What Are Your 2011 Goals? Can I Give You $50

Author: admin New Year's Goals

Hey I hope this blog post finds you in the best of spirits as we start 2011. I know you are use to the “weekly video blog” but I decided to change it up a bit and write on this week. I think it’s important for YOU to have GOALS. There’s no better time than RIGHT NOW to determine what your personal and business goals are for 2011. I’m going to give you a little tip on how to get that done, but first I will let you read my goals for 2011.

1. Family Time – Last year I was just traveling way too much. Being on an airplane every week isn’t a wonderful lifestyle. I saw many great places and met many new people, but I feel like I missed out on a lot of time with my family. This year one of my goals is to stay home and not travel near as much. I want to spend time with my family simply because they mean more to me than all of the business I could get done being out of town. Maybe I should just call this one “create a better balance between work and personal time”. This is probably my number one goal for 2011.
2. Media M – I’ve had this company kinda limping along now for quite some time. It’s a great idea and it’s something that all businesses both large and small could benefit from for sure. It’s simply an advertising agency with a spin or twist. I’ve been so busy I just haven’t had the time to get this off the ground, but I feel confident that in 2011 I will accomplish this goal. I’ve always wanted to own my own advertising agency and do it “my way” so this is a great opportunity for me to accomplish a goal I have had for quite some time. So in 2011 I plan on having Media M really hit the map!
3. New Books – I have found that writing a book is both exciting and therapeutic. I guess when you are really into what you are writing you sort of get lost for moments at a time and forget anything and everything that you might be stressing about simply because you are so focused. Maybe that’s why most authors write so many books? I never thought I would be the one writing book after book, however, I am now seeing it in a different light. This year I want to write my third book on a subject that is really close to my heart. It’s actually something I have been doing since I was about 12 years old. I’m getting started on it now so I should have it complete within a few months I suppose.
4. Speaking Tours – I have spoken at quite a few events over the past year or so and it’s been a lot of fun. I enjoy meeting people and sharing stories about successes and failures with them. The best way to learn more about what your students want is to simply listen to them and speaking at events allows me to do just that. Obviously I don’t want to speak to many times (that would break goal #1) but I do want to become more active in the speaking community and possibly speak at some charity events and things of that nature.
5. Focus On Domain Name Investing – You’ve probably seen emails from me about buying domain names (www.PurchaseYour.com) in the past so you are familiar with what I am talking about. Domain Names are like virtual real estate which means they are great investments. I have purchased quite a few over the past few years but only managed to pick up a handful of good ones in 2010. In 2011 my goal is to buy at least 50-75 good premium domain names as investments. If you want to purchase some you can visit www.PurchaseYour.com and just bookmark it like I have done. **Hint if you don’t already own www.YOURNAME.com go grab it!

These are my top 5 goals for 2011 so here’s where it gets fun! I want you to list your top 5 goals for 2011 right here (just post a comment below). I will probably reference to you this page in the future, making sure you are on track to complete your 5 goals. It only takes a few seconds for you to list your goals, but I have found if you write them down you have a better chance of completing them. However, if you make them public (like on my blog here) your chances of completing them increase even more!

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  1. Oberlin Delgado

    My five golas for 2011 are

    More time with Family
    Find a steady source of income other than 8 to 5 Job
    Have more to give
    become debt free
    build a secure retiremnet account

  2. Springerbev

    My Goals:
    1. Be the best person that I can be that would make my GOD happy.
    2. To be financially secure for me and my family
    3. To make the world a better place than when I entered it.
    4. To work toward being able to retire one day instead of working until I’m 80+
    5. To be the best mother and wife that I can be.

  3. Sondra Creed

    My goals for 2011:

    1) Save my house….right now this is the most important goal I can ever mention. I have been through 5 loan modifications without luck because my income comes from different places. They keep refusing me and I fear every day I will be out on the street soon, because they have put me off for so long.

    2) Get setup with Anthony Morrison’s program successfully so I can build my internet business. Take some of his courses, get help so I learn the program to succeed this year. See my first dollars begin to flow.

    3) Build the home based business I am currently working on for Healthcare. Interim goal.

    4) Become financially free of any employers to ahve my own schedule, life and freedom to succeed.

    5) Work hard, work efficiently, benefit from my success this year.

  4. Andy Kress

    Learn more about affiliate marketing
    Create a steady cash flow with my websites
    Have more family time
    find more ways to promote my websites
    Build my twitter account

  5. Pam Moore

    3.Spend more time at home and with my grandchildren.
    4.Buy a new and not used truck.
    5.Make my business a success so I can write my own success story

  6. Marcy Johnson

    Goals for 2011:
    1. Peace – from achieving financial independence.
    2. Pride – of self-accomplishment, and teaching same to my children.
    3. Joy – found only in service of helping others.
    4. Health and fitness -being the best I canbe and encouraging same in others.
    5. Travel –more often, more places!!! Show my kids the world!!!

  7. Kerry DeMuth

    My five goals for 2011 are:

    Complete the Anthony Morrison Course!
    Become a successful affiliate marketer
    Become debt free
    Lose 10 pounds
    Live a balanced life

  8. Hansel

    Hopefully make money online
    stay home with family
    be debt free
    have nice things
    pay off mortgage

  9. jackalina

    my goals:
    1. Recieve more income.
    2. Have the ability to give my son any & everything he needs in life.
    3. Live stress free

  10. A

    My goals

    1- Get a job to put food on my table for my 2 kids. It might sound harsh for some people but being a single mom with no help and no government support( not cause i can’t have it but i don’t want it) its kind of hard, I had a good job but i lost it just for the fact that i am a foreigner and the economy its not good so we are the first to go.

    2-Start with your programs when i can at least have the money to do it. When your bank account is less than $19 you can’t think about investing in some programs. You are just worry how to get food and pay all your bill for this month. So at least i have to cover that area in order to start anything else.

    3-Starting college for my degree. Now that my kids are a little older i can think about going back to college and finish but i need money for that, so that is why its my 3rd goal. But its something i have to do for me.

    4-Start a book. Since long ago i have been thinking in writing a book, not a book in how to make money but a book about my story. Still have a hard time dealing with that but its something i need to let go and i think a book will help me with that.

    5-Visit my hometown Santiago de Compostela cause i haven’t been there in 20 years. I miss my hometown so much and i thought that i will get used to be here but humans are strange creatures and the only creature to harm each other for no reason. I need to go back refill my strength and keep going.

  11. mika

    1.have a better job then 9 to 5. 2.be a better person. 3.be debt free. 4.buy me a house this year. 5.put my kids in private schools

  12. jeff eckels

    My five goals for 2011 are: 1. pay bills and pay off debts 2. provide for my family 3. secure funds for retirement 4. buy a house and new car 5. make as much money as i can

  13. Dashun

    1. goal- prepare myself to start my own business, 2- save and buys anthony morrison books and start reading. 3- stay with my plan. 4- help people the same way anthony morrison is helping me with all his tools to become successful. 5- take care of my daughter, and son.

