1. Robert Wick

    I have been trying to get something going for quite a while. What do I have to do to make money? I would say pick one thing and focus until it is working. I have been trying real estate investing, web sites, affiliate marketing, blogs, webinares, courses, CD’s, DVD’s direct marketing, and a whole host of other things, including mentorships and books. I haven’t made dime one, and my credit cards have bigger muscles than I do, because of the intense workout that they have gotten. I could make more money watching TV than anything that I’ve done up until now.

  2. Virgil Riddle

    I have never met you in person but I feel like I know you. The first time I saw you on TV I had a real good “gut” feeling about you. A man’s “gut” feeling is usually right. You are down-to-earth and honest. And that is rare in these days!

    To re-charge I like to workout That relaxes me and gets me re-vamped! When I get re-vamped then I read everything that you send me and I am still reading your “Advertising Profits From Home” book. I thoroughly enjoy it. I want to learn everything possible from you so that I can be somewhere financially near where you are today. I appreciate your sincereness and your drive to help people like myself to achieve a better life. Thanks for helping me and others like me . I want to see Cancun!

  3. Virgil Riddle

    I have never met you but I feel like I know you. The first time I saw you on TV I had a real good “gut” feeling about you. A man’s “gut” feeling is usually right. You are down-to-earth and honest. That is rare in these days!

    To re-charge I like to workout. That relaxes me and gets me re-vamped! When I get re-vamped then I read everything that you send me and I am still reading your book”Advertising Profits From Home”. I have really enjoyed it. I want to learn everything possible from you so that I can be financially somewhere near where you are today. I appreciate your sincereness and your drive to help others achieve a better life. I want to see Cancun!

  4. Benjamin Burford

    To get to the point where i need to be successful, I believe i need to get my website more niche oriented so that it can be more search engine optimized. I am also going to use You Tube more in my advertising. Posting Video Comments on Videos that are in my niche that currently gets several thousand views a week is a good way to reach my target market. I just started this in February and know i still have a long ways to go, but i have learned a ton about pay-per click advertising, social network advertising, and search engine optimization. Ultimately i feel search engine optimization is how i’m going to be in this for the long haul. It’s the cheapest on most effective once you have “made friends” with the search engines; however, until i get to where i can be on page 1 or 2 of google, the paid advertising, twitter, you tube, are great ways i have been able to get people to my site. I feel like my current plan to get more search engine optimized will put my business over the top and allow me to get to where i can relax and kick back and take a breather. Right now, it’s paycheck to paycheck so paid advertising gets expensive when using your own money. I have been working on getting a business line of credit to relieve some of my personal funds and to separate personal from business. I feel like that is also key to being successful.

  5. William Oshier

    Hi Anthony

    I enjoyed watching you flying around in the air looked like a major rush!

    Everything is coming along well, I wish it would all happen overnight but I know that’s not realistic. I currently have ads in test phases on social networks in order to hone in on the ones that attract, once I have those determined I can start creating some landing pages and get them up and generating some cash flow. Things I need to focus on that I haven’t gotten around to yet are being more involved in the social sites, I just started a page and a group for Facebook and working on building those now that I am testing adds there, but I still need to set up with Twitter and other social networks, and I need to start blogging which I have not started or ever done before. My main focus at this point has been to follow the instruction of my Success Coach Nate. There are so many different aspects of this business to where you can generate income such as paid listings, social networks, blogging and so on and I want to do them all, Right Now! That’s how excited I am about this business. I know I don’t have the knowledge or experience to take that all on at once as you do, if I try to take to much on at one time without completely understanding each phase and why each part is so important to being successful I will just get lost in it all and lose focus. So I am taking it step by step from the direction of my Success Academy Coach so I stay on track and stay focused. Despite my wanting to try every thing all at once and not completely understanding each and every phase and why I need to go through those phases will surely head me off in the wrong direction. There are way to many key elements that need to take place correctly to generate the real money, otherwise failure surely will be staring me in the face and I REFUSE to fail. So I am committed to following the advice and procedures from the ones that have been there and done it, but here is my real logic to that ” I WILL STAND IN YOUR SHOES ONE DAY!”

  6. Taylor Strickland

    I’ve just finished your book and it took me about a week. In my opinion this is too long, but I read it thoroughly to make sure I understood everything I was reading. The reason it took me so long is because of my busy schedule. Between summer courses, work and other obstacles that seem to come out of no where I haven’t been able to dedicate near enough time to your program. So my plan to get more time is to STOP SLEEPING 10 HOURS A DAY! Most people only get 8 hours or less, so by doing this I will have an extra 2 hours every morning that i didn’t have before. I’m also going to stop checking my facebook and other “entertainment only” sites in order to use that time for my work. Thanks Anthony for writing your book. I can’t wait to be your next success story.

    Taylor Strickland

  7. Bill (Ranger) Hill

    Just starting out I’m reading your books that came in the kit, also finishing up on the education center. Now between the books and the material I’m studing and watching I find that so frequently you say, “knowledge is the key” “success is knowledge”. However, like the old saying a little knowledge can be dangerous. What my major goal is is not just to get the knowledge but learn every twist and turn, the underlying nuances that can make a difference. Staying on top of the changes and many changes will be daily, both in myself and in my business. Knowing my business, maintain an ethical standard, and learning daily something new. Something that will take me to the next level. By reaching my goals I will be able to reach out and help someone else reach their goals.

  8. Brandon Lewis

    I appreciate this challenge Anthony, because it requires us to sit down and focus on what we need to do to get better and progress.

    What I personally need to do is to set up an internet presence. I have just been trying to take the easy route by just posting PPC and CPM ads, and have realized that I haven’t had any success with those particular methods. I know that I need an established internet presence such as websites or blogs so that I can start driving internet traffic towards me.

    So my plan right now is to forget about advertising at least for right now and start building my presence. Actually just today I built my first blog at and I also registered a supplementary Twitter account. Tomorrow I am going to create a Facebook profile for it and start getting the word out that way. I also plan to go back and re-read the SEO portion of your book tomorrow night when I get off work to help increase traffic to my blog.

    I’ve also been brainstorming for a website on how to save money while in college (since I can relate). So once I get my blog up on it’s feet, then I will tackle the website one piece at a time until I can get that up and running.

    Once I have those in place I feel like I can start placing ads on them and focus more time making sure I have good content on my blog/website. Hopefully by then, I will have brainstormed another website/blog idea for a different target group, and I will already have the experience to set something up for that niche!

  9. Elisha Ford

    I have been disabled for 9 years and I’m not used to having a schedule so I need to be more disciplined at setting aside a few hours a day when my pain is under control and work. I am getting better with the lessons and am almost done and very excited about getting started I am a strong person and know I can do this so I am working hard to do what needs to be done so I can be successful.

  10. Richard Frost

    I went to Mexico one night (Tiajuana). (I live in Southern California). The contrast between the U.S. and Mexico is almost startling.

  11. Michael Woods

    Hey Anthony,
    Enjoyed the Cancun video from last week. I am new as of this past week as well. So in response to your video this week – I would say that really diving into the program and getting started is what is going to help me reach the point I need to be able to take a break with my family. I have watched all the training videos and am continuing to read old blog posts. I am hoping to talk with someone from MSA as soon as I receive your book so that I can really get going! Thanks for all the information and you ever-encouraging support!

  12. winston williams

    Hello Anthony,
    I have read your book twice, and it has a great deal of good information.
    However I am new to the internet and do not have a website. Can you please outline the first few steps to get started.

    Thank You

  13. dianne

    I have been in a salaried position for about 10 years now. I need to put all of that free time I am giving to the company into this business, so that I can spend more time researching products on line, finding the diamond in the rough, and most importantly get out of that salaried position. I need to just do an quit the negative thinking. Thank you Anthony for giving me my way out.

  14. Heath Gideon

    I need to spend more time on thing item/products that I have personal knowledge of in order to be able to target my sales.

  15. Bob Hannum

    Hi Anthony – just want to thank you for the constant inspiration and guidance via video blog, text messages, tweets, and emails. I started your program 3 months ago with an exciting long-term plan to stick with it, master it, and become a great success by working evenings and weekends gathering knowledge step-by-step about this new world of affiliate marketing. My challenge is to work an hour each day even when I’m exhausted by my fulltime workday. I will treat myself to a vacation when I’ve achieved this discipline and continued it for 8 months.

  16. Jerry Herring

    Hi Anthony
    I believe the most important things I need to do are to shut all the other learning courses I am listening and studying down for now and focus all my time studying all your information and working on my website getting all the advertising up and running and following your steps as you have them laid out. The other systems just keep me confused and I have my faith in you and believe your training is my blessing or my ship coming in. I believe you and have faith that you are true to your word and you truly want to help me learn to be successful in the internet world. I will be happy just making good money I am not greedy I just want to be able to get off disability and be able to provide for myself and enjoy this life God has blessed me with and would love to be able to help people in need. I think it was a blessing that God sent for me to be able to study after you. Things just fell into place from the invitation you gave me on the phone. First my phone battery was down and I had to cut my long distance service off on my home phone and my magicjack would not let me do conference calls so finally I got my battery charged enough to get in on your program and listened while the charger was plugged up. Then I had $65.00 on my prepaid card and had tried to pay on my phone bill and it was a temp card and would not let the phone company access it and I tried to use it another time and it would not pay but when I tried it to pay you it failed the first time because I missed a number and my heart sank because I wanted in your program so I tried again and I saw I missed a number and corrected it and thanks to God it went right through. I believe God kept those other transitions from going through because it was His will for me to be your student and I have faith if I will focus on your lessons I will make it off my disability and be able to support myself and realize my dream of helping needy people. Thank you for all you do to help all of your students.
    God Bless

  17. Joe

    Ok, Well i think i do need to spend more time with your book Advertising Profits. My job is real demanding and it takes up alot of my time but i am trying to do more with my website. Time and cash is real hard to come by these days but i am putting in all that i can but it just is not enoch to get it off the ground. Glad you had a good time and keep up the good work.

  18. Lu Anne Kobsm

    I need to get away from the tv to make more time to spend on my business. I watch 1-2 hours of tv in the evening when I get home from work, which is usually 8-9 pm and my unwind time. I work full time and care for my 91 year old mother who lives with us. I am also facing the financial concerns of starting a new business. This has been more costly than I had anticipated but it also helps keep me motivated to stay on the path to success. I am considering reducing my hours to part time to enable me to have more time to commit to the business as well as my mother. I just need some income from the business to make this a reality. I am spending 10-15 hours per week and would like to increase that to 20-25. I could easily add 1-2 hours per day by giving up tv time. In this world it takes sacrifice and commitment to obtain a goal….it is a matter of keeping your eye on that goal and pressing on. That is what I am willing to do. Thank you for this video, it has helped me gain a renewed focus. Just putting these thoughts to words has built up a desire in me that the concerns of the new business were starting to derail. I will work harder and stay focused on the goal!

  19. Julie A Cila

    Hello! I am brand new to this – only a couple of weeks in – so I am in “sponge-mode” right now learning everything I can. I read the book, watched the videos that came with it, and have been through the training that is available on the websites. Now I am involved in the Success Academy, have a mentor, and am working through the interactive videos and action steps.

    My plans are to make the most of the Success Academy and get cranking! Making this a priority and keeping it fun will make it successful!

  20. Ron Sobota

    I know that I need to focus on the marketing plan(s) that are being taught. I know I need to get knowledge of all the facets of affiliate marketing. I know that I want to spend at least 4 hours a day at least 6 days a week doing that. But, I am now determined to APPLY at least one NEW aspect of what I am learning every single day. And, I am now determined to test and monitor what I am accomplishing by implementing that activity. I feel that if I continue and be consistent and persistent in my efforts I will succeed.
    Thank you for all your help and for the Success Academy.
    Ron Sobota 060210

  21. Yvonne Rice

    Hi Anthony, Yvonne here. Thank you for all of your help. What I really need to work on is implementing the steps you ouline in your book. I currently have 7 Twitter accounts going with feeds to all of them, and am working on coming up with new tweets. I don’t have any money for PPC or Facebook Ads right now. My goal for today is to place ads in at least 10 different free directories, for all the offers I am currently working on. My next goal is to learn how to create landing pages. I am a student at The Success Academy and I am looking forward to learning everything I can. I will not be a failure, that is not an option. Glad you had a good vacation.
    Again, thanks for all your support and guidance.

  22. Policarpo Mejia

    What i need is more Knowledge to be clear how and in what i can start , with what products , how to direct traffic to my webside and start to make some money .


    Hello Anthony, Please allow me to comment on the thought process when I listen to you speak before I get into what I need to do. First your an exceptional teacher. When I listen to you it’s like I’m in another World. I actually start brainstorming LITERALLY here is why there are so many people that have been part of some scam that I just listen and let my mine travel. After listening to what your actually saying then I move forward one step at time.As I find myself needing to understand my own capabilities of success this is a struggle because one doesn’t know. I feel I need to get the understanding of what’s being taught and how to make it work without getting frustrated. Honestly I do a lot of thinking about having the freedom of my own business. For me I think it’s believing that I can make the technics work as outlined in your book. With very little money I found that maybe a little more social media advertising would benefit to the potential of my work. To actually blog more often. Maybe I need to spend more time in the live community,my biggest obstacle and it’s funny I’m actually laughing because I have read so much on landing pages that one day this will become a masterpiece for me. Not to be long winded the best of my success lies in the learning phrase if I can learn what it takes I know I will succeed and that’s what I do I try to learn a different part of a technic that works for me and my format is simple because I perform a lot of review work over an over an over because I want to make sure I am learning the right methods. Next Research being able to do the correct Research I spend numerous hours on research finding out about a product and I ran into one issue but I didn’t stop there. The issue of knowing what products to promote is another big obstacle of mines believing something will work for me and maybe that’s the problem I need to get away from the me and find what works for the consumer. (This is where I brainstorm). Spending numerous hours whether its brainstorming or actual research I try to implement the technics necessary to succeed with only positive results. As I write this comment I actually have my next step set up which is a technic in which I’m about to do my first Video advertising for you tube.So for me I need to stay focus and I feel I can make this work for me. Because the pressure is off when I made a decision to learn and not worry about making money. This is what I do everyday if my health allows me.

  24. Kevin Ethier

    I am new to your program. I finished your book and got my free website. I am determined to make this happen. My plan is to balance kids and wife. I will work early mornings and late nights around my kids schedule. Every night I will have a game plan for the next morning. Organization is the key. Time management a must. I will motivate myself by keeping my eye on the prize….SUCCESS! Failure is not an option.

  25. Joe Velasquez

    Dear Anthony,
    1) Get a Mentor to help me get started again
    2) follow exactly what the mentor is instructing me to do
    3) figure how to come up with the money to move me forward
    4) Move full steam ahead.

    Thank you.

  26. Cindy Koepfer

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you for the vacation video. Watching the video was close to being there.. Looks like a great get-away place.
    Well I know I need to continue learning so much with everything that I am working on.My coach John Hall is the best! I am a VERY slow learner and John alway’s takes the time to help me.
    I have watched my videos but I still have to go back to them when I am working, I truely am trying to get ahold on all of this. Please keep sending info to help me! Thanks Cindy 🙂

  27. Brian Draplin

    Hi Anthony,
    I have worked in the automobile industry for over thirty years now, and as you know it is not a good industry to be at this time. I have been layed off several times over the last few years (including now) and have been looking for ways to help make ends meet durring these hard times, then i saw you on tv and decided to try your program, so last week i signed up. I have watched your videos and read your book, they have been very helpful and easy to follow, so now i am spending several hours on the internet trying to get this going and so far it seems to be working for me, i just wish i would have tried this sooner, but as they say better late then never. Thanks and keep up the good work. Brian

  28. Steven Tedder

    I need to finsish learning how to make the landing pages. My wife needs to finish learning how to write the words for the landing pages. We are a team in this venture. We will then start up the landing pages and advertise them on twitter and do the free search stuff on google and others.

  29. Greg Reich

    I am currently reading your book and I have been interested in all your tips and techniques you teach. I like the simple way you present the information and make it all sound possible. I need to get going now! The time is right so I am devoting 4 hours of time per day to implement your teaching. I thank you for this opportunity. I will do something new everyday. Life is an adventure!

  30. Phyllis Estelle

    Hello Anthony,
    What do I need to do to be successful with affiliate marketing? I need to understand the steps involved with affiliate marketing. I know I have to find a product or products I’m interested in to market. I know I need a landing page and a website. I need to establish my search engines and the techniques of not spending $1,000 of dollars for a pay per click or cost per thousand. I feel very comfortable generating keywords for my products and writing advertisement for them, but how do I connect to the advertisers. You see there is something missing in the equation. The sequential chart of profit advertising is not clear and I’m clearly not successful at this time. What are the steps, Anthony from beginning to end. How do I contact the advertisers, who needs me to market their products, once the hardware is in place?

  31. Bev Tandon

    Thank you, thank you, thank you… Anthony, I can not thank you enough. You have changed my life and the lives of my children to follow. I dont want to talk about the long history of my family bad luck, bad health nor being a single mom for 9 years and financially struggling the whole way through while working 2 jobs and trying to complete college while thousands of miles away from any family, since I had gotten out of the Air Force many years ago. I will save that for the book I will write one day. Now is the moment for me to focus on following in your foot steps, all day, every day until I succeed on getting not only the income I need to feed my family each month, but to continue to make that seed grow and to continue helping everyone in need along my path in life. I have only joined the Academy about two weeks ago but I know now, this is my heart and career. Thank you.

  32. Joshua Foster

    I really enjoy your program and everything I have learned in the past 3 months. Thank you for the opportunity and mentoring. Although not seeing to much profits I truly love what I do as an Affiliate Marketer. I am a very creative, artistic and driven individual. I could not be happier. That’s what it is about for me, happiness. Plus I see how I am one day gonna make this my full time job. One day soon.
    Lately I have been struggling with giving my wife and little boy enough time. I work a full time job and come home and grind every night on the computer. All weekend to. Don’t get me wrong they are my world and life. Something no amount of money can buy, the love of a family. But i need something to remind me about including my family a little more. They are understanding that to get ahead you have to make sacrifices. My wife is very supportive to. But I do not fail at anything I do so you can imagine where that leaves me and them(my wife and son).
    To wrap up here I want to sincerely say “Thank You Anthony Morrison”. I could not have built the business I built in 3 months without you and your teams help and advice. Just looking to start separating work from family time a little bit. Because what is life, without a family?

  33. Rosanna Silvestro

    Dear Anthony,

    I need to sit in the mountains on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii, and design a Permaculture Demonstration Farm for the people of Obosomase, Ghana, West Africa. Through this I will be motivated and RE-CHARGED enough so that I can carry out the enormous task of turning this project into a reality.

    To see this dream fulfilled is my Life’s dream and I know that more people will build sustainable communities when they see how simple and effective Permaculture Design is.


    Thanks again for your inspiring message!
    Best wishes, Rosanna

  34. Deborah Jesson

    I need to focus. I need to narrow down everything that you’ve been teaching and focus. I’m not going to reach my goals by wishing or hoping but by focusing on success and doing.
    I need to stop looking backwards and look forward. When I fail,It doesn’t mean I am a failure, it just means that I am learning and I am one step closer to success.

  35. Robyn

    I just received my book advertising profits from home and package.
    1. Need to get to reading the book
    2. Learn how to impliment the strategies
    3. Get my web going
    4. Call to get help setting my site up with Quick start.
    5. I have 27 days to put the medal to the pedal. Working on Phd and am out until July 1. So I am ready to concentrate on this program so that I am making money ASAP!
    6. Surely I would love to go on an all expense paid trip to Cancun!!!

  36. Bob Jackson

    My plan is to focus more time on product research and review the landing pages and evaluate them to fit my business model. I’ve only been at this a short time and I just need to hone my skills.

  37. Lois Hanson

    For me to have the privilege to recharge on a vacation, I need to focus on the steps that are necessary to identify, initiate, review and correct each campaign that I launch. I need to get online and network with others. This will give me the opportunity to share with others some of my mistakes and some of my success. Preventing others from making the same mistakes is a good thing.

  38. Anthony Brown

    Anthony I really need to focus on my own personal discipline. It has been really hard for me to get started. we share the same name so when I read your materials I feel like it is really me talking to me if you get my drift.If I can just earn my first check I will feel that I have overcome this lack of drive that Im missing.I need to FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!

  39. Renee Gill

    Hi Anthony, I’ve read your books, been through your training, wouldve liked to have been involved in the Success Academy but couldn’t afford it. The past few years have been heck on my family with my surgery, loss of income, my sister passing and finally my divorce. I was beginning to think I’d been cursed. The infomercial advertising your books inspired me to “try again” and not to give up. That was a phrase I had been so used to hearing my sister say, “get up Renee, try again, you still have work to do.” It was almost as if I were hearing her words but you speaking them. I went back to work managing a theater, and then I went back to school, Kaplan Financial and here we are. Every day I pray, and then I get out there and I try. I’m willing to work and I never give up or give in. Even if I never get where you are, from a financial stand point, I realize I am so blessed in many other ways. I will continue to apply what I learned from you as I learn on my own, and never forget where I come from and that I need to give back through helping out when I can. Blessings- Renee Gill

  40. Dave Ubinger

    Hi Anthony,
    I’ve been working hard, with the Success Academy, for 4 months and making a lot of progress. My bigest challenge is the learing curve with each new step. When I find a way to reduce that time my business will grow faster. Thaks!

