1. Melissa Firlein

    Hello Anthony I am Melissa I just purchased your fast cash commissions for my computer I am sooooo lost I know u said that i dont need to be internet savvy but i have to tell u all of this is very overwhelming I really need to make this work I just dont know how I am so computer illiterate the only thing i know how to do is check my email and my facebook and play games please call me I really need help thank you ever so much for thinking of the little people like me after u made this work for u. I really need this to work like a week ago please please help

  2. Beverly Farnsworth

    Keeping it simple is a great concept. I always try too hard and seem to get negitive results. Thank you, this has helped me to understand what changes I need to make to get our site to move product.
    Take Care,
    I look forward to learning more information next week!

  3. James Magee

    Hi Anthony,

    Good training. This method has been used in good advertising for years & years.


  4. Chuck2

    I’m a “one track” person. My “Station” is getting clogged. I have engineers standing by their engines scratching their heads. I take Daily Notes and can integrate the info – it takes time, but I am patient and persistent.

  5. Chuck2

    What FACEBOOK link? Where?

    I just started FB for marketing. My grandson helped me navigate through the lists, links, and options. What’s wrong with good ol’ email, already???

  6. Ravi

    Thanks Anthony for the valuable information. Haven’t found the formula for success yet but I’m still trying.

  7. Fred

    As far as a name for the weekly blog I would suggest “Anthony’s Weekly Training BLAST”. I agree with you Anthony something has to be better than “blog”. Best regards, Fred

  8. Claudette Bent

    Hi Anthony.Your continuing education blog is very important. I have been following you for a while but still consider myself new,as a matter of fact presently I recently purchase The build send&profit course which all that you have spoke about above will be a necessity.The name that I,am choosing for the weekly blog is A.M.Continuing education blog Regards Claudette.

  9. Norman E Joachim

    How ‘ bout simply: B.L.A.M.M.$$$ which is acronym for “BLog Anthony Morrison Making $$$” ($$$ = Money..of course)..Anthony haven’t been working program, but would like to retrieve website info. to get Domain name for it & start working it again..its great program if you work it, Sincerely, djstormnorm…
    Norman E. Joachim

  10. Pierre

    It is so true. In order to direct people to your site you must utilize words that spike their interest. A good name for the Weekly blog is “Tutorial#”. Since every week in your blog you do teach provide us with various ideas. The number sign stands for the week number, for instance there are 52 weeks in a year and each week would be designated by its own number and you would add a letter behind each number designating the day of the week. Example: Tutorial1A ==> would mean January week 1 and the A would stand for Monday and so on and so forth…

  11. Geordi

    working on changing name of website, this is to long. video’s are great, always finding them well packed w/info. Not sure how to get your affiliate program up and running, as I’ve spent everything on PMI. :o) Not sure that was a good idea either. But, we are pushing through all the materials and hope to get this figured out. I think theirs alot of us out here “lost” as to what to do. The other thing, it takes $$ to make it. thx, geordi

  12. walter olchawa

    just starting . help desk told me to get off e-commerce and go to aff. mktg. I was 50% through.though I learned a lot will now start aff. mktg. Your blog to day makes a lot of sense. thank you.

  13. John Trybus

    Good advice!
    I’m still a newbie, but your words are going to get me goin’!


  14. Jack (Alaska Jack)


    Here ie another potential name for your blog: “Conveying Purpose” , providing knowledge to help my students to get more return on their investment(s).

    Greate blog…Get Higher Click through Ratio to provide higher ROI.

    Thank you so much for these fantastic tips.

    Alaska Jack

  15. Jack (Alaska Jack)


    Here ie another potential name for your blog: “Conveying Purpose” , providing knowledge to help my students to get more return on their investment(s).

    Great blog…Get Higher Click through Ratio to provide higher ROI.

    Thank you so much for these fantastic tips.

    Alaska Jack

  16. Tristan Johnson

    Okay Anthony I would learn to that more from now on man.
    Thanks for the informatin man, you’re so smart and very a good man.
    Have a good weekend

  17. sandor

    I don´t have a website yet, never done ad´s before ( I am a tough case )
    but I like your approach , because it makes sense and useful.
    I hear your voice, don´t overthink it , just do it

    anyway with every blog of yours I´ll be smarter

    best wishes from austria


  18. Linda D Mathisprince

    Hi Anthony, and thanks for very simplistic, clear, useful and easy to apply suggestions for getting people not only to our ads, but to motivate them to get busy and buy!.
    Happy successes!