  14. Ron Massie

    My Goals :
    1) To create an outline income which will allow me to do all that I want to accomplish.
    2) To help those who are less fortunate than myself.
    3) To be the best drummer, movie maker, poet.
    4) To have all my bills paid.
    5) To have more Love in my life

  15. tom wilson

    I was in an accident and lost my job. Last week I lost my mother. Im on disability and my wife has gone back to work to help us. so id say number one would be to have a business at home . number 2 would be that business generates enough so my wife and I could enjoy our golden years number 3 would be make enough to get out of debt and buy house we always dreamed of. number 4 would be have enough so that I COULD HELP OTHERS. NUMBER 5 WOULD BE THAT i WOULD WANT TO MEET AND THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR KINDNESS AND GENEROUSITYESPECIALLY FOR HELPING A COMPLETE STSTRANGER TO YOU THAT KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT COMPUTERS

  16. donald frasca

    Anthony. My goal this year is to Get more people to my own personally built website.It took a long time to build it. Had some help and it wasn’t cheap.But i learned how to set the articles up and the site is built on my family’s knowledge and mine. I tryed to promote as many clk-bank e-books and included google in on it also. It’s a slow process but there has been traffic to it from all over the world since it was opened. But the traffic isn’t good enough to make any return yet. It’s been running since october,but it’s a seasonal info site. What i need is to have my own e-books to supply. And that’s where i am having some problem. Do you know some one who could coach cheap. I am running on luck now that i spent every thing on the site. I WILL get to my goal. And be my own boss and tell my wife to leave her job.

  17. Michael Paloy

    Create an Income so I can help my children with their medical problems.
    Take my wife on a much needed vacation.
    Aid my grandchildren in college tuition.
    Continue with Anthony Morrison’s course till I am succesful in all he teaches.
    Gain indenpendence so I can do all the things I want to do without worrying about where its going to come from.

  18. Kathryn HERNANDEZ

    I have my own home and my children went to private christain schools my husband & I were both working and we have bills from 2 jobs but only 1 income and he w3orks so hard to take of me. I would just like to help him and me too.but most of all I want to feel better about myself.. right now I feel like I am at a dead end in my life.

  19. Sonya

    1. Learn more about affiliate marketing.
    2. Generate consistent cash flow through my online business.
    3. Quit my day job.
    4. Help my family members to start their online business.
    5. Give of my time & resources to local children’s charity.

  20. Karen

    1. To become financially secure and be able to give my children the life they used to have and not have the money worries and at least to be able to live life comfortably again.
    2. To get out debt and be able to pay my bills and keep my home
    3. To finish my college classes and get my nursing degree
    4.Spend more quality time with my children
    5. Take a vacation

  21. Nina Fratarelli

    My goals for 2011:

    1. Make sure I am qualified to live in Jehovah’s new system of things.

    2. Financial securit to be sure I have enough to take care of myself and my therapy dog, Chiquit, a toy poodle.

    3. To feel a sense of accomplishment…actually will be doing something ;positive to get myselff out of this financial hole I am in.

    4. To have pride that I can (hopefully) take care of myself and not to have to rely on others for help. Want to help others to do the same.

    5. To learn more about this Netbook so I don’t have to keep asking one of my kids things like “how do I paste and copy” or whatever.

  22. Taunia

    1. Always better myself as a person to my God and Family 2. learn knowledge of this business and never give up on my dreams. 3 help my family.4 give to others. 5 Always dream Big

  23. florentini medina

    i would provide more income for me and my family, and i always wanted to try making money online but was to skeptical.also not to always to have two jobs because its just draining me. i also want to spend more time with my four kids which i love so much. and i also want to help my mom and dad they work so hard in their life. i need to succeed for all and me, because if i don’t succeed i can’t help all them.

  24. Albert Lee and Renee McCall

    Goal # 1 – I have not been employed for a year. We really need more income! We have been working on Advertising Profits from home for about 3 months and we would love to be able to generate enough income so that my husband can quit his job and we can work together on this and other investment businesses we would like to pursue.
    Goal # 2 – We have a very large family, our children are all grown and on their own, we have lived in an 840 square apartment for the past three years and it is impossible to accommodate visits from our family. I would like to get into a bigger home.
    Goal # 3 – Our credit score has taken some very serious hits with this recession, we have had many terrible financial set backs. We would like to get our credit score higher.
    Goal # 4 – We would like to get $60K to $70k in debt paid off this year.
    Goal # 5 – We would love to be able to start spending our time doing things we truly “want” to do instead of always having to be putting out a fire somewhere.

  25. Jim

    1. Be totally free in mind and spirit thru our maker
    2. Attain comfortable wealth
    3. Work Smarter
    4. Use the web managers as my employees to gain
    optimum results
    5. Share my wealth with those less fortunate

  26. Wayne Mills

    Goals for 2011 :

    1) Strengthen my relationship with God
    2) Strengthen my relationship with -wife-& family-Quality time
    3) With 5 Business including this one to make $210,000 this year
    4)To be Dept Free including home less than 5 years
    5)Fitness and Health

  27. Tom Draheim

    1. Created new income that my family can live like they deserve to live. 2. Debt free plan. 3. Communicate better 4. Read more for personal inhancement. 5. Create an income so I can be part of the vacation of the month club.

  28. Barbara Scheetz

    Find a job
    Save my house
    Get healthy
    Stay in touch with my family
    Contribute to my community

  29. Nate Smith

    Well here goes.I bought Advertising profits from home for my cig.other/wife for christmas.My Goals-
    1-To help her an myself make ends meet with the help an understanding of our website.Doing this will take a world of stress of the both of us.
    2-To afford to take her on a much need strees free vacation.we havn’t had one in many years.
    3-To get her in a financial place where she can retire at 62 which is less than 2yrs away / quit her Nursing job of which she has been in for 40 yrs.
    4-To be able to live life an enjoy each other again.
    5-My entire goal for 2011 is to make her life worth living Again.

  30. Dr. Marie Jacobsen

    1. As I near 70 years, I will continue to find ways to help others as much as I possibly may.
    2. Becoming excellent at internet marketing.
    3. Using my childhood poverty as inspiration to take risks. (If it won’t kill you, why not try?)
    4. Being peace – loving life.
    5. Constantly showing my appreciation.

  31. Clifford Curnow

    My 5 goals are:
    1. Getting my website as much traffic that I can.
    2. Setting my goals every week.
    3. Put a plan together to succeed.
    4. Put everything I know into action.
    5. Knowing that I will have success in 2011.

  32. Cathy

    My 5 goals are
    1. Get Rich
    2. Get Richer
    3. Get even Richer
    4. Get as rich as Anthony Morrison
    5. Get even richer than Anthony Morrison

  33. Robin J Sherwood

    1. Starting over and learning and applying everything I can on Affiliate Marketing. I have so much stuff that I am overloaded. I’m throwing all the rest out and only using Anthony Program.
    2To grow and expand my Puppy Blog. I started my Smokie’s Puppy Blog as a side project to help other puppy owners and connect with other puppy’s.
    3.To do well in College, learning marketing and film. I am excited. I am working towards by Bachelor’s degree and hope to finish in a year.
    4.To save over $50,000 or more in savings.I am over 50 and have no savings for retirement or college for my daughters. I also have a house that has been under construction for the past 14 years and either would like to get it finished or give up and buy another (maybe in Florida).
    5.To sit on the beach next summer with my family.

  34. Lori Martin

    My goals for 2011
    1) To be the best wife and mother I can be.
    2) Grow my Dog Bootie Business
    3) Get better at organizing
    4) Live ,Love and Laugh more
    5) Give as much as I can

  35. Kurt

    Goals for 2011:
    1. Time to spend with my wife, son, and daughter.
    2. To retire and start to see the world with my family.
    3. To set an example for my kids to show them other ways to earn a living.
    4. T be able to give to charities & make a difference.
    5. To be happy & healthy.


