Using Video To Explode Conversions

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This won’t be a very long post, however, I do feel it’s important to make a note of something that I feel can really help you all increase your conversion rates. If you are building your own “landing pages” to promote your affiliate marketing offers I highly suggest using some form of “video” on your page. I know many people that will disagree with me completely on this idea, however, I am a firm believer that video is the way to go if you want to get higher conversion ratios.

The fact of the matter is people (society) is use to responding to video. Just think of the countless number of hours of TV you watch during a day, week, month, year…. see what I mean? Our society is trained to watch, listen and respond to video. Bringing that on the web where a person is more intensely paying attention to the content that is being delivered is a recipe for huge success, in my opinion.

You all know that I have used video on just about everything I have done online. I have had tremendous results and I think it’s time you all start implementing this easy and very effective strategy in your marketing. You can use any kind of camera even the webcam that comes in your computer will work just fine. If you don’t have a webcam you can grab one for like $20 so this isn’t an expensive option to test.

Just my thoughts for the night…. I hope you all follow my lead… video is where it’s at!


  1. Tammy Manning

    You Know I belive your right!! I am going to try the Video stuff as wel. I will try it with my camera. I will post it on Facebook & Twitter. I will get it up in a few days.. Again TY Anthony.. God Bless!!!

    Sincerely, Mrs.Manning

  2. David Eisenhauer

    I am new to yopur program and I have found it to be interesting, so far. I am not a “techie”, but I do try. You mentioned landing pages. Do you have any resources that I can use to do this and what is the best way to link it all together? Thanks for the help !!!


  3. Dan Morawski

    Antony I arree . I believe video is a great way to bring people to websites . I! am new at this and happy to be a part of the team !

  4. The Night-Owl (Bobby Sims)

    Anthony, Like always! visualization in advertising is a winner and I agreed with you to the fullest extent of that knowledge. Thank you for that piece of advice. You and your family have a great day.

  5. Carol Amato

    I’ve known that I have needed to implement video more, but have not forced myself to make the time commitment to incorporate it.

    It is more simple than writing copy and probably more affective, depending on the face/sincerity of the person.

    Thanks for the shove in the right direction!


  6. Laura

    I agree that video is a important factor in being able to sell a product or an idea. I just don’t know the first step in setting up a video. I’m not mechanically minded.

  7. Marilu Nieto

    Yes, you are right about the video, but and I should not use the word but because here comes the excuse, I am an old fuddy duddy and need to force myself to implement. What is inside us that holds us back from what we know we should do?

  8. Ima

    I like the video idea too, but I’m like Laura, not mechanically incline and don’t know the first think about setting one up. Once I get acsess to my website I’ll see if I can figure out how to do that. Thanks for everything.

  9. Sharon Moore

    As a newbie affiliate marketer, I also believe that having smartphone mobile apps that enable video viewing, updating your website, linking to social media platforms, etc. are required for today’s business environment. Are you planning to release any mobile apps because right now I cannot view any of your videos from my HTC Windows 7 smartphone

  10. Inge Canet

    Yes I agree not because I have done it yet but I see the impact good advertising has… it draws you to the information Need to learn more I am 65 but I desire to learn and be part of this incredible window of opportunity to promote what you believe in
    thank you

  11. Shelly Medlin

    I have one very short video to begin with but I want to buy a camera that will do the job. Got to make a little money to do it.

  12. Robert Karney

    Anthony, sounds like there are several that like your suggestion but need help in seting up the video or direction to where to find that help. Can you provide that direction? Bob

  13. denise

    I’d like to say I do agree with this information, thats the way things are going. When you think about it, when most of us surf the net and take in all this knowledge in our eyes get heavy and sleepy and we want to just sign off. But if we come across a video its more relaxing and because we use different senses it gives the eyes a nice break, therefore we stay online a little longer. Also there are alot of people out there that have a different amount of reading ability, so its refreshing for them to have eye contact.

  14. Elain

    Hi! Anthony!

    I like your idea! I did a small video in my Facebook for testing!
    but I am scared to make long for public speech!
    not because I am newbie and,English is my second languish!
    I need to try more!

    Thanks for your advise again !!

  15. Skip Hyde

    AM –

    Thanks for your ideas. I am a newbie with experience. I have had a computer for 20 years, read everything people sent me, but never did anything but business on it. I need instruction from the ground up. How to get a website, what to do with it, etc.
    I am at your disposal.

    Skip Hyde

  16. Dina Protin

    I have the five free web pages that came with the program . I am using only one right now but I would like to set up another one with video. Can I use the ones provided or are they a set template?

  17. Victoria

    How do i become an affiliate of your success program, I mean how do i earn when i tell my friends about your success story. Can you send ma an affiliate link or my referral link?


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