1. Gladys

    Hey Anthony,
    Congrattulations on your new studio, its very cool coz its sound proof, its now my second month since my 3 days training but to tell you the truth i haven’t got any earnings yet, it seems that im spending more in creating those ads than my earning so i stopped putting ads. this is my first time to do this so i was really lost at first but now i think im learning more, the truth is i bought a lot of your stuff, now im trying everything you are teaching. I hope next time i can tell you im earning more, with your help i guess i can. God bless your heart and thank you for all that you do….

  2. Jimmy Johnson Jr

    I’m looking to learn more about all 3…the Email List Building, Mobile Marketing & the Facebook Fan pages

  3. Kim Windfeather

    I’d like to learn how to create a fan page on Facebook. A fan page as fancy as yours. πŸ™‚

  4. louis prophete

    congratulations on the new studio “comfort lead to productivity”. I would like to learn more about social network advertising. Thank you God bless

  5. Anselmo Marrero

    Hello Anthony,
    I love video production, your new studio is awesome, congratulations.
    My main doubt is how can I find a real best niches? No the same like Google keyword tools, or noble samurai, because both working well but I can`t known where are the real people with product hungry. This is the Key to start an successfully online business.

    Thank you for been there for us.

    Anselmo Marrero

  6. Fred Haney

    Cool studio Anthony

    I would like to learn more about buying, selling and parking domain names.
    Have a great weekend.

    Fred Haney

  7. Lueroyce

    I would like to learn more about useing multiple FB Fan pages… Thanks for all you do and congrats on the new studio!! Looks fantastic!

  8. Robert (Bob) Meeks

    It blows my mind with what you have accomplished in the few years
    that it has taken. The care and interest that I see in what and how
    you do it is not only great, but something we do not see in the younger
    generation. By the way, I sent you a personal e-mail a couple of months ago, wonder if it was received.

    Bob Meeks

  9. Clarence

    Hey Anthony, Love the new studio, I want to thank you for being a great teacher and inspiring me to do something that will help me be knowledgeable on this subject of marketing.

  10. Connie Johnson-Kline

    Your studio looks great. I am just now reading your new book and am very interested in E-Mail marketing. I am working on deciding about a product currently so I have just begun the book. Any help with E-Mail marketing would be of interest to me.

  11. tom sorensen

    Great studio – congratulations!
    Am about halfway through the book and am starting to see similarities with Stores On line which we purchased a couple of years ago. Am stll of the opinion that this can be accomplished but was bogged down with the stores on line web site instructions and found it very complicated. I am intending to see this through. Am hoping your systems are less complicated! Just a note – Stores on line offered a live help line for when you would get stuck – but they were all foreigners with very thick accents and way over my head. Please don t go that way :O)

  12. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – Thanks for showing us around. I really enjoy the fact that you are so excited about wanting to help us. I , personally, do not know right off what else I want to learn. You have given so much information already. I intend to implement some of what you have shown us as soon as I have the extra money to do so. I now have an account with Clickbank as an Affiliate and plan
    to promote on Twitter mostly and Facebook.
    I think I just want to learn more about the best way to get started with little or no money. You did give alot of helpful information on your recent webinar.

    Thanks for all your help.

  13. Steven Surace

    Hey Anthony, congratulations on the completion of such a professional studio.Looking forward to more classes. There is so much to learn, I feel that classes and/or webinars are the best way to go.

    The subject matter that I would like to learn more about is email marketing, DirectCPV(not sure why, but I can’t get a conversion if I paid someone…HA HA) and how to maximize traffic flow to my landing page. Other than these issue’s, everything is going fine. Thanks for all that you do!

  14. Drew

    I am looking how to get started with the basics of your program. I have ordered the book; read it. Watched the cd; numerous times. I am so confused as to how to launch this program. I read all you emails, watched all your videos; they are way advanced for me – like down the road as if I was doing this business for months – I haven’t. I can even get started with the first steps to see if it really works! PLEASE HELP!

  15. Anthony

    Hey Anthony! I would really like you to please go deep with Facebook pay-per-click advertising and all the cool ways we can specifically target our market and audience!

  16. sally and george skidmore

    We just went to your seminar and signed up for the three day workshop that will be taught by your brother. We are excited (but cautious) as we just aren’t sure how this is all going to work. We are retired and looking to work from home and we are very much hoping this is not over our heads — the training’s you speak of regarding email lists, mobile marketing and facebook fan pages are all things we look forward to learning. We are in the dark as to how to do a webpage and we don’t pretend to understand affiliate marketing…..but we are looking forward to having our questions answered at the workshop next week in Cleveland, OH. It’s a little scary for us to read that someone has been in the business for two months and hasn’t earned anything yet…..we are trying not to get discouraged. Thanks, Sally

  17. Dennis Ward

    Conggrattulations on your new studio. It’s nice to know that you have trouble knowing how to work things. To be honest, I got a book on how to use a computer a few years ago, but because of the hours I was working back then, I never got a chance to read it. I’m now reading it and reading the books you sent me. Last night I was on the computer fetting new friends on Facebook. So far I have close to twenty new friends. I’ve sent them Thank you’s for being my new friend. Until I get everything read and understand what I’ve read, then I don’t know what I will need help with.
    Have a good weekend and look forward to hearing you.


  18. Michelle Leith

    more on list building and using things like aweber, but incorporating it into cpv

  19. Barbara moore

    I want to learn more about my on website and learn how to do what i need to do to make more money and Anyhony you new studio is hot and keep up the good work and god bless you and your family.

  20. Sharon N

    I have never used any of the social media and don’t know what to do with it. So, obviously I need more info on that. Thanks for your help. Great new studio!

  21. Kaye Hutton

    Congratulations on the new studio. Thanks for the tour.
    I want to build an e-mail list so that is what I would like to learn about in the next weeks to come.
    Again, thanks for all your help..

  22. Don Hall

    Hi Anthony , hope you are well .
    I would like to know more about how to get
    free traffic .
    God Bless,
    Don Hall

  23. NinaL

    Hi Anthony,
    The new studio looks great, I am ready to learn as much as I can from your company. I have started working with your program, since February and I have had a few setbacks, but I am not going to let that get me down. So anything to get my business up and going will be appreciated.