    My goals is to be financially free with Anthony’s program. To pay of some bills. To learn all of Anthonys techniques. To become a millionaire within five years. To buy my first house.

  37. GG

    My five goals for 2011 are:
    1. To own a house debt free
    2. To have a profitable online business
    3. To be financially free
    4. To spend more time with family
    5. To have free time to do volunteer services and continue school

  38. Christopher

    Move out of my parents house and buy one of my own.
    Buy a new car.
    Provide for my family.
    Become independent which includes becoming liquid.
    Start a trust fund for my daughter and telling my wife she no longer needs to work!

  39. Stacy Tabor

    1. To be able to spend more time with my 2 boys.
    2. To start my own internet biz
    3. To become debt free this year
    4. To be able to prove to my kids that there are better ways to live life then a 9 to 5 working for someone else.
    5. To reduce the amount of stress in my life. ( This one should happen when I am able to pay the bills each month.)

  40. Martha

    Goal 1 to 5: Hopefully someone will contact me to help me ge started on this website so I can start working. I’ve made several calls and sent emails to Anthony Morrison but never get any replies other than call the support help desk…but just to find out that they can’t help me.

    Happy New Year.

  41. Ronald

    # 1 Be able to send my 4 kids to college. # 2 Be debt free by the end of the year. # 3 Be able to buy my first home. # 4 Be able to help out my church and get them a building so we can graduate from schools : ). # 5 Never have to say no when my kids ask me for something. : )

  42. LeeAnn Townsend

    My goals:
    1. Reduce stress
    2. Simplify my life
    3. Make enough extra income so that my husband can work less.
    4. Pay off our home
    5. Help others be successful in their home based business.

  43. Helena Kerchner

    1 Keep my parents who both live with me as healthy as possible. 2.Help my daughter reach her goals
    3 Make more time for family. 4 Set better Examples. 5 Work towards securing my family’s future

  44. Tellis Groom

    1. To maintain a stable internet business with icome to surpass my present 8-5. 2. To become debtfree. 3, To begin securing two lucrative retirement accounts for my wife and myself. 4. Spending more time with the family through time at home and traveling. 5. Digging deep inside myself to unleash the winner inside of me!

  45. mary crockett

    1. Get out of debt
    2. Shore up retirement
    3. Pay car off
    4. Get my website traffic going so I can make sells
    5. Make my investment back +

  46. Gilbert James

    My 5 goals for the New Year are:
    1. Be consistent with my studies in the areas of internet marketing; self development; spiritual development and business development.
    2. Be more disciplined then ever
    3. Communicate better with my children
    4. Use my planner effectively daily
    5. Keep my faith in God’s love for me.

  47. Alicia

    1. Get my eldest daughter in college.
    2. Pay for my younger daughter’s volleyball training.
    3. Pay for sports & skate lessons for my son,
    4. Pay off my student loans.
    5. Be AHEAD!!!!!

  48. Terri Carbone

    1. to make an income from which is comfortable me and my family.
    2. get out of credit card
    3. pay for colleges that my young daughters truelly want to go to. (one is 20 and theother is 17)
    4. family time and vacation together without money stress
    5. to be able to be a better person without the constant money stress

  49. Donna

    1. Make a minimum of $250,000 this year
    2. Take Fridays off
    3. Become more internet savvy
    4. Do more face-to-face socializing
    5. Do more public speaking and teaching

  50. E Emery

    1. Set up Website
    2. Finish all Academy Courses
    3. Make money so I can go see my sons and their families
    4. Make money to pay off all my bills
    5. Help other people

  51. joseph coley

    my goals are
    work from home
    make more money
    spend more time with my family
    let my website work alot more for me
    then take a nice vaction

  52. Jacky Martinez

    1, Graduate this semester and finish my payment
    2. Debt free
    3. Start an outreach program for youth
    4. Work full time ministry
    5. To not loose focus on God

  53. Jerry Reis

    1.Start a home base business and know I don’t have to work until I’m 100+ to retire.
    2.Be the best father to my teen girls, and still be able to afford to take care of them, home and bills coming in.
    3.I want to be able to help the homeless kids, showing them that someone still care for them..
    4.Become financially free of any employers to have my own schedule, life and freedom to succeed
    5.Pay off my $120k mortgage being a single father is very hard to do in the world.
    This list can go on forever.. Just having a little extra income, Can put me and my kids to the road to freedom..

  54. Catz

    1. To become dependent to only myself.
    2. To be more confident and secure.
    3. To not rent a home any more. Having had properties in the past was a secure filling.
    4. Have money for my son to have college experience that he has missed out on. At 23 it’s not to late.
    5. Not rely on disability and becom self sufficient

  55. Beverly Harris

    My goals are 1) learn more about the business and start making money from home, 2) Work smart and not hard in this business, 3) Find a job after being lay-off, 4) Get debt free for 2011 and 5) Teach my children this business. I am still learning this business and it’s not easy because I have no start-up money. It can be a bit overwhelming with the posting of ads to get reviewed. Not sure how to make money yet, but the posting of ads is not easy especially when you do not have money to set up accounts with the major websites. I want to learn and be successful but can’t see it with no extra cash and to ensure money is available to pay my bills for the month of January and so on. If I can see its working when some money is available. I am concerned about the it will take to see something, it will give me a little hope that it’s working. I read the book and watch the videos and still gets confused at times. I need help and some guidance with this program. Thank you

  56. Jacky Martinez

    1. Graduate and finish paying my classes
    2. being debt free
    3. start an outreach program
    4, be sucessful in a smart way
    5. not loose my focus from God

  57. Ralph

    1. To create enough money to experience financial freedom.
    2. To improve my sex life.
    3. To spend more time with my family.
    4. To continue moving forward in educating myself.
    5. To serve Mankind in a way that enhances their being.

  58. P. Ana Hughes

    My 2011 Goals – 2011 is my internet business year:

    1. By the end of the first quarter of 2011 have all of my credit card debt paid off.

    2. Figure out how my .com domain name opens or goes to my Anthony Morrison website and then implement a system to drive traffic to this website. I want to have this completed by 1/31/2011.

    3. Also by 1/31/2011, have my initial list building squeeze pages done (have one done) and figure out the best way to drive the traffic to them so that I can start building and promoting to an opt-in list.

    4. By 12/31/2011 have at least 6 operating websites that each gross a monthly minimum of $5k. One site would be for affiliate products. I have the idea for two other sites.

    5. Also by 12/31/2011, build or have built for me, 1 to 3 sites from the 12+ domain names I have.

  59. Deborah

    Hi, My goals are to be silent, listen and try to understand what the Lord would have me do to honour Him. Hopefully for a better way to make a living. and spend more time with my daughter and grandchildren. To have a little space of my own that is mine so my family can have some security. To keep my body healthy and strong so that life will feel wonderful most always. To always apprecitate what I have and help those who don’t have so much.

  60. Jean

    1. Grow in my knowledge of and closeness to God
    2. Increase my ability and skills in teaching
    3. Get my garage in order
    4. Get up every morning at 5:00 and focus first on time with the Father
    5. Grow in wisdom and the ability to encourage as a wife and mom.

