1. Min Yue

    Hi Anthony,

    I watched your videos and activated my webste. I am waiting for your book to arrive and will see if your money-making startegies work for me or not. Thanks.

    Have a great vacation!



  2. Nathan C. Johnson

    H! my name is Nathan, and I recently purchased your system. Soo far I must say I have been very much impressed! And yes! your blog rocks too! Happy Vacationing!

  3. teresa

    i anthony, ut’s me teresa just wanted to let you no i read your blog.thanks hope you have a great vacation.have fun.also i read the mail you sent.about the blood on your girl friend shirt.look try using tide liquid to remove the really works.take care.

  4. Jan Gray

    Have fun on your vacation! You are getting what it has taken me a lifetime to learn. I worked as a RN in ICU for almost 30 years partly be-cause I neede to I thought at the time because I was a single mother and felt guilty that my daughter was having to live that kind of life. I lost a son 12 hours after birth and that was the beginning of the end of my marriage. My husband at the time told me that it was all my fault, and I was feeling so much guilt from the death of my son that I just took that on too. Anyway, I learned at the end of my RN career as I ended up hospital-ized with a Severe Clinical Depression that you have to fill up your bottle to have anything to pour out for anyone else. It’s taken me almost 20 years to get back to a facsimile of normal and ready to tackle life again.. I now take trips to see my daughter and her family, and definitely have enough “me time” to realize that life is only worth living and enjoying if you have that.

  5. Terry Skinner

    I seen you here in las vegas last year at the sun coast and i told you look like my friend and i really needed to to do this for myself so i can been free from everthing and enjoy life more. thanks again for everything Anthony!

  6. DMichael Ross

    Hey Anthony,
    Great to hear that you are taking some well deserved “me time”.
    It is very therapeutic to enjoy the fruits of your labor and obviously well deserved.
    So have a great time relax and enjoy. Recharge those batteries-get a tan-enjoy the sunset(s),and we’ll see you in the movies.

    All the best,

    D. Michael Ross

  7. Vahe

    Hi Anthony,

    I hope you will have great vacation,relax and enjoy.
    Have a great and safe trip.

    With regards


  8. Yolanda Carroll

    Hi Anthony:

    Have a GREAT vacation! I LOVE the company and I’m learning alot. You are the hardest working business YOUNG man I know. You DESERVE a break! Since you work hard be sure to play hard & FUN on your trip. Look forward to seeing the pics. GOD BLESS


  9. Melissa Lawler McCoy

    Thank you Anthony. I appreciate the very good advice…..very well said. My first Grandbaby boy’s name is Anthony. You can see pictures of him on my facebook. Have a wonderful vacation. Again thanks for the excellent, caring advice.

  10. Hamilton A. Plummer

    Hi Anthony, I have two of your books, and they “great”!! I
    just received my “new blog” website. The site is: hamilton Check it out, and let me know what you think of it.
    I have been in Mail Order/Networking for twenty (20) years,
    (Jan 90) and I don’t think i have made over $2,000 during
    that time. I do know that I have spent WELL over that much.
    Hell, I spent over $3,000 just last November on advertising
    H. A. Plummer, Pres./CEO
    THAP Enterprise

  11. Richard

    I guess free afvertising does work, look here how many got anthony morrison books, if people thing they can’t make money online… think again anthony morroson is doing it right in front of you….I’ll let you think about that for couple of seconds
    got it, ok time to take ACTION….that the hole key for advertising….

  12. Wes Hoffman

    Thank you very much for all of your Wisdom, Insight. I greatly appreciate you and all that you do! You deserve it as we all do. Your insight, business savvy, honesty and practicality is what we all need now in our lives. You rock! Have a great vacation! I have just come back from Chicago with the Global Information Network as well.

    Mr. Wes Hoffman
    [email protected]

  13. Salvador Isberto

    thanks for the advice. you know anthony, your like family now. you seem to be my father, mother, brother and sister rolled into one. ha ha ha enjoy your vacation. i will have mine when i make my first $ on line.

  14. Russell Carlson

    Hi Anthony,
    I went to my brother this past weekend, we went snowmachineing. It was fun. I need to do that more often, and get a break from this computer. Thank you for the advice. Have a nice day.

  15. Debra Mosley



  16. Oscar

    Keep the great job Anthony, enjoy your vacations & God bless you for change many lives.

  17. Cynthia Lutman

    After reading your books, watching DVD’s, and more…I love the weekly blogs. It’s time for me to jump in!!!
    I saw your speaker in Estero Florida last week on 3/16 and he was excellent. I will be attending the 3-day class in Fort Myers this weekend and am psyched to “get this thing done” as you put it.
    Looking forward to learning from your brother, Adrian, as that video he did with his I-Phone with the 1 minute refreshes just blew my mind. That was the kick in the butt that I needed:) Happy Vac!

