1. Bob Sims

    Thank You for the honorable mention.

    Its my pleasure to be a part of the community.
    I understand the reason that you commend people like Lawrence who strive dispite set backs.

    I am reminded of a saying I once heard……
    “I felt sorry for myself,because I had no shoes”;”Then I met a man that had no feet”

  2. Jessie Dudley

    Anthony this was a real motivating weekly blog.
    The rewards are great to encourage and show value
    of others contributions. I love this. Lawrence Taylor
    is going on our international prayer list for God to
    heal him and help him reach for those dreams and
    ambtions. Purity environment needs to see efforts
    for change for better health. Hope you are feeling
    better. Take some time to rest because over tiredness
    creates destruction of life, relations, strength.
    God bless. Jessie

  3. Tammy Payton

    Anthony, this is the first time I’ve looked at a blog in a few weeks now. Thanks for sharing the story about Lawrence. I really do feel encouraged and motivated now.My job became so demanding that I was working overtime almost every day and some weekends too. We recently had our two year old granddaughter from Chicago to move in with us. So I’d come in late from work to care for her, get her to sleep at night and I’d fall asleep too. I’d always wake up around 1 or 2 a.m. get up just to get ready for bed
    That became my routine and it was too much for me.After seeing this blog, I’m mapping out some changes. Hopefully, I’ll get to work this business and do some writing as well, which is a passion of mine. Thanks again; I do feel more encouraged now and I feel as though my excuses were very small compared to Lawrence.

  4. Sue Arzola-Liebold

    Awesome Anthony, thanks to the little motivator message on my cell phone I found this blog/site etc. This is definitely helpful to me. I feel so clueless as I stumble through but I do feel encouraged by this and also it gave me an idea of where I can go for help and eventually to help.
    Yay! Thanks,

  5. Rebecca DeMoss

    I am new to the community, but I think it is great. The blogs are very helpful, and motivating. I look forward to the next blog.
    Thank you,
    Rebecca DeMoss

  6. Jack Young

    Thank you for the motivating post. I am new to all this and I am pleased to find that there are people here who love God and genuinely care for the well being of others. Those are the kinds of things that success is made of!

  7. Rick

    Thank You for the honorable mention.

    Its my pleasure to be a part of the community.
    I understand the reason that you commend people like Lawrence who strive dispite set backs.

    I am reminded of a saying I once heard……
    “I felt sorry for myself,because I had no shoes”;”Then I met a man that had no feet”


    Thank you for your motivating post. Its my pleasure to be a part of your community. All entrepreneurs take a risk at some point but how far do you go before you see result’s? not for broke is my opinion. I hope to start seeing Result’s. Thx, im currently driving & striving for success !!! Bye Everybody

  9. Bruce

    Anthony this was a real motivating weekly blog.
    The rewards are great to encourage and show value
    of others contributions. I love this. Lawrence Taylor
    is going on our international prayer list for God to
    heal him and help him reach for those dreams and
    ambtions. Purity environment needs to see efforts
    for change for better health. Hope you are feeling
    better. Take some time to rest because over tiredness
    creates destruction of life, relations, strength.
    God bless. Jessie

  10. Joyce Dade

    Lawrence: Two supplements that can be useful for Lawrence would be chlorophyll and milk thistle. Milk thistle regenerates the liver which also supports the kidneys and chlorophyll purifies the blood. Please be sure to Google this info so these claims I am making here can be secured, Lawrence. I do independent research in health and nutrition and have come across this info in my research. The supplements are inexpensive and milk thistle is a little flower so if you have allergies, be sure to check with your doc first.

    Anthony: I think your affiliate program is a wonderful idea, Anthony. I will want more than ever to get up to speed with your group and hopefully become an affiliate. Thank you for all that you are doing to promote success in all our lives and for being the great man about town that you are! LOL

  11. Phil Lully

    Anthony, Thanks so much for incredible effort of your fantastic blog, it
    surely does help connect the dots to begin to see daylight in such a DARK
    enconomy; I like the idea of promoting your products as an affliliate…and
    make some bucks !! My thanks Anthony….keep it all coming…I just love the blog info. Best wishes, Phil Lully

  12. Kathy

    Anthony, I was very impressed that you would take time to mention this man. I too have health issues but I’m not on dialysis 3x weekly so I guess I can try a little harder. Once my classwork is finished ( going for a degree at 55) I will definetely get back on track.

  13. malcolm

    Anthony Morrison,

    Thank you for encouragement I am moving forward, however, i want to make sure I am moving in the right direction. my goal is to have this website and training complete by christmas with everything running correctly down to blog pages etc.

    I would like to utlizied my business to put into ministry here in Alaska and around the world. Give out scholarships to youth for higher education. Promoting the theme “WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER”.

    As you can see, I am fully commited to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, constantly seeking ways of improving and presenting quality materials for my readers.

    Also, I pray that God would heal my brother you spoke about going through dialysis 3 times a week. For God is able to heal, if we believe and ask him in faith. THE FERVENT PRAYERS OF A RIGHTEOUS MAN AVAILETH MUCH!

    With that said, I am looking forward to the years ahead. God Bless each of you and may Heaven smile upon you and your families during these Holidays Seasons.

