1. Douglas Hicks

    Just finished your book Advertsing Profits From Home – Now getting ready to Launch my Business. Thank You. Hey join my Prayer Group. Would love to see you participate.

  2. Dan Byrne

    Well short time I am facing bankruptcy I have 1 week to come up with about $40,000.00 or I have to file for bankruptcy so that is my first goal, but that is after tithing that comes first.
    Then after that I would like to create something that I can teach my children so they can be there own, but beyond that I am a giver & I would like to find a good Christian based organizations to support. And of cores be able to give my loving wife(who is dealing with a lot do to the bankruptcy) she has not done a lot of traveling so I would like to take her & our grand kids places she/they have never seen before & just watch there eyes lite up to see GODS wonderful creations.

    Regards Dan B

  3. Anthony Giuliano

    I’m a single father with to two lovely daughters. I’ve got one looking at colleges to attend in September. My youngest is a freshman in High school who has a handicap but has been attending a public school and has been working well. I’m 59 and was laid off 9 months ago so it’s been getting very difficult for me to keep going. I’ve always wanted to be able to give my daughters a life of love freedom and have the ability to support them in their needs especially financially. Well I know the love is there and has always been there and will continue to be there and that I promise. I had no father growing up so they will always have me. They are getting older and I want to get to enjoy our lives together before they decide to go out and have a life of their own. But they will always remember me for my love and support in giving them what they need. If I can even have a business where they can take over and be happy with their lives would be wonderful. So I’ve come to you to start establishing that type of life. Thanks

  4. wadlet clervoyant

    all i need: have fun with my family and my friends-but the thing is: if u struggle with bills-n no money to pay them-its not going to be funny at all- i m searching like a fool to suivivre in this life- i think you are the rihgt key to lead me inside of the bullet-my dream be a milionaire-that always sort of on my mind- i don’t see anyway yet n i have no business experience – i want u help me get my dream come- u know have beautiful life like everybody else -n jesus bless u!

  5. Linda Britt

    Hello, Anthony.
    Happy Easter! Happy Spring!
    I’m motivated by my interest in paying off my mortgage. I’m retired and finding it hard to keep my mortgage on track and do the other things I want to do. But the mortgage is first. I want to be able to leave the house to my sons.

  6. Anthony Beck

    Hi Anthony:I bought your books to learn how to use my website to introduce more people to our little piece of heaven!/pages/The-Reserve-at-Town-Center/192495150774904?sk=wall just an hour from Clearwater and 15 minutes from Disney.
    What a difference you have made!! Now, in addition to increased rental of our lovely Villas, we are getting paid for air travel, car rental, Theme park and Show ticket and shopping. Wow!!!
    But more!! Now friends can see our hideaway on our new Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. (Please “like” & “retweet”).
    The next step is to build page rank and while I do that I will start a slew of other campaigns.
    Now I’ve got a passion to keep me vital into the distant future.
    Thank you!!

  7. cheryl clayton

    I am driven by the love of my family, i am a single mom and have to work alot to keep everything going and i want to be able to spend more time with them. I would like to take them on a vacation before they leave home and go on there own(which is only a short time)

  8. Philip Jepsen

    Hi Anthony,

    Great message and good to have you in Clearwater at the Sand Pearl Resort! Clearwater Beach is just spectacular, and we love living here.

    As for what motivates me, it is reaching the level of financial independence where we can simply spend most of our time helping others by doing humanitarian projects.

    I spent 2 months as a volunteer in NYC right after 9/11, working directly with the overall rescue effort, and I loved doing that! Making a difference in improving life around us is what it is all about.

    The rat race, struggling to make ends meet – that gives little opportunity for making a difference. Getting out of that and then working on big contribution projects is what drives me.

    Thanks for your blogs and your frequent advice and training.


  9. Cliff

    I am driven to provide a life for my family that is exciting, rewarding and a life not of the ordinary but a life that is extraordinary.

  10. Zach Branson

    I am motivated and driven by the fact that when I become successful with affiliate marketing I will be able to take care of my family friends financially. The ability to be able to help out my loved ones is a satisfaction that is hard to top for me. Thanks for the great lessons Anthony.

  11. Donna Anderson

    FinaI would say i am driven by the fact that i absolutely love doing things for people, i love to go out and find rare and meaningful gifts for friends and family. My ultimate goal would be to be able to open pet stores that instead of adopting puppies out, it would be rescued animals from the shelters. But that all takes lots of money! I would also dearly love to be able to give MY CHILDREN FINACIAL SUCCESS AS WELL. I DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED AS TO WHY EVERYTHINGS CAPS, CANT GET IT TO TURN IT OFF. ANYWAY, I WOULD LOVE TO NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT WHAT I HAVE TO PAY FOR AND HOW IM GOING TO PAY FOR IT!

  12. Gopal Iyer

    Rightfully said. We all work hard to provide a better life for our families. I am working hard to put my son through medical college. I will be so happy when he becomes a doctor.

  13. Morgan Akridge

    The money would give me the opportunity to work from home & spend more quality time with my family.

  14. Nelson M. Rojas

    Why, do I work so hard for? First and foremost, I cannot work from 9-5. God did not create me to do that. I respect people who could go to work from 9-5. But that is not for me!! I love to work hard and play hard. I personally feel that working for someone else you would not accomplish in life what you desire. On the other hand, working for yourself you can accomplish much more and live a life of financial freedom. But it also takes a lot of discipline to work for yourself so there is pro’s and con’s.

  15. Kinsan

    Thank you Anthony, I agree that money is just a key that creates possibilities to do things we want. My drive is to be, and remain independent with a wide possibility to help others. Making sure that those who essentially dependent on me, have want they need to succeed in their live.

  16. Abe Doliente

    Thank you so much Anthony for yur Weekly Blog # 61. First of all, I congratulate yu on your first anniversary with your girl friend..

    I have always been motivated to help others as long as I can. I will do everything to extend my help especially my services. I may not have abundance in money, but I am blessed with a lot of friends.

    Again, I thank you so much. May God Bless you and your family.