  41. David Wilson

    First of all, I have NOT been on a real vacation since 1982. Even though I probably deserve one more than anyone else. If I’m selected, I would just give the vacation to the person of my choice. WHY? Because, how could I enjoy a vacation without much money in my pocket? Besides, I STILL have a mountain of WORK to do over the next 6 months to get my web sites generating traffic and making money. I’m too busy, working 12 and 14 HOURS a day to even THINK about ever being able to enjoy life or take a single day off from my extremely busy and hectic schedule. I’ve BEEN working 12 and 14 HOURS every single day now for the past 6 MONTHS! I STILL have about a YEARS worth of work ahead of me, that I’m trying to get done in 6 months. SEO, PPC website building, posting advertising and the LONG list goes on and on to infinity and to the outermost regions of the universe with no END in sight! If there are any mistakes in this reply, it’s because I’m very tired and my eyes are bloodshot from starring at a computer screen ALL Day LONG! Thank you.
    David Wilson

  42. Leslie Cline

    I’m so new I don’t even know my website. I am still reading the book. But I am excited. I am recently unemployed, and although at retirement age, not ready financially to retire, so I really need this program. I would like for it to work for me so I can stay at home to work. At home I also practice yoga, plan my yoga teaching activities, cook, and help my family. I would love not to have to go to a job every day. I am excited because I think I can grasp that this will work for me, I am excited because I like Anthony and smile every time he pops in on me to tell me something, and I like the clear information I am absorbing from the materials. I am excited because every time I can spend a few hours on learning from this program puts me closer to when I can count on a little income from this system. Thank you!!

  43. Leslie Cline

    (continuing) So what I need is more time to study, and begin to apply what I am learning, so that I can begin to earn. It sounds very simple and I will let you know if it is, in the end! Thank you for your help.

  44. Robert Dickens

    I have been working very hard at this. Did my first PPC campaign. Waiting for the reports to up date to see if any of my clicks generated any commissions
    I won’t fill this up saying all I’ve been doing noting you want what I still meed to do.
    I will continue to up date my blogs and entering comments In forums. posting in classifieds.
    What really seems to be the most important at this point is a business plan
    and some sort of marketing research. Using the correct key words is not enough in finding that product niche to optimize the click to conversion ratio.
    Don’t forget to visit
    Had to put in that plug! .

  45. cecile coco jackson

    I believe if I focus on finish writing my book Romance not Finance: 10 Simple Ways to Spice Up Your Love Life that I can than appear on tv and radio shows, get more public speaking gigs and brand myself as an expert in my field and proudly wear the tag the Romance Angel.

    thank you for this opportunity so I can raise capital for my business and my dream. As a disabled person life can be challenging and it is nice to know someone like you takes an interest in MY success. PEACE & PROSPERITY, Coco of House of Romance

  46. Dave Huston

    It has been a very stressed time. I was going do some hard and changing times with my wife and 2 teenages in NC. I was asked to leave by my we, as she said that she cannot live with me and my kids aggreeed, Eventually I knew it would be for the best, so I pack what I could and drove in one day and night to upstate NY. This is where I was raised and my sisters and other relatives are there. I found a job as a Field Engineer and started this week. I also have gotten your material after seening you on TV. I do not have much extra money to spend at this time. I am spending it learning all I can about this method. I really could use time off to see if my wife would go with me. Our 20th year will be in August. I would want to do my best to get this business off the ground by then.

  47. Terri

    I’ve been in the corp arena for about 15 yrs of my career and the last 12 or so in direct sales. The number one thing I need to do to be successful in what you do is to do what you do.

    I need a “step by step” guide/instruction into what has made you successful and what steps you took and then dupicate it.

    One of the things in “the corporate arena” was to have training in the Deming Philosophy (in case you’re not familiar with him, Dr. Deming tried to tell America after WWII what we needed to do to stay in the global power position we currently were in). America at that point pretty much thought we were the rulers of the world and nothing would change that after defeating the war. We wouldn’t listen; so Dr. Deming went to Japan and pretty much told them the same thing. If they would do what he told them to do he would help them turn their economy around and they listened to him and did so and, well…..the rest is history!!!

    The bottom line (or at least what summed it up for me) is this: “Doing your best is NOT good enough; you MUST know What to do! I truly believe that most people do not succeed simply because of this. It isn’t because they don’t have the desire, the will or the motivation; they just really don’t know “what” to do. The key to success is to duplicate what’s been successful and expand from there. So, having said all that; the answer is simple: learn what has worked; train the trainer, and the rest will be history! I look forward to learning from you and receiving the souvenir momento as a reminder of where it came from and who I will be learning from. Thanks for the opportunity! Terri 😉

  48. Jessie McMahon

    I been through one of your books and I am reading the other as we speak. I Need get pluged in to the susees academy and apply what is taught in the book. I am brand new to this kind of information that you teach. So all of the information is nothing that I have ever heard of. It’s taking me some time it’s just because I have never heard of a PPC, CPM, Keywords,SEO,Twitter, Facebook, etc. The only thing that I used the internet for was to look at the news and that is it. I never had e-mail till just recently. Laugh all you want, but I just did not like computers to much. Jessie McMahon



  50. Charlene Gray

    so greene at this, very new to me, have not got the website going, decided to get involved with this program in order to add $$$ to my retirement fund, I do believe as I progress this will happen, need more time to get this going; use the dsl from AT&T,live out in the country, which I love so sometimes downloading takes a really long time. I have to drive 140 miles a day to work, which is another time stealer, I am nearing retirement age and don’t want to give this job up too soon; So if I could get away on a cruise clear my mind and get this all going in my favor, I will achieve my number one goal, increase my retirement fund. I am a widow of 10 years, it would be good for my sister to go with me, she really needs a break, her husband is in Afghanistan for a year maybe longer, we both just spent 4 days in the hospital w ith my mom(85 years old) having a procedure nto increase blood flow to left foot. This is really a best seller that I shoue pld work on when the time is available. thanks for this opportunity to let you know why I need to get away. Look forward to progressing with this program and having as much fun as you do in the process.

  51. Tammy Bunch

    I have just started with the Education Center today although I have been reading your book already. What I need to recharge every week is to take time with my husband and talk. That’s it, nothing fancy required, just reconnect with him.
    My plans are to finish reading your books.
    Do my Learning Plan including weekly assignments and webinars, phone contacts.
    Set aside about 3 hours a day to do what is being taught to me so that I can learn more about how to make money on the internet. I may not make a million this year but I do plan: 1)$500/month within 6 months; 2)Payoff my vehicle within the next year; and 3)take our choir on a mission trip within three years. It will take about $50,000 to take them on a paid trip overseas. Yes I have a lot of goals and look forward to working hard to meeting them. I have been disabled since 1999 and look forward to being back to making a difference! Thank you for offering this opportunity.

  52. Beth

    I need to shake off the feeling of being tired, overwhelmed and that I’m over my head. It’s baby steps that keep me focused. I’ve started my Twitter account Posterama and now need to start up 4 or 5 other accounts for my chosen merchants with Twitter, then head over to Facebook and other FREE social networks and do the same thing. I am fiercly using the success academy PMI and through their patient guidance, I squeek ahead. I need to start networking with wonderfully motivated people like those above like Lu Anne, Bob Jerry, Diane, Virgil, William. ALL of these amazing notes above have inspired me! I need to join Commission Junction tonight, it’s free. The big struggle is to tell myself, “I’m not going to give up!” When I get bogged down or overwhelmed I stop and go back to the last thing I understood, call PMI, re-focus and mooooove foward ever so slightly again. Believe it or not, as hard as this is for me, I find it interesting and fun too! I hope I can inspire anyone reading this that you are not alone in this new venture! I have a good feeling about Anthony Morrison too, that he’s the real deal and an honest person. I will say a prayer for everyone above that they nail this Affilliate Marketing and become awsome success stories!!

  53. Alan Hughes

    While on a vacation with my wife in the Florida Keys, I purchased your book package and the instant audio version. On 8 May 2010, while traveling back to Panama (my current place of employment, I read the entire book while listening to it via a set of earphones. During the entire process, I took notes and began the planning process. Upon getting back to Panama, I was contacted by the Marketing Success Academy. Again, I immediately began the program and have complete the entire program including the initial and final assessments. I have written numerous ads, blog and chain e-mails, did a significant amount of key word research, became associated with numerous social networking and video editing/hosting sites. I have opened a business bank account, registered my company with the state and the federal governments and associated myself with a PayPal account. Wow, a lot in a very short time period. Oh, BTW, I chose twenty (20) products to focus on and analyzed the payout of each. I have even transmitted numerous communications to my wife in North Carolina which contained numerous links to my product and to several of my associates business and services. I am cocked and ready to launch my plans and my company to the next step and level.
    Your program and the help of several others have inspired me to be all that I can be. I have learned a lot and am thankful in so many ways.
    Looking forward to meeting you and making this exciting trip to Cancun.
    Alan Hughes
    RAH Consulting

  54. Paula Bibbo

    Hi Anthony,
    welcome home I have just finished your book and I am excited and pumped to get started, I know I need to focus and work on moving forward what my plan is to have a board with all my goals in pictures wright in front of me when I sit at my computer it really gets my juices flowing to work toward each and every goal, so I do know that I need a strong incentive to leave the couch after coming home from work and just want to relax and get to my desk and work for to reach my potential and work smart in making money.

    thank you
    for your help in getting there

  55. Mesaad

    Hi Anthony,
    First, Thank you for your interest in your customers and your students and commendable cooperation. Thanks for provide all kinds of assistance to us through the Academy and through the coaches, emails, lessons via video and many others.
    Second, I thank God because I joined your (Affiliate Marketing) program on your way and this is came to me suddenly by luck when I was one day in NY in the hotel and watched you through the TV show. From that time I decided to participate your program, although I am a foreign student in America and spent all the money I saved with your program. Because I believe that success does not come from nothing or luck, but we must work hard and spend a lot of money and time till we approach the successful and earning a lot of many.
    I am now in training program with the coach for a 6 months started at the beginning of April, and according to the coach I’m doing well. I try to know everything about online business and how to get profit through the Internet, but the problem still that I dont understand how to set up a website or blog and how to promote your site to get a huge traffic to earn a lot of money through the Affiliate Marketing program. I don’t know the meaning of List Building, Email Marketing, and Adward Business through the leaders search engines company websites like Google, Yahoo and MSN and through the social company websites such as Youtube, twitter, and facebook.
    Finally I hope nearby to create my own website and can promote it widely but how??? I think man like Anthony can answer and teach me the all of my questions above. I am sure that I will success with Anthony very soon and I will earn a lot of money because I trust him.

    Thanks again Anthony and good luck, God bless you.

    Boston, MA

  56. Isreal Aikulola

    I discover the truth of your word all works and no play make jack a doll boy is true. Like the motto of my school Rest is sweet after hard labor. My real plan for the success of the program will be keeping updates with all my advertisements,hot newsletters tip send to me via email, watching Tv,newspapers,radio etc to listen to current advertisement for publish.activating currently 10 affiliatesand placing their adverts. Also involve consistency of placing advertisements,on social media networks,search engines, paid engines,pay perclicks etc andlistening to my coach as a success pmi student consistently. Believing God that many will be drive in to look into html published. I also need to build and set up my business extensively this is vital Getting licensed .Setting time,plan and strategy to updates my records especially as an early riser between 4-7am in the morning. Thank you for giving me privilege to be successful

  57. Beverly Abner

    As my horoscope said this week, I am creating the foundations for the rest of my life. I will not give up. I will not quit. I will not listen to ignorant people who say it can’t be done. I will listen to my mentor, who is kind and patient. I will use my free time wisely and meditate on the results of being successful, through hard work, research and persistance. I can use this business as a tool, to enjoy my life, and have the advantages of being a business owner, just like the millionaires do. Thank you Anthony, and your team for holding my hand and giving me the courage to do what I could not do by myself. Beverly

  58. Josie Aguilar

    Hi Anthony,
    I always enjoyed watching all of your videos. Your sincerity and down to earth look inspires me and I know that If i will follow your teaching and all your example with a possitive attitude toward this bussiness, I will succeed! For my Five children. I’ve been watching your videos, The Mastery Level Internet Marketing Series again and again and taking a lot of notes before I start anything online because this is my first time to do the Internet marketing and even though this is a little confusing since I also knew very little about computer, I beleive that if I study and follow your strategies well enough,put more effort and be determined to succeed, I will succeed! I need to! I want to! I have to! GOD will help Me.
    Thanks Anthony,
    Extraspecial 🙂

  59. Charmene

    I am new to the concept of affiliate marketing. I bought your books just over a week ago and am “in training” through PMI as of last night. I believe that with the help of my mentor and the many other materials available, I will be successful. I am at the beginning of the path and having a good knowledge base is critical. Once you understand what you are doing and why – the motivation – the rest will come. So, for now, allowing myself to take the time to learn the process will provide for me a smoother ride down the road to success.

    (Parasailing is amazing, isn’t it!)

  60. Paul Thompson


    I have a clean slate and am brand new to Affiliate Marketing. One of my biggest whys that I have in my life is to travel. That has always been a driving force behind my work ethic.To experience every city and culture, and ultimately give back in many different forms. I am young, and I know exactly what I want, but I think more importantly why I want it. And trips like the one you went on have always been goals of mine.

    Since you’ve introduced me to Affiliate Marketing I immediately saw it as a great vehicle, because of the leverage, income potential & the fact it can be done from home. Or anywhere for that matter, as long as you have a computer which is basically our cell phones. And the internet is still young. I don’t see affiliate marketing slowing down at all.

    In order for me to create a 2nd income stream from your Coaching Program, I have to treat my business as a business. The time that I have available, needs to be scheduled weekly and worked as if it were a full time job. I will be focusing on niche based marketing and promoting areas that I love. Travel, music, sports, etc… And a smaller chunk of that time needs to be dedicated to training in order to master my craft. Online following your tips and studying your book, putting those techniques into action. Since I am starting fresh, I can learn what I like and find what works for me. From there I can expand my arsenal until a system is in place & money is being generated consistently.

  61. Linda Cloud

    Hi Anthony:
    I believe that the first step in becoming successful in anything is to become self dedicated.
    To do this I think that one needs to sit down and do a persoanl inventory on what it is that they really want to do and what they want to achieve for themselves.
    Set short term goals as well as long term goals.
    I am a writer and let me tell you it has been a long process and not everything has gone according to plan, so I would say another aspect of becoming successful is to not get dissapointed when set backs occur, but to learn from them, so that you can overcome what ever road block has presented itself.
    Again,as you said, doing your home work is the number one thing.

    Thank you for the opportunity to speak.

    Linda Cloud

  62. chris sarte

    My plan of attack to be successful in this business are:
    1. To spend 3-4 hours a day searching the internet (listening to your video training tips, reading blogs, and reading your books and journal)
    2. Talk to Success Academy Coached at least 30 minutes a day to get some guidance in improving the affiliate business and to increase the exposure of ads to get plenty of clicks a day.
    3. To spend some time praying to ask for spiritual guidance in improving the affiliate business.
    4. To spend some time following the facebook and twitter to get more followers and ideas in building the list.,
    5. Participate in your live community group to get more assistance and idea in building the business.

  63. Susan Runnion

    Hi Anthony,
    I love opening my email and seeing an email from you. They are all inspiring. I have been in the corporate world for over 20 years (same company). My goals are to get out of the rat race and be my own boss. I am sure you hear this everday. I have a detailed plan on how to acheive my goal. My focus right now is on advertising advertising advertising. It seems that the keywords that I am using look to be strong during my research, however, when I add them to my campain I am not seeing the positive stats my research provided. So, I am really focusing on more detailed comparison of products I choose to market and the keywords that would boost better returns. Any insight you can provide would be great. By the way, I have promissed my grandson a vacation to the ocean. He is a big part of my life and unfortunately between my corp job and starting this business, my time is very limited. But I keep telling him that my work at home will give me more time to spend with him. So, he says grandma keep working and he always asks if he can help.

  64. Berta Barnett

    For the past three weeks I have been following your Studies. Step by step accomplished the action task. I am in the process of writing my landing pages and have started placing PPC ads on a couple of social networks. I have come to the conclusion that I need to implement more action for all of this information to truly register into my head. I am 53 and starting all over in life, and taking care of my ill mom. This program has given me such a lift of hope and energy. I know this will be a great accomplishment. I know I can do this.I have read all your books now including the study books, although I don’t think I will ever be done with the study books.
    Thank You! Anthony
    Berta Barnett

  65. Raymond McKenney

    Anthony; I was depressed,couldn’t get anywhere with starting up business. Enlisted the help of PMI. Talk about getting charged up, WOW those folks are GREAT !!!!! I should have been in bed 2 1/2 hours ago,but NO, instead I’m wide awake studying your material. MAN AM I MOTIVATED !!!!!!

  66. Saundra Marshall

    I’m just getting started. I haven’t finished your books yet. That’s my #1 priority. Then I’m just going to follow your step by step instructions. (I’ve also watched the dvd’s taht came with your books and have watched your 7 part videos). I’m currently in the process of moving but plan to implement your program as soon as I’m moved (July 1). Thank you for everything so far. It’s to say the least very interesting.

  67. Joshua Parnell

    I know that I learned from you that 99% of internet marketers fail within their first couple of months because they quit. And I believe that they quit because they don’t fully understand the system that they use and they make excuses for why it didn’t work for them. They get through the first couple training modules, try to implement basic foundation strategies and it doesn’t work so they quit and walk away with their tail between their legs.

    So what does it truly take to succeed? Understanding. You have to know the program inside and out before you can expect to make any decent income. Think about it this way: you are a total and complete novice but you want to build a car from nothing but parts. You buy the body and frame, buy an engine and transmission, assemble the drive train and electrical elements, and go to start the car. Why doesn’t the car work? Unless you truly understand each individual part of the car (which is symbolic of a marketing system) you cant assemble the car parts (SEO, PPC, CPM, article marketing, email marketing, etc) into a functioning mode of transportation (your income).

    Everyone markets everything according to what they know how to do. ANYBODY can succeed online as long as they understand not only how to do it, but how each individual step to marketing will help their success. Just like in auto mechanics, there is no shortcut to marketing. You have to realize that this is a business and every business takes work ethics, determination, motivation, and A KNOWLEDGE OF THE BUSINESS SCHEMATIC.

    So in essence, in order to succeed you have to know the inner workings of your marketing methods and perseverance to carry out what you want. If something isn’t working for you, research the topic, get an understanding of why it doesn’t work and have the perseverance to carry out, because if you don’t truly want to succeed, you wont succeed, but if it’s a true desire, you will find any way possible to make it work. And when you understand that the starter coil has to be linked to the alternator, you will drive off to success in your self-built car.

    Joshua Parnell,
    Soldier, Internet Marketer, and Successful at Life

  68. Rosemary Lashua

    Hi Anthony – Glad you and your girlfriend had a nice and restful vacation. We all need time to recoup. I signed up with your program the last of January but have had several problems in getting my web pages up. The 2 biggest problems were getting involved with another company to set up my corporation and other helpful items and 2 major surgeries, the last one being last week. These have taken far too much of my time. I am finally getting ready to publish my web pages (had a bit of a problem getting them set up for me-lack of communication and knowledge-but am ready to go. I believe that if I follow only your directions and let the other interferences go, I should be up and running and making money very shortly. I did download the Rapid Mass Traffic and have been reading some of it. I know if I do follow your instructions I will be making money and having that future of relaxiing vacations.
    Thank you

  69. Randy O'Hair

    Anthony, I watched your video from Cancun and in30 years have never done anything that compared to that. the closest thing to a vacation I’ve had was to go to CA. or east coast to train or repair production mail equipment. If the mail (bills) don’t get mailed out the cash flow stops so it was a rather a high pressure job that i no longer am involved in but rather trying To make more money than I thought I would ever have an opportunity To make. I have Tried other internet Products and have spent 4000.00 dollars on them and then I bought your product and I hate to say it but I’m in the middle of another venture but have my eyes wide open and read all of your emails and everything that comes from you and when I get done with having to put in so many hrs. with it and it will run on a couple of hours a week I’m going to tear into your product. I have never seen a program with so much support or better structured Co. I congratulate you on taking such interest in the people that become involved with you. It is truly an honor to know you and can not wait until my time frees up to work with you. Confidently Randy O’Hair

  70. Rivs

    What I need to do is concentrate on me. I work a full time job during the day, when I come home the first thing I need to do is to work out. This regenerates me, so I can begin to tackle my second job. Then there is only 1 more thing I have to do…..repeat….I CHOOSE TO SUCCEED !!! I will do what I need to do to make this a reality. It is all that simple.

  71. Thomas

    I need to read your books and stop trying three or four different things at a time.