    Elder Malcolm K. Wright

  14. Ramon

    Thank you for working with everyone Anthony. I wondered at first about the blogs you sent my way; and I say again thank you. R


    I’m also a late night person;
    Just started following your blogs, and I have been motivated to change my life style, that is I will begin to market, and create my architecture design work 32 hours a week, and will spent the other 32 hours creating and developing my internet marketing.
    Thanks for reaffirming what I already knew.

    Dean A

  16. Denise Johnson

    Wow…. thanks for sharing the story about Lawrence. If he can push forward, then so can I !! His will and determination is an inspiration. I have NO excuse to go for it….. Actually the moment I read your book… I had NO excuse 🙂

    I read your book after a major music opportunity fell through. I had one tour cancelled, and another major artist was considering me to be his drummer for his new all female band. (They were on the Jay Leno show about 3 months ago)

    I was soo excited, but his management finally decided to choose musicians that were in the area. Although dissapointed, I was fortunate to still have a PT job and gig in my area. I also knew that I had to find another income, because nothing is certain.

    Since reading your books I have 2 websites… and currently working on video drum lessons for children. Through networking and long hours, I am learning so much…especially how to get traffic to your website. Very challenging. My music website is generating traffic partially because of my Youtube traffic being so high…but the other site is slow. Watching your videos and doing other research I am slowly learning how to obtain email contacts (I purchased Aweber) and use strategic marketing techniques.

    Thanks again for helping people from every walk of life….
    Rhythm Always – Denise

  17. John Hervan


    I think That having the affiliate marketing program. I have some people that have asked me about what I am doing when I give them one of my cards and they are looking for extra work or work but can’t leave home because of children or stuff like that.
    I think it’s really great. I know I was up at 1:00am watching yur infomercial and many of my friends just aren’t up then,
    I do have one question….. Can we use clickbank and have stuff we want to advertise on our website we have received from you, or do we just have to put them on our own landing pages?

  18. Ibis Palazuelos

    Thank you for this magnificent post. I will be praying for Lawrence Taylor. We have a group for Prayers in my building, and I guarantee you we all will be praying for him. His story touched me very deeply and gives me the courage to go on further. This is what we need, a Mentor that keep us on track and won’t give up on us.
    Lawrence, I know is not easy, but try to rest, keep to your diet and better yet, know that we care for you. God Bless.

  19. Don M

    Hi Anthony,

    I hope Lawrence the best in his health issues. I am sure he appreciates your thoughts. Many of us have personel issues to try to over come. I think people that are searching for sources of income on the internet are here for many reasons. They want an honest and solid means to reach their goals. I am still searching for that.

    Keep up the good work

  20. Ronald Bish

    Anthony,WOWOW!! You Da Man,,,I was happy to hear that you are making your poducts and services availible for us to market. What A GREAT IDEA,!!

  21. Gary Monahan

    Thanks for being such a dedicated motivator, and I think it’s a terrific idea that you’re forming an affiliate network of your own. I’d like to market some of your products (especially financial products), because I’ve run into so much exclusivity with most of the other networks.

  22. Norma A.

    Greetings to you Anthony & to the Live Community!
    Thank you for sharing LAWRENCE story very motivational. Now I’m
    compelled to persevere despite my age and so limited knowledge of using
    the computer. I’m frustrated using my daughter’s imac. Scared to erase
    her files etc. Please, please i need somebody to really walk me thru and
    a patient one to get me started earning. I can’t work anymore and funds
    are running out quickly i need to build up my retirement NOW. i have
    started sometime with some mentor but Im lost. Now Im back and very
    motivated by your blog & UTUBE HOPEFULLY with my constant listening
    I’ll make it soon.
    More power to you & your company. Lawrence I’ll pray for you every be
    God Bless Everybody.

  23. Terry Hite

    Hey Anthony!

    I look forward to your weekly blogs and while I am not use to putting up these messages, I must say that you are a true inspiration.

    Thanks for all you do!

  24. regina johnson

    you blog is very encouraging and i wish i could be a bigger part of it but thing are a little hard for me to keep up. i wish you all the luck and everyone who is in this with you. i can hopefully do more in the future keep up the good work you are helping a lot of people and i respect you very much for that. keep up the good work.

  25. pamela hooks

    I am trying to hold on the this program I made a vow to my self that one I bought your book . I would at least give it my best , i do beleive that it will work for me .
    thanks for ever email etc. there is still so much that I still don’t understand as of yet but i am not a quiter

  26. Jeneve

    Thanks Anthony,

    You are a true inspiration but there are so much that I still do not understand at this time but I am trying to persevere. One of these days I will get it because I am not a quitter.

  27. Isobel Jacobs

    Dear Anthony,

    Like many of your community followers it is your caring attitude that has kept me going. Especially when you acknowledged Aiden and now Lawrence on the blog who are both facing some serious health issues. I have placed aiden on my prayer list and will also add Lawrence and all those in our community.

    This is for Kathy,
    Kathy you should be so proud of yourself for going back to school I also started collage at 55 and and recieved my BA 41/2years later while working full time. A little tip reward yourself when you reach certain goals and stick possative notes all around your work area it helps.

    Anthony once again thank you for your encouragement.