  17. David Caudill

    Hello Anthony,
    I retweeted and liked on FaceBook for ya. But I will admit it wasn’t because you asked me to, it was because we do like you and believe heart and soul in you and your system. Hey it has made us money. (And still is.)
    I’m sure you’ve noticed I R.T. for you on twitter and I am always checking you and Rob TheGenie Toth out on F.B. ( Oh and Cindy says “don’t forget Mark Hansen!”)
    But I’m sure you know our story of my wife (Cindy) and how she has been/is battling Breast cancer for over a year now. (It is the H.E.R.2 cancer,stage4) That was the reason I bought your system point blank!
    It was/is of the very upmost importance that I find a way to be home with Cindy in the most trying time of our lives and still make money for us to survive. To be able to be here for all the Dr.s appointments and if she just plain needed me.
    Well you and your system made that a reality. Reading your books,following your advice (and others I admit) and never giving up made it possiable to be at home now.
    Yes it has taken time, and at times I wanted to give in. It was at those times I would look at Cindy and know that that was not an option. And that’s when I would look to you and the fore mentioned for inspiration.
    And I found it in your posts,videos,books,emails and in you yourself.
    We still dream of someday meeting you in person (or even a phone call)and since you/we made one of our dreams come true,we believe there may just come a day when it comes true as well.
    To you and yours we wish you the very best, David and Cindy Caudill “We are DaCinMoney and we are working from home.”

  18. Jeanne Mausure

    Anthony, I really just want to learn everything that I can about this marketing adventure so I can help others to be successful. I just have to get there myself first!!! Jeanne

  19. Wayne P. Myers

    I really liked Clearwater, and I like what you said about what drives you.
    What drives me to work hard is my wife and my family, I want to provide a good life for them, I want to give my wife nice vacations and travel I want to spend quality time with her as much as possible. Right now with the job I have I don’t get to spend a lot of time doing the things I would like, I hope that affiliate marketing will give me the flexibility to do the things with her that I would like to do. Also I would like to be able to help my family and friends fullfill their dreams.

  20. John Pacey

    Mutual respect, progressive work, getting paid for doing something I love to do.

  21. Siri Folk

    What drives me is seeing my family, my son, my parents and Grandma, stress free and living a healthy happy life! It is my goal to be able to take care of them all, more than I do now. When they are happy I am happy! The reason why bought your books! I will read them soon and am excited about it!

  22. Carl Shiffer

    Greetings Anthony,
    You are in beautiful Clearwater Beach! I worked in Clearwater,FL at 1100 Cleveland Street years ago. The last that I knew it was a tan building trimmed in green and about 15 stories high. Awesome place to live and work. Every fourth of July we would go on top of the roof of that building and watch the fireworks. We could see the shows from all of the surrounding communities like Dunedin, St Pete, Clearwater of course, and even as far as Tampa. What a show. If you wish to visit Daytonna Beach or Orlando let me know..I have timeshares in both locations. My wife Carol and myself will be ordering your book that you are advertising on TV shortly. We are just starting with internet marketing and you are our mentor. In the meantime…..enjoy your time with your girlfriend in beautiful Clearwater Beach.

  23. Russell Carlson

    Hi Anthony Great view. I am motived to work so I can see that my family and I are living well. That is why I am going Commerial fishing this summer.
    See you in the fall. Thanks again for all the good advice.

  24. David Garrett

    I’m looking for a way to make my living without the long commute. Today’s gas prices are killing me. I also want to be able to set my own hours so I can dedicate more time to my ministry.

  25. Jeff McBride

    Hey its Jeff, I just received your book I watched. The video just need to read the book! I’m very excited to start I haft to wait tonight. Until. My daughter. Sleeps then I’m reading! I’m mommy and daddy so it’s like that. I’m 39 years old. My. Goals in life. R to make me and. Serina. Happy. And content. Before. I turn 50 I want a nice truck and a home in green vill Delaware I’m in new castle now it sucks! I’m not happy. But serina makes every thing OK so thank God 4 that. Hopefully your advice and my time will something done! Thanku. So much 4 coming into my life always, the drummaster. Jeff McBride: -) …

  26. sally

    What drives me to desire money: I would Love the ability to have Options for my life and Grandchildren, money allows this to happen without the stress..

  27. Winston

    My drive, desire…to break the chains of corp. america. To be totally independent. Work for myself. Developing & growing my business, obtaining multiple sources of income…being successful.

  28. nate asby

    what motivates me is i want to quit my job. i work part time and i do not get to go on vacation very much. i drive 45 minutes to work every day. lot of times i do not get to go to my karate class and work out

  29. Andy Cox

    I am most motivated by the thought of being able to be the best Dad I can be to my four children. Right now I work so hard each day being an electrician, and still barely getting by, that I can’t spend the time being a coach, a hunting buddy, my daughters daddy. Just to be able to take my wonderful wife on a weekend get away would be real nice.

  30. gene coppedge

    This is my first time watching Anthony’s blog and what a coincidence he was in Clearwater, Florida thats where I was born. I just received my book yesterday and now I’m so eager to get started with my business. Through this business I want to have financial freedom. To me that means I can pay off all my bills and be debt free and if I want to buy something I can pay cash for it without paying hundreds or thousands of dollars in interest payments. I would also would like to teach my grown children and get them involved so they to would have financial freedom. I have credit card payments and a mortgage payment that totals to about $275,000. My house’s value is under water, like so many other Americans, these are real world problems but i believe with all my heart that Anthony’s program are real world answers to my financial problems! Thank you so much Anthony for developing this program. On your mark, get set, Im gone


    My goal is achieve financial independents in my life. I want to exceed so that I can succeed like you Anthony. I want the most things out of life. I love your books.

  32. Magda

    You seen a good person, and I’m glad that you can have some much fun with your girl friend and family. I’m here following you because I need to have a break of working some much for other people an nothing for me and my family.

  33. Larry D. Mann

    Good Morning Anthony,

    THANKS for your beautiful short video from Clearwater, FL — AND ALL of your positive/inspirational programs, teachings AND your attitude. Anthony, lately YOU inspire and motivate me with everything you are accomplishing! YOU and all your GOOD WORKS are EXTREMELY refreshing, especially with all the rip-off garbage that inbox and I see every second!

