1. Jimmy Johnson Jr

    I’ve never been to Vegas but I’d like to go someday tho’ & btw I don’t have a Facebook account yet so I’m definitely going to Retweet it on Twitter!!!!

  2. Jimmy Johnson Jr

    On a side note…I’ve finally completed both of your books, watched all the weekly blogs & am now just getting caught up with all the training videos on the frre website you gave ME…I’m learning so much, THX!!!

  3. Kim Windfeather

    If you’re still in vegas be sure to go to the Rain Forest Cafe at the MGM. It’s a really fun place to eat and visit. You don’t want to miss out on that wonderful, fun place. Depending on what time you go there, you may want to get reservations because they can fill up fast. Also, the “Volcanoe” is a fun dessert to share with your sweetie, too. πŸ™‚

  4. Carol Isenhower

    Hey Anthony, I hope your having fun. I was there for my brother’s wedding and maybe got 3 hours of sleep while I was there. I went every where and of course gambled some. My husband and I plan on going back!!!

  5. Tammy Ruegsegger

    Anthony, I love Las Vegas my Aunt and Uncle and lots of cousins live there. We spend lots of time in Vegas, in fact we are going to be in Vegas in a few weeks for a wedding.
    I am anxious to know what this software that you have is. We have attended your course trainings in Mississippi and obtained some cool software then so I am excited for more.
    Thanks for everything and enjoy yourself in sunny beautiful Vegas.
    Tammy, from Oregon
    PS I am pretty sure I know where you were standing at the Belgio I have been in that exact spot many times.

  6. Cynthia Hernandez

    i’ve been there!! it”s a blast. went for my first honeymoon after being married for 25 years. would love to go again. wanna send us????? lol

  7. L.W. Shepard

    Vegas is great, after you get the business out of the way make sure to pencil in some fun like a show or at least some kind of wild buffet, I think they have one about every 5 feet there. I had blast when I visited there before, are hope to get back for another visit saoon.
    Have a Superockin good tiime.

  8. Colbey Kirk

    Vegas is a blast! Wish I was there too:) But its a good thing im here, focusing on what I need to be here focusing on…. My internet business.

  9. ling ling zhao

    Hi Anthony, I am your student and also study from PMI right now.
    I live here in las vegas, next time you come give us a call or email us. so we can take you and show you around. Don’t forget it: [email protected] Give us some chance to say “Thank you!” lingling

  10. Scotlinda

    Becareful Anthony, The gambling bug don’t bite you, LOL. I hope you finish the soft ware soon I can’t wait to down load it to my computer and make a lot of money to help out my family.

  11. Cynthia Becker

    I had a stop-over in Vegas on the way back to WA State from MA several years ago. That’s quite a place! This city never sleeps. No clocks! πŸ™‚

  12. Theodore Seavy

    Las Vegas is an exciting place to be, just keep your money in your pocket. We used to have a convention there once a year. Anthoney have a good time and enjoy.

  13. Dale Anderson

    Came through LV. last week, heading for Phoenix. One giant slot machine! Sorry to miss you. Dale

  14. Larry Dozier

    Hi Anthony!

    Thanks for the new information. I’m very exited about your new software. You would not believe what kind of business I’m in! I train Texas Certified Educators how to lawfully and apporpirately teach Bible Literacy in K-12 state schools, using my website, although I am also intersted in developing an on-line advertising business like you teach about. Enjoy your stay in Las Vegas!

  15. George Seitz

    Love Vegas. Loved Bellagio. Can’t afford now. I need any additional software to help make money. Already purchased CPV Domination.

  16. Jacqueline Suliveres

    Hi, Anthony. Being able to use the Beta version of your software sounds great, and if you need any feedback from using the software let me know. I have never been to Las Vegas but my daughter and sister both have for business. They say it is a pretty wild place and that you have to be careful there.

  17. Roger Carver

    Never been to Vegas proper but have passed by many x’s while driving tractor trailer to the west coast and back from Ga. Have a great time Anthony. Perhaps I could join you some day in Vegas!

  18. jesse hetrick

    Hey Anthony looks like your having a good time in L.V. wishing I was there with you. ” maybe in future “. Can’t wait for beta. Hope to hear more. Take care

  19. Strickland Bonner

    Nice Blog post! I’m on my way to Vegas on Sunday, if you’ll still be out there next week you should E-Mail me and come party with us, I’ll have our CEO and marketing director with us and we can mix some business wiht pleasure. Have a great time!

  20. Geraldine Migletz

    Anthony, I have been to Las Vegas several times. It is a fun place. Not one that I would want to call home, but, a great place to visit. Have an enjoyable time.

  21. Laurel

    Anthony, Vegas looks beautiful. I was there more years ago than I want to admit to. It was fun back then too. A new free software package will be great to add to all you’ve shared with us. Thank you as always.

  22. Larry Dozier

    Hi Anthony,

    I’ve been to Las Vegas. I really enjoyed my visit. There’s something for everybody there.

    I’m looking forward to trying you software too. Enjoy your stay. πŸ™‚

  23. nate asby

    i tried to retweet your vedio,but it would not let me retweet. i would like to go to las vegas never been there no money to go.. i hope i can the software that is commming out thank you

  24. Cindi Reitz-Absher

    Anthony…excited to check out your new software, Enjoy your time in Vegas!

  25. Dennis Ward

    Hi Anthony,
    Before I watched your Blog and reading your question, the first thought of where you were was Las Vegas. I will work on retweeting your Blog on Treeter which will be a try and error, but I will try. I always like anything thats Free. Hope you have a Blast in Las Vegas and win alot more money. I’ve never been there, but have a friend that lives there and has told me whenever I come, I’ll have a free place to stay. By then I’ll have enough $$ to pay Black Jack….


  26. Julie paulvin

    Thanks Anthony to shaire with me your special moment. I hope one day I will be there.

  27. Loretta

    I’ll be jumping on this very soon. I just had to get some college work out of the way first. This is how I plan on paying back my student loans!

  28. Abe Doliente

    Anthony,Thank you so much for your weekly blog #78. I am very happy for you. You are enjoying Las Vegas. Way to go. Where are you going next? I am excited about the free software that you mentioned in your blog. Hopefully, you will finish that soon and begin giving away to us. I need that badly.

    Again, I thank you so much. May God Bless you and all that you do.


  29. angela bradford

    Vive Las Vegas. I was born and raised here, its all I know, everything
    here, so nice to have you for a visit Anthony hope you had a wonderful time
    taking in the busy night life, Come see us again real soon. Thanks for being
    a super online – offline coach/meeting mentor to all of us especially me the internet newbie I especially enjoy how you keep everything real without the crazy hype. Thanks Anthony

  30. Brenda

    Vegas is a wonderful place to visit, not so sure I would want to live there. Love the lights, enjoyed your video

  31. Steven crespin

    I’ve never been to Las Vegas, but I would like to be there someday. I’m really excited about that software your launching for free, can’t wait to install it in my computer.