  24. Ramon

    I like what you are doing and continue doing to keep all your students engaged. What I need though is a time frame/ a schedule, so I can focus on one activity at a time.
    For me it would work better if I could catch up. I too have spent a lot of money on products, events and I have made only little in return.
    Anthony your new studio is great, your goals for your followers/students is wonderful and I for one thank you again.
    What do I want? I want to learn about the affiliate marketing, if possible step by step.
    Right about now I feel like I’m in a race and I’m the turtle.

  25. david benoit

    i need to help to even put the website you gave me on the enternet. im in deat for 200,000.00 and i do not have exter money. i work pay to pay to make ends meet.i wood like to pay all my bills off this year . thank you may god bless you and your family. i do not now enofe about internet. im 64 wideo for 2 1/2 years. thankyou..

  26. Jackie

    I would also like to learn more about all three things you mentioned – the E-mail list building, Mobile Marketing, and the Facebook Fan pages.

  27. Theodore Seavy

    Great studio. Looking foreword to more videos.
    I have wondered why we where told not to activate any campaigns until the class in MS. You keep showing how to do the campaigns on Direct CPV and the Cpv Domination? I feel that I am ready to try a campain right now, it is 45 days before we get to MS.

  28. Sea

    Hi Congratulation on your new studio i see that u are making progress and do things that other are not doing as yet that we know about , keep up the good work, i saw the webinars you did on teaching us how to make a list and get traffic , and how to broadcast you was also talking about autoresponder ect.
    if i am asking to much of you can you continue learning us some more of the last teaching in the last webinar please, i did not see the video on the mobile Marking but i would like to learn about that as well, being new to these you need to teach us and exhaust on subject before going on to the other ok thanks

  29. seashell

    All I can say is , “Anthony…you are so beautiful!!!!” peace, baby! xoxo –Seashell

  30. Mavis Turner

    I do not have a business or products to sell. Want to learn how to earn money on the internet by other means.

  31. kat

    I would like to learn more about mobile marketing and list building . Nice studio..thanks again have a great day.

  32. Linda Guarino

    Do I have to have a website with products to use affiliate marketing. I need to know about list building, mobile marketing, & facebook & tweeter uses. I am a real rookie and don’t know where to start. I don’t have the $$$ to invest and not succeed.

  33. margaret sitar

    Hi anthony ,I bought some of your products a year ago and ill be honest i havent applied the knowledge ive learned yet but i have to say i gained a wealth of knowledge and I watch your blogs every week , and i follow you on twitter and facebook and for saying that much im already rich!

  34. Dorothy Marr

    What is my Website? Do I need more than 1 Domain Name? How soon do I have to get a bussiness ID number? I have a lot more questions but that will come later. God bless you and everyone that works with you, and knows you.

  35. Dianna Thomas

    Any topic would be great but could you do more of the step by step teaching to help us get started quicker and more efficiently. It seems that I get bogged down in details that I really don’t get very well and waste time and energy and get nowhere. This may seem like hand holding but it would really help a lot of us.

  36. Patricia

    Hi Anthony:

    You have a very nice studio. I like it. I’m looking forward to learning everything. I like the idea of using the cell phone for marketing. I’m a rookie so I need to start from the beginning and learn as you get into the more advanced information.

  37. Vicki Kirkpatrick

    Hi Anthony! Love your studio – and I really like that you said we could save your training in the future. There is alot in your training and I am not actually at the point to use these items yet but am getting closer. My trainer is pushing to get into the marketing area which I am excited and want to get there. I am now getting into uncharted territory with my web site and going into writing and marketing so anything you train will help me. Thanks for all your help to all of us.

  38. Jessie Littlejohn

    Hi Anthony,
    Great color for your office, I am a begginer,so I want to learn it all,but right now I am trying to get things started with Automated Profits and feel that I am doing something wrong with my website as far as finding the right spot you are talking about in the videos. Show me where to find the information.
    Thank you.
    I retweet and facebook everything,but not sure I am doing it the right way, you really have a newbie on your hands.

  39. David Crookall

    I appreciate your intent to help people with the things you sell and TRY to teach. The problem as I see it is that you jump around from learning subject to learning subject without giving older people like me the complete step by step process that will allow us to really start to make some income. How can we get real live questions to you so that you can give us direct answers to the sticking points that are holding us back? Thanks.

  40. Jesus Olvera

    Great looking studio, congratulations. We are all very greatful for the inspiration and motivation that you give us weekly here on the weekly blog.
    Many thanks and keep ’em coming!

  41. Patricia Matteri

    I’m doing the organic marketing route and working very hard at it. Anything that you can share with me in that direction will be especially timely and appreciated. I still don’t know enough to even be dangerous. I’m an empty vessel, so whatever works for you works for me. I like the green room! Happy taping, Anthony. Looking forward to whatever you do to help others with the affiliate marketing jungle!

  42. daniel

    Congratulations on the new studio. I would like to learn more about social media and email marketing.

  43. Annette and John Hayes

    Great studio cept it makes you look “green” LOL. We purchased your CPV Domination and did a $1000 Walmart ad with a lot of clicks and NO :-(((( conversions? Any suggestions please!!

  44. Katie Curtis

    Hey Anthony,
    CONGRATS! It’s beautiful and I appreciate that you are investing in us. Thank you.
    I would like to learn about list building mostly at this time, then Facebook Fan Pages and then Mobile Marketing.

  45. Charles and Joan

    We need to know how to monetize what we are learning. You and your brother have so much great information (and some really helpful CPV tech support people), but we need to know how to make money at it – it’s not yet working. We are learning a lot of patience and persistence, which are certainly remuneration on some level, but we need to make some cold, hard, cash.

    Congrats on your new recording studio! Your thoughtful and informative presentations deserve such a professional appearance!

    Green for GO-for-it !!!