  72. Carolyn Peterson

    Hi Anthony,
    I can tell you exactly what I need to do everyday until I leave for Cancun.
    1. set up a great website
    2. set up google, yahoo, msn accounts
    3. set up myspace, twitter, facebook
    4. practice ppc, cmp, social media, internet articles, seo marketing
    5. set up and manage web sites, blogs, review sites, direct linking
    6. watch all tutorials, blogs, forums, be in touch daily with my account specialist as needed.
    7. take breaks when my brain is tired
    8. practice, practice, practice
    You are a person I know I can trust. I saw your offer on television and called right away. I had been searching for something online I could enjoy working with. I have taken my time reading your book and looking at the online tutorials. I have been regrouping from the loss of my mother dying in our home on March 5th and have suffered from immense grief. I am just now starting to come alive again and be able to truly concentrate and have more energy for life. I have just retired from my family home child care business in February 2010 after 30 years of owning my business. There is grief from that loss also, even though I am so ready too retire and slow down from the fast pace of child care at 57 years old. I love working on the computer and did alot of photos, calanders, preschool, record keeping, etc for my child care business. When I am motivated I am unstopable to reach a goal. I realize I need a lot of guidance in this new endevor and hope to receive much help from your team. I have an appointment this Monday 9am to speak with your quick start specialist. I have the time to work fulltime, just tell me what to do and I will do it!! My husband is really encouraging me to move ahead so I am starting to get excited and lookout-after Monday-I will be motivated after talking to your team and receiving so much direction. Work with me and I will need a vacation by September 1st because I will have everything running and earning for me with my netbook glued to my hip!! Blessings, Carolyn Peterson

  73. Juanita Alexander

    I was 78 yrs old on January 15.2010. I have been working really hard on making a website for 2months. I have published it and now would like to see it get more notice. I need to get more informed about the outlets that would get my website noticed. I am not very well informed on the internet, since I have mostly only emailed my friends. I need more products as I now only have recipes and pictures and picture frames with the promise of bird houses and wishing wells. I would love to get more ideas of things that I could do like how to do the affiliate marketing and the things you talk about in your book. Thank you for the information in your book Juanita Alexander

  74. Steve Bates

    I need time away from my usual life so I can have the life I want. And get started!

  75. Kim

    Hi Anthony,

    I love watching your videos, they inspire me to keep going! What I would really like is someone to help me get my web site done and up and running. I dont have any knowledge about how to set it up. I know what it is I want but not how to get there. I did sign up for a beginner course online on html so I can figure out the basics of web sites. I’m also checking keyword and learning how to write articles. I just seems so over whelming at times, I’m trying to stay focused but I keep getting more emails saying do this and this and now I’m back to being confused!! If it wasnt for your videos to keep me encouraged I’d have given up by now. It’s funny because the other day I told myself I need more time in the day to get everything done that I want to do. As a single parent I only have a few hours when I get off work to accomplish these tasks. I have everything I want to do written down but now I’m lost as to how to get it going…Need Help…lol!

  76. Jenny

    HI Anthony,

    The post for last week video was very interesting that I kept of dreaming of the vacation. Anyway I guess I have put my more time and effort…..:)


    First I would like you to know I have bought different programs on this affiliate marketing things and returned them ALL BUT YOURS. You seem like a down to earth honest person and so far everything has worked like you claimed it would Thanks for being honest!!! I like to recoup by spendinding time with my nieces, I have two and the youngest turned 13 today and we like to go back east ton Wisconsin dells and go to MT. Olympus amusement parks once a year. If I get really stressed or just need a energy refill I ride my Harley. Glad you had a great trip to Cancun.

  78. Joyce Marshall

    I am very new to the organization–2ND DAY -still going thru education online.
    I will be successful by developing a plan and with the plan setting goals and working towards those goals.
    I believe I will be a success story –I always do my best when I am motivated and believe me I am motivated.
    I am persistent–I never do anything unless I believe I will be the very, very best.
    I am 68 yrs. old and I want to retire from walking those hospital hallways/12 hrs a day

    I will be the best

  79. Danyka Mamah Djiman

    hi anthony,
    I have tried many systems and yours is the first I feel confident in that i will succeed.I have set a major 1 year goal and monthly goals to keep me on track.By June 16 i will have the twitter page faces and (4more)accounts set up.I will purchase my twitter faces from the end of this month I will be on the aggressive program and focus and hone my buss skills.This month will see my products marketed and talked about in new website will be featured on several myspace pages as the best place for deals and shopping.I know if i follow my goals and planning I will accomplish my 1 yr goal of being able to pay for my husband and I to travel to his home in Africa.

  80. Natalie

    Hi Anthony,
    It’s interesting, just last night, seems I was making plans in my sleep 🙂 I have been listening carefully to every video and tutorial, step by step, taking notes and setting weekly goals. I believe in starting with small steps but I think BIG.

    How do I recharge? Well I write my blog and enjoy seeing it grow, I find writing relaxing. With our family owned business going thru these tough economic times, I decided to take that risk and jump into affiliate marketing, something I’ve had one eye on for several years now, accumulating knowledge slowly, though I seemed to have done a quantum leap with your material and very serious to make it happen.

    I will see results as surely as I will deliver a baby by November! With two children under 5, helping in the family business, I use any quiet time to write, read and find inspiration in order to recharge. I look forward to seeing my first results in this new venture that is online marketing and have great expectations for the long term.

  81. Evelyn Reese

    Anthony, I ‘m new to your program, about 7 days. I plan to spend about 1.5 hrs a day working on this program. I have a few passions that i will use to start my blogs and then launch my websites to advertise. But first, I must complete the training videos and your book. I want to leave my children a legacy of success and caring for your fellow humans thru hardwork and dedication as well as great money management skills.

  82. Lisa Bryant

    In order to be successful I need to first believe I can be successful. Once I believe every thing else will fall into place

  83. Jo Lewis

    Hi Anthony, I am what u call a newbie… I am very determined to make to a sucess of my business,, I have learnt things already that i never thought i would have knowledge of thanks to you…

  84. Rose Torres

    I have not even given success academy my best try..shame on me!. My mentor and I both would constantly change our calendars..we had another focus. I didn’t make a honest effort nor did I speak positively to myself when I didn’t feel like spending time working this business after I got home from teaching middle school students all day. The good things is that the times I have followed Success Academy and read up on your blogs, I would perk up and feel good about myself and the choice I made. IT made my week run better. It gave me a boost of confidence and I like that I was following through with a commitment. I loved cashing those three checks I have received thus far in the mail. I want that feeling back again

    So in the long run, doing this business adds a positive element to my life. Actually, waiting to feel like doing it doesnt even work but I am sure that being inspired will.

    It’s really nice of you to offer a vacation. II have not been on one in 5 years because I am a single mom with two in college. I expect that being in a positive atmosphere such as a vacation, would be a great inspiration to anyone who wants to have a Cancun vacation whenever they want to take a break from responsibilities. Being financially able to do that through this business is a perfect reason to recomit myself to making a honest hard effort.

  85. Bret Glick

    Anthony, Well my business is registered with the state of NY.I have been working with the Tax Club and watching there webinars every week.So that is all taken care of. Ive also been working with my coach at the success academy.So right now i would say my biggest downfall is blogging i need to concentrate more on that and Twitter.Ive been testing links on Facebook.So basically i need to network more with blogging.Just want to end this by saying ThankYou.



  87. paula yox

    i would love to learn how to make money i love you videos there so fun makes me want more more more i want to learn maybe i can win your books ty paula

  88. Ken Hansen

    What I need to do to become successful and enjoy all that life has to offer.

    I need to continually remind myself to keep it simple, focus on the basics.

    1. Plan each days activities the night before.
    A. Identify the necessary studies and training, if needed, to move to the next step.
    B. Accomplish at least one foward looking project and set weekly dollar goals.
    C. Daily review advertisments and make the corrections if needed or delete them if they are not performing.
    D. Remember to pace myself.
    1.Budget; Slowly and use A/B Testing
    2.Time; Utilize wisely and productively
    3.Balance; Work, Family and Affiliate all require my attention!
    2. Follow the plan
    A. Review at least 5 products for listing
    B. Search Keywords for products
    C. Investigate product ads already running
    D. Formulate an Ad plan to be the winner in that battle or find alternate untapped search queries to list at.
    E. Make contributions to Social medias I’m involved in, create positive Ad supports or testimonials.
    3. Make new daily plan
    4. Tell myself over and over to “Just Do It”
    5 Adapt and overcome, quitting is not an option.

    If the money runs out STUDY, If studying runs dry, create something and be ready for when the money returns!!

  89. Jessica Heller

    My biggest weakness is Sports. Between baseball, hockey and football it is difficult to find a night where something is not on to watch. Tonight while watching the Flyers take game three I decided that I need to make a change. I have set up a reward system for myself. In order to watch a game I must devote atleast one hour to my website along with an intermission time during a game. If I fail to put the work in then I am not allowed to watch the game.
    Although I only made the call a little over a week ago, I am surprised at all of the interaction and helpful tips given everyday and this encourages me to keep on it with my own success.
    I have never been to Cancun but my reason for giving this system a chance was to put money aside to take a trip back to Italy (something I have been trying to do for 5 years now unsuccessfully). I know that if I keep up with it, I will be able to have my recharge vacation. Thank you.

  90. christopher

    hello my name is christopher and i just started working my bizz,and success to me is focus!focus! on this time next year were chris is going to be. thinging out side the box is a picture detealed in my head that i can see. motovation is key to me, and everyday working my bizz,watching the help videos,checking my click count ,checking my ad campiegns,adding and pausing the more i have fun starting week 2 success is in my future doing these things are making me really! happy this year my goal is to take two week off and spend that time camping with my two boys conner,and sean at sequaya national park in the seirra mountains thank you for this oppertunity to be apart of this bizz you created truly chris

  91. Triinu

    The only thing i really need to do, is sit down, brainstorm for an hour, then write it all down and make it happen. I need at least 5 hours, so i can get myself tuned in and get started. About 5 hours is what i need to get something done, that gives me a lot more motivation to do that everyday!

  92. Shirley

    The things I need to do are really very simple. 1) Continue working with my coach as she always gets me pumped up. I love that pumped up feeling. 2) Practice what I preach, as I am always telling my four year old “Keep asking questions/seeking answers and you will never stop learning”. 3) Another thing we do in our home that would also apply to this or any business is simply this (pay attention now). When we find something difficult or challenging “WE DON’T GIVE UP AND WE DON’T QUIT, we just plug away, plug away every day until that challenge goes away”.

  93. Sherry Wedding

    I am feeling better these days. I got your books and program, I set up my web site and was working to begin fulfilling my dream when my husband died.. I went into a deep slump and depression, which I have worked several months to get out of. NOW, I need to begin working on my web site again, and my goals and success.

    Thank you for the opportunity.


  94. Sebastian

    Hi Anthony,
    Welcome back from Cancun and thanks for the video sent. I was pondering with my mind set how to try and understand better of the techniques you teach to make money online. Then I saw your mail containing the video link.
    Well, my answer to your question follows:
    Stage1 : Purchased and finished reading your Book Profit From Home, and let it become my reference point.
    Stage 2: My mind set to sharply focused to make it and failure should not be the option. Also, part of the mind set is thinking and visualizing before me the basic strategies for success online
    Stage3: Watch all the starting videos, especially the marketing ones and let them be reference points.
    Stage 4: Demonstrating the methods out practically on computer. To ask questions through phone calls, e-mails and issue tickets where steps to implement are not clear. This is very important because, no matter how you understand the book, if you do not follow instrctions and do it correctly it’s no gonna work out for you.
    Stage 5: Register with initial few CPA networks plus click bank and do market research on what to promote. Get Leadimpact account and start off campaign with direct linking.
    Stage 6 :Get Twitter account, and select a specific niche/sub-niche to tweet on. Set auto content post via Google alerts via Twitterfeed account. Also , may get Twollow account for reciprocal followers. Then get multiple Twitter accounts,and duplicate same with Facebook, Utube, Myspace etc.
    Stage 7: Start to promote diferent products on my Get website, with attention to new and expired offers.
    Stage 8: To be putting content to my Review blog personally, or via free auto content post or expert hire for search engine exposure, ranking and optimization.
    Finally, to be spending 2-3 hours every day on my computer doing any of the above steps, which I belief if strictly followed will payoff with success.
    That’s it,

    Stagw 2:

  95. Edward Blackburn

    So now out of that over stufft chair and to my computer I need to stay focust with clarity follow my instructors advise. To pursue this as thou it was my first 8hr. job and I will because it’s new and exciting to be 71 and starting a new career. I’m a little slow but with persistent I will learn. I have a grate teacher at the Academy he is verry patient and understanding thank you John Hall, and If it wasn’t for your add on TV Anthony I would probable still be setting there. Thank you Anthony

  96. Becky B

    Hi Anthony!
    I am so glad you had a wonderful time in Cancun and you have now excited me to want to go to Cancun too!! So, I must work harder than I have in the past. First, I need to finish reading Advertising Profits From Home, followed by rewriting my goals or actually I could use a new goal list but have it more detailed with dates to hold me accountable to complete each goal. Second, I will complete my goal for each week by staying focused on just that topic. (I have a tendency to get distracted quite easily. I can sit down at my pc to work and then get up to go to the kitchen to get a drink, however on my way to the kitchen I pass the bathroom and decide to use that first, whereupon I see the trash can is overflowing, so I go to empty the trash can which is right next to the chest freezer in the garage, so I realize I had better get something out for dinner and this scenario continues for the next 4 hours. By the time I get back to my desk I haven’t even gotten my drink and it starts all over again.) I need to treat my work time as just that…work time like I am out of the house work time. Third, I will complete signing up and joining the sites and organizations I need to join, i.e. Clickbank, Paypal, MSN. and then as I place some adds out there, I will work on learning a new software that I will need in the future. I feel that if I stick to my new, very detailed, and precise goal sheet each week using my dedicated time, I will see some rewards come my way. So, after several months of following through, I will experience the tremendous relief of having a large enough income from my business to be able to live comfortably without worry! OR….I might just faint!! hahaha
    My goal list will include actions such as:
    -place a few PPC text ads on 2 search engines by Date
    -learn about FTP software by same date
    -place a few banner ads on 2 search engines by date
    -learn about autoresponders by same date
    -learn about blogging and tweeting by date
    I know I have a lot to learn yet. I am committed to success. With your guidance and help and my dedication, I will succeed. Thank you, Anthony!!

  97. sergio montolio

    Hello, I am certain that I need to focus more on marketing. However, I am three weeks into the coaching program and it has been helpful. I am not eager to make money, I am eager to learn the system well and being able to manage it, manipulated and make changes whenever I want. It has been a little stressful for me these past few weeks due to death of close friend, but I have to get back on my feet and re-boost. I need to create landing pages and a good website. Besides, I need to shut a couple of negatives people around me. “I believe in that it is not how many times you fall, but rather how quick you get up”

  98. Miriam Breezee

    I started this program with a positive attitude and great hope for a brighter
    future for my family. Then got hit with life circumstances….completely had to stop my momentum…. i left off at learning how to build landing pages
    and started feeling very inadequate..i know if i follow the steps and breathe that this will all start to click for me… i know i need to stay focused, put in the hours, set my daily and weekly goals and continue to tell myself that i too can build this! With your teams help, and with God’s help i will succeed. i want so much to make a difference in my sons lives. i believe with all my heart that this is the opportunity to make our dreams come true.
    ………the only way around is through….(Robert Frost)
    thankyou again…miriam (mimi)

  99. Annabelle Kearse

    Hi Anthony,
    I bought the book a week ago and I’m still waiting for it to deliver. I need to read it so I can do what ever it takes to get my business up and running.
    I need to learn how to get clicks.
    Thanks and God Bless.
    Annabelle Kearse

  100. Cheryl Thomas


    In listening (for the first time ever) to your weekly blog about your trip to Cancun, I picked up on some buzz words you used, sometimes more than once, and all of the “R” variety – recharge, rely, remind, represent, research, read. This is a game I play when listening to someone speak, I make a list of buzz words they emphasize to try to read between the lines and to ascertain the true message or agenda of the speaker. I just today received the materials I ordered from you, have not even looked at them, but I would like to respond to you anyway. I have found the following steps center me to help me create personal success. This is my vacation formula (forgive the alliteration): I find when I relocate on vacation and remove myself from all of my everyday pressures, from the restraints and repressive environment of my work as a corporate litigation paralegal, I begin to relax. It usually takes all of the first week of vacation for me to restore some form of normalcy and a state of relaxation which has become so elusive for most of us. While looking around at the beautiful surroundings, I inevitably begin to remember what it was I used to want out of life. My long dormant right brain reintegrates itself with my analytical left brain, and new ideas reveal themselves to me. In this rare state, creative solutions, inspired formulas, and revelations for achieving success begin to take shape. I reasses my goals, review the steps necessary to achieve those goals. I realize how far I have strayed from my own path to success, having been drawn into the corporate trap of helping others achieve their goals. I restore myself to relevant thought for my own success, and renovate and reinforce my plan. I return home feeling refreshed and full of resolve, recharged and moving in my own orbit of achievement. To me, a vacation is an opportunity to think and refresh my motivation. To some I am already successful, but I view success in a different light than most. Success has many sides, and the rewards of achievement and hard work are priceless. I am a relentless thinker and I have realized that how you think is incrediby important to success. I think this: I refuse to fail, I race toward success, I rebel against the conventional routes of corporate America.

  101. Barbara Hubbard

    First and foremost I would like to thank you for believing in all of us, probably more than we believe in ourselves. I have been a single mom, with two teenagers, for almost 2 years now. It’s a lot of hard work, and I get little to no help, financially or otherwise. My son is graduating from high school, this Saturday in fact, and the thought of the cost of his college education, to say the leasit, is overwhelming. My daughter is a figure skater and very talented in almost anything she pursues. My priority as you can probably guess, are me children. I came from meager beginnings and I would like to do whatever I can to help my children realize their dreams, as well as maybe a few of my own. A few months agom the company I work for was bought out, again, and for the third time my job was once again, questionable. I am pleased to say I survived the cut, but this prompted me to stay on the look out for an alternate source of income. To make a long story short, I saw you on TV and I simply had to give it a try. I believe that in order to be successful you need to be committed. My goal right now is to find the time to make that commitment on a long term basis. Time is truly a precious commodity. I have started reading your book, activated my website, listened to several of your videos and followed the instructions. My goal, is to gradually increase the amount of time I can dedicate to this new endeavor, to work with someone on your team who can assist me in becoming as successful as I can possibly be. Then, hopefully someday I can take my children on a vacation to meet my entire family who are mostly living in Romania and Germany. I admire your dedication to yourself and others who dare to dream to be like you.
    Thank you for the opportunity.
    This really was not meant to be this long.

  102. Marcia Hruby

    Hey Anthony,

    I honestly think that I need to utilize my time more effectively. I was recently laid off from both of my jobs in early May. I am happy my schedule has opened up and allowed me the flexibility I have been craving for years, even though I am unemployed and that small unemployment check only goes so far. I decided to move to IL for the summer and explore a new place. I also decided to attend online classes and obtain a Health Care Degree in the near future. My first week in my new place, I saw an interview that you were giving. I believe you were featured on CNN. So I started listening and decided to google you (lol)! I ordered your book and I am reading it in between all the reading I am obligated to do for my classes. I know I have to manage my time better. I also think I need to really interpret and embrace all the knowledge you are sharing with me in the book. I can’t wait to apply the knowledge and begin building my business and future. My goal is to be financially comfortable and be able to spend quality time with my loved ones. I have a realistic goal of three to five years. Thanks for the blogs, up-dates and infomation your sharing with me. I appreciate your hands on approach.It make the difference and sets the bar high compared to other companies in the same business.

  103. Vicki

    I believe that a commitment to consistency is the key to getting myself where I want to be. I am setting a goal for partitioning off a portion of each day to work through your program, utilizing all of the tools and information which you have provided, focusing on each piece rather than being overwhelmed by the whole. I am not setting a lofty or unreasonable goal for time, simply an amount that I know I can devote, even on the most hectic of days. Once I sit down to work each day, I will probably spend more than that amount of time, but the key is to get started each day, and not procrastinate myself into apathy.

  104. milagros laihee

    Hi! Anthony,
    I have finally watched your videos and my heart tells me that there are still people you can trust; so today is my first day with coach Todd. I promise to work hard…I wanna go to Cancun too!
    I do believe in angels,

  105. Alex

    Hey Anthony
    My name is Alex and I am 20 years old, I have a very creative mind and I always have been interested in self employed businesses.

    I saw your AD on the TV and I was instantly curious about how could i make profits from home,so, i convince my aunt to purchase your book which i just receive a few day ago.what i would like to share with you is that your book has been very inspirational to me towards entering into affiliate marketing.upon reading your book i have come up with some creative ideas pertaining to your lessons that i believe if implemented the right way can be profitable.To make this brief
    Anthony I just want to say that i cannot guarantee that i am going to succeed in this,but one thing i know for sure is that i am determine to try.

  106. John Freeman

    I started this with only spending 2hrs aday. Now I’m spending 6 or more . Since I’ve started to do this I’ve noticed that I’m understanding more .Now I have to Landing Pages.This will get me more people to like my pages & turn it into $$.

  107. George Hilyard

    After deploying three times to the war front taking care of our wounded warriors, its time for me to start taking care of myself! Looking forward to learning everything I can so I can enjoy life to the max. Thanks for allowing me to join in all the fun and excitement. Hope to become one of your success stories in the near future!!!

  108. Dwight S. Gray

    Hey Anthony,

    I have been with your program for at least 1month. The number one thing that I need to do is to read completely your two books and apply more time on researching my website that was created thru your company (at time of book purchase). I want success with this company because I want to be able to have my wife be able to leave her job with the United States Postal Service and come home and be with her family. I have a amazing relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and my wife. I want to be a man that is able to give more of myself back to this earth in a greater way daily. Thank you Anthony for your time.

    Dwight Gray

  109. Raymond Gonzales

    To think with out doing is just to Dream.
    To think by doing is to Succeed.
    I’m tired of Dreaming.

