1. Chester W Cox

    You talking about visualizing where you wanna be, i’ve been doing this for years. It really does work. I lost my business about a year and a half ago. I have been visualizing about starting a new business and here I am. I am going to make this work. Hope you get feeling better real soon.

  2. LENA


  3. Nanalisa

    this vdeo made me feel a little better cause im a little down . and i went though a break up .

  4. Cherie LaDelpha

    Hi Anthony,
    I really enjoy your positive take on life and it’s circumstances. I too have visualized certain successful outcomes. For me today it’s what do I move first. I am in a transition of moving from my old home to a new home. Spaces are different and the thought of the sad way I have to leave it will enter my mind. I had to short sale. My first and only home..
    Emotional outcomes, that is where you want your final success to be, be it( positive). So Anthony, ,thank you for your affirmations of the positives that ensue out of hardship. You are a natural winner and I know you will rise to your occassion. You do inspire and that is a beautiful thing to do.
    Stay well and see you soon,

  5. samuel powell

    My name is samuel powell and this is my first week of listening to your video.
    now I’m having a little trouble starting my website ,but I’m very into what I.m doing. Thank you very much for your video’s. They have been very helpful.
    So until the next time. Samuel

  6. Rex

    Anthony, great blog! I can relate to this weeks topic. I thought I was just daydreaming but I guess I was visualizing about my future. I’ve also done this through my whole life and it works. Keep up the good work


  7. Twilla Darling

    Anthony, I just wanted to say thank you for this weeks topic. I just recently lost my job of 14 yrs and I have been feeling really lost and not knowing what direction to go in. This blog has help me refocus so that I can regroup and push forward in the right direction. Glad you are feeling better, keep up the great work.


  8. Bob

    I am reading everything on affiliate marketing. Everything is fuzy on just where to start. I do want this to work, so badly.


  9. Marcial

    You hit that nail dead center. I am in transition after sharing 20 years of my life with a corporation. While I was learning my previous trade, I had visualized myself in that role and made progress by following up the visualization with planning and action. Well, here I am again. As a new member, I am looking forward to building a new profitable business using your techniques. This was my first BLOG. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  10. Pamela

    Thank you. Tony I have not yet got started with the program because so many challenges have distracted me. I will take your advice.

  11. Dustin Mays

    What’s UP Anthony?Man i am so inspired by you!You have pushed me over that edge that i was at in my life.I am 23 years old and i dropped out of school in tenth grade.And i knew there were other ways to make money,but i didn’t even think about the internet advertising.I was going to go to college and persue my career as a dentist.I am still going to,but i just wanted to say thank you for showing ALL of us specially me how your course works.And i also have a QUESTION:How do i write an add?Please get back to me at http://[email protected]!!!YOU’RE tha MAN!

  12. Annie

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. I’m just getting over it myself. I use to visualize and just let things get in the way and got out of the habit. I’ve always abelieved there is a solution to every problem and this is the way to come up with the answer or to get through a tough time, I just have to make that a number one priority and get back on track.Thanks for the reminder.:)

  13. GG Delgadillo

    Hi Anthony,
    I really LOVE your blogs. They’re short and to the point and yes, very motivating. I’m currently reading your book (advertising profits) and there’s so much to learn. I’m a bot slow, and I’m focusing right now in dedicating at least 30 minutes a day to learn more.
    Keep up the good work with the blogs…. I truly enjoy them.

  14. GG Delgadillo

    ps: I’m new to blogging and I apologize for the “typo” on the previous comment, I should have checked it before submitting….oops!
    I mean to say “I’m a bit slow” (not “bot” slow)
    I also appreciate your honesty when you said that success is slow.
    Now I don’t feel so bad if I don’t understand something on the first try.
    I just keep on going, failure is not an option for me either!

  15. Bob Sims

    Another great blog Anthony !

    I was waiting to hear of who you would mention next in the community,but I guess I have to wait until next week.

  16. Mary Adair

    Hi Anthony,
    Great Blog.
    I am so glad to hear you are feeling better. Do take care of yourself. I don’t know what bug or allergen is out there this year, but I have had pneumonia more than once already this year and still trying to shake it. Rest is soooo important. Not that I follow my own advise, but please do take care of yourself.

  17. Edie

    Anthony — Rule #1: Take care of yourself first! Then you can give to everyone else. Glad to hear you are getting well.

  18. Phillip

    I really don’t know how to blog at all. I need to learn about all these things cuzz nobody thinks that a guy in a wheelchair who’s consitored a “quad” can’t work at home and have his own biz. I’m 29 and gotta prove I can ( as a matter of fact , I know I can). so if ur in a position where you’re disabled, don’t trip. u can do it.

  19. George Hardey

    Hi Anthony

    I got your your book & I really enjoy the information you have in the book.I really like your weekly blog.At times I listen to your blog 2 or 3 times. I am glad to be in your live community & reading your book. I don’t plan on sening your book back ever if it goes pass the 30 days.Keep up the good work. I be listening to your blog ever week. Thank you for everthing.

  20. zahara

    Hi Anthony,
    glad to hear you are feeling better. i have been following your sucess the last few months and finally got the courage to sign up with ProfitAM this morning (yaaaay) but when i went to my email, nothing is in the inbox. so obviosly something went wrong in the process. can you please email me as how to access the system. I use thevisualazation techniques all the time and you are right they work quite well. Good Luck. looking forward to meeting you at your seminars.

  21. Diane Torres

    Your blog was great. I get motivated by your continual support for all of us. I want this very, very much. It is hard, but I am determined. The success academy has been good and patient. Been since November, and I am hoping that it gets better. Unfortunately, I lost my job last week. So, I now have lots of time to figure out why I am not getting hits on my landing pages, but still have to find a job. Keep up the good work Anthony, you inspire and motivate us all, weather we are old or young. In my case Young at Heart!
    God Bless Us All!!!

  22. Mark

    Another great blog Anthony ! I’m glad you’re feeling better.

    Can’t wait for your next video. Get well.

  23. Nick

    hey man i really do agree with you on the being able to visualize your goals,i have been doing it for a few weeks now and it really does help

  24. Lilyan

    Hi Anthony!
    This is only the second post of yours that I’ve watched and I wanted to say thanks for being so committed to us. Blogging is a huge and serious committment because you are responisble for regularly posting topics that are pertinant and of interest. And you *do*. Impressive!
    I also want to give a nod to Phillip who commented earlier. I too am a quad and have actually been warned most of my life against having a job because I would then lose my state and federal aide. Another reason I have been discouraged from working is that my health isn’t reliable enough on a day-to-day basis. While these reasons are true, I’ve always longed for that sense of pride one gets in providing for oneself. My ultimate goal, my dream is to be able to provide for myself and afford the things not available to me through government aide. With your book Anthony, I think I will be able to start down that road!
    So thank you and keep up the good work!

  25. Crystal Jones

    hi anthony, i am glad that you are back! i received your program about 2-3 weeks ago, but because i have 4 small kids, i have not had a chance to finish your book yet. im working my way thru it, and still have yet to set up my website…youre absolutely right, and as elizabeth kubler-ross said, “dreaming is a form of planning”. you have got to dream and visualize in order to find out where you want to be in the future. i picture the best for my children, for they are my motivation. i am currently unemployed with a 5 yr old, 22-month old twins, and a 5-month old. i HAVE to make this work! i do not see myself working at a 9 to 5 everyday and being away from my kids for the rest of my life. so thats whats important to me. i visualize success. i dream of success, and i believe that following your techniques will help me achieve it. thank you, profusely, anthony, and please keep the blogs coming. god bless you, and all that you are doing!

  26. Waple

    Hi Anthony, I am at crossroads right now in my life. There are dreams within me that are so real I can see flashes in front my face as a go along my day, i know it is my destiny. I understand the power of visualizing what you want, that is not the problem. The problem is seeing two roads and wondering in your heart what is the right direction. So many pass errors, soooo many trys and misses. I am searching within myself, because this time I cannot afford to make the wrong move, yet I am not my best when standing still….but I will stand still until I know for sure what my next move should be….Blessing!

  27. Daniel

    I just finished your book Advertising Profits from Home. There is so much information to absorb. WOW! I’m going to read it again and work the plan to get my own internet business up and running.
    You have certainly given the community a great value in this book that is above and beyond the cost of the investment in the book.
    I look forward to applying the knowledge you have shared and will be asking for help and sharing my learning experiences with others on the community board. It’s wonderful to have a place to go and ask questions.
    Thank you for this wealth of information that will help me and so many others to be able to set up and work our own online business.

  28. Willie

    The Boss man. Its good to see u doin better and appreciate this program it gives me more hope for a better tommorrow im still learn though.I like how u explained thwe visualization that does help I always try to visualize my self succeeding there much to come out of that so many people i could help if i achieve my goals as well as my self of course but it would bring joy to help others once again thanks for your thoughtfulness to create this opportunity i hope to do well with your program so i can be at the top like so many others.

  29. Ronald Bish

    Anthony,,I am super glad you are feeling much better and Thanks for this messege. You are absolutly correct,,visualizing is so key to the accomplishment of any thing. LOL ! I do so much of it that I wonder sometimes if I have lost touch with reality. But every time in my visualization process I am awakened to the reality of it all..even if it is just for a few minutes. Why do I feel like I am stuck in the mud. I can’t go forward or backward or sideways.. So here is a good thought for this God aweful situation ” When you are up to neck with alligators,,It is difficult to remember that your main objective was to drain the swamp ” How true is that ? Anyway,,,Glad you are feeling better,,and I wish a Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday for you and yours,,You Da Man !!