  46. Lorraine Lynch

    I sent you an email three weeks ago telling you I was interested in Email List Building, for Marketing. I asked you, at that time, if you new of any way I could get a listing of bussiness email directed to the products on my website. I have had this web site for one year, and have not made a sale. I did not get a reply for you at all. Hum!

    Looking forward to hearing from you..

    PS nice studio

  47. Dottie Seavy

    Great Anthony, We wish you well in your new office. You have prepared yourself for your great future. We shall be seeing your office in October.

  48. Phil McLendon

    Hello Anthony,
    I’m excited about your new studio, and all training you’ll be able to present to us, via such a state of the art facility. At this point, there’s just so much I need to learn, I don’t know where to begin. This may seem pretty basic to most of your students, but right now I need to learn how to actually create that blog, landing page, or squeeze page, essential for presenting offers. I’ve got to have something to maximise traffic to !!!

  49. Lora C.

    Green screen/floor, I love it! You’re definitely a blessed man. I can’t wait to see the next video. I love reading and watching the things you put out, but I’m still relatively new to it all. It’s been like a week since I’ve received your system in the mail- read both the books, did the homework, but at the bronze level I’m having a little difficulty getting profits. I suppose I need better advertising, but because of my financial bind (and bills coming up) I can only do free approaches right now. I’ve started a twitter and want to do a blog since I love writing.

    So I’d like to learn about advertising on blogs and directing traffic to it, please.

  50. John

    First of all I would like to say congrats on you new studio. It looks great and I am sure that you will make good use out of it. I would like to learn all I can for as long as I can. You stop learning you stop growing. That being said, I think I would like to learn more about mobile marketing, squeeze pages and Facebook stuff as well. Thank you for all that you do.

  51. Miriam Ferrary

    I haven’t used my website that I’ve been paying for because I don’t know how to design it to fit my purpose. Once do that I’ll start using it.
    Your studio is lovely, but you didn’t need all that. Everyone would watch all your blogs anyway.
    I’m also trying to get a grant to purchase a new computer that can handle everything, your software and all your programs, and enough to get me marketing my website to the hilt.

  52. Debbie Seelbach

    Looks Great – Congrats on the new studio!
    This is my 4th month in PMI training and I am currently working on my free directory submissions. I think I would like to know to get higher page ranking in SEOs for my key words.
    Have a wonderful weekend, God Bless You and God Bless America.
    Remember 9/11 “We will not forget.”

  53. Kazue Guss

    I like your studio. That is awesome!
    Hi, my name is Kazue Guss, from Japan. I live in Walla Walla Washington. for 22 years. Since I went to the seminar at Spokane in the end of July. I have a big hope to become an super affiliate someday. I’ve been watching DVDs and studying, applying all kinds of networks you recommended, but seems like I always get stuck in somewhere and I feel frustrated. Today I tried to follow every steps that Adrian showed us on DVD#8 log into the wolf storm
    the site which I watched on DVD was not the same as mine. No matter what I can’t be on the snapshot page which he showed us. also I have a hard time to make a web site for this affiliate program. Would you help me how I can do?
    Thanx and congrats.

  54. George

    You have a very nice studio. I was trying to learn internet marketing before I purchase your course but it’s kind of difficult for me. I will follow your instruction and I think I can make it. I would like to learn everything that you teach but I will learn what ever you think that is should be first. Thanks!

  55. Lowell Klassen

    Hey Anthony,

    Nice studio! Very Profesh!! :D. I loved it when you were speaking on how to create unique ads that people might actually click on, like specifying to a certain gender, age. But I especially liked the one about emitting emotions from the viewer, in order to get a response, and wondering if you had more ideas about that?

    Great stuff Anthony, Now I can watch you in HD!

    Winnipeg. MB.

  56. Donna Medina

    Studio looks great. You seem to have more ease to move around with the bigger space. I am also looking forward to learning more about the Email List Building and Facebook Fan pages. Keep up the good work.

  57. Annette

    1. How to create an ad for my website and do PPV myself and use that to build an email list.
    2. Since you use WolfStorm Media yourself, could you explain the pixel and tokens? What are the tokens for and how do you use them? I know they have to be set up right to get paid. HELP!

  58. Natalie Lee

    Congrats on your new studio—very excited for you!!! You are developing your training abilities & techniques. I can tell you enjoy it; )

    I’ve started my online ads as well but havent had success yet, but definitely not giving up. LIke you previously stated, success doesn’t happen over night. BABY STEPS!!!

    I’m interested in learning more about developing more success ads on the search engines, but also interested in starting my Facebook Ads as my next step. So for me…….I want to target Facebook marketing. Then I’ll work my way into Mobile Marketing.

    Thanks for the weekly blogs & motivation. It’s greatly needed!!!

  59. Myrna Sparks

    Your studio is awesome. You actually are approachable and personable alothough you are successful. Most people are aloof and don’t allow you in their personal space. I’m happy to know I’m in a business that cares about me as a person and not just someone adding to your bottom line.

  60. Randy Cockrell

    Hey Anthony congrats on the new studio. Im not sure if u have time to read these im sure you are a very busy man,but if you do could you please give me some suggestions on how to start my internet marketing co. without any money. Im extremely broke right now and trying to support my family with a baby on the way and i just want to get my business off the ground but don’t have the income to do so. So if you could give me some tips that would help me generate income without spending money right away that would be awesome!!! Thank you so much!

  61. Wendy

    Love your new office space. I can’t wait to see it in use. I want to know more about the CPV marketing, I have spent a lot of money on that and not getting anything in return, maybe I’m doing it wrong. So I would like to know how to pick the url’s and/or words. I find it hard to believe that I have had so many people coming to my site and not getting as much as an email from them, I’m doing something wrong I’m sure. I’m not sure what I need to learn, but that is the problem I’m having you decide. Please.

  62. Laurel

    The new office looks great. I’m trying to learn so much so fast it’s not coming together well. A lot of your new training interrupts what I’m absorbing from your previous training offers. I’m hooked but will be going at a slower pace than most would. Thanks for all you’re doing to help us get on board. It’s a good ride so far….

