Washington D.C – For The First Time…

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Seeing as how the Holidays are right around the corner I figured maybe I will take a break from the “how to” blogs that I typically do every week. I feel like the more you get to know me the more you will realize WHY I love teach Internet marketing and WHY I love what I do online. So I figured to start off I will share my trip to Washington, DC with you here today. I actually told my girlfriend I would take her to D.C. for her birthday in July. I, however, never stop working and that date came (and went) and ummm we didn’t make it to D.C. That probably wasn’t the smartest decision I have ever made, but lucky for me my girlfriend is pretty understanding when it comes to my having to work all the time.

We ended up going to D.C. in October so it was significantly cooler temperatures that we would have had in July. We stayed at one of the coolest hotels in D.C. The Willard Intercontinental which I have to say IS NOT my taste, but the history there is what makes it so cool. I think we were by far the youngest people to walk through the lobby the entire time we stayed there, but my girlfriend loves history so that’s where we stayed.

Our first day out we actually saw the White House which was really cool. I am not much of a “history” or “political” person, but it was really cool to see the White House for the first time here’s a picture I took while there..

That was pretty much as close as we got to the White House. I didn’t realize you have to get on a waiting list literally MONTHS in advance if you plan on touring any part of it (or anywhere near it for that matter) but again it was just cool to be there and see it in person. We spent the rest of the day seeing the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and so many other things. I was literally worn out by the end of the day. You all know I sit behind a computer 99% of my life! So walking around (a freezing cold) D.C. wasn’t something I was really prepared for physically so my girlfriend of course made fun of me daily for being out of shape.

On a side note one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2012 is going to be to go back to the gym! I use to workout daily… now I live on my computer and never take an hour to exercise!

Anyway we also took some time to visit Arlington National Cemetery. I can’t really explain the feeling walking through this place I truly believe its something you have to experience to really understand how it feels.  When we arrived they were actually in the middle of a ceremony for a solider who was being laid to rest that day. Again just such a humbling experience to see all these graves for what felt like miles and miles. Knowing these people all gave their lives for us so our country can be free it’s quite an amazing experience.

We also were able to see the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown solider. Again what an experience…. just seeing how much respect they continue to give this soldier as well as the rest of them in this place.


Our last day we visited Georgetown which I thought was really cool ! I of course managed to find something that reminded me of business so naturally I took a picture for this blog post check it out…


Yes I managed to somehow find “M” street while walking around Georgetown. I naturally gravitated to it for this picture! My girlfriend is so sick of the letter M I can’t believe she actually snapped this for me! All in all this trip was a lot of fun, but also very educational for me. Not being much of a “history” person it was really interesting to visit the Smithsonian as well as all of our national monuments. I would recommend that everyone visit this place at least once in a lifetime!

Hope you enjoyed a few shots of my short (but very much necessary) vacation to D.C.


  1. Cheryl

    I love DC and really enjoyed your blog post. I absolutely love the Williard Hotel and it is also nice to visit DC in the spring (at Cherry Blossom Festival time) and sit on the sidewalk cafe in front of the Willard. Thanks to you and Adrian for sharing your web expertise. I am learning so much.

  2. John


    Thanks for sharing your trip to Washington D.C. . It is a great place to reflect on how great our country really is.

    I can also understand yor excercise comment as well. I have the same struggle to stay active.

    I had a New Years Goal to start to lose weight and I have lost 40 LBS and half way to my first goal of 50 LBS, My goal is to lose 100 LBS hopefuly October or November.

    You can acheive your goals by daily action plans or DMO (daily method of operations). I think the most important is to write down your goals and work everyday towards those goals.

    Thank you for all you do.

  3. john graziano

    Hey, that was a great experience I’m sure. Wish I could make a trip like that , but funds are limited..Do you many more pic? I am sure some of us wouldn’t mind being a little jealous!HA!LOL…..

  4. Clarence

    Hey Anthony glad to see you had a great time in DC. Lots of great places to see. Been there once and loved it. Good history an places too see.

  5. Dean

    My family and I went there in May and had a blast as well. The Smithsonians (17) of them are all free. Same with the Zoo & it was awesome. Kennedy Center, US Mint, Spy Museum, Mt. Vernon, Viet Nam War Memorial etc. Hard Rock Cafe. We were blown away by the whole experience & will definitely go back! If you haven’t been there, you have got to check it out. You will not be disappointed! 🙂 We agree with Anthony about DC.

  6. Mary W

    Your pictures of Washington, D.C. are really awesome. They were well taken. I really like the 2900 Morrison Street NW picture. How can you beat that. Lots of good memories. Mary

  7. Bob and Jackie


    Thank you for sharing your experience in DC. We live in Laurel, Maryland, which is about 20 miles outside of DC. DC is a wonderful place to visit, if you ever get a chance to come during Cherry Blossom Time you should – I would also recommend that you stay at the Washington Hilton or the Sofitel Hotel off of H Street. If you’d like to stay on “M” street The St. Gregory is a great hotel as well. I have stayed at all of these hotels in my line of work and all of them have wonderful staff and great accommodations. Also, Georgia Brown’s is a one of the great places to eat.

  8. Theodore Seavy

    Every one should make this trip.I was there in1981. when we walked past the White house we noticed a box of envelopes on on the street. We looked at it and it was a box of invitations from the President. We immediately went to the marine guard at the door and told him about it. He was a bit shaken to see it out there and recovered it very quickly. That was the mos t excitement for the day.

  9. Brian Nagy

    Hi Anthany,
    I enjoy reading your pages and for this one it sounds like something I am going to try to do sometime in my life, the website I put down is the website I am just getting started hopefully it will start doing better soon so that I will be able to do the things I want to do in and to be able to help my parents like they helped me. Have a great day Brian

  10. Elouise Cunningham

    Great Pictures, it was your honesty about everything that was priceless
    the gym yes great idea. I too have been best friends with my hp209m
    since October 2011 and its really starting to show..I need to join the
    gym again and get at it….I dont think you gain weight, cause you always
    look so slim, I didnt know I gained weight because I never sat infront
    of the computer 18 hours a day. Yikes I gained lots and I’ve been dieting
    for two months and havent lost not one pound or one inch. Plus I’m not
    eating hardly anything…..I just got engaged and damn it, I’m going to
    remain as slim as I’ve always been….working on that as well.

    When I was in a management position and the first five years I just knew
    that everything would fall apart if I took holidays. So I didnt.
    Worst Mistake of My Life and you cant get that back, when time is gone
    by its gone by. You cant get it back. PLEASE REMEMBER TO TAKE

  11. Elouise Cunningham


  12. Christine

    I went to DC for the first time when I was 50 something.. I loved the city. I got into the White House which was a great experience and spent days visiting all the mall sites. I envy you the experience. Glad you had such a great time. Don’t forget to take care of yourself in the future. Don’t want to get old before your time. We need you.