  30. Joyce Dade

    I’m thankful to God that you’re feeling better, Anthony. Thank you for explaining so much and for your insights into visualization. I am a highly visual person, a visual artist and photographer who likes to think of myself as visionary, however, I do not as a rule exercise the kind of visualization you have shared with us today. I will try it because it will provide the kind of focus which is probably just the element that I am missing in my efforts to organize and pull together the pathway toward the kind of life I wish to lead going forward. I think it is wonderful that you are so full of love and respect and kindness for others that you have put so much of yourself into all that you have created for us. It is an inspiration and a privilege to be a part of your network and to be in touch with you here. Thank you for being so wonderful. I know your birthday is coming up although I am not certain of the exact date. I hope that your Thanksgiving with family and friends is wonderful and that your birthday is wonderful too. It astonishes me just how much of yourself you pour into your site and your efforts to enrich and enliven the lives of others. You are like an angel to us, Anthony. Whatever you have been through, thank you for sharing. I am glad the situation has been or is well on its way to being resolved. God bless you now and always. Your friend, Joyce

  31. joan dodds

    thank you for this weeks blog i am back after losing my computer, mail, phone and most all income… hard times yes, but i am ready to see the future thanks joan

  32. Vahe

    Hi Anthony,
    This sounds great, if you know what are you doing, or what you suppose to do, then, all you have to do to go through the steps untill you get comfotable with it. But when you do not know how to do it then what. As you said I will appriciate your feedback.

    Thanks again


  33. Louis Smith

    Anthony you are exactly right .I have com to times I was stuck your visualization technic put me back on tract. thanks for the reassuarnce,Thank you Anthony.

  34. Mary Andersen

    Hi Anthony,
    Yes, I noticed you were getting sick and I am glad you are feeling better and on the mend. Sometimes over achievers don’t realize that they are not indistructable and keep pushing themselves until they end up in hospital. I know because it has happened to me a few times throughout my lifetime.

    Back to the subject of visualization–I’ve done it also throughout my life–it helps me stay on track when all hell brakes loose. I’ve been working on my business since the seminar I attended mid-Oct with your brother. It has been frustrating and also almost commical in a way as to how many obstacles and challenges that have presented themselves in the last 5 1/2 weeks either related or non-related to my business and getting it off the ground. All issues involving or costing $$ that was originally benchmarked for my advertising/split testing etc. So a little bit of a delay as to where I had planned to be at this point. My faith in myself and God, visualizing where I want this business to go and how I want to achieve my goals and always pushing forward in the face of a challenge that is what has always gotten me through everything in my life….whether it be becoming a top performer in a few industries in the companies i’ve worked for in Corp. America or dealing with and beating cancer and other illnesses. So I know if I apply the same philosphy to this new business I am creating that it will happen maybe not exactly the timeline that I have in my mind, but I will make it happen. Failure is not an option.

    To your continued Success!…and may you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving! We all have so much to be thankful for. God’s Blessings!


  35. Patricia Rigby

    Hello Anthony,
    Glad to know you’re doing better, Anthony you work steadfastly to help us stay on the right track and to eventually be a success. We need you to stay well, you know you can take the original AMALAKI the great Rejuvenator it will boost your immune system, and give you lots of energy, a superfood that will help support you overall immune system. The fruit has twenty times more vitamin C then an orange, it did wondrous for me. Thanks again for the video, good to have you back. Blessings.

    Patricia Rigby

  36. James Bray

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for a great Blog, Glad to see you are up and again feeling like you should. Can’t keep a good man down long, can they! Anyhow I have been visualizing for several months now about getting back to doing the PMI training after 4 retina surgery operation which pretty well stopped me for a spell. Looks like I will be back doing this training in January. I have also got involved with Tellman at your urging. He’s an interesting “Shabambo”, Thanks for getting me interested in his talents. I’m into the 4th reading of Advertising Profits From Home. I find more of what I didn’t read the other times each time I re-read parts of it again. I’m 76 now and it takes me a bit longer than maybe some others to grasp some of what I need to know. Take care, “I’ll Be In Touch So You Keep In Touch.” —jim—


    The things that you talkied about on your blog was right on for me. That is right on and I will get there just as soom as I am able to get time and resources to do so. I still listen to and read all your comments. Don’t give up on me I am hanging on and I know I will make it in a little while. Thank you Anthony Juanita Alexander

  38. Sharon Volkman

    Anthony, I am so anxious to get started. Yes, the visualization really does work. As you said, it is like you have already done it before. I use it every day, for smaller things. I’m glad you are recovering well. Pneumonia does slow a person down.

  39. CALVIN

    Hi Anthony, So glad u r feeling better and i,ll keep u in my pray, these weekly blog do,s work so please keep up the good job u r doing and may god keep on blessing u.

  40. Salvador Isberto

    Get well Boss. Your the light that Ive been following in this dark times. Thank you the incouragement and inspiration. It keep on my toes all the the time.

  41. Gary Monahan

    Hi Anthony, glad you recovered so quickly. You seem to have a lot of resilience anyway, especially in business. “It’s always darkest before dawn,” as the saying goes. But the dawn always comes, so be ready for it!

  42. Bart Drury

    UR the BEST….Glad to hear you are up and running again, take care Anthony…the Blog is great and I really feel part of the big picture. Cheers, Bart Drury

  43. Bart Drury

    Hey Anthony–glad to hear you are up and running again. The Blog is GREAT and I plan to follow them. Cheers and feel better, Bart Drury

  44. Russell Carlson

    Hello Anthony Glad to see you back and well. It’s hard to try to find a good job these days. I feel I can make your system work for me. I just need to learn all there is to know about it first. Tkanks for all the help and encouragement.

  45. Elisha Ford

    Dear Anthony, the advice you gave on visualizing success is something I’ve always done as well, I also use it to get through problems just like you said. Hearing you say you did it too made me feel even better about my method for getting through hard or scary things or wanting to succeed. Thank You

  46. Nick Cole


    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I am going through a very tough time in my life and I will certainly try this method to help me get through it faster!

  47. Sam Baboldashtian

    Hi Anthony,
    The 24 Blog was Awesome. I sure struggle with visualization. I know if I knew how to visualize better I would have been more successful than my current condition. I appreciate the time you’ve take to record this blog.

    Best Regards,

  48. Michael Price

    Hello Anthony,

    Visualization is very important. We all think in pictures. The key is to think about our future in pictures. The mind will believe a lie if you tell it to yourself over and over again. Just ask any criminal if he is guilty. However we should use this ability for the positive in things that we want to acquire or goals that we want to achieve. Christ even taught this and every religion in the world. Thanks for your blogs with positive information and for not trying to sell products. You will be rewarded for the service and knowledge you provide.

    God Bless, MIcheal

  49. Cheryl

    Hello, Anthony, God bless you! I am so glad that you are
    back on the “scene” with your weekly blog. I am a “newbie”, in
    fact, I just got my package (program) yesterday. I have viewed the
    intro cd and I am currently reading your book. It is a bit
    overwhelming because I am not computer “savy” but I am so excited
    to learn your method and start my online business. I have purchased
    so many programs, however, I like the way you explain everything. I
    am really excited and I feel so motivated to start right away. You
    will hear from me real soon. (And by the way, Vitamin C, is really
    good! 🙂

  50. Daniel S Daubenspeck

    Anthony sometimes I feel as if I am in a foreign land unable to speak the language,in as much as my understanding of computers is at best poor.I however do appreciate your staff ,because they have been very considerate of my situation.I learn slowly and abstracts are very difficult to me.I think back to my high school days and iI wish I could have had teachers with the same qualities.If I had, I probably would have graduated with A’s and B’s instead of C’s and D’s .Thank you for the oppertunity to learn from you ,and may god bless you . Dan

  51. joe Crayton

    That was great advice , I happen to have been feeling under the weather last week too, I had a very bad cold too, my goal is to listen and learn everything I can from you , I ‘m in this for the long run , I want to be able to quit my job in the future and work from home full time . so I will start visualizing myself being successful. I no this won’t happen overnight I’m just taking baby steps right now . just getting the feel for the business , I started promoting my first campaign last night , I even opened up a twitter account and tried to get a tweeter feed account using google alerts , still working on that feed. thanks Anthony for all your heart felt help.

  52. Elizabeth

    I have really been inspired by your blogs. Although I am new to this marketing on the internet. I feel like you are genuine and you are trying to give back and help others and you are trying to let people know that If you can do it then others can do it too. So thanks Im going to take this opportunity to make some money and learn something new.

  53. james parrott

    As always Your right on Anthony . Glad Your feeling better . Have a Great week

  54. wayne Mills

    I’m new and a little lost , with your and your companys help I know I can learn
    how to make this business work. Thank You for all the Support. And I hope
    you feel better soon .

  55. Steve Austin

    Thanks for the inspiration,
    I like the idea of visualization. I need to use it to get out of ths slump been in so I can think of a product and launch my business and website. I am going to try it.

  56. Sara Smith

    I hope you’re feeling better. I was diagnosed with “walking pneumonia” right after I signed up for your program and was about to throw up my hands because I wasn’t physically able to complete the steps as quickly as I could had I felt better. I’ve tried other affliate programs in the past, and although the concept makes great sense to me (since my inbox is bombarded with other affilate’s offers) but I don’t ever seem to get past the creating accounts in Google, Yahoo, etc. When it comes to writing the ads I fall apart. I have been on the verge of asking for a refund several times over the past week, however, I do believe that being a successful affliate is something I can do.