    I SERIOUSLY respect your charity events for Burn Center Kids. Life has dealt me with TOO many tragic occurances — don’t worry, I won’t go into detail with each of seemingly THOUSANDS as we need to keep your programs POSITIVE and HAPPY! BUT, please allow me just to say that the toughest for me to recover from is that my precious Mother and two little Angels (ages only 5 and 3) burned to death in the family home that I grew up in way back in 1988. So God Bless you in these particular charity events!!!

    Anthony, I read and saturate EVERY word you write and say, Young Man (I turned 55 this year–OUCH!!!), as YOU and YOURS are REAL — NO typical B.S.! Well done, my Friend, WELL DONE!!! AND JUST AS SOON as I can realistically afford your EXCELLENT book/program “Advertising Profits”, I’m GOING to invest in it, devour it, and hit the market like a HURRICANE with it!!!!! I recently lost my J.O.B. of about 22 years (WITHOUT any advance notice!), and am TEMPORARILY “pinching pennies” just to eat! Paul Harvey once said that the ONLY key to his success: “Every time I got knocked down in life, I just simply got back up”. I WILL ALSO GET BACK UP, Anthony, so please don’t ever “pitty or look down” on me.

    Well, I’ve written too much and you probably don’t have time to read this anyway — I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU, Anthony, for giving me new HOPE and TRUE BELIEF once again!

    Larry D. Mann

  34. Harold

    What motivates me is my family, althought there are times it may seemed that I can’t move on with the AM program, but I have to really push myself to give my family a better life. I am in the midst of having mutiple health issues, but that won’t keep me from progressing, I may be slow moving on and I still have the urge to keep abreast and keep trying.

  35. Curt Stiede

    Thank You Anthony;
    I am always amazed how a single person can get so much done. Of course it is a lot easier today with all the technology we have. I use to be driven pretty hard. I am older now with the reoccurred cancer and makes it a bit harded to keep a clear mind for business.
    What does movtivate Me today is the fact that My dream is to have a holiday in Europe, ‘Germany, Switzerland’, And Russia, where my girlfriend is today. If there is time left, journey to Iran to visit a friend there. I just wonder how many others of “your-our” business has the cancer and can opperate? This truly is a new experience for Me. Well not really I have an Espresso coffee house for the reason of a holiday, then the caner, Bye bye coffee house. I really do try the best I can. Just wanted too let U know, I am Not lazy to any matter. “X” workaholic, Best Wishes, Curt Stiede.

  36. Joe Wilbanks

    I am motivated to be able to pay off some bills and try to donate to some charaties if I have extra money.

  37. Manuel Gonzalez

    Hey Anthony: I live in Sunny Isles, Fl and have a great view to the ocean. I hope you enjoy your vacation with your girlfriend. I would like to mention that what motivate me to do this business is to provide my family a better quality of live. That’s all, my family, specially my son.

    Thank you and have a wonderful vacation.



    P.D. I hope to meet you personnaly soon.

  38. James Kelley

    Iam retired from GM , I drive a Jet Dragster and I like going fast , love the fans and all the young kids that look up to me . this is what Iam all about

    James Kelley

  39. Annie Cooper

    I am excited about the coming package of my business. You see, I’m one of those that have had dreams for years’ I am now 70yrs; and have not let them die. I realize it all about TIME!



  40. Samuel Pricde

    Thank you Anthony for helping me and my business, I really appreciate the simple wisdom that you share, it has made a difference for us and many of our business partners. Thanks again.

  41. Diane Nicholson

    Anthony I saw you on TV last night.
    Clearwater is very near where I used to live. We lived in St Pete and parents lived in Tampa. Daughter lived in Clearwater.

  42. sal serrato

    i want to help people better themselfs. and the unforturenate, homeless, abuse children and abuse wifes. i want to make a difference in the world.

  43. ana

    from orlando florida you are a very positive person I hope to meet you someday in person.

  44. Annetta Harrison

    What motovate me is, for my husband and I go on go on vacations when we want to, help others that are in need, purchase our own dream home with cash up front, debt free, able to pay all bills on time, enjoy life to the fullest, buy our own church building with a home for homesless people with a freeding program and able to hire staff. I look to the day of my dreams coming true real soon.

  45. Annetta Harrison

    What motovate me is, for my husband and I go on go on vacations when we want to, help others that are in need, purchase our own dream home with cash up front, debt free, able to pay all bills on time, enjoy life to the fullest, buy our own church building with a home for homesless people with a freeding program and able to hire staff. I look to the day of my dreams coming true real soon. I am having problem with the submit.

  46. GotoGuy

    Love the beach, not to be a hater but you suck:) It’s been too long since i’ve been to Clearwater Florida.

    I work to create an empire that will be passed on from generation to generation. If it takes all I have then my family and their families will be set. I spend countless hrs in front of this machine reading trying to put together that instant money making website/blog. But if it were easy everyone would do it. Oh well Thank you Anthony for the opportunity to put my foot in the door. Your stories remind me a lot of myself right now.

  47. GotoGuy

    Love the beach, not to be a hater but you suck:) It’s been too long since i’ve been to Clearwater Florida.

    I work to create an empire that will be passed on from generation to generation. If it takes all I have then my family and their families will be set. I spend countless hrs in front of this machine reading trying to put together that instant money making website/blog. But if it were easy everyone would do it. Oh well Thank you Anthony for the opportunity to put my foot in the door. Your stories remind me a lot of myself right now.

  48. herve

    well motivates me is to the very best at what i do in business world i keep going for the best.

  49. Cathy

    I don’t always get the weekly blog & would love to see your offices!

    I’m motivated by self esteem through work & success, & the financial aspect is also helpful with that esteem.

    Would like to be able, once again, to do some traveling & broaden my horizons.

    I’m focused & I’m worn out!

  50. Marty L.



    Hopefully you were also able to get over to Madeira Beach (John’s Pass) and Treasure Island. Along with Clearwater, beautiful areas! Which leads me to my motivation for wanting to become successful.

    We all have our buttons. Our like and dislike buttons and the things that soothe our souls. I grew up spending every summer at our families summer cottage – boating, swimming, skiing, fishing – our childhood revolved around the water. That created a huge like button for me. That’s what I enjoy, that’s what soothes my soul.

    I love boating and I don’t get to do it because I can’t afford it right now. It’s depressing. I’ve been around a long time now and to know that the sun is setting (it’s no longer high noon) on this life adventure and I am not able to do one of the main things that I love to do is depressing.