  61. ryan butler

    1. try something new, learn a new way for a income
    2.try to save a little for rainy days
    3.put my fears behind me, reach for the sky, search and seek
    4.spend more time at home with my mother
    5.have a better income coming in, so i can stay at home more

  62. Angie

    1. Pay for my son’s education
    2. Buy a house
    3. Buy a car
    4. go on a nice vacation
    5. give to the people who have helped me out when I didn’t have a thing.

  63. Ron Seipold

    1. Build a new website for http://www.aidansfriends.com to include other special needs kids.
    2. Find parents of other special needs kids to partner with to grow the network of special needs play dates.
    3. Take the next step and start a paid account to advertise on the internet.
    4. Tweet and post to facebook every day in 2011.
    5. Blog about special needs careers at least twice a week.

  64. Trina

    1. Be debt free.
    2. Have more time for my husband & I to spend time together.
    3. To do some home remodeling.
    4. To live a positive stress free life.
    5. And above all everyday thank God for everything he has provided in my life.

  65. candice

    1. To be able to be at home with my son fulltime and spend more quality time with him

    2. To be financially secure and able to pay bills on time with no extensions.
    No more paycheck to paycheck.

    3. To have the ability to give back, whether it be offerings, charities of my choice, or
    Any other friends or family in need.

    4. I would like to be able to put a significant amount of money away for emergencies, my
    Sons college fund, or just start a great savings account in general.

    5. I want to pay for my own Wedding including a trip to Italy (my dream) without
    Worrying about having the funds to go.

  66. Edward Ruhnke

    1. Goal $100,000 in income.
    2. Save $10,000 cash by May 5th 2011
    3. finish my first book by 2-1-2011 learn marketting and sales for the book in order to distribute it.
    4. record 4 to 6 songs in a music studio and market them on you tube and other sites. See if I can sell them on amazon and what is entailed in that and i-tunes.
    5. begin making money through affiliate marketting and increase that stream to $583 a week without taking time away from my family.
    5 get married.

  67. Laura

    1. To learn the Affiliate marketing Concept
    2. To have my own Website
    3. Start my own business designing and selling shoes and clothes
    4. Achieve financial independence
    5. To quit my day job and stop working for people who are not nice

  68. Vic

    My 2011 goals are:
    1. To find a cure for my brother’s tennitis
    2. To discover a way for money to be a non-issue for me and my family
    3. To get younger (or just healthier)
    4. To save animals from abuse
    5. To habitually act out of love instead of fear

  69. DocLock

    My five (5) goals for 2011 are:
    1. To make a concerted effort to get back on a vey sound financial footing.
    2. To publish my second book.
    3. To complete and produce the stage play and television script that I have been working on for months.
    4. To lose weight.Sincerely!
    5. .To reach out and help others less fortunate than myself.

  70. Jack Watson

    My five goals for 2011 are as follows:
    1. Raise working capital to start up my integrated business
    ventures in:
    A. Computer consulting for seniors
    B. Writing and publishing 3 books
    C. Energy R&D
    D. Innovative “Plain English” creative writing
    2. Supplement my fixed income to defray costs of
    supporting my disabled daughter and also a brother
    unable to support himself.
    3. Expand my knowledge on Internet marketing
    4. Obtain patents on 2 viable inventions that benefit
    human welfare.
    5. Prove to myself that I can do all of the above

  71. Twilla Darling

    My 2011 Goals are:
    1. To start on an income that will replace my lost income from being laid off a year ago, since my unemployment is about to run out.
    2. Since I lost my bank account, I need pay down my credit cards so that I can get started on my Affiliate Marketing program, hopefully my Home Jobs for Citizens will help me with that.
    3. Rebuild my self-confidence that has taken a really deep nose dive since I lost my job.
    4. Take the stress off of my family that has been helping me financially this past year.
    5. Achieve a life time of financial independence.

  72. Charlene

    get serious about learning affiliate marketing, complete the coursework in the next 6 months.
    introduce my children to affiliate marketing
    increase my income by $2,000 per month
    giving more than 10% in tithes to my church
    become debt free and financially independent

  73. Jesus Tobon

    Here are my goals for 2011:

    1. To have my own company.

    2. To stop living from pay check to pay check.

    3. To have my family working together withing our own company.

    4. To stop making other people rich and become rich.

    5. to get the financial freedom!


    1.to establish a closer relationship with God; to increase my faith and reduce my fears.
    2.to continue supporting my son spiritually with kidney disease; he needs a kidney
    3. to remotivate and renergize in order establish this online internet business that remains evasive.
    4. to develop a deeper understanding of self.
    5. to move forward ; family illness, unemployment for more than a year , disappointment with internet studiess have been disheartening. I ask God to strenghten me.

  75. admin

    Everyone don’t forget to Facebook “like” and Tweet this page to qualify to win the advertising gift card!!!

  76. phillip wells

    .start my own business on line.[2] become debt free by june 2011.[3]have my own website.

  77. Godwin

    My goals would be to make some serious money this year tired of living off unemployement,it doesn’t seem to be cutting it for me,again to be to afford the flight ticket to go visit my family member is west africa

  78. donnie

    Well I want to be able to do things with my family without working 14 hr. days.
    I want to be able to bring in extra income so we can take family vacations.
    I want to be able to stick with this and not get discouraged.
    I want to be able to do this without putting my family at risk of losing or throwing away money.
    I want me and my family to live happily

  79. Don

    1. be able to pay my bills
    2. take more trips to see my daughter
    3. help my grandmom rebuy her house back
    4. take a trip to meet anthony in person
    5. build an orphanage to help abandoned and abused kids and to give them a good loving family home where they dont have to worry about being scared of people.
    6. and to redo my lifestyle. i know this is 6 but i could list about 20 things but ill keep it simple

  80. Ivonete Souza

    Hello Anthony happy new year:
    my goals are:
    1 – I want to ” learn” how make 100 a month on the internet before the end of this month: January 2011
    In order to achieve that ,I am registering on the sites that you’ve sugested.
    I ve been reading your books and following the structions, (free one.)
    2- I want to double my profit on february, and start sending the remain $ 100 to profit to pay off the 10.000 debt,
    3 – by march I will be making $ 900 a month since it s a repetitive work, I will be mastering and passing the information along to my friends.
    4 – I want to save $ 20.000, from july until November to pay off my son’s college, I ll need that by November.
    5 – Focus on daily exercise, walk 1 hour everyday continuing take care of my self.
    6 – Dont procrastinate
    7 -Continuing to Read every day: Bible and Seff help books from my home library
    8 – Keep calling everybody I know to say hello, and keep my contact list growing
    because, soon I will be able to share what I m learning with them all
    9 – Never Never loose hope, and faith, be confident that this is my moment.
    10 – I will not listen to any negativity that comes from those that are working 24/7 and are deep in debt
    Be positve every day, always, have a positive attitude, don ‘t let any situation or the piles of bills that comes through the mail take away my confidence that I am turning my family’s situation around.
    Afirm everyday that I can it is possible and my family and I deserve a better position in life
    Above all : when I start profiting I must continuing to donate 5% from my earnings and I have to teach others to achieve their goals as well
    Thank you Anthony

  81. gordon

    1.help people by giving them money to do the times they need money for . 2.make more money so I can do things I need and want.3.spend more time with family.4.learn more about business 5.become a better person

  82. Linda

    Have more time with family
    Learn about this internet and make lots of money
    Be able to help others more
    Get out of debt
    Live worry free….