  28. Clara Leake

    Thank you for recognizing Lawrence. I’m a Registered Nurse, so I know how he feels. Hats off to you Lawrence, and may God continue to bless you. You have inspired me to keep on trying because I am battling a severe case of Rheumatoid Arthritis which has required many joint surgeries. The last one in May (back). Let’s make a pact lawrence. If you won’t givee up, neeither will I. Let’s go to the top together. I’m on facebook and would like you to be my friend. Anthony, You’re an amazing young man.

  29. Linda hopson

    This is a great video Anthony thanks for the pep talk! I am not the most bright star in the sky but I will always shine at anything that I do well. I am learning and growing. I have you to thank for this. I need allot of help and hope someday soon I will have the extra time I need to be on the phone and get my website published. Thanks for all that you do for all these people. Linda

  30. jeffF

    Thanks for the input when i needed it. Trying to overcome my own hurdles & can never seem to get cought up , yet alone get ahead , but with your support – Well it keeps things within grasp , once we get past the bumps the road will get smoother.

  31. Michael

    This is really great. Thanks for the story. It is indeed very motivating.
    Lawrence story will be very encouraging to all who have have issues that
    make them feel that life is over for them. We will be praying for his recovery.
    His faith and attitude will set him free. Thanks Anthony for encouraging and motivating all of us to strive to higher achievements in all our endeavors. You are a true hero, and you have demonstrated beyond all shadow of doubt, that you really want to help people succeed in life. Keep up the good work and God bless you.

  32. Suy Sun

    Thank you for this great story. Its very motivating me. God bless you Lawrence. Just keep on do what you been doing. Thank you very much Mr. Anthony for your motovation.

    God bless.

  33. Pam Frey

    I just joined PMI this week and admit a “need to learn.” I appreciate your enthusiasm! Pam

  34. Ed

    I am a chiropractor in the Los Angeles area and I want to know how to market my practice with Social Media.
    I am also interested in Affiliate Marketing.
    Do you have any ideas ?

  35. Ed

    Would your Email Marketing system work for marketing a local chiropractic office?
    Would it work for marketing a local martial arts school ?
    Which is the most effective marketing system for my type of business ?

  36. Margo

    Thanks, Anthony, for all of the info in your book and for your encouragement in the weekly blog.

  37. Betty G.

    Thanks for all the encouraging info. I haven’t a clue what to do next but I am trying to stay encouraged and not so skeptical.

  38. Mary Newton

    I think your generosity is amazing… I to am at the point of not knowing exactly what to do next but I am encouraged.

  39. Mike Davis

    Hey everybody, im new to the whole community thing. I think this is a great opportunity and I am lookn forward catching up to where some of u are. To Lawrence, I want to say, u are an awsome dude, to be going threw what you are going threw and still giving a 100%, u make my situation look like kendergarden. thanks for the motivation!

  40. Gloria Hearn

    Anthony, this post was about the best I have seen of your things. I have been skeptical about you as I am not very well versed in computer literacy and was unable to succeed in the affiliate marketing program. I decided I just had to follow my own passions and dreams and your blob kept coming up and I have been reading them and now I must tell you that this is your best. I lost my husband 9-11-11 therefore I am on my own and have had a struggle. I tried making money online but have not been successful as I was dealing with his illness and ultimate death. I am an educational consultant having spent many years as a teacher and volunteer. I finally decided that I must do what I am best at and that is helping parents and educators with children who are not succeeding. God has blessed me in so many ways. I don’t know just how I am going to make all this work but for some reason I feel compelled to keep on watching your blog and maybe I can become skilled enough at the computer to be able get some messages out to people with children who are having difficulty in succeeding in school or in life for that matter. One of your people tried to help me but I was never able to to have the time to really work on it when I was in the program. The time ran out. I am trusting that you will actually see this and maybe respond. God bless you. I know the general area you are from and especially the Jackson area. Keep up the good work.

  41. David J.

    Anthony and team:

    My wife and I are new to the program. One of the first things that I noticed was the honesty and caring in Anthony’s demeanor. So my first baby step into the program was build upon trust from the gut. Second and perhaps even more powerful reason is the people such as yourselves reading this blog. I see that there are many good folks involved in their personal success and the success of others. That fact give me even more reason to want to be associated with this team. One of my favorite heroes once said, “It is in giving that we receive.” I see a lot of that happening here — THANK YOU!

  42. Daryl Smith

    Thank you for the inspiration! Success is the mind set that my wife and I share and work towards.

    Thanks again.

  43. Evelyn Barron

    Thank you Anthony, this is inspiring and I don’t have an excuse but to start doing your program, thanks for all your e-mails too, I have one question if doing this program will interfear with my other business at tax time. Thanks, Evelyn

  44. Selina


    Your story was very touching. As you have shared in your story no matter the obstacles we face on a daily basis, we must somehow find the energy to keep going. I am looking forward to seeing your next project.

    Much success,

  45. Gary L. Hess

    Thanks Anthony, For giving us the knowledge to better our lives. I have had several health issues but have managed to act upon your program your books are very inspiring thanks for sharing your life with us..