    So, as I work to stay afloat and get by, I am also searching to find an avenue for increased revenues and, therefore, increased satisfaction in living.

    Luckily, we all have many buttons so we can stay contented by pushing our more immediate and easily obtainable buttons; but, I need to satisfy my main button, to bring that missing joy to my life and to soothe my soul as it prepares for its larger and more profound journey.

    Thanks Anthony, for being (what appears to be) a decent human being sharing some of your insights and methods for success with us who are still searching for a modicum of that same success.

  51. Axel Ahlers

    Hi Anthony,
    I am really looking forward to hear and above all understand what is going on with my life. Just recently I had a Stroke and a Kidney Stone removed.
    I have your books and videos, and for the last time (I am 69 Years Old), I am getting to myself better, and above all getting back on top again.
    Thank you for your help and the opportunity given to me by your presents and being able to follow you through Internet Marketing Success.

  52. Jan

    My motivation is to help people….especially cancer survivors and people who need to work from home.

  53. Charles Deneffe

    My boyfriend went to your seminar and he signed up!
    We are excited to join you in this great enterprise.

  54. Alex Plates

    Thanks Anthony; My happiness comes from helping others, and not cheating anybody and taking their money on the promise that they MAY make money. You back up your followers and help them. Others dont. I am happy with family and friends this Easter. Enjoying their kids grow up, fresh air at the beach, very similar to you. I am not very materialistic, I am happy with fresh air and being surrounded by good people. I am ready to try another ad campaign with one of your products to a website I will open. Your top sellers health insurance and acacia berries have been discontinued. I need advice on what your highest sellers are right now. Your biggest audience is employed college degree females, 18-24 and 48 plus with a gap from 25-47. So the house wifes with kids and men are not buying much from you. It has alot to do with the products you are promoting. Alot of them like gift cards require the customer to purchase other things to get the gift and people dont want to worry about having to make other purchases. They want to get the one thing and be done with it. Let me know what one product you suggest. I am thinking wrinkle cream since your customers are mostly old ladies. Thanks Anthony.

  55. James McDonald

    This is another way to correspond with us, and have a tax write off as well,Bravo ! What is my motivation? I see my pastor requesting (begging) christians, who claim to give their lives to Christ, pay their tithes ! I learned that if I ask God for wealth just for myself it’ll be a long time coming, but if I ask for it to help others it’ll come sooner ! The condition on that is you better stick to what you said you’d use it for ? or it just may be taken from you ! I want to do two thgings and reap the benefits from them both ? 1) Write a tithe check every week for six digit figure. 2) Be able to play the part of “Secret Millionaire”, helping other programs God laid out in his plan. On T.V. the highest was close to $500,000.00. As, christians we know it all belongs to God, EVERYTHING ! You will leave here with what you brought here ? NOTHING !. The Homeless,Battered Men/Women shelters, Run-a-way Teens, those who realy need help where this system has failed. The benefit ? 1) Make God Happy serving Him !, 2) Being Obedient with tithing/offerings, 3) Reaping the rewards of making that kind of money that’ll change lives,addresses and phone numbers, careers, retraining, and the list goes on….. 4) Not have to work for ANYONE ELSE ! FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE ! 5). Leave my children something my parent didn’t give me ? a financial leg-up. 6) To see the fruits of my Labor, challenges overcame, self-esteem hightened, Faith and Character Building accomplishments ! NO MORE LIP SERVICE ! Love without works is dead, so is Faith without works is DEAD ! Love is as Love does !

  56. James McDonald

    Oh Yeah, Happy Passover, don’t forget to Annoint your everything, and I’ll add you in my prayers, keep doing what God want and proserity will follow ! Chef Mac.

  57. Shannon

    I do this so that I can spend my time doing what I love instead of working just to get by financially. The things that interest me are highly rewarding in every sense other than financially: such as parenting, creating art, and leading/teaching small groups. I want to have money come in with less time spent earning it so that my time can focus on the things that are important to me.

  58. Kenny Fabre

    what motivates me is my parents and my love of encouraging, helping and motivating people I want to give my parent’s all their hearts desire and I want to have my own charity

  59. oscar

    Hi Anthony:
    My main motivation is to have financial freedom, help financially to my two daughters, and start a new life with my fiancee, and be able to provide for everything, take vacations, in plain english, enjoy life that is so beautiful.
    I am really focus with my home internet business, that when I generate my first $1000.00 dollars per month, I will be sending to you an email.
    Thank you for support.

  60. scott dutton

    Hi Anthony,
    I’m new and just getting a slow start with your program, however what motivates me is the ability of not being tied to a certain job and location of that job and to have the time needed to raise my two daughters. Being a single dad and currently self employed in the remodeling industry is very demanding and time consuming so your ideas will open new doors of opportunity to have a better quality of life. I look forward to working under your guidance. Thank you

  61. Shalini

    Hi Anthony
    U Know i got so much distracted by the clear water that i had to pay extra attention to listen what u were saying. My insperation to do this internet business came from my kids who only have me as a parent. So i want to spend as much as time they need with them. Everybody please give me ur best wishes.

  62. Frank Fish

    Why am I doing this? What pulls me through when overwhelm sets in?

    1. Financial independence, moving back to Hawaii and to visit our son in Paris whenever we like.

    2. Assisting people experiencing pain in their body to get relief

  63. Nathan

    I am motivated by the potential that I could give back to the community. Most of America is like me, and it is the part of working society that is ignored and unreached. I want to set up scholarships, fund public services, give children of single parents mentoring, build a campground for family retreats, teach in seminars and books how to be financially responsible, how business works, how money works, encourage building character and integrity, how to be free to in turn give back after their own success, including my children.

    I have never taken a vacation, because of cost. I have adult daughters now and a grandson. I have always worked multiple jobs simultaneously just to afford basic living costs. If I were to lose my jobs today, I could not eat next week. I deeply desire on-line business to replace my employed earnings and set me free to give back!!! Maybe even take my first vacation.

    Dreaming big!

