1. Russell Carlson

    Hi Anthony another great blog, good advice. It’s hard to use it though when I am short of funds to run PPC ads. I got a facebook page going, off to a slow start it will pick up I hope. Thanks again for your time and knowledge.

  2. Joshua Zamora

    Great post Anthony! Thank you for getting my brain juices flowing. Way to think outside of the box. Will be implanting this ASAP!

  3. Ann

    I enjoyed the tape, this is the first one I have got to listen to without it stopping and going. I learned how to word my ads just from this one, I’m going back to listen all the others while I’m takeing care of my daughter she has the fast enternet. Please keep good ideals coming. Ann Sandusky

  4. Paul

    I’m already on your list so please don’t double it up. I like getting it though.

    I like your presentation, esp the M in the back. I love a good production and your’s has been getting better.

    Good short points about how to get an emotional response.

    Nice how you used the electric cigs to explain your point.

    Well done, Anthony.

  5. Kevin

    Awesome info this week. Not being a smoker I would never have thought of that different approach and I can already imagine this being relevant in many other instances.

  6. mike dashiell

    Thanks for the great advice. You touched right on one of the products I am interested in promoting which is the e-cigarette. You continue to educate me with every video you make!

  7. Mike

    Hi Anthony, I just signed up for this is there any way I can see the first two writing killer ppc ad’s presentations?

  8. Selina

    WOW! Anthony you have hit another home run. You sure know how to get those creative minds going. I like your example on how to write an offer to target a buyer. I am looking forward to writing my first PPC ad. A great way to start out our day!

  9. Lowell K

    Thanks for the post Anthony. Sometimes we never think from a different perspective, its always good to look at in a different way, and how the public is perceiving it. I like that shirt haha! Great job, don’t stop!

  10. Sharon Volkman

    Thank you, Anthony. You are so helpful in telling us less knowledgeable people how to do these very important things. I like the way that you present so many lessons in a way that is easy to understand. It looks easy, and will be, but I found out that there is so much to learn.

  11. michael

    excelente your advice it seems simple but its actually very powerful
    thank you I will improve my business using this


  12. Joshua Christensen

    Anthony, You put out real information to real people trying to make a real difference in their lives. This is the 1st VLOG I’ve seen from you but will continue to tune in. I just finished reading Hidden Millionaire today. As I am learning an entirely new industry with my passion ~ I’m putting together a multi-million dollar business with unlimited potential. Your story and guidance is truly timely! Thanks for putting yourself out there.

  13. virginia

    Anthony your teaching points are powerful I am learning alot and have not started my coaching classies yet, I am useing these ideals in my salon ads allready thank you very much. virginia looking forward to making money with your coaching team see at the top!

  14. Henry Kekoanui

    Today’s video lesson is like the final score at the Super Bowl: it raised my expectations, to help me think OUTSIDE of the box. Thank you Anthony, .

  15. Burnetta Knudsen

    great info!! just started with you last week and my brain is exploding with all I’ve learned so far. working with PMI is awsome! thankyou so much for all you do to help others learn and achieve success in their life.

  16. JoLane

    Thinking the ad through completely is what I got from this. I am just getting started and am going slowly so I can understand and form a solid foundation. I am hoping at some point it will become an automatic learned behavior. Thanks


    I really like this video. You really do know how to go about things when it comes to selling. No matter what, if ppl think they’re saving money (regardless if they are or not) they are more apt to buy things. And as far as the electronic cigarette, that is def a great way to go about it. I myself am a smoker and you almost had me sold! haha

  18. Serenity Lydia Bourgeois-Wood

    Finally got my site access now I’ll like to to take Hyper 1 & 2 luckydog sounds good to me almost all disable folks in this senior apt complex own a dog or a cat not many have computers how do I reach them? They are all little dogs so I need a site geer to dogs 35 lbs and under mine is a toy puddle nmae sonny and I rescue him and he recuce me.I’m 64 year old female and he is a 10 year old angle.

  19. tom

    I’m happy to watch some blogs that aren’t a year or more old. Things change too fast in the internet world.

  20. Abe Doliente

    Thank you so much for your post Anthony. You are excellent in sending your messages across. They are very powerful. I know I have a lot to learn and I appreciate very much the information that you are giving us. God Bless you on all that you do.

  21. michael faison

    I had your book and information and it worked out just fine. But what happened was I lost my book due to having my van towed, and impounded.and I couldn’t afford to get my van back. and I lost everything in it. So will I have to order another book……..

  22. Debra Mosley

    Hi Anthony. Love the way you use blog to help us get information for success. your’re right! People love to save money. will remember to use it when i get to start advertizing. thanks again
    Debra In Az

  23. Darryl

    Hi Anthony,
    I loved your blog on hyper Responsive ads. I think I have a good grip on ad writing and split testing my ads. But one thing I think would be of benefit to most of us is link building. And getting other sites to link to ours. I think this might be kinda hard to do with our sites, as they are not specific to one product. so linking to another site or forum is difficult to say the least. and I believe it is about the only way to get page rank with Google. do you have any suggestions?!

  24. Jody Anthony Thompson

    Hey, Anthony;
    That’s an awsome strategy that you’ve put together with the three hyper-responsive advertising techniques. It’s gonna really come in handy for when I go to work.

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