1. Carol Amato

    Wow, sat there bawling like a baby – WHAT A BLESSING.

    We will continue to pray for the Burkhart family.

    Thank you, Anthony, for all you do to make a difference. God bless you and Adrian, PMI and ISI.

    So Blessed,

  2. Debbie Seelbach

    Wow Anthony.
    This is absolutely awesome…..
    A very emotional moment.
    This family will have to rebuild their lives and you not only helped an immediate need, but offered them a way to help themselves later down the line. They will have many bills after all the medical care. You and your supporters have made their burden a little lighter.
    Prayers go out to the Burkhart family and all those in Joplin still struggling to put the lives back together.
    You are a catalyst for great things,

  3. Kathleen Magill

    I feel honored to be involved with such a wonderful company. Anthony thank you for being the kind of man who cares for other people. Please keep us updated on this family.

  4. James Watts

    Anthony, What an awsome show of kindness and compassion. Being able to give back to the “community” (i.e., the Burkharts) in times of crisis is absolutely wonderful. It gives financial independence a new meaning. May God continue to bless you and your business.


  5. LeRoy Shepard

    Well done Anthony! This adventure has been an unexpected and welcome turn of events that developed from the purchase of your book. It makes me proud to say that I contributed to this project and have done business with you, and would gladly lend a hand in any future projects that demonstrate that the internet can be used to make positive changes in peoples lives.

  6. Donald

    That’s really something special that touches everyone to see something like that to happen to anyone.It was a great feeling to see what everyone’s reposting did to help another family in need.Today is a good day! God Bless all and thanks Anthony and everyone else for all you do.I am honored to be a part of this community.

  7. Christine Hushion

    This is wonderful!! We can help eachother and blessings abound! God bless Joplin. Thank you Anthony and all who helped make this possible. The American spirit lives!

  8. Barb The Bulldog

    A very inspiring act of love from the community, Anthony, Adrien, PMI and ISI. I am reminded of the scripture that, in a nutshell, says: Cast your bread upon the waters and after many days it will come back to you.

  9. Linda Cress

    Thank you for allowing us to participate in this with you. My prayers will be for the Burkhart family, and those in Joplin. God will Bless you, because what you do for the least of my brothers, you do for me. Sincerly, Thanks again.

  10. Betty Todd

    A big Thank You to you and your organization Anthony! This was a great thing to do!

  11. Barbara moore

    Ithank god for they family and many more family and i no they are very thankful for you and all you are doing for the tornado victims and i am praying for the famil and god bless them all Anthony you are the best and god bless everyone and thank you for being my friend

  12. Fred Thompson

    Anthony this is one of the most moving things I have seen in a long time, it makes me even more proud to be a small part of your organization.
    Fred & Hyunsou

  13. sandra

    As the old saying goes “while there is life there is hope” God bless a cheerful giver. Wow that’s awesome

  14. Laura B.

    This was very touching and to the point. It is nice to know that there are still people who care for one another and will always get the job done! Anthony Morrison keep on rocking!

  15. Steven Surace

    Anthony, you and your brother did a wonderful thing for the Burkhart family. Just watching the video, I could see that the money you gave them came from the heart. You actually looked choked up a couple of times. Your a breath of fresh air. Nothing like these other scam arts on the net that will only do it if it benefited them. God Bless you and your family, and continue to be the person that you are. Your a rare bread!


  16. Mark

    That feeling you get in your heart when you do something good for someone is God telling you he loves you.

    I wish I ordered your book the first time I seen it on T.V. I have 10 Twitter accounts on different interests (niche accounts) from a photography account with over 100k followers (@str8photography) to Fitness and Wellness account (@wellness_guide) at 31k to a Bible account with 21k followers (@Bible_Guide) and a account about Apple. The point is I didn’t have time to manage all my accounts until I read your book and found out about “Twitterfeed” the websites where I get my valuable content to tweet I just copy the RSS feed to Twitterfeed saves me hours the point is I only was focusing my attention on one account my photography one because it had the most followers. Thanks to your book I save hours a day.

    Thank You Anthony
    P.S. if you click my name I attached a video showing the software I use to get over 100k Targeted Followers!

  17. Vany Isberto

    I dont know what to say Anthony! I am so emotional right now seeing you do this. The Lord will bless you more. I will pray for you always.

  18. Damaris Odom

    God bless you Anthony for your willingness to help people in a devastating situation. The generosity you and your brother and all of the AM Live Community have shown is overwhelming. It is such a good feeling to know that with all the bad news you hear, there are still really good people who want to help others.

  19. Thomas Gene Vickery

    Very well done Anthony! God Bless You,and im glad to help anytime. Making positive changes in peoples lives is what im all about too. I just love to do it, and we all can see that you do too. God Bless everybody!!!

  20. Janet

    Great Job
    So many are in need, our prayers and good wishes go with them all to keep them strong during this time in their lives.
    God Bless

  21. Jerry Braffordl

    It’s wonderful to see someone as fortunate as as yourself,
    be humbled for humanity of caring about people less fortunate,
    in times of dispard.To see that man so truely moved was an
    inspiration, in these times.Our uncertain world needs the hope
    you bring.

  22. Miriam Ferrary

    God bless you. I know how it is when you have no money. It takes forever to get back on your feet.

  23. Elaine

    We live near Joplin & the company I work for was destroyed. We see 1st hand what everyone’s help means to others! We can’t say enough THANKS to everyone who has helped those of Joplin!

