to change peoples lives forever.

    I’m getting ready to take this opportunity for me , after 30 years working
    for someone else. Now it’s my turn to control my life to have the abundant
    life God has for Jean…… I’m learning how to get my website up.

    I’ll keep listening to you weekly.I ‘m not afraid of work MY LIFE HAS BEEN
    A AWESOME CHALLENGE, I’ve been blessed to help others in numerous
    ways and will continue to share fruitful opportunity for myself and others.



  2. Brandon Daniels

    Anthony I think this is a great opportunity for lots of people who are disabled and can’t work like myself. Can’t generate income to pay off bills and to also have fun with, I’m going to take this easy almost FREE system offer that you setup ……..EXCITED… 🙂

    I’ll keep listening to you weekly. I’m looking forward to working and speaking with you on that monthly call and earning great success with your system and i accept the challange.

    Thank You For all the Information & Help for others.

    Brandon Daniels

  3. Gerald Goodwin

    I’m NEW here; just signed up today after making the call from your TV advertisement and buying your book.

    I would rally like to read your Anthony Morrison Build a Success Environment Part #1.

    I looked for a link to it but didn’t find one; would you lead me in the right direction?


    Gerald – – [email protected]

  4. luisteq

    So far the most abundant in info video of all the ones I’ve watched,
    you look so commited an excited and sure full of pieces of information for the whole puzzle that i feel conected to the source and make me think that this time it will be real (last time they just took my time & money)

    Very motivated, thank you.

  5. Michelle

    Anthony I think this is a great opportunity for lots of people who are disabled and can’t work like myself. Can’t generate income to pay off bills and to also have fun with, I’m going to take this easy almost FREE system offer that you setup ……..EXCITED… 🙂

    I’ll keep listening to you weekly. I’m looking forward to working and speaking with you on that monthly call and earning great success with your system and i accept the challange.

    Thank You For all the Information & Help for others.

    Brandon Daniels

  6. Dan C

    Thanks for the insight and motivation. This is not a get rich quick business.
    I am looking forward to being a success in this business, though!!!

  7. Doug Attaway

    I would like to join but it will be three weeks before I will have any money

    Regards, Doug Attaway

  8. Richard H Haffner

    I have most of your books, and i purchased your system to get started. , I thank you for all of the great material that you have made available to me. My big problem is , i have listened to every e-mail you have sent me, and listened to every program you have made available, through the messages on your life. You have told me so many things, that i have all of them running around in my mind. It has made me loose site of the first thing you told me, which is start off small, and learn how to do it rite first, then move upward.Well.ive started over , and am trying to get it rite. Thank you for all of the information you have put forth. Richard H Haffner.

  9. Russell Carlson

    Thanks for the information on the video’s. This isn’t easy, but I will keep going to be a success on this new jorney. I like doing this marketing thing even though I don’t understand it all right now. I will learn for myself and family. Thank you again for the helpful info. and start.

  10. Cynthia McDonald

    Anthony, Thank s for the information on the video, You inspire me to
    be successful.

  11. Isobel Jacobs

    Dear Anthony,
    Thank you. Your lesson’s are so uplifting and you’ll never know just how timely it was for me as I am living with a family member and recently sat down to figure out how I can accomplish my tasks. I set a shedule and bought a small corner desk that I can set up in my bedroom and have all my stuff (papers in a binder). It seems since I started this venture I have hit some major bumps and for just a few minutes I stop and talk myself through the hurdle and write down how to overcome or correct the problem. Thanks again I will look forward to the next one.

  12. Ms. Kyle Kendra


    Just wanted to thank you for the great opportunity that I know is coming my way. I appreciate all the videos and the words of encouragement. You make me smile every time I see your face on my computer. I believe you have a great heart and deserve all your success.

  13. Daria Bruce

    Anthony, thanks for the encouragement, I really try to follow the 365 days system. I started on November 5, 2010, I finish miles stone number one
    and now, I’m working with the company to put products on my website.
    anyway, I hope, I can make the best at the end of 2010. But my determination is to drive through until I can reach to the top. Merry Christmas
    and a Happy New Year everybody.