  46. Matt Templar

    With all my looking and spending money that was wasted on lies I finaly found you . I thank you for being what you are, a breath of truth and much needed fresh air. I have joined you and would recomend any of your programs. I currently have two. Just getting started. Sincerlly,Matt

  47. bob slanina

    wow now we can be an affiliate on face book and twitter and have your products to share cool now everyone can see what a upbuilding thing a sharing thing this all is

  48. virginia

    Anthony, that was a very powerful story, thanks for shareing, Its 2mins till midnight and I am up, got though working about 3 hours ago can’t wait untill I can cut back in the salon, love what I do and the ladies I help , but it is a lot of work. I just signed up for your coaching program, looking foward to working with my personal coach I know Im going I am going to be successful with your progam I just feel it. I will work hard and be coachible I want this bad! take to you later and by the way this is all new to me but I love it already buy!

  49. paul moskal

    the story of the man with the kidney problem did touch me.i am a big procrastinater and that made me realize how i should take a lesson from him and go to work.

  50. James Croom

    I must admit that I can be a little slow getting started. I truly feel that this is something that I can make a go of. I have a great appreciation for your ability to make it so simple that even I at age 71 can understand and follow your directions. Although, I’m going through the videos for the third time, I feel that I’m almost ready to initiate my business. Thank you.

  51. Abe Doliente

    Thank you so much Anthony for your blog #23. I can relate to the man who has dialysis 3 times a week. My father was in the same situation about 15 years ago. To this man, I encourage him to keep up with his great attitude. He will succeed for sure.

    I am excited about your new project Anthony. I am sure it will be very successful. I hope and look forward to be a part of it.

    Again, I thank you so much. May God Bless you and your family always./

  52. joni j

    hi anthony, thank you so much for having the associate with your business contact me. i am pleased to have this opportunity to learn more about self made success. i believe in you and thanks for sharing so much and being so personable.

  53. Eric Henry

    Hello Anthony, just saw the video and I to get a little sluggish, but I also have a motivation that keeps me on my toes and keeps me going towards my goals. God first in all things (Mat 6:33) But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. KJV. Thanks for your continued support to all if us for this opportunity to reach our goals

  54. cesar cipres

    be positive is hard for many people,more hard for people with healthy problems,this guy is reallly strong,is good inspiration for everbody we need to follow you your advise and this example, is the second time im start reading the book to understand the mketing system until i understand well.i dont know how i could start ichoose already some topics abt the products but how?,i talk with affiliate manager and make a commitment w some prodcts ads thank you, for your support anthony proud of you. 🙂

  55. JE Warren

    Anthony thanks for the encouragement,it feels good to know that a successful entrepenuer like yourself really care about helping people like me Lord knows there’s not enough of them. But i would like to know when will we be able to help promote your products as affiliates and where do i sign up at?

  56. Bill Carr

    Hey,Anthony..I was listening about lawrence saturday, and I know of a product that has proven it’s self ! Should i put it out to you? I also intended to use it on my website adds for my people and friends. Pleaae advise…..Billy

  57. John Rice

    Greetings Ant…everything cost Is the job You do where You get paid for work You do a thing of the past….
    John Rice

  58. Roderick Bennett

    First I need to say thank you for such words of inspiration. I’ve read your book and I’m ready to start!

  59. Facoifee

    Good! Let me ask you if you have your book or some other material in Spanish that I can advertise as an Affilliate.
    Thank you,


  60. jesse cameron

    In a world of charlatans. You are the real deal.
    Thanks for being there for all of us who are loking for a secure financial future.

  61. Robert Austin

    Hey everyone i’m listening and learning.Hopefully i will have something to contribute to the team soon.

  62. Fred Ray

    This recent blog was awesomely inspirational to say the least! I have been quite slow to get started and am working paycheck to paycheck and completely broke as I was out of work for almost 2 years and finally at a J.O.B. (just over broke) and working again and am determined to get started with your amazing affiliate marketing program. I plan on being extremely successful with your program and I’m sure all of us as well as I are extremely grateful for your fantastic support!
    Please keep up the great leadership!
    Thanks for everything! Look forward to getting in on promoting your site and getting paid for it too!

  63. Tammy Henderson

    I love your blog and I am so thankful for your inspirational support. The stories from others gives me the get up and go attitude to be profitable in this business. I am so looking forward to promoting your new site and your products. My Mother was just diagnosed with breast cancer in the last 2 weeks. She is 72 and my partner in this business. We attended the conference in Austin and listened to Adrian, (awesome by the way) My Mother will have surgery this next week and thankfully the doctors hope to get all the cancer with a masectomy. We are praying for no chemo or radiation after. My Mom reads and listens to your weekly blogs and emails that you send and they give her a great faith that we will be successful despite this bump in the road she has to go around.
    Thank You again Anthony

  64. Aranda

    Thanks for all the info i was only told i could make money without having a lot of money im still trying to get started. I pray I can soon. God know I need to make money!!!!

  65. Robert Bost

    I am so inspired by you, Anthony. You have such a magnetic personality and I so look forward to being coached by you as my involvement with your program increases. I am anxious to learn of your new anthonymorrison affiliate program of products to be made available. Thank you so much for being there. I hope distance between “there” and “here” will overtime shrink dramatically. Robert Bost 828-308-5795

  66. John Kanet

    Anthony, you are one of the best speakers, and motivators. I work 2 jobs and I have my own business. When I am not working I am working. With inspiration like Anthony is why I don’t just give up. I am really glad I bought his book, and I am now part of his community. I have not made any progress with his system, but his system is going to eventually get me to where I need to be.
    Thanks, and thanks for actually letting US know. That you pay attention to us.