  24. Sandi

    I was just overwelmed by this, what a great thing to do..Tears ran down my face as I watched the video..How thankful he was, and such a terrible thing to go through..Anthony & Adrian just want to give you a special thanks you are really great people and everyone else that helped

  25. Curt Stiede

    A hero to some peoples eyes. Thank you Anthony for all the help you have offered too so many people. I know you have given me a chance too improve my life as well. A great heart to all you have helped. I don’t care what they say about you, you are a GOOD MAN !!!!
    Curt S.

  26. Scott Weld

    That’s cool Anthony and Adrian. It was really awesome of the both of you to help out. It shows that you come from a good family and that you were raised right also. My mom would be proud of the both of you.

  27. Ray

    WOW. I just joined up with Anthony any the cummunity. And I am blowen away at what I saw on this video. Anthony I am very proud to part of your cummunity. Thank you

  28. Dj

    In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy path. Proverbs 3:6
    May God Bless!

    ~ Success2u ~

  29. Daryl Fatherree

    You are absolutely ACES. What you organized was just fantastic. I love the idea of good things happening on the web and people actually being helped. You are a blessing. Never lose that quality and compassion you have.

  30. Clara Leake

    I had so many tears in my eyes I had to look at the video twice. God bless you and your brother Adrian and the people on the live community for helping the Burkhart family in Joplin, Mo. Being a nurse and having worked in intensive care and on the surgical unit at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD I know what this family is going through physically. Their road may be long, but if they believe in God they’ll make it. You are truly a caring young man and God will bless you for helping that family.

  31. Elaina Daniels

    Thank you Anthony and Associates this was a wonderful thing that you did. You will receive many blessings for this I am sure, because you just can’t out give God!

  32. Sharon Volkman

    Anthony, you certainly chose the right people, and place, to help. You sure have a good heart. That is so good of you to do what you are doing, thinking of – and helping others. Thank you for your kindness.

  33. Charles Baker

    I just want to say thank you for the help you put into the families life!!!

  34. Quentin Edwards


    Even though I have not been that involved with you I see great things from you and your organization. I really wish I had more time to work with you but I am getting ready to go overseas for the next 18-24 months. I originally bought your program for my daughter and her boyfriend to use but they never did and I just let it sit for a long time before I started reading the many emails you send out daily. Keep up the good work, I hope to get more involved very soon so dont do anything stupid to ruin the good thing you have going now so I can come back and see it again.


    Quentin C. Edwards

  35. Joey Amezquita

    Bravo amigo….you are a hombre of outstanding character and high integraty…..may the allmighty
    father continue to guide you in life….adios …….
    viva anthoney morrison and his brother also…and of course his entire familia

  36. Joseph Mulinix

    Anthony, what a powerful video. This family, like so many families in Joplin, really needed the help. I am glad we were able to be a part of this. Thank you.

  37. Ralph M

    I was touched by the true compassion you have shown in this situation. I am not aware of any other successful internet business person doing something like this before ! I believe you are very sincere person, who is thankful for your blessing & a desire to share not only your success ,also your assets.

    May the Good Lord Bless you more !

  38. Susan Rutter

    Outstanding!!!!!!! So glad to be a part of this. I will continue to work hard
    each and everyday so I can “pass it on” as you have. Thanks Anthony!

  39. Richard E. Vandevander

    That was a very emotional time for the Family and for you. God Bless

    Anthony and when I get my thing going, I hope we all can do much more.

  40. David Molina

    What an inspiration! I look forward to the day I can be able to afford to help others as you do. I want so badly for this business to work for me so I can do things like this.

    Thank You

  41. Kathryn Mann

    What a wonderful thing you and your brother were able to do with the help of the live community. Everyone needs to keep all of the people affected by the tornadoes and floods that have ripped through our country in their prayers and thoughts. I know my family is.
    Thanks again for all you do to help all of us Anthony.

  42. john watkins, sr

    I am also a professional house painter and I would like to donate the painting of this familys house when they rebuild. I am only three hours from Jackson, Ms and could come up to discuss it with you at your convenience. Very moving video.

  43. Kathy L Brogli

    This is awsome to be part of and organization that you can make all the money you want and then actually help someone with it..thanks Anthony for the opportunity and the EXAMPLE you are setting.
    Kathy B.
    Somerset, KY

  44. Karen Pressley

    This is awesome! The tears were in my eyes as I watched what you and your brother did. I am proud to of been a part of this and to be a part of your company. May God be with this family and the people in Joplin. They will be in my prayers. May God bless you and your family and your business always. Thanks again for all you do Anthony in helping us all, you are a blessing.

  45. Melody Noland

    That was truly Awesome! I am proud to be associated with this group. Thank You and God Bless.

  46. Katie Figueroa

    AWESOME! You truly have the heart of GOD showing love and help to a family in need. THANK YOU for all you do. Thank you for sharing. You are truly an inspiration.

  47. Pam F

    What a wonderful heartwarming video. It put a very personal side to the destruction in Joplin and the lives interrupted. Thanks so much for all you did and are doing. What a great organization to be a part of. God Bless !

  48. David Caudill

    Anthony,Adrienne and all the members of our Live Community,

    I just wanted to say “Awsome job everyone.”

    Being from Joplin,Mo. myself this was extra special to us and we know the Burkhardt family.

    “Thanks again” to everyone.

    From The Desk Of,

    David Caudill and Cindy Pequignot ” We are DaCinMoney and we are successfully working from home.”