    I can’t believe you’re talking about visualization in this particular blog. This morning I was reading a chapter in a book about the psychology of stock trading and the subject was visualization. Now, there have been many times in the past where I have tried visualization and know that it does work, however, it is not one of those tools I often use — even when times are tough. But I feel the seredipity of having “Visualization” as the subject in the two areas where I would like to have income streams is too strong to ignore. My goal for today is not only the visualize the Big Picture (which is what I’ve done in the past) but to also visualize the individual tasks that I need to do to make the Big Picture a reality. Today, since the Market is closed for MLK’s B-Day, I decided to create a Dream Board that incorporates the different areas of my life and begin to visualize the smaller steps I need to take in each area to make them happen. Thanks for your inspiration.

  57. Pat Proctor

    thanks – glad you are in better health – good take away – “As long as you are thinking right you will get to where you want to be.”

  58. Jackie Shay

    I’m glad your starting to feel better. NOt feeling so hot myself. I hope you have a better week. How about a little advice to you for a change. Take time for yourself, you deserve that!!!!! Thanks again for all your help.

  59. Daniel Martin

    Anthony I must say that i do believe in you and i am going to listeen to you every time i get a chance to because you try to get me to be better at this pc than anybody i have talked to so far so get well soon and keep on teaching.

  60. Joyce Knake

    I think you’re right. When I have a situation where I am leary of the out come I visualize that everything will come out alright, see myself smiling and happy about it. It works most of the time. And when I have a negative thought, I replace it with a positive one.
    I am newbie also, just struggling to learn . This is a whole new concept for me.

  61. Leroy North

    Anthony, Hope you are feeling better I can feel for you . My wife had a heart transplant 19 years ago an is the hospitial now.She is in a very serious conditions with the same problems . I have been studying your book and look forward to getting this working for us . Hoping that when she gets out I will be able to put every thing I have learned to work.. Would like your prayers an any one else that is reading this to pray for her so she will get better. Thanks Leroy

  62. erick terry

    I really hope you feel better and anyone can give insperation while is a soldier and i’m still trying to finish reading your book even in times of being optimistic. get better soon

  63. Mary Newton

    Good advise for all things human… this video helped me in a totally different aspect of my life that became difficult yesterday… Good thing I listened!

  64. Eva Roberts

    I really liked this blog. Visualizing is a form of meditation which I do everyday. It’s a great way to clear your mind so you can be open to new ideas. It also helps one to stay positive and it gives you the will to keep trying to succeed. I love your video blogs.

  65. Janet

    Just into week two but was able to get business structure set up and bank account open. I am frustrated but persisting on until I succeed, failure is not an option. Your staff have been great and the PMI team has been very supportive. Iam at the product selection and research stage and need to complete the PMI training to move forward. There are allot of negative things in my life right now but I am keeping the faith, believing in myself and not letting that get to me. Visualizing where I should be instead of where I am helps me breathe. One step at a time is all any of us can do.
    Thank you

  66. Tanya Betts

    I have been introduced to visualization by a book a dvd called “The Secret” Check it out it goes into great detail and I use frequently. Sometimes I forget and have to remind my self to follow the Laws of Attraction. Also what is a great idea that I have learned is to create vision boards of te things that you want in your life and reflect on things everyday and also remember to be grateful for what you already have. So check out The Secret and let me know what you think.

    Have a great day.

    Tanya Betts

  67. Theresa Herrera

    Hello Anthony I hope you are feeling better! I have had pneumonia twice in life and I feel for you, it is the worst. Take care and feel better. I am currently reading ” Think and Grow Rich” One of the exercises in this book is actually that visualize in mine where you want to be ( certain date ) and how much or what you want this needs to be written down. Repeating it several times a day until your sub-conscious mine believes it and you start living it.
    Let you know the outcome I have set some pretty tough goals.
    Feel Better

  68. Teresa

    Hi Anthony,
    I’m sure you feeling better already. How very true this is. As many other things we just have to do it. Do it right now, today, because tomorrow you will not think about it at all. Like any other habit you need 30 days of repetition.
    Feel Better.

  69. Natalie

    I’m glad you’re feeling better! Your weekly blogs have been extremely helpful to me. I have used visualization and believe it works. What you think, you create. Your thoughts become you.

  70. Stacy Brown


    This was an interesting blog, maybe the second or third one I’ve actually watched. I just want to say that you have the right idea about visualization because this actually is a representation of your faith in getting through whatever it is that you’re trying to get through. According to the Bible, in Hebrews 11:1- “FAITH is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things UNSEEN.”


  71. Scott Davidson

    Hi Anthony, I have been getting through extreme heartbreak and have been getting through it by visualizing where I will be soon (did u see how I said where I will be instead of where I want to be?) Also finding things to be greatful for- I thought I had nothing so I started with being alive, then the sun and soon I was greatful for the tough times that I am going through because u can’t have the good without the bad (so is anything really bad? Hmm) but also because every self made man wishes that their children could learn the lessons they learned when they were struggling- amazing. Even Jordan (Magic was better 😉 said basketball is 9(5?)% mental!! Can’t get much more physical than B-ball! Peace!

  72. Migdalia

    I have been receiving these emails for a while now, but I have to admit never opening them, much less reading nor watching them. Today I decided to check this one out, and I really appreciated it. The concept you talk about although not new, is very helpful and I REALLY appreciate you reminding me of it. I know with God’s help, and me doing my part, it will help me put my thoughts, plans and life back in track again. I look forward to opening your emails from now on, and I will look for those I have not open yet, for I have realized, there might be other extraordinary insights and ideas in them as well. Thank you for sharing, and my best wishes to you.

  73. maria oliveira

    It is nice to hear from you. I am sorry that you were sick.
    I do hope with all my heart, that you continue get better and better.
    So you can keep up sending messages to us.
    I do think that visualizing is a good method to visualize Success.
    I have done that and it really works.
    I work at the pharmacy, and I know there is a cold going around.
    Take care yourself is my best wishes to you

  74. virginia

    Hi! Anthony I believe its call see it before you saw it, something I learned in one of those things MLM, learned a lot of catch phasis didn’t make alot of money but one thing that I got hold to is to never give up on your dream someone mention a dream broad did that to,need a new up dated one Anthony I believe in you and your team but first an far most I believe in myself you have waken the desire of having a home base business again.before I just got bured out ripping and running meeting to meeting, now this one I can truely call a home base business setting in my home office getting my training. I had got up set for a minut thinking about all the time and money I lost getting involved in MLM I love setting at hom getting my training I SEE IT BEFORE I SAW IT THANKS!

  75. Lucyna

    Hi Anthony !
    Thak You for all messages, I do not taking action because I am not “computer person”. This is a jungle for me, my english language is still to poor to work easy with computer.
    Thank You again, You doing very good job for people. Vizualization works !!!!!!!!. Kevin Trudeau says: “If you want things in your life to change, you`re going to have to change things in your life ! “

  76. Linda

    I am not convienced yet! but I can’t stop looking and reading your information. Just started and have high hopes. (Keep them coming).

  77. Gary Giles

    If you haven’t read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, about Andrew Carnegie and how he became successful, I found it to be the best goal setting book I’ve ever read. I never really understood it or how to accomplish it until I read this book.

  78. Sandra Jordan

    Sandra says
    Hi Anthony I happy your are feeling much better, that a great idea to visualized tha things one is going through and hoping to accompllished.
    Nice ! I am in the primary stage, hoping to move mountains.

    THANK YOU looking for a great success

  79. Tim Davidson

    Anthony, Visualization is not my problem, as I can do that step by step in my mind…From what I learned from you and others I can visualize exactly what has to be done step by step. I want to implement everything I have learned as I know it would tend to put me in a better situation. My worst problem is $$$. I am researching everything I can to give me a bit of $$$ to actually get me going. Wish I could afford your mentoring program, but I will prevail. Just watch and see, cause here I come…

  80. Marlene Vega

    Hi Anthony, Glad you’re in better health today but I’m sure we’d all understand if you were to ever get sick again because we’re all human. You’re always saying that a good night’s sleep and rest is one of the keys to becoming a success so, stay well!!! By the way, I tried doing your visualizing success blog story because I had received a negative remark from my bank with regards to the business and I visualized being a huge 50 ft. woman (just like the real movie) who was crushing the bank into a pretzel until the tiny voices in the bank said they’d give up. I realize this sounded a bit crazy but it was the only way that I was able to convince myself that things could get worse before they get better and in the long run I’ll be the “Tower Still Standing” with people wanting to see who I am. Thanks for all the positive input you and your team give me as inspiration.

  81. Best4u09

    Hey Anthony,

    Thanks for your tips, it is very helpful as i am personally go through some though times. I’ve quited my old job, found a new job, my new boss is a very moody person, i am still on the 3-month probation period.

    Anyway, thanks.

  82. Mark Hannah


    As my former mentor, W. Clement Stone always said, “Anything the mind can believe, the mind can achieve.”

    Keep up the good work.

    Mark Hannah

  83. Lorinda Trainor


    Thank you for your weekly blog message on visualizing. I’ve read about three chapters from your book so far and have been encouraged by your story and how you found ways to make money focusing on items of interest that you enjoy.

