1. crystal steffler

    this is awesome i cant wait! ever since i watched you on tv about 2 weeks ago my entire life hasbecome about making money and learning every trick of the trade. i hope you and your family are doing great, thanks again for everything, you gave me back my hope!!! see you again soon, take care

  2. Maurice

    Good Morning Anthony, thank you for the information on the webinar. I have a question on another note. Are you working with a company called PMI? I just wanted to make sure because they have contacted me several times about being mentored.

  3. Linda Cress

    I thank you because I know nothing about blogs, tweets, but I do know a little about email. I need to learn all that I can. Thank you for all that you do for us. You are rewarded here, but God will give you the best reward for all you do.

  4. Dot

    Looking forward to the webinar yet Thursdy is imposible for me. Hope there will be a replay

  5. Albert T Smith Jr

    Thanks Anthony for the heads-up. I’ve told you before, I’m sure there are many of us that appreciate all that you do, and continue to do; however, most don’t stop to say thank you. Well here it is again, THANKS !

    Need all the help I can get! Looking forward to next Thursday.

  6. Jeanne Mausure

    Anthony, I’m looking forward to your next webinar! I have purchased many products from you since last October and was wondering why I’m not making any money until I was reading an article in Woman”s World “Chicken Soup for the Soul” In the middle of the article there was a circle with a rainbow in it and these words: “THE BEST WAY TO GET SOMETHING DONE IS TO BEGIN” Unknown author Hello!!!!! I have invested in you for myself and just haven’t started! I’m going to follow that rainbow until I have success!!! Thanks for all of your encouragement!!! JJ

  7. Albert Shinn


    Thanks for the persistant updates it helps to keep one committed and on track. You are an inspiration. I just hope I can get things going this time. Don’t miss understand the comment, it’s just I’ve set so high a standard or goal for myself in the past and didn’t results fast enough in my perception that I would get discouraged and quit. So this time I’m going to slow down quite a bit and do the best to remain middle of the road and give things a chance to work. Well, I feel I may have said more than I intended but maybe this will help all around. Thanks again and have a great day.

  8. Jessie Littlejohn

    I am so excited to be apart of your opportunity,and trying very hard to get
    back on track. to be able to understand how amazing this coild be for me.
    there are somethings I need to complete first.

  9. tyrone

    anthony i just don’t have money to invest but love trying to make money online
    help please

  10. nanci m pritchard

    well, I really need to be making some money; how long does it take; so far everyone but me seems to be raking it in; I wish I could just get this going; I really want to succeed

  11. Larry Grimes

    Thanks for the follow up webinar,looking forward to it and have already registered to gain a spot.thank you again for believing in an old man with a lot of desire just begging for help you are the only one that seems to care.

  12. Deanna Martin

    Looking forward to the webinar.I would love to have 1/2 of your knowledge.
    Deanna Martin

  13. Henry Budjenska

    I’ll be there.
    Last one was great.
    I’m sure this one will be better.


  14. Kathleen Beller

    Hello Anthony, I am looking forward to the August 18, 2001 Webinar. I do need it. I just copyrighted 60 photos to use on the website I am developing. I should be ready to publish it within a week. Then I will cross market SaveandLearn offers with it. It takes hours to do everything, because I am learning as I go.
    I will also start doing my Substitute Teaching soon and then I will have extra money for advertising. Thank you for your efforts. 🙂

  15. Elizabeth M

    I am really looking forward to the next webinar. You guys give great info.


  16. Susan

    Looking forward to the next webinar. I really like finding something new to learn to help me grow and improve my business.

  17. cecilia

    Anthony, I will watch the webinar this coming August 18. Thanks for the notice.

  18. Joseph Redick

    Hi there Anthony Morrison my name is joseph Redick I have not got my site up let if you can help me I would like to get started soon

  19. jon

    great, i’m sure i’ll be watching this webinar.

    fyi, it’s friday august 12th at 11:16am here in texas.

    why is there feedback on here with the time stamp 5 hours from now?

    anyway, i look forward to the infro.