  32. Anselmo

    I has been there the last february, really cool place. enjoy your trip. I am very interesting in this software thank you for your hep to us.

    A big hug : Anselmo Marrero from Miami

  33. George

    Vegas is a great place to visit. The entertainment, food and attractions make it one of the premier vacation destinations in the U.S. I wish I could go there more often. Enjoy, Anthony.

  34. Clarence

    Hey Anthony, Las Vegas looks like fun, been their and loved it..Can’t wait to see the new software in action. Thanks for the update and enjoy Vegas!!

  35. James

    Anthony always share very good information and up to date. I have not been to Las Vegas since the mid 80’s and it is very different from what I remember from what I can see in the video.

  36. Sandra Jordan

    Actually I have never been to Las Vagas, when I start making some mola I one of my destination and LA. Cant wait! Vagas look gorgous and interesting
    looks like you having fun that what I talking about. chow

  37. Jim Matkaitis

    Love Vegas

    Own 4- 2br suite weeks at Tahiti Village Resort down the strip from where you’re at. Maybe you’d like to join me there sometime.


  38. Terry Whalin


    I’m excited to join the beta testers for your new software. Have fun in Las Vegas. I don’t get there often but have had some great experiences in that town.


  39. christina

    Anthony – Vegas is great! Been a couple of times – one time stayed across the street at the Paris! Looking forward to your latest software project!

  40. lloyd clemons

    hi anthony! how u doing ? i enjoyed your video i have never been to vagas before looks real nice . i live pay check to [ay check so io dont get out of my town much.. i would be very interested in your software..please send me a copy….thanks….lloyd….ocala fl

  41. Olen

    I enjoy Vegas Every Chance I get to go out there…

    Looking forward to that software you are promising…

    Good Luck & Enjoy Vegas…

  42. Janet Sharpley

    Las Vegas looks like fun, but mostly I am all ears for the new software. I am just barely getting my feet wet; been a slow starter all my life, but I never quit. Thanks, Anthony for the view of the sights!

  43. Ruth Taylor

    I do believe you are in Las Vegas. Wish I was there. I really need a vacation. Can’t wait for the new software, Enjoy!!!!

  44. Oran

    Enjoy your stay in Vegas! It’s always fun to visit Vegas, no matter the reason or season. I’m very excited to learn what this software holds in store!! Hope to help you beta test it!

  45. Jacqui Allen

    I’ve been to Las Vegas numerous times. I’m not a gambler but enjoy the excitement and the energy of Las Vegas. I’m a raw vegan and they have a great raw vegan restaurant off the strip that I really enjoy.

    Have fun!

  46. Norman C Smith

    Dear Anthony.
    I have never been to Las Vegas Sounds Like Fun….
    I would love to try your new beta version of proposed software.
    Norman C Smith

  47. Norm Hansen

    Hope you enjoyed your stay at my hometown. I live and work just a few miles from the Bellagio.
    Looking forward to your software.

  48. Annette and John Hayes

    We have never been to Las Vegas and honestly have other places would rather go to i.e. on a Cruise or to Hiwaia

  49. Connie Hancock

    I love Las Vegas! It is one of my favorite places to go. Currently, we live in Arizona and were going about once a year. However, I never have as much money to spend as I’d like to have, which is common, I’m sure. I’d love to have your new software, so consider me!

  50. Patricia McFadden

    Hi Anthony:

    Who doesn’t like Las Vegas? I look forward to receiving the software and I know you will do well at your seminars.

  51. Steven Surace


    Wow, Las Vagas looks beautiful. Haven’t had the opportunity to go their, but it is definitely on my wish list. Enjoy your time their and I am looking forward to this new software.

  52. Cheryl Becker

    Looking good….Las Vegas the city of fun…..been years since I have been there. Really looking forward to the CD you are working on…..soon as I get it I’m off to work…..for myself πŸ™‚
    Thanks for all you do for your students…..awesome !


  53. milton allen

    Anthony can’t wait to get your free software. It is not easy to watch all your products go bye me and can not afford them. See Anthony I believe in hard work and that’s the back bone of how this county was made. I just recently became disable and I am looking for other means and avenues to fill up this big void I now have in my life We will talk more Im sure of this. Have fun in Las Vegas and watch your wallet that you do not spend all your money in one sitting at the tables.

  54. Doris Gessner

    Hey Anthony – I’ve been to Vegas several times in my life and will be there again on Sept. 30-Oct 2 for the official launch of That Free Thing. If you’re still there I’d love meet you. We’ll be having our launch seminar and party on Oct 1 at the Rio. Keep up the good work. Doris G

  55. James Kahalewai

    Anthony……Las Vegas is beautiful. I prefer to growing up with my family and enjoying the many activities of my grandchildren. My family has always struggled financially and this is where I want to be helpful in assisting. Like you, my wife and I are financially stable. I am confident with your blogs, training, and staff that I can accomplish this goal. Thanks….Jimmy K.

  56. Larry MacKay

    Enjoyed the view of Vegas. Been there to many times. Stay at Caesars Palace. Get comped rooms always.
    Looking forward to software!

  57. Shirley York

    Have a Great time in Vegas it looks wonderful there. Look forward to your blogs each week. Thanks.

  58. Willy Lamoureux Jr

    I really need to get myself to stay engaged and get started, but the software sounds exciting. I hope you have a good time in Vegas, Anthony. Your view is awesome!

  59. wayne

    This used to be my old stomping ground, while i was in the Air Force. Nellis AFB, NV was were i was TDY to every year. Amazing place. Has the new strip grown alot? The old strip was nice also. Well have fun and thanks again for the link. enjoy Vegas!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i like

  60. Diana Barlow

    I am just recovering from a broken back. I have been reading your book and just trying to understand all the specifics about it. I am re-reading some parts of it. I am interested in your new software but do not have the money to purchase it yet. I hope you will make it available again later and make it affordable with a way to pay for it. I am so interested in doing this. I finally got my personal computer at home fixed so I should be able to do more.

  61. Clint

    Hi Anthony,

    No, I haven’t been to Las Vegas but I am sure interested in your free software.

    You haven’t let us down yet.

    Clint Johnson

  62. mavis turner

    Yes. I have been to Vegas and have some inttesting pics from there. I think it’s so wonderful of iyou to give away the soft ware as I wanted it so bad. watched the video where you were offering it for sale . Sadly I didn’t have the money to purchase the software, hopefully I will recieve a copy.

    Thanks for all your help, Anthony, yiou are really appreciated!

    Wendy (Mavis) Turner

  63. Ron

    Las Vagas is awesome when we were there in1970.we had
    A great times crossing the country. Can’t wait to see what
    you have to show us in next week blog.