  83. Dave Oliver

    1. Spend more time with family…there is never enough time in a day to get to the “Quallity time” part.

    2. Develop and operate a succesful and growing online business. My current business is doing well but our government is trying to put us out of business and I am afraid that someday they will succeed.

    3. Get better at my physical fitness goals. I do bodybuilding and compete in the sport. Staying focused is extremely difficult.

    4. Giving back to my community is something I never do enough. I want to be able to do gifting on a larger scale this year.

    5. Aquire more knowledge that will directly impact my employees in a positive way. Our business requires staying on top of the latest developments to compete and thrive.

  84. Larry Powell

    1. more time with Family
    2.payoff home
    pay medical bills /drug bills
    3.see some of this USA
    4.Help others

  85. richard

    1. get Our 1st Website e-biz PUBLISHED in the next 2 to 3 weeks
    2. Make it to Salt Lake City for conference in March
    3. Drive to Utah in my wife Susans new Jeep Cherokee. right now she drives a 1998 chevy prism with almost 2,000,000 miles on it.
    4. develop a second e-commerce website by May 2011
    5. Pay off all credit card debts and drop all but one card to be used in our web site businesses.
    6. Actually meet Anthony in person along with others working along side him.

  86. Sheila Bragg

    My goals for 2011:
    1. Spend more time with my family, those that live close, and those that I need to travel to see.
    2. In order to spend time with my family, I need to get my art/craft show business to an internet business. I have success at the shows, so I think a good website is needed. I tried building one myself, I need more training, or hire someone to do it.
    3. Stay focused and don’t quit! Believe in myself!
    4. Earn more this year than last and put more into my retirement
    5. Be successful and pass what I’ve learned to someone in need.

  87. Lakisha Ferguson

    Well first of all I want to wish each and everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year !!
    Goal #1-To become financially secure for me and my family.
    Goal#2-To become successful so I can tell my success story to the entire world.
    Goal#3-Save towards my son college education.
    Goal#4-To help others less fortunate by donating to charitys.
    Goal#5-To get my home based business up and running and to invest more time and energy and be consistant . I’m definetely investing into more domains in the near future as well .

  88. Mike

    get my own online business going
    out of debt
    financial freedom
    start a retriement plan
    be closer to my kids

  89. Ivonete Souza

    my goals are:
    – I want to ” learn” how to make $100,00 (hundred) a month on the internet before the end of this month: January 2011
    In order to achieve that ,I ve registered on the sites that you’ve sugested.
    I ve been reading your books and following the structions, (free one.)
    – I want to double my profit on february, and start sending the remain $ 100 to profit to pay off the 10.000 debt, and increase accordingly
    – by march I will be making $ 900 a month since it s a repetitive work, I will be mastering and passing the information along to my friends.
    – Dont procrastinate
    -Continuing to Read every day: Bible and Seff help books from my home library
    Keep calling everybody I know to say hello, and keep my contact list growing
    because, soon I will be able to share what I m learning with them all
    I will not listen to any negativity that comes from those that are working 24/7 and are deep in debt
    Thank you Anthony

  90. David

    1 Family: I will spend quality time with my wife and son by earning another trip to Hawaii. Continue to spend quality family time in evenings and weekends with wife and child.
    2. Community: I will spend time with charitable organization for terminally ill homeless–by preparing meals or doing odd jobs, yard work or just spending a few hours with them in 2011.
    3 Faith: I will continue my faith journey with church and be converted to Catholocism and donate 10% more every week in 2011.
    4. Professional: I will be in the top 5 out of 300 in the organization I am involved with as Territory Manager in 2011. I will be in the top 5 producers out of 1700 in the organization I work for in 2011. My income will be 60k more in 2011 than last year.
    5. Music: I will record a a top selling local CD in 2011.
    Thank you God for everything here, now and on its way.

  91. Christy Estabrook

    Goals for 2011:
    1. Completely understand and be successful at Affiliate Marketing
    2. Go to the Paramedics for Children Mission in Honduras
    3. Begin a Retirement Fund
    4. Pay off all DEBT
    5. Sell my house and be able to purchase what I really want-a mini farm.

  92. Terry

    1. Replace my disability income (which expires this month) thru my online business websites.
    2. Help pay off our son’s and daughters college loans.
    3. Help finance our son’s pro golf career.
    4. Continue to work 2 days per week at the local food shelf.
    5. My 1992 Ford truck is on its last leg and I need to upgrade.

  93. Joseph P. Redden

    #1.) Effectively activate registered Domain Names immediately this first week of the New year !
    #2.) Set up Website to initiate the beginning of what I pray to be a life
    changing financial, and emotional expierience,become ( Debt Free ) !
    #3.) Increasingly broaden my knowledge and awareness of e-business,
    that I can replace my current (12-14) hr.a day, six to 7 day a week job,
    and relieve my stress of living check to check !
    #4.) Replace my ( Home) , lost due to bankruptcy, whithout the need
    of banks or financial institutions ! I plan to buy, or build my next ( Home)
    with ( $ Cash ) that I generate from this new journey that I now pursue
    with Anthony Morrisons program, and courses !
    #5.) Create the ( Feedom ) of time, that I can enjoy my family and loved
    ones ! Have the ability of time to pursue a significnt relationship, find and
    have the liesure to enjoy and share my interest !

  94. Clara

    To get my business set up
    To have a stable source of income
    To pay off my debts
    To grow my business successfully
    To have a dry and warm comfortable home

  95. Kimberly Harp

    1-Fix credit.
    2-Organize apt.
    3-Finish editting my cypher. (cutting off negatve family & friends)
    4-Starting my business and making the time to stay committed to it.
    5-Enjoying the rewards of my dedication and committment to me.

  96. Vanessa

    I want to become closer to GOD.
    I want to become debt free.
    I want a job that will pay me 60k or more a year.
    I want to be a full time stay at home mother and still support my children and pay my bills.
    I want to build daycares and shelters in my town.

  97. Julian Croruth

    Hello, Anthony.My goals for 2011 is,to study my Bible more first of all,.I think that if I put God first everything else will fall into place.I also need to learn how to work my affiliaate marketing.I try and try,but still I do not make any money, so far.Yes I do get discourage,but then I tell myself, you can do this.Being disabled does not help.I try to stay positive. By telling myself,”I am whole and complete””I am all that I NEED TO BE” “I am lovable” “I am loved” and keep going on.So I know I NEED help,and I hope you, (Anthony) will help me.Because with a little help I know I can knock the ball out the park! I would like to get more information,from the study courses you sale.Your prices are right and some are at a reduced price, that’s vrey good.”If I had the money to buy them”.My opportunity will come and when it do,I will be “ready.” So my goals for 2011 is to be ready. Thank You may you all have a very good year. And .may “God bless us all”.

  98. Betty

    1. Tithe more to our chruch for God is the most important in my life. He see’s me through good times and carries me through the hard times.
    2. Spend more time with my family, esp., my Mother who is 84yoa. I lost my Father in 2001. I have no Grandparents left. So she is so very important to me.

  99. Jennifer Norman

    My goals for 2011 is:

    1. To finish reading Anthony’s book so that I can understand exactly what to do in order to put the program to work for me. As soon as I get the full understanding and knowledge I want to get this program working. I am anxious to see my first dollar and especially to see financial growth monthly.