  19. Luis A. Deleza

    Great Tips Anthony, you are our Professor with great advice for success! May GOD BLESS YOU!–Your student, -Luis

  20. Lena L.

    Thank you for your great effort to educate people. These days are not easy for many of us, but your attitude is promising: learn, put effort, succeed.. Looking forward to meet with you at Charlotte Harbor.

  21. Jo Washington

    Very good info! a good name for your weekly blog : Prospering Tips or Tips to prosper from.

  22. Pat Rebo

    Anthony, very good advice, I used to own my own business and worked for 2 appliance and electronic stores in the 80’S and 90’S and was in charge of the advertising. The shorter and simpler it was, the better the business. So as soon as I LEARN TO WORK THE INTERNET, THE SOONER THE INTERNET WILL WORK FOR ME. Please keep the good advice and instructions comeing. Thank You. Your Friend, Pat Rebo

  23. Pat Rebo

    Anthony, there is a glare on the white board, is there away to tilt the board forward or move the lighting so we can see what you write. When you stand on the right side and write, it doesn’t seem to glare. sorry to inconvience you . Your friend, Pat Rebo

  24. Kathleen Beller

    Hello Anthony,
    I am very excited about really getting into Affiliate Marketing with your
    company. I am still working on my first book so you are sharing my time.
    I am pumped up for success.

  25. Fred E. Thompson Jr.

    Hello Anthony

    I am happy to receive these tip, I am working on my own blog and these help to make it work. Great job as usual, we hope you have a great weekend.

    Fred & Hyunsou

  26. Christine Lesemann

    Great tips, thank you Anthony. I am still new at this, however, I have been spending many hours learning.. Really want to make a go of this, I love it, never want to put computer down.

    Thank you again, I look forward to next week’s blog.

  27. James Sliney

    Anthony, your blog this week was just what I needed to get remotivated. I was experiencing a difficult afternoon with my computer, because I could not figure out how to complete one of the steps to set up my Facebook ad. Thank you for the motivational lift. Have a fine weekend.

  28. DiscoverAuction

    Great points and the KISS system in any business usually works best. I was just wondering why we don’t see any of your replies to comments, so I would like to give one of your commentors a suggestion. She was the first one to comment and I remember having days of being overwhelmed. I have had to teach myself to get over it. First, don’t create a website thinking it is a magic button and will make you rich over night, not going to happen. I have been at this for months with 3 mentors along the way and I still have my day job. I believe in this, but if you think any of it is an overnight hit and you will be taking money to the bank your second day, think again. Just listen to Anthony’s stories of when he started out. He is now trying to show you the way, but if you don’t work at it, it won’t happen.
    Thanks Anthony for all your insight, you give me more to work with than some of my mentors.

  29. Glenn Robertson

    hi anthony like all the blogs to date please keep up the good work i do look @every thing you send to me, and the phone call and the slide show on the net,have fun on the week end ,.Glenn Robertson in grayling.

  30. Michael Hart

    Great information. I have just started the program. I will have to figure out how to reference the first 97 messages to catch up.

  31. Marianita

    I really want to make money in the internet. My husband has just lost
    his job. I don`t know what to do. I plan to buy your newest published
    book but my husband said not to trust people in the internet. I have
    trust in you…I would suggests…”New Life”

  32. Rod Starks

    Thanks for putting these weekly blogs together. The easy to follow approach really helps keep confidence levels high. Even though it is a beginners hint, the fact that you go another level deeper and give examples of how to do little things right, it just makes it easier for anyone to be more successful. Thanks for the info, see ya next week!

  33. Virgil Cooper

    Hi, Anthony,
    I don’t have a website up and running yet. Enjoyed this Blog. Are your Blogs archived? I would like to go back and review past Blogs. This Blog was particularly helpful in terms of practical, down to earth “How to do it.” Very nicely encapsulated. Thanks,

  34. Mark

    could you give a tip on how to use facebook coupons and adword coupons — I used 1 for each type and I can’t use another one . Is there away around this or do I have to make new accounts each time?? Or pretty much stuck with using only 1 coupon? It always say something about a coupon has already been used for this account.

  35. Shirley

    All your little tidbits are great. Thanks!

    Another option for a new name: Valued Tidbit #

  36. Dale Haynes

    Lot’s of good information – but as always, “If it is to be, it’s up to me!”

  37. Sharon Davidson

    Appreciate your tips. Even if I’ve heard them before, it’s good to refresh my mind again. I learn more each time. It’s like reading the Bible, each time I see something else I’d not seen/read before. You never stop learning.