  64. Karl Huber

    Hi Anthony
    +Vegas looks nice, especially at Night. No we never have seen Vegas or a lot of the states. We wouldt like to do so but the money is not there.
    Enjoy and have fun
    Karl & Traudl

  65. Jesus Olvera

    Hey Anthony,
    Yes, Las Vegas….ah, the lights, the people, and of course….money… a lot of money flying around(literally). Do you do a little gambling at the casinos? Just curiosity, do you win or lose? Anyway, thanks for thinking about us….. have fun!

  66. Viola

    Anthony, i saw your blog and of course it was beautiful. I live here abot 12 miles from where you were. I hope you enjoyed yourself

  67. Robert Wojchowski

    Anthony, Glad your having a great time. I have not been to Las Vegas even though I have been out west. I am excited about the new soft ware.Thanks for sharing the info. Your a great guy!

  68. Deb Galetta

    I love Vegas at night, but that is the only time. Give me the mountains and fresh air. I am excited about the software and keep motivating

    have a great weekend

  69. Daniel

    I love the dazzling lights in Las Vegas, NV and enjoy watching the water fountain dance at Bellagio Hotel. Don’t miss that attraction!
    Take care and God bless.

  70. Lorie

    Great fun in LV. I was there recently and stayed at Paris – saw Garth Brooks – great show. Am looking forward to learning more about your software. Have a great time in LV.

  71. Susan Strombeck

    Never been to Las Vegas. Some day I will go! Thanks for sharing your software. I am looking forward to it! I hope you have an awesome day!!



  72. Ronald Lapos

    Anthony looks as if you are enjoying yourself on top of the world. It is the number one place to spend the green ,our to see all that you want to see, spent time years back in the construction buss . have a great time .BigRJL.

  73. Dale Haynes

    Love looking at Las Vegas! Even more being there and hopefully as we follow Anthony Morrison’s blogs and training, we shall be able to be.

  74. Pauline

    Hi Anthony, glad u r enjoying your trip, along with business. I dream someday I will get out there among those bright city lights in Vegas. I use to live in California as a child, but moved back to Texas, home sweet home, now. I also just wanted to let u know I retweeted your Las Vegas video and liked on facebook. Hope this will help let me be apart of your next big event on the net. Have a fun trip

  75. Suzun Eggler

    I lived in Boulder City for about 9 years, it is about 30 mins from Las Vegas. Vegas is quite a place there if you have not been there before, but I was a out side sales person and had to go into Vegas all the time and I didn’t care for that much, but the first time you go there. WOW!! Hope you are having a good time.

  76. Charlie TOlvanen


    Hope you enjoy Vegas! Looking forward to getting the software. Question — Is this different from the software I received from Adrian when I
    attended his 3 day training event in San Antonio Texas?
    Charlie T.

  77. walter

    Hello Anthony looks like your having a good time i never been to Vegas all ways wanted to go.I was interested in the software you talked about in your weekly blog. Please tell me more about through my email thnaks.

  78. Betty Todd

    Looking forward to the new software, and the upcoming Conference in Tucson! The lights in Vegas are beautiful… but for a vacation I prefer the beach or the mountains.

  79. Winnifred

    Thank you for taking me to Las Vegas with you, I have never been there before, and I always wanted to visit. Head over to Bohemia NY and help me with my business I have purchased almost everything that you recommended and I need help.

  80. Dee Corbitt

    Funny I should check my email to receive your video. On my way home from shopping today I thought how nice it would be to go to Vegas in a week or so. My husband and I haven’t been there since 2008.

  81. Dianna Thomas

    Las Vegas – great to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there. Stayed at the Bellagio. It is beautiful. Can’t wait for the software. Thanks.

  82. Leona Viernes

    Thank you for helping us Anthony. You have a big heart. It’s so cool how you travel all over the country helping people. Now go out and have some fun.

  83. Nicole Daniel

    Your Vegas blog rocks! You bet I want free software, Anthony!
    Beautiful scene from the big V… wish I was there 2!

  84. Nelson

    Hi,I’ve been to Vegas before and its great family entertainment, there is a lot for everyone. Also,the Grand Cayon is about 6 hours away and Hoover dam is really cool. Enjoy your time , take care


  85. Monte Anderson

    Anthony I purchased your book and DVD’s a few years ago and you gave a free website I never got to use it. Never saw it I want to use it to help make money online. I went to your seminar in August in Davenport and got the certifacate for a down load of the ten companies and 6 products you use. What is the potential income using these and your website along with posting a product page on facebook. Thank you Monte

  86. Deborah Humphrey

    I would love to be a part of your company,but do not have the money to start.i am in the middle of a divorce and don”t have a job.What little money i get my hands on has to go for my children and bills.If there is any way you can help me and just take it out of what i make with you that would be great,you will see the money before me and it would be a blessing if you could.Thank you so much and hope you can help.i have nothing but time so i would be able to work as much as possible,and would be able to get others involved also.Thanks again. Mom in need of work.

  87. Janith Schwarz

    Great place to be You look like you belong there
    I have been recuperating from the serious fall in July head damage fracture) broken arm and still swollen on my forehead. now I get the latest news I have Subdual Hematoma (blood on the brain) so back to the hospital the end of this month I hope I live long enough to get this business going I take one step forward and 2 back
    Thank you for all your help and support. I have printed all your e-mails and hope to be able to digest them all as soon as i am recovered

    Enjoy the BIG city

  88. Andrew Smith

    Looks fun. A good place to spend way to much money. I’d rather be at the beach. But that is just me.

  89. Dianne Hauser

    Not a gambler but love Vegas. So much to see and do. Take the time to enjoy it while you’re there. You have been very inspirational and I’m learning alot can”t wait to get my site up and running.
    Have FUN.

  90. Emmanuel

    Anthony the hardest working man in the Internet marketing business. I am carefully reading the Advertising Profits From Home book you sent me. I am down to section 4 I will be finishing in few minutes, then I will proceed to watch the 3 DVD MASTERY LEVEL EDUCATION. A Mastery Level Internet Marketing Series. I will do it in few minutes.. Have fun while working, will talk
    to you soon…

  91. Sandi

    Wow Las Vegas looks very exciting! I am looking forward to getting the new software..Thanks Anthony you are so motivated I always enjoy your Blogs!
    Enjoy your time in Las Vegas

  92. Linda Emery

    Anthony, I wish I knew you were in Vegas I live there. I need so much help, on my computer to get things going. I’m such a klutch on the internet.

  93. Linda Paterson

    I haven’t been to the new Las Vegas. I was at the old strip in 1971 with my parents on a trip. The new Las Vegas looks very bright with lights and sounds like a lot of noise. I am not able to travel because of illness so this was a fun way of seeing what Las Vegas looks like now.