    2. I want to be completely debt free.

    3. I would like to spend more time doing mission work. I am already involved in working in foreign countries but It takes finances to give back in this way so goal no. 1 is very important to me.

    4. Be free financially to rid myself of my traditional job and be able to work on my own time

    5. Be able to spend more time with my family and be able to help them to achieve their goals.

  100. Regina Thompson

    my 2011 goals are many but the top 5 would have to be:

    1.) find a good job and get my bills paid off.
    2.) put money aside to buy land and set up my a business rescuing deaf dogs and training service dogs for the deaf and people in wheelchairs.
    3.) desperately need 2 good used cars that I will be able to finally buy
    4.) open up my business
    5.) fix up and sell my house

  101. Lyrica

    1) To be financially secure for myself.
    2) get my 1st Website e-biz published.
    3) get out of debt
    4) Get my website traffic going so I can make sells
    5) to have the income so that i may start my fashion design line

  102. Tricia

    1. To save my home and take care of my mother and girls financially
    2. To develop and operate a financially beneficial internet business through Anthony.
    3. To make $500 during the month of January with my internet business.
    4. To have my internet business grow by 50% each month
    5. To secure 2 additional real estate investments that are beneficial
    6. To open a day care center
    7. To continue my spiritual understanding and growth
    8. To improve my credit scores because I have the money to pay down my debt
    9. To enhance my income to debt ratio though the success of my businesses.
    10. To serve people

  103. Gary Lashley

    I have not visit my kidsfor five years now. i have to work from a different state to make something for there future. my goal is to make good money so they all can come and live with me cause its a heart breaking when you can’t do so much to make your family and yourself happy. sometimes you just dont know what to do and its hard when you wake up everyday and your love ones are not around, its hard. This is my number one goal before anything else in this world.

  104. Richelle Johnson

    My goals for 2011:

    1. Get my new business of Affiliate Marketing up and running and being VERY successful
    2. Finally getting healthy
    3. Be in a position where I can give back and help different charities. This is REALLY important to me.
    4. Become debt free
    5. I really need a new vehicle, so working towards that!

  105. Verna Emler

    1. To make more money. Retirement does not cover all my needs.
    2. To spend more time with my children. To be able to go visit my grandchildren out of state.
    3. To be able to help the less fortunate, as I know how that is.
    4. To own my own home, so I can do the yard work that I enjoy so much.
    5. To suceed with Anthony Morrison’s program. To get the help I need to suceed.

  106. Paul Saurini

    5 Goals for 2010

    As I sit and contemplate goals for this year, I almost get a butterfly in my stomach from a nagging fear of failure. I would like to be in a position financially to also say ‘spend more time with my family,’ but I am in such dire need of progress at the moment that can’t necessarily be accomplished in their company. Don’t misunderstand, this is not for want of spending time with them, but I am in a situation where I literally need to get out the door in the morning to make my precarious situation work.

    What would I like to accomplish? Oh so many things.

    1. My company has been floundering and I want to lay the real foundation to achieve an operational profit for the entire year this year. I have for a long time only covered my operational expenses and I want to take things to a new level and especially start to have it provide for myself and my family ‘this year(like it’s supposed to).’ I could make a long list under here detailing all that must be done.

    2. This summer we will have not only one but two booths selling Smoke Glass Art merchandise at Denver’s Pridefest.

    3. Get new computers for the studio. One powermac and one imac.

    4. With consistent effort, I want to make 300-500 dollars a month by the year’s end with affiliate marketing online. I practically see how I can do it, it’s just a matter of getting it done. If I do better, I am of course not opposed. 😉

    5. I want to write and record a song about my baby daughter Elia.

    Money is more than a greedy desire for me. In so many ways, money represents more than mere financial security. I see money as in some part ensuring health if you get sick. It cannot guarantee it, but you’re surely worse off if you’re sick and can’t go to the doctor because of money. Money can also be viewed as a degree of freedom to live life the way that we want, and pursue the things that we are most passionate about!

    As for materialism, sure, I like stuff, but there’s nothing I covet more than materials that I can actually ‘produce’ with. Produce what? Quite literally money from art, media and music that all come straight from a pure artistic spirit, hungry to accomplish bigger things, desperate to be remembered for greatness.

    I do not have everything I ‘need’ to be the greatest producer that I can be. I am grateful to have an amazing wife and daughter. I have a house that’s paid for and I have the exact car with no payments that I always wanted!

    What do I want? I want to feel successful. I want to have enough money to take a trip to europe with my wife every summer. I want to have enough to cover my monthly expenses, and provide for my family with some extra savings in the end.

    Ideally, how could I not want the highest degree of success monetarily so that I can fulfill my greatest potential as a media producer?

    It can only be done through goals, commitment and determination.

    I am going to try and achieve every single goal that I have listed above in 2011. I view #1 and #3 as the most difficult.

    I can write a song with my pinky toe. 2 booths at Pridefest is only a matter of doing it and duplicating the formula for one. I view the affiliate marketing goal also as a matter of just doing it. I see what has to be done, and I will go through it.

    Having the money for a computer, that’s a tough one, but I feel that dated and broken equipment have handicapped my ability to grow with my media productions. Above all, I am a producer at heart. I don’t just boast having equipment, but I actually use it to create the infinite masterpieces that are within me.

    Making my company profitable? My gosh, this is the hardest goal of all. It has to be broken down, but it can be done. It’s the biggest fish in the sea to bag on that list above. We have survived 2 years without assistance and it can grow to provide for my family. I would lose my mind if this were not a possible goal, and I nearly have at times, but I just gotta keep plugging away. I am a creative guy at heart, and I long to find the business associate who can achieve much on that end while I take my creative productions to unprecedented new heights.

  107. Betty

    Con;t (sorry, finger studder)
    3. Get our on-line business off the ground so we can pay off our house and give it to my younger sister who is raising 4 beautiful children alone.
    4. Have a modest home built on a piece of property we own.
    5. Buy my In-Laws a home of their own. In all their years of marriage they have never owned their own home. I have known them for 35years. I would like to be finacially stable. I don’t need millions to be happy, I already am. As long as I have my husband by my side I could live in a tar paper shack and be the happiest person alive. He is always there for me. Thank you for the invite on posting to FB and Twitter. I will have to decline. The goals I have set I should not be posting on this site, but I want you to know what type person I am. The Lord wants us to be humble and this is pushing the line of not being humble. May God Bless your New Year!

  108. larry

    my goal is to quit buying all those 3700. dollars prouduct that everone selling out there save my money invest it some where else you just like all the rest of the other guy you donot care all you want is to line your wallet

  109. thelma mcfarland

    I need money just to live on ,then I can help family. suport my church. Pay my mortgage off.Help the senior citizens,who need help so bad.

  110. Christine

    Goals for Year 2011

    1. Increase my Ebay & Website Sales By alot.

    2. Pay off all old tax bills

    3. Start a College Fund for my son

    4. Buy my husband a new lincoln town car IN CASH

    5. Learn more about Viral Marketing and Excell Spreadsheet programs, in able to work smarter.

  111. ken hargrove

    Eliminate bills
    Eliminate bills
    Eliminate bills
    Eliminate bills
    Eliminate bills

  112. Ismael

    1-to undestand this business affiliate marketing and use it from the day Ill be ready
    2-pay all debts
    3-enjoy to be in family all the time
    4-to share this with most people I can
    5-not to work anymore 8-5 pm

  113. Joseph

    Top five Goals for 2011
    1.More family time.
    2.Become Debt Free financially.
    3.Investing in myself, to learn the internet business w/ Anthony Morrison.
    4.Getting started on a steady stream of income.
    5.Buld a sure retirement account/ home.