  14. ruben ortiz

    Anthony, thanks for your words of encouragement, I really think that a lot of us could use this kind of help to keep focus and keep working at our bussiness so, thnks a million!

  15. derrick

    well i see that the system works and i see the bumps in the road. but i do keep on adding more campings and i need more marketing outlets that are a less in cost, but thats easier sayed than done .

  16. Selina

    Anthony, your words of encouragement really are motivating. The key to success is being patient. What perfect timing in summary we will get there but at a slow pace and do not give in to our fears.

  17. Abe Doliente

    I just read your Weekly Blog # 18. Your enthusiasm in presenting these blogs are very contagious. It makes you feel to want some more and more. Thank you again for all the information that you share willingly and freely with all of us. Again, God Bless you.

  18. Patti

    I ordered you book Advertising Profits From Home, and also the complete course about a month ago. Life was so busy, that I didn’t even open it until this week. I have almost completed the book, signed up for the tutering, and had my first call Thursday morning. I am so excited. I have decided to go for the diet as I have been very interested in health products for several years. I look forward to building a great business during this next year. Thank you for all you are doing to help us.

  19. Gopal Iyer

    Thanks so much for the information. I am keeping on trying and not giving up. If something does not work, I am trying somethingelse.

    I am trying to see what is the best time to tweet. I have tried different times: 9AM ET, Noon ET, 8PM ET. I am not sure what is a good time to tweet. I will appreciate your reply: [email protected]

  20. Donald Cowper

    Don C.

    I saw a responce from a Dan C, Sounds like a nephew I know, Good to hear that both he and I are motivated. I feel like an “Intentional Rampt up
    Turtle” who furiously and steadly goes as fast as he can without stopping to wave at the sleeping rabbit who thinks he is ahead of me. .Anthony’s program does take Time and Focus to avoid being sidetracked.. “I run in such a way that I might obtain the prize” 1Cor. 9:24

  21. Alden

    Anthony, I have been watching your videos, they are good.
    The question I have, is I am interested in learning how
    to get started with affiliate marketing. ASAP, I have heard
    alot about it, and it sounds like a good way to get started.
    Any suggestions or training ideas are welcome. Thanks
    for your time.

  22. Gerry Salazar


    Aside from my appreciation of that blog I also wanted give a huge Thanks for the phone support from the folks at myeBiz. Those guys are awesome! Its great to know that they’re in my corner.


  23. Virginia L. Shuck

    hi Anthony Morrison I this this week’s Blog is outstanding advises for people to go by* and I hope You get this Message I’ll will be calling You as soon as I get the 500.00 ready to put on my debit card* I’ll call you and have you take the Money off my debit Visa Card Asap okay? so that I Virginia Lee Shuck Can get started asap alright? with my assistant Tina Deter alright? E/mail [email protected] thanks friends 102.02 following Me on Tweeter is’nt that great I have signed up with facebook too**!!!!

  24. Pollie Witherspoon

    I’m reading your book now, talking about success, the Entrepreneurial Mindset. I just watched your blog. I do have four of your books, even though, the two of them are like Greek to me.PPC & CPM ADVERTISING.
    ThankYou for the weekly blogs.

  25. Cee Gee Rabren

    Thank you for sharing another tip that will help me/us to stay focused and on the right track. Staying focused is one thing I really need to work on more. It is so easy to get side tracked before I know it. Thanks again for the nugget of knowledge. Have a blessed rest of the week until we see you again on Friday.

  26. Kaye Hutton

    Thanks for the information in todays blog. You always leave me with a positive attitude about my possibilities and that means so much when you are getting started.
    My coaching call on Wednesdasy should have me actually up and running.I am so excited!

  27. Kathleen Beller

    I like your videos. I have so many creative things I want to do, but the demands of family unwittingly slow my progress to achieving things. I keep giving time to both everyday. I just keep on keeping on. Don’t go away Anthony! Ha! Ha!

  28. Dorothy Derr

    Thnks for sharing. I know it takes time to build a successful business from home. Right now I am staying focused on one particular method and taking baby steps day to day.