  64. Karen Pressley

    What motivates me is to be able to get out of debt and be able to take my family on a great vacation. I love my family and love to help others. Would love for my husband to be able to relax as well. My family sees me as their hero and I raised my children by myself for 14 years was hard but I did it. Being a single parent was really hard, but I know if I had to do it again I could. I am wanting to be able to give more to the Lord, and give my family more family time. THANKS Anthony


    Anthony, I read some of the Notes. I too, like you would love to take vacations with my children, grandchildren & Dad. Honestly, I havin’t taken any vacation in almost 6 yrs. I want to Give back to my Dad for All the things He has done for me & the Church, He Pastors. I am alive because of the prayers going out for me. I have had so many changes in the past 5 yrs. that have taken a toll on my health & finances. If something don’t change within the next month in 1/2, I will be losing my home. I am DESPERATE! I need to make money 🙂 I am willing to put thee hours in Faithfully, working around my pain & health… I am reading Your Book mailed to me, have watched the videos and following you online. I cannot purchuse the ‘396 days’ literally because of finances & have about tapped my Dad out too! We lost Mom 5 yrs. ago & He has been there for me & me for Him, helping each other. I know, I can do this!!! Soon, I want to be on one of Your videos, showing another Miracle in my life “Due to Your Plan” Thank You, for YOUR TIME 🙂

  66. Jean Pertick

    Just missed you! Love the gulf. Go north a little way on 19a to Palm Harbor. Stop at Lucky Dill – NY style deli. like corn beef? you’ll love
    the Dill. Crystal Beach is across the street. that’s where we hang out.

  67. fern

    hey anthony,
    i finally got your book from one of my friends but i was not able to get the other nor the video as on t.vo. reason is that he bought in through amazon. im glad i finally got it after weeks of trying. you see im really doing nad financially and at the brink of insanity. ihave a wife and two kids i have to look after. i seen your t.v. program and im convinced 100% this will work. i beleave in you and hope you can beleave in me too.for the record let me tell you a little bit about me and my situation so you can have an idea of how we are doing. these last months weve been behind on our rents, bills and all and my kids havve not got the love and support i want to give them brcause of this. ive been live on cup o’ soups and a decent meal every now and then for the last six months. for x-mas we did not have a tree. and i was sad to tears because my daughter is three and it broke my heart to death to have her like that. i dont care for me any more. im a lived man. but itruly adore my kids and every thing i do i do for them. is there a GOD? i truly beleave so. for that night i was flipping thruogh the channels,and i’m really not a t.v. person, and i got to see part of your program. i was really convinced and truly beleave in it. today is sat april 23, 2011. i just got my book, will buy the whole collection later. but for now as of this moment, i will give it my 100%. see you in december with an update.

  68. Shannon MacCready

    Hello Anthony! I am a single mother and was recently laid off for the first time in my life (a very scary feeling, btw) from my position as an accountant. I am almost 50 years old and I find myself a little “ticked off” that I have to start all over again so to speak and also tired of working for other people. I have just started reading your book on affilitate marketing. I have decided to do this because I AM tired of working for other people. I want a business of my own. To have a comfortable life and not have to worry about being laid off ever again.

  69. James

    Hello Anthony:
    MGBY on this Easter weekend and everyday of your life. What motivates me is family and friends. I’m 77 and don’t need much materially. What a beautiful place you chose to take your sweetheart. Being able to watch the sunset everyday over the pristine waters is so relaxing and peaceful. The main difference here is that my sunsets are coming to an end and I like your family lost everything I had hoped for in the future a few years ago. Mine was due to health about 20 years a go and your dads was due to a scam and people who didn’t give a damn about others. Fortunately there was a young man there with a vision to help his family and it has stayed with you. Now they are back and with a few breaks and desire and motivation maybe a few thousand who need a helping hand being offered can make it back as well. I have been for the past 15 years looking for someone that was trustworthy in this field and something that I could bring to my family and friends before my sun set. I have spent perhaps a few thousand and even more thousands of hours Maybe, just maybe you are the rising sun for me before that time comes. I had to give up driving 12 years ago and now have an electric scooter to get me around which gives me a chance to be in front of my computer as many hours a day as I want. I am now on my 3rd reading of your book. and even if I don’t have time to be what I would like to become it will be fun still trying to get there with your help, a diamond among the stones. This Anthony is a subject that could go on for a long time and could fill volumes of books. Both for those who want for themselves and for those who want something to give. I am a giver and God blessed me this way. This I will be eternally thankful for. Have a great family day with those you love Anthony. Life is so short. MGBY—jim bray—

  70. Mary Dawkins

    What motivates me is to have my own business and to help others, especially family.

  71. John Faber

    I love helping other people. The environment every since I was a kid,Also health a great product is Vemma.
    To help the Planet and help people have a healthier life and save money, that makes my day/

  72. Glenys

    Good question. A few months ago my dear husband became very ill with two heart failures and spend many days on a life-support machine. Thank God he is much better and is now home. Unfortunately, we have no medical cover to help pay for a very expensive medical bill and follow-up treatments, in addition to this, he lost his job. I would love to be able to take the pressure off him by using this business to provide a stronger income and give us the freedom to purchase a home of our choice, to move our family out of this cramped two bed apartment, to help our son continue having music lessons and even help him with private tuition. Would love to be able to visit my elderly mother and father at least once a year in their home land. Would love to be able to give more to those in need – that include of my time and resources…. the list goes on. Thank you for that exercise – that feels so good. I think I’m ready to do this.

  73. JoAnne

    Hummm, what DO I want? I have worked over 20 years now and the last 10 were awful. I want to be able to afford the trips and other adventures with my family and friends that I dream about now. I want to have the chance to buy a gift for someone without asking how much it costs. Money, at least in my view, is only a tool to create a moments of happiness for family and friends. To be able to help when called upon. To be able to say happy birthday or congrats in the most creative ways possible.

  74. Gladys Michaels

    What motivates me, I don’t have any money. But when I had a little, I spent it on my grand children, I an trying to get more so that I can visit my grand children and their children and friends.

  75. Dan McCormick

    I do this to pay my daughter’s way through college so she can follow her dreams.

  76. steve Shoff

    Hi Anthony,
    Be able to get up in the monning and with your wife and work on this business together. because now we go sp. way . WE love to go place taking the kids see ther face on thing they never seen. But right MR. debt has got use by the neck .

  77. Lowell K

    Hey Anthony!

