Using Real Time Search to Get More Traffic and Customers

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The internet is full of potential customers.  They log onto their computers every day, and they are floating around cyberspace, just waiting to be snatched up.  If you want to reach out to these potential customers and build a relationship with them, you need to take advantage of real time search results.

What is Real Time Search?

Real time search is another name for Google search results that are displayed in real time.

These results include:

  • Facebook fan page posts
  • Tweets
  • Quora
  • Buzz

People can receive real time results by going to Google and clicking on “Real Time Results.”  Then, they can type in their search phrase and real time results will come up.

What This Means for You

By using real time results as part of your marketing strategy, you can send information and updates to potential clients immediately. For instance, if you are having a sale on tennis shoes, you can create a Facebook post, tweet, or Buzz about the sale. Then, if someone searches for “tennis shoes” in real time, they will receive information about your sale.  You will basically get to talk to the client directly, since you will post something and he will read it within minutes, if not seconds of the post.

How to Get the Best Results

If you are going to get the best results with real time search, you have to create posts that contain keywords people will use when searching the web. F or example, if you market golf supplies, brainstorm for keywords that are relevant to your topic.  What would people search for if they were looking for one of your products?  Maybe they would look for:

  • Affordable golf clubs
  • Deals on golf supplies
  • Taylormade golf clubs

You could use these words in your posts.  For example, you could create a post that said, “Check out our inventory of affordable golf clubs.”

Then, you could write a second post that said, “We have hot deals on golf supplies.  Up to 40% off.”

Finally, you could post, “Our Taylormade golf clubs are the cheapest in town.”

Check Your Statistics

After you create different posts, you need to check your results. You will do this differently, depending on the social networking platform you are using.

If you are using Facebook, go to Facebook Insights.  You will be able to see the statistics for each post.

If you are using Twitter, use Tweetburner to send your Tweets. Be sure to include a link.  Tweetburner will track the number of times the link was clicked on.  You can log into your Tweetburner account at any time to check the statistics.

If you use Google Buzz, you need to wait for the Buzz Stats’ update to come out. Then, you can use it to track your posts.

If you use Quora, you will not be able to track your stats at this time. However, that could change, as the site becomes more popular.

Spend some time today trying to break into the real time search results. It will take some practice, since you need to find the right keywords. Once you get that part down, though, you will be able to reap the benefits of real time search.

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  1. Tim Davidson

    Yes I will use this tecniqe, I will wright some more adds with additional keywords then do a google search on those keywords and use real time search results to better my ads and exposure. Thanks for the tip Anthony.

  2. Nancy Prosa

    How do I get items to sell, where do I find them? How do I get a website?

    I may be to old for this but we need an income.

  3. Carol Amato

    Wow, I did not know about Google Realtime search – thanks for keeping us up to date on the cutting edge stuff!

    Keep it comin’! 🙂

  4. kevin c alston sr

    I came here to learn, and what better way to do that than to attempt to do the things that you are teaching. Practice makes perfect. I will definitely implement this into my daily regiment.

  5. Gopal Iyer

    Great information. When you say Facebook post, you mean Facebook advertisement? Pardon me for my ignorance, but I have not used Facebook that much to promote my items. I sell through ebay and Amazon and I get customers from all over the world.

  6. ruth blount

    thank you my friend your a blessing to me
    iam a working progress and trying to take all of this info in

  7. Linda

    Yes I am going to try to check this out and make use of it. I don’t completely understand how to do this but I am able to learn by doing. This is great, I am looking forward to when I can start your training classes. I am saving for that event, you are the most promising opportunity for internet income I have seen. I like your honest straight forward style and all you are willing to do to help others succeed. Thank you

  8. David Uchieng

    Thanks for the continued education on how to make money online from home. I do take your advice seriously, and definately I will implement this technique.

    God bless you.


  9. William Ghattas

    Thank you Anthony for the tip, I am still progressing through the 365 days program. However I will definitly use this technique in my marketing strategy. I appreciate your continuous communication with your students , a feature that I have never seen from other internet programs that I’ve purchased and was left alone while being showered with and pushed to buy complimentary programs.

  10. Debbi in AZ

    Very Cool!

    Anthony, thanks for sharing all these cool ideas.

    I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with others that say they are internet marketeers . . . and when I talk about the things I’ve learned in your LEVEL 4 training, they look at me with that ‘deer in the headlight’ look and don’t have a clue what I am talking about.