  49. Lisa Gross

    WOW! Anthony, you & your brother are angels!
    My husband & I lost his architecture firm twice to 2 horrible
    hurricanes. After the 1st hurricane, we lost everything, & FEMA & our insurance said,”It was a natural disaster, & we went
    into deep debt taking out loans to rebuild. Then, soon after
    that tragedy, the 2nd hurricane destroyed everything again, & we had no
    money left to rebuild. The building wasn’t even in
    a flood zone, etc. We lost our home, everything, &
    this 2nd hurricane was around the 9/11 tragedy, so
    trying to get a job for my husband, was impossible. I was an
    educator, principal at that time, & had to take
    leave, to help my husband sell what furniture from
    our home, etc., that we could, & help him send out
    thousands of resumes. Thank God our 5 daughters
    were all out on their own! It was, & has been a
    long, traumatic journey. One of the worst traumas, was
    that my husband’s building was his Father’s 1st!
    His father was the 1st architect in the FL Panhandle
    area, after WWII! My husband literally “crawled on
    his Dad’s office floors,” as a baby & later graduated
    as a 2nd generation architect & worked with his Dad,
    until his Dad died, & the business became my husband’s!
    No one can truly understand what these horrific
    “acts of nature” totally impact people’s entire lives,
    unless they have experienced them. That’s why when
    we see these horrific tragedies on the news, etc.,
    we relive the traumas, & our hearts & prayers are
    with all of the devastation & victims. Anthony, as usual,
    we wept, & also when we saw your brother & you give
    the checks to help that family with their devastation
    Most sincerely,
    Lisa Gross

  50. Gary Monahan

    Well done, Anthony! Philanthropy by means of direct donation is a great idea, since it eliminates the middleman and his overhead costs.

  51. Josie M

    Anthony & Adrian Thank You so much Feels good not only giving but seeing who was helped My prayers go out to the Burkharts and your generosity in giving them so much hope.

  52. danna seale

    Anthony and Adrian, this is not always the case; but for the most part young people like you two had to have had some good examples set before you when you grew up – for you to not only take action, but to lead a group of people to share in helping people in a tragedy, is very admirable. And God is smiling down on you! And I am, too!

  53. Katherine Roush

    It’s so nice to see the family we’ve been able to help. Thank you for sharing this with us. Have a great day!

  54. Kimberly

    That was awesome Anthony. My prayers go out to all of those who have lost so much. God Bless you

  55. Paula Sapp

    When you get, give back–your blessing will be 100 times the fold. Thanks Anthony for giving so much to so many people.

  56. Jeanne Mausure

    Anthony and Adrian,

    The best and most beautiful things in the world

    cannot be seen or even touched

    they must be felt with the heart Helen Keller

    Your hearts are in the right place and so very generous!!! Thank You Jeanne

  57. Madeline Huertas


    When God created the internet He said, “This is good” but
    when God created Anthony Morrison He said, “This is great”
    You have not given up on me even though in over nine months I have not responded to your e-mails. Anthony Morrison, you truly are an inspiration!
    Always In Jesus,

  58. Dom DiGioia

    You’ve done God’s work, Anthony. Your altruism is stunning, but I know that blessings will come back you many times over. May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family,

  59. Aldo Trevino

    Hey brotha what you and everyone else have done is truly a blessing and because im a father of 3 children makes me really feel the impact that family will have after helping them out. When i become very successful my goal will be to meet the guy who is helping and giving to others,
    Anthony Morrison and family

  60. Carol

    Anthony that is an amazing and generous thing you have done. God works in mysterious ways and you had to be his helper here. That was a generous and wonderful video. You are blessed for doing this kind work.
    This country needs more generous and not self centered people. There are so many hurting from tragedy and loss of jobs. We have so many in need it is an unreal thought this Nation would come to this.
    Thank you and your brother for your generosity.

  61. Barbara moore

    Hi Anthony you and your brother have done the most important thing in the world for help this family and many more family god bless you for all you do and still doing around the world and Anthony thank you for lets me be part of this because these peoples need all the help they can get we are bless.

  62. Kat

    Wow that is great! That is great to hear that your team and your brother where able to do help this family in need. May God bless you and your family and team…..

    Always believe in the power of God!

  63. James Linekin

    Someone got Blessed from somone that knows to be that you must be a Blesser!

  64. stacie

    That is amazing that they have received that much support and help when they need it the most. Thanks to people who actually care.

  65. Jo MacDonald

    Ur an awesome type of person that must run in ur family. Thanks to both u and your brother, the companies like PMI and ISI to help this wonderful family get back on their feet.

  66. max

    Wow that is so great. Good to see that yall have a good heart. God bless all the tornado victims and alabama.

  67. Marie

    Remember! the more you do good to people; the more blessing you can receive from above. May God bless you always Anthony!

  68. Jegajothy

    Hi Anthony,
    Well done for a humanitarian job. What impressed me was the speed at which u reacted and also the spontanteousness. Keep up the good work. We all love u.
    Regards and best wishes.
    another of your newbie students

  69. Evelyn Barron

    Great job you guys, that’s what its all about, to be able to be a blessing to others when you are blessed to be able to do so. This too is a dream of mine. And when we all pull together as a community we can change the world a family at a time. You make me proud, blessing to both of you, best regards, Evelyn Barron
    I think I will start to read your book and put it into action too.

  70. Bridget

    God bless you for all you are doing to help some of the Tornado victims of Joplin.

  71. RADU R.

    Dear Anthony,

    You have done the right gesture to help the people in so
    much need. Long time ago I purchased your books.
    I feel good to know that indirectly I made a modest
    contribution to your charity work.
    RADU R.
    PS: Thanks for writing to me.