  13. Rolland Lee

    The best way to see DC – take one of the Double Decker buses – they will go around to all the sites, so you don’t have to walk every where. Mistake we made when we went down – you think everything is so close. But really its so far and its hard to see everything if your walking. The buses go around every 20 minutes so you can get off and see the Monument, and Capitol and then when your done with that site you can jump on the bus and it will take you to the next. And the double deckers are open on the top so you get a great view that you would not walking or taking other transportation.

    I love DC – it is such a great place with so much history.

    Bus that we went on was – Washington DC Hop-On-Hop-Off Open-Top Double-Decker Bus Tour, like $35 bucks for the hole day and some times like we did we got a special for that price for 2 days.

  14. George L Ecker

    Anthony, thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences in DC.My family and I spent two days in DC, many years ago, and it was a very enjoyable and historical time.

    Good Luck Anthony!

    George Ecker

  15. Tristan Johnson

    I love your pics of you coming to my hometown Anthony.
    I know that you enjoy yourself, and have a really fun and good time here in
    WASHINGTON DC my friend.
    And I hope you and your girlfriend have a really good and nice time slight seeing here in DC man? If you not to busy my friend, maybe if u have
    enough money man, come back to Washington dc, and
    enjoy yourself even more than u did back then. DC is changes nnow,
    new places to see and lots of fun think to do man?
    So come on back to dc, and thanks again.

  16. Mercedes Lucin

    Most Americans do not realize how like they are to be born in this beautiful and generous nation. I’m from Chile and was naturalized as soon as I legally could, I love the USA. I’m grateful to this country for all it has has given me , all I could dream and …more.
    My daoughter when graduated from High School wen to Washington DC and did her intership working for the Courts in the Juvenile department at Washington DC.She loved it and decided to become an attorney.
    She also was touched and realized of how blessed she was to be an American, she tells me that I would love Washington DC and now you are telling us the same .My plans are to do it soon.
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
    Mercedes Lucin

  17. Sallie Stock

    I visited Washington, DC and I fell in love with this US Capital of the world. I enjoyed the big city atmosphere, the great restaurants, the historical value, and the shipping. DC residents are cheerful to visitors from other areas.

  18. Janice Thrift

    I hope you had time to check out the Smitzonian (cant spell lol) while you were out that way, its great I reall want to work on making mone this year but when you work 48hrs a week its hard to find time to try anything but getting more zzzzzz Hope you had fun God bless you.

  19. Pat McCormick

    DC is a great place, full of history. My husband is a history buff so we have made several trips to DC, now we take our 8yr old grandson. He loved Ford’s Theater, the last place that we visited. Next trip try the Newsusem.

  20. Dorothy Marr

    This was nice, at least it wasn’t raining. I have no idea the brand of sunglasses. I myself like some history it depends on what it is about. Thank you for sharing this close moment.

  21. Maria Negron

    Love your pics!!!! D.C is on my list, i wish to go there soon:)

    Have a nice day!

  22. Clint Clay

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing your experience. While in basic training in Virginia in1952 I used my first weekend pass to visit Washington, D. C. At that time, much easier to get into places that may present problems now. I had fun of wandering through the Capitol, into congressional chambers and seeing our House and Senate in session and also to traverse the lower level corridors and recognizing my Senators Sparkman and Lister Hill from Alabama.

  23. Ruth

    Pretty neat, Anthony! I have never had the pleasure of doing those things. I’ve driven through Washington, D.C. in the past, but never stopped to see the wonders there.

  24. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – Thanks for sharing. My family and I visited D.C. twice. I found it to be very interesting and enjoyable, even though I’m not much of a political and history buff either.

  25. Priscilla

    Thanks. I used to live in Washington D.C. walking distance to the White House. The international square used to be a hospital where I worked for 1.5 years. Now, it is a big building.Thanks for showing your pictures.

  26. Beverley G.

    Hi Anthony,

    It is great to see you in my territory. I lived in Washington before moving to Maryland. A first visit can be an awesome experience as I see when I accompany folks on that first visit.

    I look forward to meeting you on the 13th in Rockville.

    By the way, I downloaded your book last night and cannot wait to start reading it.


  27. Chris McDonnell

    If I had known you were here I would have shown you around I know this area like the back of my hand next time you are in the area Let me know and you woll not be dissappointed

    Sincerely yours,


  28. john washburn

    I Understand your feelings, I Toured there in 1966 when I worked in Arlington Va for a summer. I certainly would love to get back there and see the changes..

  29. Darrell Udelhoven

    That was very interesting…
    I’m glad you shared your trip with us.

    Anyone can simply Google Search: empowerment communications

    It has been the # Result for about a decade & a half.

    – Darrell

  30. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Anthony, I truely admire you for taking the time to teach all of us what you know about this bussiness. You remind me of another very wealthy man, Mr.Donald Trump. You are very wealthy and yet you still continue to work and help other people you do not even know. I am glad you are taking this vacation, I saw that M street in the photo. That is your street from now on. I am going to take a guess of those sunglasses are RayBans. Anthony that picture of the White House looks like the same place that a man shot at the White House last year, it came out in the news. I know I will some day be as successful as you and be able to go to different vacations. May GOD BLESS YOU and all your family&friends.–Your student -Luis

  31. Emmanuel Meredith Sr

    I am glad you enjoyed your self in D.C. we all need an vacation some time, may God bless you on mine more.

  32. Judy Hill

    Good too see you taking some down time. Enjoy your trip and thanks for sharing your photos and comments.

  33. Marcia Brown

    I’m so glad you got to go to DC, Anthony. There is sooo much history there. My husband have been there several times as he was Federal Relations Officer for his region of the Kansas Association of Elementary School Principals (KAESP). We went to lobby our senators and representatives about education matters. It was great to go together and give not only the school administers point of view, but as a teacher, I was able to give some insight as to the plight of rural classrooms.

    My husband was also voted Kansas National Distinguished Principal one year which allowed us to visit again. We were able to tour part of the White House, but this was right after 9/11, so we didn’t get to see the Oval Office . . . a great disappointment for me.

    I tell people that you could go to DC every week for the rest of your life and still not see everything!

    We have two favorite restaurants in Georgetown! They are on Wisconsin Street. One is call Papa Razzi’s . . . cute name, huh? It is in an old fire house. Right across the street is another great restaurant called Philamena’s Ristaurante. The first time we were there, in a little room to the right of the entrance, two little Italian grandmas were making home-made ravioli! Make sure you visit them next time you are in the DC area.