  18. Abe Doliente

    Hello Anthony,

    Thak you so much for your blog # 29 that was done almost a year ago. Yes, each one of us deserves a “me time”. However, this is easier said than done for me. Why? It seems that I am always in need of something. I started my first campaign ad last February 16th. I remember that day whan I got my first conversion. I was ecstatic. As the days went on, I had to accept reality. It was slow for me to have these PPC conversion.

    Reading all those emails, blogs and messages from you are my “me time” for now. I read those not only once but several times. They are very motivational, educational and inspirational messages. You are truly a great professional Anthony.

    Again, may God Bless you and your family.


  19. Madeline

    My down time is spent with my two Tennessee Walking Horses. They are so sweet and lovable; but I don’t spend enough time with them. I hope to remedy that soon.
    Thanks for the push,

  20. Iciphene Hardy

    Yes. We all need to take a vacation….but I am on one this week from my 11 to 8 job, so I can get the “work at home job” started. I have read your books and watching your DVD’S. I also have my first affiliate ad started this week with your quick start specialist team. Thank you for helping us to succeed and make our dreams come true.

  21. Gerry Salazar

    Always a pleasure to see/hear your blogs. I’ve been sleadily working my way through Classroom lessons and your blog lets me know I’m on right track.


  22. magda

    Hi, Anthony, that’s the way to do it, little time for your self and thank you for being a real person.

  23. Zonda Whitlock

    Haven’t set up a website yet. I have let a lot of activities distract me since I ordered the program, but the weekly blogs are encouraging me to get on track. Looking forward to the webinar. z

  24. Stephen

    I love to go to Lincoln park Zoo in Chicago. I live on the beach and walk it daily. learned a longtime ago you can have two of everything in life but the second that just passed.

  25. Ronnie-Ray

    Anthony have a GREAT VACA:). You right, at lease for me. I get so pre-occupied with making a living, I forget about having a life. Thanks for the reminder.

  26. Kaye Hutton

    Thanks for sharing. I do tend to get bogged down after days and days of computer work and trying to understand what I am seeing. I get a little frustrated because I have yet to make any money.
    I need to spend a day on my air mattress in the pool (that is my get-away spot) and then come back refreshed and ready.

  27. Carolyn Walker-Alikhan

    Wonderful, Great Job thank you and the resource book will order ASAP

  28. Carolyn Walker-Alikhan

    WOW never had access to the secrets, thank you for sharing

    GOD Bless you

  29. Pierre Mocombe

    Anthony, you do need to take vacation to rejuvenate yourself, to unwind. Relax and enjoy your vacation.

  30. Tammy Ruegsegger

    Anthony, I just took a few days to go to Las Vegas for my cousin’s wedding and had an amazing time. I did not get much sleep though. I have to come home to rest, so I best be going to bed and quit trying to learn this program, since I am going to be in Salt Lake City, Utah then next two week ends learning.

  31. Dottie Seavy

    We, Ted and I, are so excited to affirm the vibration of gratitude. We are grateful for your teaching. We are grateful for all that these days brought us. We are grateful for all the good in our lives

  32. Jessie Littlejohn

    Great Tip, I wish it was that easy for me. I am always stressed and wanting to do this opportunity so much. I wish I could just let go and run away. Enough about me,enjoy your vacation and have alot of Fun, be safe!

  33. Cheryl Bryant

    Hey Anthony, I have watched several of your blog’s and Webinar. I am going to request your system today. I live on a very tight budget right now, as I was hurt in a hit and run accident and had to go on SSI. As you well no, that’s not earning a living. I miss working and was not old enough, nor did I want to retire.
    I see you are going on vacation, have a great time and rest so you come back stronger than ever.
    God Bless
    Cheryl Bryant P.S. I used to live in Jackson Mississippi a few years back and Memphis. I am from the Northwest and live there now.

  34. sharon siemens

    Excellent! I don’t have money for vacation. But, when my business is making money I will take a vacation. I have me time. I do all kinds of fun
    things. In place of vacation I go to short trips 3 hours or less away. Sometimes to San Francisco, the number city in the United States many times over. Sometimes I go every two weeks.

    Sharon S.

  35. James Kahalewai

    Anthony. I love sports, especially play golf. However, I’m on the heart transplant list as of April 2011. You would think this holds me back? My determination is persistency in the right direction. You’re right, we all need time off to recharge our batteries. Thanks for all you do……Jimmy K.

  36. Mary W.

    Hi Anthony, its Mary and I just think everyone needs their down time and time to reflect. Sometimes I don’t allow that to happen to me – I try though. I hope you have a great vacation and forget for a few moments at least of Affiliate Marketing. It will be waiting for you. Have a wonderful vacation.