  114. Barbara moore


  115. Andrea

    My goals for 2011 are:
    Get out of debt
    Build my Affiliated Marketing business
    Buy my name domain and perhaps others as well
    Sell my Florida home
    Have more money to support my favorite charities

  116. Terri

    1. Mend any problems with my family.
    2. Do more for my church.
    3. Reach out to my community.
    4. Try to make an income to give me a better quality of life.
    5. Give to charities that really make a difference.

  117. Brenda Porter

    Hi Anthony!, my five goals for 2011 are as follows:

    1.} Find the right internet business to get into that will really earn me the money I need.
    2.} The courage to actually go into the unknown: I’ve never been very brave to do things I wasn’t sure of.
    3.] To order the singing videos I’ve wanted, and improve my vocal cords, which in turn will improve my speaking voice.
    4.] Concentrate on staying more healthy, so I have the stamina I need to do all I want to do.
    5.]Make an effort to help all the helpless people and animals who so desperately need our help, better than I have this last year.

  118. T ony Beasley

    Hooray everyone
    1. spend quality time with loved ones
    2. lots of money in the bank
    3. walk around with a smile
    4. have dreams and make them come true
    5 relax and have some peace of mind

  119. thomas

    to become debt free, to hepl my wife quit her day job, to save more money, to serve God to make a better life for my family

  120. lynn freer

    1. put GOD first in my life
    2. follow the AM advertising program and start making money
    3. pay off credit card debt
    5.start to help others, tithe 10% to start

  121. Shawn Kelley

    1. Retire from military
    2. Spend more time with my family
    3. Increase annual income by atleast $1000/month
    4. Purchase new home
    5. Once I become successful with this business, sharing with others how to do it also.

  122. Deon Pollett

    1. fix credit
    2. get completely out of debt
    3. organize my personal items
    4. Help children get out of debt
    5. build a home off the grid overlooking ocean in “Hawaii”

  123. suie coutou

    I just want to commend anthony morrison and his team for changing so many people lives and for giving them hope and happiness to a better life and a better future for there families

  124. Manny

    1.) Learning how to start my online business.
    2.) Having my first website,
    3.) Making money on my website.
    4.) Meeting Anthony Morrison in person.
    5) Becoming part of the Anthony’s elite team and teach people how to do this, and become debt free most importantly successful

  125. Crystal

    The goals I would like to complete are:
    Finish College
    Better my families life
    Make more money so my husband can quit his 9-5 job
    More family time together
    Pay off our truck

    These goals are something that my family and I are looking forward to completing by the end of this year and continuing to stay ahead.

  126. Bettye Thomas

    Goals for 2011:
    1. Become debt free; 2. Build a successful internet business; 3. Travel (would love to be able to visit my family). 4. Be able to afford good medical care; 5. Donate to my Church.

  127. Natalie

    1. To be the best person God wants me to be
    2. To build a successful business
    3. To become financially independent
    4. To have more fun and enjoy people
    5. To be debt free

  128. Alberta Banks

    1. Start online Business
    2. Create a Line of Fashions to start a Boutique
    3. Make enough money to get out of debt
    4. I retired and live on a fixed income and want to live better during my senior years.
    5. Want to be able to help other peaple, such as seniors and the sick and homeless

  129. Joseph Johnson

    My goal is to work my bussiness so it will work for me. I started my company late sept or Oct last year but wasn;t able to get lifted of the ground. I want to become financial free. my only problem is understanding now this internet bussiness realy works. some of the terms for getting people to the site tend to be a big deal when you are working a bussiness with little or no income. If I had someone to teach me one on one.

  130. Patrick Walker

    1. Education (Making money online)
    2 Family (Give my family all they deserve)
    3 Success (Have many but need this opportunity)
    4 Web site that works (See justmagic4u.net)
    5 Teach others to succeed (After it happens to me or ASAP)

  131. Elmer Galster

    My Goals for 2011 1) To find employment . 2) Get my own computer than I will have more time to learn this business. 3) Get out of debts. 4) get my business set up and runing. 5) Learn more and be the best at it than injoy every thing that comes with the rewards.

  132. Linda Sanford

    Linda Sanford says
    January 5, 3:35p.m.
    1.Start a business
    2.Get debt free
    3. Do needed repairs to home
    4. Tithe more
    5. Help my family

  133. Deby

    1. Save my home
    2. Be able to be with my daughter during her 1st pregnacy & at delivery
    3. Be debt free
    4. Visit my grandchildren whenever I want.
    5. Finally have a savings.

  134. Anita N. Brisbon

    My goal is to take control and activate my healing.
    To have a closer relationship with God.
    To tap into my creative abilities.
    To become finacial independent.
    To have my own business or reality show (s) up and running this year.

  135. Jeff

    1. To spend quality time with my wife.
    2. Financial Freedom through hard work with Advertising Profits from HOME.
    3. More time to golf and lower my handicap.
    4. Become Physically fit again and pain free
    5. Travel more

  136. Trudy

    1. Learn and understand more about the internet
    2. Get busy with what I know to do
    3. Make enough money to pay my expenses and to build my business. (Not worry about what is happening with Soc. Security)
    4. Help my children to be able to do the business themselves ( by example )
    5. See if I can get my brother the kidney transplant that he desperately needs.
    6. To be able to give to the many charities that I am not able to now.
    7. Visit my children and family all over the U.S. and be able to do my business wherever I go. How cool is that!!!



  138. Jay

    1. Be living in downtown Seattle.
    2. Enrollment at Seattle University Albers School of Business.
    3. Have my 23 page business plan finished and ready to present to investors.
    4. Innovate new ideas that bring value to greatest amount of people possible.
    5. Become proficient at Internet Marketing. Ex. Facebook, Twitter, Personal Blogs, website development, ext. Develop my own database/directory.

  139. Gary E. Williams

    My five priority goals are as follows:
    1.) Find a way to Increase my income by at least $1000 a month. All other goals are dependent on the atainment of this one.
    2.) Catch up on the mainteance of my home which my wife, my sons, and I built. Block by block and stick by stick. – needs a new roof.
    3.) Help my two adult sons to be secure in their life rolls in any way I can.
    4.) By a used motorhome and do some traveling,camping,and fishing.
    5.) Become more active in church and children charities as income allows.

  140. Brent Britton

    My short term goals are:
    1. Study and apply the information from the books to place at least two ads by this weekend
    2. Make $50 for January 2011 and double it by February 2011
    3. Devote at least 3 hours a day to Affiliate Advertising
    4. Spend quality time with my wife and daughter each night
    5. Let my wife quit her full time job by June 1st 2011

    Long Term goals are;
    1. Create a family business that both my wife and I can work, which allows us to spend more time together and have a quality working environment
    2. Take a vacation and not worry about how much money we are spending
    3. By the end of 2011, I’d want our business to net $10k month
    4. Pay off all student loans by the end of 2012
    5. Be debt free in five years

  141. Abe Doliente

    My 5 goals for 2011:
    1.To be able to follow some of Anthony Morrison’s Step by Step Procedures to Succeed in the Affiliate Marketing Business;
    2. To be able to buy all of Anthony’s books and Step by Step Procedures to Succeed in the Affiliate Marketing Business; I want them all.
    3. To be able to generate income from Affiliate Marketing Business to pay off my bills (IRS, car loans, credit cards – about $35 K)
    4. To be able to generate income to save my house or buy a replacement house.(My present house is about to be foreclosed. I have not paid my mortgage payments since April 2010). I am afraid the mortgage lender will show up in my front door at any moment.
    5. To be able to give my share of helping other people. I belong to the Knights of Columbus. In fact, I am one of the State Officers of the California State Council.