  38. Al Dinger

    I appreciate the wisdom being presented. I like the thought of Anthony Morrison Live with the date like: AnthonyMorrisonLiveFebruary18,2012 because each time you view you know where you are in your learning.

  39. Beverly Klahn

    Great information! Thank you for all your help. We look forward to your blogs.


  40. Ethan

    Seems very simple, I have been beat my brains out…over thinking, and making it harder than it has to be.


  41. Steve Czach II

    I have some background in marketing, and thus do know most of what you covered this week. Good tips for others though. I have yet to place an ad, as I don’t have official access to your network of affiliates. I also don’t have a functioning website, either. I am learning, and taking notes, but am still hoping for a miracle. Thank you, and God bless.

  42. Cathy N.

    I think you should continue to call it “The Weekly Blog”
    Short, to the point and it’s what I look for in my email.
    You don’t need a fancy name.

  43. Lily

    Hello Anthony, Today I have watch your Report”Social Media Domination” and Weekly blog #98. Both presentations was so clever. After your speaches I always would like to run and start to work on this idea . I am happy to be your student. You are talented teacher and scientist.

    Thank you,


  44. James Crowley

    Thanks anthony for everything! I love your weekly blogs and everytime i listen to you i learn something new. Im in school at PMI learning from the education center and one on one coaching and i just completed milestone 1. Im on my way to success. Thanks again

  45. Vev

    What’s wrong with the name “Weekly Blog”, its short concise and straight to the point, and I like it. How about “Anthony’s Weekly Blog”….

  46. Sherien

    Simple and useful tips. Thank you! I am stilling learning. About name for your blog, how about “Anthony’s Inspired Moment” or “Weekly inspire from Anthony”

  47. Anthony

    Great trainning, this is what I been using during thd last months and this really works.
    Thanks, Anthony

  48. peggy selden

    SINCE THE TIPS GIVEN ON THE BLOG ARE INTENDED FOR SOME QUICK ACTION AND HELPFUL DIRECTION……Seems the fastest way to get around….Get on the pony, Tony and ride to success.

  49. ted f

    Definitely worthwhile, short and real “meat and potatoes info”. like to see someone who practices what they preach. Oh by the way try this title for the blog ” The Right F.I.T.” F.I.T. stands for Financial Independence Tip. Ttu next week Anthony.

  50. Deppie Tinny Kekatos

    This is really great. You have really opened my eyes. I just started but I already learned a few things so far. For the name of the Weekly Blog, how about “Weekly Blog-Anthony’s tips”
    Thank you Anthony. I cannot wait to start working.

  51. Ali

    Weekly-blog-98 : Very informative and to the point. Keep up the good works.

    The perfect name for the weekly blog should be: “Divine Bounty”. Therefore it
    should be entitled – Weekly – “Divine Bounty”.

  52. Ali

    Weekly-blog-98: Very informative and to the point. Keep up the good works.

    Moderately speaking, the perfect name should therefore be: “Supreme Bounty”…… Hence; Weekly – “Supreme Bounty”.

  53. Ali

    Note: For the past 2 years i have been following the development of this program and have not really participated fully. This is a Wonderful Effort by
    Anthony, which seems to be quite helpful to many. I am at the point where i
    want to move forward. However, in light of my deep awareness, that all matters of profundity, connects with our main source of existence, it seems to
    me that my choice of words for the name of the weekly blog should be tempered. As such;
    I believe “Supreme Bounty” is quite appropriate. If not accepted, i will give it some more thought. Best wishes to you all.

  54. Ella Dikeman

    I use all of the cta`s and I am getting nowhere on the click bank,
    is there any way I can check to see if anyone is even clicking on my ad.?

  55. Doug Howard

    Hi I am very new and this is my first blog. How about “AM Tips” for a name to this blog cast?

  56. Dawn Lovitt

    hey Anthony Dawn here will you check out the post on my wall the one with my affiliate link please and tell me how I can improve it? Thank you Dawn Lovitt

  57. martin loesch

    BLOG#98 (short simple imperative blog) thanks anthony for the info.i am learning so much.i am in the process of building my first ever website and this fits in like a glove.i appreciate the opportunity buddy.i will succeed, sincerely martin loesch

  58. Timothy P. Rich Sr.

    Hi Anthony,
    I’m new to this even though I purchased your system several months ago, I’ve just been busy with life and have not really got started yet, but that’s all changing now and I’m ready to dive in with both feet, so I’ll be listening to ALL your post to help better my E-Business savy. I do have a suggestion for the name of your weekly blog. I know that in every venue of business, there is some initial point where the ordinary/mundane meets
    “OFF THE CHARTS” success & that point is typically referred to as Ignition, so I think a fitting name for blog is IGNITION SWITCH… “Welcome to Anthony Morrisons’ Ignition Switch Weekly Blog, where you will find the cuttin edge resources to IGNITE your web-based business to a Global Phenomenon !!! Be Blessed… Tim

  59. sylvia

    Thanks, Anthony It’s mostly beginning to make sense now. I needed this video to go with the other info you sent me. I’m still kicking and screaming about joining the information age, but I’m not pulling back so much. One of these days I’ll start making money!

