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Our $50 winner this week is Daniel L. Eaton ll says: April 16, 2011 at 11:32 am (Edit) Hi Anthony, I do plan on using this technique and learning more from you as well, thank you so much for everything!!! God Bless You & Your Family! Feeling Good Now, Daniel L. Eaton ll CEO. Congrats Daniel please email me your info and ill send out your $50 gift card now!

As humans, we are conditioned to follow a series of steps in order to receive optimal results. That’s why manufacturers include steps on their products. For example, if you download software, you will see a step-by-step guide that you will need to follow to complete the download. The same is true if you start a diet, wash your hair or enroll in school. Most things in life have steps, so people are used to following those steps. They know they need to complete each step to receive the best results, so they don’t even consider eliminating a step. They go on autopilot and complete all of the steps so they can receive the results they want.

You’re probably asking, “How does this apply to affiliate marketing?”

You can link products together and include a step-by-step process. When you do this, you will sell more products, since people will feel compelled to complete each step.

Let’s see how this works.

Assume you market health care and fitness products. You currently advertise for a:

You start off by marketing each product individually. You’re making decent money, but you would like to increase your revenue. In order to do that, you would stop marketing the products separately and start advertising them as parts of a three-step fitness process.

You would throw your old marketing methods out the window and replace them with your new process. Your new plan would look like:

3 Steps to a Healthier You

Step 1-Take the Cleanse
Step 2-Start the diet supplement
Step 3-ride the exercise bike for 45 minutes each day

Follow these three steps and you will have a new, healthier you in as little as two months!

When people see this, they will feel compelled to follow each step. If they only take the cleanse, they won’t receive optimal results. The same is true if they only take the cleanse and ride the bike. They need to follow all three steps if they are going to get the body they want, which means they have to purchase all three products.

Look for products that you can link together and start your own step-by-step process. Then, let me know how this system works for you in the comment section.


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  1. Nancy

    The presentation was informative, interesting and impresive. It held my interest all the way through. I really enjoyed it.

  2. corrie

    hi I am in deep water, and tired of treading. I have one product website-the kind you love to call TRINKETS! lol….but I also have 2 “information websites”
    and a page full of blogs that I don’t know appeared when but I think it was when I signed with your program. I am completely confused. OVERWHELMED. I don’t know where to start. I have only started out at an online income in JANUARY and it seems like I’ve been shooting myself in both feet and the head. HELP!
    ps.It didn’t help that I spent practically the whole month of March in chronic illness but oh well. My head is so stuffed and unorganized that I actually honest to God forgot my address beyond momentarily last week. I’m losing it.

  3. Merlene Timlick

    I keep recieving your net ad , Anthony. Question…I am 63 year old semi-retired special needs teacher, how does your program apply to me?? Happy Easter to you and your team. Merlene

  4. Shannon Tanner

    Thank you so much for the e~mail. The system does work as long as I commit to the follow through on each step. So that is what I will do.I want the results and trust that the proper steps will bring success. I hope your having a wonderful day. Thanks for keeping it simple… Shannon

  5. Elizabeth W. Smith

    Hi Anthony,
    I’m looking forward to getting started to learn what to do to get my bank account fat again. It’s pretty scarey to be scammed and watch the balance all but disappear and not have anything to improve the situation.
    What’s the next step? I’m getting excited to get busy!

  6. Velvet Dilley

    This of course makes sense so lets get started I hope without having to invest.

  7. Larry Chapwesk

    As you can see I really need help on my web site. It’s my first Web site from Anothony….I’M READY TO ROCK and ROW. Just got my New Mac Desktop, Learning the basics now,but Really need Your Help Now. Love Ya” Anthony, Enjoy your vacation….Remember, Relax and take some nice walks alone. Man is Most Not alone when he’s by himself, because he can Think. ps: Remember, I”m your Success Phobia Project and want to meet your Dad.

  8. Carmen Winkler

    Following 3 steps if definitely good and have done so myself.
    This completes the process in whatever thing or product is being worked on.

  9. jose rivera

    I’m flat broke at the moment. Believe me Anthony. I’d love to be able to help my family but when I realized that there’s nothing in the bank account. I’m out of ways or doors to open. GOD BLESS you for helping all the people you do. And thanks for your consistant messages. Thanks always… Jose Rivera.

  10. Theresia

    Anthony, This is so true it’s like following directions to making a cake. If you go by the directions it will come out right but if you just guess at things you will surely fail. I think sometimes people just dive into things too fast before sitting back and taking their time to make sure that this is the best thing for them to do, God only knows that I’ve been taken advantage of so many times by so many misleading advertizers that it has broke me and now I take time to check out everthing and I mean everything.