  20. Randy Shannon

    Thanks for the fist webinar to you and your brother, It was very helpful
    and full of new ideas I had never seen. I think you may have set the standard for yourself Anthony!. I am excited about the next webinar and THANK YOU!!! in advance.
    Randy Shannon

  21. Sandy R. Doten

    I’ve registered and I’m very excited to be a part of this webinar.
    Thank you

  22. Doris Gessner

    I registered when you first announced the webinar for next Thursday. I’m needing more referrals for my biz and hoping this will help. Doris


    I am concerned about webinar, it is a good way to move forward, yes . And I wonder if anyone is in the same track! . August 18 this month, right here. I hope at least 10% of my 9,000 plus friends I have on face book, including all of my Caribbean communities (groups) will take a look at the programs taught by Anthomy M and his staffs… I’ll be there!

  24. Merry Lou Stafford

    We will be flying back from Madison on Thursday but we will be on listening to the webinar.

  25. Robert Fuller

    Thanks Anthony for once again giving of yourself for our benefit! Your last webinar was fantastic! I most definitely will be watching, listening, and taking notes!

  26. Christensen JB

    looking forword to this weeks webinar , keep up the good work. Thank-you for the help in getting my business out of my head and on to the web.

  27. Brenda Trapp

    Cant waite till the 18th of Aug. to get on webinar.
    Thank you for the invite.

  28. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – I really want to focus and learn as much as possible about Affiliate Marketing. I have heard from you and others as well that a lot of money can be made on the internet. If other people can do this I can do it also.

  29. Mario Castro

    Thanks. I’m looking forward frot his interested webseminar, but I will see, if I can change my scheduled work at Macys of California.

    Thank you.

    Mario Castro

  30. Dale Haynes

    Looking forward to great content as well as your continuing encouragement in Affiliate Marketing. The countdown is on to Thursday.

  31. Linda Vaughn

    I have never been able to know what to do from here. Please help. Thanks for sending the daily helps, but I still do not know what to do.

    Thanks and really need extra money.

    Linda Vaughn

  32. Kathy Pavone

    Looking forward to the next webinar. Having a hard time picking a product and finding a supplier, just wanted to let you know. Can you touch on that during the webimar? Thanks

  33. Carol B

    Anthony ~
    Your goal is to TEACH what you know
    My goal is to LEARN what you know
    You are welcome in my house ANYtime
    Anxious for the webinar . . . this ol’ granny
    needs all the help I can get 🙂

  34. Ken & Joy Ganger

    Thank you for going to the work of another WEbinar. I used to be at the cutting edge of technology, but am now very behind. Hope to learn a lot!

  35. Pat Jensen

    Hope this information is in addition to all the CDs I am working my way through.

  36. Christine Goeggel

    I am registered and ready to go. I am hoping this one will be my big AH-HA moment. Been doing this since last October and I haven’t made a dime. I’m all out of dimes. Invested alot of them into Level 3, mentoring,, etc. Getting frustrated, but I keep pushing though, since I’ve invested so much money, I’m hoping that this will be what I need. Just got your book, which is weird to me that it wasn’t included in the package I purchased, but oh well, I’ve got it now and I’ll start reading it this weekend. Hopefully it will bring everything together. Will be front and center on the 18th. See you then….

  37. Ronald

    Well at least I made the top 50 Reply List. I need more computer time. Thought I would be on the computer a lot more when I retired, but that has not happen yet.I plan to get on tract this weekend.

  38. Sheetal Chakravarty

    Anthony, eagerly awaiting the next webinar session. Thank you for setting one up and please keep doing so in future. Its a great way for us to communicate with you too and bottom line gain knowledge from somebody the BEST!

  39. Karen Pressley

    I will be at the webinar. I really could use the money to help build my business. I do want to be successful, and willing to do this. A head injury makes me slow but I know with your help I will succeed, Thanks again for all you do. I pray I am a winner.

  40. Valerie Darlington

    Anthony, I am so excited about this webinar where I won’t feel like a loser because I cannot afford the product being sold. Thank you for being so generous:)

  41. milton allen

    Anthony, I know you are a special person ( God scent) especially when I see you reaching out to some of us who can’t always afford people like you. Keep up the great work and thanks for being kind.