  63. nanci m pritchard

    well, perhaps you could teach us more about the url campaigns, when we’re setting up; I’m ACTUALLY afraid to do more than 600; so when it mentions 10K or more, use your services; I don’t even get close; perhaps that’s why I am not making any money and it only costing me to do this program; I’m really hurting; can you help?

  64. Pollie Witherspoon

    Hello Anthony, I really like your new studio, maybe one day I will see it in person. Its cool, now about what I want you to talk about. I’m told after 11,000 visits, its all a waste because I did not have a company. Could you talk about that. I’m sorry I don’t know anything about ” COMPANY ” .I have every thing on pause because I ran out money. I know you can help me.Thank you very much. Pollie

  65. Alfrieda

    I am problems with Google Adword, having lading problems. Need help with getting this started. I also create several accounts. I am interest in homebase business,Work at Home to create ads. Can U help me with this type of ads.
    on page 41 (Automaed Profits from Home, how do I paste on mywebsite. I also change my website from Work4Self to the name above. My domain I created with

  66. David Kitavi

    Hello anthony,
    I would like to learn more about Mobile marketing and facebook fan pages.
    I also have two very important questions;#1 how do I advertise (one compaign of the products from my website on my facebook page without advertising the whole website #2 right now I am advertising my website. my concern is some of the products are not found when people go to the side for example credit cards,dvds etc Do you have a way to remove them from the website so that it does not too confusing to those who are looking for such things

  67. Sharon Davidson

    Nice studio – much better than the easel.
    I would like to learn more about Facebook and Twitter. I’m still very unsure of myself in the internet world. Someday soon . . .

  68. Ligaya Valonzo

    Thank you Anthony for showing us your studio. Congratulations, I am very proud of you. Like Jimmy Johnson, I’m also “looking to learn more about all 3… the Email List Building, Mobile Marketing & the Facebook Fan Pages”. Take care and God bless you and your family… .

  69. Roberta

    Wow Anthony How exciting for you, a new studio! Thanks for all you do!
    Just go back to basics, lots of newbies, how to get started without alot of money up front! I’d like to visualize me under a pile of money at the head of a classroom just like you! πŸ™‚

  70. Victoria Caldwell

    Anthony, Congratulations with your new studio. I am glad I am in this group of people who are keen to get to work to reach a new goal in life. I want learn all you can give. I am new in this business.

  71. BOB DELP


  72. Denise Johnson

    Cool studio Anthony !! I need a place like that when I do my drumming vids for Youtube !! If I can grasp your affiliate marketing strategies….who Knows…the skys the limit !! πŸ™‚
    Thanks again for all the helpful tips !

  73. Linda Cress

    Great job. Fact did you know that green is the best color for resting your eyes, there is less strain! Contrats on your new studio. I want to learn all I can so just do anything blogs, e mail builder whatever. I just follow you.

  74. Jerome Mcallister

    Totally Awesome, even though i have no clue about studio. I am interested in learning more about how to drive traffic to my site. And how to make a better site.

  75. Debbi in AZ, Peoria, AZ


    Anthony, you do amazing stuff . . .

    Pssst . . .. I noticed you traded those high priced tennis shoes for your bare feet! YOU are too funny!!! Comfort IS in . . .

    You keep doing what you are doing!

    I see that you are coming back to Phoenix (or is that Adrian and Tom??)

    Debbi in AZ

  76. Maria

    I want to become independent (finantially that is) I like the way you do things, but they sounds easier than they really are, at least for me, I know that it is not impossible to learn them, but difficult, oh yes. Hopefully soon I can be one of those success stories from your team. Can you teach a little bit more about twiting, I don’t know what am I doing when I press that key. Thanks πŸ™‚

  77. Kathleen Magill

    Anthony, Your new studio looks awesome congrats. You want to know what I need from you in way of teaching and for right now I feel like I’m overloaded with so much info that I’m having a hard time processing it. I’m still working on getting my website up and running so I can start earning some money but it sure is a slow process, I’m confused on many issues but have no idea where to get the answers from.
    Keep up all the good and hard work you’re doing for us all.

  78. Sandra Widenhouse

    This is Wonderful!This Studio will obviously make it easier and so much more professional for your Blogs.Also for any Teaching Sessions you want to do.I want to be involved and I do listen to your Blogs and read all emails.I hope in the future I can rejoin,but my financcial situation is such that it looks like a Dream.I need to move within the next 3 months.I need to buy a Car. I stopped driving due to medical issues,but when I will be able to get a car is anyone’s guess.At 64 years of age and studying Affiliate Marketing and for my Driver’s License.Thank you,Anthony, for your Free tutoring , and your energy!Sincerely,Sandy Widenhouse

  79. Vahe

    I second Roberta #92 the one ahead of me, I exactly think and feel as she does, is there any thing like that?



  80. Nilda Labitad

    Hello Anthony!

    What a nice office you have! I’m kind a jealous but at least you made me more motivated to get more focus learning all the training tools I purchased from you. Who knows, someday I will be able to build one like your office.. It’s been 2 months now since we attended your 3 days training @ Denver, done some Email submit but unfortunately I haven’t made any ROI yet. Sometimes I asked my self, “is Internet world really for me?” But then I already put a lot of investment w/ this so I guess I just have to go go go!! Overall, thanks for all you do..and God bless you.

  81. Cynthia Becker

    very nice studio, Anthony. They use a green or blue background at Q13 Fox News where MJ McDermott does the weather report in the morning. I’ve seen photos of it. Did I tell you that I had a background in pro photography? I worked in commercial photo labs in Boston and was free lance with photgraphy. I worked with pros. Love using a camera. That is one kewl setup! A computer programmer once told me that when in doubt, read the instructions. So if you have a user manual that came with that camera? READ IT! Walk yourself through each page and you will know how to use it. It’s that simple! It works! ☺

  82. perry

    I am interested in your program but don’t have the money right now. Me being a hillbilly am not very computer savy, actually BC [before computers].I like what I have heard so far and think I get the jist of what your program is but the devil is in the details. I am saving my money to try this but it might be a little while before I can get started. I am getting your newsletter to stay informed about the program. I have some ideas that I would like to put in front of you at a later date when I get to join your program. Like the green room, maybe a little natural bamboo at the edges would accent nicely.

