1. Richard

    If you guys get started today, you can be where anothony morrison is next year… and post a success video yourself too.

    Money is one thing in life, it brings your freedom to travel anywhere you want, no stress, no money problems, just more time with friends and family. So get started today and bring joy to your love ones.

  2. Sharon Volkman

    Hi! Anthony Thank you. I did listen on your last phone conference. I will join just as soon as possible for me. Sharon P.S. Glad you are having such a wonderful vacation.

  3. Pete Drake

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I agree with the parachute comment, but this is what it’s all about lifestyle while he was doing that most of you where DRUM ROLL PLEASE………………… WORKING!!! OR NOT BUT IT’S NOT ABOT THE MONEY IT’S ABOUT THE OPTIONS. So I’m just here to encourage you and say that your not to far from this lifestyle either. Now GO OUT AND MAKE IT A GREAT DAY. LOVE YA…

  4. Randall S.

    It is amazing how reaching new heights can change your perspective on the things around you.

    In both Life & Business you realize the risks you take are not that scary once you take them and that many a false step have been made by standing still. So enjoy your leap into world travel and I will enjoy my leap into the world of affiliate marketing.

    Adios me amigo!

  5. Dale Carter

    Way to go Anthony!!!
    I am jealous, even at 60 years old. One of these times I hope to do the same. I also have not taken an actual vacation but more like twenty years! Enjoy, talk when you get back.


  6. Tasha Baker

    Thats pretty neat!! Sure wish we could afford to do that!!!! I really really want to be successful at this!!! Have fun!

  7. Phyllis Estelle

    Hello Anthony,
    Looking at the video, I felt the fun, excitement and happiness you guys are having. The sky and water looks so …beautiful. I’m ready to start receiving success on- line. I would love to share that vacation experience. YES!! I will continue to work hard, and follow the plan. Meanwhile, you guys stay safe and enjoy your well deserved vacation.

  8. tony

    I can see that you are having the time of your life up in the blue skys and blue waters in cancun ..just let me say that is a blessing!

  9. Lance Lovejoy

    Wow, I remember the days long ago I used take vacations via the factory that built the houses I sold, now all a distant memory, hope I can obtain success once again, be able to enjoy life, but most of all take care of my mom who has worked 52+ years in our business that is going bust with the economy. Hope P.M.I can help me achieve the success I need. The new coach will get me there, I am confident. Last time I para-sailed the harness slipped. Hope your having a GREAT time Anthony. RELAX and God Bless

  10. Robert L

    It is refreshing to be a part of something you don’t yet understand but are working towards “getting” and having somebody that is REAL at the front of the pack.

    Looking forward to success in the group!


  11. Joanie

    Never been to Mexico – That was beautiful! Can you really see the bottom of the ocean? I love the beach and want to go to Mexico some day. Hope you have very relaxing and great vacation. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Jolena

    That ocean was beautiful! Enjoy a much deserved vaca and will be here next week for the next video blog! Thanks and have a great time!

  13. June (Claude) Respicio


    I’d almost forgotten how wonderful it feels like to be able to have the finances and time to be able to enjoy such a fanastic place like Mexico or other like places. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Butch W.

    Go Far it Anthony , Looks Like a Totally Awesome Time! down in Cancun!
    My Wife and I are So Excited about being on board with P.M.I.
    We can not wait to be Successful, Want the Real Good Times!
    Have a Great Safe Time on Your Vacation in Cancun!
    Sincerely and God Bless…………Butch & Kathy W.

  15. John Parker

    Enjoyed the Cancun video and it is on the list of places we would like to visit!
    Never been there.

  16. Barry B. "Bare"

    Aloha Anthony,
    Thank you for the really cool Video, it was much enjoyed and I am so glad to see you are getting a little play time in the midst of all that you are involved with. This is my first time to Blog, you could say I am a little like the turtle, a slow starter but I remember he was a finisher and a winner! Also another thanks to all those of you who shared such good up-lifting encouragement’s in your blog entries. Have a safe flight home, God Bless you guys !…… Barry

  17. Tiffany B.

    Just watch you don’t become shark bait. We like you here. Have fun!!



  19. Ramon White

    Having a great time is just great and I’m still pouring in all this information.
    I’m ready to make a go at it;yet I find myself trying to take too many steps at one time. Anthony have a good vacation and this example works well with me. Because once upon a time I would jump aboard but I think I’ll leave this bit of adventure for my bucket list! Seasons greetings!

  20. ART & CHERIE

    Looks like FUN!
    At 64 & 76 Cherie and I are in the PMI program and plan to join you on your next Vacation to Wherever you are going!