    Great post! It’s good to see the fruits of your labour, and where it can take you. I too would like to be taking trips wherever I want, someday, with someone special.. But the thing that drives me the most to get up every day, and put my nose to the grindstone… Is to be able to be worry free about debt,and feeling morally great about what I’m doing, is impacting not only my world, but others in this world. That I’m helping to make a power to change others as well. And the best part is, it doesn’t even feel like work. Cause I love doing this! Keep up the posts Anthony. You’re a wonderful, genuine, sincere mentor and your positive spirit keeps me motivated!

  78. Ricardo M

    My motivation in life is to provide for my family, my community, my society and my fellow man a better way of life. I want to make a difference for everyone in my life. I want to be able to say that I did my part to improve my generation and those to follow.

    Thank You;

  79. Tianna

    What drives me? My children. I am a single mother of five, and I want nothing more than to give them the world. Good education.. Recreational activities… Family vacations that will be remembered a lifetime… I am driven by the idea that one day I will be able to provide all this and more to them, and I may even be able to help out other as well!

  80. Willie Hardiman

    Hello Anthony,
    I am a brand new to your system. I am very exited and waiting to recieve my books and other material that I recieved today in the mail from you. I am planning to start reading immediatly. What drives me is my hopes for a better life, success and more financial freedom for things like vacations for my family and I. I hope to be able to travel before my children are grown. Thanks Anthony

  81. Wm R

    I have set a retirement date from my job of 35 years, I want a good life for myself and experience the things I dream without being afraid for fear of not having money. I bought your course 3 weeks ago and I am frozen with fear, and I am afraid, but I have decided that today I am going to do it anyway starting off by commenting on this blog

  82. Merle Herman

    I have just joined and my goal is to be able to take care of my kids and grandchildren, make a good life for all of us. I am a senior and want to make sure I am able to be on my own forever. I have to do this in baby steps I get very confused with websites I am hoping this will be the one to get me to my goals. Thanks Anthony

  83. josephd williams

    what drives me isthe opportunity to give me and my family a chance to enjoy what life we have left to enjoy it without ,to worry about where our next finance will come from.

  84. Carol

    Hi Anthony,
    I would like to live in total freedom and feel good about giving to others. I want to live in the home of my dreams, and be able to travel and do the things I love knowing I have the freedom to do that. I also want to help the less fortunate and give back to my community and church.
    Thanks, Anthony

  85. Michael

    I like to be able to pay off all my bill and take my wife anywhere she wants too go. What drives me is never giving up at the things i want to succeed at. I want to be financially free from all debt and trust me I have some debt. but don’t we all.Just a better life where I can spend it with my family,
    Thanks Anthony

  86. KeyOfGee

    This is my first day listening to the material. You asked us to comment on what has motivated us/me to be here. I was so proud when I retired at age 44 after 25 years of service in my career. As the economy continues to change my pension does not allow me to do very much. At age 55 I don’t want to go back to work and don’t want to ask family members for help.

  87. Ammiel

    I’m committed to be successful as a entrepreneur . Motivate by freedom, security and adventure; also love to travel.

  88. DEBBIE

    Thank you. We are just getting started with your program. We started it because we are raising two grandson’. One wants to be full time military, but the younger one, age 9, won’t be able to do any physical work. With three open heart surgeries, two pacemakers, and a stroke he will be limited. This is our motivation to get this program of yours up and running so he will be able to do something with his life in the future, after the heart transplant that is ahead of him. Thanks again. Deb & Rich.

  89. David Neville

    Hi Anthony!!!
    What have motivated me to go alone with your plan of action is the fact that I believe you are truly a man who cares about people in general, I admire the way you come across with your honesty, And I do believe now that I can really do your system and make a better life for myself, my family and most of all the children’s that I sponor through the organization call “Children International” I have been procrastinating a lot since I receive your books in the mail earier this month, In a sense it is almost like I am afraid to take the next step. Now that I do have your books I will push myself to make this a success, All of my life I have fail because I could not finish anything that I start. but I have made a promise myself that I will finish this because I need to believe in myself once in my life, and your books have given me that confident that if I am will to do the work then I could make my dream a reality. I just want thank you for being the wonderful man you are, I know our God is look down from heaven with a smile on face saying Good job, well done my son Anthony. When you are able to put a smile on God’s face you have done your job. Just continue to do what you have been doing and all is well.
    “One of your Success stroy to Come”

  90. Phil

    What is driving me is being able to do things with and for my family. To be in more control of my life. Not depending on my job for extra money. Be able to help others in need.

  91. Julie

    What motivates me is my children and knowing that i am just a small part of a great whole. What i mean by that is simple. We are all children of God who are blessed by him, so that we in return can then be a blessing to others. Anything that is shared with me whether it be good, bad or unknown to me at the time, is brought into my life so that we can learn and grow from it. This way we can take the knowledge from that experience to better this place that we live in for others who are in need.

  92. Sandra Jordan

    As I watched your blog # 61. What really motivates me is to be able to fully fund my son’s education, be able to help my family and go on vacations when ever. Set the standard so my son could latched on, take this business to the next generation. Thank you for your motivation, Happy Easter to you and your family.

  93. Beth Hall

    I’m trying to be able to set my own hours and be my own boss. I want to be able to not have to worry about how I’m going to pay the bills and to have enough free time to enjoy my horses. I would also like to be able to make life a little easier for my family and take a vacation with friends and be able to foot the bill.

  94. Darryl & Mary Hanke

    Hi Anthony, What motivates us is to be able to be home with our daughter for all for the important things and still make a living. We would also like to pay it forward for the help we have gotten along the way and give back to our community by volunteering. Our parents have worked hard all of their lives and need financial help, and for all they have given us, we would like to help them as well.
    Thank you for this opportunity, we appreciate it beyond words.
    Darryl and Mary Hanke

  95. Wanda Binats

    I watched this blog this evening and loved it. I made my list already and got some new revelations about what I really want to do. Thanks You!!!

  96. James

    Hi Anthony,

    I’m motivated by doing what strengthens and encourages other people — to believe in themselves. I speak to strengthen, encourage and comfort those I encounter in my everyday life. I find fulfillment and blessing in this. Thanks for being a blessings.

  97. Earnest Jones

    I am motivated by my needs for my family and to be debt free to retire. I also would love to travel through the U.S. to enjoy the Country that I love.

