbara moore


  4. Ruth Santos

    Okay, Anthony, I tried to follow you, but got caught in all the confusion, so I don’t know if I’m there or not. Like I said before, if you can say anything to straighten me out on the social medias, please do so. It seems like mass confusion to me. True.

  5. Cynthia Becker

    Anthony – all your ideas are fresh, innovative, and positive. I would like to have a measure of the success with Internet marketing that you have had. Just need to get off the ground!

  6. Dot Hensley

    Communication is “so” instant these days. Too bad, rest/renewal of body, mind and spirit isn’t or is that bad. Something has to slow us in our personal lives.

  7. tony

    Good morning then ,it is good to know that u r home with family. Yes u r right . About how we get to read .about what happends in the world around ues.and the local news to.i don’t have to get up every. morning .an wonder going on now if I like to know something I just pick up my phone an look it up .an when I am at work I don’have a tv .so I go to my phone. An find out for myself. and I hope that everyone on the east coast is doing well today .

  8. Maxon Xavier

    This is Maxon Xavier, and I think I was the first one who did that. I hope You choose as a winner.

  9. Robbie Joy

    Anthony, I’m in the country with only dial-up and cannot get any videos to play for me, so I miss out on all your stuff unless written. Do you send out CD’s on any of these. I would so love to be able to make money on the internet as we are on Soc. Sec. only and need extra, but my skills on the computer are ?????
    Thanks, Robbie

  10. Dennis R. Ward

    I joined Tweeter last week under my name and every time I click on, I’m told I’m already a member. Also I’m on Facebook.
    Are you getting any rain and wind from The Tropical Storm?

  11. Ramon

    What people need to remember is that this technology is not slowing down and therefore our whole country is speeding ahead..real fast. Some of us will begin to realize that we thought we were having problems communicating with our children, well grandchildren are not standing around waiting either.
    Education is the key,but we can’t sit around waiting to be trained.
    Now if I lost you in my reply, pick up a book and read,learn how to use this technology,pass it around. If you live near a river and the forecast says flash flood possible, just don’t fill sand bags, buy a boat too.

  12. Dennis R. Ward

    I can always use a 100.00 even if it’s for puttin gas in my car….lol

    Dennis Ward
    I am enjoying reading “Profits From Home and very glad I bought it.
    Thank you

  13. Keith Rudolph

    Hey Anthony, got my site last night, this message today, retweeted you & trying to get things up & running–send me contact info as I have an issue I think should be done privately.

  14. terry

    very interesting I’m with you all the way I was travling the last few days but I am back. let me get busy.

  15. Sharon

    Not sure what to do with this retweet. It took me to something called Tweetmeme. I will have to look into that before I sign up. Thanks for all your information, instruction, blogs, webinars, etc. So helpful.

  16. James Hemingway

    Hi Anthony, I,ve been waiting for someone like you to come along.I just started reading your,really interesting material. I’am ready to give this my best try, to succeed. Thanks for giving me the oppertunity to “stand on the shoulders of a giant”

  17. Thomas

    Hi Anthony, Thank you for being there for people who are willing to have a
    change in their finances ,you are God sent .Keep up the good work.I do not have Twitter ,I’m not really good when it comes to Computer I do need help in this area

  18. Thomas

    Keep up the good work Anthony God Bless you.I dont have Twitter at this time .Thank you

  19. Olen

    Cash is great cash is fine BUT one of your 365 day courses would have everyone doing back flips for they could then make their own 500.

  20. Vicki

    Hello Anthony, Received your books just a few days ago and am beginning to read…it is fascinating. Am disabled and on a very limited income but am going to let you become my mentor.

  21. Pierre Mocombe

    You are right Anthony, twitter is another medium. With that said, I think it is important to utilize this fast growing medium. More and more people are getting more and more acquainted with Twitter and I am one of them.

  22. Carla Summers

    Hi Anthony! I am looking forward to building my businesses with your fantastic marketing system! I have several internet businesses that I plan to employ your strategies. BTW: I am now waiting for my next package to arrive. I have enjoyed the 365 Days system so far too ~ Thank you! 🙂

  23. Susan Amborn

    Just received my videos&books in the mail. And just starting to go thru all your training videos. But excited for what possibilities are in store for me to make a life-changing experience with your program. And if it happens I feel it was God-led. As it would be answer to my prayers and I can feel that you are a christian at heart. And for that reason, you want to give others the wealth you’ve been given by God. I have just walked out of a job that a christian friend helped me to get, because I was treated so pathetically by everyone there, and then purposefully given four hrs. a week by the manager there,(after I had only worked 3 wks. there, and still on partial un-employment). All of this eventually taking place .. only because the place that I had worked for-for 3 1/2 yrs., closed due to the economy, (which I had been asst. mgr. of for 2 1/2 yrs.), and had LOVED my job there!! All of this has been very discouraging!! As I would’ve been happy where I was at.

  24. Lana Duty

    Hi Anthony, I am attending the classes Adrian is giving in Nashville. They are very exciting and I hope I can master the art of marketing soon. There’s lots to learn and I am trying really hard. I am really impressed about your close family connections. This makes me trust you more.