  34. Tyna Allianic

    I viewed your recent vacation pictures and story today, and I understand how this vacation was a great learning experience for you. I also spend endless hours in front of a computer, but I also know the importance of breaking away from it once in while. It’s important that you don’t neglect the finer things in life, for yourself and for, those relationships surrounding you.

    I too have always wanted to visit Washinton DC to take part in exposure to our political history and government. However, I have found in the past when my family and I are deciding on vacation spots, we always tend to choose the more extravagant, indulgent, and beach like spots. I recently took a trip to Chicago, Il, a place I often talked about visiting, but never did. Finally at age 48, I made it there, and wow, “What was I waiting for?” What a wonderful place to live. I never met so many computer programmers in one place that I could actually admire and learn from, and I used to work in Silicon Valley (Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, California area). Now I am taking my second trip there come this April and hopefully will land a new job there.


    Enjoyed participating in the traineing session in Houston. Cannot wait to begin. Mexcio trip got in the way, . I like the affiliate program; sort of like living on the edge the way I have to do now. I find the prospects exhiliarating! And am so glad I have the DVD’s to begin to re-learn. It is a huge amiunt of information, but so very well presented. best wishes, Wendell

  36. Joyce Knake

    It always pays to get away from what you do for a while. It can give you a new outlook or a different approach to things. It can create new ideas and make you feel refreshed and ready to dig in again.
    I’m glad you and your friend were able to get away for a while.

  37. Wanda

    It’s been a long time since I have been to DC….neet place…. Remember Mount Vernon and the mint…bill coming off the press……….


  38. Daniel D Magniza Jr

    Yes Anthony, I know how it feels to take a much needed break, breather from the hustle, bustle of life’s day to day chores.
    My family did visit Washington DC sometime summer of 2008 and later 2010 but was never able to visit all the nice places like you did. It seems 3 or 4 days in DC is not enough to really get a good schedule to see places to experience its history and events.
    Anyway, I am really happy for you to get time to take a tour in Washington DC.

  39. Margarita Farias

    Hi, Anthony,
    It’s Margarita, finally. I am sorry for not responding fast enough, but I come home so tired. I work Monday through Friday at an office, and I am always on the computer and on the switchboard. I see lots and lots of people in and out from that office, and get many request for assistance while I am behind that desk. My job also consist of screening people to let them in the parking lot, and taking the mail out by 11:00 a.m. and distributing the incoming mail to all the central office employees in my division, At 3:30, I must go up again, the the 3rd floor and pick-up some more mail and distribute more mail, then other times I must go run errands for the boss to other divisions, etc. I am no longer 25 years old. I am now 60 years old, so you can imagine. Though, I am not complaining because I do have a job, and consider myself lucky, but as you can see, why I am tired. Yes, I am looking for something I can do at home, but I need to know that I don’t need to pay anymore, and that it really works for me, because like everyone else, I have bills galore, lots of them.
    I love your pictures. Thank you. My son works for the Navy for Washington, DC, and yes, we had a chance to go visit and tour the House of Representative, and watch them debate and argue some issues, it was very interesting, and of course we tour Washington, D.C., but we didn’t have enough time to see the rest of the places we wanted to see, we plan to go again, sometime in the near future. My son now lives in VA and is an Independent Contractor for the Navy. When I saw the pictures it brought back memories. Again, you are a great gentleman, and I do appreciate your determination to help others. I did receive a call from someone in the office, but I had company and couldn’t get back to him.
    I will continue to look at your training and your sites. I find them very informative and easy to understand. I want to start, but I need to find the time to start and mostly the energy to get to do the things you do. I am not your typical 60 year old lady, but I sure can feel it after work. Anyway, thank you for all of your help. You are a hardworking, caring individual, and that makes you very special. Happy Easter, it’s coming your way soon. God Bless You, Anthony.

  40. terri nemetz

    Anthony, no I do not know what kind of sunglasses you were wearing, forgive me, but you do wear them well….T~

  41. Artemis

    Hello Anthony,

    Those are cool photos . I think the name bran is Guess. Am I right . Rember I;m guessing.


  42. John Grigsby

    Taking my Granddaughter to DC mid-March. Thrilled to get to see DC during the cherry blossom spring.
    Enjoyed your blog about DC. Next time there, you must see the Library of Congress, the National Archives and Monticello.
    By the way, I believe that the proper name is “Tomb of the Unknowns” and should be capitalized. The remains of more than one soldier are interred there. I might be mistaken, but that was how it used to be many years ago.

  43. Willy Lamoureux

    Hey Anthony,

    Thanks for the short tour of the D.C. area. That was cool! I need to visit there sometime.

    Thanks again,
    Willy Lamoureux

  44. elmer sabisch

    I always enjoy seeing your stuff. Because it keeps inspiration going and we all need that. Many of us are newbies and enjoy seeing success in front of us.

  45. James Crowley

    Looks like a great time! Never been to D.C. Would love to see Arlington National Cemetery. Hope your vacation was relaxing.

  46. Lily

    Hello Anthony, I enjoyed description of your visit Washington, DC
    Thank you to share with me your impresion of your trip.I also enjoyed your pictures..

    I was in two days bus tour to Washington, DC from New York
    when our family visited first time our friends and relatives in New York .
    But also our family got travel by a car nationwide from Los Angeles, Ca to New York by North and driving from New York to Los Angeles, Ca by South. We attended a lot of interesting places.
    I am a Travel Agent and I have to advice people about interesting places where to go on vacation to visit Nationwide or Internationally

  47. Bonnie Roncayolo

    Hey Anthony,

    That was a good trip. It’s too bad you didn’t have more time there because there are TONS of things to see and do. Museums, historical sites, food and more can’t be beat. I worked near there one summer at a theatre and we got to see and meet a lot of people. It was great. If you know people who live there it helps too.

    I’m glad you had a good time. Go again!

    — Bonnie

  48. TracyLynn Sylva

    Wow,thanks for sharing your pics and experiences while visiting the Nation’s Capital. I would love to take my daughter there so that she can see first hand and learn about the history of our country. Looks like you had a great time in D.C. Also, being able to experience all that our country has to offer and what she has been through.

  49. Beverly Warren

    Good for you, and your girlfriend. Having lived in the area, I think everyone should visit our Nations Capital at least once. Arlington Cemetery, The Vietnam memorial, and the National Archives are among my favorites.

  50. Marion

    I came to Washington during Spring break in 1968….The place is BEAUTIFUL during the Spring….I returned for grad school and have stayed for 44 years. I absolutely LOVE living here! Great place for business, politics, relationships, growing kids and grandkids, sports–even thogh our teams a not great–we are loyal. Diverse and Happy.