  42. Miki Rutter

    Hi Anthony, I am working full time as a Traveling Phlebotomist. I watched your infocommercial on TV and sent for the videos and books on APH. I am committed to having a better life and working on getting there. I appreciate all the emails that are sent to motivate me to get the ball rolling! I look forward to the webinar and look forward to all the tips you give. Thank you for everything. Miki Rutter

  43. Colleen DeVoll

    My friend bought this program for me. but i keep seeing that i have to buy all these other programs.I don’t have the money for. I need to make the money first so i can buy all programs. I was laid off in November 2010. and my heart stop working on Dec.21 2010. i have been out of work since then. I am fighting for my ssi and ssd right friend cant afford to put out the money i need to pay for all the programs you are selling.Is there a way i can make the money first so i can buy these programs? I only have one valve in my heart that am i am not able to go back to a factory job or work a regular job.
    thank you

  44. Susan Armstrong

    My goal is make money on the internet. Thanks so much for your persistance, and training webinars. Need to watch the first one and will be online next Thursday to watch. I am half way through your book, with a lot of questions, as I don’t understand some of what you say. I am learning to be positive as things in my mind, so I know good things will come. Looking forward to a $1,000 prize. Thanks again, Anthony.

  45. stacie

    I am sooo excited. I really can’t wait to see what is going to be taught this time. Thank you so much Anthony

  46. Paulina

    It is a great goal your are committing to reach, and I am very thankful for it! I really need to learn how to succeed in this business of affiliate marketing. Thanks Anthony for sharing your knowledge with us.

  47. Cynthia Showaker

    Thanks Anthony, I’m registered and ready to learn ! I love your encouraging messages !

  48. Judith

    looking forward on the 18th day webinar,looking to learn more…and hopefully make and my husband is starting now to do some training,though we are busy..thank you for inviting us again..

  49. Maria L. Fay

    I did register for the August 18 webinar, and I can’t wait to see if this one helps me get the business running. I’ve been trying since October 2010 but without success. Please keep those webinars coming and maybe, one day, all of a sudden I’ll have that ah-ha moment and finally get started. Thank you so much for your generosity, Anthony, and the time you take to prepare all this. It can’t be easy. God bless.

  50. Ferrell Davenport

    You’re the greatest to give so much of yourself for others. Your webinars are fantastic! ferrell

  51. Maria Rodriguez

    will attend the webinars i have high hopes i just stopped applying for jobs just because i want to give this a try and learn everything i can i was so tired of scams

  52. Trena

    I so appreciate your reminders, your encouragements, your continued support. Thank you!

  53. Mike Jenkins

    I think these webinars are great, new ways to be educated, and i need all the help i can get… Thanks for taking the time to help us all…

  54. Martin Kirkendall

    Anthony You rock! So happy webinar is in the evening so I can attend.
    You are welcome to come and sit with me in my house anytime you want.
    So, if you ever need some time away from the grind come on down. It’s a
    real MAN CAVE. HHuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, you would
    have a great time, I guaraaanteee! If that doesn’t make sense maybe this
    will. I am a die hard Justin Wilson fan; God rest his soul.


    Martin Kirkendall, aka Martin Kirk, aka Captain Jack, HooRah!!!!!!!!

  55. Mary Linda Guernsey

    I am a recently retired Nursing Educator with a Masters in Nursing Education but I am learning so much from you, Anthony, in such a short period of time because of your multiple blitz of email links, texts, facebook and Twitter tips, etc. I am so excited to be a participant in the 2nd Webinar tomorrow night. I’m registered and want to be a sucess story!

  56. carolyn k

    Like so many, am grateful for your help. Getting started seems to get bogged down with information overload and no clear path. A lot of false starts.- Frustration ! and lack of time to figure it all out. And the guru sales emails with one more product you just have to have to complete the puzzle… it is too much to analyze and too much money squandered hoping to find the keyl I realize you make money with sales and courses and mentoring, but it is exactly with your consistent goal directed help that I know I can make my online business move , thus also allow me to create my own financial security. Im sticking with Anthony.
    CK from New Orleans

  57. Jimmy Johnson Jr

    I’m like really on pins & needles waiting for this webinar 🙂

  58. Belinda

    I am patiently waiting for the webinar – – I’m so excited!!!!!! Thought I’D Multi-task and review some videos while waiting. See you soon!!


  59. Tami Perry

    That was a great Webinar… Thank you. I feel confident that I can make my business flourish. Thank you again.

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