  67. Henry

    Do I have a business background to get started? Also what do i need to know? Do you have a program that has send email make money?

  68. Delroy Christie

    Anthony, your speech about your weekly Blog was fantastic because it motivated me to go forward despite the many problems that I have. Although I have many problems to hangle on a regular basis, I tried my utmost best to deal with them to the best of my ability. I do not allow these problems to stop me from going foward. Also, I do not love people who love negativity because I do not love negativity, I love positivity. I implore you all,to keep fighting for the good things because good things do not achieve easily. Anthony continue to do your good work and God will surely continue to bless you despite many criticisms from many people.
    Yours sincerely,
    Delroy Christie


    Thanks for your weekly newsletter, you do understand the people your talking to , and its strange that so many people that have joined or are reading your books are in the same types of life issues, But are not able to find the types of information your talking about. It is important to also be aware of the many types of options , someone can find in a day without even thinking about it becouse your mind is looking for things as you go through the day , and may not be aware of it until a light from a new project , comes in and it really makes others around you that do not know you feel the energy you have when the light comes on, so much so if you cross paths with them again they are drawn to your energy, and do not know why but feel you have the energy to help them some how, even though they do not know your issues in personal life. That so many of your readers share a drive through medical issues , family issues or even finance issues you or your family may have . Thanks for your hard work. colin

  70. Richard E. Vandevander

    Anthony as usual your blog was awesome. I will keep Lawrence Taylor in my Prayers. You do motivate. Thank You Richard

  71. Ellen

    Thanks for the words of inspiration & motivation. I’m truly motivated and have a burning desire to succeed, Even though I currently don’t have funds to purchase everything that is sent to me to buy. I’d be more than happy to make any purchases that will help grow my business however, I have to start with nothing. I’m sure this will make a good success story…lol

  72. Kaye Hutton

    Thank you for another motivtional blog and for telling us about Lawrence Taylor. I will be in prayer for his recovery and his success.
    All too often we forget to look around and see how lucky we are and that the only thing holding us back in life is our lack of confidence and enthusiasm.

  73. Marilyn Kepler

    Thank you Anthony for your caring and concern for others. It is good to know that there are still people who really care about others. I am seeing it more now that ever before. Thank you for recognizing those that are struggling in every way, and sharing their stories with us.

  74. Kathleen Beller

    Hello Anthony, as always you lift my spirits and I am encouraged by your words. I am quietly moving forward on getting two websites up and running.
    Thank you!! Judy Beller, I go by Judy.

  75. Kathy Pavone

    Thanks for the motivation. Still getting started, trying to find a product and supplier, I need the motivation. Keep the blogs coming. Thank you for telling us about Lawrence Taylor,I will be praying for him.

  76. Jimmy Johnson Jr

    Lawrence’s story really puts ME at ease because I think I fall into the category of ppl that never really see that there are others out there that could be in a little bit of a tougher situation than I’m in. Thank You for this!

  77. Bruce Lee Morris

    Thanx for the motivation sir you keep giving me the inspiration to keep goin at this. Thank you for telling us about Lawrence Taylor I will be praying for him because prayer changes things.

  78. Becky Lisot

    Wow, I am soooo impressed with ;your emails, I want so much to be a part of your community. Yet, I have been having constant problems with my computer. Please bear with me until I get someone to someone out to help me with this computer working properly. I enjoy your Webinars, your success, you, and your innovative way of thinking! And am looking so forward to getting up with ;you.. I now have the “CAN DO ATTITUDE”. I will get my compputer and be one of your winners, plus make money, which I may not have, but I will have plenty soon. Becky

  79. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – It has been maybe a couple months since I signed up with your Affiliate Marketing Program and received my own website with the different companies we can promote. If you already have your Anthony Morrison
    Affiliiate Marketing Program set up, I would like to be a part of that. Please let me know how I can do this.


  80. Dorothy Derr

    Hi again Anthony – I will keep Lawrence in my thoughts and prayers. My younger brother was a kidney patient also.
    Thanks for sharing his story.

  81. Teresa Hamilton

    There is a group of 10 of us that are working together to make this affiliate job work. I have done some of this in the past and by far you are the most personal and reachable. Would like to get in touch with someone who can tell us if we are on the right track. Started about 3 weeks ago, no customers yet.
    keep rolling,

  82. sam

    Hi Anthony,

    Having read your blog couple of times I am beginning to understand what Network Marketing is all about and you are very good at it. They talk about first developing a relationship, show you care before you try to promote your opportunity. And you have done that in this video and couple of them.

    Thank you for what you are doing and keep it up. Keep on sending worthwhile info to your fans and community.

    Looking it for more of your insight into online marketing.

  83. Bryan Sherman

    Hi Anthony,

    It has been a few weeks since I have posted to the weekly blogs. When I listened to this weekly blog, I felt touched by the story about Lawrence. I should have no excuses for not accomplishing my goal of making money online. I do commend Lawrence for his strong will to win in life and abroad. I look forward Anthony for the new affiliate program you have layed out in the coming weeks. I make a commitment to staying engaged in these weekly blogs and whatever else you have available to offer for success.

  84. Ligaya Valonzo

    Hello Anthony, It’s me again, your blog motivated me more, especially sharing about Lawrence’s health issues, you are such a great human being, your concern with people is my inspiration to be part of your team, I will keep Lawrence in my daily prayers. God bless you Anthony and all your business affilliates. I am looking forward to a successful business thru your help.