  72. Kathleen Beller

    Dear Anthony,

    My prayers were answered when I saw your show on TV. I know this with
    certainty now. I felt I was gaining a connection to a God fearing man and I
    was right. Your whole family and company are good and gracious people who are doing extraordinary things, and I am proud to be an affiliate in this company. Thank you for helping that family. When you see my vision for my website, I hope you will be proud to have me as well. There is hope for the earth and humanity as long as we continue to do good for others. Thank you
    Anthony for coming into our lives.
    Stanley and Kathleen Beller

  73. Janet Maxwell

    It takes a village to help each other out. I pray for all of those that are devastate by disasters. Natural or not.

  74. Keith Dansie

    That was a great thing to a famly that really did the help.thanks

  75. Hector

    Wow!!! If this act of kindness does not inspire people, I don’t know what will. God Bless you Antony and Adrian, you guys are awesome. This Family will thank you for the rest of their lives and I hope that they take the invitation to be coach by you guys in the near future.

  76. John Hervan

    A nthony,
    I am so proud to be a part of your community and see the selflessness you show that you have and the compassion you show to others. Pat, Be strong and you and your family are in my prayers.

  77. David Garcia

    WoW, I am in the same state of mind that Mr. Burkhardt is…I really don’t know what to say…absolutely remarkable as Gods love truly shines through. What a wonderful blessing, Anthony. I myself am 2/3rd’s the way through APFH (due to my scheduling and work hours) But wow, what a read of experience, Experience so truly simple and easy to identify with on all levels of life, Boldy Ideal, with mental stimulation for motivation. I can’t wait. And I hoppe that Mr Burkhardt makes the time to actually READ those books.they will further continue to change his life. And as I too follow your instruction on my own individual rocky roads of lifes financial misfortune. I can only imagine the day I too can reach out and touch lives in the manner as you do. Thank you Anthony and may God continue blessing your cause forever. That through your shared knowledge, we can learn a new way to spend our time online, moreso now with the determination to get through the book, create positive rapports, and help others, like Mr. Burkhardt & Family, along the journey. Loving your neighbor, as yourself. Nicely done. Much love Anthony and grace to you for sharing – D.Garcia – Modesto, Ca.

  78. Cynthia Batton

    I joined here after you had already helped the Burkhart family. God bless you folks!

    #1 goal: Have my business(s) producing the monthly income needed (and surpass) for my bills by year end.

    Thank you! -Cindy

  79. Madeline

    That was amazing to watch. Just knowing there are people that want to help for no other reason than to help. God Bless you Anthony. My prayers are with the Burkhart’s.

  80. Sammieree Pearson

    This is a great thing you are doing. I wish I could help other people the same way.

  81. Debra

    I have to say Wow, There are Angels that walk among us, what you did for that Family was a true blessing.

    I am still trying to find way to make money with my website, nothing yet..

  82. Clarence Dobbins

    WoW! God Bless You. It’s one thing to help at the moment but to teach them to help themselves forever (the mentoring program) is just the greatest!

  83. Gina

    This is great. To be able to give back is awesome. I want to be able to reach that point in my business myself.

  84. Kaye Hutton

    I watched this last week and am sitting here again all teary . I, too, am from Mississippi and know what tornados can do. I am proud to have become affiliated with caring people like you, your brother and all the others that came together to help this family that so desperately needed it.
    My prayers are with the Burkhart’s and all the other families who had their lives changes by those storms.


    Hi Ant

    It’s great to hear someone with your talent and grace, helping out these people who are going through a really hard time.

    Thank You

  86. Wendy Carmichael

    I love this, God has filled your heart and your brothers and the companies that sent to the family! God Bless the Burkhart’s family and you to Anthony!

  87. Cheryl

    I have joined and am still working on getting my ecommerce site active.’
    My goal is to have my business producing $2500 monthly for medications I need to take for my disease – No drug coverage. Hopefully this will happen in the next 6 months.
    Thanks Anthony for all you are able to do and choose to do.
    At this point in my life I teach people the bible for free!

  88. David Wucki

    Anthony, after watching the video clip, just shows you that it’s not just the money you want but, what it allows you to do and become.
    This has to be a very satisfying feeling knowing you can help someone to get back on their feet.

  89. Andrea Ingram

    I think this is wonderful. I am from Missouri originally and some of Dad’s family still lives in Springfield. I don’t believe any of our family is Joplin now. I heard your plea and donated through the Salvation Army.
    What I really love about this video not only did you give for today but you are providing a means for the family to get income tomorrow.
    Good job. Anthony. The Burkhart family and the many families affected are in our prayers. We will continue to give through our many sources because it is not over more is need.

  90. Jeri

    God Bless and keep through Grace all those who suffer. And, thank you Anthony and Adrian for your philanthropy….. I hope to be able to do the same soon, with your help.

  91. Heba

    I dont know what to say…im really touched with this video and i admire the idea of not only giving away tangible things ( Donations) but you are also giving them a way to succeed and rebuilt themselves again. God bless you Anthony.

  92. Jenevie Lucero

    Congrats to all, good job. I cannot wait to get my finances in order, so I too can get started with Anthonys’ marketing plan. Again God Bless All of You. jen

  93. Bonnie Kaiser

    This was a true blessing for these folks. God Bless all the victims and Bless you Anthony for reaching out and helping. Prayers be with you all!

  94. Michael Bernal

    I’m late seeing this but this is what this is all about to me. People helping people. It’s great when you can help family but even better when you can help a stranger that really needs it. Think of the possibilities if many more people had the ability to donate that amount of money that you guys have donated. It’s truly amazing and heart warming to see this sort of thing. Absolutely awesome.