  83. Melodyn2

    Great studio! Congrats on that. I know it must feel like a new toy. I would have to make myself a video of myself surfing with the sharks. LOL
    I would like more on list building and making money through emails. Thanks so much for all your effort!

  84. Michael

    What to learn ?. hum . . EVERYTHING! I am trying to head wrapped around this.
    I am disabled, my pain cantake all my time and then my comprehention is zero. ,
    I will try to keep up with all of this information, I love your new place, I will want to learn to put them onto dvds to review as my mind holds.
    Thank you . . . I will keep goin g and learning,

  85. Verna "Janie" Ezernack

    Love your new studio Anthony!!!!! Thank you for doing this for us. I always look forward to your weekly blogs and any new info that you come out with. You are truly a blessing to all of us!!!

  86. Sara K

    What are the basics to get started step by step in affilliate marketing? Just showing what you or the presenters can do is enticing but not enough. I agree that jumping from subject to subject can be very confusing. We need to learn how to set up the foundation first before building the castle (income). Otherwise we are just building castles in the air!
    Congratulations on your new office.

  87. Diane (eeldi)

    To answer your question: Training on CPV, Marketing on Facebook, Mobile Marketing and any other cool marketing skills and strategies you find. Thak you for taking the time to teach and train. Your support is unmesurably awesome.

  88. joyce frehling

    Hi Anthony,
    Great studio. I think your webinars are great and have purchased both of your books, read the first one, but not the second yet. Have not tried to start yet, as i just don’t seem to have the time as I work four days a week, but hope to soon. You are very motivating like a Real Estate owner I once worked for. After one of his classes we always got out and sold and listed more-not sure why I’m having trouble starting, guess I’m just procrastinating. Please keep up the webinars.
    as for what help. maybe it would be good if you broke the webinar material down into segments in the weekly blog for about a couple of months,rather than everything all at once, segment on setting up a website and then each week another segment. it sometimes seems like too much info all at once and then I,for one, give up. thanks, joyce

  89. Josh

    Hey Anythony, I would like to know more about understanding all of this. I bought the books and stuff, I dont quite understand most of this, and I dont have really any money to spend on anything. So if you could talk about how to do this without putting money up front and still making a little extra money until I become familiar and can expand on this. Thanks and God Bless.. and maybe even get a personal email or call from you to explain some things.. Thanks

  90. xristina

    hi Anthony,

    congrats on another new step foward in you life nice studio!
    I personally started about a week ago or more, but i need alot of help ive seen the videos tried some ads and i get the clicks but i feel like im doing something wrong! i also tried downloading the facebook app but it never worked. traffiing is my main concern and the niches as well. i love your enthusiasm you glow when you speak and that shows true love of work and towards all of us! your support is rewarding!
    Thanks for everything and have a wonderful weekend to everyone as well!

  91. Joni Haastrup

    Congratulations Anthony on the completion of your studio. I like what I see and I know you must be excited about it. I like to invite you to please visit my website: and please give me your opinion on how I can attract traffic to the site so I can start making some good income selling my energy-saving products and services.

    Thanks for teaching us as you do and for directly communicating with me.

    Cheers, Joni Haastrup

  92. Dorcia

    That was great! I would like to know more about how to advertise on Face Book. I am slowly getting the whole face book thing. Not my generation, but getting there. Thanks for being so patient. I will get it because I am determined to get the whole package that you are feeding us.
    I need to make money to put my son through school, so keep feeding us the info.

  93. Adelinn

    Congrats on your new studio. I bought your book about a year ago, read some but haven’t applied anything yet. I have been keeping up with what you are doing. I tried to find my website that you have set up for me but I don’t remember how to get back to it. I dont remember my password or user name. Can you help with this?

  94. margaret h

    AWESOME, MY FAVORITE COLOR GREEN, LIKE MONEY, YOU GO, ANTHONY, WE SHALL CONQUER, slowly, but surely..thanks for everything you do for all of us…

  95. Margaret Maher

    Congratulations on your great new studio. I hope I can learn more from them as I am just stuck right now. Need to know how to link to affiliate programs to my website and marketing. Thanks

  96. cesar nazaire

    I want to learn more about cpv marketing and landing page can the actual advertisers landing page for a particular product be used as my own landing page for that particular product? Even thouhg I have not made any money yet I have learned a lot from you. its just a matter of putting everything together I need a bit more info on LANDING PAGE. Thanks.

  97. Valerie Parker

    Nice studio Anthony. I want to learn more about affiliate marketing and Email list building. Thanks for wanting to be a source of constant information. God Bless!

  98. Shirlan Rymer

    Hi Anthony, very nice studio for teaching.
    I have all your books, your CD’s, the FREE website, went to your seminar, as well as purchased a new domain name attached to my ‘dealscenter’ & I know there’s more to it than that. Reading for hours only confuses me, watching your teaching & writing it down is so much better. I need to know more about promoting my FREE website, have made nothing so far. Anything we can learn to promote and make money from home, is a definite plus. Also how to promote on Facebook.
    Thank you for all your help.

  99. Kathleen Beller

    Hello Anthony, right now I making me auto response emails with aweber so I am still listening to teaching videos about this. I am now ready to publish my new website called All of my photos finished the copyright process. I’m now adding the autorespond emails, but I’m still entangled in the exactly how to do it problem. That’s where I am now.

  100. Michael Edes

    Hi Anthony,

    Congratulations on the new studio,its always great to have the right tools!
    I am interested in learning about Mobile marketing and list building.
    Have an awesome Day!

  101. Sheryl

    Nice new studio. I would like to learn more step by step how to get traffice to my website. I am not making anything and I have been with you for several months now.

  102. Nel

    Congratulations, Cool studio Anthony

    could you please go back to basics, lots of newbies like me, how to get started without alot of money up front!

    I would like to learn more about buying, selling and parking domain names.
    Have a great weekend

  103. Cathy

    Would like to learn how to create a “landing page” or setting up a website without having to hire someone to do it for me or spending lots of money to get going!