  12. David Caudill

    Let me start off by saying “Thank you Anthony.”
    This is not only a great idea, but it only makes sense.
    As always you have come through again with a great marketing strategy.
    I’am going to put this new strategy in the works as soon as possiable. It will take some planning but I will keep you and everyone @ Anthony Morrison Live posted.

    I can’t say it enough Anthony “thanks for everything you do and have done for us.”

    Best Regards, David and Cindy “And we are DaCinMoney and we are working from home.”

  13. Abe Doliente

    Thank you so much Anthony for your post this week. Yes, step by step process is the best way to go with affiliate marketing. We are so used to following written instructions; step by step. Most often though, even instructions that are written clearly are hard to follow. That is when failure comes if we do not follow through. I have had several failures before, but now, I am more detrmined to overcome those failures and follow the steps to success as they should be.

    Again, thank you very much. May God bless you and your family. I hope you and your family are having a great Easter.


  14. Glenda

    I am new to affiliate marketing. Step-by-step is a great idea for marketing but even better as training. I’m sure it’s included in personal coaching but would be great as a program. Hopefully it would include all areas of internet marketing the instructor uses their own self. Example: Step 1 – Sign up for affiliate programs. Step 2 – Build or customize your website. Step 3 – Set up auto responder account. Crazy examples but you see what I mean. Each step would be optional of course but would be very helpful when you have no idea where to start.

  15. Janith Schwarz

    I think this is a great idea (I am trying with the health,) I have been shoved out to e-commerce and still nothing I am trying so hard by myself but overwhelmed I had a website with you but it doesn’t work because I did’/t know how it is I had given up, when they put me in e-commerce money I don’t have and desperately need
    thank you for your help Happy Easter to you and your family

  16. Renaldo miller

    Hey Anthony it as being a while but I am still here some of us need more help than some but thank God you are for all of us please keep doing what you are doing you are a blessing your information is all ways Excellent…….

  17. Susan

    Just digesting your book at the moment and reading and saving your e-mails for when I have the book is done and I act on the website………..Thanks for the encouragement and know how………I think it is something I can do just need to get it all in my mind first……….then act.

  18. Jackie Mayo

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for the new tips,,,,makes a lot of sense ,,triple your $$$$$
    Nothing but the best from our PRO-TEACHER. Hope you enjoyed the Florida sunshine. Blessings on you, your family and staff at this beautiful passover season. 🙂 smile

  19. velma hall

    HI Anthony, Happy Eater Velma here. I have sent replies before and haven,t seen any on the Reply page. Guess I’m not saying the right thing . I like the 3 Steps u gave , but now i have to learn how to get them on my web site. I understand the good advice u are giving me just don’t know what to do with it . One thing i’m not going todo is give up. Thanks for the good advice see u next Blog. velma

  20. Kathleen Magill

    Anthony, I am really excited to start with my website but I’m confused on how to get the ads on there. I have my website and domaine name but just not sure how to got about it. I have read and am stilling reading your book but I’m getting confused…..HELP . Your 3 step program sounds like it would be awesome, I just need to put it to work.

  21. Debbie

    Anthony I just finished reading your book Hidden Millionaire. It was very inspiring I can not wait to get started I am flat broke and ready to hopefully make money to pay bills I have so many medical bills I don’t know what to do I have been scammed so much that I have a hard time trusting anyone anymore. But your book is great I loved it. I have my webpage now I need to find out what to do with it. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  22. Frederick Johnson

    Thing are looking up about to publish setting up my merchant account this week coming up.have a meting with a supplier tomorrow to set up project in the future.Think for the modivation.

  23. Daniel L. Eaton ll

    Hi Anthony, thank you very much! & Happy Easter to you & your family!!!
    From: The Eaton’s!!!


  24. Deborah Seelbach

    …or will soon be. I am in your PMI Grp and this will be my website. I plan on using the 1-2-3 steps to link this page to nich gear and accessories. I am closer each day…and am very excited. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO!

  25. Deborah Seelbach

    …or will be my website once I get one to market. That is were I am now. I will use the 1-2-3- to link to my nich website with my nich gear and accessories.THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO!!!

  26. jelly

    Happy Easter to you too. Thank you so much for your patient. you know what,i got a little ideas now from your nonstop messages.once again, thank you very much. keep up the good work.