  21. Carrie Gregory

    Say, what a wonderful sight of Mexico, Cancun. Especially the aqua-blue water along the coast line. Thanks Anothony!! for sharing part of your vacation with us. In the Future I will be able to do something like this.

  22. Russell Carlson

    Hi Anthony, That looks like real fun, like to try that one day. I did not realize they go that high up. That was a pretty nice view, thanks for sharing that. The weather sure looked nice in Mexico, Its about 5 below 0 here in Alaska right now. Once I really figure out your system I can take care of my family and become a snow bird. Someday soon I hope. Thanks again.

  23. Debra Mosley



  24. Clara Leake

    WOW!!!!! You were way up there. the scenery was breath taking, but I don’t think I have the guts to be up that high unless I’m in an airplane which is much further up.
    Have fun, be careful, and be blessed. Looking forward to the blog next week

  25. Jim

    I have seen Cancun from 200′ up…..the most beautiful ocean colors in the world, and we’re going back with Anthony!

  26. Suy Sun

    Hi Anthony Enjoy the rest of your vacation. Thanks for sharing the wonderful sight.
    God bless!!!!!!

  27. mike dashiell

    Thanks for the awe inspiring view! I can hardly wait to be able to take vacations like that when I become successful online! Hope you enjoy the snorkeling!

  28. Lowell K

    That is some wicked stuff Anthony! Looks like you could build a paradise in the sky while your up there. Oh wait…you are! :P. Enjoy your trip, relax and have a blast! Take a scoot down to Playa Del Carmen if you get a chance, it’s a great town to see some local attractions aswell. Take care 😀

  29. lynn freer

    I have to say it.s hard to think about vacations and fun when you don’t know where the money is coming from for fuel oil in the dead of winter, but I am working on staying focused and making money with this program–hopefully I too will have a success story soon!!

  30. Jose Linares

    I like how you are enjoying your vacations!!!! I just to lived there, everything is beautiful….I want to goin back there 🙂 best wishes Anthony !

  31. deborah towle

    Anthony that looks like a blast . The water is beautiful!!! I too hope to do well and perhaps some day I can take near and dear to me on a special trip.My biggest goal to make my children proud . I have worked in my profession for 40 years thou I still live from paydays. I want to show them I can make it alone now but yet have something for them.They are my greatesr gifts. deb

  32. Karin Carlson

    Wow, looks like you are having a blast! The water is so blue and beautiful I can’t wait till I become successful and I to will be able to travel, thanks for sharing!!
    ~ Karin

  33. Ardith

    looks like you are having fun. May God Bless and hope one day to be able to see other great places also. I love reading your blogs.

  34. Vernette

    I pray your vacation went well. Having some trouble on how to get my website started can someone help me?

  35. Abe Doliente

    Thank you Anthony for your weekly blog # 30 that was posted last May 26th. I did not know you then, but that doesn’t matter. You sure were enjoying your experience up in the air.

    The beautiful view of the coastline plus the blue waters adjacent to it make Cancun very apopealing to fly over it. Someday, somehow, I will get there too.

    Again, may God Bless you and your family.


  36. Jackie Mayo

    That is so beautiful and refreshing…….hope you get to go again real soon.
    You looked as if you were having the time of your life…..a time well deserved.

    God bless you,

  37. Edgar

    Anthony I pray to god that some day I have some luck getting were you are, it looks like a lot of fun injoy stay well take care see you next week on your weekly blog.

  38. Doreen

    Hi Anthony, Great to see you having some fun after all of your hard work. I will visit Cancun next year, I’ve seen many pictures and read about it. It is on my list of places I would like to see but for now I’m concentrating on the hard work part and getting my business successful. Looking forward to next weeks blog.

  39. Danny

    Wow Anthony! I think I was at that hotel when I went to Cancun for spring break back in the day! I LOVE that place…It was one of the best times of my life. I’m looking forward to creating more memorable times even BETTER!

  40. Ruby S.

    Wow! I wish I could do that! Hey Anthony, I’m still having difficulties but hopefully that will turn around soon!

  41. Katie Figueroa

    Looks like you had great fun! Been to Mexico a couple of times, just not in Cancun area which is so beautiful. Must have been a thrill that high up. Thanks for sharing!

  42. Kathleen Beller

    Amazing view. Apple says iphone has now become the most popular camera. I said that because I’m wondering what camera you are using up there.

  43. Diana Eisenhard

    Anthony, Hope ya’ll took some time to go to Cozumel while you were there. The snorkeling is AMAZING! Hope you had a great vacation. See ya on the flip side.