  85. Angel Garcia

    I love your Book!! It is a great invesment that I have made. All you motivations and the motivation from all the community is priceless. Even that I’m going “slow’ but constant on what I learn from your book. I’m going maybe in other direction but I follow your advice and instruction on your book. Your Webseminar are great and helpful. Thank you Anthony, you don’t have an idea how greatful I am for the help I recieved from you and the community. As soon I stand up from the ground we need to talk.
    Angel l. Garcia Lopez

  86. Fred Haney

    Thanks for sharing Lawrence s story. This is an awesome program.
    Thank you Fred Haney

  87. Kaye Hutton

    I would like to get into marketing your products. I know this video was filmed last year, so how do I get to the affiliate program for your products?
    Thanks for the information and encouragement you always seem to lace into your videos.

  88. Jared Mondry

    This was very selfless and spirited to acknowledge Lawrence. My hope is that this support in some way gives him additional strength and hope. It has to be very difficult, and we who have good health are so very fortunate.
    Best of everything, Lawrence.

  89. James Kahalewai

    Anthony………Thanks for this inspiring blog. I thought I was struggling waiting for a heart transplant. Presently, I have a LVAD (left ventrical assist device) implanted but have not let that be an obstacle for me, only a hazard. Like Lawrence, I encourage others to be persistent, even if it takes us a longer time to reach our goals.

    I look forward to every training opportunity you offer……Jimmy K.

  90. Arvin Pratap

    Thank you Mr Anthony for the encouragement you provide in your blog, hope to work and acheive my goals. Hope to be in the webinar and get lots of information about marketing my website. God bless and our prayers are with Mr Lawrence and his family. Affilated marketing I have been adding on my Blog and have not generate any income, would like to know how I could get paid with these type of marketing.Would love to involve with affilated marketing.

  91. Myles Derison

    I’ve decided to finally join the “live” group by leaving this post. I am new to your business and haven’t yet “jumped in” but I appreciate the encouragement that you give to us. I’m going to give this a real shot.

  92. Jeremiah K Afong

    Thanks for the motivation. I thought I was having a rought time doing this affiliate program.

  93. Valerie Darlington

    Thanks for the encouragement Anthony. Many times we think we can’t do anything because of simple setbacks. The story about Lawrence really shows me that no matter what, I have so much to be thankful for, and can do if and when I readjust my thinking and work the plan I have created.

  94. James Sliney

    Anthony, thank you for sharing about Lawrence. Please know that I am praying for him right now. We are all in this life together and we can energize one another by our communications as you are demonstrating in this video.

  95. Joyce Knake

    Thanks for the weekly motivation, we all need it.
    I was at a seminar last year for Zig Ziglar and he had a quote that stuck with me and I will share it here. ” If you help people get what they want, you will get what you want” So I help people whenever I can because it makes me feel good to share what I know and that’s what we’re here on this earth for.

  96. Rudolph Andrachak

    Excellent post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! Very helpful information specially the last part 🙂 I care for such info much. I was seeking this certain information for a long time. Thank you and good luck.

  97. ruth

    reading your weekly blogs are educational, inspiring…i hope to start right soon….Thanks

  98. Monroe Boone

    We will be in prayer for your brother, we can only try to understand
    what he is going thru both -physcally and spiritually.

  99. Delia Daza

    Thank you Anthony, I was feeling down and now I feel better. Just that story about Lawrence was very inspiring. I will also keep him in my prayers.
    My problem with these programs is that some times I don’t understand and then I procrastinate. I need to make my own website and I do have your help for it but I keep leaving it for later 🙁 I should have been making money by now.
    Bless you,

  100. frank senner

    hi anthony,
    thank you for the information in this weeks weekly blog.very helpful.also let me know about your affiliate marketing programs.

    thank you!


    Thanx for the motivation you keep giving me the inspiration to keep going at this. Thank you for telling us about Lawrence Taylor I will be praying for him because prayer changes things. I need really help to get on track , I don’t have enough money to have your staff to help me setup. but I am still learning to know how to get to it. It’s good but we need to put money in to make it. Help

  102. Daniel deFluiter

    Enjoyed the blog Anthony. I now have a click bank account and am persuing an EIN # since using my ssn # may open the door for identity theft. learned not to set up the account when I am exaugested, slept a while then fixed it. Spent many hours researching affiliate marketing on click bank websight allong with your information should help me succede. I deal with double vision that comes and goes and have to stop what I am dooing untill my eyes track properly again, it is not fixable, with pacience the eyes return to normal. I appreciate your help.
    As Joyce Dade explained below:
    Milk thistle regenerates the liver which also supports the kidneys and chlorophyll purifies the blood. I hope this solution improves your life Lawrence.