  95. Ronald

    I am a little late viewing this, have been wanting to get my website up and running, but have alot of interference to keep me from my computer. This family will be in my prayers.

  96. shari solomon

    Bless you, your brother, PMI, ISI and all the others who made this donation a reality for the Burkhart family. Anyone could tell from the video that the intention was truly real and from honest caring and concern for your fellow man.

    Thanks! Sincerely, Shari-Texas

  97. gLou

    It was refreshing to see how you and your brother took the time to visit that family and provide them a small contribution to help them begin rebuilding their lives. Keep up the good work!!!

  98. ann matthew

    God Bless you Anthony, and your brother Adrian and the Burkhart family. Yes, helping each other is the reason we are all on this planet….people first, money second and things last as Suze Orman is fond of saying. Unless we help each other, why are we making money? Thank you all for helping this family in Joplin. There is more for all of us to do. Good Job Everyone! Sincerely Ann

  99. ann matthew

    Heart tugs and tears. Anthony, Thank you for doing the work of God in Joplin. My heart breaks for the families in Joplin, and I am encouraged to see one family being helped with such a huge gift and the tools to help their family as they heal. all the best to you, Ann

  100. Cathy

    When you give you will receive.
    You are blessed because you give; not only to this family but in so many other ways.
    Thank you.

  101. Ronald Carpenter

    Thank you for your aid to the Burkharts. They as well as many others need our individual assistance. God Bless you for your aid to them.

  102. Laurie T

    That was an amazing gift; very generous. I’m learning more and more about you and what you are all about.

  103. Michael

    Wow, that is amazing, know what I would like to know is why you didn’t do more Anthony?? If I was a millionaire like you I would have at least given him a vehicle and then the checks, but my heart may be a little bigger and my pocket book with less, but with your help I hope to have more in my wallet and then I will be able to give to those in need in our country. Don’t get me wrong what you did is a great thing and I pray that God will continue to bless you for the good you have done, keep the blogs coming and more training.

  104. Miriam Ferrary

    I sat and cried as I did the first time I saw that. You’re such a thoughtful person. I wish could have gotten my website up and running so could join you in helping people. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble getting through the month. My disabilities have gotten worse and made it harder to do anything.
    I hope the next time, I can say ,”let me join you”.

  105. Harold Scott

    Anthony, you have, I have,each of us have had disasters in our lives. I can imagine the damage to property living 50 miles from Tuscaloosa, but I have never lost the ireplacable items that these people lost. I can only pray that this family and all the others who were devastated by this horrable event will have the courage to face the future knowing that God never gives one more than one can manage.

  106. Julie paulvin

    Anything you do for one of my child ! You do it for me. That ‘s the word of Jesus . You will be Bless. For ever. Julie

  107. Norma I. A.

    If all of us will be driven to do go works, understand each other, listen to
    peoples problems, zero criticism, look at the good side rather than bad,
    it will be a wonderful world to live into.

    Prayers on the other hands moves faster than anything else, as long as
    your faith is strong. Mr.Burkhart’s family could have such faith that
    Mr.Morrison and his PMI group responded without delay

    God Bless you more , those who responded, to Burkhart’s family may you
    experience God’s love all the days of your life. God Speed.

  108. Karen Delgado

    Another awesome moment you created Anthony, that will last a lifetime for that family!!!

  109. Carolyn Christian-Anderson

    Adrian & Anthony,

    You two are gifts from God. Your parents mus be very proud of you for honoring their values clearly instilled in you both. Choked me up. Thank you for ALL you do for everyone!

  110. Maria L. Fay

    It is comforting to know that we still have “PEOPLE” in this world and just “people”. Your sensitivity and Adrian’s are to be highly commended not only as business men, but also as “human beings”. Your parents must be so proud of you two! God bless you and your family.

  111. Kaye Hutton

    This is the second time I have watched this video and it still brings tears to my eyes. I pray God’s blessings on this family then, now and in the future. They have so much to recover from.
    There is no reward like the one we recieve when we are able to help others. I look foward to being in on your next venture of this kind.

  112. Sandra Jordan

    It such a pleasure to see that people still willing to give a helping hand, God bless you Anthony and Adrian my prayers are with everyone.

  113. Mavis Turner

    So wonderful, touched my heart, tears flow fluently showing happiness for the helping someone in need!

  114. Alice Holland

    Anthony, I left one comment earlier;but my twitter name did not work! I just am tired of all the bad things people have to endure in the last days. Hoping everything will be shiny and no more pain. Lots of people come together to help each other in bad times. There are lots of godly people in this U.S.A.!

  115. Carol Cheshire

    I remember this with great joy that you helped these people.
    There are hundreds here in Texas that need help. They have endured fire for days now. The fire around here is under control at the moment but the one southeast of Austin is only about 30 percent contained.
    Texas has had the worst draught imaginable. They are calling the Bastrop county fire of Biblical proportions. We have Fire Fighters from all over and still the fires are cropping up and continuing.

  116. Hope Hutchinson

    My heart truly goes out to the Burkhart Family, I pray that they are all BLESSED with a speedy recovery. And my hat is off to you Anthony & Adrian for spearheading such heartfelt generosity…

    Many Blessings Too You all,

  117. charles daniel kaegi

    just wanted to say that in a world that little help is given and few people with ability,rarely take the responsibility to help the way you and your brother did and for that you and your brother should be very proud of the deed you did for that family! if i had the money to try any program,it would definitely be from you! wish the best of luck to you and your family!