  25. Pam

    Anthony, do you use TweetMeme? It keeps popping up. I’ve been unable to get online last week and a half–those bugs ’bout got my computer. Up and faster. PTL
    Thanks for helping all.

  26. Marsha Roth

    I am listening everyday so that I can get as much in my head that I can about marketing and I am soon going to try a few things out . Thankyou so much for everything you are teaching people and I hope to be successful YOU ARE AUSOME!!!!

  27. Laura Buchanan

    I am still trying to figure all this out. I think I am following you on twitter, I have not used that alot so I am still learning.

  28. Virginia

    Attended the 3-day course and today received the two courses Quick Start On Line and Invest Domains. Read both booklets and now ready to listen to the DVDs. so far I have done little with the course, but need to get going quiuckly. I am 82 and live on very small social security. Need to make some money to do the things I have always wanted to do all my life, and time is running out. Thanks for the opportunity and the training that you give jus as well as all the encouragement. Thanks a bunch.

  29. Deborah Perkins

    Hello Anthony,
    I am still reading your book. Online College is keeping me tooo buusy. I may go slower, but giving up is not an opition!!!!!

  30. John

    I was at first reluctant to try social media. I don’t have a good feeling to this day about facebook, however Twitter seems to be less personal and better for business relationships.

    Your attempt at bribing us is working as your twitter followers has been growing steadily. While some folks may take issue with your methods. that doesn’t bother me. Your efforts prove to me how dedicated you are in trying to help us learn.

    Thanks Anthony for all that you do.


  31. James Kahalewai

    Anthony, Still reading your books and ordered work book materials. Started about 2 weeks. I’m trying to learn all I can. My philosophy is crawl, walk, then run. Right now I’m between being born and crawl

  32. nellie menges

    Dont have the web site up yet ,and have not done twitter but the more i read i feel like i can do it ,so keep pushing us I need it nellie

  33. James Kahalewai

    Computor glitch…………..Continuing from crawl. I’m persistent and confident the program you have will work and I highly commend you in your accomplishments. Your total work staff is amazing.

    NOW…………..It’s my turn to make it work with my limited computor knowledge. Any and ALL HELP will be appreciated……………… Thanks……….Jimmy K

  34. Eileen

    Not sure why tweeting is so important. I must research it more. I know in my day job it would not be acceptable to check that all the time. There is one call I make during the day, but that is at lunch time…. when ever I get to take that.
    I do need the $100 chance, and the cash. My car is 13 years old now and I have to keep her going at least for a year.

  35. Jackson Coakley

    Anthony i had been side track and tried to get back on my website and could get on i would to continue but without a site i will not be able to get on,.let me know if i can get back on. Jackson

  36. Pam Alexich

    Received your books and DVDs. Just hope I can follow everything. I’ve got high hopes. And even if I mess up, it’s okay. A mistake is not a mistake if you can learn from it.

  37. Miguel Marrero

    Anthony just ordered your book looking forward to start reading it. I need to educate myself, create a plan and take action. With you and your team’s help I hope to succeed. Have a great Labor Day ! God’s speed! Miguel

  38. matthew schuler

    just go to its lets anyone (in the world) post a statement(tweet) anytime! check it out. I am new to it as well but its not complicated at all

  39. Tiffany

    I too I’am in school and haven’t had the time to give to this adventure. Apparently if I purchased it you must have made a good impression…but like with everything else I get fired up and somehow my light goes out…I don’t think I ever got my website up as well so I guess I would need help with that first.

  40. Thomas Chuhay

    I’m very impressed on all your wisdom and ideas to teach; However, I need to make money asap – I can’t seem to put together what to do without spending money I don’t have. Any response is appreciated!!!

  41. Carl Hendrix

    well started tweeting, the offers you gave me daily now and got your page up on my facebook, and advertizing on face book as well cmp, get people coming to my site, but need more people, how do i do yhat with out costing me a bundle………?

  42. Inez

    as I read all the comments after your blog notice there are alot of people up and on the computer 2am 3am 4am everyone has so much on their plate it is hard to stay asleep. I know all I can think about is getting this business started so I can see some extra income. I will persist until I succeed .

  43. Connie Hancock

    I agree with Thomas Chuhay when he says he needs to make money ASAP without spending money we don’t have. I know you have advice on how to make this happen so that we can be successful. Please share it.

  44. cheryl Lloyd

    I have been following you since I baught your book last year. now its time i really take advantage of your knowledge. Than you for being there to help.

  45. Janifer Inell Peterka

    I feel fortunate to live in the mountains of Colorado where Hurricanes, Tornados, & Earthquakes just don’t reach us. But it is time to come together and help those who are effected. (Especially by those who are blessed by some income from these programs.)

    Janifer Inell Peterka

  46. Amanda

    Ok I just signed up for twitter. I have got a little discouraged and off track of my goals the last few weeks but I am ready to try this again. I had a limited amount of confidence in myself and was a little overwhelmed but I am dusting off my shoulders and gonna go by the advice I give my kids. Never say you CANNOT do it!!!! So here I go (for the kiddos)

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