  44. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – Thanks for sharing your trip with us. It’s good to see that you are taking time to relax and enjoy yourself. Even though I am getting started a little later in life, I want to get to the point where money is no object and I can enjoy my life.

    Looking forward to the call tonight.

    Dorothy Derr

  45. Laura Heigh

    One dayhere soon I am sure that is going to be me …..gonna make this happen and show the world it can be done, taking a little time this week due to death in family, but will be back at it soon…..Excited to make it happen!!

  46. Patricia McLaughlin

    What a wonderful dream…and future reality for me, I believe! I believe in this business and believe I WILL succeed (after all, I always heard believing in yourself is half the battle!).

  47. Kaye Hutton

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. No matter how successful I may become I will have to captialize on your view and exiliration of seeing Cancun From the sky. I just don;t do heights!!!!
    I’ll see you on the next weekly blog!

  48. Bedminster King

    Looks like you are having a great time Anthony. I hope to some day soon have as much time and enjoy free time as you are now doing. Thanks for your encourageing words.

  49. Mavis Turner

    Wow! I would love it ! Heck with the parachute, I wouldn’t care one bit, I would absolutely love it.

  50. Harold Scott

    I’m delighted you are having a fine vacation. However I want you to come on back and help me get started. I need all the help I can get.
    Read “The Hidden Millionaire” and find it absolutely inspirational.
    The incident that nearly lost your eye seems to me to have been the turning point in your success story. Just think, you might be a Doctor today had that not happend.

  51. Jessie Littlejohn

    Thanks for sharing,have a great time! I felt like I was there with you, that is something beleive me. I am afraid of hieghts and flying, but I would give it a go, just like I am learning marketing with you help.

  52. Pierre Mocombe

    Anthony, enjoy your vacation. I need to concentrate on making this work. Once it is working to my satisfaction, then I will think of vacationing.

  53. Al Diamond

    Hi Authony. It sure looks like a a lot fun way up there. I am working on getting this BIS started so my wife and I can join you next year. And the best part would be not to have to tell anyone we were going…. Sounds Great.

  54. Dennis Ward

    It’s nice to take a vacation like that. Back in my twenties, I went to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Germany and I wasn’t in the Service. I paid for my airline ticket and food. Had a free place (except Germany) to stay. Took a 5 day 4 night cruise from Sweden to Germany. It cost me $75.00 and I got seasick, but I did have a cabin to get sick in. I’ve also been to Hawii and hooked up with my aunt and my parents. I was in my 30’s then. My parents were awesome

  55. Ligaya Valonzo

    Thanks Anthony for sharing the view, how I wish I can go there too. I am glad that you and your girlfriend are having fun and enjoying your vacation.

  56. Steve

    Yeah. Glad to see that you are feeling better and taking some time to enjoy life. Thxs for all that you do for us. See you next week on the weekly blog.

  57. lee heard

    Hi it’s so good to see you enjoying your time in mexico. I just wanted to say that i wish you the best & i can’t wait to be where you are right know! 🙂


    Hi Anthony!
    Have a great vacation! You deserve it! That water is absolutely
    beautiful. Next year this time half of your community will hopefully
    be enjoying the same.

  59. James Kahalewai

    Anthony……As a retired lineman for 42 years involving 5 utility companies I know what working at heights involve. Often times my work took me to heights off steel electrical structures as high near 400 feet and off mountain ridges in excess of 4,000 feet. Thank goodness I survived my trade and on retirement.

    I’m happy to be involved in affilliate work. Thank you for all you do. I do not accept failure as an option………..Jimmy K.

  60. Gino

    That was so awesome. An evident inspiration to us all. Maybe in a years time, there will be a few of us vacationing in similar spots around the world with you. Would be awesome to have a vacation for Successful Students, right? Keep it up. Fast cash Commissions is the WHIP! 🙂

  61. Jeremiah K Afong

    That was an awesome vacation for you. It was an inspiration for me, to get my biz up and running. Thanks Anthony.

  62. Rosita Lee

    HI Anthony, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I know Cancun is beatiful.
    BLESSING you time in Mexico, we talk later.
    Acho que voce merece se divertir,

    QUE DEUS TE ABENCOE SEMPRE TONY (l write in Portuguese)

  63. agnes

    waooooooooooooo anthony its like acting a movie continue to be blessed
    as we look forward working together

  64. Mosica Restea

    That’s the way I like to see you Anthony. This is the best video ever. You looked very happy and that makes my day.

