1. Clarence

    That is some great information. I don’t have a Tweeter account but i will have one in a few hours, and I will see you on Face Book.

  2. Linda Guarino

    I am dedicating my next unemployment check to join the team. To get your website hosting fee paid. I am in desperation mode now and I have to get out from under. I can’t live this poor any longer. So hopefully next week will be my time to change my life.

  3. Cherita Young

    Wow Anthony, thanx for providing us the avenues to become successful in our businesses. Can’t wait to see the new software.

  4. Suzun Eggler

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Can’t wait to get your free software.
    Thanks so much. I well never quit. Some times it is not easy at all but I know you must go on.

  5. Summerlyn Menefee

    I have purchased the material and to no avail have I had any success. How cay this product service my needs with out me having to pay additional funding? Thank You for your help.

    Sincerely Summerlyn

  6. shabnam

    Since few days you are good inspiration, !!!
    I just wish all the young kids be like you. !!
    Today I simply Pray to God…that keep us on right path and give a chance to meet a people like you…

  7. Robert Haines

    I can’t wait to get new advertising tools…after all, that’s why we are here, right? Also, I don’t know whether I will get paid advertising for some offers on the dealshop website. When I click on “GO” to get to the offer site, I see it redirecting from an address that has my ID (147298). Some of the offers keep the ID URL as I am writing the copy. If I give the dealshop URL, how does the client find the offer without hunting the entire site?

  8. Pat Hogle

    Hi Anthony,

    I am new to your program and the fact that you are finding do many different ways for me to learn and stay in touch with you, has been a great learning tool!!! Thank you. I loof forward to your messages.

    Pat Hogle
    [email protected]

  9. Kathleen Magill

    Hey Anthony what about those of us that already follow you on twitter do we qualify for the contest? I can’t wait to get that software downloaded thank you Anthony.

  10. margaret sitar

    thanks for the exciting news about the new free product and the motivational giveaways are fun.I cant wait for success!

  11. kat

    The tweeted button is not working right it just pull up a page with a big white square on it…….hmmmmm.But still like your products and cant wait for the free software should be awesome like everything else is.

  12. Diedre Lingenfelter

    Have a great day, Anthony! Thank you for your blogs and for sharing information with all of us…

  13. michelle moreno

    HI anthony im really tryin to learn from you you are so inspritial to me i have been tryin to save money for i can get started on your program thanks so much i dont have tweeter again thanks michelle moreno

  14. Mary Linda Guernsey

    Dear Anthony,
    You keep me motivated with all your blogs, emails and your postings on Facebook and Twitter. You inspire me to be as busy as you must be to do all the writings you put out!! I find time around taking care of my 5 year old special needs grandson and his 6 year oldister so I can make sure when I’m no longer here he has and his parents have enough money to care for him.
    This is the motivation for me to be successful!!

  15. Diana Banks

    I’m a newbie trying to keep up with all you have to offer. Thanks for the challenges and prizes!

  16. Scott J. Van Giesen

    As usual you keep our focus,always more interesting info!! For sure we are blessed to have your experience to guide us ! Thanks for being who you are !!!

  17. Natalie Lee

    Greatly appreciate your motivation, tips, weekly blogs & ethical cash incentives. I really need cash! I do have both my Twitter & Facebook accounts started, and I’ve already started my first ads (on BING) for my website you gave me:


    I’ve improved on my ad, but now switching to another affiliate after three months. Not sure if I’ve made any cash yet, but your motivation really helps me along the way!!! Thank you for being a fabulous motivator & teacher!

  18. Ken & Joy Ganger

    Thanks, Anthony, I have never used Twitter before so hope I got signed up correctly. Looking forward to your software.

  19. Lakisha

    You really rock Anthony! Your such a blessing from heaven I follow you on Twitter.. I’m struggling right now to make ends meet my unemployment exhausted so things are rough. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put in your videos to help us all. Thank you

  20. Ruth

    Don’t know what everyone is talking about. New software? Must have missed the discussion on one of the calls I couldn’t get.

  21. Paula Jones

    Hi Anthony,
    I just bought the program last week & I just received my books and dvds yesterday so I am still reading. I hope I can put all this information into action and be as successful as you. Thanks for the motivation.

  22. Bill Jordan

    Hi Anthony, it has been a rough 18 months of which the last 14 were the WORSE. That’s how long I’ve been out of work. I’m looking down the tunnel, but I haven’t seen that light yet. I’m still LOOKING!! I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!!!

  23. Trena

    I became a Fan on Facebook and one of your follower’s a while back; are only new Fans and followers included in your give-away?

  24. Wrazor

    Thanks for the follow-ups. However, I am on a learning curve. Where do I start? I use a basic phone, no facebook, twitter. ,I have an aversion for sending money on things where I don.t know where to start. Possibly an agenda, a plan of action would assist. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

  25. sandra martinez

    Hey Anthony so excited to get new soft ware wow you are going over the top to help us thanks Anthony I’ll be waiting.

  26. Ima Denmon

    Hi Anthony. Looking forward to getting the new software. Having trouble activating my website. Been reading and learning a lot. Think I may be able to step out in to the waters.