  104. Charles L. [Lew] Jenkins

    Really liked your new studio. Sure to Increase your blogs and videos.
    How about some outside pictures of it and how it connects to your home.
    Do you have a covered walkway to it for our S.E. thunderstorms?

    I would like to see more blogs on setting up websites and CPV. Thanks.

  105. Stephen

    Hi Anthony,

    Great studio and love what your doing with your blog. Would love to meet you in person some day. I live in Florida so if you are ever down here it would be great to get together. I have a number of websites and have done affiliate marketing for a number of years and have made pretty decent money at it. But I would really like to take it to the next level. Most of my luck has been with sites that get SEO’s. I stopped doing Google Adwords and PPC because it just seemed they made it so darn hard and cost per click was through the roof. Could you teach how to maximize PPC ads and landing pages showing actual real time techniques? What about Yahoo, Bing and Facebook Ads? Thanks a bunch Anthony!

  106. Inga

    I’d LOVE to find ANY ways for a Page on Facebook (business page) to grow faster that it is now. If you have a Page (as opposed to a personal page), you are SO restricted in regard to reaching out. You cannot go to anyone’s wall and post. You cannot send out friend requests (LIKES for Pages). All LIKE increases come only from viral exposure. I DID find that Facebook had AGAIN re-set the news feed views back to “those you talk to most”. I think this happens everytime they upgrade or make changes to the site! ANYWAY, I, from my personal page, sent out private messages to many I knew to be the Business Pages’ LIKES, as well as those I felt would be happy to help me out. I asked them to please check their settings and REPOST my “Where Did Everybody Go?” funny graphic and short notice/instructions on their walls. I also posted on my own wall, of course, and it is on the Business Page wall. Just this small effort gained 7 new likes.

    Still…we wait. When I first began administration of this Business Page, btw…the Resources tab allowed me to have an auto message inviting all of my HOTMAIL (personal friends) contacts to visit the Page. Now, as I attempt to do the same with my client’s Business Page’s updated contacts list, it jumps to a window asking me to join FB and create a personal profile. I assume this means, even though this wonderful tool is OFFERED and LISTED as a Resource for Bus.Pgs, it no longer is?

    We have a link on the website, we note to “Like” on all printed pieces, etc. Any tricks you know of?

    We DO NOT wish to advertise on FB. MAY do so on Google Ads tho.


  107. Julie

    I am interested in the Social Media, other mobile and other opportunities- I want to learn how to get started with little to no money to get my foot in the door and build from there.

  108. Susan Bewsher

    Hi Anthony,

    Congrads on the the new Studio. Have had your material for quite some time now…but had a rough time at work. It was torture for a year and the stress was so overwhelming that I could not concentrate on your stuff. Let go now……….didnt walk out but still leaves me unemployed………time to read and learn. Please explain the landing page…….Is it a web page we have to buy or is it the web site you gave us. How do we set it up. Thanks for everything…………..Sue B.

  109. Marilu Nieto

    I really want to be able to send FREE traffic/ visitors to my websites. Thank you Anthony for the journey you have inspired me to start. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Lao Tsu. I have begun my journey and I am noticing that with my dedication and perserverance I am gaining ground every day.

  110. Teresa Ann Peavler

    The new studio looks awesome, Anthony! I can understand why you’re so excited!

    Being new to the program, I’m a blank canvas and sponge, ready to soak up and learn about EVERYTHING there is to know…

    If you teach it, I will learn it!

    Thanks for the tour and all your help!

    God Bless!

  111. Mimi Ferrary

    I want to thank you for using “You Tube” to do your weekly blogs. A lot of people use the Flash Player. That’s fine unless you have an ipad or other Apple product. You can’t get FlashPlayer on those because of an argument the two of them had. There’s times I like to sit in my recliner with my feet up and be comfortable while watching your blogs and messages. I wish you could do everything without the Flash Player.
    Thanks again!

  112. Ron

    Anthony, Nice studio , I also would like to learn all three the Email List Building, Mobile Marketing & the Facebook Fan pages, But I know you can only do one at at time so just pick the one you get the most most request for.

    Thank you again for taking your time to help us


  113. Ed Bradley

    Studio looks great. Here’s my question. I did a Fan page on Facebook and have gotten over 100 “I like” names. How do I use them? They do not give me email addresses.

  114. Vera Denton

    Awesome studio!! I would love to learn how to list build! I started and got totally confused, thanks!

  115. Roger Terry

    I am all over facebook would love to learn if it work for me.Marketing on facebook email lasting and a landing page.Thank for all the training so fare.

  116. Julie paulvin

    Your office! It’s so beautiful. I would like to visite this place one day.and also thanks to shair with us your time. You so kind, so helpful.

  117. Ray

    I’m glad you are excited about you new studio. What I want to learn more about is planning. Setting goals and then how tho make them a reality. Thanks,

  118. Deb Herber

    Congrats on the new studio, Anthony!

    It looks great!

    I would like to learn more about advertising on the social sites, Facebook for instance. There are SO many people that log in and use FB….I’m interested in learning more about how to use that traffic to our benefit!



  119. Celeste Starks

    It’s all too cool,green hapens to be my favorit color, Iwould like to know more abouthow to do marketing with the mobile advertisement? And when do I know when I’ll be paid?


  120. Justin Story

    I would like to learn how to get started on a shoestring budget.Also your studio is awesome I am excited for training videos.

  121. Eduardo Alvarez

    Hi Anthony, I have been in TV production and that is a great studio for what you do! I am on vacation right now and will get back to learning mode next week.
    Thank you,

  122. josejservin

    hey anthony congrattulations on your new studio looks great thanks for showing us around i really enjoy the fact that you are so excited about wanting to help us to learn you have given so much information already i apprise have nice day

  123. Jessica Ruiz

    Hello Anthony, I like how you help us to know you better by showing us around your offices, etc. and just being real with us. That is what attracted me to your program. To answer your question- I would like to know if theres an easier way to do social bookmarking. Its so involved and theres so much to do, it’s very overwhelming and honestly it’s the last thing on my list. How much does it really help your businss? Thank you!