  51. luke

    it’s good for you to take a break more often than you do…………you know the saying———all work and no play makes anthony a ????? boy………..i hope you have a wonderfull day…………………………luke

  52. Sharon L. Volkman

    Thank you, Antony. Interesting. I am glad your girlfriend is getting you better educated. I didn’t think I needed history, but, to visit a daughter, I was happy to see lots of historcal stuff in Virginia. Your pictures are great. I’m glad you shared.

  53. stanley escolano

    You look great in those glasses. hope one day I can do the same.

  54. carolynbellamy

    I was just now reading about your visit to DC. My husband was laid to rest there. I have lots of pictures of the ceremony. He spent 33 years in the Air Force, We miss him terribly, and in these hard time with family unemployed and loosing everything we have worked for is a tough way to exist.
    I would like to visit Arlington more often and place flowers on his grave.
    Kind regards,


  55. Pat Rebo

    Hi Anthony, I never did make it to DC. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit and sorry it was cold.You said about all the soldiers that died to keep our country free. Do you remember just ( ONE MAN ) who died for all mankind to set us free from our sins, getting sick, growing old, and from even death. Revalation 21:3,4 All those ones who have died from wars, accidents,kids who have been shot to death in schools, whatever cause of death,these loved ones will be brought back to life on this earth to never get sick again, never grow old again , and best of all, ( never die again.) You said how they were showing respect for those who have died for there country, that is good, but what about (CHRIST JESUS) who died for all mankind, shouldn’t Christs death be remembered above all others.(.April 5th after sundown, Momorial of Christs death ) Not His resurection.. Just thought I would give you something other than work to think about. Your glasses ( Foster Grant ) there the only ones I can think of..Have a great weekend Anthony Your Friend, Pat Rebo

  56. Emily j

    Thanks for sharing your trip to Washington, DC. Great place, alot to see, I was there in spring of 2002, I am planning on a trip there this summer.

  57. Phillip Norton

    Anthony, my personal thanks to you for visiting Arlington Cemetery. I am a Viet Nam veteran. My father served in 3 wars, my oldest son is a Marine who served in Afghanistan & my youngest son serves in the Air Force. Obviously we are a family that is strong on patriotism & service to our country. We owe a hugh debt to all those resting in Arlington. Thank You!

  58. Dominga

    Those are really cool pictures of yours Anthony! I wish I could visit Washington DC too someday & see the White House and the other great places in the area. Thanks for sharing your great trip & your thoughts. Take care!

  59. Nigel

    DC is my home town and I am happy you had a great trip, I know you will enjoy the memories and the pictures truly tells that…

  60. Muriel

    Hi Anthony:
    Washington, DC is one of the prettiest city around especially flying into the Capitol at Christmas time. Use to be in the hospitality field and would help guests to plan their activities.

    1st thing is to go early – take one of the tours all around Washington and then go back around and get off at the Monuments furthest away from the Metro. Lincoln, Jefferson, Viet Nam Memorial, World War II Memorial and Washington Monument. Saves alot of walking and you see more.

    2nd Day take the Metro all day pass and go to all of the Museums closest to Metro, Chinatown, Spy Museum, etc. I recommend seeing Mount Vernon (go when it opens), then hit Old Town Alexandria (ghost tour perhaps) & lunch. Take one of the boat cruises to Georgetown, tour “M” Street and have dinner. You can take the evening cruise to see Washington and all the wonderful monuments all lite up at night. If that’s not your cup of tea, then have dinner at Georgia Brown’s and then hit Blues Alley or one of the other “nightspots”.

    It’s a shame that most people, who live near a major city never really get out to see them and they are usually within a 60 mile radius. I’m glad that you and your girlfriend enjoyed some of what Washington has to offer.

    I almost forgot that I usually include Arlington Cemetary early in the morning of either the first or second day. It is a sight to behold – to think that all of those brave soldiers who gave up their lives to protect the freedom of our country in the past and even today! We can’t thank them or their families enough for the sacrifice that they gave. Nor the ones yet to give up the same in the future.

    You took some great shots! Rather your girlfriend did as you were in most of them. Glad you made it!

  61. Enock

    At least now I am at peace that you truly are as genuine as you sound in your videos. I am a newbie to your program but I love your godly heart. Hope to visit DC too in the near future if finances allow. God be with you Anthony.

  62. Ruth

    Glad you enjoyed your trip. A weekend or week is nowhere near enough time for DC. I lived there for 17+ years – loved it – never tired of exploring, making new discoveries, including the Smithsonian!!! and all associated museums.
    Yes, the spring is beautiful, but my favorite time was in JULY – the 2 week long Folk Life Festival (always amazing, always different), Jazz Festival, and and all of the other festivals around the 4th. Your photos reminded me of how much I miss DC, especially at this time of year.
    I’m enjoying learning in your various programs – THANK YOU Anthony.

  63. Tomi Haynes


    Thank you for sharing your 4th with us.

    Hope you have a great day and the photos were terrific. We are need to be reminded what a great nation we live in every once in a while. Enjoy the history of DC, many many great things to see.

    Thank you

  64. Denise Johnson

    Glad you enjoyed your visit. I am only 20 mins away from DC and I played in in Georgetown area for years. Absolutely the spot for live bands 🙂
    Cool place to live, but I honestly would love to live in California !!!
    Enjoy your holiday Anthony !!!

  65. Suzanne Brandt

    Anthony, my dad was like your girlfriend, he loved the old places in history. When we lived in Richmond, Va as a child we always went to DC. He never got enough of the history that is there. When we moved to Florida, we went many times to St. Augustine to see the fort and all of the old places and buildings. They have the oldest school house, and other things. Glad you had fun.

  66. Carol Cheshire

    Did you know this country was established as a Republic in the original Constitution.
    We are going to lose all of our rights if we do not start fighting for them.
    By the way go to my website and click on the buttons on the top and look at my paintings. You can critique them if you want.
    Washington has always been a fantastic place, seeing those who have given their lives for our rights is very humbling.

  67. irma

    Thank you very much for sharing your Washington DC trip I have not been there but I wll take your advice and see the place. I have registered for all levels of your program and I really appreciate your continuous support through your blogs and e mails.


    It all looks great and I am glad you had a good time.
    My husband is retired Navy, and so all of this and military history means a lot to us.


  69. Ricardo Turner

    Anthony, I hope you enjoy your 4th of July as well. I’m looking forwarded to a game changing experience in my life this coming Friday. These are words you used in one of your many videos that I admired. I was in Washington D.C. before 9-11-2001, I was able to at least drive by the house and tour the Nations Capital. The family and I truly enjoyed the experience, may God
    continue to bless you!