  103. david j

    Hi Anthony, I think the fact that you are committed to helping Lawrence says one hell of a lot about YOUR moral & ethical character as well as your values & beliefs!!! —> BRAVO !!! I have a similar situation going on, not nearly as intense as what Lawrence is dealing with, yet in its own way (difficult & trying) your mention of his situation and what he is dealing with, has given me some very positive encouragement … I would like to find out about your youtube marketing strategies, I saw a short video several months ago, describing your youtube video technique it was connected to a twitter technique also. I have sent several emails to your support team and they always answer but very vagely , if I could get a straight up answer as to which system or ebook those techniques are covered in, I will purchase it! Hope to hear from you soon, I will send this note to your support team also, and try to get it directly to you !!! Thanks for the encouraging words ! Truly, I Hope Lawrence is doing ok!!! david j

  104. paula doan

    Thanks Anthony for your weekly message, and I agree it shouldn’t always be about marketing! There are alos, possible alot of us that are as bad off as Larnce. I’m mentaly and physicalt disabled. I’m in constance pain, if I take the drugs to stop the pain, I can’t do anything!! So keep talking and keep helping us with your words! Thanks paula

  105. Margaret Wheeler

    Good blog, Anthony. My problem is I don’t have much money to get started since everything does cost money. I have decided to wait until I pay off some of my outstanding bills before getting involved with your program. As it is I am retired and most of my check goes to pay my bills and some months I do not have money even for food. I am not a quitter either but at the present time, I can not see my way clear to start anything that costs me money which I do not have. I would like to know about all these programs but I have to wait until the funds become available. If that is what happens as your support team said, I was not movitated to do the work so be it. I am a person who pays her bills and until that is done, I can not start on anything else.

  106. James Engler

    Thanks for the awesome blog! I’ll pray for L.T. and all others like him. We do, as humans, have a great tendency to complain: this is wrong with me that’s why I CAN”T do ___________. I CAN”T is one of the most negative things you can allow in your mind, and we have to remember that there ARE people out there like Lawrence. Whatever’s “wrong” with us, someone else out there has it a lot worse than we do.

  107. Loree

    Hi, Anthony, it was such a profound story you shared about Lawrence. I just hope i would finally have such kind of faith to work hard to learn what I have to, to be able to earn thru your Affiliate Marketing Systems. I’ll keep Lawrence in my prayers. Thanks, it was inspiring, keep it up.

  108. Klaudia

    I’m waiting for the affiliate programs of Anthony… I will be so glad promoting your products 🙂

  109. Muriel

    Thanks for the encouragement and sharing the story about Lawrence. It’s pretty powerful! It helps!

  110. Teresa Belcher

    Sounds great Anthony, I can’t wait to sell your stuff!!!!!!

  111. Joe Bosch

    Maybe I’ve found a breakthru?? Need to check out the AM Live community and see if I can get some answers.

    On thinking positive. I have no A/C and my place is 88 inside. Hay think positive; free sauna bath! there are people who pay for this environment…

    Ugh, it’s hot!

    Hope all y’all have a great July 4th. At least we can still celebrate what this country USED to stand for…


  112. Linda Saracco

    Hi Anthony!
    Thank-you again for this most inspirational video! I have been putting a few hours into my business each evening, mostly when everyone is asleep. I am a night owl anyway so I figure instead of watching a movie on TV I will educate myself on affiliate marketing. I have learned so much in six weeks and so grateful I have you as my teacher. The story of Lawrence is touching – I will pray for him that God will give him the strength to reach his goals. I am excited for your affiliate programs to launch!! I have my blog set up and am promoting a few of your programs now. I could not have set up my Word Press blog without your outstanding instructional videos. Thanks again for sharing so much with all of us!

  113. bob pascoe

    there was an old saying that 80% of the people succeed were mentored by somebody that helped them and flipping the coin…80% of those that do not succeed were not mentored or not mentored properly. thank you for being able to help people understand become better and more successful through mentoring.


    You never cease to amaze me, Anthony M.,with your built up excitement for the potential new programs which will take away from your time but render help and comfort to the less fortunate,

  115. Reverend Vernon J. Shaw

    your newest idea about setting up an affiliate program for all of the members that want to use it is a giant step forward. It will go a long way to help all of us members another way to develope additional income and it will provide extra motivation for those who need that extra bit of inspration to sell your paperwork. May the Lord always bless you an all your endevors.

  116. Jo-Anne Eadie

    I found it at the bottom – Community

    This is one of the moments that I get excited because my computer skills do not come naturally to me.

    Some of you will laugh at that comment but I just don’t see things other people automatically know where to find.

  117. FRANCI

    Hello Peeps! Nice to meet you all. This is Great! I also have health issues and I can understand the importance of surviving, especially with the economy the way that it is. I think sometimes God puts a path in front of us, and whether we realize it or not, it may be the best path yet. I often think of how I am life’s broker and seems like a natural response for me to match one thing with another. My advice to anyone is to Apply Yourself. By that, I mean to do Something Positive to reach your goal EVERY DAY. No matter what else I am dealing with, I WILL get online and LEARN…I apply what I learned yesterday to today and what I learn today I will apply tomorrow. When I go back and review my notes, the stuff that was scary (LOL)…is old hat and I can move forward with that knowledge now and learn some more. As a very driven person, my mind is constantly twisting and THE GOAL is to not only be successful and financially secure, BUT to maybe help someone else, smile instead of cry. God knows that I used to sit at my desk, in pain and I would Pray to God for help, so close to tears every day. Anthony IS in my opinion, a Guardian Angel…reaching out with a Hand UP…….Many Blessings Everyone…. KEEP MOVING FORWARD and don’t forget to follow the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City. Thank you Anthony.You can be the Scarecrow…LOL!!!! HUGZ*_*Franci.