  124. Karen

    Congrads on your studio. Looks really good. I’ve been working on online marketing since about March and still have soooo much to learn. I guess it’s list building and traffic.

  125. Ronald Bish

    Hello Anthony,,Love the new studio. I am not sure how many students are experiancing this,, but I can no longer copy and paste a link from clickbank on to my news feed in facebook,,what’s up with that ?? I have tried several times. Any input on this would be appreciated. Thanks ,, You Da Man !!

  126. Richard Archacki

    I say this for you; it’s a better change to that other studio. So, congratulations on your new training studio; now with the new camera and better picture quality. Let’s begin at the very beginning with a step by step in very deep detail as one goes about making your very first dollar on Facebook. Take us all from software, click this and then that, next type this you know the drill. Tell us what web site to use. What affiliate company to use for the first time. and Oh yes have fun with it so everyone will fill most comfortable learning, thanks!!

  127. Hector

    Anthony; how about teaching us how to begin in this field of internet? I don’t know where to start and I think there might be a few more like me. Thanks!

  128. stephan Moore

    I got your first 3 chapters today. I have read them twice so far . I could use some input on web site names. It is hard for me to come up with a name when I really don’t have a clue what I am doing .I am lost I am ready to give it 110% but the name seem’s MUCHO IMPORNTANT a little help would be nice on the blog or posted on your site somewhere Even an E mail if I should be so bold to ask, Thank you for any responce

  129. Sandi

    Congratulations!! on your new Studio..Enjoyed your Blog..I would like you to teach a step by step set up for Facebook fan pages. Anthony I love your great inspiration! I appreciate all you do for your students..God Bless you and your family

  130. Lisa Fanney

    I would like to learn more on advertising on facebook and getting my list to grow its been slow so far just eager to get started

  131. Shirley J Campbell

    Congrats on your new studio. Getting my life organized so I can spend time getting my website, etc going. Have Facebook acct

  132. Scott Ullrich

    Hey Anthony,

    Way cool studio, looking forward to some fun effects from it. I would really like to get more on Facebook. I am planning a weekend session with my DVDs, but anything you could add would be super appreciated!

    Thanks for all you do, man!!

  133. Sheryl Nalls

    Congratulations on your new studio. It looks great! I’m interested in learning more on social marketing, mobile marketing, and CPV marketing. I saw your webinar on CPV marketing and I have some ads running with Direct CPV but still haven’t made any sales yet. Is there any advise you can give me to start getting sales? I’m spending the money on advertising but not making anything. You’re training is great and looking forward to learning all I can. Thanks for all your help!

  134. John Yoder

    Hi Anthony
    Very nice studio. Congratulations.
    I would like to hear more about developing an e-mail list and developing passive income. Thanks for asking.

  135. Elaine Dill

    I am like Drew – totally lost. I would appreciate someone to email me so that I know how to get started. I have looked at the CD and began reading my book. I dont know how to do a web page and I am not sure that I am ready for that step. I am anxious – just nervous.

  136. Carlos Gordian

    Thank you, Anthony.

    I believe that is a great investment for next generation teaching and presentations.

    What about teaching on “back to the basics”, such as facebook advertising, google, etc…There’s a lot of obsolete information we might want to bring us up to date…then, you can refer the new people to “tour new videos” for most updated information…

    We all need to be in the “same page” to be a powerful Team or Group.

    Best regards,
    Carlos F. Gordian

  137. Ulysses Parker

    How do I contact companies to obtain an agreement with them to market their products?

    More about facebook marketing. Specifically the first step to set up a following

    How do I set up a following on Twitter?

    Love the information on your studio. This is a good idea with the DVD’s because we can readily play the over and over.

    Your Advertising Profits from home is a really good book; although I think I missed some of the points as you can tell by the questions. Oh, I think I just need to stop and really look at the DVD’s in the kit.

    Thanks for everything. This is really new and exciting to me. Ready to work.

  138. Sharon Volkman

    Green, my favorite,color, is a nice idea. I’m glad that you have all of that space, Anthony, and that you keep learning – so fast. I want to know more about facebook marketing and more about the most important things to have on a landing page. I need to study more about the email affiliate marketing which you have carefully explained to us. I am getting clicks now but have not added any $.

  139. Jose Mercado

    I would like to learn more about Email List Building, mobile Marketing, Facebook Fan Pages. I’m also in the process of enrolling at Mountain State University. I’m taking advantage of what you’ve set up for us there.

  140. Ty Thompson

    Awesome Job I look forward to the training Videos and Congratulations on the Studio. JUST THE FIRST STEP AND ACTUAL COSTS TO DO IT?

  141. Jeremiah K Afong

    Love the green room and your new office. I am so green in the biz I will take what ever you are teaching .

  142. Selesa

    Congratz Anthony on your new studio… Great new development!! you deserve it and keep up with the good work… Anyhow, I would like help in knowing more about “Affliatiing Marketing”.
    Thank you

  143. john o ewaldsen

    good morning . i liked the blog on your new office space . i want to learn about more list building first. thanks need to order your book this week .take care. oh one thing .. why do you not wear shoes ? when you make these videos ? may sound petty but !!!!!!!

  144. Tomi

    1. Like to know your training schedule in Salt Lake City for the rest of this year and what is scheduled for next year.

    2. Facebook fan pages…there have been changes within facebook and if you could go into detail on how to set this up for different products would be great.

    3. Twitter…the best way to make money on twitter so there is a limit of 140 words.

    4. Are there any new social networks that we could use to make money with?

    5. Best ways to advertise using very little money other than CPV which is great. Facebook can really become costly…cheaper way to advertise here.

    Thank you for all the info and we do appreciate the your time and energy.

  145. Matt Hill

    Hey I like the green screen you set up. I’ve been working some multi-layer green screen stuff for my music video project. It uses live action and computer animations.

    I’ve learned so much about advertising here and I pick up so many quick tips that make the whole difference in exposure. Kind of like ‘field of dreams’ “If you BLOG it, they will come” I know Anthony is a baseball fan. It is true though, people want to see video, and they will change the channel in a second, so it should, better be good. Video is so very crucial.