  94. Kaye Hutton

    I have never been to Vegas but it looks like a fun place. I sure hope your trip there was a good one.
    The software sounds interesting. Thanks ahead for the additional help.

  95. Robert "Ike" Isakson

    Been to Las Vegas many times. Love the place but I leave my money at home because I figured out how they build all those beautiful buildings It’s not going to be with my money.

  96. Tammy Payton

    Yes. I love las vegas becouse my son live in vegas with grandbabby. I go all time.

  97. Vantina Love-Christmas

    Hi Anth:

    Nice view from BaLigio (sp?) You look like you are enjoying yourself. I have been to Vagas, would love to visit again. How close to Ca. R U. I am looking forward of being financially fit to do the same. Have a great time. Listen @ U soon.

  98. Lora Chatman

    Vegas looks beautiful. I’ve always wanted to go, but haven’t had the funds to do so yet. I’m determined that with the tips you’ve supplied as well as the other information I’ve gathered online that I can become a super affiliate one day. (at least then I can pay my parents back for everything they’ve done for me)

    Anyways, can’t wait to see the new software, especially if I get a chance to beta test it!

  99. Ken & Joy Ganger

    Glad you are enjoying Las Vegas. It will be interesting to see what your new software does. Have fun!!

  100. Randall Draper

    Vegas is definately a great place to be this time of the year – maybe not so much earlier in the summer. Excited to see your new software. Thanks also for the weekly blogs; I always look forward to them

  101. Maria Laurora- Fay

    Love Vegas, Anthony! I live in California so I’m very close to this place. I’m glad you’re enjoying your trip and at the same time not forgetting us. You care so much about your students! Looking forward to the new software. God bless.

  102. Tricia

    Love Vegas. Havent been in a while. Yes, i am interested in your new video…

    thanks and have fun!

  103. Teresa Dunnagan

    Hadn’t been to Vegas in several years,bet it’s grown alot since then! It’s amazing and would love to go back someday!

  104. m DenButter

    I live in Utah so I know where you were, I was able to guess. NO I do not like los Vegas! Too Many people lose their shirts there! Marie

  105. Carolyn Walker-Alikhan

    Sorry I don’t know what my website is, Anthony would you be so kind to give me access to my website. Thank you

  106. James Warren

    Hello Anthony hope all is well in las vegas, never been there myself even though i have traveled quit a bit, Hope all is well, I am just getting started in your program and haven’t gotten my web site yet. Just got a new computer today and getting started trying to keep up, thanks and have a great one Jim

  107. Bryan Gray

    Vegas looks pretty fun. Better watch out, you know it’s called “Sin City” right?
    I’m looking forward to receiving your book “Advertising Profits From Home” along with the accompanying videos and other educational material. Still hasn’t gotten to me. Maybe today?!
    Also hope to qualify for the Beta version of your new sofeware at no cost. Please register me.

    Ok, I’ll leave you to the mercy of Sin City. Have a great time!


  108. John

    I like Vegas it is a great town. A lot to do and see. I hope that all that you have a good time in Vegas! I look forward seeing and using your new software.

  109. Bryan Gray


    Vegas looks pretty fun.
    I’m looking forward to receiving your book β€œAdvertising Profits From Home” along with the accompanying videos and other educational material. Still hasn’t gotten to me. Maybe today?!
    Also hope to qualify for the Beta version of your new sofeware at no cost. Please register me.

    Have a great time!


  110. Erma Lou Ashley

    Hey Anthony I hope you are having a ball out there and not working all the time. Probably been 15 or 20 years since I was there and it was at Christmas time. Might have to go back some day. Have Fun!!

  111. Terry Taylor

    All those bright lights, noise, and so much fun. Hope you are having loads of fun in Vegas!!!!!

  112. Ronald McCarty

    Never been yo Las Vegas b ut I hope to some day. with my German Shepherd dogs i don’t travel anyway as I really don’t trust anyone else to care for them. Anyway, looking forward to more training thanks alot anthony.

  113. che

    Vegas look like fun never been but always want to visit hopefully soon ill be about to experience it

  114. Deborah WALTEMEYER

    Hi Anthony my website should be up and running in the next week,i am so excited.Ilove to watch and listen to your videos,they are so imfomative,keeps me wanting more imformation and help me to understand how to get started. i have alot to learn yet but am very motivated by your webinars.Have been to vegas a few times like another world.You keep teaching and i will learn all i can from you,you have the biggest heart of anyone ive ever known.We all cant wait to learn more from you. Thanks Deb

  115. Timothy Johnson

    Hi Anthony, your new Beta program coming out sounds like something I need, I have never had a chance to ever go to Las Vegas yet but hoping someday will get the chance. Hoping you are having a great time.

  116. Steve White

    Hi Anthony, hope it goes well for you in Las Vegas. Thanks for the update on your software and being willing to share it for free. I am interested in the beta version so count me in. Have a safe trip home.

  117. David Stephens

    I have never been to Vegas, but have flown over it several times. Would be nice to visit sometime.

  118. Phil Farrar

    Anthony, thanks for what you do to help us try to improve. We appreciate you and your staff. Can’t wait to get the new software.

  119. Jerry

    Yes , I have been to Las Vagas. It is a site to see at night. The entertaniment shows they were great. The foods were high in some cassino. The one thing that amazed me were the lights even early inthe morning, also the food rates go down in certion casnio if you get up early enough on the old stran..

  120. Kim

    I am halfway through the book. Can’t wait to get started! Love all the info!
    I have never been to Vegas but both of my brothers have and they love it! Hopefully I will be successful enough with affiliate marketing to be able to go!

  121. Hazel

    Love Vegas. Not much of a gambler but like to people watch and enjoy the shows. Have fun while you are there.

  122. sandra martinez

    Hey Anthony looks like your having a good time I’ve never been to vagas but maybe some day.I can’t wait for the new software and the best yet its free thank you Anthony your the best.

  123. natedogg

    Great place to be. My cousin Anthony and his wife is one of the managers at Rio. Thank you for keeping us in the loop.

  124. Donald

    Hey there Anthony,

    Las Vegas is beautiful at night.I went there in 2007 for a Nascar race and I absolutely loved it,especially at night. We stayed at Mandalay Bay. I tell you that you must see the water fountain show with all the neon lights and all.That was the best. The roller coaster that goes through some of the hotels and all is pretty awesome too.Anyways hope you’re having a blast.

  125. Danny VanHowten

    I’ve never been there all thou id love to go to Vegas at lest once in my life i hope you have a good time there and tell us about it love the background there

  126. Doris Hopper

    Can’t wait to get the software. I hope I am up and going this time next week. I watch your blogs everyweek. It’s been a long time since I was in Vagas. I hope to go again very soon, just need to make some money first. I remember Vagas in the good days,it has grown so much.