  65. Editha Knuth

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you for sharing the video. wow through you I have seen cancun for the first time, in the past years people always mention to me that place really beautiful. But most important seeing your face glowing in the sun. while you are in the air.I,ve seen a man so happy for the opportunity that God given to him. I thank God that He take you where ever you go. I,m happy for you Anthony.
    Editha Knuth

  66. Norma Garcia

    Hi Anthony, I love the view of the water and you looked so happy. When I make it big I hope I can visit Cancun or some place in Mexico. Take care. NG

  67. Johnny Richardson

    Hey Anthony:

    I know you are having fun. The more I look at this, the more I want to do this. I already downloaded your instructions on setting up a niche site. Very Informational!!!!

  68. Marlon Morris

    NIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!! You just added feul to the fire! Thanks Anthony. GOD bless

  69. James Johnson

    Wow, man its beautiful outhere! It’s all about trying new thing and see to see wher they take you in like, and like you sead you having a blast sofar! Thanks for giving us all a lil pice of you vacation.

  70. Eparkyn

    Antony: Thanks for sharing, saw that one before, been browseing on your past blogs, been learning the ropes for to sale all the books that cover must of our walls. Elizabeth

  71. Muriel

    Looks BEAUTIFUL! Hope ya’ll are having a great time! You are showing us that with your methods everyone can eventually afford to do what you are doing. Maybe not right away but in a year or two it’s possible!

  72. Rudy Ambion

    This is the first time to see the video and the view from above
    Is awesome. Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to go and think
    nothing but fun, fun , and more fun………..

  73. George

    Looks like a lot of fun, I heard that we all have LIFE but STYLE is the way that you choose to live it 🙂 Take care and take charge and we look forward to your next video blog.

  74. Alice Wilson

    Wow, inspiring to see that beautiful ocean view from 200 feet up. You present a magnificent goal to reach – very clever! ! ! ! You wet my appetite to go see some of this beautiful world.
    Thank you and glad to see you having a great time.

  75. Charlene Knight

    Neat video Anthony. Reminds me much of the Bahamas and Bermuda. The architecture was familiar so I must have seen photos – haven’t been to Cancun but I’d like to visit an American friend who now lives in Ajijic.

    Finally got into the CPV Domination site today. One of the modules was
    difficult to hear. Don’t know why. Also listened to Kavit Haria’s 90 minute
    presentation re Social Media from Facebook. Looking to see what tomorrow brings and to Adrian’s Social Commissions Webinar the 21st.

    Ciao for now

  76. Cynthia A. Chisum

    Wow! That’s way too much fun! Man that was a great way to show us what we can achieve! Thank you again!

  77. Steve Le Baron

    I’m one of the most adventurous people you know. I have a world wide travel and enteretainment web site. Been to many locations around the world. Enjoy life as much as you can Anthony. If your interested in some other amazing adventures let me know. It will be fun. Your an amazing person. You’ve earned the fun that you are starting to enjoy.

  78. Darlene Bechthold

    I enjoy your blogs each week but the 200 feet up, I am afraid of heights.
    I have watched them but I would never be able to do the parasailing.
    Cancun is a very nicer place.

    have fun

  79. Dennis Ward

    Hey Anthony,
    It’s nice to see Cancun again. Will I get to see your next vacation? BTW I forgot to tell you “Merry Christmas” and I will wish you a “Happy New Year”! now. What cities did ya’ll hand out gifts this year?

    Have a good weekend,

  80. Angelic Bingham

    I love it, so beautiful out in Mexico. What so important is my business to get where you are. Willing to work hard to get a vacation like you Anthony. Enjoy God Bless.

  81. wendy


  82. Bill Munro

    Hi Anthony,

    The film was really beautiful. The water was truly Awesome. Your vacation
    seems like it was alot of fun & very relaxing. A very well deserved vacation
    at that. We all need some time for R & R once in a while. It’s what keeps
    us sane, energized and focused when we’re working towards our goals in

    Bill Munro

  83. Audrey Wittnebel

    What a wonderful vacation that must have been. We all need to take significant breaks…I’m sure this was a renewing experience for you -… and a rest so deserved!

  84. percy lee parham junior

    the beach looks great but,i don’t think so.Man the ground under my feet never felt so good.

  85. Speransia Bizimana

    Anthony, you really look like a tourist. The water is clear and blue, the scenery so beautiful and you look so happy and free. That is the way to live life. I like it. Thanks for the pick. I have not gone to Cancun yet, but for a moment, I felt like I was riding with you. That was a good ride. Hope to hear from you next week.


  86. Sue Marcoux

    Good for you ! I love Mexico. Go as often as I can. I used to go to the west coast but now I go to the Yucatan. I fly into Cancun but then travel to a little spot in the Gulf. It’s like home to me these days. That’s one of the reasons I want success. Cheers, Sue

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