    I’m not certain that I can do an internet advertising business, mainly because I’m not comfortable at using the computer yet and feel my knowledge on how to improve is limited.

    I’ll continue reading your book, and learning if this is right for me. I do need a job that can bring in an extra thousand a month to help cover my family’s monthly expenses and to allow us to keep our home.

    I too had pnemonia about four years ago, and I’m glad you are feeling better.

    Lori Trainor

  84. Randell Kelley

    hi anthony,just watched your blog for the first time,yah,its quite overwelming at first getting started with your internet marketing?ive been really struggling for the last 2 weeks,sigging and sagging thru this stuff,and at times its been quite overweling?learning how to grasp the basics of all thier is to do,im being patient tho only to ubsorb a little at a time,ive been trying to do to much and im loosing my way of directioin,so i really need to back track to thee beginning bye getting one of your coaches to assist me .i need to pre-evaluate my steps mentally and get a form by thee steps and not getting to fustrated with overwelmness,im trying to absorb to much to fast and not giving it time to mentally be absorb.ill keep in touch with you thru your blogs,and start using your training tools and coaches thru this difficult and fustrating time for me.ThanksAnthony/Randell Kelley/Brewer,[email protected] 3;58/EST.

  85. Lupe Williams

    Hi Anthony,

    I am new to blogging and hope that I am doing this right. I sympathize with you on the pneumonia. I am also recovering from it myself. I find myself visualizing my way through difficult things in my life and it does help. I just didn’t realize that is what I was doing. Thanks for the encouragement. Lupe Williams

  86. Abe Doliente

    Good morning Anthony. Thank you for your Weekly Blog # 24. Looking at the notes below the blog, you did this a year ago. Even though it has been that long ago, I still enjoyed it because what you said there is very true. I have had a lot of challenges in my life and I had always used this method (visualization) to battle those challenges.

    These blogs are great motivational, inspirtional and educatinal tools for me and this may be true also to others.

    Again, I thank you so much and may God Bless you and your family.


  87. Noor Ali-Cassim

    Anthony, the more I read any of your material or watch your videos,, the more I am impressed with your messages. You have a gift as a young man who cares so much for people that you put so much effort into your goal to motivate people into becoming a success. I am not knowledgeable in computers and really want to jump right in but I am taking time to read as much as I can and hopefully start soon. Good luck and God bless you.

  88. Lowell K

    Great stuff as always Anthony! I’ve always found, the steps that you talk about in getting over something really help, aswell as noticing how you feel, when your to the stage or time period that you want to be in your mind. Visualizing the feeling you get from being past the hardships, and that way you can get that feeling again whenever you need a refresher. Beautiful stuff Anthony. Don’t miss anymore video blogs! It’s too good to miss! 😀

  89. Rhonda McNish

    Thanks Anthony, I have a vision of standing in my house looking out my window onto all the land I own. I know one day I will stand in that house and look out that window and I’ll know I have achieved my dream! Glad you’re feeling better:)
    P.S. Also, I sing “I’m a millionaire, oh yes, I am” at the top of my lungs throughout my day…I’m so silly!

  90. Bradd Lasch

    Anthony —

    Most Excellent!

    Thanks for your help!!!

    Your pal … Bradd

  91. Jorge

    hey thanks for video, but I really need a tutoring, and it should be a way to get some incentive so that we get a little more motivate, I’m still trying but still feel lost

  92. Devin

    It’s late at night, I just got home from work. But I have tomorrow off, and I’ll try this idea.

  93. Roxanne Formby

    Thank you very much for your blog. It is actually my very first one I’ve watched. Visualization works wonders! I always wanted my own barbershop and always visualized seeing myself have my own shop.
    Was really weird how circumstances happened to take me to my final step of owning the shop. Getting the money, finding the right place and starting the business up. I started out with one person a day sometimes no people in that day. I did not have the money to advertise. After the first year I was doing really good. I had my shop for 8 years until I was in a very serious car accident. Spent 11 days in trauma unit. Could not come back to work anymore to cut hair. Broken back, ribs, shoulder, head injury. Which was awful. I was coming to work and having 5 to 10 people waiting at the door for me every morning. My business had sky rocketed, ALL on word of mouth. I was the only one working my shop and could do one haircut every 15 min. Clipper Cut. So, there were people that would wait 3 + hours! Can’t understand why I have gone from being a single mom and supporting both my kids and having plenty of money to being on disability and getting hardly any money. I was happy to see your info commercial. I saw alot of negative responses on your material online when I did some research and it did not effect me at all. Negative people do not get anywhere and try to convince others to not better themselves also. I was able to buy my first home with material I bought from an info commercial.
    I want so bad to get this business started. Sad, since I did not get to use the 30 days free site. Access to training material. But like you said you have to build a solid foundation first. Been a month and have not gotten through your book yet. Really hard with my memory issues.
    But I am determined to succeed, no matter how long this takes me.
    I need to get another business going, I know what it feels like to be successful. I want my self worth back.
    * vision boards works great also with the visualization. I’ve known of this visualization through reading the book “The Secret” It explains everything in detail, how too’s.
    Thank you Anthony for getting out there and helping people.

  94. Carolyn Hamilton

    I am a licensed cosmetologist since 2003. I was the Manager of a big corporation for the past four years. The company did not make the required profit so they eliminated my position as Salon Manager. I am now just trying to gather my circumstances and put together a plan to move forward in life. I started going to the gymn five days a week and that has helped clear my head. Any suggestions?

    Thank you,
    Carolyn Hamilton

  95. Tim Davidson

    Anthony, first of all thanks for the mind reboot. It has helpped me step back and thake another look at my situation. I have been getting a good bit of hits on my sites, and increasing daily, but no conversions. Carol Amato tells me that I need a squeeze page and to give them something before bringing them to my site. The only problem is I am unsure how to do all this and if my hosting company will host another page? I guess I was hopeing someone could show me how to do this instead of just telling me. Well I know that’s not going to happen, so I am just gonna have to figure it out on my own…Again thanks for the brain reboot, and I’ll see you on the other side. TimmyGD

  96. Deb Herber

    Hi Anthony!

    SO glad you’re feeling better!

    (Really need to take better CARE of yourself….we NEED you!) 🙂

    Hope you have a wonderful week! (Thanks for your time!)

    Deb in Kansas


    i like your advise,but bfr everything,i wish you feel better,and still support everybody,i trying my best,understand all abt afflite system,now the best i understand a little more,i need you send m a tip,abt my web-site hw start to set it up.i not so fluent on my english but i try my best,i found some notes i did in 98 abt business,is a title abt something to writte abt busines,i want to know if you could gv m a tip.thank my friend Anthony my philosiphy of lifevfor you,Be healthy,happy,enjoy no matter what,the best for you and family. p.d sorry for my grammar. :)=];;< .

  98. Tamberli Woolsey

    Hey Anthony, I have read a lot about visualizing, I try to practice it, but it is really hard. How can I become beter at this? Thanks for all you do, God bless.

  99. Elaine S.

    Hi, Anthony.
    I wondered how you could ALWAYS be so healthy and energetic and unflagging in your work from which we benefit. I’m glad you took the time to get better. Thank you very much for sharing the idea of using repeated visualization. I seem to be stuck at a big bump in my road. I plan to use your suggestions and start visualizing (and repeating) until I get over it. Thanks for your patience and continuing help.

  100. mark macey

    Great stuff. Reminds me of a saying;” If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Thanks Anthony; I needed that. Mark Macey. PS- Q. What is the difference between the 365 day program, the sucess academy, silver memb. and the gold membership. I am probably going to do the 365 but how does that fit in with the other plans? Thanks Mark

  101. Sandra

    Hi Anthony,
    This is a wonderful way to handle any situation, I’ll certainly move in this direction for progress.
    thank you one love

  102. Suzi

    I have use visualization many times in my life. It is actually part of the planning process for anything I try to do. It reduces anxiety for new things because you’ve already ‘been’ there in your mind. It makes it more doable. Dream it, see it, live it.

  103. Tammy Henderson

    Hi Anthony,
    Outstanding blog, it always helps when others know that they are not alone. I find that to visualize for any situation be it work or life in general helps to not be afraid. Fear is the mind killer!
    Take care of yourself, glad to see you are better! Can’t wait for the next blog.

  104. Steve White

    Hi Anthony, glad you’re doing better with the pneumonia. I had it three times in my childhood. Nasty stuff. Fortunately, God has given me the grace to overcome it for six more decades! Keep in mind, with God nothing is impossible. Visualize Him and He will take you through anything and everything! Blessings, Steve in Indy.

  105. Naomi Haman

    Hi Anthony,
    I’m so glad to hear that you are feeling better. I agree with you 100% on your outlook when your going through a hard time, no matter what it is in your life. It’s always easy to see what you want, but if you don’t take the steps to get there it’s too much and too overwhelming. I started doing this years ago because I’ve been through alot of hardships in my life and am going through one now. You are so right on, you need to visualize the steps to take to get where you need to be.
    For me I like to go on a drive in the country at night with my music playing and talk everything out to myself, look at it from all aspects, speak the truth of where I’m really at, then find a solution and necessary steps to get where I need to be. I think one of the most important things for me is acceptance of where I’m at and find realisic goals for myself so I can move forward and stay positive. I think staying positive is the most important. If I am only looking at the negative side of things, that’s what the situation will be and sometimes we have to go through it so we can pick back up again.
    Thank you again!