  110. Beth

    Hi Anthony, I just started about 2 months ago. Thanks for the videos! I think they work very well for info and motivation. I need to get my 5 or 6 merchants on a twitter account. I have 2 up so far, no interest yet, but I’m not discouraged. Then I’ll move the same focus to FB and other FREE social networking sites. I also would like to get my website up and working and then work on the landing pages. I’m eagerly awaiting the tutorial. It’s been a very steep learning curve/cliff. PMI and the success team, have been wonderful. My mentors Stephen, John and Rob (to name a few) are very patient and kind! Whenever I become confused or just plain stuck, they help me out. I’m very glad they are teaching me options, for when you don’t have extra money to pay for paid advertising.. temporarily. I am really encouraged by reading the other posts here, like Lu Anne, Virgil, William, Bob and Jerry and all the rest! All the comments have fired me up! I think you Anthony, seem to be a good, honest person and I really enjoy your blogs, videos and phone calls. I’m thankful for this opportunity, in these trying times. I pray all of us here will be writing and calling in our own success stories someday soon! God Bless! I’ll be watching!!!

  111. Michael


    After taking in all that your website, video and overall advice, I put it all to work. Now two days into owning your system, I have seen great results from my test campaign. Duplicating what I have done is the next step to achieving my goal of independent life.

    One key thing I need to address still is the art of picking a trend and then working it into a marketing plan. Writing notes has started to help me see what other ads are putting out there, so now I only have to get to know each of the websites that I can best market each idea.

    In short order I am working to making this happen for me and my family. I want desperately to be in the grand position to marry my girlfriend and start my new family. I did not think this was going to happen for a long time to come until I watch you on TV, several times I must say, before I made the call to get in on this amazing opportunity you have created.

    Thank you,


  112. John Parker

    Good morning, Anthony,
    We are excited about the program. We are reading the book off-line. Our plan is to finish the book and follow the classroom steps.

    Hello Anthony,
    June 8th will be our 38th anniversary. I have never seen my husband as excited about acheiving a goal of us being together more than I have this.
    If having a vacation together is what we need to recharge and think about our future goals then I’m all for it.

  113. Rene Carrillo

    I am trying to learn about you way to made money, and have the time for a vacation, well, I will keep you imforme. m
    Mr. Anthony. have a great time

  114. Leslie Harrison

    Hi Anthony,

    When I received your information, I was like a child on Christmas morning all excited about opening gifts. It took me all of 2 days to read and watch the videos. Talk about recharge….!! I’ve never been much of a reader, but I just couldn’t put your book down. I looked into other internet marketing programs, but none made as much sense as yours. So my recharge has been reading and listening to your every word and looking forward to the future and implementing what you have taught me. Can’t wait for your next weekly blog!

    Thanks for all you do.

  115. jean scally

    Hi, Anythony. Thanks for the great content. What do I need to do to be successful? I need to free myself from the worry of everyday life so that I can enjoy the moments. Sometimes this means earning enough to keep the worry away and sometimes it means just clearing some space in the chaos that I can spend anyway I’d like.

    I’m about to start implementing your system so that I can do this!




  117. Tyrone Colston

    Hello Anthony,

    Well to begin with, I order your progam a few weeks ago and due to my relocating to Gainesville Ga. I have’nt had or found the time to get started. However, I have some fear of adding something new to my life that I have never done. But now I’m unemployed still in school though, so maybe I can apply what you have to teach so that I can reach the goals that I have set for myself. I would like to thank you for inspiring me in your blog that you posted this week I needed that extra push to trust and believe in your program that it also can work for me. Thanks again Anthony, and I’m glad that you enjoyed your trip to Cancun and I thank God for your safe return home. Looking forward to reading your next blog.

  118. Wade Wright

    I was laid off from my job in October 2008, ordered your program in January 2010. Had to move from a house to a trailer becuase of my cash flow promblems and started to read your book in May 2010 and enrolled in your PMIeducation and taking college classes at the same time. Found the Trump Network and enrolled in that through the my Affiliated Web site on May 25, 2010. I have a platefull of things to accomplish becuase I refuse to give up.I Strive to be better everyday and decided that working for myself is better than giving my talants away to a company that will lay you off no matter how hard you work so, why not use your own talents to reward yourself that is what I get from you (Anthony Morrison). Thank You.I am recharged and committed to being successful with my dailey planner I will succeed.

  119. iris galloway

    I need to get my head cleared, and then start to focus on getting my website out there. I am still somewhat backward in calling and getting help from your staff. Some days I am really confused with all the reading and book work, I will never give up and I pray everyday for wisdom to be able to learn this, so I can think about the things that I need to do to get to the top of the mountain. Thank you Anthony for the opportunity and God bless you for helping us to succeed.

  120. Wendy Griffin

    Hello Anthony,
    I have been trying for a while now to get thing up and running but at every turn theres a road block…I just wish that one time I log on to do something with my landing pages or pcp pages that there one thing that will not go wrong…….I know this works I see and have read it.. its just a little over stressful at times…I haven’t give up and with your help and other I will get some day and take my family on a realy good
    Vac. thank for everything and hope you enjoy or trip..

  121. Alicia Hall

    I’m very excited about this program. Time is definitely a tough one for me, yet I am half way through your book and continue to feel the motivation. I haven’t had the easiest road, with past illness and surgeries, and three children I had to pass on to their father because I wasn’t capable of caring for them. I never stop fighting… I’m cancer free, healthy, just graduated last year with an A S degree in Web and Graphic Design, and not only have mass medical debt, but now, a student loan. My children will be here for the summer, they are my shining light. I feel blessed in life and love, though financially I just cant seem to recover from all this debt. My eldest Daughter is about to go to college, with her brother and sister following closely behind. I don’t want them to be buried in the stress of student loans. I’m ready to make all our lives much more comfortable. I don’t know of any recent vacation I may have had, but I do make it a point to take time out for myself. I’ve learned that life is way to short, you never know what’s around the next bend. My time for myself has been reading your book. I’ve made it like a little vacation. I’ve been reading poolside at my friends house. Thank you so much, I can’t wait for the journey to begin.
    Alicia Hall

  122. Lauren McCollum

    Question is: What steps to I need to do to recharge to become successful?
    A Bank president once told me, “There are 3 keys to success in business…Location, Location, Location.” Even in affiliate marketing this rings true. To recharge, I need to plug into all the resources you provide by organizing my time and energy and to find the right “Location(s)” to apply all aspects of the business.
    Thank you for a wonderful opportunity and I am determined to be one of your many success stories.
    Have a most wonderful day!!

  123. jen seamons

    Hey there again!!(oops wrong button)
    I was excited to listen to your video this week. My twiiter accounts were just ALL suspended for reasons I’m not sure. I’ve spend TONS of time on them the last 6 weeks and managed to build them up to a couple thousand followers. My not sound like much but it was enough to keep me excited and motivated. So when I lost them I was actually considering taking a break or being done completely. Then I saw your video. This is the exact reason I started this job. In fact my buisness is called Jen’s vacation fund. I justify the time and energy I’m putting into learning and working because the money I earn is for my family. To be able to build memories and spend time together. So my next step needs to be to get back on Twitter because that was working for me. The other thing I would like to do is get more websites published and runnung. I would like to keep going. I’ve taken lots of pride in the the new things I’ve learned. I’ve enjoyed the challenge and the motivation it gives me to learn more.

  124. Cliff

    I have quiet time everyday and connect with God. During this time I ask God to refresh me and to give me ideas and ways for my business he sees fit for his will in my life.

  125. Tisha Wright

    I started this whole exiting program about a month ago, with a little success so far. I got the free website and I have seen some money adding up into my account. It’s really just a few dollars so far, but the way Iook at it, things can only go up from here. I plan to re-invest all of the money I earn each month into ads and promotions. So far, I have just been using google to advertise, but I also started a twitter account and I am trying to establish 300 followers. That is really tough! I won’t give up though. I am really excited about this. I really want to join the marketing success team. I think the extra help would make me flourish.

  126. lance lovejoy

    i just need to keep studying and listening to my new coach. i really need to win a trip for my mom. You see, i haven’t had a vacation for about 10 years my day died 8 years ago on June 1, (happy fathers day) and we took care of him for years. Mom has not had a vacation for probably 15 years or more that is about the time dad’s health got bad so i need a trip for her so she can recharge she is 76 years old and still works in the family business 6 days a week. If i could get her on a trip somehow to unwind and re-charge it would greatly help me re-charge knowing she had some time to re-lax. thanks

  127. Jim Foley

    I don’t have to anything before I go. I’d still be on it even in Cancun. This a great opportunity and I’m taking full advantage of it. But if I could take my break time in the surf it would be great. I’m getting aQuainted with each tab as I explore to get an insight what is beneifical to me. And by lisitening to the coaches I can make immediate ajustments. I can’t remember the last time I actually went on a vacation.

  128. sheila O'Sullivan

    I new when I saw the program at 5 in the am that this could really work. I loved Anthony’s desire and dedication to his students. Now,with all that said,my hurtle is the fear of the unknown. I watch the weekly blogs.I have an “Anthony Morrision” folder to make sure I have all the info. at my fingertips. My fear is preventing me from moveing foreward. I do not have extra money to drop for books if I were to fail. I am afraid of not being smart enough. I am afraid of my lack of computer skills. I obiviously believe in the idea and Anthony to be putting the effort into watching the blogs and makeing sure I have all the info. I am slowly seeing that Anthony is not just putting his idea out there and leaving us to our task. He is here for us in so many ways. I will concure my fear.

  129. Bianca

    Anthony, I am still reading through the first chapters of your book and watching the videos. The PMI success team has really been supportive and helpful which has been comforting throughout this learning curve stage. I have never been business minded but I find myself engaged in learning your techniques and excited about being a business owner. I look forward to the success of my business and I know I’ll reach my goals now. Your program gives me so much hope and confidence for the future of my own life and my family’s future as well. Thanks so much!

  130. Bernadette

    In order to recharge myself, I need to devote more time to strengthen my relationship with God and His Word and everything else will fall in to place as He has already planned for me.

  131. Mike Still

    To get where I want to be I need to study hard, stay updated, and impement what I learn. If that doesn’t work-ask questions. Thats it.

  132. Stephen Tyhanic

    I’ve been advertising my web-page thru different forums I’m affiliated with…been getting the word out with all my contacts…I don’t have any extra $$$ to spend towards advertising, so I’m trying to go the word-of-mouth route.
    I’ve been at this for only a couple weeks, so hopefully things will start happening pretty soon.

  133. Jeannie


    I recharge myself by sticking to routines and by doing little things like making my bed and walking the dog. I find if I do these things and stay disciplined then, I am able to take a few minutes and be quiet enough to hear my inner guidance. When I hear that inner guidande, I feel secure, happy and grounded then, I’m able to accomplish what I need to, and best of all, laugh and have fun with my friends and family.

  134. Shelley

    I need to stay focused and committed, set my goals and objectives with your team and become your next success story.

  135. Earl Laird

    I just recieved your package after my job ended and my cross country Motorcycle journey began. I am back now anr fully understand the need to recharge. I will begin my new adventure which will be my online business. Thank you for the video sharing.

  136. Larry Hoezee

    I have already read your book and I’m going back through it for the second time. After this I will begin to empliment the strategies you are teaching me. I was in the real estate business for 38 years. The economy went bad and then I turned to driving semi. I lost my job after 3+ years and find myself out of work and having a hard job getting employment at my age. I have a great desire to be successful and I’m motivated. When I begin to see some positive results, I know I will get really excited.

  137. Tania

    Dear Anthony,
    I believe in the concepts and processes you teach. I think what is hard is to hold the thought that A) It can work for me to if I am consistantly investing time and effort in myself. and B) That I am worthy of my own efforts being spent on myself. and finally C) That if I were to actually invest the time as if it was my “real job” it would be the best “real job” I ever had…Work at home…flexible hours….customized products/affiliations to promote that I choose, and can believe in! I wanna live the dream too! I just need to “HOLD THAT THOUGHT”. I am so scattered since the job layoff….Maybe thats why I need a vacation in Cancun!

  138. Wylene Lewis

    I need to focus on reading your books that I purchased on tv. and then follow your directions for success.
    All my adult life I have wanted to go to Cancun, so this is one of the goals I
    have set for myself when my business is successful.

  139. Michael Carlisle

    Hi Anthony,

    Taking vacations is something that I do all the time! My hobby of kite flying get me invited to kite festivals all over the world. what I need to do is take the time to read your book and apply what you teach. My problem is focusing on one thing long enough to make it work for me.

  140. Bob Sims

    First and foremost what is needed is a plan …..a plan on how you are going to do your business.

    Your plan must included what (or how) you will market, advertise, network, budget your business, and how to get the knowledge and help that is needed in the areas that you don’t understand, or need help with.

    Establish goals, or better yet, milestones that you must reach to get to those goals.

    Always manage time for “YOU” and for friends and family.

  141. mark mashburn

    Hey Anthony,
    I need to spend a few more hours a week, and spread it out more, I am spending most of my hours in one or two days, so I need to add a few more days of focus to my routine. I also need to get into contact with PMI and learn how to paste my yahoo analytics into my HTML as well as my facebook fan page and twitter and digg accounts into my HTML so that I can show that I am not spam and that I am legit. I need to finish my final goal sheet and begin article marketing as well as adding google adsense to my pages as well. I need to take the time to create more quality links and submit my site to more search engines. I have been at this for about three months now, and I average between 8 to 10 visitors per day to my site, not near enough, but all of those visitors are coming from PPC so I need to improve my social marketing campaigns! I work a full time job of 50 plus hours a week, but I feel I have made good progress in that I have a main information page, and six or seven fully functional landing pages with links to articles on my topic, unfortunately they all came from the website I am promoting so I need to find more of a variety! I am dedicated to the success of Mark3Teering and I feel that I am on the bubble of acheiving serious success with affiliate marketing! If I sharpen up the edges and complete some of the more tedious assignments I know that in a few short months my traffic on my site will increase exponentially!
    Thanks and God Bless!
    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

  142. Kelli Wood

    Hi Anthony,
    AMAZING YOU r and such a BLESSING to teach all of US what you have learned over the many yrs how 2 be successful on the Internet & STAY Successful!!! I have longed 2 learn how those people earned income on the internet & one night GOD directed me 2 ur program~I intstantly(after hearing ur Experience & most of all just how it came totally from ur heart!!) I have to say I totally related 2 u even though I am 43, I am very young at heart & have so much FIRE n my heart & Soul & now that I found this BOY do I have ALOT of catchn up to do!!! Readn both books @ the same – Powerful and VERY detail info for Success!! Love the Community Blog area-what a gr8t way 2 build wonderful relationship & learn valuable info from U & our community!! And the neat thing everyone is always @ the place where we all once were so We will always be able 2 share valuable info from our past experience & present & future & of course we have YOU!! I have also studied AdBrite’s,Yahoo, Google, & a few other website on how Ad’s work(GOT IT) also signd up w/afew Networks minus my domain due to funds but I have THEM reserved ;-)) SO I have also signd up w/Academy & spoke to Peter a few times just waitn on my funds & as soon as that comes in I am claiming & prayn I will b accepted!! I am so ON FIRE & know I will SUCCEED bc I ALREADY have bc I found YOU and UR COMPANY and I have the DETERMINATION, PERSERVERANCE & THE DRIVE & remember I have LOTS 2 catch up with!! Once I get 2 the pt where I know I have my ad’s set up producing income and I get thru the Academy Successfully THEN will I take my CANCUN Vacation as a REWARD with my Precious Son bc I have never been on a vacation together w/my bc I was Always workn full time as a Single Mother 15yrs(my choice). Now he is grown & productive & it would be a reward to BOTH of us!!! Thank you again for Giving Back Anthony – God is definitely smilin down on you & sayn “Well Done my Faithful Servant Well Done.”

  143. Vicki Powers

    Thank you, Anthony, for your personal touch when teaching others and sharing your vacation with us. I needed to hear this video to put into writing what I am needing to do to really obtain the success I am looking for. I realize I need to stop spending all my time reading and watching videos and reading and watching videos but taking more action. I need to really implement what you have been teaching. Although I have done a little advertising, it has been very little and when I have run into obstacles and spent much time trying to figure them out, I stop. I need to spend that time doing article writing, and niche website advertising and do it over and over so I can see what is working. I still have a long way to go on the learning curve but I am diligently working on it.

  144. Jamie DeCook

    This is my plan of action so that I can relax and recharge with my family. I’m going to start every day with checking my e-mails for any helpful info. I’m also going to check my landing pages, and the search engines that I have ads with. I plan to write every day in my new blog. I will also continue to write new ads in Facebook, and check in with the coaches for more insite. I’ve been learning about all of these things since November.So far no success, but that’s ok. I’m still very hopeful and know that I’m “Three Feet from Gold” and I’m going to keep on digging until I reach it.
    Thanks for the Chance to dig Deep.

  145. David Stroh

    Dear Anthony,

    OK, so I will tone it down a bit. I haven’t made a plug nickel. I need an intervention from God. A little more quiet time. A tutortial on building my own landing pages. I don’t know — I am filled with doubt.

    David Stroh

  146. Steven Taylor

    Well before I take steps I have to crawl. I will do that by reading your book when I get it, next I will take baby steps and get the web page set up. After I do that I will feel comfortable to take big boy steps. Those steps will come from what I have learned from the prior, crawling and baby steps.

  147. April Kesling

    Hello Anthony,
    I have had your books and dvd’s and I would like to thank you for your inspiring way you are helping people get a better life. I read and reread your books when I have time. All I do is work but I know the only way I will ever get out of the rat race is to take control of my time and keep on learning new ways to make a living so I do not have to work two full time jobs and I want to thank you again for helping me do just that. I loved you work with the children that were burned it is something very close to my heart because my daughter was burned over 65% of her body with third degree burns with she was two years old and Anthony you are so right when the have a life of their own. My daughter is 22 years old and I thank god every day that I did not lose her in our house fire because I did lose one daughter and son and it was very hard. Thank you for caring about us ,

  148. MBCPITT987

    i will say spoon fed understand i dont no it all
    so if you no something fill me in first and far most
    more inspirational goals as i do this for my family as push that freedom button in my heart more devotion enjoyment and time and energy the same i give to
    sports friends tv family .in life it self stay true to my words with action
    motivation with love is my foundation thank you

    and more blessings to you Anthony

  149. Carolyn A. Johnson

    Hello Anthony!

    Glad to know that you have had such a good time on your vacation! While you were away in Mexico, I followed your suggestion from one of your
    Emails and recently purchased the Rapid Mass Traffic package.

    I have read the book and I am presently studying the visual video tapes
    that they have provided so that I can start making a lot of cash real soon.
    I have been distracted for a couple of days because on June 1, my Mom
    was involved in a automobile accident. I had to temporarily stop listening
    and watching my videos to take care of her immediate need because she
    is 80 years old. I’m back on track now, and after leaving this page, I plan
    to go right back to learning from the RMT videos! Wish me good luck!

    Well, Anthony, I have to say bye for now. I hope you have many more happy and prosperous days to come.

    Carolyn A. Johnson

  150. Lisa

    Hi Anthony
    What I need to do to become successful is to study the videos in detail. Understand them. Let it all soak in. Once I gather the understanding, I then need to implement actions behind them. I know I need to advertise, that is of paramount importance. Unfortunately I don’t have the resoures to go all out right now, but I will. I am all for this. I don’t even want to hear what anyone else has to say right now because I don’t want to become confused. Once I am an A.M. veteran with my A.M. gear, I will be ready to listen to anything. Because I will have learned from the best.
    You are the best Anthony
    I intend to listen, learn, and stay focused.

  151. kirt mizusawa

    I need to assume accountablility for my actions. I am the only one that can change my life. It’s not about where I came from or how I grew up. This is it right here right now.



  153. Janie Marek

    Hi Anthony,
    I am really excited to be in your program. I had sign up for the PMI Mastery Education approx. a month ago. What I need to do is to set goals. Every week I need to take a day perhaps a Sunday and plan out my goals for the fo week so that I can continue to move forward to my dreams. It will be very important for me to follow those particular goals of each day other wise I won’t be able to move forward. I also need to call in to the coach’s for help and support when I become stuck on something instead of being stubborn and waste time by thinking I can figure it out. The coaches are there to help and I need to access them as often as needed.
    Thanks Anthony for all of your motivated videos.

  154. Mary Adair

    I am so glad you had a good time on vacation and came home safely.
    There are several things I need to do. I’m listing the ones I believe I need to get handled first.
    1. I am in a world of hurt for organization. I have always thought I was an organized person, I now know I’m not. I think I have been so driven to learn that I have slowed myself down by not being as organized as I need to be and now the disorganization is driving me nuts.
    2. I have made a list of questions to ask ebiz about the builder. I need to quit worrying about being a pain and give them a call. They have always, without fail, answered my questions, sometime for the second or third time, with great patients and courtesy. They are truly a great bunch of people.
    3. I need to go back and review in my lessons, several points about key words and phrases.
    4. I need to finish my landing pages and get them published. After that I need to make another list of things I need to work on.
    Welcome Home!

  155. Angela Smith

    Trying to get through the book along with being in the middle of moving to a new home haven’t spent much time on here the last week.. I can’t wait to get it all figured out!

  156. Valeria Salley

    Hi Anthony,

    Implementation is the key.

    I’ve read your book & I have been in digital research for several years so I understand the concept completely. The steps are clearly defined and I am definitely clear on the ROI once all of these steps are in place.

    However, with work, school, being a mother of 2 boys – 3 if I include my husband:), I just am having problems managing my time so that I can implement the steps needed to be successful. On my so called days off – I am even busier.

    I definitely working to prioritize my projects so that I can be one of your success stories.

  157. Jim

    I am a middle aged guy who is tired of working for others. I have watched several other people on T.V. talk about making money on the internet. You were the first to say that this is not a get rich quik scheme. It made me want to watch your segment. You seemed sincere and honest about what you were trying to say. I heard you loud and clear. I now own your book and have started the process to be my own boss. I know that if I follow the steps in the book, my dreams will become a reallity. I must not be afraid to ask for help. I must stay motivated. To do this I watch your video or just pick up the phone and call your staff and listen to the recordings. Be dedicated and have the desire to succeed. Sucess is not happiness, happiness is success.