  60. Donna Reeves

    Knowledge is great. Your blogs are terrific, I am still a little lost but I do find that the more I work on this that I am understanding it more & more.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  61. Sharita

    Hi anthony, these were really great tips but im still confused on how to make this work. I really need to opportunity to chance my life I just need some more coaching to do so.

  62. Doris Gessner

    Hey Anthony – The minute I saw your request for a name for your blog I sent one off to you and I think it’s really a good one, so my fingers are crossed that I win, but more importantly than the money I love helping people so I love what you are doing and that is helping people. Keep up the great work! Doris Gessner

  63. DonaldRTaylorJr

    Greetings Anthony, I suggest (Anthony M’s Provisioning Instructions) for the Blog Name, thanks and God Bless!

  64. Don Thomas

    Very good info…short and sweet. I purchased 2 domain names attached to several sights ie .net .us .co etc. So far that has been my favorite part of the instruction as I am being bombarded w/ domain names.. getting inspired everywhere I go. This is great Anthony, Thx. And cheaper than a four year college to boot!!!!!!

  65. Dana C. Larew

    Short, and to the point and complete with valuable treasure: blog name: “AU” Abbreviation for “Gold” and “Anthony Updates” “A U need this”.

  66. Yesenia

    I think you should name it something like the following:
    -Empowerment Corner
    -Empowerment Blog
    -Empowerment Weekly Corner
    -Empowerment Weekly Blog
    -Inspiring Corner
    -Inspiring Blog
    -Wisdom Weekly Blog
    -Wisdom Weekly Corner

  67. Glenn Robertson

    hey anthony your info is great will this work with your other program,ihope so not able to do this one right now ,but going to try soon. glenn in grayling mi.have a great week……

  68. cantmissthis

    good stuff short and sweet but on the money I think this kind of info can help us that been trying get it started on the road to making it happen. Keep it up

    blog name could be (Getting started made Simple )

  69. Sandra

    It sounds so easy! But yet I know I’m guilty of being long-winded! Practice, practice, practice – it seems hard to me to get all I feel I need to say in just a few short, concise terms that include all of the necessary info and yet you’ve been doing it for years! So it CAN be done!
    Thanks again for all your training and effort you give so freely.
    For a name, how about:
    affiliate academics or
    Af Mkt tutor or
    affiliate tutor or
    affiliate market tutor (ing)

  70. judy nagel

    i have been with you for awhile now. not having much luck in the income part just spending part…How about “Tips and Scripts to Successful Blogs”
    i have a facebook page now

  71. Kris

    I am submitting “Your Link To Success” for the new name for your weekly blog. I am just returning from shoulder surgery and anxious to get back to your program.

  72. Tom D. DeVisscher

    Just groovy! Truly appreciated! Working on twitter info for profit that is in your great book Advertising profits from home! I recomend it to all our friends! Can we sell your info books and stuff as affilliates yet! Hoping so!

  73. James Ritchie

    I Need some help getting started Anthony with my website . Email me and maybe we can work something out.maybe a payment plan or something.

  74. Fran

    Hi Anthony,
    Just finished your 3 day workshop in San Francisco with Adrian. Brain is now on overload. Great information now I only need a little help in putting it to work.

    Blog info great but not quite there yet, working on it. (one bite at a time)
    I think a good name for your blog would be:
    “The Morrison Blog” or “Morrison Blog”

  75. KK

    I think the name “Anthony’s Weekly Blog” is better than any other name because it tells the listener who once listened to Anthony would know immediately that there is something new to learn from current blog.

  76. KK

    Anthony, you are superb! Listening to you everyday or every week makes the listner get empowered to become successful in life.

  77. Billi G.


    I like those simple explanations in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,

    which make it easy to understand.

    Thank you so much.

    Have a blessed day.


  78. Gerard "Han" Zomerdijk

    Thanks for the insight. Sharp and to the point.
    My vote is for “Anthony’sTTP Blog”

  79. Judith Terry

    Anthony,I learn so much good intel on these blogs it’s almost scary.This week’s intel is definitely very informative and thanks for bringing back the basics.