  106. Robert Bost

    I am so excited about the blog on “visualization” — quite a philosophical tool of greatness. Anthony, I will certainly be focusing on that effort. Thank you so much. Robert Bost

  107. william Merola

    Anthony, Glad you overcame your health problems. Wanted to inform you of my situation. have with links directing to the url. However none are monitizing thought the klinon put a cloaking devise on board ! What you think ? apreciate if your able to view my links ? seems like my cloaking devise works…beam me up anthony …..

  108. Mavis Turner

    You certainly look good for having pneumonia!
    Every time I hear one of your recordings, I have another spark of hope.

    Thank you so much!

  109. Karlene schiele

    Good to see you feeling better. I visualize when I slow down to pick up the pace. I will persist until I suceed

  110. Ramon-DC

    Anthony everyone operates at different speed levels and your goals for (us)your crew is to get busy, busy. Well this can and does cause illnesses to surface. One must take time out to rest, eat properly and visualize the goals for your team. Being a network marketer, an affiliate or just rich, takes time.
    Some of us are just late starter.
    Thanks for this input, I’ve been there.

  111. Pat Graeff

    Sorry that you had Pneumonia. I can relate to that. I just got over having a congestion that was so horrible that I thought I was going to the hospital, too.
    Now that I am over it and you are over it, I want to get down to brass tacks, now, and start to visualize like you’ve described. I have now realized what to do to get things going. I will prevail. Yours Truly, PatG

  112. Cheryl Smalley

    I’m going to visualize making working on the computer and talking to suppliers comfortable for me. I know I will feel more comfortable if I feel like I’ve done it before, and doing it visually could do that. Thanks so much. I’m often afraid of doing anything in case I do it wrong and have my associates thinking how dumb I am. I have to work on that all the time.

  113. Heidi

    Anthony, you comment about visualization is great, thanks for the reminder, I have done this and need to focus on doing it all the time, thanks for all your instruction and encouragement, I am happy to be part of all of this, thank you, take care and keep up the great work, Heidi

  114. Jos Allen

    Hey Anthony! I love this visualization technique your explaining, I think it works so well because your basically training your brain to send neurons to the complete the synapse although you aren’t even doing the specific action your visualizing in the real world. I definitely have used this method before, like when I played soccer I would think constantly about where I need to shoot the ball during a breakaway. My problem was I was thinking to much about the shot during the action and than I would mess up! So I trained my brain to know exactly where to place the ball, (so I tried to fully complete the synapse so I wouldn’t even have to think about the ball as much) and than I could put more attention during the play at where the goalie is and when is a good time to shoot. I ended up scoring a lot more goals after especially off breakaways for the last couple seasons I have played!

  115. Diane Simmons

    Hi, Anthony glad youre up and adam. This email was perfectly timed. I have so many things on my plate right now that it seems there is not enough time in the day to do it all. This is exactly what I need, visualization to get back on track and to stay focused on my goal of becoming a successful marketer. I have a few more months of college and there is just so mch work to cover in a 5 week course. I purchased profits from home last month,I have completed just about all of the lessons but I still have to set up my accounts.Sometimes I think I should have waited a little longer,but no I can’t do that because this e-mail showed me how by using visualization I can see my self conquering every roadblock one step at a time and succeding in my vision.

  116. Diana Eisenhard

    Hi Anthony, Glad you are back on the beam! I have enjoyed listening to your blogs over the past few weeks. What never ceases to amaze me in the connectedness of us all. I am not unfamiliar with visualization. It has been a long time practice of mine when I really did not know what it was called. Every area but one in my life is just as it not only should be, but as I would have it be save one. Solving the inconsistent financial situation of my life has hidden from me all my adult life. I think I finally know what the problem is – I just do not know what the solution is. I can visualize and feel the success and dreams I have coming to life however, I have been unable to “allow” these things to come to pass. I am the one holding these universal gifts at bay, but do not know how to stop that. I would be greatful for any ideas you have. Stay well – will be listening to you soon.

  117. Kathleen Beller

    Anthony, I’ve looked for someone to give me positive feedback about my ideas. The other day I suddenly felt a sick feeling, I thought maybe my ideas will not make the impact I want them to. I was doubting myself so I sat down and thought about all the products my ideas would help sell on my website. I was actually visualizing how to put my website together in a way to help sell other peoples products. I hope you will find my website inspiring. I am working hard on it today. Thank you for the video. I finally have someone to help me achieve my aspirations.

  118. Merrill Lowe

    I liked the blog. I am sorry you were sick. Glad that you recovered okay. The tips about visualization will really help me a lot. Thank you so much.

  119. Steven Surace

    Hi Anthony,
    Glad your feeling better. Your health comes first and foremost before anything
    else.That said, you are absolutely correct when you speak about visualization. It really does work. I’ve been doing it for a few years now. It’s not easy to do, but with practice and patience, it does become very helpful.

    Thanks for more useful information. Looking forward to 7/14.

  120. R. Deangelo

    Hello Anthony
    As one of your newer members I’m sorry to here you were sick, and your right in telling your self everything is going to be okay, I was a Green Berit in the Viemnum eara and I used these same methid to stay alive I’m a little disabled now but I still going, you’ve showen me things I had forgotten I beleve your years ahead of your time I think you know what I’m talking about.
    Thanks Get better

  121. Russ Booth

    Visualization of an outcome. I use a technique that has helped me with the visualization process and maybe it can help someone else. I find and cut out pictures from magazines which represent my ideas of success for family, health and finances. I find that a tangible picture helps me to focus easier and create the path of how I will get there along with positive affirmations.

  122. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – So glad you are feeling better. It took me a long time to realize people are not born smart and successful. We can do anything we want to do.
    We have to visualize, focus, work hard and want it badly enough.

    Nothing comes easy………Life is overcoming obstacles to achieve success.

    I am glad to know you and look forward to having you as my mentor.

    Dorothy Derr

  123. Thomas Johnson

    Hey Anthony,

    Happy to hear you’re getting healthy and thank you for all you do.

    As a christian I look to my creator for help in times of stress or physical problems. In a way, it’s very similar to your “visualisation” process.

    Stay happy and healthy…Tom

  124. Pollie Witherspoon

    Hi Anthony, I know something had happen when I did not see you. I’m sorry that you were sick. Thank God you are better, I look for your blog every week. I’m not in yet, but someone from your training team is going to call me on Thursday. Thank You for every thing. Pollie

  125. Pam Fike

    Thanks, I, too, have been visualizing more. I first tried it out a few years ago, just to “test” it to find a close parking slot. I was a newbie to visualization. It worked and have been doing it ever since in all areas of my life. It was a great reminder to visualize frequently and in all areas in my life.

  126. debra antoni

    Anthony, glad you are doing better. Thank you for the message you share with us all it helps us to visualize and make more sense out of what we are doing in our daily lives. I am truly trying to understand the whole process behind the network marketing and just one step at a time. I will succeed. thanks.

  127. John Riccio Jr.

    Anthony thank you, my mind is constantly racing trying to figure this internet stuff out I guess I should slow down a little, clear my head, and everything will work out.

  128. Kaye Hutton

    Thanks for sharing. Not only does visualizing your way to success help you get there, it is a very relaxing interval that gets you ready to make a greater effort to achieve your goals..
    I hope all is well for you now!

  129. Melissa skye

    You are the most dedicated marketing guy I have never met lol . Visualizing is like stretching after a workout. No one wants to take the time to stretch because it seems like a waste of time but actually stretching helps the muscles to go back to a relaxed state which prevents injury following a workout. In the same way, visualizing will prevent a lot of false starts and focus efforts in the exact right direction. I always have a ‘to do’ lost that I am rehearsing in my mind but I have never tried visualizing I will try it right now as today COULD be a very stressful day…like some of your other responses I have moved, am in a small town alone, have intense deadlines, and you are my one outside business support so you better believe I am going to listen to your suggestions.

  130. Lisa ibrahim

    Hi Anthony, I am glad you are feeling better. I feel I the harder I work the mor in debt I am in.Owe a grest deal of money and don’t know how I would repay all of back I try to visualize how to get out of this every day but have no hope in site

  131. Debbie

    I am always amazed when I listen to you speak. You are truly a caring and inspiring person. You have motivated me to stick with this and really give myself an opportunity to succeed in affiliate marketing. Thank you for your message about visualizing. I also believe that it is a very powerful technique. I am really trying to visualize the process of steps I need to take in order to have success in this business (and in life!). Thank you for all you are doing ~ you are making a difference!

  132. Jimmy Johnson Jr

    This is something that I’m no stranger to, but it seems I’ve slacked off in this department for the past yr or so



  134. Jimmy Jones

    Vey good advice as I have experienced success in using visualization techniques. Thanks for the reminder and glad you feeling better.

  135. Annette Neglia

    Thank God you are feeling better. I thought you looked a bit drained, but I just chalked it up to overwork.

    This blog has encouraged me tremendously. Like others, my biggest problem is money. But I also have the problem of age (just celebrated #64 on August 17th). I see that I am not as quick to absorb things as I used to be. It is taking me forever to get thru your book. However, I am highlighting and underscoring things and am determined to persevere. I wish I had someone to do it with, but I am in this alone but I do get uplifted by the messages from others.

    So thank you everybody for writing down your thoughts. They are really bolstering me.

  136. Kathleen Beller

    I visualize myself, and it has helped me through tough changes. I also have a strong belief in God, and I pray for help. Jesus has never let me down.