  158. Joseph Kittrell

    Focus only on Professional Marketing International education now!

  159. Sharon Yusko

    Hi Anthony,
    I see your infomercial on tv every day. I listen intently to you. I hope you can get me started, I need your help desperatly. I am 66 and laid off from work just like your dad. Where do I turn? Help me to take those steps to put me on the right road to success. I want to beleive you so much. Please give me the incouragement that I need.
    Thank you

  160. Marie CHellino

    Dear Anthony-
    To be successful I have to really pay attention an pace myself.
    I have been disabled by several medical conditions, so I need to find a way to work in many short intervals— even only maybe 10 minutes of time and get progress done. Working on a computer has been one of my most difficult tasks–so I have to find a way to make it easy and enjoyable—be happy for the opportunity and feel grateful for every moment I try.
    I also need to find out how to be able to make money and keep my medical benfits. for now I need extra steps, yet I need to see my self asbeing able to work up to 1/2 hour a day… and be open to making this fun. Previous pain had made several things challenging and I need to find enthusias in persistnace, gratititude and small steps.

    To recharge, I have to make the time each day for relaxation and exercise — getting out side to walk , taking time to meditate, calling a friend, gives me the extra mental energy to do jjust a little more work at home.

    that a is what I need to succeed in working as well as healing.

    thank you,

  161. james phoenix

    i need to get the coach ,and get my own computer i been strugglin going place to place on other people time but i know it works iam just ready and focus.iam so excited because iam my own boss thanks ANTHONY MORRISON.

  162. Roy Brady

    Just received my book a couple of days ago. I just got placed on salary for just a little over half of what my pay used to be and the last couple of days I have had to put in long hours because of equipment problems. I have vacation time coming but can’t take it because the company supposely doesn’t have the money and I am not the only one that has been done that way.
    I can’t think of another reason to study and work hard to suceed.
    Thanks for all your help.

  163. Cindy Margason

    Hello Anthony,
    I am still learning about affiliate marketing and going through a learning curve. I want to learn more about SEO and see how they operate and learn the science of Google so I can get my website on Page 1 without cost. 🙂 I want to be successful in what I do, so I can have more choices in life and to bless others along the way.
    I am glad that you had a great vacation. You will never forget that trip. There is nothing like making great memories. Enjoy your life!
    Take care.

  164. Randy Hicks

    I work as a team with my lovely wife and we have committed to this new adventure. We are hungry for knowledge so we study, study, study. We spend most of our free time reading, listening and researching. Although my wife works days and I work nights, we manage to find time via.. notes, vms, email, to discuss what we have learned, new ideas and what needs to be done. We joke that we are too old to be working these schedules and have vowed to make this work.

  165. Debi McClarrinon

    Anthony, your weekly blogs are just what I need to keep me going with my eye on the prize. There are so many other things that always grab my attention, and are time thieves, and I just need to concentrate on what you are teaching me to do. Now that I’m in your program, this is my main concern, and you remind me of that with each blog. Many thanks to you Anthony, for your willingnesss to share. And after the last 6 months I’ve had, you are my light at the end of the tunnel, and my way to financial security.

  166. Paul Eggert

    Life is what U MAKE of IT!! Be SOMEBODY!!! Paul Eggert 10-22-09 here is another ” Create your own expanded world for Yourself; and U Will overflow to All around U” P.E. 8-24-04 This Y I need to recharge so I can expand and go to the next level!! You need to hang out with me so I can overflow and inspire you to expand and go to the next level!! The mastermind is in Cancun or wherever weare!! SEriosly; I am a hands on type of person I need to learn so I can inspire people with my simplicity; IF I CAN DO IT : YOU CAN DO IT! I want to be one of your success stories Bob Proctor wantsthis too!!!

  167. Shawn Saechao

    Hello Anthony,
    I’m very excited about this program. I got your book and I am half way through your book and continue to feel the motivation. I got your website online, but I have not post any ads on google, msn or any other major search engines yet, money is pretty tight right now, but I want to get my website out there. Thanks for all the great contents and tips on your book. I need to recharge and finish the book and get my website out there.

    I saw your video from cancun that was pretty awesome flying in the air and would love to have the lifestyle you have to travel around the world and enjoy life. Thank you for giving the opportunity and a chance to be somebody someday. How do I win the aspect clock you are giving away? Love to hear from you, thanks again and have a pleasant day.

    -Shawn Saechao

  168. Clare Rubel

    Hi Anthony; Loved the video. Love flying more. (I should’ve been a bird.)
    I like what you wrote in your books. I’m midway thru all of them. I’m building an empire so I’m working to make it strong! A strong foundation is the important thing because unless this is sturdy, it will fall (or, at least tilt, which is no good either).
    My success is in getting things DONE. I pride myself in this. Unless you get dones, you won’t go any place-Cancun or anywhere else- In a few weeks time, I’ve managed to set up my accounts, got approved on all of the search engines and have a domain name called “”. (I have a .mobi, too, but that’s for later.)
    What’s left…before vacation, IS…i need a nap! Not really. I have plenty of coffee.
    Anthony, my goal is to have a Campaign running successfully. What else?

  169. Louise Rodrigues

    I Will Start by saying thank you. Thank you for opening your heart and kindness to everyone.Starting a easier way of life for those who need it. Deep In my heart and soul i want to be able to be a full time mother, wife and friend. I need to succeed in compleeting this. It is very important to me and for my family. I just had a beautiful baby, girl and she is the love of my life. and she and my husband are all i have. Spending every moment is the most preciouse thing that i ask for.I will take any advice and help that is offered to me i will grasp any knowledge that needs to be aquired.I have come this for in life as living in the streets to having a family and a roof over our heads and i will keep going till i reach the top not for myself but for my family and others.

    -Louise Rodrigues

    -Thank You

  170. Dave Reetz

    Hey Anthony,
    First, thanks for writing that book. It’s great. The answer is proceed Biblically, honoring God. You see, we went like gangbusters the first week, implementing all of things you taught and it all worked. But, because we are committed to following through with other goals (We heard a message by Dave Ramsey at church some months ago) we have pressed the pause button on affiliate marketing to proceed debt free.
    Here’s what I’ve been doing other than advertising CPC.

    I set up some aliases with twitterfeed at twitter. Because I don’t want to have regrets later about how I went about starting this undertaking we are committed to excellence and planting our “We are in this to honor God” flag firmly as the centerpiece of this business.

    So, I am confident that what we are doing right now (honoring God first and second, following your instructions carefully for the purpose of proceeding with excellence) we will get to the point of recharge best.

    Thank you Anthony!
    Dave and Jocelyn

  171. Owen Ruiz

    Hey Anthony, My name is Owen Ruiz, and I would like to congrudulate you on all of your succsess. Today was actually the first time i heard of you and your success. I bet you’re trip to Mexico was relaxing. To be honest with you i really dont know im going to be successful, but what i do know is that i want to get there. Im excited to get your book and get started, and looking foward to you’re next vid.

    if you can do it, I can do it.

  172. annie

    Aloha Anthony ! can’t wait w/ur program …….
    I love ur program , And I know I can do this
    Love @ appreciate

  173. annie

    Hi Anthony ! Can’t wait to do this , This is an awesome oppertunity , Anyone can do this If u stay positive @ focus

  174. S.Novosad

    What Will It Take For Me To Succeed
    Step 1: Write down goals everyday. Spend at least 1-2 hours a day reading the Anthony Morrison books or materials

    Step 2: Implement one or two techniques from the material learned.

    Step: 3 Think of the all inclusive resorts we will be able to visit, even if we do not win it, just by working 5-10 hours a week.

    I hope we can plan a Anthony Morrison group party in Cancun! Think MONEY AND VACATION!!!!!!!!!

  175. Carrie H

    I need to take more time in the day to focus on advertising
    I also need to take more time researching and getting steps implemented thanks for all your encouragement it really does help me stay motivated 😉

  176. John

    Anthony, we are such in a Rat Hole that we are in need of funds so badly that God woke me up at 3:30 AM and there you were on TV talking about your experience of helping your father and how you started your business. I shared the news with my husband and immediately I activated the account. My husband and I worked so hard over the years. He worked three jobs and I did two jobs when we left High School. Currently, we are working one job each along with his Lawn Service Business and still we cannot meet our GOALS or DREAMS. Our current Goals are to get out of this paycheck-to-paycheck living style and start planning for the future to receive monetary in a subtle and not a quick rich scheme way. We are getting older and not younger…. Currently, we are monitoring our website, talking to friends and families, sending emails, placing our website everywhere what or where we can think of…..on and on…. We love what you stand for and to be honest, we ran triple “BBB” on you and “BBB” graded you “A+” with no discrepancies whatsoever. Thank you for not being greedy or money hunger by charging an arm and a leg for this business. You are truly an Inspirational and a Gold Mine. Please keep up the good work by keeping us MOTIVATED…..

  177. Alana Personius &Angela Spooner

    Hi Anthony, Me & my sister turned 50,and 51 this year we decided It was time for a career change in our life we are determined to be Affiliate marketers ,you have no idea how much you have inspired me Alana, and my sister Angela , for change in our lives .We bought your book together read it and had no idea how much it would change our lives.Your book has so many valuable tools in it to grow and learn. I Alana & my sister Angela want to thank-you so much for being a part of opening your eyes to a better,and new us.Anthony we would love to start our new journey off with going on a trip together to Cancun from you.Keep on enjoying LIFE Anthony From the inspired sisters Alana Personius & Angela Spooner.

  178. Denise Huber

    My game plan for success in affiliate marketing….

    1) Be in a state of appreciation…for where I am right now…., my health, my son’s giggle, my warm bed this morning, this beautiful opportunity….
    2)One hour a day-watch training videos-check my list for things I want to complete today.
    3)Immediatly follow through with any action steps.
    4)Write down what to begin on the next day.
    5) Appreciate any achievements and the small steps I just took towards my big goal!
    6) Smile, repeat daliy.

  179. Connie Rinehrt

    I’ve read both of your books. Being technologically challenged, I am going to read your book a 2nd time, take detailed notes, and really try to understand this process better. My motivation?–I am a single mom with 2 in college and 2 in high school. I can do this.

  180. Tanisha Vega

    Hello, Anthony! Thanks for posting a video about your Cancun vacation. It’s always a good thing to enjoy yourself. I am going to share some things that I need to do in order to be successful. First of all, investing in education is a must. I strongly believe that studying, learning, and testing new things should never cease. Next, I need and will build good relationships. It’s so important to network and interact with others. It is extremely difficult to work in isolation. Needless to say, relationships are crucial. Lastly, I definitely need to focus. I’ve learned that accomplishing things results in you achieving anything you want. With that being said, I will put what I’ve learned to action.

  181. Joyce Marshall

    I am 68 yrs old and tired of walking the hospital hallways 12 hours a day
    I am so excited to retire and do this affliate marketing from home.
    If Anthony can do it so can I!!

    I am ready tohit the internet highway

    Joyce Marshall

  182. Miranda McKee

    I first want to say you are a very inspiring young man. I am a stay at home mom of 4and my husband and I decided to try this a couple of months ago. After doing this for awhile I realize that there is a lot that I need to learn about the internet for this all to work. You are exactly right that this is not a get rich quick program. But taking it at a slow pace helps to understand what it is all about and how to do it better everyday.With 4 kids at home this summer it will be a challenge to get the work done but my husband and I are committed.

  183. Juan Cardenas

    Hi Anthony,

    I purchased your books on March 2010 and I really enjoyed reading the books especially the Hidden Millionaire. I signed up for the website affiliate system website: and I viewed your training videos that were on the affiliate system website and I also joined the online community. I am a full time realtor located near Houston, Texas and I really want to thank you for teaching me the marketing ideas that are in your books, in fact your marketing ideas are soo good that I even implemented those ideas to better market my real estate listings on the internet. My goal for this year is to learn as much as I can about the affiliate market and your strategies and how to sell products and services through affiliate business relationships. Also to work harder and smarter on implementing your marketing strageties to produce more money. I did some affiliate marketing before I bought your book but the ideas and strategies in your books have motivated me to work harder to implement those ideas and you have also helped me to become more of an expert in how to market my real estate listings thanks to your ideas in your books. My success strategy is to set aside more time to implement all the marketing ideas that I’ve learn and to follow through until I finish implementing all the marketing tips and techniques.

    Thank you and God Bless You!

    Juan Cardenas
    Realty Associates

  184. Sherrie and Earnie

    At frist we both were a bit skeptic about making money on the internet. But we are reading the books. We do research
    on everyting we do. I’m in the program now and I am learniing alot.It’s both exciding and scary.But I know we can do this. I’ve
    research somethings and was amazed at what you find about products.In our books Anthony’s the man. Just listen to him, He’s the man with the plan.

  185. Allen Pittman


    First I need to finish my class lessons, and class goals.
    That will allow me to attain one of my personal goals. Specifically, to have my business up and running by September 18 – my birthday. I plan to meet this goal early.

  186. Brandon

    Dear Sir,
    What I truly believe i need to do to succeed in recharging is nothing. I have worked very hard my whole life, as a united states marine and now as a husband and father. I work 60 -70 hours a week at a job that is salary paid in my position. I’ve wanted to buy your book and have always wanted a financial free life, but i believe it is all a pipe dream. Since i have met my wife she has become disabled, which is ok for us we do not expect pity or handouts. It has led me to working even harder. My family is asleep when i leave and asleep when i come home, i dont get to hear how my son’s first week of school is going or how my wife is feeling today. without working myself to death its not possible for my family to have a roof over their heads. so i guess in a nutshell being able to recharge or take a vacation is not something i have ever experienced. i do not whine about it. we’ve tried program after program to make money from home/online and have been let down again and again. so i will keep working around the clock for my family because its been proven to us that recharging and vacations are not something normal hardworking folks can afford. thank you for taking the time to read my comment.
    God Bless,

  187. David Boyer

    I need To fully understand Anthony’s Program and then fully Commit myself to this program to change my families Lives.

  188. Paden Gregory

    Hello and how is everyone today, I suppose getting your program would be a good start to moving myself in the right direction but to emphasize this a bit I will explain self modivation and a desire to see yourself in a better position in life and in wallet are both things that tend to require vacations as much as we may love our jobs sometime’s we have to let go of work and just live to be honest i dont expect to win but i whant to remind everyone that reads your blog that self modivation is a awrsome thing to have ha anyone wanna donate the program to me ;p good luck guys

  189. Adam Chornesky

    First, I need to decide which is more important to me: working to keep my current job which pays well but is very demanding, or allocate a portion of that work time to reading your books, which I have only skimmed over, and it is now 4 months since I got your series.

    To relax, I typically play video games, go for long walks, go bicycling, do housework (vacuuming, moving furniture, washing and waxing floors), or yard work (mowing the lawn, cutting down tree limbs, planting, etc.). Sometimes, I have handymen over to help with the work and climb up on the roof, which gives me a good view of the neighborhood.

    My usual MO (method of operation) is to get something new, hold on to it for a while, and when I have time, pick it up and decide whether it is a worthwhile pursuit or not. If I deem it worthwhile, I will carry it to the next level, which is devoting more of my time to it, learning whatever will help me to accomplish my goal. Often, this means talking with others who are pursuing the same goal and exchanging ideas. If a particular approach doesn’t seem to work for me, I find something that does.

    I usually find that a vacation on the beach helps restore my equilibrium. The vastness of the ocean helps me to put my problems into perspective. Many mornings while on vacation will find me walking barefoot along the beach, feeling the sand between my toes and feet, listening to the pounding surf, and thinking back to my earlier years scuba diving in the Pacific and motorcycling around the island I lived on for four years.

  190. Darien Walp

    Hello Anthony,
    The steps below are what I believe I need to accomplish to be able to realize a recharge vacation.
    First, be patient. Second, continue to improve my ability to drive quality traffic to the few offers I’ve selected to promote thru my website by improving my CTR and lowering my CPC. Third, get my hosting account setup (Hostgator or Bluehost). Download a copy of WordPress, and then use Affiliate Theme to generate one or two (to start with) quality landing pages. Continue to use sponsored search and social networks to generate quality traffic by honing my keywords. Last but certainly not least, Don’t quit!


  191. Bruce E. Galbreath

    Hi Anthony, Thank you so much for this opportunity to hopefully be financially independent. I guess my biggest problem is finding and taking the time I need to fully commit myself to this endever. My work takes me away from my home for extended periods of time and I am so tired when I get back to really achieve those things that you have been so gracious to do and convey to me . Between attempting to get a real handle on this program and juggle between work and the home chores it seems I will never get to the success point that you wish me to be at . I appriciate the help that Raven has given me and I know that I am at a greater degree of knowledge than I was when I first contacted you. So please be patient with me as I attempt to juggle all that life throws at me at this time. I hope this finds you in the best of health and happiness. sincerly Bruce

  192. Marnus A. Razak

    As at now I really do not have money to start working on my ad marketing, but I constantly been following your teachings and your books, the bloggs untill I’m ready to start my marketing business. I believe i will be the least of your student to become the best among the best when the time comes because i develope a very strong devotion to this marketing business and still I’m.

  193. John

    Hi Anthony. First, I may have gotten PMI a bit sour on me – but I’m still hanging in there and doing the work at the learning center. I hooked up with Tellman following your suggestion – so far I got a domain wih Go daddy – then a Auto Responder – then registered at hostgator – and Have been trying to link – I suppose your laughing, but I’m not a Techy guy. Still, I am determined to make it – If it works for me it will work with Everyone. I relate to your Dads WorldCom experience, and I am staying with this, and I have lots to do. I work 3 days a week and put time of 12 or more hours a week on this. I have read Advertising profets from home to pg 94 at least 4 times and I take notes to study. This has to work for me. About the Myan Calander – I would put it to good use – I’m a big Myan fan. I could relate much more but, I need to do more. I have met with road blocks regularly, but continue on around, over, or through. Anyway, I hope to one day Thank You. Student John

  194. Jacqueline Hand

    Hi Anthony

    What I really need to do is get into the Q&A because I have a ton of questions to ask. I also look forward to being a success story that will make you proud !!!

  195. Donnie

    I need to finish your book, set up my free website you offer, follow the steps on the 3-Step DVD that came with the book, take what I learn from the book and apply it. I also need to spend at least 2 hours a day on my business.

  196. Mike Millious

    Need help marketing my website. And need a trip to cancun. Thank You Anthony Morrison. And whatever else you can do for me. ::::))))))

  197. Jack Charlton

    Anthony, After losing my job 1 1/2 years ago and seeing the despairing look in my wifes eyes, her not know how we could maintain her medical and medicine cost.I am motivated at the soul for my wife, and now have a clear plan to follow after recieving your books, dvd’s, and guides. I also set up a coaching plan for low monthly payments with your coaches to ensure my path remaines on track. Here is my plan, while working my full time (low paying) job, I will dedicate 4-6 hours per day after work to researching internet knowledge and following your coaches instructions, Saturdays I am dedicating 7:00 a.m to 9:00 p.m and Sunday is for the Lord. This week and part of next, dedicated to understanding what products or services have what market ( age, gender, profession, income, ect) and then planning advertising to fit product with market. And of coarse to follow my coaches instructions to what ever I must do to be successful. I will give my wife and the lord my all.
    Thank’s for being here when Anthony.

  198. Jason M. Patitucci


    I didn’t get to see your video from your most recent trip. Glad to hear first hand of your account as well as your life experience. I have been in touch with your representitives that are interested in following me become a success through taking one of your classes. I simply love the level of thought, patience, time and knowledge of your business partners and staff. True professionals in my book and hopefully by the 15th your staff will help me earn my first $500.

  199. Don Wilt

    Create Success? The first things I have done to create success in my life are: purchasing your books, reading them, learning how to turn on my wife’s computer, learning how to navigate around the internet and signing up with your Success Academy. My wife and I have just completed the 2nd milestone and our current goal is to get our landing pages created and our ads placed. Upon completion of this goal we will move on to the next milestone and so on. I honestly do not think I could be doing what your teaching without being a part of the Academy. Thank you so much for that.Our ultimate goal for success is to complete each and every milestone set before us and work with our coaches until we can stand on our own. After that they sky is the limit! PS.thank you for your down to earth teaching videos and your blogs!!! If you would have asked me a month ago what a blog is, I would have said, “a gooey mess”!

  200. nate butler sr

    Anthony i’m still in the training process but if i commit to onehour a day on my computer i will be ok moving forward and concentrate at my own pace .study the material and ask a lot questions from my online help.

  201. Rebecca Parks

    To be able to unwind and go places with my family I am taking to heart my lessons, the weekly blogs, and the texts I get that keep me motivated to do my best and make this new business a total success!

  202. Michael

    Hello Anthony, my name is Michael and first off I want to say thank you for giving me hope and the opportunity to change my life. You have inspired me to be a better husband and father, i thank you for that. Right now I’m trying out everything I’ve learned. I think right now I’m at the learning and testing phase. I need a few more idea and get them out there. I do have my self out there and hoping to see some return. I am so motivated and excited doing this everyday. A little more experience is all I need to succeed …..
    Well, see you around

  203. Michael Hansen

    Great Question – what steps do I have toward success? I have a TO DO list that I have carefully planned out. So when I set down to work I look at the list (taken in order of importance) and get going. Keeps me on task. If I have a large project I will break it down into small steps. This way I won’t jump over the big projects in favor of several simple jobs. Then the second item is a GOAL BOARD on which I attach pictures of things I want to accomplish. I look at this board often to rmind myself why I am doing this. I have now added Cancun as one of my picture goals.This is how I keep myself on track towards my own success in a home based business.