    Thanks for sharing, keep it coming, my friend.

    Debbi in AZ

  11. Marianne Huston

    I didn’t know about Google Real Search either, in fact everything I’m learning is all so new to me and really trying to absorb all the strategies and techniques being offered. Currently I am trying to make my way through the book first before starting anything yet. Just trying to do everything the proper way and not be too anxious and put the horse before the cart. Its a lot of info all at once and trying to sort everything out little by little, like you said…taking baby steps. I want to thank you Anthony for your dedication and willingness to help us all to succeed. I really need this opportunity at this time in my life…things are really tough right now. May God bless you and yours!!!

  12. Gwen Davis

    David, I want to be a part of everything that’s goind on, but I belive I am a loss, bacause I don’t have a website . I need some much need big time help. I am not that great with the cumputer either, however I am willint to learn and can pick up quick. Thank you. Or do I have a website with you?

  13. Keiko

    Thanks for this new information. I still not sure how to make website and start internet business. I created an account for Aweber ($1.00 for the first month), so I need to get started. I also need to sign up for hosting and squeeze page. this is all new to me and I need a lot of help.

  14. Karlene Schiele

    Loving all the education I am receiving from the Success School PMI. Learning all about the different programs and tools to use to make money online. I will be checking this out too.

  15. Ransford Kwaning

    Your educative emails are amazing! I think it’s time for me to stop reading, deleting all the sweet talks, emails from other people and concentrate, pay attention only on your messages. I have had over 200 emails from you on my account and if I start to read them often with attention, I think sky will be my limit. Thank you and Maharaj Ji blessings.

  16. Cindy Dionisio


    Yes I will definitely use this technique. I put it on my yellow pad so I do not forget what you said. I am new and willing to learn to make money so I will eventually be able to get all caught on my bills and not lose my home.


  17. Barbara moore

    Thank you Anthony they sound good and i learn more from you every day and the idea with geogle is super and ads i do not have any money for ads at this time

  18. Mona Wells

    Am looking foward to hear and be part of your program.
    Enjoy your videos so far. Impressed that you used bible verses in your story.
    I will follow your easy step by step program.

  19. Jamielee

    Great info , this is a technique that I”m deffinately going to use ! Thanks for your weekly blog and the information you give . I’m proud to be a member of a community that gives back and loved the video of the Joplin donation to Pat .

  20. Jerry Brafford

    Thanks Anthony I did’t know about real time . It’s all new to we including this conputer/internet. But like you siad, it’s not how you play the game it’s how smart you play the game STILL LEARNING thanks agen

  21. Darryl Smith

    Yes Anthony this is very helpful,Im starting to understand how to market a product as an affiliate! Thanks also for the communication set up that you have for us!

  22. Richard E. Vandevander

    Anthony I will definetly use your system. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  23. Mona

    I feel the same way especially about hearing God references and Mother Teresa..Saint. Mona

  24. steven

    Thanks Anthony; I will use this system and didn’t really knew that it was out there to use. Thanks for the information and sharing it with us.

  25. Josie M

    Great info Thanks Anthony All of your info is so helpful I know all these great tips will come together like a big puzzle hopefully very soon.

  26. Ann Matthew

    Dear Anthony, Thank you for the delightful quotes,the story of your family, and the vision and business, that have helped so many. I think you are an amazing individual. I will enjoy using these tips to develop my business, and yes they make a lot of sense to me.

  27. Moldaleen Tipton

    yes! I will us this method, for I am 67 and need extra income.

  28. Stacey Spain Pride

    Dear Anthony,
    Thanks for the tip. I am a newcomer, but I will use it as soon as I learn everything else. You are the best!


    Thank you Anthony. I am 72 years old. I had a stroke that affected my motor skills. I am gaining my health back by using the computer and using your techniques to build a business to support myself. My doctor just told me that I have to get control of my stress or I will die. I am planning to get happiness in my life and live 20 more years. By using your techniques, I am confident I will build this business, make enough money to support myself and enjoy the rest of my life. You are my life saver.- JERRI

  30. Bonnie Kaiser

    Yes Anthony, I will use this. I’m a slow on the start. But I am very excited about all this information. Thank you for the opportunity!

  31. Laura Hunt

    I cannot wait to try this real time technique for my new Zumba business. Stop the ‘blah’ workout and join the Zumba fitness party!

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