  70. Hayderic

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for sharing. You deserved to have a break sometime, after all you have done helping other people.

  71. bob pascoe

    Happy 4th to you and your family, i appreciate your constant willingness to help in marketing. god bless you

  72. Fred Jordan

    Good job Anthony for doing something different. You deserve a break for all the hard work you do on the internet for ppl to make money. I know your girl really enjoy herself. thanks for sharing the vacation.

  73. Jo-Anne

    Thanks for the 4th of July greetings. We had Canada Day on July 1st. They are nice holidays at the beginning of the summer.

  74. nanci m pritchard

    well, I was blessed to go with my fellow 6th grade patrols, back in the early 60’s; and it was great; three of my four children have also gone; and it was a great trip; now they are all in their 30’s and I finally got all three group photos of their trips framed & hanging together; I’m slow but sure; hope I do as well as you some day….



  76. Jeannett Lehman

    Anthony, I was never a HIstory or Government Buff either until College. My first History text in College, I made an A++ (that’s A double plus) because, as the teacher said, I did not leave anything out (it was an essay test) and he had to give me an A++ for any of the rest of them to get an A. Loved your pictures. I was in DC briefly once but was doing Genealogy Research so did not see any of the sites.

  77. Dale Neff

    What a great and awsome country we live in.
    God Bless!
    Dale Neff

  78. Greer

    Thank you for sharing your DC trip with us. DC is very interesting to visit but being a country person at heart all that concrete and marble with few trees did not do much for me. Loved the Smithsonian and watching a polo game just past the White House. Bet you missed the statue of the Giant that looks like he is coming out of the ground…just past the polo field and next to the Potomac River (across from the DC Airport. I know you would think it was pretty awesome!

  79. sabinath

    Anthony thanks for sharing your visit and pics you are real cool dude.I wish I can continue with your program you are genuine dude

  80. Dennis Gillerman

    I joined Affiliate Marketing , but have a website!
    I just wanted to wish your family a Happy 4th of July and tell you that I’m glad you were able to visit Washington D.C.! I enjoyed the pictures! I visited D.C. when I was in junior high school and got to tour the White House. It was very enjoyable!

    Dennis Gillerman

  81. Yvonne Pizarro

    Thank you so much for sharing apart of not only your life with us but this memorable moment in our lives as well
    God bless you always! Love Yvonne Pizarro

  82. David Moore

    I am Retired Navy and I have been to Washington and visited this place also. It is absolutely a great place to visit as you say Anthony. I always get emotional when it comes to seeing all those graves. What our Country has had to do to survive to be FREE. God bless America.

  83. Joyce Knake

    We are not history buffs but my husband has been there and he wants to me back there sometime.
    I didn’t realize that there is a fence around it.
    And yeah, I like the glasses too!!!

  84. Joanne

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience and memorable time in Washington D.C. Have a great 4th of July!

  85. Angelina Graff

    Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed your pictures and your thoughts.

  86. Maude Kovarik

    Love your ‘tour ‘ pf our Nations Capital. I spent a week there on a seminar and I can still remember the chills that I got by looking at some of the historical sights. I could have spent weeks there at the Smithsonian. I watch ‘Capital 4th’ on PBS each year. To see musicans, artists, our retired and active military all saluting the flag of the USA is wonderful. I pray that this country never loses its freedoms, especially of speech.
    Happy 4th and may we always be a free country.

  87. Luke Pham

    Thank you Anthony for sharing the trip to DC.I love this place too. In 1958 I spent 8 months over there at 16th Street not far from the White House. In 1999 I went back to visit my school and 2009 I went back to visit it again. Things have changed, the monuments are still the same but people are not the same since some have gone during my various trips. Thank you for training us.

  88. Susan Cu Tikalsky

    Full of intrigue and lots of love for country in photos of our Capitol.

  89. William Parker

    We all must exercise or wind up in a wheel chair.Glad you got away. its almostt time to do it again.


  90. William David

    I haven’t seen it in person yet, still on the list though.

  91. Steve Le Baron

    Hi Anthony,

    What did you think of all the Veteran Memorials?
    I’m in Travel and Entertainment. My family and a group I took there were very impressed to say the least. I’m so “VERY PROUD OF THOSE THAT DID, ARE AND GOING TO SERVE” IN OUR MILITARY ARMED FORCES…We ALL live the way we do…THANX TO THOSE THAT SERVE!

  92. kirk

    Hi Anthony,
    We visited the capital for my 50th birthday (a few years back).
    Thanks for sharing your expertise. You are most appreciated.
    Make it a great day!
    Best regards,

  93. Kathy McCauley

    Dear Anthony: I felt the exact same way when I went to Washington DC for the first and only time, but I will go back because it was wonderful. I was there when the first George Bush was in office and before the criminal element tried to take over everything. I toured the White House, the Capital, Smithonian, the Lincoln and Vietnam memorials and the mall/park area. Me and my boyfriend sat on the Capital steps and just watched, in wonder, all the people, history and beauty surrounding that area. Thank you for sharing this trip with us. Blessings to you and yours.

  94. Chad

    Anthony, I am currently reading your Advertising Profits From Home and look forward to implementing the book, but I just wanna say your the best man I know simply because you know where we come from and you took time outta your busy schedule to take a pic of you at the soldier cemetary, that really meant a lot, thank you.

    Chad Pritchett
    Texarkana, TX.

  95. Kathleen Judy Beller

    Hello Anthony,
    Happy 4th of July! Thank you for the wonderful photos. My husband served in Vietnam twice as a helicopter pilot. I have always respected him and I have been very proud of his service to our country. Times are financially rough right now, but they are about to get much better. We still both love our country. You represent what is good in our country. No worries. Be happy!

  96. darlene

    Hi Anthony,
    Happy 4th of July to you.
    Thank you very much for sharing your special trip with me.
    You deserve to have so fun.
    Again thank you for making me a small part of life.
    Best regards,

  97. Edmund Clay

    Thanks for sharing your great photos in DC. Have fun and happy 4th of July yourself!



  99. Britton Stewart

    I have been to the Smithsonian Museum on one occasion. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. My goal is to go more than just once as I want to take my kids there one day when they are older. I have a friend that is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. I won’t get into details, but the cemetery is full of soldiers, airmen, marines and coast guardsmen and women that made the ultimate sacrifice for America. I am glad that you shared your experience with us.

  100. Anne Martin Bell

    Dear Anthony:

    How amazed I am that you put so much effort on communicating with people, by sharing your experiences with them, professional and personal!
    This not only makes you a genuine person, it gives people HOPE that they too can make it like you have done!