  204. rocky stanley


  205. Shari Waddell

    Hi Anthony,
    I am still reading the book and have done some of the homework. I love to read. I’m a bit stuck on the different offers that I have picked and working my way through signing up for so that I can get my website up and running. I bought the book to learn how to make money to get us out of possible foreclosure and debt in general. I’m positive that with the help you have offered that I will accomplish this soon and get on to building my business.

  206. Angela

    Ive been thinking about a vacation for SO LONG! I am so glad that your success allows you some free time. I have been working 2 jobs for nearly 3 years now. I know that there MUST be an easier way. I need to maintain focus, I need to remind myself that a few hours a day can contribute to my success. I must prioritize my time, think strategically about what primary focuses I want to target, and I must follow through with each step to completion. Most importantly, I must remember that anything worth achieving is going to be an perpetual work in progress, which allows us to be enduring, transmutable beings.

  207. Gloria Holt

    Very simply, allocate one hour each day Mon – Sat. to working “on” my business. Internet marketing requires dilligent attention, trial and error and 100% committed focus. As I write this, I am allocating this time … no, actually “making an appointment” with myself, for myself.. It’s really that easy.

    Thank, Anthony, for the lessons.

  208. Teri Henson

    HI Anthony! Teri Henson from Starkville, MS, The best way is to follow your lesson plan and to list advertisements of items that I have used and liked to build my internet business. To set aside a few hours a day to check and build my business no matter where I am. To remember that you have to keep moving forward!

  209. Jimmy Reyna

    I am in the process of taking baby steps and learning as much as I can while doing so. I must walk before I can run. The plan is to run once I have the knowledge to do so. I was reminder last week why I will do what it takes to make this opportunity work. Working more time at my job did not generate more income. I can’t remember the last time I was truly recharged on my way back from a vacation. Count me in.

  210. Jeannette Jernigan

    I got your book about a month ago and I started reading it but since I am a school teacher and the last month of school is a busy one, I haven’t had the time to finish reading your book. Well, now there are no excuses, it’s summer vacation time. So, what I need to do is to get off my tucas and finish reading your book and delve into how to get my business started.

  211. Cheryl

    Since I was layoff for the summer, it gives me time to get much needed rest ,as my colleages and friends keeping telling me. Normally, I have 14-16 working hours days. My a community college instructor who trains people to become Emergency Medical Technicians. This time I can use to trubo my learning time and take more action.

    Here is my blue print:

    1. Focus on working on the busniess by doing the domain names buying & selling.

    2. Place at least 2 ads on bing

    3. Review the present ads on google, yahoo, msn and make the appropriate changes to obtain more clicks.

    4. Complete viewing your Master Level DVD’s and watch then again.

    5. Spend more time each day 2-4 hours to continue my internet marketing education from your materials and tools.

    6. Continue to be a good time manager.

  212. Ben

    Ok for starters. For me to recharge i like to be on my computer Playing computer games, surfing the internet… But most importantly spending time with my family is the best thing. I know most people aren’t posting they play videos games but I’m only 20… haha.


  213. Debra

    To succeed I need to overcome my fear of succeeding. I need to let go of the experiences I have had with the other courses I have ordered and the let down from empty promises. I truely hope this turns out differently. So.. I am committing to 1-2 hours per day on the website doing research and learning new techniques and strategies, 2-3 hours per week looking for products and services to offer that match up with me, 2-3 hours per week motivating and building my own confidence, and going to your website daily to retrieve any new information put forth by yourself.

  214. Ann

    I have your book and It is acutually my tool to refuel. As a small Business owner with employees and customers etc…. I am very interested in internet income as a seperate side to what I do as an out let for my passions….. I have tried a few programs but lack consistancy and the skills to market….. I am hoping your book will be the link I have been searching for…. and then If I could make any amount of money consistently that too would fuel my desire and my interest.

  215. Jeff and Vershon Hammonds

    We need to be more dedicated and focused on achieving our economic goal.

  216. Anna Lin

    Thank you Anthony,
    This is the first time ever in my life that I respond to a person I have never met, after reading your book (Hidden Millionaire) I am touched by your sincerity. Thank you for trying to help the world. I hope one day I’ll be strong enough to be like you – a contributor to the society. First and foremost, I recognized that I have a big obstacle that stands in my way which is to stand up for myself. I found that sometimes I put myself in places that I don’t want to be because I can’t say no and be firm about it. I recognized that and I am determine to overcome it. I believe that is my first step in building myself, my career and my future. I know it may seem trivial on the surface, but I realized that’s the most fundamental of life. I couldn’t lead a happy life if I can’t support myself and what I believe. Thanks again. Anna

  217. Sonia

    I search my website for items by occassions which may be coming up and the population it will affect at that time. Father’s Day is coming up so I have been searching my site for items which may be of interest to the male population. Graduations are also going on now so I am searching my site for items which may be of interest to the younger population. Then I advertise on Craigslist, Facebook and my email. I also copy, save and upload pictures of the items of interest onto the ads. Just getting started but I will continue to spend time doing this until I see a financial return on what works.

  218. 27judi

    Hi Anthony,
    It was great to see that u are taking time for yourself! I myself need to do the same! I’m hoping that with your program and guidence that i will be able to obtain my goals!
    I ‘m just getting started and i’m very excited!
    Looking to gain financial security.
    I will take this time to really focus on getting started and taking all the tools that u have given me and putting them into action.
    Willing to be one of your success stories!

  219. Eric

    I have been reading your book and following the home work &Videos,Marketing,blogging,marketing infourms an social networks.
    I was layed off at the End of April,2010.
    I need to do campaigns on ppc but dont have the funds.
    Still going to make it , just going to take a little longer.
    I enjoy the information and training.Thanks again.
    Eric Thompson

  220. Brandon Andresen

    The steps that I need to take so I can achieve the level of success that I have set for myself are within my grasp and can be achieved as long as I put in the effort to obtain them. I try to surround myself with pictures or other things around me that motivate me. For example, I want to buy a home. I first take a picture of this home keep it in my study above my desk so when I am working I have this to look at to motivate me if I am ever feeling down or like I have reached an impossible situation. I also use the confidence that I have obtained through my life in being successful in other ventures to help push me through to the next level of my goals. Developing key strategies on how I am going to become successful is a major part in achieving it. If I do not have a well thought out strategy on how I am going to purchase this home, then my plan will fail and this goal will be lost. To achieve these strategies I must be resourceful and find ways around difficult issues. Being a newbie to Anthony’s teaching I like to educate myself as much as possible with ALL of the tools that Anthony has laid out before us to help me overcome these obstacles. Each day by using the resources that are available on Anthony’s network I discover new tools that he has made available in helping me do just that, achieving MY GOALS!! These are the steps that I must focus on daily to help me reach my goals, so I can get away and relax or do the free time things that I enjoy doing with the people I love!

  221. Rashell

    1. GET STARTED!!!!!!!

    2. Do not fear being succesful. Failure is the fear of fear itself.

    3. Take the bull by the horns and create a life that benefits The Good Lord and all other success will follow.

    4. Follow the advice that other succesfull affliates have to offer.

  222. Patrick Lee

    Hi, Anthony I am so excited that you went to visited Cancun. That the place I dream about to visite. Any way I just bought your books about two weeks ago. I had read some of it, but not all yet. I will be out of town for two weeks, and I haven’t started the webside yet. Waite untill I come back from vacation. I’ll talk to you soon!

  223. mcg89

    I need to spend more time at the business. But first II need to spend more time learning but need to spend time on myself thinking & believe I can do this? That is a question in my mind/

    I am reading the book for the third time, And I still have parts missing so I need to make a list of qestions on things I am not getting, while I reading when,
    I need to ask for support and help.
    then I will know, what I need to do next.

  224. mcg89

    I need to learn more and spend more time studing at least an hour a day.
    I need to do this tthen I am not tried.
    I am reading the book again for the second time, I thought I didnt get a lot of what I was reading the first time.
    But that wasn’t true there are still things I am not sure of, so I need to make a list of those thing and ask for help and support.
    Get a direction in 1,2,3 directions and set some goals, that will work in my schedule.

  225. newlife

    • take the time to focus on doing this work
    • make it a priority
    • relax and read and research
    • do not feel guilty or not worthy
    • get educated
    • just do it
    • now !

  226. MaryAnn Dunham

    I have so many ideas in my head. I need to manifest them onto YouTube and all my other social networks and blogs. I have to be a person of action with the ideas I have. I have the tools, I have the know how. I just have to get back into the discipline that creates the success I desire. Daily consistent attention to my business for at least 2 hours a day. I have to be willing to do what others aren’t and go for it. I can do it. I know I can. You don’t know if it works if you don’t work it! I started today by creating an auto repsonder email campaign and backed it up with a physical mailing and phone call. The money is in the follow up and follow through and that’s what I have to do to recharge.
    MaryAnn 🙂

  227. michael

    i got your course about two months ago i am 19 years old and unemployed i am currently relieing on your book to make me some money. i have had a little bit of success but not much. i do beleive though that you and your help center will help me out and make me the money you want me too. and i would love to be on that vacation you took and i would love to be where you are financially. if you are looking for someone who is motivated ready to do work and just a fast and good learner then i am the guy for you. remember i am 19 years old and ready to make the biz happen

  228. Jackson Coakley

    Hi, Anthony i have read books, and i feel like this is what i had been looking for,I am reserching the internet to get some knowledgeo of how to get started.I was not able to get into on the Affiliate Account to find the componies that i can send them some leads. Iwill keep trying so that i con get started and get the ball rolling.

  229. Lisa

    Planning is key for me. I have scheduled so many hours a day to learn as much as possible about affiliate marketing and picking the products I will promote. My recharging has started. I was amazed at how many different ways I could actually get my advertisements out to millions of people across America. The more I listed to all of your training…the more I am charged. I initially started with just a few hours in mind a day…but after getting started it was hard to stop…so I keep on going. Excited, Excited, Excited. Anyway, everytime I think about what my potential success could look like I get recharged. It’s hard to talk about what I need to recharge, because I started recharging my future when you introduced me to this opportunity. Its a day to day journey. I have set daily achievable goals. I even got my son involved in the program. We are currently both unemployed due to lay-offs.

  230. Kelly Fischer

    1. Dedicate 1 hour per day to doing research and learning skills to better help write my ads.
    2. Finish your book and study the questions and comments I have made in the margins. Use it as a reference and move onto the next one.
    3. Keep a notebook handy so that I can write ideas down.
    4. Continue my contact with my coach. Ask questions, write down ideas to run by her, and ensure that everything she assigns me gets done before our next meeting. Dedicate a half hour to an hour per day to accomplishing this.
    5. STOP FEELING SORRY FOR MYSELF AND MY SITUATION! Realize that this is the hand I’ve been dealt and make the best of it. Keep positive thoughts and keep moving forward.
    6. Don’t forget to take care of myself while working all the time. Spend time (up to one hr) stretching, doing yoga, walking my dogs, and playing with them.
    7. Turn the TV on only during scheduled times of shows I enjoy.
    8. Visualize myself becoming successful.
    9. Set an alarm/reminder on my cell to check the weekly blog, write down my goals for each day in my day planner, when to spend my research hour, etc.
    10. Enjoy the creative freedom I have in my business.

  231. Wanda

    I have not yet made money from my endeavor but I’m not giving up, I’m not giving up, I’m not giving up. I’m refocusing and trying another avenue. I AM a success!!!

  232. Lynn Torres

    I need to do sooo much like for start:
    1. Finish your book
    2. Keep watching videos
    3. Do way more bloging
    4. Take notes like crazy I need all the help I can get
    5. But most of all never give up faith I can and will get this one day! This is my chance to grow in my own way with some help from Anthony Morrison and all the blogers

  233. thomas

    Traveling always sounds exciting, however, my idea of a relaxing vacation is not Cancun. I’ve traveled much in the world and I enjoy it best when I’m in my home country enjoying it with my wife…a cruise to Alaska, a trip to the Everglades, quite times in the Rock Mountains fishing where there’s no noise or computers, riding Hot Air Ballons where you hear quite sounds over great distances, piloting a glider ride where you don’t hear engine noise, traveling historic sites/parks, a trip on the house boats at Lake Powell, traveling to the Ozarks and much, much more. I don’t need to find peace of mind in another country, I seek peace of mind in my own. Thomas Tate

  234. James

    Thanks Anthony for the opportunities.
    I just orderd your book 2 days ago, started the website that afternoon, and have been doing the homework you gave me to get started.
    I’m studying about an hour and a half each night after work, taking notes and making a plan to move forward.
    Thanks again!

  235. Edwin Shitabata

    Hi Anthony: For me, I happened to tune in on TV (paid Ad) and liked the presentation very much. I ordered your book and read it and refer to it often. I’m glad I enrolled in the MSA program because (1) I have absolutely no computor skills and (2) need a coach . I get charged up everytime I feel that I understand what you are tryiny to do for me. My coach is currently giving me assignments. I often get frustrated because I don”t see the objective(s) of the homework. So I go back to your Workbook and try to connect the homework to the content at hand. When I connect the two, I really feel good because now I understand what is the purpose of the assinment. I get charged up big time.

  236. Roger Buchanan

    Concentration. I guess that is the first thing I need to overcome. I have sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, and a host of other medical problems. However, I try not to complain as there are people worse than me. I am going to re-read your books, call for more support from your support people, ask tons of questions, then jump in and see what happens. I know I will make mistakes, loose some money, but that is what learning is all about. Once I have the system down pat, I will make the kind of money that will set me financially free, and then be able to help others as you have helped me.

  237. Robert

    Steps for Success
    1. Clear Goal. Print it and put it in front of you to remind and motivate.
    2. Ask an expert to mentor you
    3. Split the big goal into smaller steps
    4. Reward yourself when you reach your smaller goals so you are motivated to move on to your next one
    5. Don’t forget to give back.

  238. Chad Williams

    I am trying to hurry and get through the book but there is so much in the book I am having a hard time understanding. I have to read the same pages two or three times. Once I get through the book all I will have to do is implement the teachings.

  239. Gabriela Greene

    I am a big skeptical when it comes to someone trying to “help you out making money”. I have had bad experiences in the past with it. There was something about you Anthony that called my attention…it could have been your schooling background or your demeanor. So I decides to buy your DVD and book. Unfortunately, for one reason or another I have not had time to read or watch the DVD and I apologize for that, but I regret it more than anything because this just tells me where I am in my life. My name is Gabriela and I am happily married to Ronald and have a daughter, Vianney, that have made me complete up till now. My only emptiness is that I never took advantage of the opportunity to finish my Bachelor’s degree. I have gone on to try different opportunities within my reach now, but they really haven’t given us the financial results we want. I will try to take time to read your book because it is the key to get to know more about what you have offered. Thank you for trying your best to help others out. I need to take advantage of that.

  240. Ronnie

    To really get things going Anthony you are invited over to B’ham., Al to give me a one day private lesson on a fast start in this business to help me get my retirement going with a good plan. The book is in the mail but I have watched all the video’s while I have been out of town. No Joke, You’re coming over to my house soon……Ronnie

  241. Jerome

    I am still going through the program and i am getting my first five landing pages built,can`t wait to get out there,every thing takes time,i started in march of 2010 and i am 100% sure i will succeed.

  242. Pedro Lopez

    well i need to figure how to how to keep track of all the twiter acounts i wana create, i have one but i dont wana go any further till i see some result, i dont wana drive my self crazy like that, you know TOO much INFO, I keep readying a certin part of the book and i do it over and over and I seem to get a lil further each time. I see I need patient cause this is going to take some time. im learning it as much as possible on 1 acount so like that when i see some money,.I can repeat in over and over on diff. acounts, um…reading and repeatition is the answer for me…your the second book ill ever read from front to back.. the first was.. Go ask Alice…

  243. jodi swain

    I’M AN AFFILIATE BUT DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO THIS BS. SO I NEED TO GET ONLINE AND REALLY START LEARNING ALL I CAN FROM YOU ANTHONY and read all your teaching materialsand listen to everything you have to say so I can learn it. Then put it into practice. Jodi Swain

  244. harp546

    Right now I am extreamly charged. I just ordered the book yesterday. I also ordered the online audio book. I have done most of the homework and in section 4, chapter 2 of the book. I also applied for the marketing sucess academy. (I hope they accept me) What I need to to now is finish the book and the marketing how to videos. My goal is to be able to list my first add tomorrow or the next day. I have to wait for my add accounts through google and yahoo to be verified! I don’t have a lot of money because I am a stay at home mom. My husband works two jobs so we can keep it that way. With his blessing I am willing to risk a little to hopefully gain. I realize that I have to work hard and study and I am willing to put the time in. This is the first program I have seen that I feel is real and that you are not only putting it out there to make money but to help others also. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  245. Pamela Wright

    Hi Anthony:

    Here is my Blueprint for Success

    1) Give thanks to God for Health, Family, Work in that order!
    2) Review, Maintain and Achiefe a Work/Life Balance – Which is achieved by doing the following:

    a) Leaving work on time or at a reasonable time
    b) Take a lunch hour and/or break during the day
    c) Committ myself to doing certain things during the week,
    1. Monday – Work out (Walk in the evening after work with friends
    2. Tuesday – Bible Study
    3. Wednesday – Interchangeable with Walking/ Zumba Classes or on occasion, may have to go to an afterwork function
    4. Thursday – Dedicated time for Affilliate Marketing business (no phone calls, visits, etc.
    5. Friday – Time for me – No working, cleaning up – Movie Something fun
    6. Saturday – Errands, Visiting Grandkids, Family
    7. Sunday – Church – Time for me, Preparation for work on Monday

  246. Dr. Stephen Safford


    I started with your package system about a month ago and I am just beginning to see profits from commissions. I have my affiliate website up, a personal website, and a blog going. I have published 2 articles and post many more articles on my website. I have used the classifieds to get word out about my website, but I still need to drive more traffic to the website.

    So I really need to find more methods to drive traffic, expand also on what I am doing now and learn all I can about multiplying my traffic. Eventually I will need to use a autoresponder because all these things take time for one person to do and still work a 9-5 job. My time away from work is crucial since I use it to maintain my website and blog while mentoring others to get their business going. All this and still stay focused!

    Anyone wanting to visit my website may at : and see how I have set it up for helping others start their own business.

    Thanks for the help!

  247. John Sbarbaro

    Dear Anthony:

    I watched your video very closely, and listened every word, and the way I see myself having success is to buy everything you sell, listen to every word you utter, watch every video you put out, and then implementing every bit of this info. Dedicating myself to working towards bettering myself so my family can reep the rewards, and so I can teach my grand kids how they can be successful in life.

    Good evening to you Anthony,
    take care, and God bless.
    John J Sbarbaro

  248. Bruce Moring

    Aloha Anthony,

    Mahalo for the words of wisdom and the AWESOME books. Glad to hear and see the excitement on and in you from the Cancun vacation. Well I live in Hawaii and it would be great to visit another place for a vacation. I LOVE it here but vacations are nice for visiting some place different.

    Here is what I am currently doing and it is going to take some time to complete. I have a list of close to a thousand advertising sites that I have credits on. I am about 1/3 of the way through getting my links out there. I have started writing articles and blogs to get a following list going. I have just recently set up autoresponders and ad trackers to see which sites are giving me different traffic. I am experimenting with several different types of ads. My advertising sites consist of safelist, traffic exchanges, ad boards and text ad sites. WOW they are keeping me busy. Looking forward to getting things to a point where I just go on the sites and do a click and my ads go out. My responder/tracker sites also has a great capture page creator. I am busy getting everything setup and getting as much education as I can on how everything works…

    Again Mahalo to you Anthony,

    Bruce Moring

  249. Kathryn Martinez

    I really need something to work out. I’m working a 40 hour week and I’m partially disabled. It’s tough. I want to do something on the Internet that will help me to lower my hours at work. First of all I just love working on the Internet. Second, people say it can’t be done. In my bones thought I know there’s something out there on the Internet that can help me bring in some extra much needed cash. Yes, I would love a vacation, but that’s not at the top of my list at the moment. I want this to work, I believe it can, I just get lost though trying. I’m going to keep trying though, because I have a passion to figure this out.

  250. cindy storey

    i need to be a better planner! i just bought my first computer about 2 months ago, so i am learning the computer & your system all at once. needless to say i get overwhelmed at times. therefore, i need to take the time to write out my daily & weekly tasks that i have to get done and that way i know that my goals are being met and i would not be so stressed out. planning is definitely a critical and valuable tool to my success.

  251. barbara mcgill

    I’m so glad that you had a GREAT time in Cancun!!!
    My daughter and I have NEVER had a VACATION due to my illness. I hope the winner enjoys the trip and is grateful!!!

    barb and brianna

  252. barbara mcgill

    You must commit to the work!
    JUST DO IT!!
    Don’t be discouraged if it starts out slow, it will pick up if you continue with the program and ask for help and/or answers from the team!

  253. Erin

    Iwould really love to win this trip. I’ve been reading your books DVDs and whatnot and I’m almost finished. It’s been so stressful latly because I have a 16 month old, working 45 hrs a week in a nursing home, and I’m trying so hard to get all of your information read and absorbed so I can get on my road to being successful. I just really hope I’m choosen because I’ve been needing a break or vacation for along time now!

    Thank you!

  254. Wayne

    I recently purchased Anthony’s books and began reading them, however, for a variety of reasons (health related) I was unable to focus on completing my reading, and hence, unable to apply the teachings that Anthony proved in order to get my business up and running.