  37. Ella Dikeman

    thanks for sharing have a wonderful vaca, with your family.what ever you have to do at home ,it will be there when you get back

    letting go doesn`t mean we don`t care,
    letting go doesn`t mean we shut down,
    letting go means we stop trying to force outcomes and make people behave,
    It means we give up resistance to the way things are for the moment,
    It means we stop trying to do the impossible- controlling the outcome
    that which we cannot -and instead focus on what is possible-
    which usually means taking care of ourselves
    And we do this in gentleness and kindness and love as much as possible,

  38. Norma

    Your reissued blog is appreciated. What a great reminder to Look Out For Number One. I have found if we don’t Look Out For Number One nobody else will. Play time is critical to keeping a positive attitude isn’t it.
    I am still pretty much a newbie with you and your programs. I am about to finally publish my first web site (above) so have been working.. working.. to get ‘er done.This does not mean I will be relaxing any time soon because I have many more ideas and plans for the future.
    So much for being a retiree in SW Florida’s la-la land. HA!
    Your Blogs continue to feed my the desire to push forward, always with a Positive Mental Attitude.
    Thank you. . . .

  39. Dave Moore

    Have a great vacation. Sounds like you long deserve one. Cant wait to see your blog by the beach. I like that phrase (You-time.) Cya.

  40. Emma Everett

    Anthony. I wish you a great you time vacation.. I am not a negative person. I am a spirituau awareness student. I believed in my teacher the same as I believe in you. I studied with him for twelve years, until he crossed over. I am trying to make a great life for my family as well as others that are in need. I really need to succeed in this business. I have invested in all the programs you recommended to me. That is because I believe in you. My family is on my back because I invested my money that I needed for my stability in what they call a scam. I will admit that I have lost lots of money in scams, my mind tells me this is is not one of them. I have faith in you, even though I need my money that I invested in order to live. thanks for everything. I know one way or the other, GOD HAS NOT BROUGH ME THIS FAR TO LEAVE ME NOW. Good Luck always. Emma.

  41. Elias Nkerbu

    Thank you very much for your particular concern about me. I am not giving up. Know that every thing you have sent me, I have registered for but I need to be very focused now. I need to call for support team more but do not have time during the day. I need to set things in order as summer is near because I will have some time. I say again thank you.

  42. James Johnson

    Hy I hop that you have a good time on that vacat
    Anthony! You say its been 5yr from the last time you had one, so it’s do time for you lol. Don’t you have to much fun, and whatever is you fav drink…have you for me lol. Tanks agin for your weekly blog.

  43. Steve

    Wow you so much that is coming out I’m still trying to catch up, just this weekend I saw your brother on a info commerial and he was talking about how to make money by emailing…I’m thinking about ordering the book. I’m still got get the cd set were you came to my town and the whole seminar was on that cd set. Like I said you have so much that is out I’m trying to keep up.

  44. NeilB

    Anthony, This is great advise for all to remember, time goes so fast and if you don’t take some time to smell the roses , your family may be all grown and flown the coupe.

  45. darlene mckean

    How wonderful for you.
    Godspeed to you.
    Best regards,

  46. Kong Sourivong

    Thank you Anthony, its wonderful to have vacation some time , I need to have vacation to go to visit family in my country in Laos. I came to the United 1980, I never gone there I want so bade some time. but nothings I can do. If I make money on line I will go to see my country. God bless.

  47. Steve


    If I don’t have the connections or piggy bank to start. What do you recommend to do, so I can play, after all the challenging work? To be some what as successful as yourself.
    Have a great time. Can’t wait until you post your vacation pictures.

  48. JeandieuseulAbellard

    Hi Anthony as you say then I will try to be happier to be energize,then to have a good time with my family, relax,as well as is not easy without money.
    Thank you any way,I will try.God Bless.

  49. Richard C.

    Hi Anthony! You are sooo right .I am on stress leave right now. Don’t wait an other 5 years for some Anthony Time,you give so much you deserve a balanced life too. Thank you for all you do for us.

  50. Elena Dominguez

    Thanks for sharing your life with us Anthony Morrison!!
    I hope you have wonderful vacation!!
    You are an inspiration for all of us, in everything you do.
    You help us to dream.
    Have a blessed vacation time…YOU deserve it!

  51. Debbie Sundholm

    Anthony YOU should take a VACATION every year. I agree making you time does re-energize, let’s your imagination go, time for reflection, ideas pop into your head, start seeing some things differently…..Its a pleasure getting to know you from afar:)

  52. Alan Olson

    Assuming you are taking your girlfriend – so enjoy the well deserved vacation! If I knew where you were going I could give you an idea of some cool things to do and see – but overall – just relax! )

    Stay cool!

  53. Bill Munro


    We all need time to relax & take time out for ourselves. Have a great Vacation & I’ll be waiting for your next Weekly Blog.

    Until Next Time,

    Bill Munro

  54. Ben Nyman

    Good to hear Anthony that we need time off and have that time off scheduled.
    Have a nice vacation.

  55. El Dee James

    Anthony this is something I rarely get to do. It is very true that we all need me time.

  56. Sharon Scott

    You deserve a good vacation so be sure to enjoy the down-time and relax.

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