  27. Doreen

    I really loved this post and will be definitely using this technique. I can see where this technique would definitely help increase the sales in each product that your promoting given their related as well. People do like to follow step by step instruction. It’s easier than having to put the steps together yourself especially when you’re not sure of the steps. Thank you for the information.

  28. Tamberli Woolsey

    This is great advise anthony. I am pushing foward with my buisness and this is a great motivator. I have a page on my website that is dedicated to health and fitness. I will tie this into it. God bless!!

  29. Fred Thompson

    I attended your seminar in Bethesda Maryland last week, the speaker you supplied was excellent. He touched on this same subject matter very briefly and that is what i am working on now.
    Thanks very much
    Fred & Hyunsou

  30. Vinelle

    I am willing to try this technique. For I have dropped part of my education to have more time for a chance to really make this work.

  31. cesar cipres

    I like this tip,in order to finish something,we need to start until we pass the whole procces, that’s the way we star on t rigth way, to reach our goals. :)=];;< thank you antony,i try my best… until i do it… 🙂

  32. Angela Anom

    Thanks for the motivation. I understand this technique; it definitely increases sells (we all have purchased more because of this marketing strategy). I would use this technique.

  33. Pearl Murdaugh

    I like this awesome technique and plan to make it a part of my marketing strategy. Thank you.

  34. Dianna Jackson

    Three step plan makes sense. Will try to use. Just getting started.

  35. Dave U

    Hi Anthony,
    I will definitely test this on my scholarship/edu site. Step 1-submit email. (the money’s in the list). Step 2-request info from school. Step 3-register for scholarship. Makes perfect sense. Thanks.

  36. judy mcnelly

    Hi Anthony Thanks for 1-2-3 step process, I understand it and will use it!

  37. Gina mccaw

    I’m learning alot it’s me and my grandfather and his long time friend that are trying this out together.We are really excited and eager to learn more!! Thanks so much for sharing just a portion of your knogledge let alone all of what u know!!

  38. Julia Franklin

    I think I am in step two. Step one was when I signed up and now I’m reading everything. I think step two will be for a while and step three will be when I get my very own and long waited for web site. Then I start over again and go back to step one. lol

  39. Janith Schwarz

    Anthony, this is exactly what I had in mind I have a close friend who has a detox spa and a site and another close friend who has all the supplements .for everything and a site) they are both wonderful both my husband and I have taken them for 16 years and have never had as much as a cold
    I don’t know where to begin I have all the information on exercise equipment also how do i put it together

    and one of my other questions was can I add this second website to the one you gave me or is this something different or can I put links on the original website
    I need to get started, as I am getting more and more in debt Thank you
    PS I watched you yesterday on the TV and called all y friends to watch

  40. Ramon-DC

    Anthony I went back and read word for word our/my lesson for this session. Possibily what has held me back is I haven’t been following the plan. Yes you must follow the steps in order, wow. ……yeah common sense is not common. peace.

  41. Dennis Giard

    Hi Anthony i just read your blog i am implement these steps to try and make some serious money online aqnd when i do you will be the first to know because i trust you to no avail.

    Dennis Giard

  42. Jegajothy

    I am very excited and fired about this new venture as my guts tell me this is the way to go in this new evolving technological world. I am still under training and have not started my own web site yet, thus the above web site is from my another venture that I am marketing. But I am sure with Anthony’s coaching I will get there. Thank u.

  43. Kaye Hutton

    Another great idea. I am working on selecting my niche before my coach (Steve) calls me back on Thursday. This will give me another avenue to check out . I, of course, want to be as profitable as I can as soon as I can.Three products instead of one should help.

  44. rosemarie

    hello anthony, very good information, but don’t know where to start. Still very confussed on where to start on the website from you. I need help.

  45. Laura

    The 3 step program makes a lot of sense. Can you have more than 3 steps? If your first step is a mental idea and not a product how would you list the steps? Example: Investing in Solar Power for Your Home. The first step isn’t anything that could be purchased, since most people don’t know much about Solar Power (making your own energy from the sun), the first step would be becoming informed (educate) about Solar Power. So how would you set up the first step since it isn’t a product that can be physically bought and is an idea that you want people to buy?

  46. Yolanda

    Yes, I do plan on using this strategy, because it makes alot of sense. Just beginning to make sense of all the material that I have been reading. I do have to say that I very much like your way of talking and teaching, It is very helpful.

  47. lourdes

    Thanks i have to do more research on products so i put them together. I am new and yes it is overwhelming. But baby steps will get me somewhere.

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