    Thank you for being such a wonderful example of success, in ALL aspects of the word!

    God Bless You.

  101. Carmen

    Hi Anthony–It reminded me of where I was 40 years ago. I am glad to see you go and see the capital—it is a great place to see. Hope you see also the cherry blossom. Hope you can drop by Baltimore, MD-for the National
    Aquarium and a restaurant that you can have all the different ethnic cuisine–delicious.

  102. Janet DeLeers

    I went to D.C. several years ago and still think of it often. Most of the memorials, of course grand, seemed smaller than expected, except the Vietnam Wall. It is immense.The length of the monument seems to fade into the horizon and it just towers up to the sky. The simple design puts what is important front and center. Anyway, you would never think I went to D.C. 22 years ago. Thanks for sharing your pics:)

  103. Dottie Seavy

    I think Washington D.C. is for everybody. Wonderful museums, buildings, cemeteries, the Capitol, and all the institutions of our country. Thank God we are Americans.

  104. John Trybus

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about our capitol, our country. It should serve as a reminder to all of us how lucky we are to be Americans.

  105. Maria

    Thank you Antony, for sharing your pictures with us. I am glad you do that, seems to be we are no only your clients, but something like a friends , right ? You are very nice gentleman. Thank you one more time and God bless you.

  106. Maria Ventura

    Happy 4th of July to you too Anthony. The pics are beautiful. I wish I could go to Washington too. I know I will in God’s time. =)

  107. Deb Herber

    Very cool Anthony! Thanks for posting the photos…and Happy 4th to you and yours too!

  108. Alice Wilson

    My husband and I spent a week in D.C and Arlington Cemetery when we buried my mother there in 2007. It was a sad time for us but there is a lot to see and do there. We were out everyday seeing as much as we could but we need a few more weeks to really enjoy all the history that is there.
    I am glad you did not resist the temptation to take the snapshot of you of ‘M” street – how cool is that.


  109. Mrs. Lucci

    Hi Anthony,
    This Great Country is sample for Freedom, Liberty and everyone of us
    is deserved to live with dignity that’s why the whole world salutes our
    democracy!!! great that you and the family enjoy the D.C. s trip,
    Thanks to our troop past and present to protect our freedom!!!
    Happy 4th of July to America and your family. Thank you for your genious
    teaching ideas so we all can live in productivities. Mrs. Lucci

  110. Jeremiah K

    Thank you for sharing your pic. I will put DC on my list of places to visit.

  111. danniel aubrey

    Hey Anthony,
    Are we live??, LOL that was pretty crazy at the last webinar. Nice pictures and thank you for the 4th of July wish. Having spent 21 years in the United States Army it is always a pleasure to hear anyone say something positive about the military. Freedom is not cheep, and may god bless our brothers and sisters who served and the ones who are serving now.

  112. dennis lambert

    thanks for the memories, I did this about 30 years ago

  113. erum

    Hi Anthony, Thanks for sharing your trip and your thoughts.. I’ll definitely make a plan to D.C with my two kids soon.. I am very much enjoying your program and your way of teaching… Thanks Anthony.. God Bless you and have a wonderful summer.

  114. Unique Dusset-Mathis

    I’m soo happy that you got the opportunity to take the time out for yourself you deserve it.. Hope you had a wonderful and bless time. Thank you for being bless to be a blessing for others like myself.

  115. Elaine Turner

    Thanks anthony for reminding us to take so much for granted who is the life that we live people gave their lives that we may live

  116. sandra

    Your pictures of Washington are beautiful, even thou I have never been there, hoping in the near future. Happy 4th God bless you Anthony. Peace!!

  117. Brian Aldrich

    Thank You, Anthony, for sharing your wonderful trip to Arlington etc…very inspiring!! Your M st.photo was very funny…LOL,LOL,LOL.
    God Bless You,

  118. Mrs. Lucci

    Hi Anthony,
    Happy 4th of July! Thanks to our Commander in Chief and all leaders around the world to protect the quality of Freedom, Liberty @ persue
    of happiness to all people live with healthy and productivity’s life.
    Happy 4th of July America and around the world. Thanks.

  119. Joy Bostrom

    Your narrative and pictures brought back many memories of my trips to DC. I and my family including four children lived in Md. 45 minutes from DC for over 20 years. Twice we attended the July 4 fireworks display on the mall, so love watching that on TV now. In 1969 I drove to DC with two sons, ages 9 and 10, and 6 yr. old daughter (who insisted she had to go to even though Daddy was sick and couldn’t go) to see the inauguration of President Nixon. We ended up sitting on a building across the street at about the same level as the President and everyone was kind and let us in front of them to sit on the ledge where we could see everything clearly. When my daughter was in early high school, she and I worked part time on a thoroughbred horse farm and the owner’s daughter worked with the President (possibly press secretary, I don’t remember for sure) and so one day we had a private tour of the White House and got to see many places most tourists don’t get to see, including the President’s office. He was not there so we got to go in and my daughter sat in his chair! We’ve also visited the usual places in DC. so we have many fond memories of the area.

  120. Fil

    Great photos Anthony.

    It is on our list to go to D.C.

    Thank you for sharing.


  121. John Test

    Everyone should visit D.C. in their life; the rich history, buildings and events are memory builders. I’ve been there a few times, but still have the Smithsonian on my list to see. Thanks for sharing your trip and business building information with us.

  122. Imagine

    Anthony, thank you for sharing the pictures. That’s neat that you got to go. Everyone should get to enjoy some time away.

  123. beverly mellors

    Hello Anthony, Thanks for your blog. I am from Australia, but my niece is visiting Washington DC at the moment. I am going to like this and put the pics on face book, and hope she will see them. Thanks once again. It is a place I would love to visit one day. You really need to go to the gym too!

  124. Octavia

    Enjoyed your pictures. I lived in Woodbridge, Va for several years. Your pictures just brought back memories. Have a pleasant afternoon.

  125. Carrol

    I’ve visited D.C. several years ago, and it always brings a bit of awe into my thoughts…you need to spend longer when possible!

    July, it’s warm and you get to spend time just looking around…acting like a tourist!

    Enjoy the days to come,

  126. Angel.

    I am so glad you took time to Visit DC an Arlington. That shows you are raised well by your family.Next time I will like you to help me with the hospital project I am undertaking just to help the poor , sick and less fortunate at the other part of the world.

  127. Eugenia Cunningham

    It is so funny how so many people have different in site’s on was it could are is it what it could have been until the world can seem sometime upside down
    The only thing I wonder do you ever be able to relax when you’re on vacation.
    I am surly not trying to be personnel, I am just Mother to all. Well however happy 4.