  127. Dina

    If you never been there it most be very fun. I wish some day I visit Hawaii. You should give away a trip to Hawaii or Las Vegas who knows. enjoy it. You should learned about some many games they have there.

  128. Jess

    I’ve never been there!!…actually…I’ve never posted a message before (in you blog) so here I am…also because I don’t know what happened but I ordered your book a week ago and haven’t received it! πŸ™
    I don’t want to lose the impulse so I’m anxious to start reading!
    Warm regards from Miami to all! And for you Anthony, enjoy the City of Blinding lights!

  129. Eugenia Parish

    Don’t have a web site yet but am considering it once my life becomes reasonable (Many health challenges) THANKS FOR ALL THE PEOPLE YOU ARE HELPING WITH YOUR GENEROSITY! gEN

  130. Debora

    Excited to see the new software! Remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! πŸ˜‰

  131. Bonnie

    Yes, I’ve been to Vegas before and eery time I just break even. That’s weird, but I’d love to get there again to see what happens.

    I’m really hot to see and try the new software because I really need to get things going. I’m sure this will help.

    If it’s really free, I’ll take it with many thanks!

    β€” Bonnie

  132. dr steve

    Ok , Anthony this is why you are still my NO. 1 mentor…you stay in touch. And you’re not long-winded…looking forward to the free software…”beta version?”…/was in Las Vegas a few years but had my most fun taking a driving tour thru Death Valley…Check it out if you can…fascinating place…loliJ…doc

  133. Larry Nein

    Looking forward to the new software. Just launched a new campaign using CPV Domination–what a terrific time saver that is!! Thanks.


  134. Louise Allen

    Las Vegas looks amazing. I hope you enjoy your time there. I have never been there,but my mom, sister, and grandmother have. Would Love Love to have a that free software. Thanks Anthony.

  135. Ania

    Hi, Anthony have fun and not spend much!!! Thanks for offering a new software for free. Have good time there! Thanks.

  136. Ruth

    Guess I must have missed something….software? If you offer, I’ll take if it will maka da moola for me.
    Are you just visiting in Lost wages or here on business?
    Nice shot of the city, but couldn’t understand a word you were saying.

  137. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – Nice hearing from you. I went to Vegas many years ago and would like to get back there again. I’m sure you are enjoying yourself.
    Looking forward to learning more about your new software.
    Take care and have a great time.

  138. Luis A. Deleza

    Anthony, I went there about 20yrs ago and I won 800.00 on the dice table
    at the Ranch Cassino. I think it no longer exsist. Have fun Anthony. I have never twetted and I don’t know how , I do not have a website yet.

  139. Becky Bohnhoff

    I visited Las Vegas years ago when I was too young to gamble.I would love to be able to go there now!! When I make enough money to be able to afford it, I will book my ticket!

  140. Quinzetta Moses

    I hope your having as much fun as I do when I’m there. Well if your there on business maybe you should not have as much fun but it is an awesome place to be. I have a brother in the Air Force there so I visit quite often. I am looking forward to your newest software. I’m sure it is great and will help me out.

  141. jane

    Lights of LV are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to new free software. I am broke anything free is apreciated. hoping this opportunity will help that a llittle. No stranger to hard work i have had a life time of that. Not scared. Have a great time. Thanks again, jane

  142. John Yoder

    Yes, I’ve been to Las vegas. It’s a wild place. No wonder it is so popular for conferences.
    Would sure like a copy of your beta software.

  143. Beaver

    Anthony, I am really struggling wtih this and can use all the help I can get. Please sent me the BETA.
    Charles Baker

  144. Ernestine Emery

    Anthony, I never thought the slot machine was called work. Ha. I guess the minute to said lights and people like to spend money. You sure can lose it there too. A group of us went November 3 years ago from Denver, My nephew turn 21 and that what he wanted for his birthday gift – a trip to Las Vegas. Needless to say, we had fun. Have fun, but don’t work too hard.
    Looking forward to your new software.

  145. Fred Barber jr

    Hey Anthony it,s fred barber jr how,s vegas ,hope your stay was enjoyable there.i know your working your business,your a hard worker,stay that way ,hope you had fun in vedas.take care.

  146. Shirley

    I”ve been to Las Vegas many times and love it. Lots of excitement. Lots to see and do. My hubby and I will be going again in the next month. Can’t wait! Hope you had a great time…no doubt you are!

  147. Charlie McGregor

    Gotta love Las Vegas!!! It’s like a “playground for adults”, and lots
    of fun stuff to do. I spent about 3 weeks there a couple of years ago and did the whole “tourist thing”. We went to Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, Reno, Grand Canyon and had the time of our lives. Sure am looking forward to working with the beta software and can’t wait since its something that you have done.Seize the moment at the seminar or training session you are doing!
    Take care, have lots of FUN, and be safe in all you do!

  148. Elisabeth (Betty) Mirabella

    Vegas – is GREAT – have a great time and enjoy – Can hardly wait for the new software – Thanks much

  149. Nina l

    Hi Anthony,
    Enjoy your time in Las Vegas, never been there, I really enjoy your blogs and weekly messages.

  150. john o ewil.cfomaldsen

    hey anthony wow La vegas never been there .would love to go sometime looking forward to your next blog have a great time .

  151. David J.S.

    Hey Anthony–Vegas was just ok for me–I actually prefer Atlantis Bahamas or Disney Land–but hey getting away for a little vacation anywhere is good right…

    I don’t do twitter or FB but I hope this little blog post will suffice for the upcoming Beta…

    David J.S.

  152. john o ewaldsen

    hey anthony looks like you are having a great time . I have never been to the big city of lights. i look forward to your next blog . take care god bless

  153. Patty Miller

    It’s been a few years, but I did get to go to Vegas once. It was a great experience, and I’m glad I had the chance to go. Bright lights, busy city. I got to stay at the pyramid (can’t remember the name). First time I’ve ever been in elevators that go sideways. πŸ™‚ I won enough to pay for my plane trip there and back. Figured it was wise to quit there.

    Can’t wait for your new software. You always come up with good stuff.

    Thank you in advance.

  154. Darin Edmonds

    Been to Vegas once. We flew out on the same day that Lady Dianna was killed so that part I won’t forget. I’m sure there’s been lots of changes over the past 13 years and would love to go back!

  155. James Sliney

    Las Vegas is a fun place to visit. I’ve visited several times, but not since a lot of the new casinos/hotels have been built. Anthony hope you enjoy your visit to Las Vegas. I hope to enjoy using your new software in the near future.

  156. Melissa Rodriguez

    Hi Anthony, hope you have fun. I haven’t been to Vegas but hope to go there some day. Can’t wait to see the new software. Thank you for all the information you share and for being just a genuine individual. I wish I could just buy all of your products but, money is tight right now I hope soon I can start earning money online.