  118. Linda White

    So awsome to see another side of your family Anthony. Just when you think you have it bad there are others that are in more sad situations. keep up the good work …hope to be in the mix soon…

  119. Donna

    Anthony it is remarkable that someone in your position would reach out and help the Burkhart family as you have. God will truly Bless you and your family for what you have done. God Bless you and the Burkhart family. We need more Angels like you and your staff and family..I wish the very best for the Burkhart family.

  120. Chaundra Crews-McGrady

    hello, Anthony and Adrian the both of you are amazing, that was wonderful, you reach out and touch a family who didn’t have anything or any place to go. God Bless the both of you, your team and the Burhart family. great job done.

  121. Fred E. Thompson Jr.

    My heart bleeds on September the 11th, I personally lost several close friends, and many fellow Americans, in this horrific attach on our country.
    I pray those responsible pay for this crime, and at the same time I hope that the entrer, Moslem faith is not blamed for the acts of those misguided individuals that commit such horrible acts.


  122. Marie Renfrew

    To Anthony & Adrian Morrisom and all of AM Community I salute you for this humanitarian effort of reaching out to the families and community during disaster or calamity.More power to you! And to the Burkhart family our prayers and continued wish for courage,hope, and strength to overcome this situation and welcome to joining the AM Community! With all our love…

  123. Natalie Lee

    Thanks for sharing this heart-warming video and helping others in need!!! Not only are you helping the Burkhart family with car and other expenses, but also give them your internet biz books to teach them online marketing. Now that’s smart!!! The Burkhart family will be in our prayers!!!

  124. Francisco Bermudez

    Anthony, you are doing amazing things for people that are in needs. God will bless you on everything you do for everybody else. God loves everybody but we always have to have that faith in god no matter what. And i really did liked that video.

  125. Francisco Bermudez

    Anthony, also your brother Adrian for doing amazing things in your lives, god bless you.

  126. Maynard

    Anthony that is one of the amazing attributes of a well rounded person that the world needs so much of. To help and give back is such a good feeling and I wish so many others would just join in. That is amazing and great job.
    You are awesome.

  127. patriciapad

    this is such a wonderful thing to help someone who really needs the help God does great things through good people

  128. Willy Lamoureux Jr

    We just don’t know how good some of us have it until we see the tragedies of others. Your efforts are commendable Anthony.

  129. LindaCarol Ertle

    Hi Anthony!! Now, This was fantastic!! It just made my heart fly!! This is one of the reasons I want so very much to make my business work!! My husband and I have 10 kids between the two of us, and of course, that means LOTS of Grand and Great Grandkids!! I want to be able to have the money to help them if they ever really get in a bind. I also know of a lot of organizations (like your Christmas one) that can use any extra funds they can get. And – well you get the idea. I just want to HELP people. Just like you and Adrian and the Live Community helped the Burkhardt Family. It makes healing so much easier when they don’t have to worry about other things so much. You and your Brother are so Wonderful, and so are the people you work with. And, now, I am one of thos people, and I am Honored. Thank you for this, too!!!

  130. Julianna Frome

    I just joined the internet group today and to see this story makes me proud to be a part and I am looking foward to get working . God bless you Anthony and all who work with you.

  131. bj

    I would like to say that others who make money on line should be so generous. I would like to share a scripture with people and its found in Isaiah 35:5,6 At that time the eyes of the blind ones will be opened, and the very ears of the deaf ones will be unstopped. at that time the lame one will climb up just as a stag does, and the tongue of the speechless one will cry out in gladness…. God plans to do soon on a world wide scale is going to be a miracle. As humans we can only do so much.

    What Anthony and his brother as well as others who have made a donation has done for this family is wonderful. It shows there is compassionate people out there.

    and even just starting with our time to help our neighbor who is ill, such as a quick visit to clean their house, or buy them groceries is always appreciated.
    So don’t think its just money, it is our time, Look at the time these two young men spend going out of their way. Some times I will go through a drive through and if I have extra money I will pay for the person behind me meal or coffee. You should see the look on their faces. You drive away happy because you did what you could with the little you have. Look for ways you can show true love. We are all on this planet together.

  132. Charles DeBaptiste

    Absolutely a phenomenal person you are. I am truly inspired.

  133. Annie Lewis

    That was awesome. It’s a blessing to see love in action. Give and it will be given back……Luke 6:38

  134. Michael Vogel

    Great story.
    Blessings Anthony to you and your brother. Keep up the great work

  135. Roger O

    God gives us gifts not for use upon ourselves only but to give even more to others, period.

    Morrison’s, THANK YOU for your big heart! And all others involved in this great time of need.

    In prayer for all those family’s and people affected by the storms of life, in whichi ever way they come! Amen

  136. Carolyn

    Anthony, What would we do without people like yourself to take the time and go out of your way in order to help people who have nothing left at all, plus their family being hurt so badly. I want to thank you for the bottom of my heart for stepping up to the plate as you do all the time for others. May we all be in a position to do this someday and be able to wrap our arms around someone who needs us! Keep up the good work for others! I would love to join in on this and offer whatever I my have to give if it is just a hug.

  137. Kathy Page

    The viedo was great. If I had the money. I would take my three sons. go down their and build them a home. Its so sad during a storm, homes are gone. Families wiped out. They get no help from our goverment and do the insurance companies ever come through. Kathy P.