  128. Elvis Jackson Etuah

    At least you’ve also been there and see things yourself. I can imagine your little smiles of wonder, while at DC. Anthony, my personal thanks to you for the visit. You have really proven it that, even in the lives of the busiest and assiduous Business entrepreneurs, times are set aside; in spite of all their heavy schedule, reserves days or weeks for a vocational Holidays.

  129. Cheryl Harrington

    I was born at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C. I’m not going to say my name but irt bought some old memories back. I have two cousins who live around D.C Thanks for everything!! I enjoyed it!!!

  130. Pauline Hicks


  131. Johnny Richardson

    Hey Anthony I’ve been there before to play with the Riverside Community College Marching Band as a part of our USA East Tour. I’ve enjoyed it.

  132. Penny Huey

    Dear A,
    So glad you visited our histoical nations capital. For it is so rich in history. I attended as a youngster & for me, the Lincoln Memorial was by far the most impressionable beside the White House. As far as M st goes…I believe i was to young to know that it may compare with Austin, Texas 6th st.
    While your traveling checkout other cities nearby. Well at least a few hours away. Let your GPS take you away….
    Best Regards, Penny

  133. levi singer

    You brought me back around to my caring nature and reflective mode. Some years ago now after ….well, you took me back and at the end of my day I’m full of grateful tears for all of our valiant souls that kept the faith of our forefathers.

    Thank you,

  134. George Ngozi

    Nice Pix Anthony, Your Stories Are Interested Well Done Nice One Thankx.

  135. Elena

    Thank you for sharing your trip to Washington D.C. this little things are the ones that make you so special, and makes me to be your Fan, I really think I am addicted to your personality and also inspired by your charisma and open sharing your every day life experiences.
    Again Thanks a lot for being yourself.

  136. James

    Hi Anthony,

    There’s so much to see in Washington. I’ve been there, but I’m quite sure it has changed a lot since then.

    Glad you had a good visit.


  137. Noel Hunt

    Hi Anthony. I wanted to express, also, how you made possible a chance to not only be inspired by you, but also by your readers who made comments here. It brought tears to my eyes how Carolynbellamy, blog #79 wrote of her husband having served our country 33 yrs in the Air Force was buried at Arlington Cemetery and now, they have lost everything they have worked for due to our economy. Oh, that is so very sad. Thank you for offering the opportunity to so many of us to try to turn things around. Your are an extremely special soul….you & your brother Adrian. This means your parents are extraordinary and they deserve much credit for their influence on their children as you all grew up to become such gifted beings…willing to share in so many ways. Thanks. I too, am one of your students. Getting off to a slower start, due to personal things going on…but will pick up speed shortly and go full bore ahead. Thanks. Be Well and God Bless.

  138. Graham Singer

    Hi Anthony,
    Nice Pictures!
    As an ex-soldier (British Army) I am always moved by Military cemeteries….there’s something special!!
    I live in Norway…along way off!

    I never been to that par of the states!
    Only Hoston and Florida on vacation.
    Only got started on this road with SWA, so here’s to the future!

  139. Thomas J Russo

    Thank you Anthony for sharing your trip , however someone with your ability should be able to have more time for this on an ongoing basis. But we all are grateful for your dedication to your time spent with the program you have developed..

  140. Cynthia

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks you for the great pictures and sharing your trip with us. It looked like a nice holiday.
    Cytnhia A..Chisum

  141. marla

    Anthony, This is so great for you to share with us on your tour and your humbling experience at the cemetery. There is nothing that would make you ever forget the experiences and the full understanding the meaning of our country. It is so important to always remember what we stand for and to stay strong for our county. I am glad to have learned all of our history here back in the days of my schooling and I know the feeling and sometimes it can be complicated but I am proud to be born here and thankful to be here in our beloved country . I did some genealogy on my family history and have found there was quite a few of my ancestors whom fought in certain wars and one cousin who died on the USS Arizona. My dad and my brother has served for our country and I always thank my dad and my brother for their lives because they believed in their hearts to help to keep our country free for it is not cheap. I am glad that my dad and brother are still alive indeed!. I hope to visit those areas that has the impact on our lives soon. God Bless You Anthony and May God Bless America!

  142. Vicky Baul

    Thanks for sharing these photos and information. You deserve that long-needed R & R time. May God bless you on what you do to help others.

  143. Cheryl

    Hi Anthony,

    I spent my some of my childhood in Arlington and went to many places in DC.

    We stood in line back then and it was long!

    Glad you got to go there. Too bad you didn’t visit the Mint! My my has a fantastic collection of unreleased coins!

    Maybe next time. So much to see! Hope you got to visit the art galleries.

    Thanks for all your help!


  144. Debra Ann

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I am really glad you took the vacation with your girlfriend as that is so important not only to you but your relationships.

    Working is very important but as Phillip Tirone said in one fo his blogs you need that time to rest and spend with family. In your case girlfriend. God Bless and my you take more time for yourself. Your student are important but you need to take care of you and your girlfriend as well.
    Debra Ann

  145. Linda

    Your trip sounded like a lot of fun. Arlington National holds a dear place in my heart. So many of good neighbors/friend’s spouses there. Glad you got to see it. The 4th of July, a beautiful sight. Love hearing from you.

  146. Theo

    Thanks Anthony those photos and your message continues to inspire and motivate. We should also recognize our Founding Fathers on this day some two hundred years ago who also took a risk and fought for something they believed in called the Constitution of the United States.

  147. Irma Clarke

    I live in Baltimore, I try to go to DC at least once a year; there are so much places to see and thing to do it takes more that one day to do it all. Everyone should make it appointment to visit DC at lease once in their life

  148. Gordon

    Wish I had been with you with my wife. We’d certainly have enjoyed your youthful outlook, and possibly shared our historical insights into many of the places you visited…my wife and I are both history buffs, but we’ve never had the opportunity to visit DC.

  149. Beverley G.

    Hi Anthony,
    I like it when people visit Washington, DC and give me feedback. When you live here, you tend to forget how significant everything is. So a reminder every now and then is fortunate regarding how lucky we are. Although I did not go to the Mall yesterday to watch the fireworks, I have been so many times that I could visualize it without actually being there. It was an awesome day of great reminders of how glorious this nation is and how fortunate those of us who live here are. It came forcibly to mind when I heard the never-ending complaints regarding PEPCO and the outages from last Friday’s storm.
    A couple decades ago, many of us lived without air conditioning and we survived. We struggled without a telephone in every house and managed to communicate. And many had to make do with storing perishables because some did not own refrigerators. We managed somehow. We have come a long way, but boy, are we spoiled now and pretty ungratedul for what we actually have.
    The storm was tremendous and the damage was extensive. I was fortunate to get power last Sunday, but I was prepared to be without until this coming Friday. I was grateful that BG&E was able to restore it early, but would have managed the best that I could if they didn’t.
    On the occasion of the nation’s birthday, we all ought to thank God for being so good to us and give our fellow wo/man the benefit of the doubt that s/he is doing the very best that s/he is capable of doing. God bless every lineman and linewoman out there in triple digit weather working to restore power. Happy 4th to every one of them.
    Beverley G.