  137. Perry M. Dalton

    Sorry you are going through some hard times. I liked your approach of visualizing. That is a very effective tool that I have used for years.
    Thanks for your constant positive, motivational words. Words are the most powerful tool that we can use to change any and everything. We speak things into existance.

    As for as my new venture, I am getting off to a slow start. I hope this week I will see much progress.

  138. Carol

    Hi Anthony!!!

    So to hear that you were ill. I have been visualize things most of my lfe. I would sit behind my grandfather’s car and visualize what my life would be like when I grew up. Most of my visions have come full circle. I’m excited now to be visionalizing owning my own business. Keep on doing what you are doing. You are a motivator!!! Thank you for coming into my life!!! My stress is going down and I’m starting to work smarter not harder!!!

    Thank you,

  139. leroy harris


  140. Janet Sharpley

    I allowed the fear of impending foreclosure and bankruptcy to stop me from even getting started in affiliate online marketing, but this message gives me the ability to take step #1!

  141. Connie L. Drumgold

    Realize that you are not a machine and do what you can. You have been an inspiration for my efforts. Your sincerity comes across. I will stay the course because I believe in what you say. In this life, only results will matter and results will not occur unless you apply yourself! Four thousand is an impressive number! Simply thankful that I am in that number! Keep going!

  142. Sheryl Hamlin

    Thanks so much for the weekly blogs, they always have improtant and helpful insight to use.

  143. Dennis Ward

    Someone should be nice and tell Lena, #2Coment, that all Caps in a message or anytime, is Yelling!
    Hope your weekend is going good.

    Rick W.

  144. Robert Ashton

    Thank you for the visualization thoughts….yes I do that infact I like to see myself going to the office or the store and what I’d like to come across as I go allong. This helps me to stay on track. But I still haven’t found the steps I need to take to complete a website and make some money!

  145. Steve

    Sorry to hear you were sick. Glad you are feeling better. Thanks for everything you do. The creative visualization techniques really do work. Take care of yourself. Thxs again. Steve

  146. Ken Phillips

    Thanks, your blog this week really helped my thoughts start healing. And I’m glad you are feeling well again!

  147. Michael Edes

    Hi Anthony,Great advise we all need to get a vision and have a plan,then put it into action,Thank you!

  148. Sharon J. Ferguson

    Hope you continue to recover quickly. I can see it in your eyes that you have really been through something!

  149. Laney Mellott

    Hi Anthony- Hope you’re well on your way to a fast recovery. I saw your blog and just wanted to let you know I think it’s a great idea, and I’m going to try visualizing! I’ve just (Sept 2011) had to close my business & I’m just feeling lost. I need to get something going before I go crazy, so cross your fingers for me. Thanks again for you insight and I hope you completely recover quickly.

  150. Edward

    Anthony Im glade you are feeling better! I like all you messages there food for thought and yes vision the success be for you succeed is awesome that’s what I got from this weekly blog. (PMA) Positive Mental Attitude is how I roll even when it seem hard I stay focus and positive that the struggle I;am going through with this internet marketing and affiliate programs vast and can get you lost in a sea of confusion But I know how to swim (lol) and I know that keeping a PMA on this new life task I will come out shining and I cant do this without Gods help his words encourage me to move forward.!! thank God !! for the wisdom knowledge and understanding>

  151. patriciapad

    Hi,I’ve been kind of slow getting started but I am going to get started.Everyone is trying to discourage me but I’m not listening to them. I’ve been reading and watching the videos .I’m still on track I have to work my other job still and it’s taking me a while. Anyway I enjoy watching your videos they do help a lot, all the e-mails are helpful thanks for all your help I appreciate it very much thanks patricia

  152. Adeline Placide

    Hi Anthony,I’m so happy that you are feeling better but my worst problem is $$$ and my website empty ,I want to give me an idea what to do about it. Thank you

  153. Bill Lock Jr

    just finished your book Advertising Profits from Home. There is so much information to absorb. WOW! I’m going to read it again and work the plan to get my own internet business up and running.
    You have certainly given the community a great value in this book that is above and beyond the cost of the investment in the book.

  154. vernetta murray

    Thank you for caring and sharing. I will try your visualization technique.There are so many distractions in my life right now but I’m not giving up.

  155. Glenn T Russell

    According to the “The Secret,” which IS “the law of attraction,” visualization is the fundamental key to realizing your dreams and desires!

  156. Dennis Ward


    You should never say You won’t do something because you were sick. I can go 5 years and not get sick, but it happens. It’s very nice to see your head is still conected and it didn’t fall off. I’ve had a ruff year. It started in March, about the 15th right on thru October 21st., but it’s getting better. I’ve been out of work since March 19th, but still have the same job. It started with an enlarge Prostate, then blood clots that went in my left leg, then moved into my right lung. They put me on Coumadin for six months, which ended September 30th. Things have already gotten better.

    Have a good weekend,


  157. tomo

    Yes, visualization can be an insurmountable part of being successful. I’ve been a remote viewer for many years. Visualization is one of the first steps, a remarkable tool. Thanks for your time.

  158. Dixie Adams

    In reference to Blog #24; I really enjoyed all of it.Sorry you were sick,hope things are all better now.The video was very helpful to me ,because I’am going through some serious things right now in my personal life.The best to you . Dixie Adams

  159. Patricia Birren-Wilsey

    Excellent advice about visualization, Anthony. I’ve found that envisaging success as already haven taken form, along with an affirmation of that success is the tried-and-true road to achievement.

    Thank you!

  160. Lydia Sutliff

    Hi Anthony,
    This video comes at a really good time for me! I’ve been having a hard time finding enough time to work on getting my business going due to working a lot of hours. I’m struggling ~ I’ve overloaded my brain with too many things. Yesterday morning as I was leaving for work I somehow twisted my left ankle and as I was falling my right ankle got twisted and I landed on top of it. So I’m sitting here with a sprained left ankle and a broken right ankle! I’m thinking this might be God’s way of finding the time for me to work on clearing my mind and getting my business off and running! I desperately need some help! Thank you for all of your positive messages! Love them! Glad you’re feeling better!
    Lydia Sutliff

  161. Irma

    I’m so glad I was finally able to hear your blog this is the only one – sounds like a pretty good idea thanks

    have a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
    God Bless

  162. Donna Jacques

    Thank you for the oppertunity to have my own business.
    I have been doing my homework.
    As off the first of Dec. I will be able to get my business phone and start up my busness going.
    Thank you again and happy Thanksgiving


    HI Anthony glad your feeling better .I really want to tell you how glad i am to learn your strategies .I enjoyed your blog .but get this when i read ch 3 of automated profits then i new i could do this THINK YOU ANTHONY

  164. Cecilia

    Thank you Anthony,
    I have a number of things I need to get through in the next few weeks and I will work on the visualization for the process as well as internet marketing business.

  165. dave b

    started with the program BUT so many challenges have distracted me. I will take your advice.

  166. Sue

    So glad you’re feeling better, and I did miss the weekly blog, but it’s more important for you to take care of yourself. I love thinking about the future (hopefully the near future) when my family doesn’t have to worry about paying the bills. Can’t wait until my dreams are a reality!
    Thanks for all you do!

  167. Alice Woodham

    Hi Anthony, Thanks for the visualizing success blog I’ll try implementing it when I relex, my husband don’t believe this will work about affiliate marketing, so I am disperent to prove him wrong. Thanks again Anthony for trying to help everyone, so iI will give this a try. Alice

  168. marcus

    Great tip and reminder to visualize, helps to manifest these situations into ones life. Thanks Anthony.

  169. Ed

    Great stuff Anthony! spiritual things are way more powerful than physical ones. Seeing where you want to go in your mind, allows one to be there physical.
    God visualizes us, then create us with His resemblance. The inventor of the mustang first visualizes the car, then invent it, this goes one and one. Thanks once again, you are doing it BIG by revealing one of the top secrets to the world!

    Feel better, keep your warm. Try not to mix cold and heat, meaning do not stay in AC room for so long, than walk into the heat. That is how most people catch pneumonia. Love you, buddy in the name of Jesus!

  170. Evelyn

    I am still listening to all your blogs, but I am yet to get started. Do not quite
    know where to start w/o a website. I have read or heard that you do not need
    a website.

  171. Nicole Antoine

    Hi Anthony,i can’t thank you and your team enough for all your good advice.I just love this blog man! Please take good care of yourself,we cannot afford having you sick even for a day. Please,get well soon! You are such a positive person! I truly believe that Visualization can really help someone achieve his or her dreams and also become a better person.

  172. Monica Restea

    If you check your messages I left a message for you about 11/2 week ago, and I told you not to put everything to your heart? and to slow down.
    Anthony I’ve been following you for a while and I observed that you’re doing way too much. Please take time to get well, relax so you can recover. We need you to help us succeed, there it’s no one else out there that can be trusted, everyone else tries to sell all their junk that doesn’t help by filing out computers with all kind of cookies.
    But, I do trust in you Anthony, your different. May God Bless you and give you back your 100% health to you.
    I want you to know that you are in my prayers, when I watched your blog I got sad.
    How did I know that something was not ok with you?. Seems like you believe in a higher authority so do I, that’s the only explanation.
    Anthony it must be really hard to be famous, you always must be doing new things to keep up with all this.
    Get well soon and God Bless you! Monica R,

  173. karla

    hi anthony i am sorry that you had pnuemonia i know what can happen when you have pnuemonia i was an nurse for a long time but not now i am a nurse anymore but god was watching you and he was there with you in every step he help you get better i love your blogs i to them every day and all your knew emails and thank you for your help and your dedication stay well and do not get sick and have a happy knew year

  174. John M

    Hello Anthony, Glad you feeling better, this is mine first time viewing your blog. I’m going to visualize that 2012 will be a great break through for me, I have fallen victim to every software that coming up and I haven’t realized any cash flow. I have to break this cycle, I know there other out there that going through this also. I’m looking forward in tuning in on your blog every week.