  138. Joe D.

    Anthony, you’re the man. Unlike so many of the so called internet guru’s out there, you actually care about people. Don’t ever change. The good you do will come back to you 10 fold. Joe

  139. KBuchanan

    It is so emotional to help others….
    Thank you Anthony, Adrian, the PMI and ISI families,
    for you heartfelt gifts toward helping others through devastating situations. I hope that my future allows me
    the opportunity to increase my humanitarian goals, and
    that Americans continue to realize that God placed us
    here to help ourselves and to help others with his guidance.
    Amazing acts of kindness are never forgotten………


    hello anthony it’s pastor phil biggs here. I must say that i am astonished by
    your actions and your caring nature. i have recently gone through two very serious situations myself. a wind storm transplanted the roof from my home
    into a nearby vacant lot. the next thing that occurred destroyed my property fencing and siding. i need several thousand dollars to restore the situation
    so that i can procceed in a positive light. i place all in my beloved saviors
    hands knowing that he has the ability to lift us up and restore all as it was.
    i certainly could use some help my brother to take a stand with you anthony
    so i can grab hold of success with the success with anthony program. please help me to start with success with anthony. i am sorry that i must ask you to provide me with a loan for the 49.00 dollars until i can produce the funds from your program. after watching the video you send yesterday
    with the three older gents producing a decent amount of money through success with anthony. i feel sure that this will secure the answer i am seeking. i will need ten thousand dollars over the summer in order to see my home totally restored and i know by the grace of God that we will victory in JESUS FOREVER AND EVER AMEN. may the peace of our blessed lord of lords and king of kings be with you and your family forever;amen

  141. Richard G.

    It just shows you when people com together and work together soooo much can be accomplished. I donate charities and my time to help out the less fortunate and work in an animal shelter where unfortunately people mistreat and abuse animals. Good luck to the families of Springfield Missouri.

  142. Kevin Young

    Anthony you and your brother Adrian are awesome! That family is truly blessed.

  143. Claudia Rodriguez

    Thanks for show us your video!!! We give us inspiration to improve our live and helping others.

    Could you update what’s happen with this family after all this time?

    God Bless you!!

  144. Mary W.

    What a wonderful story, Helping people in times of need is one of the most wonderful things anyone can do. You are very special and always there to help others whatever their need may be. I appreciate all your efforts and cannot say thank you enough. It is a joy to hear stories like this. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Anthony for being who you are.

  145. Noel Hunt

    Hi Anthony & Adrian

    I am “hot off the press” from a great start to a new career thru the conference
    in Denver this past w/e with you, Adrian,…our fearless leader!
    How touching to have received this blog and it naturally brought tears to my eyes. I shall share this and offer prayers for the Burkhart family.
    It is an honor to be associated with your organization and a group of people so much into helping others, be it personal or in business. You guys are truly AWESOME! Thanks for finding us, your students, and inspiring us as we get launched in a new career. I look forward to this journey.

  146. Noel Hunt

    Hi Anthony & Adrian

    I am “hot off the press” from a great start to a new career thru the conference
    in Denver this past w/e with you, Adrian,…our fearless leader!
    How touching to have received this blog and it naturally brought tears to my eyes. I shall share this and offer prayers for the Burkhart family.
    It is an honor to be associated with your organization and a group of people so much into helping others, be it personal or in business. You guys are truly AWESOME! Thanks for finding us, your students, and inspiring us as we get launched in a new career. I look forward to this journey.

  147. Safar

    Good job Anthoney I do hope that this side of you inspire more of us in the world to be more HUMAN like to others that are in need espically when its not their fault and they are making honest efforts to change a situation.

  148. belynnda taylor

    This is the kind of thing I love to see. Thank you Anthony and Adrian for actually showing us where the money goes and for having those big hearts of yours.

  149. Pauline Hicks


  150. Joe Griffith

    Anthony, this is a great story and it’s persons like you that helps to bring about blessings for those that are in need. Thank you for sharing this story!

    Joe Griffith

  151. arthur v.torres

    Lets pass it on,when we received something ,lets give also to the ones in need.

  152. Fred Castro


  153. Kathy Postel

    This is amazing what you have done and are doing to help this family may God bless you richly for it!! In Jesus nm amen and amen!!!

  154. Sandy

    Blessings to all of you who have helped the Burkhart family & with all the inspiration you offer your people Anthony, this is one of the most important in that we not focus on our own problems but focus on helping others & the intensity of our problems will diminish. Thank You

  155. Kathy K.

    Hi Anthony & Adrian,
    I just wanted to say what a blessing it is to see that God has blessed you with the internet marketing business in a way that you have turned and blessed others. I sincerely hope & pray that God will bless me in such a way with this internet marketing that not only can I provide for my family with college expenses & help others in the community as well. It absolutely believe in the paying it forward for others less fortunate. I want so badly to make this work. God Bless you for all you do!

  156. David Moore

    Yes what a great thing that you and Adrian and also the sponsors have done. It is such a blessing to be able to help someone in desperate need as these folks. Nothing but good coming out of the interent and news media about this story. I Hope these folks and everyone else there during this bad time have overcome most of these obsticles that they had to endured. Time heals pain. Godbless.

  157. Jamey Brown

    Touching story once again. It is a pleasure to be associated with you Anthony Morrison and your team. Keep up the good work!