    Well, I have now realized that this is an excellent time to focus on building a business, and to applying the information contained within his book, and so I will be continuing with my readings and looking forward to learning what Anthony has to teach.

    I am excited about moving forward and to learning as much as possible from Anthony’s experiences.

    I have also decided that a portion of my income that is generated from this business will be donated and dedicated to support the children of our soldiers who are serving (in harms way) our country, in a variety of locations. This in itself, will be a great motivator to continuing with my readings and applying what Anthony is teaching.

  255. Tena Marie

    The steps I need to take to achieve success would be to believe in God and myself that I can do all things I put my mind to do with victory. I dare to believe because fear can stop you from pressing forward to do for yourself and others. I am still waiting on my book to arrive, but I pray that it will give me the tools I need to be successful and live life to the fullness.
    Blessings to everyone and believe.

    Tena Marie

  256. Tina

    Hello Anthony,
    I am a 52 year old woman and I have never really been on a real vacation. I am a mother of two daughters and a grandmother of 7. I am going to start my own business and I am doing research as far as looking up info that is specific to my business. I am starting with information to specific trades that will allow my business to grow. I already have some contacts as to those who will work with me for contracts that I will need. I plan on starting small and only allow a small amount of profit for myself. By only keeping a small amount of profit for myself will allow me to have a substantial amount to keep my business afloat. I have found that a great deal of research is necessary to obtain this business. I have been doing research for about 6 months now. I ask a lot of questions to owners and other people that are already in this particular business. I also look into success and failure of the company,s who have been and are in the business. I am looking into funding. I believe this is the most difficult part of my battle. I also believe their is always a way. So heres to who ever wins this trip. Good luck everyone.

    Tina Rathe



    5. “”RECHARGE””

  258. Terry Lee

    I started to build a website for my art and music before I bought your book. I have advertising skills I have applied doing signs and art for 30 yrs. I work an 8 hr a day job for 12 an hr right now and my goal Is to put my on the internet map. I am laid off Nov, Dec, and Jan. every season and I am getting my ducks in a row so to speak to get rid of this office job I have. I believe in Anthony Morrison’s business strategies. My heart tells me I’m on the right path one step at a time. And I believe we are on the way to changing retail sale around the globe. How exciting is this? I don’t know about you but I’m going to need a vacation after the work is complete. I’m left handed so a good reminder like the Aztec desk piece would keep me grounded.
    Thanks for all you do.

  259. ShaunW

    First: ” Our senses serve to affirm, not to know”. Actually it is sayings like these that got me to be here. Does anyone else have any? They would probably “hit” a note with some of us. I liked your invitation to come and “write” down some ideas of what may or may not be problems for your business growth. Ideas are what this business is to me. How can i get traffic to …? This is my second entry of this kind through my computer. I really needed to do this to progress through a “stage” , if you will, to put your experiences to the test for my own experiences to come forth. I have read almost all posts that are on your site that I have “accidently” come across. Since I have read your book, no small feat- I do not read much, I have decided to make this a GO. I have found what “fear of success” was for me. I think we all have them, but experience seems to null and void them, if you will. Secondly, this particular field is one where ” YOU HAVE TO just DO it. There is no failure possible that i could find for three weeks of listening to tv. commercials, radio, and internet surfing. Being able to tell yourself that you are worth 5 minutes, ok, maybe even an hour, a day you can make silly moneys. SO, if you are having trouble getting started: 1. Get a coach. not analyze 3.who cares what you think your worth is at the moment- because just DOING immediately improves your worth. Now: 4. you can always stop and kick yourself later or you can set something up and forget it for two weeks( some do), there is nothing wrong with getting out of your way or “ANTHONY TIME” to get over a personal issue. There is something wrong with giving in to fear to serve only a fear you might not know anything about. 5. why not learn more about yourself? 6. I recieved my quick start call 4 days ago, I have already made money in the field. this is also a obsticle removed. JUST DO IT is all I can say. It really could work for all of us here. Good luck to all. ORGANIZE, do not COMPRIMISE, PRIORITIZE And UTILIZE 1 HOUR A DAY. The money is out there;so why not put yourself out there.
    ” True teaching is not an accumulation of knowledge; it is an awakening of consciousness”

  260. SpaGal

    Ever since I learned Dreamweaver, I’ve loved to do web pages — making them fun, aesthetically pleasing, dynamic, and professional. However, I’ve never known how to go about marketing myself or starting a web-based business.

    That’s why I purchased your books and hope to be able to start using my knowledge of creating web pages and learn marketing from you.

    My goal is to be able to earn extra ongoing income to be able to travel to exotic places and experience luxury spas — thus my screen name SpaGal. Spas are my passion!!!!!



  262. Carolyn

    This is too funny! My husband and I are leaving a week from today to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversay just outside of Cancun – Playa del Carmen. Your book is already in my carry on bag – I have already watched the videos I have received from you and can hardly wait to gobble up the book. I am a teacher and this time next year, I am hoping to retire -I will only be able to this if I generate income from your business plan – which I truly believe will work – so I am very determined. By summer’s end my goal is to have my website up and running and going full steam ahead!

  263. Lois Roberts

    my plan:
    I am recouperating from cancer surgery, but my first step is : Follow my outline” I created for myself an outline when I first recieved my package from Anthouny. Then went into the hospital for surgery. Now feel well enough to continue with my outline.
    That outline includes following step by step all of the instructions included in my packet as well as cataloging, reviewing, listening and reading all of my Anthony emails.

  264. Richard Romeo

    I ordered Tony’s book a few weeks ago and haven’t taken the time yet to read it, but I’ve never been as excited about a program like his before. I’ve been in sales, marketing and management my entire adult life and recognize a good thing when I see it. However, I’ve been on disability for 7 yrs and out of rhythm. Laziness has set in. This is the only excuse I have for not getting started with Anthony’s program.
    I will no long use this excuse, get off my butt and began building a better future for me and my wife.
    Thank you for not giving up on me.

  265. Chip

    I have some time (4 hours) daily to devote to my new business with Affiliate Marketing. I am only going to be successful if I overcome my fear of spending money and not making money! I have to use the Marketing tools that Anthony has given me with my membership.
    My goal and ambition is to quit my “too many hours away from the family” job, that is only making someone else richer and not me or my family.
    I want to blaze my own trail and travel the path less traveled and most important, I want to get out of debt and start life all over and the way it was intended for me! Thank you Anthony for a new perspective on life and the new way of thinking and being successful.

  266. Charles

    The whole thing starts with a “BIG WHY” and this must be bigger than myself.
    Next comes the VISION put in place twice daily by reading the ‘Movie Script’ of my perfect day.
    I get recharged at the ocean, watching the waves roll in and out.
    I get inspired by listening to speakers like Jim Rohn, Robert Allen and Denis Waitley.

  267. Gail Norman

    I need to recharge before I can totally focus on sorting out all the information I have been trying to absorber. I think I bit off more than I can chew at this time. I am working it don’t get me wrong. I am also dealing with a pre-teen grandson living with us who is going through puberty in great gusto, another teenage grandson with special needs, and fighting with the courts to keep my daughters family intact. Not that any of this is a concern to anyone else. But I do wonder why I chose this time to start a new business other than desperation. What is the saying no rest for the wicked. The thing is I really am not wicked, just over taxed.

  268. jay batty



  269. Melissa Connors

    I jumped at the chance to buy your book, now I need to take a leap of faith in myself, my ability to apply your stratagies, and become successful enough to be able to spend time with my family. I need to be determined and self- disciplined to keep learning and implementing your system. I need to be confident in myself and learn something new each day and apply that technique to my work for the day. Research, more ways to continue to build income so I can achieve my goals.
    1. Set realistic and achievable goals.
    a. supplement my part-time income so I can not only see my kids but spend quality time with them.
    b. having time in the evening to discuss my plans and goals with my #1 supporter, my husband. As of right now we barely see each other let alone focus on any conversation.
    c. make enough money to pay off ALL our debts, set up college funds for our children and save for early retirement for my husband.
    d. Give back to our community and our church.

  270. Kevin Lippincott

    Hello Anthony, I appreciate all that you are doing for all the right reasons. I have just finished reading ‘The Hidden Millionaire’, and ‘Advertising Profits From Home’, they were both compelling and touching. I have found myself in a position with little financial resource but a lot of free time. After reading the books, I have started opening accounts with social networking sites, and have submitted application with affiliated marketing sites. I intend to start a campaign of low/no cost to get started marketing. I will need coaching and I am researching areas of interest to me for my business.
    Thanks again, so much.
    Kevin L

  271. AssistUnow

    My husband and I are doing this as a team. It has so far been a great opportunity for us to spend time together and to work together to reach this goal together. We both work full-time and I go to school right now, so as you could probably imagine we have busy schedules. For me, it is taking a specific amount of time to put the skills that I am learning into play. For my husband, who always says he is way behind the curve because until now he had never even used a computer. It is great to see his dedication to learning not only the skills to be successful in affiliate marketing, but digging in and learning just the basics about computers to make himself successful. It is a great time commitment, but we both have committed to making this work and to give us opportunities that we otherwise would not have a chance of experiencing.

  272. teresa

    hi teresa i just need to stay focus and that im doing. thanks so much for all your input.

  273. Pat

    My husband and I just got your kit of information and are enjoying reanding the books and learning from you. You are so right when you say just read and follow want you and done . And not to expect anything fast. Were happy that we have your program and are getting started on the right path , reading watching and learning from you. doing everything as you would .
    Thank you so much,

  274. Greg

    Sorry disabled and hit wrong key….

    Anthony, I appreciate very much your blogs and information you provide. Best plan ever was setting baby step goals, that has helped ouit tremendously. Still need to do the following:
    1. Complete baby step plan for all my projects.
    2. Utilize time more effeciently – implement note pad plan.
    3. Check all your links at least once a day, especially the “free for all” blog with couple times a day to see if I can get more information or provide some.
    4. Plan out quarterly small vacations with family (picnics at park, beaches movies.
    5. Plan yearly vacations, taking our foster children to a Theme Park.

    Again Anthony, thank you for taking the time to help others – foolish old man that I am (older than dirt) had your books for about a year and finally opened them. Great stuff – I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.
    May GOD bless you and grant you continual success. Greg

  275. Fernando Garza

    Hi Anthony,

    I need to focus and to have a personal coach. There are many ways, many opportunities out there, focus is the answer from me.

    I just want to thank you for going to Cancun, I am from Mexico, We have many beautiful and secure places.

    Great gift, I already have one Aztec Calendar, better give it to somebody from US.

    Fernando Garza.

  276. Sgt Rich

    For me to become successful I need to get focused in on some of the techniques you teach. I need to write at least 2 more articles and post by sun. I need to spend at a minimum of 30 more minutes a day on my twitter accounts. I need to stop making excuses to myself just because my army life is so hectic. I need to identify more forum sites to possibly post ads on. I need to research more of the new and upcoming ways of advertising and methods. Last but not least. I need to call my family more and spend some time with them this summer. I have basically been in and out of combatzones for the last 3 yrs. To become sucessful I need to get acoss the country and get some good ol fashion family time…

  277. Kim

    Still hanging in there. Waiting for income tax so that I can really start advertising. Have alot of friends on facebook, going to send them all a message to check out the website and help get me started. Single mother so I have to watch how much is going out compared to coming in. Really need to make this work for myself and children.

  278. Ivelisse

    On June 6th, 2010, I ran the 1/2 marathon in San Diego! Woo-hoo!!! It was a multi-faceted victory. I returned to find your book package had arrived (GREAT TIMING). I read the introduction & found myself re-delineating each positive declaration I claimed, after shedding mental negative notions at the end of each mile. My formula…


  279. Wallace

    I just want to wish everyone luck with this great opportunity!!!


  280. Tammie B.

    I am sure we are in our own stages of this jouney, for me, irrigardless of the stage I’m in, I know I have to set long and short terms goals, impliment time management, study or learn, work hard, reach for support and leadership when needed, keeping all of the above updated and current (hopefully due to hitting my goals and needing new ones!). Realisticly, knowing all goals are met at differant times, as long as I’m consitantly working on the above things then they will be met. I have a great family and they deserve this (not the trip, the light at the end of my goals). Thank you so much for the oppertunities!



  282. Charlene Cook

    I have always used sleep to rewind. I can lie down in the floor for about twenty minutes and be rejuvenatd fir another three or four hours.

  283. Eldyth

    Hi Anthony…I am in love with this new & different way of doing my life with your philosophy and strategies in Internet marketing. I am no longer limited, the whole world is my market and filled with people I can help in one way or another. Have been a student for 3 months….I am determined to succeed.!
    I will continue putting as much time in weekly that is takes…to continue learning and doing research. I will continue to monitor my ads on google, 7 search, yahoo, & facebook, and place more….also working on twitter. Plan to get my website up this week. I love what I am doing and know..” if we love what we do..the money will follow”. I do dream big….and expect to be financially free by end of 2010……and go to Cancun & Cabo San Lucas next year!

  284. Denise Thomas

    Dear Anthony:

    I find there are only 3 things that I need to do in order to become successful, and those 3 things are:

    1. Continue to study and follow those persons who have become successful in their business’s, while exploring new techniques.

    2. Emulate and apply the methods that I learn.

    3. …and No Matter What, Never Give Up!!!

  285. Erica

    I received your book about 2 months ago. I have read half of the book. There are no excuses for me to not to finish the book and succeed in this business. I am in college and I feel that it is taking up majority of my time. I am going to have to get on the ball and make this business work. The business will not come to me without any action from myself. I need to start putting those steps into action.



  287. Danita Pirtle

    Hello, Anthony

    I just want to thank you for saving my life. I will explain this to you if I should ever gain the opportunity to meet you and talk with you. The things that I must do and am currently doing: 1. Check my sites on a daily basis and throughout each day: YAHOO, GOOGLE, MSN, thus far. 2. Check my clicks, CPR, conversion rates and keywords and make adjustments. 3. Adhere to my budget requirements. 4. Research new products that I can make available to my customers. 5. Write killer ads. 6. Continue reading your books and manuals. At the end of the day, get down on my knees and thank God for this awesome gift that he’s given me through you. I am a med school student in the day and will actually be transferring to another med school in another country. This is a way that I will be able to pay my tuition as well as my living expenses while away. I will also be able to take care of my family, which means the most to me.


    Hello Anthony, Thank you for truly careing about the people who has
    believe in your system how to make money. I certainly appreciate your
    encouragement and how you continue to train with passion.

    I’m reading your book because I believe this is the blessing that will change my entire life. I ‘ve experiences countless methods of
    investments. I have nothing to show for it. I will write my to do list
    of goals with deadlines. I will dedicate 2 hours daily to work the program.
    I will set-up a new saving account for my vacations and various retreats
    I attend during the year. My income from the business will for my vacation.

    I’ll call you for supports,keep up on the latest information on the blog.
    Thanks I’m grateful ,

    Jean Dobbs

  289. Dr. Bob


    The blueprint for success is different for EVERYBODY… There are some foundation puzzle parts that bake the cake!

    It’s what’s “inside the person” that counts..

    #1 Look Back – Remember how you were, you’ve taken a big step, you’ve come a long way in the process of development, you were ready, you achieved this because of hard work and desire, you must be proud about it.

    #2 Take some time out – You’ve been working hard, you DESERVE a break and you developed your self skills, so sit back and enjoy the usual nuances. Spend time with family, eat out, go for a picnic, take a vacation – do whatever you love doing. This is recharge time!!!

    #3 Plan again – You set a plan and you executed some of the parts, compare your performance.. + and – the results. Tweek your plan again, and the newness will give you added inspiration.

    It’s what’s “inside the person” that counts..

    #1 Stimulate Yourself – Motivation always comes from within.
    People, books, and events can inspire you to take action. To motivate yourself from the inside you need “external stimuli”. You need a very strong reason that keeps you focused on what you are doing. This is the “stimulant” – your REASON for doing something. “Why?” for what you are doing. WHY are you doing it? Are you in it for just the profits? For the comfort of being able to work from home? For supporting your family?
    Ask those questions to yourself and determine a stimulant for yourself. Once you have done that, you will notice a drive inside you that constantly tells you to work towards that “why” – the stimulant.

    And presto, you can motivate yourself anytime of the day now because you know your “why” – your purpose.

    It’s what’s “inside the person” that counts.. Develop your skills

    #1 Understand Yourself. “What are the things you like? What things do you dislike? What do you prefer to do? What do you enjoy doing everyday?” These questions must be answered to properly understand yourself and use this understanding to motivate you towards success.

    #2 Think Positively – Stay focused and motivated!
    It is important that you believe in yourself and that things will turn out to be what YOU want them to turn out as.

    #3 Set your Goals – If there is one thing which can mean all to your level of motivation, it is goal setting. The best thing about goals is that they give you a direction to work in and they make you accountable to yourself.


    #1 Set an Aim
    This is the first and foremost step. Goal setting is the first step in every field or subject. If you have a purpose – a definite goal – it will keep you going by constantly ‘knocking’ at your mind. Try to be as specific as you can be regarding your goal. After you have set a goal, try to break it into smaller goals. These smaller goals will help you measure how much you have progressed towards your main goal.

    #2 Commit Yourself to Your Goals
    Attitude! There is a huge difference between saying “I’ll try my best to achieve my goals” and “I WILL achieve my goals”. You must commit yourself to achieving your goals, no matter what happens. This will make a huge difference to your motivation because your sub-conscious registers this as being an ‘order’. It will change your whole attitude and give you the required motivation whenever you need it.

    #3 Take Action
    The reason is that when the mind sees things happening around it, it gives you that very essential self motivation drive. It starts radiating the self motivation energy which is required to keep you going no matter what results you get.

    #4 Take Motivation “Food”
    it is important that you keep feeding your mind with some motivation food. Keep challenging yourself. Keep imagining yourself achieving your goals and the positive energy around you once you achieve them. To be self motivated even more, keep reading the success stories of small and big entrepreneurs, artists and other notable people to inspire you to do even better.

    #5 Measure Your Performance
    In the first step, you had set small goals. To get even more motivation, regularly measure your performance against your goals. Don’t be disheartened if you fell short of your goal. It simply means that you have to put in even more hard work till your next ‘measurement exercise’.


    Anthony, what you’ve read is “ME”, and I hope this helps…

    thanks for your interest in your customers…

    Dr. Bob

  290. Dana

    Hi Anthony, right now I feel a little clueless. I am new to this program and am a little lost. I need to dedicate some serious time each day to figure out what the heck I am doing so that I can make some much needed money…and then if I can get a vacation at the same time–awesome. My husband and I would consider it the honeymoon we never had. Thanks for the opportunity.

  291. Barnard Urquhart

    Aloha Anthony,

    In order to get success you need to plan it out. You need to make goals and work towards them. Research the ads you are putting out to get to the right markets, get multiple types of advertisements going on Social Media sites and search engines. Last but not least, be patient. Don’t rush into any of this too fast and you will be successful.

  292. Debra

    The comments are wonderful and very motivating. I so enjoy reading about the success stories individuals are having getting their business going. I want to be in a position to write a success story. Thank you for your inspiration and insight.

  293. Steve Lofing, Nora Leon

    I have worked out a schedule with my better half or 2 hours uninterrupted devotion to building this business each day. I have finished the books i bought from you and have been reading and watching your helpful posts and webcasts. I think anyone who wants to make it in this business is going to have to realize it takes time research and daily dedication or it will never go anywhere. I have no budget, but your Master series is giving me the tools to use to get started without spending alot of money. Thanks

  294. Brian Wade

    Well first and foremost I would like to say thank you, to you Anthony Morrison and the whole team over there. I have been trying to find my niche in the affiliate marketing industry, for about 2 years now. And honestly the system that you have provided, has made everything that was in balck and white now in hd color. My work ethic and drive surpasses any bit of doubt, or reason to believe that I will not succeed with all of the valuable information you have given me. I make sure that I spend valuable time with my family everyday, but I also understand that to achieve what I want for my family I have to be dedicated. And that’s why I am working on every technique, and affiliate 101 that you have provided around the clock. And if I could say specifically what it is that I need, in my own words……….I would honsetly say that you have provided everything that is guranteed to help me succeed. Now its up to me to put it all to use. I understand that its not an overnight success, but then again it is because all of the progress I am seeing everyday and night. Is more than worth it because its the building blocks of security for me and my families future. Thank You!


    Anthony:I received your books and cd`s about a months ago.I`ve read your books and watch the cd`s.I feel like i can complete my goals.The frist goal that i have set is to get the money back that i have spend.The second goal is to advertise on twitter.Getting 300 followers takes time after 1 week i have not reach that goal.Maybe i need some help.I injoy the work it keeps my mind thinking all time.Thank you:GGGRAVEL

  296. Sherrie and Earnie

    Hi anthony lets try tis again. been doing your program its great.
    going to make 5 ads this week. Researsh is the thing. been doing
    that and it has really helped me out.

  297. Ricky T. Kuba

    Let me first thank you for your money making strategies! For the first time in a long time I have hope! I have worked for someone else most of my life. I am 56 years old and now it is time for me to take control of my life. To create an income that keeps coming in day and night without me having to babysit it every minute of the day! I know it will take hard work. Work is something that I am no stranger to. Your willingness to help your fellow man is to be applauded. A saying I have heard is “In order to keep it, you must give it away.” Thank you and your team for being willing to give it away!