    My request is more info about markets on the web. In other words, where is the money being spent online, and what these websites doing that is working for them? I would like to hear a few success stories as well as good ideas that might have failed. I am one of those learners who learns by doing, so a site dissection would really help me out.

  146. Joyce Knake

    Like your new studio, Love the red!!! Youe Mom is a great decorator.
    The steps about how to do things on the computer, like how do I get an article that I’ve written on my website and how to get others articles on my website. All this right click, left click in soooo confusing. I’ve put articles of my own on my site but the rest I don’t understand.

  147. cherlyn davenport

    I am a student working on my MA Degree and I have a specialization in technology. I love Graphic Design and I am good with designing, I want to create awesome Web cites.

  148. cherlyn davenport

    I adore your marketing strategies and want to learn as much as I can from you, especially tips relative to Web Designs.
    I enjoyed your seminar in Davenport, IA and I will become a team member soon.

  149. Marybeth


    I am a little confused on pay per click. I understand somewhat the concept, but not sure how it is set up, or the exact specifics of how it works. Do you sign up the same way as when signing up for affiliate commission advertisement? I have not experimented with it because I don’t know the exact way to set it up, how I pay for it, how I get paid, and I am afraid to enter into a market I know nothing about, especially when I can lose a lot because of my ignorance.

  150. Albert Shinn

    Finally got to se the Blog, I had computer problems and it took days to get it fixed. The studio looks fantastic. I expect we will see more teaching, webinars and so forth. I’m still getting started pushing through the obstilces that crop up but I will endevor to succeed.

  151. Dale Haynes

    Thanks Anthony,

    Nice tour! Tomi and I have Adrian as a mentor. so the nice thing is we can picture where you are and understand your excitement – after all, everyting is within a moments distance so no traveling out and about. We have limited funds available and therefore look for ways to build as we go. That path to success would be great for us and perhaps others timid about the opportunity.


    I like that you could use this system to show videos abt natural,the nature is the excite of the nature of the human been,congratulation for your studio Anthony. :)-];;<

  153. Dawn Jackson

    I am overwhelmed with all it is to learn. Trying to follow but its a lot to work on when you already have two jobs. I try and cram at least an hour or more in but its a lot to learn and i feel like i’m wasting time. Can you give me some pointers on what to do to simplify the learning.

  154. Jody Anthony Thompson

    Hey, Anthony;

    First of all, that
    s an awsome studio you’ve got there. Also, I would like to learne more about marketing on facebook, setting up facebook fan pages, and mobile marketing.

  155. Bruce Lee Morris

    I like the upgrade and converting to HD lol. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to market and execute the ideas Im a little overwhelmed Im not giving up still determined though.

  156. Lisa Cascaden

    Anthony, I would like to learn about how to make money marketing on a web page that I believe you can help me with. I would like to start making extra money from home. I hope you will have a beginners lab.

  157. Agnyecska

    I want to learn more about my own website and learn how to do what i need to do to make more money. Anyhony your new studio is very nice.

  158. Diana Barnes

    Hello Anthony,

    We are very interested on how to market on face book & tweeter because we are almost finish setting up our two web pages. As always we have learned a lot from your weekly blog. Your new studio will add a clear point of view & will be very helpful as we review your classes.
    Thank you from Frank & Diana Barnes in Austin, TX.


    Great studio, nice not hearing the echo & green is a great color. I would like know how to get started with just a litle bit of money

  160. Julie paulvin

    This us my first time. I am seeing a person so sincere about marketing.I am so proud to be a team member of your company.

  161. Julie paulvin

    I would like to know how to get up and create the activity to connect with other .

  162. Trena Puentes

    I love the Green, very nicely done! Congratulations! I am reading through Advertising Profits From Home. I am eager to learn. Thank you Anthony!

  163. Sheila Perry

    Thank God for you and your knowledge and expertise in the business that you do. I am excited for you! Your studio is very nice. I love it!
    I am sorry I missed your workshop. I truely believe that I missed a gem. I believe you are helping a lot of people who are really grateful for you. Thank you!

    I am supporting my grandsons whose Mother died in July , 2011. I am retired and need to get to work for them and for myself. I am in debt (mortgage, bank credit line, and car ). I know the boys needs will become great as they grow older and I am hopeful to send one of them to college. You see one of the boys is autistic and mentally retarded. I am committed to taking care of my grandsons. So, I really need your help to learning your business. Will you help me. Thank you, Sir.
    Sheila Perry
    Chesapeake, VA

  164. John Spurrier

    Learn anything about affiliate marketing to make money without any expense involved to get started.
    Need to make 300-500 dollars per month to make ends meet.

  165. iris galloway

    Congratulations on your new studio. In my studying at PMI, I got stuck on the landing pages and this was like an elephant in the way. I have completed the course, but still need to go back and get the trophy’s and there again I was stuck on these at the landing pages. Please help me Anthony. Thank you for everything. God bless you.

  166. cheryl

    looking to learn as much as I can im just a beginner. I joined some time ago but was unable to get started with it. so I feel im so far behind the rest. with your help I might be able to catch up.

  167. Lois Azmy

    I sure hope you like green, way cool. If it wasnt’ for my kids I would not have an account on facebook, I’m just starting to understand how to use it. So I would like to learn how to put a facebook page together for my business. Of course getting traffic would come with that.

  168. john cox

    Funny, how you said I don’t know how to use the camera. It reminded me of my dads saying,” If you need a pair of shoes, you go to the shoemaker.” Your my expert, and I want to learn as much about social networks as possible.

  169. Bridgette

    Hi Anthony,
    Great new studio, congratulations! I am just starting, it took everything I had just to create the website. I am willing and ready to work hard, but have no idea what to do next as I work best with a stack of papers to input and I can visibly see my production and accomplishments. I am lost, but it is temporary. Having said that, I need to learn everything, especially how to get started and what my weekly goals are in order to become successful.

  170. ANA

    Congratulations on the cool studio. I would like you to be able to teach a bran new newbie from beginning to end affiliate marketing, step by step, so I can earn my first dollar online.

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