    Hi Anthony,
    I really LOVE your blogs. They’re short and to the point and yes, very motivating. I’m currently reading your book (advertising profits) and there’s so much to learn. I’m a bot slow, and I’m focusing right now in dedicating at least 30 minutes a day to learn more.
    Keep up the good work with the blogs…. I truly enjoy them.

  176. Josephine

    Thank you Anthony.
    I have my mind set going, and I have been pushing through daily. When a challenge comes up, I sit back and think it out before reacting or doing anything. Yes you have to have that perfect mindset or loose what your fighting for.

  177. Editha Knuth

    Hi Anthony,
    Good morning happy sabbath! and happy new year2012. Thank you for sharing your thoughts I agree our individual life being shape according that thought God put in our mind or ethier opposite spirit,we have to decern the spirit simply follow Gods word.What you share its true when you visualize the good thing it well happen because God already have purpose for that thought in our life for His own glory I,ve experience it in my life. May the Lord bless you in all you do now and forever.
    P.S. suggestion for your health because in your situation travel a lot and working in the computer. Juicing well be beneficial for you fresh from fruit and vegetable. Try it you well love it.

  178. Gwen Gouchee

    I’ve listened to most of your blogs. I try a lot of visualization with a memory board and have been reasonably successful with my singing, and some of my personal life, however I’m unable to achieve any success in other sales and have yet to understand how your business works. I desperately need to increase my income. Thanks,

  179. Goda Mangwata

    Hi Anthony,

    I want to say thank you, because this is just a reminder for me.
    And I really appreciated it. What you said works because it what I do.
    I actually visual it play role it in my head.

    I will recommend you guys to try this stuff because it works.

    Take Care

  180. Norma Garcia

    Hi Anthony, Visualization is a great tool, will use it. Thank you for the advice. You take care.

  181. Marcia Brown

    This works very well for me. I usually like a quiet room as well. When I am trying to decide what my day or week will look like, I sometimes sort of go brain dead looking at my planner. However, when I just stop, close my eyes, and relax a bit I can then make decisions on where to start with my planning. It helps me begin to be able to visualize what I should do first and what to put maybe at the bottom of my list.

    Thanks for the pep talk videos. I really need them, as I am sure most other people do, too.

  182. Octavia Bynes

    Good morning, thank you for your blog. I’ve been telling myself along with my children (ages 2 and 4), that if you see yourself in the future you should look better than you do now. What I meant by that to my children is keep trying and working hard. VISUALIZE yourselves doing something that you would like to do. With that my oldest, Mackenzie, wanted to learn to ride her new tricycle, so I encouraged her. My two year old wanted to be a big girl and wear big girl Dora the Explorer panties. I ask her do you want to be like the girls in daycare, and she also said yessh. Now Meghan tells me and the daycare provider when she has to number 1 or 2. I also ask Mackenzie do you see yourself riding with the other children about three weeks or so? She said yes and started practicing. Today is January 27th and Mackenzie is riding her tricycle with a little to no assistance. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. VISUALIZATION is for anyone is who is willing to dream. If you do not dream you do not have a vision. Without a vision you do have a future, you just exist. I am glad to see that you are feeling better. I wish everyone reading a very successful 2012.

  183. Craig Hoffmann

    Hi Anthony your motivation speaches really inspire me to get out of this rut I’m in at the momment. Going through some really bad pain at the moment, have to take high strengh pain killers which really dulls your senses. Sometimes it’s hard to take all of this in, but I’m really trying to keep focused at the job at hand. Starrted meditating and that really helps with the pain and keeping focused on important things. Thanks for the positive thoughts and keep them coming.

    Regards craig

  184. dmoney1

    Like this note of encouragement Anthony Thanks. I am still stuck at step 1 want to see my first cash result so I truly know for myself it works. Thanks for your emails and blogs so I can keep pushing forward.

  185. c.lucci

    Hi Anthony,
    Hope you are feeling better, thanks for your effort to help people in need.
    we will be participated in full force with your genius program shortly when
    our budget are permitted.

  186. Barry Bescos

    Aloha Anthony,
    I was sorry to hear you were also suffering from a respiratory challenge in your very busy schedule, The Good News is; I was so glad to hear you are bouncing back as I am also from the same thing . I really liked this weeks blog and for myself as for many others I trust, we will use it again and again to remind our wonderful sharp finely tuned memories with wonderful re-call, to meditate on our Dreams and walk in them, Picturing them with Greater clarity the Day Dream of Dreams and from past experience keeping it mostly between myself and my maker until it is bearing good crops on a regular basis. Have a great Healthy Week Anthony, I am very Thankful for you, pace your self for the long haul. Mahalo Nui’ Aloha

  187. Barbara Alarcon

    this was really good it gave me a new lookout on life. I have been going through a lot and this was an eye opener. You have such great things to say. Life is hard no matter what it is. With the job you have its hard to be in a relationship because you have a lot on your mind and your traveling a lot.If its a love relationship that is a problem be open and talk. This is really in any situation. W e must be open with ourselves and others.

  188. Vincent Goynes

    Hello Anthony, I am glad you are feeling better. You know I thank you for the insight on visualization. I have been overwhelmed with my job and concern for my mother who just had surgery. I must confess that I have been slow in getting my business setup and still reading your book Automated Profits From Home. I will not quit. Thanks for the encouragement.

  189. william patterson

    Glad you are over the hump. I appreciate your “visualize it “philosophy.

    Would you kindly re-send the “Amazon Affiliate”—I tried to save it but accidently bleeped it off.

  190. Norman Jon Sawyer

    Hey Anthony,

    Visualization is wonderful and I am learning to do that from you and from spiritual friends like Deepok Chopra and others.
    During my visualizing it became evident that my lack of knowledge in this field requires education therefore, I am starting online Web Development and Internet Marketing starting May. It is taking so long cuz it is money out of my pocket. All the better for me to focus.
    Your heart is so kind and you are a blessed being. Keep it up and I will join you and others in the field soon.

  191. Mary Vincitore

    Thank you Anthony. I needed this guidance on many levels and I will let you know how this has helped me to move forward and overcome.


  192. Charlie Tew

    Hi Anthony. Glad you are better. my life i can not drive i am on ssi i can not work for the rest of my life i was a truck driver. i have no money no food what can i do . i like to get with you but all you what is money i have none

  193. Cheryl Harrington

    So glad you are feeling better!! Your health is nothing to play with and we all know it!! Take alot of vitamin C…That’s my Blog!! I really like and appreciate yours!!

    Take Care!!


  194. salvador

    Hi Mr.Anthony; Salvador here…I’m really starting understand the direction that u are setting ur self to achieve,.. Which I truly believe would cause all 4000

  195. Yvonne Pizarro

    Anthony, I truely thank you for those words of encouragement. I needed to hear that voice of such inspiration, and that I have received that blessing. I will continue to keep you in my prayers and the prayers of a righteous man availeth much. I am claiming victory for you over the enemy that no weapon formed against you shall not prosper even sickness. God bless and keep you always. Visualization is the key, and I thank you once again.
    Yvonne Pizarro

  196. Martha Must Dowis

    Hi, Anthony Thanks for the encouragement. I like the idea of visualization to get over the fear factor and more actually to become familiar with the new tasks at hand. I have noticed in myself that if I just get myself to do some totally new thing just once, I wind up easily doing it again very soon afterwards and with more confidence. I have over the last week not been reading your email, so you were out while I was out. You are looking refreshed actually. I’m glad you got over that pneumonia fast!! I have over the last several months bought into various internet software programs during a time of the year when I’m already fairly overwhelmed with responsibilities that I already have. I have had to delay starting them until well, about now. I still have to write a guardianship report for my autistic son who is dependent on my care (and I did the taxes for his special needs trust myself– which always scares me because I am not a “financial” person). Meanwhile, I have just about run through my inheritance (took about 4 years…) taking care of my son, because anywhere else he would have been put on dangerous psychtropic drugs etc., and I still have hopes of significantly improving the quality of his life!
    So after my guardianship report deadline on the 21st, I’ll celebrate starting one of my internet projects! Thanks again for being here! Martha Dowis

  197. Waakeelah

    Hi Anthony, surly glad all is well. I’m still working very hard. Challenging … I will not give up! I will not give in! Continue to feed us … hungury for success! -W. Nelson

  198. King Richard

    Hey Anthony, I took a computer course at a local college. I liked it was reading the book and then I had to do HTML on the computer. After taking the course for a month I had massive ” brain farts” man I was clueless. I asked the professor for his number and he declined. It like nobody cares out there in the real world. This sucks, I wanna go back to middle school Anthony everything was soooo simple. I’m 40 yrs old and drive a school bus full of HS kids and laugh it up with them. I’m stuck in a 17 yr olds body. This is crazy. I love listening to you Anthony you are my new ” Jesus”. Keep preaching because I love listening to you always thanks brother.