  298. Geralyn


    I recently odered your books & have not received them to date. However, I immediately set up my website & have viewed most of the videos & completed each of the required assignments. I am learning so much & look forward to each new teaching video. For me, success comes from being well prepared and knowledgeable in all areas of the business. A systematic approach is best and that is exactly what you have provided. I can fully understand why you have repeatedly stated that this is not a get rich quick opportunity. It takes time, patience & perseverence to accomplish any goal worth achieving. In order to succeed setting aside time each day to work on this business is a must.

  299. Andrea A Romero

    Hi Anthony, happy that your recharged I need to stop worrying about my house hold expenses.Trust in Our Father and the opportunity I have through Affliliate Marketing work through the steps with my coach and keep working away…. Andrea A Romero

  300. Juan

    Life is wonderful no matter what happens.

    I am a 37 year old man fairly average working from pay check to pay check at a distribution center been their about eight years. Had an eye opening experience Open heart surgery four bypasses. That is not going to get me down I know their is a way to succeed. While I was in the hospital right after my surgery, I commented to this man that was taking care of me his name is Dave THANKS YOU GOT ME THROUGH “If I want to move a mountain and it does not want to move I will use a shovel no matter how long it take it will move.” Thought about this comment It a good concept just need to apply to everything. Seems like you got it.

  301. Angela Starr

    Hi Anthony
    Glad you had an amazing time in Cancun, this is so what I am looking forward to. Thanks to your Affiliate system training, and training from the Marketing Success Academy team, I now have the SKILLS to achieve the level of success I desire. I just need to stay focused and keep the right mindset needed for success.
    Now that i can design landing pages, write ads on Google, work with Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, find keywords all with ease ect… My next step is to re-analyze my goals, my desires, my work and my situation. So i ask myself these questions, Where do i stand in the Affiliate Marketing Industry? How do I get to the top? I have learned so much in these few short months, Now I feel I must focus on my true marketing skills. To drive quality traffic to my website, to show continuous improvement of my advertising techniques and cater to my customers.
    It just makes sense to strive to learn, grow and profit from the Affiliate Marketing Industry. Thanks for finding us the hottest and latest offers on the web.
    This will be my dream come true, to finally be successful at something and have something that i can call my very own. I am starting to see the money come in and i know there is more to come; great things comes to those who wait. This is my favorite quote>>
    “Nothing succeeds like success.” ALEXANDRE DUMAS, “If you can’t bear no crosses,You can’t wear NO CROWN” Work hard people and succeed, I know I will. Thank you Anthony

  302. Pammy Garrison

    1. Need to read the book and catch up.

    2. Listen to weekly blogs and pot my own blog.

    3. Pray for succes and His will in my life

    4. Work with my couch.

    5. I know I have a lot of work to do but am curious to know what all this is about.

  303. Alicia

    Hi Anthony, I received your package a few weeks ago and I have been reading your book and created my account on google. Updated my webpage a little in larger print and better color. I’m still struggling to understand how the pieces go together and how to know what to bid for my ads. I’ll be calling the help line today for a live person and see if they will walk me through my first ad. I’m retiring at the end of the month and need to get this up and running while I still have some money coming in from my full time job. This is my goal.

  304. jayne

    I recieved your books and am overwhelmed with all the information, and trying to asorb all the information on the vidieo trainings, I am 51 years old and have just been told i have to have shoulder surgery and will be out of work for 12 weeks, since i am a hairstylist this will be hard, so need to get this buisness up and runnning so i can have the surgery and not worry about an income coming in while i am recovering. Cancun would be icing on the cake, Thank you Anthony, Blessings to you.

  305. Celso D Alfonso

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for the opportunity that you are giving me to make my dreams come through. Really what I need the most is toget more inf. on how to
    start from the begining, there is something that I missed,

  306. Reymundo R. Quintero

    I just getting start… I’m a college student that has just moved from CA to WA. I need something to help my money problems. Thank You Anthony for all your help… I’ll let you know my progress…

  307. April

    My husband and myself have been blessed with three children, the last child was unexpected and did not fit into our already tight budget. Your program has given us hope. My husband has been working 2 jobs and thru some health issues just to help us make ends meet. I take care of our kids and work part-time and I am trying your programs out, but we are trying to make money on very little start up money. My first goal is to pay for more marketing with the money I make thru my website. I can’t wait to look at my husband and say take a break sweet heart, when my marketing has paid off!

  308. James B Winchester

    Hi! Anthony.The way I plan to stay focused and rewind is to take God at His word in the Bible. Found in the book of Joshua 1:08 it reads { This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth,but you shall meditate in it day and night that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it,then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good seccess.}

  309. Gary Kng

    I need to focus on the business more. I’m very busy at work and I’m going to school afer work. If ‘m going to make in the business I need to read and put forth he efford to do the work. The reason I’m not making the money to go on those trips it is me.

  310. Laura

    Hi Anthony,

    I am just making a comment t0day so don’t include me for your trip to Cancun or the statue you are offering. Your videos are much more inportamt to me. Keep them coming. It is important that eveyone knows that many of your associates are in your program to make an additional income or even make this their main income. I am in you program to keep ahead of my medical expences (and to get rid of debt and keep from going into more debt – medically) I would love to take trips, but at this time, my diease MS won’t permit it. My goals are inthis order: free one credit card so I may use it strickly for your program, pay all the other credit cards off, pay all medical bills on time, put money away in an emergency saving, get my retirement package back to where it was, and pay off my student loan and house. Each time I succeed, I can spen more time with my family and long time wonderful friends AND have a good long productive life and an avociate for MS. That is my dream. If I can have that at first – then I can consider more excitement of traveling in the future. Keep me hiped Anthony!

  311. Scott Martin

    Dear Anthony

    My plan for success started when I decided to purchase your book. I have always wanted to be successful and have tried many get rich plans with little success. I have not received my book as of yet but I continue to learn more every day on the web sites. I plan to use the time I have spent in the past playing pc games and watching TV to build an online business in that will set me free of finance worries.

  312. Maud

    Hi Anthony:

    I bought your two books at the beginning of the year. I read both, applied the strategies and was shocked when I received my first affiliate check. I had to call the bank to find who was sending me this money and since the bank could not verify sender they advised me to google the address which did and learned that the check came for your company. Thanks and I hope some one wins the trip to Cancun.
    Many Thanks and God bless.

  313. Chandylene Archer

    Hi Andy,
    To recharge I have to stay healthy and survive loosing a 40year successful buisness. The demand is almost overbearing at this time. So I have not been able to stay on tap of this work, which frustrates me to no end. My goal is to just get started and hopefully implement existing employees into the plan so we can excelerate growth in this buisness. As word of advice, I am a work aholoic in a very trying industry, I am 47 years old and a mother who knows that time off and vacations, time well spent with the Lord and your family can never, never, be replaced no matter how sucessful we are. Unfortunately, we have messed numerous vacations with our immediate family this past year do to my sickness, death in the family, and over whelming work hours, so how well I understand the importance of vacations, to relax, regroup & revive. Everyone needs to remember to take time off.God Bless!
    Chandy Archer

  314. Gordian

    I am happy that I joined your program. Currently i am learning and my website has just been published. All am doing now is reading and learning all that I can until I can gat my computer to play u-tube so that i can listen to your videos. Your weekly blog gives me encauragement.

  315. Rosemary Fields

    Today is all I have so make I will make it the best day ever.
    With this system of business I will strive to stay on my target; believe and achieve my goals of earning income.
    I believe in myself, and all possibilities. I will continue to climb the ladder of success. My mind and body are my instruments and the Internet is my tool.
    I love the internet, the texting and all technology that has brought you success.I will give it 100% of my energy and follow your lead
    Thank you for your input and spirit.. God Bless.

  316. Joe Miranda

    Hi Anthony:

    Your book is awsome. Great work on everything
    you have accomplished. I have tried alot of different
    programs, some I didn’t not like (no training whatsoever)
    others to much information overload, My biggest problem
    is money to advertise is what is holding me back. I have
    that Burning Desire, Determination, Persistent. I know
    you have the tools and system because I’ve read your
    book. I know I have to start where I am at right now
    with no money, bankrupt but with your help I know
    without a shadow of a doubt, I know I will be successful.
    I am not giving up, I have that drive, determination and
    persistent to reach my goal of making $20,000 or more
    a month. For right now don’t use my name you can
    use JoJo. All this is straight from the heart. I don’t
    want no handouts. Every dollar that I will earn is
    going to come from hard work( I’m not of afraid of hard
    work. I’m ready to dive into your program. I will put the
    time and the effort, thats who I am.

  317. Brent Shedden

    The last two weeks while I was reading your books and videos, I thought I was dying of cancer. I just had a colonoscopy today and there was no cancer at all. so I am totally rejuvenated, knowing that I have my life back. I am ready to tackle all of mu businesses again.

  318. Rosemary Lashua

    Hi Anthony – Go glad the two of you had such a wonderful trip. Yes, it would be wonderful to win one. Unfortunately, I became invoved with far too many website telling me who to make money. All I have ended up doing is spending money. I have vowed to reread and rewatch everything I have obtained through your program and forgetting all others. I almost have my websites up, that also had taken some delays, not mine. I know I have to follow YOUR directions to the letter to become more knowledgeable and able to create my wealth. Thank you for the opportunity.

  319. Mary Louviere

    Hi Anthony, I started by buying your book (good reference book) and then the next thing I knew I owned my own business. I have been training with a coach since March and attended the conference in April in Utah, which I really enjoyed. I learned allot there and I am still learning. The most important thing I have learned from you to keep your business going and not give up when things are not going well (I have allot of those times, family,part time work, & my business) is to have motivation and a good attitude. Without that you will fail. By having a coach and able to have access to all your skills (website, blogs, etc…) will help me to succeed in this business. I have come upon a stubbing block at this moment with my business but by you keep reminding me and motivating me not to give up I will keep trying. I am taking my training as you suggested as a college course and like any other profession it takes time to be successful. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge in this business and with my Faith I am hopeful that I will be one of your success stories to come. Thanks again Anthony, Mary

  320. Brenda S.

    I need to learn more about using the internet. If I could spend more time learning to manipulate the internet and my computer, I will be on my way to success. I am reading the books and I must believe that I can learn to implement the program Anthony Morrison has explained in his books. Wish me luck.

  321. Shirley Roman

    Hello Anthony, When I first saw your television broadcast I was very impressed that you helped your father your family in a time of crisis. I thought that by what you did is the way it should be because family and the role of both parents is so vital yet, I see for you and your family this has reaped in return wonderful blessings. I just wanted to tell you that I admire this and keep spreading yourself around (outside the box, yes!) Good for you!

  322. Elizabeth Stratton

    I am still studying and have an excellent plan. I have been sidetracked a bit, one more time, but I will keep on and in spite of the fact that my new computer has not worked since I had it installed, I will not give up. I know that I must keep reading and studying as I have been. I still need to get my business name, etc, and get it going. I can’t wait. I am very eager to get my business up and running. Thanks, Elizabeth~

  323. orrin ivory

    just like your dad,i just about lost everything in auto industry.However ford is doing well.must find a way to climb up and i trust you and your program as a vehicle to do that….one year from now i will be free…thanks!

  324. Neal Falk

    You’re teaching me and I, need to take your advise, on how to find “Me Time”. I’m also finding out that I need to put special time aside to think about dreams I have had and what I’m going to do to fulfill those dreams, and I feel, with the short time I’ve been going back and forth with this concept of fulfilling MY dreams. Thanks for everything so far!!!
    Neal Falk

  325. Stephanie Phelps

    Hey Anthony!! I am so excited about getting started with your program!! Even tho it’s starting out kinda slow (I am unemployed and starting with nothing, I don’t even have any money to invest in any advertising right now!!) I am staying positive about everything. I am also learning patience right along with it. Negativity: That is one huge thing that kept me from getting ANYWHERE!! My inability of being able to let things go and move on (I liked to dwell on things that I couldn’t change) had paralyzed me!! Every morning I wake up early (I used to sleep til noon!)…and I recite the Serenity Prayer. My new motto for my life now is THINK LARGE AND TAKE CHARGE…I try to make each day productive in whatever I am doing. That negativity is gone and I feel the freedom again to do what I want, WHEN I want!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us the opportunity of being in charge of our life…THAT is (so far) what your program has given me, and I am looking forward to seeing the rest of it come full circle for me and my family!! Blessed be!! 🙂

  326. Marleen Martin

    Dear Anthony,

    I believe in your message that you spoke about on TV today Sunday. I believe in myself. So I joined your team today. Working, reading, and following your instructions to be successful is my aim. . I am tired of unsuccessfulness; I choose positive sucess today. With you help I will see a significant turn around. I hope you choose me to receive your Cancoun Gift. Thank you for this opportunity.

  327. Bradley Bohmer

    Dear Anthony,
    As far as your message in staying focused, the only thing that I can say is that in order to stay focused is that I have to evaluate and reevalute my goals. What is most important to me? What’s it going to take for me to get there? And most importantly, when I get side tracked, don’t get discouraged, Refocus and reevaluate my goals to bring me back on track. I’ve done this with every aspect of my life in order to just maintain a source of structure. No I’ve not came from rags to riches in a monetary sense, But I’ve became very wealthy in the past several months, simply by believing in myself and focusing on what is important to me. Thanks for the uplift in my life and helping me refocussing on the important things. My family.

  328. Tamberli Woolsey

    Hey Anthony, just watched blog on recharging. I am only a few months into affiliate marketing and so far have been disouraged. I am working with some coaches that are awsome and even with the discouragement, i refuse to give up. I finally got some clicks on a few promotions, so that was a lifter. I have 2 kids and a great husband. I am driven by them. My goal is to be able to take my daughter on a trip to Hawii for her graduation in 2014. I am hopeing by then I wil have craweld out of debt and living comfortably. Thanks for your help and your blogs, they are inspiring. Tamberli

  329. Lynn Hinds

    Hi Anthony,
    I just started with activating my website. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous about all of this. I have tried this once before and it never worked for me. I don’t know exactly what drew me to purchase your course, but I ordered it and I am in the beginning stages. I know it will take time, and I’m good with that. I will take it step by step and hopefully come out on top this time. Tonight when I get home I will begin by watching your videos and go from there. You have inspired me and I won’t give up this time.

  330. Joe King

    Hi Tony,
    First off do you mind me calling you Tony, I sure hope not i wouldn’t want to blow my chances at the cancun vacation!! Let me start out by saying i’m 57 years young and am an avid marketer to be. I have had 2 previous failed brick and mortar business’s and numerous try’s at making money over the internet. And failed. Although the last scam i got involved with taught me a lot of the stuff you taught about landing pages and websites. There main objective was to have you market yourself as a home based business advocate and sell that theory to people to sell that theory to people ad infinitium!! Then i got involved in affilliated marketing from the vendor’s aspect and had a lot of site’s of interest on them. I knew then what was missing.YOU!!! A guy who from what i have gather from everything i’ve studied so far really wants to teach people with no hidden objectives. I respect that in any individual who show those qualities and has solid rock bottom values as to loving his fellow man as he loves himself.
    I know now what the key ingredient was that i was lacking in making a successful interenet business, Again YOU!! You have taught me so far and i just finished your book that we, The affilliates are the voice to the world what the vendors have to offer.In other words picking the right products that i know about and like and carefully and strategically advertising them i can be successful. And with that i will tell you that i am so eagerly looking forward to meeting you. Again thankyou Mr. Anthony Morrison.

  331. Jan Gray

    Congratulations on your exciting vacation. As someone who has been your age and is nearing retirement age, I can tell you that you need to make vacations a priority because at ma


    Anthony–I just received your program in the mail and havent opened it yet–but I am so excited about these inspiring emails that I know I am not alone –but have lots of friends out there looking at oppertunities to get a handle on my finances—and feel good about what iI am about to venture into–THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE WITH OTHERS—-STEP 1 for me is to set some simple goals –Reading your emails and books——STEP2–TAKE SOME ACTION ON WHAT I LEARN——STEP 3 I WANT TO KEEP LEARNING EVERYDAY –NOT JUST ABOUT BUSINESS BUT ABOUT HOW TO HELP OTHERS —JUST LIKE YOURSELF–I TOO BELEIVE BY ATTAINING SUCCESS I COULD INSPIRE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME –THIS TO ME IS SUCCESS—THANK YOU AGAIN—ANNA ANDERSON

  333. Muneerah Magee

    In order for me to stay focus, I have to evaluate my goals, and not forget why I started this program. What is most important to me is having the financial freedom, which will allow me to be able to help my family and those who are in need. What’s it going to take for me to get there, is never giving up, overcoming all obstacles that may come in my path, and staying knowledgeable about the internet market, so I will continue having the upper hand when it comes to making money. I should continue creating small goals after each one is reached which will help me get to the over all goal. I should follow people who have proven track record of success, and not reinvent the wheel. I believe if I follow every step you are teaching, I will become successful. I hope you choose me to receive your Cancun gift. Thanks again for everything.



  335. Robbir Patten

    Hi Anthony,
    I would like to begin by telling you how excited I was to have an opportunity to work from home. When your materials arrived in the mail I began reading immediately. I wanted to get started ASAP.
    Now I have to admit I usually have to have someone holding my hand telling me each step to take. That is where the Success Team was real helpful (holding my hand).
    Then something happened. I was getting discouraged and let a day, then two, and now it was weeks passed. What was I thinking! That was just it, I wasn’t thinking.
    I’m old enough to of known better than to give up. This is a business I invested in not just something to pacify my time. I knew we had to have a family conference to discuss how to get this business up and running. We put a plan together, set goals and make it happen. We now work as a team and it is kicking off with great results.
    I am now Excited all over again!!

    Thank you Anthony and Success Team

  336. G. Gladden

    Dear Anthony,

    My first taste of internet marketing was watching you on an infomercial one night; it was so inspiring and uplifting. I am looking for another way to supplement my retirement pay, and watching you on TV made me totally convinced that internet marketing was the way for to go. I ordered your videos and books and began to study them. I also search the internet looking for as much information as I could find that would help me learn all about the internet marketing business. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked by the “guru” hype became overwhelmed and subsequently lost focus. I tried to learn too much to fast rather than staying focused on the information I purchased from you. Did I learn a lot from following the “bunny trial”? Yes, I have learned more than I ever thought I would? Have I made money? No, only pennies and I certainly spent a lot of money. However, is spite of it all, I refuse to give up, give out, or give in. I desperately want to find way to work at home to supplement my retirement income. I know that in my heart of hearts I can do it through internet marketing. Now I am going to refocus and go back to the beginning, which is where I started with you. This time around, I know that I can, and will make this work for me as it has for so many others. Thank you for sharing your dreams and for helping others make their dreams come true.

  337. Sherry Nehrboss

    Hi Anthony,
    Hey, first, thanks for all that you do and all that you give.
    What I need to do to be successful is focus focus focus. Every minute of my time right now is booked. So sometimes I run in circles being soooo busy but not accomplishing much. I can be obsessed with organizing myself and spend way too much time doing that. I think I would be better served if I just take a little time to make an everyday list. And then stick to that plan and check things off one at a time. I’m sure I would feel better about it all and actually accomplish MORE!
    Blessings to you,

  338. Karen A

    I need to get off my duff and get involved with this program so that I have a chance for success. I do not need to be a millionaire. I need to be able to earn a livable income. My first step is to get with the program, get my website up and running and start working with your program and do it now!

  339. Allen Adams

    Well what I need to succeed is more time to do it on line .
    I drive truck and during the week I work a lot and when I shut down to work I
    it is on the weekend and if I get internet service good but if I need help I have to wait until a weekday and if I have enogh time and internet service I get answers most of the time I just call and talk to coach but I can not give up I always find around my obstacles this a good program thank you

  340. Kerry Wichterich

    to my coach online, Anthony Morrison,

    First of all, thx for your TV ad about your book ‘Profits From Home’. I saw it, at this time in my life, when I needed to start something for income for my family. My father, the doc says, is dieing from cancer, so I need to stay home with him until he steps-over. I needed something that will keep me at home. You have given to me what I need, thank you.

    I know very little about sitting up and running a business online. Your TV advertisement gave me the vision I needed. I believed it, so I call and ordered your book along with your audio book and other offers including masteryedu and pmi education center. I am just starting, learning from what you have built, and am enjoying every step of the way.

    Right now I have contacted my coach and following the milestone progress plan which is layed out, while at the same time, I am learning from you through the net.

    Next, I will begin to brainstorm for a product niche and then contact suppliers, I do need to get a domain name soon. I have already set up my business i.e. Name, EIN, Tax Sale # and Business Bank Account, also I have recorded beginning goals/dreams. By the way, your motivational videos keep me going.

    After those steps, I will learn how to build a web site and the pages which have the info that is required for a successful web site. Also I will learn how to build links which work. Learning how to plan strategicly, (which you are teaching me) gives me a handle on building my business.

    I plan to balance my time to learn about affiliate marketing and all that you are teaching through what you offer. There is so much that you do offer, and everything so far is really working for me, (a person who knows nothing of this business but is learning daily).

    The plan which I have layed out for you to read through this comment, I have learned through YOU. Thx!!

    In the scope of what I need to know and accomplish, my plan above are the ‘first-steps’ of many which are to come, in order to have successin e-commerce business.

    Thx again for making a way for me to be part of your dream!!!….Kerry…Maranatha!

    P.S. Again, everything I have written, I have learned from you!









  342. Adriano Gouveia

    Hi my friend

    You are amzing in what you are doing in internet marketing have been really good for you and for so many people.
    I already have your book, is really good I Iearnt a lot with it, but now, I do not know how to get start in internet marketing. In this video you talk about the importance of quality time neccesary to have success. Well, I have plenty of time, I do not have a full time job , but, have a really limited budget to start with this business.
    I hope to have your gift being succesful in internet marketing..
    Bye, Bye

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