  98. sam subia

    My drive is having time with my family ,taking care of them and doing things together not worry, have peace from finances

  99. Lis Carrazana

    My MOTIVATION: Just exhausted of working so hard and never satisfied with the small rewards. Tired of being so many hours away from my family and specially my youngest baby only 5 yrs old, that never sees mommy around because I’m too busy trying to make a decent living for her and all our family. Just want to work less hours but in a smartest more productive way that brings me great results and rewards for my efforts. Going on vacation with my family without being so worried about getting back to work to be able to replenish my savings accounts for the expenses I’m incurring on. Just to enjoy life and its blessings with the people I love without any distraction; That’s what motivates me!

  100. Joy B.

    Right now I am motivated to make enough extra in order to get out of debt so we don’t have to declare bankruptcy. After that, to be able to travel and take grown family along.

  101. James S

    Hi Anthony, I have been working hard for a company for 32 years, they have been a good company, but the trend in all companies now is to expect much more from the employees and give them less. (in a nut shell) My concern is, how are these young people going to make ends meet, and someday hope to retire? My motivation is to build and pass on a business to my son, that is going to make enough money to be comfortable and not have to worry about money.

  102. Tamberli Woolsey

    What motivates me is the same as most. I want to be able to have coffee with my husband in the morning, go for a nice run and fix a good breakfast for my kids. I want to have the security to be able to take care of the and provide all that I did not have. Thank you for all you do anthony, i am stickin in there.

  103. Kevin Badgley

    Clearwater, Florida is excellent, but I like the San Diego, CA. a lot better.
    I was in the Navy there and had a blast. My sister lives in Jupiter,FL and
    has been begging me to come down. I told her that right now I am studing
    to have my own business, so not right now. She suprised me and came up
    here to IN. for Easter and so between her and my niece and nephew, I did not get any work done. I still had a great time. My sister is the right hand
    man/woman for the man who owns this huge construction company. I’m
    proud of her! Now that I’m out of the trucking business{disabled and don’t
    even feel sorry for me} I am learning to get my own business going, thanks to you and Davin{my teacher}. I want to help other people w/ problems.

  104. Nancy

    Right now I just need to get caught up on my bills and keep up on my mortgage payments. I just need to have a “cushion” so that I’m not always so stressed out about money. I like the idea that this type of work is so flexible. Like Joy, above, mentioned, I would love to be able to travel a lot in the future.

  105. Vernette

    thank you for the motivation. Praying that u are having a wonderful time in Florida.

  106. vjennings

    I would like to have a back up to my nursing career. My husband really needs to have a safer job. I would also love to help out my other family members.

  107. Francisco Vazquez

    Happy Monday to you all
    My motivation number one my family my wonderful wife Lila which I love very much and I thank god for it every day, my baby 5 year old Troy which is my gasoline, my fuel… for hum I worked the long hours that I do and with his smile he makes everything better, and for me which at my 49 birthday I decided that I’m tired of running my own construction firm and is time for a change., with today’s economy work has not being profitable for some time know., and I want to make sure that my family has everything that they need. I’m not the type of individual that makes purchases from infomercials., but I got to tell you that watching Anthony talk on TV I realize that his program is different from all other’s on the sense of that if we make money so thus he and that along is a huge motivation for me knowing that Anthony and his team of professionals will make sure that I have the all the right tools in order to succeed because if I don’t needier will he.

  108. Kathleen. Magill

    What motivates me is the chance to get my husband out of truck driving and have him home every night. Also we need a bigger home because we’re foster parents, we only have two girls now but we ant more but our house is to small. I can work at home doing this and I’m very excited to have my own business. Thank you Anthony for this opportunity.

  109. Cristina C

    This may sound CrAzY but what motivates me is to become successful, I didn’t say rich just successful. Why well because my past has made me a bit thicker skinned due to a guy who belittled and humiliated me on a lie that never happened. Only to free him of his responsibility. I have always been a dedicated hard worker and now with my two beautiful healthy boys from a wonderful man I want nothing more then to rise above what once had me down. As an educated women not only by my career I would like to become successful to show my boys that their mommy is not only the best mommy she can be but to see me as an example that their mommy can over come anything that comes her way. And to place the cherry on top by showing this very selfish individual that I’m still standing way better then I did before.

  110. Dwayne

    What motivates me is spending time with my family and not feeling guilty that our financial needs are not being met.

  111. Yvonne

    what motivates me is for the education my famaily, get out of debt, and le be a blessing to other.

  112. Juan Rodriguez

    #1 motivator, time with my family. To be able sit together at dinner time and enjoy quality as a family. Thanks for sharing your time.

  113. Shannon Lyndolph

    Hi Anthony! What motivates me is having time freedom for my boys. I worked at my last job for 19 years and was just laid-off with nothing to show for it. Sure, you take care of responsibilities that need attention but there is no REAL investment. You can’t replace time missed with kids’ because of a job. The stress of office politics and favoritism is something we should not have to contend with, so Thank You Anthony for this opportunity! You and your family are truly blessings! Thanks to you, I’m coming to Florida next year!!! 😉

  114. Gary

    What motivates me is my life & the dire straights I am in. I am tired of living this way, tired of being down, tired of worrying about a 12.00 over draft which the banks salivate over now they can charge me their $ 36.00 fee which cause me to go more into the hole. I know you said you don’t want to hear about money, but baby money makes the world go round…with no credit over the economy over the last 3 years what a different world it would be if you could pay cash for everything & say screw you to the banks….I only pray this works, I have 20 more pages to go before really getting into this…hence I am heeding your advice on the vedeo…one step at a time & you were adament about read the book first.

  115. Michael Grady

    My #1 motivator is to help my family. To be able to enjoy my grandchildren and take vacations together. Also to help others that are in need. Thanks for sharing your time. I really enjoy your blogs.

  116. Letti

    Motivation for me is supplying my children with the life they deserve. I’m an unemployed mother of four who just received your book in the mail and began reading it today. Each leap is one of fear and faith. Being laid off has given me the chance to be home for my children and allowed me the chance to tend to them like I would have liked but I know I still need to provide for them financially. I am looking forward to seeing where this goes to have the means to provide for them a life style that was better then what I had while I was working as well as the time with them to enjoy it would be a true blessing. Thx

  117. James Cook

    Thanks Anthony for sharing your vacation time with us. Free time to travel with family is what gets me motivated. Thanks Again.