  27. Randy Shannon

    Hi Anthony,

    This free software sounds like another great idea. Thanks again for all the help you provide for your students. Have a nice time this Labor-day week-end.,


  28. Drew Mirizzi

    I was on vacation a couple weeks ago and in the middle of the night I had a stomache ache. I put on the tv and there you were. It was like it was meant to be. When I got home I ordered the books and when it came in my wife was curious. My wife just recieved her Bachelors degree in finance and marketing. I was so excited to see into the fourth chapter already. I have a great feeling we are going to be a great team with our new business adventure. I wanted to thank you very much, we only just begun.- Drew

  29. Verna "Janie" Ezernack

    I so appreciate all your help and motivational e-mails. You are an inspiration and blessing to all of us.The new software offer sounds
    fantastic.I an following you on Facebook, Twitter, and your Blog.
    Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!!!!!!

    Janie Ezernack

  30. Audrey Kroll

    Thanks for your interesting Blog. It is always great to hear from you . Success to you!!

  31. Diane (eeldi)

    Thank you for all you do and also for the support that you give you give to all of us.

  32. Karen Pressley

    Thanks for the new tool looking forward to it……………………..thanks and keep on helping us……………………have a great week-end


    I admire and thank you for your blog.
    I wish I could become a succesful person in life. I would continue to follow up with your guide line.

    Best regards.

    John A. Fontem

  34. josejservin

    hi wow anthony thanks for the exciting news about the new free product and motivational give away and for your blog for sharing nformation with all of us have a great day.

  35. Denise Yester

    Thanks, Anthony, I am enjoying all the info that is coming my way! Keep it up, and I am hoping to make some extra cash soon!!

  36. Albert Shinn

    I enjoy your blogs and the other things you provide. I’ve learned not to get hung up or focused on winning while it would be nice. I’m focused on the tid bits I receive for they will help me in the long run. Thanks Anthony for being true to your ideals.

  37. Linda Guarino

    Glad you do all this, I am getting close to joining the team. So I am grateful for what you are doing now. Thanks

  38. Joseph Amador

    Thanks for your books and tools I am on my way to sucess in baby steps and lots of knowledge.Thanks again Antnony Morrison.

  39. Virginia

    thanks for the weekly blogs; they are a great inspiration. Looking forward to the next webinar–lots of great information in the first two. do appreciate all the work you put into helping us with the program. Keep it coming! You’re the best friend we could have. Again, thanks a bunch.

  40. Lana Duty

    Hi Anthony, Just a note to let you know I enjoyed Adrian’s 3 day presentation in Nashville this past weekend. I got a lot of great help and knowledge and I am looking forward to starting the 365 days to Success!!

  41. Maggie

    Thanks Anthony. I am still trying to make my first dollar online. Does it count if it’s a gift? or ethical bribe? Money is always green, right.

  42. Janice Daniels

    I’m still trying to figure out how to twitter, read your books, review your blogs, read your emails and hold down a full time job all at the same time, but I like your enthusiasm and encouraging videos. Thanks

  43. Kaye Hutton

    Hi Anthony, I have just returned from Nashville where I attended the ‘2010 Secrets of an Internet Millionaire’ seminar. It was great. I learned so much and totally enjoyed the three day presentation that Adrian made. I truly advise anyone interested in affiliate marketing to do what it take s to get to this seminar!

  44. Jeremiah K Afong

    I have a face book account and a twitter account, now when I click you twitter it sends me to twitter account page. I don’t want to have to twitter accounts, what shall I do/

  45. UMagee

    Thanks so much. I am in the process of reading your books. I am new at Tweeter, don’t understand it throughly. You make all this look so easy. Wish me luck. Thank again. Uneeda

  46. Sandra Jordan

    Hey Anthony, looking forward to the new software in need of quick cash to move back home.

  47. Janelle Burkett

    Hi, Anthony, I’ve been following you on twitter for awhile now both at @officialanthony and @AnthonyMorrison. Thank you for sharing some of your knowledge with us! You may never know how many lives you touch, but we thank you!



    We cannot do Email or Twitter and we feel right now that we are overwhelmed with just what we are trying to learn and do with putting up and working our assignments for our first website. We do intend to do both of those and anything else you suggest or is needed, but right now we feel we can’t handle any more.

    I am keeping anything we might need in the future in an Email folder and we will learn each one as we can in the future.

    Thank you


  49. Eduardo Alvarez

    Hi Anthony, I am taking a two week vacation and will be back working in my business starting Monday 19. I have been following you on Facebook and Twitter.
    Thank you,

  50. Ronald Forester

    whoooooooooooo Hooooooooo lets go for it eeeeeeee hawwwwwwww lol 🙂
    On a serious note .. been procrastinating here ..changing my mind set …

    time to begin 🙂

    have a great day Anthony

  51. Hillari

    I saw your TV ad very late one night. I was about to dismiss it when something nudged me to go to the phone and buy your books. I’m so glad I did! I look forward to learning more about affiliate marketing.

  52. Nathan Ross

    Hi Anthony;

    I am really looking forward to your Seminar here in Michigan. My wife and I need some ray of light coming into our lives, far as financial concerns. It would really be nice to pay off these bills once and for all. Don’t get me wrong I know we will always have bills. It would be nice to reduce what we have… lol . I have to laugh about it… no other way : ).. will see you soon.

    The Ross Family : )

  53. Joyce Knake

    Looking forward to hearing more about your new software. It’s always good to keep learning new things, other wise you fall backward.

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