  150. Yevonne

    Everyone should take that trip. It is amazing. So glad you got to see it.

  151. Tammy Ruegsegger

    Anthony glad to see you got to go to DC and glad you took your girlfriend. Now you owe her another trip in July LOL. I have never been but my kids went in high school and said it was amazing. Someday I would like to get the chance to go. Maybe when I get my affiliate marketing up and making money at a consistent pace. Thanks for sharing.

  152. Linda Brown

    Hi Anthony and family- how are you? It’s been along time, I have been reading your second book Automated Profit’s from home. I grew up near D.C. in Wheaton Maryland. Yeah it is a very historical place and interesting too. Your girlfriend took good pictures. Well I’m still learning about how to make money on the internet. I’ll check in with you more, my computer modem finally had it’s last day so we are using the library for the time being. Hope your 4th of July was a memorable one.

  153. eparkyn

    Antony: Thanks for sharing, looks like you two had nice trip. Happy 4th.

  154. Sharon Ewalt

    Just read about your Washington, D.C. trip today! I also thought it was wonderful when I saw it several years ago before all the fencing was put up after 9/11!

    Having lived into my 70’s now, I really know the importance of keeping physically fit and wish I had done more to do so earlier in life! Congrats on realizing that while you are young and God Speed with it!


  155. Robert Walker

    Hi Anthony! I enjoyed your photos and things about your trip to D. C. I am reminded of several trips my family has taken to Washington. Hopefully, you can plan a return trip that will include going to Williamsburg, VA (the old town). There you can see and experience life the early settlers endured.

    Don’t you think it’s about time to show us some pics of your girlfriend? It won’t hurt to include her in your pictures; I mean, she certainly won’t make you look bad.

  156. Grant Bishop

    I like what you say about being complacent. Not only in business but going to the gym, well speaking for myself, I used to work out and felt good. I stopped doing it for awhile and I feel the difference..(not that good).
    I started to exercise again and I am way more productive later.

    Hey Anthony, let’s rock & roll in life!
    Regards, Grant

  157. Anthony Paul

    I lived there when I was younger and have been back a few times since. You can never see it all. I would suggest going in April if you can. The cherry blossoms in bloom are a sight to behold.

  158. Derryl

    Happy (though a bit late, lol) 4th of July!!! I actually worked today … out in the yard … in the sweating heat of the sun, in my very own backyard!!!
    Wasn’t really fun … but “getting the work done, and overwith … was worth it” … just so I don’t have to do it later!!! NO yard work for a while HAHA!!! …
    It was pretty hot and sweaty out there … worked hard all evening

    and Canada Day (July 1, and 2nd … since it was on a Sunday, so the holiday “was actually on a Monday” … actually, I didn’t celebrate that either!!! haha … a bit ashamed to say …

    but I did work on some graphics … so yeah, I guess I “enjoyed” it somewhat, I guess

    Work was all I did on the holidays!!! haha

    Anyway … glad and happy to hear you had a great holiday!!!

    Oh … and I’m looking forward to following up with one of your representatives!!! Recieved a follow up call the other day … hope to hear from them soon!!!

    and I’d just like to say thank you … just for everything. I think all that you share with us is just wonderful. Thank you, I appreciate that.

  159. Kermit Williams

    I would like to say thank you for sharing your personal experience in D. C. I only have been there once myself. But, I did have the opportunity to go there prior to the time that I had actually went if, I had went there with the other seniors on the senior class trip (school trip).

  160. Kenneth D. Carlson

    I am glad that you were able to visit Washington DC and the Smithonian.
    I have never been to Washington DC ,but have only seen it on TV. Thanks for
    sending out emails to everyone.

  161. Glenn

    hi thanks for the photos from washigton they are nice hope you had fun and sought all the sites in dc ,dont for get to go on your boat when you can,thank you Glenn Robertson in michigan

  162. Gail Conrad

    Dear Anthony,
    Thank you for sharing your trip to Washington D.C. It has been awhile since we were there but you never forget the experience. We watched the fireworks from New York and the Boston Pops on the Fourth which also makes you greatful to be an American and for our forefathers that gave so much to make this country what it is and our military men and women who are giving so much to keep us and others safe. God bless America.

  163. Ranger Phillip

    The War Memorials are awesome. As a Vietnam vet I never visit without going to The Wall. I have men I served with on that wall and I pray for them still. Visiting Arlington Cemetery and watching the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is sobering.

  164. Carol L Morrell

    Thanks Anthony for sharing your personal experience in the Nation Capital, your pictures and the sharing of your visit was very excellent!! For there is so much to see and do in the Nation Capital, try to visit in the Spring time you would love the beauty of the Cherry Blossoms and the weather,the next time you visit in Georgetown don’t forget to visit D.C Cupcakes if you like sweets. I stay in the sub area of D.C which is in Maryland for 33 years and my saying is “this is the place to be!!” Thanks Again for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. patern

    these is the nice photos that you take in D.C,very nice. I’m never been there because i’m in ivory coast,but one day it will be realised for me…

  166. Donna Railey

    Thanks Anthony for all of those cool pictures i really enjoyed your trip to Dc you along time ago when i was youth my family use take trips every other summer we,d travale to the state of dc to visit my mothers sisters family my dad would help my mother to prepare evryone of my family members for this time so that we have our visit to the state and we got a chance to see the lincolin memoral and the washington monument and we allso got out the Arlington memorial cemetary i really love history in dc

  167. Ingrid Thompson

    Hi Anthony, although I live in Australia, we did a camping trip around the US and Canada in 1982/83. We stayed in Washington for a week, there was just soooooooooo much to do and see. We also saw the outside of the White House and the Capitol Building, and all the other monuments including the Smithsonian and Mt Vernon and Williamsburg. I’d love to do it again, but it’s a long way to go from here! Thanks for sharing your experience, I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as we did.

  168. JW

    Way cool, Mr. “M”: July 23, 2012

    I’ve connections there. It was my young’N days turff.
    Much to expose, yet I am under contract.

    C ya,

    P.S. No politics -right?

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