  157. Glenda Felix

    Hey Anthony I think you are a wonderful soul, I never knew of a person of your stature that is heartfelt, compassionate and determined to help us that really need you. Thanks is not enough, but Thank you for all you do.

  158. Kevin Mack

    Hello Anthony, I hope you enjoy yourself in Vegas, especially with the money I have paid you for nothing.

  159. Ronald L. Ottman

    I have not been to Las Vegas, but someday I will be able to go there. Yes with this marketing I will make it happen.

  160. Pierre Mocombe

    I have never been to Vegas. I heard from people who visited before and have visited there several time over. I would like to have the opportunity to visit it someday.

  161. Allen Blankenship

    Never been to Las Vegas, but those lights sure looked enviting πŸ™‚ I look very forward to checking out your free beta version software for our business Anthony. Thanks a bunch!

  162. peter lowry

    yes i was in vegas back in 1982 but lot of the famous places were torn down over the years.have fun and dont go for broke!!.

  163. Maribel

    I’ve never been in Las Vegas but is not a place that I want to go. There are some others that I prefer! I will look forward about the new software! Thank and Ciao!

  164. Helen Bishop

    I have been to LasVegas in past years, and loved it. Look forward to the free software.

  165. Ruby Franklin

    I have never been to Vegas. Enjoy your trip. I am most definitely looking forward to the new software you are offering for free. Thank you. Getting a copy of your CPV marketing program stays at the top of my list, too.

  166. kat

    Wow! Wish I was there……..Love all those lights in Las Vegas! Have a great time there looking forward to the new software….

  167. Sandy Bowers

    I’ve been to Vegas recently. Enjoyed it. Don’t need to see it again. Enjoy Vegas. Looking forward to checking out your software.

  168. Sonia Pinciotti

    Las Vegas is so much fun! I wish I could go more often. We go every two or three years and always have a fantastick time. We have friends that come from Englad for 2 weeks and we go and meet them there.
    Have fun and look forward to the new software.

  169. PWB

    You have my attention! I’m looking forward to using your new software. I’m wondering what it will do, and hope for the best because I know you do quality work. Have a great time in Las Vegas

  170. stella amoako

    Thanks Anthony, for thinking about us all the time.
    We can not wait to try the software.

    We thank God for your life, and your good heart.

    God Bless.

  171. Leon Gilliam

    I live here in vegas. Love to talk and see you for a minute. Please if you have time leave me a message and I will come to you ASAP,

  172. Gladys

    Hey Anthony,
    Thanks for sharing your adventure, i hope to be there one day too and i promised to myself im gonna meet you in person, im doing my hardwork of learning and experimenting everything you are teaching us and im rally enjoying it, im learning a lot, now im gonna start my ad with google, yahoo and bing yoohooo….. thanks a lot..

  173. Marcia Brown

    Let’s try this again! Too many spelling errors in the last one! I have been to Las Vegas and really enjoyed it. Lots of great places to eat and lots of great shows to see.

  174. Joyce Ellen Shipman

    Hi Anthony,
    Have a great time in Vegas! I was there a year ago and really enjoyed my stay. I’m really looking forward to the new software! Thank you so much!

  175. Gary

    Anthony – SEE I told you we would see you in exotic locations. I just thought it would be something projected on the green screen of your new studio. Nothing like the real thing! Be sure to catch the water show in front of the Bellagio, it is really cool. Looking forward to testing the new beta software. If “O” is still playing go see this show, may give you some more ideas . . .

  176. Ray Arias

    Glad to see you get away from your studio to have some fun. Appreciate all the time you spend teaching and menotoring us. Viva Las Vegas! Look forward to your beta version.

  177. DAngelo Norton

    Hey Anthony never been to Vegas but it sure looks nice from the view you showed us. Really enjoying my new internet business looking forward to watching and learning from your new free software

  178. Jodi Swain

    Anthony. Appreciate all the things you are doing for us, Though I don’t really know how to use any of them yet. Enjoy your blogs a lot.L.V. is very sinful but very beautiful in worldy way. each casino so different. Just seeing the outside shows they put on is thrilling. I don’t know how to use twitter nor facebook yet. Sincerely Jodi Swain.

  179. Donna

    Hi Anthony, never been to Las Vegas, but I like what I see, especially what you are during for us. May you continue to be BLESS!!!!!! By the way I can’t wait to get your software. πŸ™‚

  180. Anibal Gonzalez

    I haven’t been to Vegas in years, it sure looks nice from where you were at. I just signed up – I hope my luck will change I need it you don’t know how much. Nuff said, interesting stuff I’ve read allready!! Excited!

  181. Carole Thomas

    I had a good time the last time I was in Vegas. Great food and loved the Dolphin show at the Mirage!

  182. Sherry Franklin

    Hi Anthony,

    Never been to Vegas but would like to go sometime. On the verge of setting up our Website. We are so excited! Thanks for all that you do.
    Have some fun while you are there.

  183. Anna

    Hi Anthony ~ That is so cool! I love Vegas! So much fun – like adult Disneyland. Since I’m not much of a gambler, I just like going for the sights,shows and excitement. I guessed it right away ~ lots of lights, people, and money ~ gave it a way. I look forward to your new software. Thank You
    Very Much, Anna

  184. k. osby

    Beautiful cikty, It will be a good place to visit. Please send this free product. I am interested in the very first product your brother Daniel was explaining. Would you take partial payments? I like the fact that you showing meany products for us to buy. As a new member I am a little consern If I will be sucessful without the 365 book and the other soft weare.

  185. Joycelyn Smith

    I know you are in Vegas working, but hope you take a little time to enjoy the city. I’ve never been there. I’m anxious to see what software you have been working on. I am looking forward to building up this opportunity to help me be able to retire early and travel. This business can be worked from anywhere…even Vegas, right?

  186. Tom Chuhay

    I, also moved recently to Las Vegas, Hope you enjoyed your stay.
    I’m looking forward to the new software. Thanks for all your correspondence.

  187. Duane

    I like Vegas also it is a great town. Just don’t
    gamble if u r going to gamble go to Reno.
    I hope I don’t get my legs broke for saying this.

  188. Heidi Henry

    Hi Anthony, I was in Las Vegas this last New Year’s Eve and it was awesome, the architecture is fantastic. I hope you enjoy your time there, have fun, looking forward to the software, Heidi

  189. Sylvia Anderson

    Been to Las Vegas twice. Enjoy yourself. Look forward to making affiliate marketing a success.

  190. Lisa

    I’ve never been to Vegas, but I know the inside of a casino!!!
    Looking forward the the additional help from your new software …
    Have a great time while you’re there, Anthony, and stay safe.

  191. David Kitavi

    Anthony,I have been to Las vegas only one time over twenty five years ago.I think is a great city. Look forward to the free software.Enjoy you stay.

  192. Diane (eeldi)

    Vegas is alot of fun. I liked going to the various show, seeing the sights and playing a few slots. The last time I was there was 2002. Have fun and enjoy…..