  29. Jackie Bugg

    Anthony, building the foundation, it slow going and keeping focused. Your weekly blogs are great.

  30. Melissa Gonzales

    I an learning everything you are telling us started the school and career.

  31. Hattie Doctor

    Anthony i am soory i didnt get right back to you ,but i enjoyed the seminar. I wasnt to learn this business so i can have a bussiness of my own and have money coming in to help me raise my grand children and teach them this bussiness. Anthony i really would like your help i teching me how to work this business. Thankyou Anthony

  32. Teresa Moore

    I just love your enthusiasm & willingness to help us all. So many people are hurting during these troubled times.I am more motivated now to get going!

  33. jose vidal

    just got involved with your program. very important message, very important message !!!
    the temptation to, “ready…fire……. aim ! ” under pier/social preassure should be resisted until your infracstruture (you used the term, platform) is in place.
    thanks for this message.

  34. Liya H.

    hey anthony, so I’m reading your book but I’m more interested in the social media techniques. But I’m taking any notes that may help me. Thanks

  35. Carla De Petris

    Thank you for remind us that we need perseverance to accomoplish
    anything in life We have to be patience and we forget that sometimes.
    Best wishes

  36. Cheryl Rojo

    I would like to thank you for the wake up call. I realize it does take time and effort to build an Affiliate business or any business. Some time I find myself getting so excited that I just want to know everything now.I am getting older and my health is not getting better.I just want so much to live a life with out wondering where I am going to be tomorrow.Do you remember when you said to stay away from those that put you down or try to discourage us from pursueing our dreams. Well sad to say that My Husband has asked for a divorce cause of my dream of becomeing an affiliate marketing . So I hope you can understand the importance of me learning as much as I can and as fast as I can.Cause now I have not just me to take care of but my 13 yr old daughter also.But like you said slow down and learn one thing at a time. Every thing you teach us is a blessing from you and you williness to teach. You will be rewarded in so many ways for being such a kind loveing person.I know your parents must be very proud of all that you have accompleshed. Thank You again Anthony.

  37. Jessie Littlejohn

    HI Anthony,received this blog at the right time. I feel as if I am on shaky ground, there is always something that takes me away from this opportunity, it’s seems that I am always clawing my way up hill.

  38. Victoria Caldwell

    Anthony, I have set goals, set the time to work every day for at least 3 hours. I was disappointed last week, but I am starting all over again. Thanks for your encouragement Anthony.

  39. James Kahalewai

    Anthony………Thanks for this blog……..I like to be organized and well detailed in all things. As I get older there seems to be less time management. I’ll try hard to get back on tract…………Jimmy K.

  40. Dwight Price

    Hello mr Morrison, i recently signed up for you training course however i am somewhat limited in my time scheldue i am presently helping to take care of my elderly mother, but i am still going to try and get every lesson in Anthony i have paid out my money in hopes that you are not like the scammers in the past.Iam looking for a true work from home deal that will truly show resultsin years to come, i know my age is advanced but i am willing to give every thing i can to make this work.You are my last alternative, since i am physically unable to hold a job.Heres to trusting

  41. Randy Clarke

    Still one of my favorite posts!!!, Although I am very new to internet marketing, I have been a business owner for over 20 yrs. Let me say that Anthony has it SPOT ON. It is very different working for yourself. You have to get used to the idea that you are BUILDING a business……..that takes time, and during that time, you may make little or no money. When I fist started, I was making considerably less than I did at my job. But eventually I multiplied my income X 10……….that’s what you are working towards!


  42. Titus Mckee

    Thanks for the e-mail that you sent me to your #18 vidio. I had already seen it but with so much running through my head I had lost site of the information you had already shown me. Trying to get started with very little money leaves me with trying to go through many unneccesary walls causing my vision to be so blurred that at times it really is discouraging realizing I have already learned this or read that or even thought about something else. Eventually remembering I’ve already been there, done that. At times I’m sure everyone goes through the feelings of thinking they are loosing there minds. I’ve found at them moments it’s just better to get up, do something to clear my mind for 30 mins. or more. Anyway Thanks for the support!