  118. DJ SMOOVE

    Im am motivated to be succesful so that im able to be mine own boss and be Blessed enough to support my family while I doing so.And knowing that i can help other ppl along the way is a big plus to!! I just recieved my package and im looking foward to getting hands on with my new Venture!

  119. Lauri

    My motivation for becoming successful is hearing my children laugh, on vacations, again. And to once again, be medication free, from the stress of corporate America.

  120. Gary Monahan

    To put it simply, success in any business is part of my life philosophy, so when I’m successful in affiliate marketing, I derive a great deal of satisfaction from living my life philosophy!

  121. Wayne

    Welcome to my world, by that I mean that I live in Tampa and it’s a short drive to Clearwater Beach. We get there many time during the year. As to what motivates me is the drive to be successful in my internet business to be able to spend more time there and at the other great beaches around the world. Keep up the great work.

  122. Terry Nelson

    Motivation is what I lack, but at the same time, I want that dream of being financially secure. I want to be a leader in my family financially as I am protectively, if that makes any sense. I want to leave, or have, something for my kids that will give them financial freedom by what I do. I don’t want them to follow as I did in the work force, just to work 40 hours or more to barely pay for the minimum of things that life offers. So, to rap this all up, i want to gain the knowledge that it takes to be my own boss, finacially secure, and create my own sense of motivation to provide my previous statement. Thank you Anthony. And may God bless you.

  123. Terry Barnett

    What inspires me? Why do I want to do this? What gets me up early and keeps me up late? I have been motivated to inspire since I was younger. I feel that part of why I do this is to inspire others to be the absolutely best they can be. In order to inspire others I must be inspiring…I must succeed to prove that success is possible. I also do this because providing an abundance for my family, taking them on vacations. I originally heard about affiliate marketing in a couple ways quite a few years ago and “dabbled” in the business – the key is that when you “dabble” that is how much money you make. I made a $50 check here a $200 check there. Now I want to go full on and start making consistent checks to add one more source of income to my family’s resources.

  124. Naomi

    Dear Anthony,
    Thank you so much for all your support and great advise. What motivates me is my daughter. I want the best for her and for her to have every opportunity in life.I am still reading your book and educating myself with all the right tools. I love to learn and I believe in facing all of my fears. Having a business has never been something that I’m good at. Really I never thought of doing anything like this because I lacked confidence that I would understand and be successful in, but now I’m in a place in my life where I have confidence in myself and realize that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to if your willing to put in the time and the work.
    Thank you, Naomi

  125. chris

    Hi, Anthony.
    Thanks for the invite to say what motivates me to participate in your system.
    I’m doing this to give myself a chance to see if this is a way I can give myself and significant others a quality of life as beautiful and inspiring as all the blue water in the Clearwater Beach Florida video you showed us. And that is something different than I have now.


  126. Lisa

    Being able to take care of my family and myself, and then actually have something left to give to whoever God directs. That would be a joy! That is my motivation!

  127. Ruth Wong

    I am just starting and have not even received my books yet. I hope to be able to pay my bills and my mortgage. My income was cut due to a layoff and I am 64 years old and going through an unwanted divorce. My bills are greater than my income. I have had my electricity disconnected every month for the last 3 months. And my water once. My cell phone is currently disconnected. I hope to avoid bankruptcy and it is the desire of my heart to be able to succeed and take care of myself. Thanks! Ruth

  128. Jody Anthony Thompson

    One of the things that motivates me about being on the team is moving back to home to Philadelphia, and having all the time in the world to hang out with my friends.

  129. Maryangelie Borrero

    I’m a startover single mother that left hometown to look out of a better enviroment for my daughters and I. My motivition is them. My 3 daughters. Give them a better life and make this change a little bit more pleasant for them till they adapt themselves to their new city. Thanks for all the motivation words and keep up with the charities that can make a big difference to a less fortunate people that they deserve a better chance in life. Life is going to reward for every single one. keep being humanitarian.

  130. Dorothy Derr

    Clearwater Beach is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    I guess what being successful means to me is having the money to help family and friends and just enjoy my life where money is no object. It is not really about the money itself.

    See you on the Webinar.

  131. Scott Beattie

    Motivated by protecting myself with financial means other than the 9-5. Helping friends and charities with social and monetary difficulties.

  132. Willy Lamoureux Jr

    What motivates me is the thought of being financially independent and to be able to travel and build my dream home and to take care of my family.

  133. Nan

    Money motivates me to the extent that I can raise it to build and operate our schools in Africa. We are trying to build schools in Ghana, Senegal, Gambia, Togo, and Kenya. With the tough economy, fundraising is more difficult and good grants are more difficult to obtain. Commercial business, especially web based, is a 21st century way to finance nonprofit work. This is my goal – to help finance AfricaTeach.

  134. Eduardo Alvarez

    Hi Anthony,
    What drives me is the certainty of having the time to visit my children and grandchildren in Lima Peru, Los Angeles and Oakland.
    Thank you,

  135. Heidi

    Travels, health, luxeries, more money than expenditures, spoiling loved ones friends included, retirement, etc. Happy belated birthday Anthony, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! I want to live freely without worrying ..

  136. remigio

    hi anthony definitly i motivated to be engaged to see your videos and take action , i love to be an investor in united states and mexico too, to have my freedom, not anymore the rat race and live with the passive income, i want ot see my family in mexico and work from anywhere, anyplace around the world, thank you for showing us a lot of information. God bless you.

  137. Deris

    Love drives me, becoming a better person everyday. Thanks for your life story, it has helped me a great deal.

  138. Richard Bohn

    What motivates me is the ability to help other people less for fortunate than me. You are a person with a vision and an ability to confer that on others. Keep up the good work.

  139. Marla Banta

    I am a caregiver to my Husband, and working from home is the only way to keep him alive. I just started with a second company to sell and/or recruit from home. I need to find a way to get more followers on Twitter, FaceBook, Pinterest and what ever else is out there.

  140. Tina

    I’m motivated to be successful because I want to be able to spend more quality time with my children. And of course provide for their education, healthcare and quality of life. Wish me luck!

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