  158. K. K. Kumaroo

    Dear Anthony:
    It is wonderful of you to help (financially) a family in dire need. This had happened last year. Though I watched the video last year I forgot to write and thank you for your generosity. ,,,,,K. K. Kumaroo

  159. K. K. Kumaroo

    Dear Anthony:
    This is the second time I am writing to express my appreciation for all what you are doing to help out the vitims of natural disasters. It does not taste that good when this is aired again and again, however the noble cause is. K. K. Kumaroo

  160. Cheryl Harrington

    What a kind and humantarian way to bless someone.!!! I am sure the Burkhart’s deeply appreciate you all’s kind gesture. I feel very proud to be a part of PMI. I know you were blessed too!!! And don’t forget to take that vitamin C….I LOVE learning internet marketing…..I’m going to die when I get my first check!!! Take Care!!!


  161. Linda Brundage

    Hi Anthony, just want to say that you and your brother are great men. It takes a kind and loving person with a good heart to help people that are unfortunate like this family. Thank you.

  162. Discover Auctions

    Thanks Anthony for sharing this post again from last year as this is my first time seeing it. It is great that successful people give back in such a generous way to those in need. Alot of IM’s are only bombarding people with garbage ads trying to line their own pockets and never give back. I have seen you give back to the public numerous times. You should be commended for all your efforts. Giving this family your mentoring program to assist them going forward is HUGE! What a wonderful gift. More mentoring programs should consider doing such for those in need. It shows that you are real and down to earth and helps build a brand also.
    Kudos to you. Keep up the great work.

  163. Muriel

    It;s great to know that wonderful things can be accomplished thru the power of the internet. Thanks to you and your brother, the Burkharts have hope! My prayers go out to the family that all of them will recover and heal from this ordeal! It may take time, but the power of pray is awesome!

  164. J.C.

    So so sad so many in pain and lost’s wow Morrison bros you did good the lord is going to bless you guys with more!

  165. Carla De Petris

    What you have done is so awesome that there are no word to espress
    the gratitude for those people that lost so much.
    Bless yoo both for what you did.

  166. Beverley Gallimore

    Hi Anthony,

    I just watched your meeting with Mr. Burkhart of Joplin and your very generous offer to help him and his family not just now, but into the future so that they may pick up the pieces of their lives again and move forward. You have the most important thing in life–a good heart–and I commend you for it. Thank you for sharing this story. I feel so honored to be a part of your network. Beverley

  167. Oronde Robinson

    Helping others is the best way to live. The real fortune lives in touching other peoples lives in a positive and impactful way. Keep sharing your big heart with others Anthony!



  169. Marcia Brown

    This was an especially moving video! Thanks for helping this family! I don’t know them, but that tornado touched the lives of people I have known for years.

    I taught in southeast Kansas in a little town called Altoona. One of my former students lost her mom in the Joplin tornado because her mom was on her way to the hospital to work her regular shift when the tornado struck her and killed her. Her caring nature overcame her desire for her own safety making the need to do her job a necessity. Sharilyn (Smith) Gardner is still coping with that loss, but doing so with great faith in God and with a sweet but strongly positive spirit.

    Sharilyn teaches excercise classes in Pittsburgh, Kansas, at the YMCA. She has been an inspiration to me and to many who see her on Facebook. She just got through doing a run in honor of all those lost that day in Joplin.

    Thank you, Anthony, Adrian, PMI, and ISI for helping the Burkhart family.

  170. Saied

    Money does not buy you happiness, good deed does. God Bless.

  171. Heddy Magrill

    You and your brother are gorgeous human beings. I just watched and listened to your video about the tornado-a blessing for me indeed. Bless you for all the good work you are doing.
    Respectfully and sincerely yours, Heddy Magrill

  172. Constance

    We got to change there luck somehow. We can’t give up. Remember that old song have Faith Hope and charity thats way to live sucessfully how do I know the bible told me so. Be good to your enemy thats the way to live successfully. How do know the bible tells me so. Don’t worry about tomorrow just be real good today and he will stand beside and guide you all the way. If I could only harness this talent I have somehow. Just a little inspiration to help the Joplin family. Just start praying what you can’t handle God will take care of it.

  173. Beverly cooper

    What a blessing. Helping others has been inbreaded in me from childhood. Whenever im feeling low i go out and help someone else and then my problem seems so small and irrelavant. Im proud to be part of such a loving family. This should be contagious throughout the world.

  174. Julio Colon

    Wow Awesome Story It Brought me to tears. I can’t wait until i can be able to do something like that. First I need to get your course so i can learn Internet Marketing. I ‘ve tried MLM network marketing and still no success but i will keep trying because i know there is Gold at the end of the rainbow and i m no quitter. Once i get my health back up and get back to work i could afford your program. I Lost My Job because of Cancer and missing days for treatments. But hey life goes on I may be broke Now but not for long i hope. Until I get some money together to buy and learn from you Anthny. God Bless You and your Community Team.

  175. Suzanne Brandt

    Great job for the both of you. God will be proud of you. That is what all of us are supposed to do each and everyday. He gave you the means to help others that need the help. That is what I would love to be able to do. Help others in a crisis. Thanks for the video. Very inspiring.

  176. Yelena Yuzlikeyeva

    Really perfect what are two brothers are doing! You are Angels!

  177. Gary

    I have to say I really the love Morrison brothers and the things they do. I have several of their courses and working hard to do the things I could, just to be able to do things like they do. I’m really interested in learning how the family is doing now, since this is the first time I ever saw this video. I just really admire honest people and this video is so …..I’m really speechless!?

  178. Edmund Clay. Anthony and Adrian, what a beautiful way to give back to the community. Thank you for all the love and care you have shared to the needy. May God bless you more.

    Anthony and Adrian, what a beautiful way to give back to the community! Thank you for all the love and care you have shared especially to the people who needed the most like the Burkhart family. Your acts of charity will never be forgotten. God will even bless you more.

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