  43. clay morris

    left a note for u on facebook – but i must have done something wrong…. i realy would like to win ur new book!!! – hope some wil direct me

    thank u

  44. Nancy

    Thanks for all the advice….I ususally limit myself to three things per day toward my efficient environment….one day I can have that paper thin computer….as a goal….nancy

  45. Bessie

    Thanks Ant! I am really learning a lot of new stuff from your book. I’m staying focused on your first advice and getting educated by reading the entire book BEFORE I venture further. I’m taking my time reading it because I want to thoroughly understand it before I venture out. I’m now on page 100 and I’ve read it non-stop for less than a week (some of the info I have read two or three times). I hope to get to the action soon.

  46. theresa mcdonald

    This was a great blog. I am very competitive and have been so since I was 5 or 6 yrs. old. I played competitive
    basketball, volleyball, and track in high school and was very successful. I was an all-state basketball player and track athlete. I am also very impatient with myself. If I don’t experience success fairly quickly I become very frustrated and angry. I start blaming myself and pushing too hard which only makes matters worse. This blog was something I needed to hear early on so I don’t become frustrated when I don’t do as well as I think I should. I have never been a computer person and so I am learning not only about aff. mark. but how to use the computer itself. Thanks for helping me get my mind set for some of the bumps and dips I will be experiencing as I set up this business. Theresa McDonald-Dallas,TX

  47. Geraldine Pisklak

    Your Weekly blog #18 Part #2 kept stopping as I was trying to listen to it. Not sure what the problem is but thought I would let you know. Starts, stops, starts, stops. Finally gave up on it. I tried it again before sending this comment and it is still doing the same thing,

  48. Geraldine Pisklak

    Got it fixed. Low band width was the problem.
    Running too many programs on the internet at one time.
    Thanks. The blog was very helpful.

  49. NeilB

    Anthony, Thanks for sharing your experiences and being brutally honest so we can prepare for the journey ahead.

    Thanks NeilB

  50. Robert Karney

    Anthony, thanks for all the words of encouragement. I know the system works and i know we will make money. Thanks again. Robert

  51. Debra Scribner

    Thanks Anthony, my notebook is filling up this morning. Just watched my 5th weekly blog for this morning! So motivated right now! I feel like writing and ad!! lol C U! Debra

  52. Alice Wilson

    I need the yellow notepad – – – and the clean desk. My job to do tomorrow first thing. Thanks for all the good reminders.

  53. judy bame

    Superb motivation as always. I appreciate you taking the time and making the effort for those of us who are following you. I appreciate you.

  54. Cesar P. DeGracia

    Dear Anthony,

    I have read the three secrets for achieving success. I have also read the “Outliers” , The Story of Success, by Malcolm Gladwell. I am a true believer of these principles and I know that I have gone through this grind, probably even worse than what you have experienced. I come from a family in the Philippines that had struggled for survival all their lives. I was the first to go to college because I saw how hard my parents worked. I am also blessed, not as much as you have been, but nevertheless blessed with some intelligence that enabled me to get a schlarship to come to the US to pursue my studies. And for this I am very grateful. I wish I am still able to do what you are asking me, Anthony. I believe you and I admire your success. Thank you for your encouragement. I still want to be your friend and continue to communicate with you even if I can no longer do what you are asking me.



  55. Giovanni

    Yes Sir, there is a whole lot to learn but you feel good once you know that you will be accomplishing something ahead of you. Goals are important it keeps you moving towards the objectives.

  56. Susan Marcoux

    True that! When I opened my clinic (a few years back) there were days that I simply sat there…no appointments that day. Okay, I didn’t just sit, as there were always things to be done but there was ‘no profitable business’ to hand. The things I did, while sitting there, were still key elements to my overall success. So, I get this principle entirely. Those things I did in my ‘down time’ were crucial to my overall success in that venture. Thanks, Sue

  57. Joyce Medford

    do not have wesite yet but I will as soon as I get the money for hosting but I love all your information and coments all your help. YOU ARE THE BEST

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