  193. Rosie D

    Hi Anthony, As a Californian since 48 I’ve been to Vegas a number of times, however, the last time I tried the $$ slots and got out of town with a little money; a 1st. Please put me in line for your free Software. Hopefully I’ll be up and running soon…there is alot here to learn for me.

  194. Diana Banks

    Never been to Las Vegas but it is definitely on my list of places to see when my internet marketing business provides the capital for travel!

  195. Linda Cress

    Have fun while you are there. You know all work and no play made Jack a very dull boy. Thanks for putting together the tools that so so many people will be able to enjoy and cut their time in half. God bless ya.

  196. Julie Wiseman

    Las Vegas is like no other place on earth! My husband and I have been there about four times in the past 8 years. It never seems to grow old, Instead, it makes us feel young again!

  197. Eckhart

    Vegas is a place to see; easy to ‘lose it’ there, but we’ll gain it back on the ‘Net, fer sure.
    Be safe out there.

  198. Marie

    It is exciting to be at Las Vegas.It seems like being in a small golden paradise. I wish you a greatt time there. Thank you for the new software Marie

  199. Marie

    Las Vegas seems to be a small golden paradise…Just enjoy ! I wish you a great time, and thank you for the new software

  200. Marie

    Las Vegas seems to be a golden paradise… Just enjoy! I wish you a great time, and thank you for the new softwrare.

  201. Richard Gilman

    Have not been to Vegas since the 50’s. I would probably not recognize the place by those standards. Do want to go there with my wife as soon as business profits allow. I am pretty much housebound at the present and that is why I needed to do something to gain a financial foothold for the wife and my son who is handicapped. I have gotten sick and tired of being sick and tired and have all the faith in the world your path is the way in our eyes.
    We have started the training through MPI today.
    Now I am really overwhelmed!!!!
    Enjoy Las Vegas./

  202. Sharon Davidson

    Haven’t been to Vegas in years. It’s really been built up and renewed since I was there. Hope you take the time to relax and have a little fun.
    Me, I’m impatiently waiting for your new software.
    Thanks for doing so much for us.

  203. janet & keith sandkuhl

    Anthony, hope your having fun. keith and i are going to Vegas in October to celebrate our aniverery 27 yrs. with couple friends can’t wait . we are staying in New York New York. Planing to see Donnie and Marie, and some comedy act. Do something crazy , enjoy yourself.

    Your offer for free , thanks. That would really help us get started the right way.

    Your followers , and believe in your affilated marketing keep up good work.

    janet and keith sandkuhl

  204. Patricia Courington

    I have been to Vegas for electronic conventions years ago. It is the city that never sleeps. Just the enthusiasm at the hotels, gaming tables, and shows motivates others to jump on the band wagon. However, there is also that element of sin city that can lead the innocent down a path of trouble. I am more excited about free beta copies of your software than the thought of a trip to Vegas. Hold onto your pockets Anthony.

  205. Kimberly Simmons-Robinson

    I’m loving all the lights! Never been to Las Vegas, however, I plan to travel the world so in my future travels Las Vegas will be one of my stops! Just got my books in the mail on yesterday and I’m learning a lot of new this already with all the informative emails and your website!

  206. Sheryl Nalls

    Hi Anthony,

    I live in Las Vegas and is a great place. Hope you have a great time. Wish I could have met you in person. Looking forward to your new software. Enjoy Vegas!

  207. John Waters

    Vegas, Yes I’ve been there, a long time ago. There is always something exciting for everyone– 24/7. Vegas! Who Needs to Sleep?


  208. Deborah Perkins

    Hi Anthony, I will be looking for the free software. Sometimes I think I have too much on my plate to get things done. For instance, I attend Online College classes, I breed Cockatiels, I am raising my last two teenage children (my others are adults on their own) and the work involved in raising my kids and birds as a single parent is exhausting, to say the least!! On top of all that, I am trying to make time to learn everything you are teaching me. I would love to have a couple more days added to the week !!!! Thank you for hard work and determination to show others what you are doing so we too may have the same chance at success, as long as we work for it!! Thanks!!!

  209. Eduardo Alvarez

    Hi Anthony, thank you again for this video and for the software you will be releasing soon.
    Thank you,

  210. Alexander Moise

    LAS VEGAS is cool Anthony but try your best to stay away from those machines because they really can get you in a lot of trouble. Also Anthony as a token of my appreciation for the honesty of your business I figure I do something for you now. I’m going to participate by following you and marketing you as I market my products and my new services with my business. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING GODBLESS!!!!!!

  211. McWain Galdo

    Have not gotten my web site. Been to Vegas and love it. Watch several shows and seldom gamble. Know you’ll have fiun just I did in the past. Looking forward to see your new software. 09/17/2011.

  212. Bill Emery

    Anthony, glad you’re enjoying Vegas. We physically ran (with our running shoes) the entire Vegas “strip” one morning. We appreciate so much the software and all your efforts and dedication to helping others have a better life. Have fun !!!


  213. albert petry

    tony,i never been to vegas,want togo there someday for vacation the only thing that holding me up is the money,i dont know where to get it……

  214. Tamie

    Hi Anthony, Thanks for sharing Vegas I am more than half way through with your book so haven’t made any $ yet, have never been to Vegas but would love to go sometime, although not ready to use the new software yet would love to have it in place for when I am. Looking forward to having fun and enjoying life again someday with your help.

  215. teshoma

    hey, i would like to visit Vegas…looks great and i think it is gorgeous the light and the view.
    have fun!:)

  216. Shirley J Campbell

    Cool! I haven’t been to Vegas in about 8 years. Never won much and never lost much there myself–Very Conservative gambler. Looking forward to your new software.

  217. Jeff Petit

    I stayed at the Bellagio back in June 2011. It was awesome. Don’t forget to check out Hoover Dam. Thank you for helping people be successful online.

  218. Terry

    Never been there, would like to go there in the future just to see what it is all about.

  219. margaret haag

    been to vegas like 25 yrs ago, before all the cities werebuilt, the only one was new york someday soooon . i will go again..thanks anthony for trying to teach us to make it on our own…mh

  220. Tom Beth

    Hey Anthony,
    Been to Vegas a few times even came home a winner once. Have a great time. Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

  221. Sharon J. Ferguson

    Hey Anthony, I’ve never been to Vegas. It looks like an exciting place to be. I suppose it’s one of those places where everyone should visit at least just once. Perhaps someday I’ll get the chance to go. Have fun while you are there.

  222. Jill Carpenter

    How cool to be in Las Vegas! I am one of the few who hasn’t been there except for the grace of videos like yours. Plan to visit soon. Life is looking up. Please be sure I’m on your list for the new software. I’m sure I signed up before. Can’t wait!


    hi anthonyi i’ve been to las vegas i really enjoyed my visit,there’s something for everybody there i didn’t get my book and i’m excited about that software your launching for free can’t wait to install it in my computer thanks have a great day.