  80. Karthur Nitsch

    Thanks for the great concise reminder! Sometimes I get caught up in the moment and fail touse the basics.

  81. SIosia

    great & very helpful info. Anthony, but I wonder if you can spare a simple and free or maybe affordable built website to get myself started with all of these great teaching.. thank you for sharing..

  82. cindy tang

    Thank you Anthony for the very vaulable information and the helpful tips for the week.

  83. Linda

    Ideas start flowing when you start talking. After 25 years, I’m ready to share videos on my website how to improve productivity quickly. I developed a method to teach people to type in one hour. You gave me some great pointers that I can use. I’m looking forward to 3/8.

  84. Tammy Ruegsegger


    Thanks for the tips. I knew most of them since we have been going to your classes. They are a great reminder and I love watching and learning more on your weekly blogs. I agree what is wrong with “Weekly Blog”? It is short and concise, which I like. I also like Anthony’s Weekly Affiliate Marketing Tips, Helping the Little Guys. Take care and keep the tips coming. Tammy Ruegsegger

  85. Joyce Hubble

    One of your newbies here. Keeping tabs on all your tips. Looking forward to the training.

  86. Bill

    Anthony, I am just starting today. This is my first Blog session and I loved it. Theses CTR tips will be so beneficial to help me get started. Thank you

  87. Gerald Lecher

    I think the tips you gave for CTA , Increase your clicks. Very good tips to think about .And use in your marketing ads. Thanks Again

  88. yvonne

    Just starting internet marketing. Go job explaining, I can’t wait to get started!!

  89. Scott Duddles

    Anthony as always you are the best thank you for sharing your knowledge & may God Bless you beyond measure. Oh yea my website is in the process of being designed & developed.

  90. Judy Boucke

    Anthony, I’m new and haven’t taken the first step yet. Plowing through the videos from 3 days training, taking notes. I was delighted to get your welcome blog message with more tips and training. I thought the nicely bound binder of instructional videos of Adrian speaking was “IT”. Now I am encouraged to see that there is help steadily available and that with sensible effort this will work! Thanks so much. Your delivery is sincere and easily understood. Thankyou , from an 82 year old determined student!

  91. nathan

    Hi Anthony i bought your program before and was paying subsciption for months but didn’t get the help i was promised and finally have to unsubscibe. My question is what is so different now, could i get my subs. back or any other form of reconcilliation available.

  92. Valerie

    Anthony, it would be clearer to the computer novices like myself, if you would write an example of an ad on the chalkboard when you give a blog, to reinforce what you spoke about.

  93. Bare

    I need to get my website up and running so I can get-in on some of these benefits. I am getting good practice for when I am set up and will have an awesome site that will get me moving to my next site. Keep the good efforts up I am sure it will pay off big for you and for that I am well pleased to help you out and see your continued success that’s so I will recognize it for when it manifests for me, Yes!
    Thank you Anthony for your continued effort to help us. Don’t B discouraged if we fail to respond right away it took me a long time B4 I started tweeting and face-booking etc. I am slowly learning and moving forward, don’t quit on us now, I’m sure you don’t have to do this and that it takes a lot of your-time when you could be out playing baseball of surfing or Traveling ?
    Anthony Robins was growing so fast that he became one of if not the first millionaire kid and it became to much, overwhelming even and he burned out and crashed but he figured it out and got it going again time and time again. For each Growth spurt you will Have these expansion challenges for seeing away to make your way to the next level. I’m praying for you and am sure others are as well.
    With your effort that helps us make it, we to than can go and strengthen someone else. What a legacy you will have larger than my Dads for sure. My Dad is in the USC hall of fame “Julie Bescos” quite a story, a hard act to follow, but i’m not finished yet and not for a long time hopefully.

  94. Joseph Mandell

    Really thought your suggestions in this weekly blog were very helpful. Thank you very much, Anthony.

  95. Dianne Yeager

    Hi, Anthony, I am headed to Utah June 2-3 for a Level 2 training. I intend to use these techniques to create my ads. I watched your 3 keys to success video and specifically may comments to you but I only got a blanket response back from your team support.

  96. Steve Le Baron

    Anthony you bring up a great point on “call to action” words. Learning to stop rambling on, is what I need to work on. In all the excitment of your ad, your so happy about your web site or ad, you forget about the intention of why your doing this. You want to make sure that inquirers get all the information you feel they should. Which can be drowning the reader.

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