  118. Mark Porter

    I decided a little while ago that if I were to sell products and services that affilated sales was the way to go. So I find your site a great aid.

  119. Peter

    Hi Anthony! I can not belive my eyes; yes; I have the e-mail from Mr Anthony Morrison! And you- Anthony- are giving me hand, that I can cam to partner with you (?) in your business?!! It is incredible! Size of your hart is anmeasureable! Thank you Anthony. Regards Peter.

  120. Lee Riske

    Words can not describe how much you help others. Praying God will continue to Bless you and your family and keep your mentors safe and well.
    THANKS for all you do!!.Lee

  121. Marcia Brown

    Hi, Anthony!

    I have the email that contains the link to this video saved in a Yahoo email folder with your name on it where I can rewatch other inspiring videos you have done. I listen to them time and time again to keep myself encouraged.

    As I was watching this one again, for at least the second or third time, I actually got tears in my eyes! It reminded me that I may have problems in my life, but not anything that compares to the man you described in the video.

    Back in May, my husband had his second open heart surgery. I didn’t know him when he had the first one 18 years ago. This May he had a double bypass, and aortic valve replacement (mechanical), and ended up having to have a pacemaker put in. On October 31 he went in for a heart cath and had to have another stint put in (his third). He has been through the ringer, you might say. It has also taken it’s toll on me, and I have not been keeping up with my affiliate marketing like I should because I am so worried about him.

    That said, I feel it was meant to be that I listened to this video again, TODAY! I am still fairly healthy, I don’t have to be attached to a dialysis machine every week, I can still make better use of my time during the day, AND I need to get off my toosh (spelled wrong) and quit feeling sorry for myself, and get busy doing something constructive in order to get my business going in the right direction.

    I am sorry this is so long, but I know that there are no doubt other people out there going through similar problems just like I have been going through. I want them to know that THEY CAN DO THIS and that there is at least one person out here that KNOWS what they are going through.

    Thanks for letting me vent, and thanks so much for these videos. They mean so much to me personally, and have been and will continue to be very helpful to me as I develop my business.

  122. Keri Haynie

    I am going to start reading your books to make my business start and to try and get off the ground! I think 2013 will be a better year for me and others!

  123. Misako Lorennij

    I am excited Every time I watch your video on this community blog, and the only thing that kept me from moving forward with this affliliate marketing is that I don’t have the right tool or financial support to that can back me up to get started….But I am looking forward for the AM Affiliate Marketing Program to get started and learn for it. Thanks Anthony

  124. Edgar Fischel

    Anthony, you are not just creating an amazing community, you are creating an amazing family and support structure that is just so awesome!

  125. Bill Munro

    Thank You Very Much Anthony.

    This Blog was very inspiring, especially when it came to Lawrence. Lawrence will also be in my thoughts and prayers. You do a fantastic job as a motivator Anthony. When you take in the Obstacles that Lawrence faces, our obstacles don’t seem so bad.

    Of course,” what the mind can picture, as long as it is in the realm of reality, it will deliver it to you.” I am looking forward to your Affiliate Program in the near future.

    To Everyone’s Success,

    Bill Munro

  126. Mingo Pedraza

    Sir, thank you for such positive motivation and words of encouragement.I will shortly be inbound to Jackson for mentoring classes and I am truly excited.

  127. Liliana Parra

    I am having an awesome time learning everything from you. I would like to promote your books, Cds, DVDs, etc to every body. Please let me know what to do.
    Thank you, Liliana.

  128. Carolina Decorte

    Hi again Anthony,
    It’s great that you try to keep us motivated…. I sometimes feel down cause I’m putting together all your suggestions but I find myself having to wait for approvals and I feel stuck cause I have to wait on the companies……..

  129. Ben Nyman

    Thank you, thank you and thank you Anthony for your Weekly Blogs and other media in which you are giving so much of yourself to us. Your webinars are awesome and it is great to putt on super affiliates like Jason and Tim to share their success stories with us. I can’t wait to hear the continuation by Tim coming Thursday. I have great feelings for the kidney patients and it is good the stories are coming out in the open. I am thinking about our son in law, Mark, in Virginia, that has been waiting for more than 10 years for a kidney. They are all in my prayers.

  130. El Dee James

    Wow Lawrence certainly is an amazing person. And if he can keep going and working towards his goals there is not one of us that has an excuse not to also. What an amazing person. I will be praying for him. Thank you Anthony for your motivation.

  131. Susan Marcoux

    Thanks for the encouragement, it’s always welcome and often necessary. Sometimes it all feels so overwhelming.I used to jump on everything that showed up but have stopped doing that (for the time being) so I can take some time to really learn what and how to do things before putting it into practice and overwhelming myself…at which point, I do nothing! I am excited to, perhaps, become one of your affiliates.

  132. Alice Mafabi

    Thank you for your message to us. It is inspiring and motivating. I am going to work on it. Thank you. Have a great week.

  133. john skanes

    this sounds really great, lets get motivated,,lets do this,

  134. irene Wolfe

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for sharing about Lawrence. I am trying to work harder on my ad writing. Yes, I am interested in your Affiiate Marketing Program. I would like to be a part of that. My thought espansion and conceration is not very long, so the doctor say “do what you can, and keep your stress point very low. I am trying to cope with everything. I will keep Lawrence in my prayers.

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