  224. Glenda Betz

    HI, Anthony,
    Glad you are enjoying Vegas

  225. Fran McCollum

    I love Vegas. Bellagio buffet is one of the best. try it. Can’t wait for new
    Thanks for sharing and all you do to help others

  226. david

    never been to Vegas. my travel time is spent in Nicaragua. our winter their dry season. however, it does look like fun enjoy.

  227. Jo Ann Sims

    I was in Vegas for a tax conference about 5 years ago. Lots going on there. I of course had to check out a couple of the Casino’s and a few shows. Saw “Menopause the musical” it was hilarious. I hope your trip to Vegas is pleasure and not business. ENJOY

  228. Tim Davidson

    I love Vegas, got married there once…If you get out of vegas itself there are a lot of cool places to go like Mt. Wilson which is a ski area in the winter abouth 20 degrees cooler in the summer. Lots of old mines and caves to explore you should do some of this.

  229. Dianna Anderson

    Anthony, yes I enjoy Las Vegas any time I can go! I just went to your conferance in Albuquerque and have a great time learning what you teach. I hope to follow up in the future with investing in your programs. Thanks

  230. DeVon

    Good Saturday morning! I have to say that I love your Blogs! I have been to Vegas, but unfortunately had my wallet stolen. I want to start your program/business, but Im so scared. I would realy like a personal E-mail to encourage me to start! Im one of thoase who is afraid of change because I have done the same old thing for 23 yrs. I NEED OUT! Looking forward to the new CD and your next Blog.


  231. Al Thompson

    Anthony, no website as yet. Know you’re enjoying Vegas! Several years since I was there; but, nothing but fond memories. Looking forward to receiving your free software and giving it a spin. Enjoy your self.

  232. peter

    Love vegas very fun city I liked your link and sent you a retweet so send this beta my way i can def use it thanks for all your work man your an inspiration

  233. Tammi& Mitch

    I personally didn’t care much for Vegas but I hope you are enjoying your conference. Looking forward to hearing more about your software.

  234. Natalie Lee

    That’s great you’re in Vegas!!! Been there, but long agoooooo! Yes, I would love to get that free Beta software from you if possible. Looking forward to using it. Thanks for your help!!!

  235. Russell

    Lived in Vegas for 1 year. Fun place to visit, but prefer Kentucky.
    Hope you are having a great time though. Looking forward to your free
    software. Presently using the CPVdomination tool.

  236. Veronica Plano

    Hi Anthony,
    I’ve never been to LV. Stay wise in all you do!!! Thank you for all you’re doing to help us grow.

    Roni from Wayland, NY

  237. Max Bower

    I guessed right where you are/were. But I have an unfair advantage; I live in Las Vegas. I can see the lights and action every day (if I want).
    I retweeted your Blog #78 message from my brand new Twitter account.
    Looking forward to your new software!!!!

  238. Sal F

    Vegas – fun and furious. My old hangout. Look forward to the new
    software. Have a fun time with work squeezed in between.

  239. David Balow

    Vegas is a great getaway from reality. Enjoy yourself, and by the way, THANK YOU for all you do for so many.

  240. Kim

    Hi Anthony, awesome I am excited your new software. I have attended Utah PMI training. I have been to Vegas couple times, but that was long long time ago. Have Fun, be waiting for your software.

  241. Philip Harris

    It looks like you are there to have fun but remember they don’t turn out the lights at bedtime, so don’t wear yourself out while you are there.

  242. Sharon Volkman

    Hello Anthony, I have been to Las Vegas, the Casinos are so beautiful. That will be real nice, to get the free software. Have you been there before? Enjoy!

  243. Kevin Glover

    Anthony, I’m looking forward to getting the new software. Have a great time in Vegas!

  244. Francisco Bermudez

    Hello, Anthony……..
    Las Vegas the city of fun and beautiful. Have a lot of fun.
    I have never been to Las Vegas but, it is on my agenda that someday i will be there. Can’t wait to see your new free software………..

  245. Deborah

    I have been to Vegas just going through on a bus. I didn’t see much, very bright it was at night while I was on the bus. Did stop at the Lady Luck and a little change. I am looking to seeing your new software. Have fun.

  246. Maka Duta aka Becky Red Earth-Villeda

    Looks BEAUTIFUL but I am more concerned about getting into a more complient status with you and your business so as to not miss out on anything you have. I am really banking on this system working for me so that I can take care of my family. I am not that good with computers either but not a problem, I have what it takes. Pidamaya Anthony!



    Thnx for my recently arrived AUTOMATED PROFITS gold mine!!! I’m taking your advice to study ‘first’ before trying an immediate web-target idea launch.


  248. Betty L Crabtree

    Hi Anthony – I guessed right – Las Vegas! I’ve never been there but will go
    someday. I would sure like the software and thank you. Your guidance is
    such a help. I’m excited for you and for me. You are changing lives all over the world. Betty L Crabtree —- 9/19/11

  249. Betty L Crabtree

    9/19/11 —- Hi Anthony – I guessed right, Las Vegas. I have never been there, but will go someday. Your guidance is so helpful, you are changing lives all over the world.:) I look forward to receiving your new software.

  250. judy waldron

    Hi Anthony, Thanks for all the great tips so far, and enjoy your time in Vegas. I have been there many times for various conventions too, and the place never sleeps!! Looking forward to seeing what your new software is all about!

  251. Melinda

    Hi, we live in Northern Nevada, near Reno and have been to Vegas several times. Planning a trip in Dec to take in some shows. It will be warm there! I’m still trying to get this business up and paying for itself. Look forward to new stuff. Enjoy yourself.

  252. Steve Longbrake

    Just had some friends go to Vegas, and my wife knows someone who lives close to their. Maybe some day we can go, also just want to say thank you Anthony for taking time out of each day to help us all,to make a better life for our family just as you did for yours God Bless You.

  253. Clarence

    I will be working on a web site , i know you do not need a web site but this
    is the only thing i know, when i learn more that will help.


    P.S. i hope you injoy Los Vagas……

  254. Joyce Knake

    I’v e been to Vegas but I’m sure it’s really changed since I was there. I just signed up for Facebook so I’ll give your idea a try.

  255. Carolyn

    I want to thank you for the work you have done for us dummies! I look forward to getting your info. I’ve never been to Vegas, never could afford to go but, really never had the desire either. Hope your having a great time.

  256. Scott Ullrich

    Hey Anthony,

    Las Vegas has always been a dream destination for me. Looks great, can’t wait to be able to afford the trip and THE TIME. I want this business to work so badly I can taste it!!

  257. Toyonnie Woodley

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    I’ve been following you for a few years now. keep up the great work.

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