Affiliate Marketing Tips – For Beginners

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I know many of you are new to the affiliate marketing industry so I want to make sure you take full advantage of everything available to help you create success. In this blog I am going to list some of the things that you can do to help prepare yourself for success and to avoid the pitfalls that some new affiliate marketers fall into. So without further waiting….. here are my tips:

1. Attend Industry Events – Attend trade shows such as ad:tech and Affiliate Summit. While you are there you can walk around and meet with affiliate managers from the networks, find new networks to work with, and chat with some of the most successful affiliates on the planet. These industry events are surely the best way to make the connections you need to help further your success in this industry Many of the most successful affiliates attend these events year after year to continue learning from each other. This is a great way to get “insider” tips from super affiliates without spending any money on other educational courses. These events always have “seminar sessions” where some of the top affiliates and marketers will share tips, techniques and information to help you jump start your success. I’ve been attending for years now, and so should you!

2. Pick a Vertical – Some of the most popular verticals are Credit, Dating, Diet, Auto, Education, Mobile, Coupons. Once you select your vertical stay true to it and continue to market offers within that vertical. The reason I think this is so important is because as a new affiliate it’s hard to learn everything at one time. It’s like building a house you need to do it step by step and in a methodical manor. Running out here and trying to dominate every vertical isn’t smart, especially if you haven’t even found success in anything to date. So my advice is to pick a vertical and stick to it. Learn it and master it. Once you create success in order to make your business grow, simply go into other verticals and learn them one by one.

3. Choosing Your Traffic Source – Again it’s very important to select one or two types of traffic and master driving traffic that way. It makes no sense to try to learn everything at one time. There are affiliates making money in every vertical with every combination of traffic source you can think of, trust me. So that means no matter what you choose you have the potential to be successful. I suggest you start with search and display advertising with a mix of social media. Once you’ve mastered this you can move into some of the more advanced “and risky” advertising like direct cpv and media buying. Following this pattern allows you to limit your “risk” and still obtain that reward you want, which is successful campaigns.



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Enjoy Your Week

Anthony Morrison



    I think I’m going to focus on Coupons. I’m already known as a “Coupon Queen” so I think it would be pretty interesting to work off that…

  2. Kevin

    I think I will choose fitness. I think I am interested enough in and have some knowledge to get me started there. More than anything else I can think of at the moment anyway…except for being a dad maybe.

  3. LaToya

    I will be focusing on health. More so diabetes my son has been dealing with it for about 10 years now. Always learning and researching so I have the knowledge and feel comfortable with it.

  4. Tom

    My verticle is auto insurance. I understand the importance of insurance shopping. There is a lot of competition for your business.

  5. Marie

    I will choose Diet. I have been involved in this for a while and kept off the weight so yes that is what my vertical will be.

  6. Bobbie Anne Munsey

    I am going to focus on sale leads. I have trying to get sale offers to convert, and have only successfully converted a few. If I can get a few sale leads to convert, with more attention, I should be able to convert even more!

  7. Jeanette

    I choose Diet as my verticle because that is something I know about. been on one diet or other all of my life, it seems. I know a lot about diet.

  8. Stephanie Jackson

    I am focusing seasonal emphasis right now / just did Valentine’s Day, focusing on St Patrick’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day coming up. Can I consider this a vertical if I associate the usual things you associate with it?

  9. cheryl l matthews

    I need my website addresses to really get seryus and make some money!!!


  10. Doris Vasrani

    I will focus on CREDIT AND EDUCATION. I find these areas intriguing and essential for living. So this is where I choose to focus.

  11. Kathy

    I am working on a vertical about pet diabetis. There are many pets with this problem, and few people know their pet can have it, until it is too late. The other thought is, how can pets get this. I know I have two, that get shots twice a day.

  12. Velma Benavidez

    I would like to do is credit restoration, I have been doing this for over 13yrs. I love helping people, to see their smile when they can qualify to buy any car or home of their dreams. I have been working for myself and sales,sales is what Ive done pretty most of life.

  13. Maria L.

    Since I am new at this and I have not been able to make any money yet, I’ll get into a simple vertical: Coupons. After I become experienced in this industry, I’ll get into something more profitable.
    Explain “Mobile” please!

  14. Ted Thompson

    I did not see that woodwork and home repair on any body’s interest post. Those are one of the constant interests in my widely varied life.


  15. Christine Perry

    I am to new at this, have made no money.. I will concentrate with coupons as my vertical.. Thank, Anthony

  16. S.W.Moran

    I believe my vertical choice will be between Auto or Home repair ,but to be honest i have not finished my research inorder to make my final decision.

  17. Bernard Gray

    I am going to focus on green energy systems that will save you money and help the environment.. How to build simple and complex devices to save and produce energy for your home and auto and more.

  18. Matt Templar

    I have several web sites.Mistake to spread my self this thin.Did not realize
    what I was getting into.No one to talk to about this.I believe the best attack is to take two and let the rest set until I know what I’m doing. One of the others is “”. I also have a dept reduction and mortgage site.(Credit repair.Perhaps this would be best.””. Amazon & Riverwalk are all inclusive sites,they sell every thing.Credit repair based on the economy looks like a viable vertical.

  19. Sharon Davidson

    I’m planning to use diet/health as my vertical because many of the other verticals can can fit nicely into this category, i.e. dating, coupons, education, etc.
    Sharon D.

  20. David Eisenhauer

    This month I am focusing on Real Estate, however, I have a monthly, “Topic” and a blog calendar, that covers the monthly topics. I thought this would add more diversity to the strategy.

  21. steven

    My verticle is Credit. I understand the importance of credit scores and credit cards and how important it is to keep tract of those. There is a lot of competition for your business.

  22. Bryan Anderson

    I am going to put my efforts into the dating arena, being single I know how many websites that I have checked out , and I know I am not alone.

  23. Melvin Tate

    I am working on Real Estate,It is what I know best.I have other sites that take up a lot of my time. I am not quite sure how to Market on this site,yet. I post on Facebook and Twitter.

  24. Sam

    I will be choosing coupons as my vertical as well. I’m not sure about my media source as I am still playing and inexperienced. However, I do have a FB account and also one on MySpace, so, I will probably blog there.

  25. Kim Hughes

    I have been concentrating on Dating in the Social Media arena, it’s working out OK, as long as the Network/Co’s. wouldn’t stop pausing the offers!

  26. dasman

    My vertical will be fitness! I believe fitness encapulates both healthy diet & exercise.

  27. Carolyn Johnson

    With fuel prices skyrocketing as they are, I plan to chose solar panels and alternative auto fuel information as a vertical in order to help my future potential customers save their hard-earned money and our environment.

  28. Debbi Wright

    Mentor Student! Yes!!!

    My veritcal(s) are:

    Purchasing Domain Names and As See on TV products.

    I have purchased domain names for both.

    Pleasant surprise to see you this past weekend in Utah for training.


    (Go Tellman!!! LOL)

  29. Gino Sitkoski

    As I’m so new to this & still researching everything, I haven’t really made a final decision on my vertical yet. I’m leaning toward home improvement/handyman or health & nutrition though.

  30. K&D

    We are going to choose the weight loss and exercise vertical. Been interested in body sculpting all my life so why stop now.

  31. Christopher Cross

    I d seem to be loosing interest in lots of things that I used to do. I do sinceerly hope that I do not give up eating and sleeping completely. I started ten days ago and have studied most of the Advertising Profits From Home book. I have started PMI and have seen all of the success stories that I could find and many of Anthony’s e-mails. This is a problem that Anthony does not seem to have addressed. Perhaps this is some sort of illness!!

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