  199. Teresa Belcher

    I was sick last week too, with a bad cough too, maybe we had the same thing. But I still am putting in 8 hrs daily to learning about affiliate marketing and working on an ebook.

  200. NeilB

    Thankd for reinforcing the concept of visualizing , this may be the medicine the doctor ordered…NeilB

  201. ryan

    Your the man Anthony, I am just busy and i work 10 + a day. I am really looking forward to learning more and focusing on whatever it takes to take care of my family and maybe my own family one day. I

  202. Alice Wilson

    Glad to see you feeling better and hearing you blog again. Take care of yourself, get the rest you need and chart your day with your to do list. Time management with time slots for only the important things that need to be done. Remember the quote; “the tyranny of the urgent,” like many little yapping dogs at your heels, trying to get your attention and divert you from the important things that need to be done. Take charge and choose to do only the important tasks first, then take care of a few of the “yappers”.
    Thanks and stay well. ~ ~ Alice

  203. Pearle M Pearson


  204. darlene mckean

    Thank you for taking the time to love us. You inspire me.
    6 years ago my husband died from lung cancer. Without faith and thinking right.
    Also with God’s help. I would have never made .
    Life is a roller coaster sometimes.
    God bless,

  205. Kong Sourivong

    Hey Anthony, I am so thank for and grateful for the life that I live and enjoy my live in the United State. Thank you God what’s He bless each one of us .

    Kong Sourivong

  206. Cynthia A. Chisum


    Glad to hear that your over the worst of the sick. You hit a home run with the visualization. Thank you! Cynthia A.Chisum

  207. Andrea DeVito

    I’ve been following you several years now but not doing the right things to succeed because I’m not there yet. Life gets in the way but I’m trying to work around it to escape! Thanks for the reminder of how to make our picture better by seeing where we want to be and believing in ourselves.
    Visualize, say a prayer, let go and let God, then do your best to work toward your goal and things will happen we don’t expect sometimes. If it doesn’t work, keep trying because a quitter never wins!
    Best Wishes Always,

  208. Steve Le Baron

    Anthony…you’d make a great Psychologist. What helps me sometimes. Getting out of the house and working in the yard. Going fishing works very well for me. To clear my mind. Gets my mind off thoughs concerning issues for a while.

  209. CarolAnn Browne

    I thank u for this little dose of medicine, not that I was sick, however I have been blue and frustrated, I have practiced visualization before. Its nice to be reminded and to have these up lifting boosts. glad your feeling better

  210. JeandieuseulAbellard

    Visualizing in the right direction is the key for the Internet Marketing to succeed.In add,I do need to be a part of the growing of Success Connec-
    tion Company.Thank you.God Bless.

  211. Mike Meltz

    Hey Anthony: you are young as well as your brother and I have reasons to say that yoyu are pushing your life way to hard. Yes as a Mid -West farmer we do the same. We work all day and all night. But remember some- one up-stairs will tell you to calm down or HE will make that dicision for you and you may not like the outcome. ie: Anthony- Take a break and do nothing and relax. We will be there for you.So I say Thank you for the Mississippi challenge at your workshop this past September the last week of. Please take care of yourself. You will be no good to us all if you die. Trust me. I have seen it Anthony. My doctor said to cut down or someone up-there will make that decision for you and you might not like the answer. So please take care of your life NOW. Trust me as a reason. Mike Meltz

  212. Elena Dominguez

    Hi! Anthony! I am so glad we have you again with that positive tip and very practical one that keeps us going forward, I really like your tips and how you motivate us constantly!!!
    You are Awesome!!!

  213. Frank S

    Thank you for the great video blogs and e-mails. It helps me to keep taking those baby steps towards success. It feels like it’s taking an eternity, but I know that it will come in time. Looking forward to seeing you in Princeton this Friday.

  214. Debbie Sundholm

    I need to visualize more. Thanks for reinforcing it and to hear you do this. I can’t believe you were working only a week after diagnosed with pneumonia that year. I went thru it myself so I can relate. You are so caring and dedicated!

  215. Roger Rozean

    Hello Anthony,
    This is my first response back and I must admit I do like your weekly blogs.
    Glad to hear your back on your feet. As you know health is one of the most important things in life. I totally agree with what your saying although I do tend to forget to do just that.
    thanks for the reminder.
    Happy T day and GOD BLESS

  216. Yvette

    Hello Anthony

    the daily reminders that we need in order just to get through these tough times.

    I have been forgetting to practive Visualization thank you again for the reminders.So much has been capturing my attention but thats where it is
    time to clear the clutter

    once I achieve my path I do not want to leave it. Once again thank you and stay well


  217. Tina


    I know this was probably recorded in the past, but I gotta tell you, it popped up in my inbox just when I needed to hear it! Having said that, I also have to say that you must be a man with God in your life. Because He uses His people to get messages across to the ones that need it, when they need it! Or that’s what I believe anyway!!
    Either way, I want you know that I am going through some “things that I am not quite sure how to handle”. And your message of using Visualization really game me something to help me work toward the things I need to do to get there! I am a very Visual person. And seeing myself move in the right direction will definitely help me. And quite frankly, I think it’s an answer to my prayers. So Thank You!

  218. Veronica C

    Thanks Anthony,

    I just want to wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2013. You have impacted my life immensely in Internet Marketing in the last 2 months I’ve known you.

    I thank God for your improved health, and am looking forward to start making profits in 2013.

  219. Deniece

    I appreciate your advise, this may be hard to believe, but I have been visualizing myself in a different place for a long: that is why I stay hopeful and look forward to bigger a better things. I give God all the praise for this. The problem I have is I can’t get where I want to go sometimes due my income situation or limited in time. I am at a place I don’t want to be at this time, but on hand it could be worse. The online business is something I have wanting to do for a long time; but I want to do this full time.

  220. Deniece

    Anthony I forget to say in the last blog, you look much better. I hope you feel as well as you look.

  221. Charleen

    Hello Anthony, Glad to see that you are better. Take care of yourself and listen to your body. It is great to see a person your age so positive & not selfish. You will be blessed for all that you do. I have been trying to get into the online business and your personality is what convinced me to go with you. I am hesitant but willing to take the chance with you. I have been following your story with your family and my goal is to make this online business my niche. Then I can be another success story like your parents. Take care now.

  222. Janice Thrift

    I hope you are feeling better, I know when I have stuff on my mind I write Poems and songs, it just feels better when you get it on paper, I’ve been doings that for years I even have a website with my personal poetry about things I have lived through life is not easy and writing helped me through alot. I’m 50years old so I have had a long time to deal with road blocks in my road to Heaven but thank God he gave me a talent to help me through. It may help you or it may not but hang in there God will not bring you to what he won’t help you through.

  223. Jodi Ritter

    Thank you so much Anthony for making me look deeper into the steps I have to take to make my goals and go beyond. I always get inspired and motivated every time I watch any of your videos. 🙂

  224. carol k. gardner

    hello anthony sorry about sick and hope u feeling better soon as well.. I did trying my best still working on it praying for me success so u ll be happy soon thanks

  225. mdelallet

    I am glad you are feeling better. Rest and keeping a positive “mind” or attitude certainly helps, very true! I’ll stay away from public places too at this time.

  226. Bill Munro

    Hi Anthony,

    I’m glad to see that you are feeling better. Visualization does work. When I go to write an ad, I sit or lie down and visualize what I want to put into the ad.
    As you mentioned, when you go and write the ad, it’s as though you’ve done it before. It’s alot like self-hypnosis. ” What the mind can picture, as long as it is in the Realm of Reality, the mind will deliver that result.”

    Bill Munro

  227. mingo

    Glad you are up and around and back to your old self. Stay healthy. Even The Law of Attraction works this way. You attract what you visualize.

  228. Carolina Decorte

    I’m glad you’re feeling better! Your weekly blogs have been extremely helpful. I’ve been visualing and it works….

  229. Speransia Bizimana

    Hi Anthony,

    I am glad you are okay. I understand what you mean because, I have been sick since the beginning of this month. I work whole day and when I come home, believe me, I have no energy going on computer. Just to let you know, you lift my spirit. Thank you.

  230. El Dee James

    Anthony I have never thought about visualization. This certainly does make sense. If you keep visualizing something in your mind it keeps you positive and believing you can accomplish what your goal is. This blog message will certainly help me. I try to always stay positive but never thought about the visual, so Thank You again for the wonderful information.

  231. Cheryl Ford

    Hello Anthony, all the way from Australia ,please do not apologize for not being well you work tirelessly in order to helping others achieve positive results and I shed a tear full of emotion when I learned that I too have been lucky enough to be part of your group kicking Goals I am also a very positive person with strength it was built into me from my child hood and I SEE NOTHING BUT POSITIVE STEPS for the Future , I was also very unwell with Pneumonia just recently it lasted nearly 3 months where I became exhausted from Coughing for so long that my Heart started Racing but here’s to a Successful 2013-2014 and may the people be kind to you always Cheers Cheryl

  232. irene Wolfe

    Hi Anthony

    Listen to your video today after i got home from church. I am going to try and visualize everything. Thanks

  233. wakefield driving lessons. doncaster driving lessons

    Outstanding article. I’d been reviewing consistently this web site exactly what fascinated! Particularly practical facts in particular the last component 🙂 I actually maintain this sort of information a good deal. I was seeking this unique info for a long time. Thank you along with good luck.

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