  142. Mary Ann Boyd

    1. Get even closer to God
    2. Improve our family life
    3. Learn all I can on home business
    4. earn extra money from business and double it each month
    5. Get out of debt (dont have high debt.. but am low income)

  143. Carl Moury

    1-Spend time with Family
    2-To get my business set up and running.
    3-To get Debts paid
    4-Make business successful
    5-Help others as much as am able to. Not wants but their Needs.

  144. Gary Skyta

    Start my own business online
    I am going to set my goal to become debt free within 2 years.
    Determine a sense of meaning, purpose and direction.
    This will increase my motivation to succeed and determine what’s important versus what’s relevant.

    Professional Goals
    I need to plan my days better and optimize my time for more efficiency.
    Uncovering, developing and using my other professional strengths.
    Focus on quality over quantity.

    I will again become motivated to improve my health. To do this I will need to exercise, eat better and deal with stress in a more positive way.

    Family & Friends
    My relationships are the most important parts of my life. Without my family and friends I’d be miserable! In 2011 I will try to be a happier and more pleasant person to be around. Even when I get stressed or anxious, I want to lean on my family and friends for support instead of pushing them aside and treating them rudely. I need to show them how much they really mean to me!

    In an effort to give myself some accountability, I’m going to review these goals monthly on the first of every month.

  145. John Stirneman

    It’s funny, but right before I started the program or even saw the infomercial I bought a book at a second hand store that talked about the importance of documenting your goals..it’s a major way to succeed and often overlooked.

    So yea, anyway, heh hem…my goals
    for the past two years I’ve been broke over 90% of the time..I’ve worked when I could, but mostly broke, soooo…[in no particular order]
    Number 1–build a nest egg and gradually increase my wealth. day by day and month by month. I started out w/ a bank account in the hole by 70 dollars, but where there’s a will there’s a way.
    Number 2–Start a life of happiness and independence w/ the woman of my dreams and move into a place hopefully buy a home..We want to do so many creative things together, and I’m gonna make sure we have the money to do them.
    Number 3—Finish creative projects. I’ve got a music album and a movie script in the works and I want to work on them diligently and consistently. Maximum efficiency and consistency and balance. It’s great to have dreams, but unless you work at them every day, there is only frustration
    Number 4—Build my confidence to new and soaring heights..what’s more rewarding to win the lottery or get yourself out of a hole and climb a mountain rather than being dropped onto it from a helicopter. Once I start making professional videos and photography and music and have excess abundance financially and emotionally and creatively, well, my self-esteem is gonna soar after all the climbing is done.
    Number 5–Gain knowledge and skills…even w/ all the tools that I have from Anthony’s course and everything else I know, there’s more to learn through research and trial and error..this means working smart..I know some video editing, but I need to learn more..and master the art of writing and photography…I need to learn how to master anything that will help me grow and prosper…cause whether you have a knack or passion or whether you don’t…the true reward is in really really getting involved and diving into the details of it..

  146. Renaldo miller

    1 My goals is to try something new this year and to give it my very best like Affiliate network.# 2 Have much better family times # 2Make lots of money # 3 To be able to go home a lot more that.s Jamaica. W.I. # 4 Just to be able to help more people that have a need but just cant help them self # 5 I would like to be able to meet you in person that might be hard but i will keep trying………..

  147. Christine Braden

    My 5 goals are:
    1) Find a new senior home to live in.
    2) Make more income than I am currently receiving and be able to help my kids and their children with better lives.
    3) Stay healthy and active and travel as many places as I can..
    4) Spend as much time with my family, kids, and grandkids as I possibly can. (3 new grandbabies!)
    5) Make each day a day where I make someone’s else’s life a little happier, more spiritual, more meaningful, as well as my own.

  148. Max Oliver

    #1- Read More Of GOD’s Word

    #2 Live Below My Budget

    #3 Be More Considerate Of Others

    #4 Help One or More Families In Need

    #5 Attend Anthony Morrison’s Dinner In Florida

  149. HKrambo

    Now that I have rec’d my DN lessons, to continue with advance lessons..
    To learn to work this machine beyond e-mails & surfing.

    1 Learn my DNames lessons well
    2 Beat Diabetes and continue weight loss.
    3 Money and lots of it to help me with my 3 favorite charities.
    4 Start earning significantly by April so I don’t feel the lack of enough money as I do now.
    5 Never forget to thank God for Anthony’s patience with Cindy and I.

  150. Fran

    My Goals for 2011:
    1. Continue my spiritual development & maintain good health.
    2. Find solutions & implement Economic development in my small home town that has been hurt by this recession.
    3.Accomplish a profitable business online.
    4.Solidify my relationships with my children & grandchildren
    5.Become a mentor for people who want an internet business.

  151. Mark T in Florida

    The 5 goals of this coming year are centered upon the service to others as well as a healthy and wellness-centric lifestyle.

    Goal #1.. The central theme of this year will be service and gifting to others, which in turn will bless and gift my family.

    Goal #2.. Being disabled doesn’t mean that I have to live that way. Living with multiple sclerosis has taken a huge toll on my life, but I also have the power to not live in victim mode – and choose to live each year in a place of strength and wellness.

    Goal #3.. Schedules and Patterns of success are a must, if I choose to be successful and debt free by the end of this year. The patterns of success take practice and determination, and this year – I will continue within these boundaries to succeed in life. Success is not about money, but about living a life with integrity, honor and dependability.

    Goal #4.. Spend more time with family and let the process provide the results. I can not FORCE the issues within the process of succession, but can do the steps that have been revealed by Anthony – and let the process work. I learned from my days as a symphony musician, that the music has to come to you sometimes. You can not force what is meant to just simply take time and maturation.

    Goal #5.. Be teachable ! ! Do not think that I know everything, or even close to everything. Affiliate Marketing is a process of learning, and since the goals are not static – so the education can not be static. The rules change quite often, so I choose to be in a constant state of absorption and learning.

    Bless you Anthony – Happy New Year….

  152. andrea

    My top 5 goals for 2011 are as follows:

    1. Finish School
    2. Be more financially secure
    3. Buy a new home
    4. Save for my 4 kids college
    5. Be able to help my mother financially.

  153. Steven W White

    Anthony, my goals for 2011 would be:
    1-Be useful to others in helping to meet their needs. (i.e., missionary families, widows, orphans, homeless, etc.)
    2-Provide financial security for my family
    3-Pay off all debts (mortgage, car, credit card, business loan, taxes,etc)
    4-Grow a profitable business that has a high yield for amount of time invested. I would like to increase income by $250K this year.
    5-Be freed up to mentor or disciple individuals in their faith walk.

  154. Ron

    1. Become a full-time internet affiliate marketer.
    2.To be financially independent.
    3.Regain my health and lose weight and stay healthy.
    4. Pay for my daughters college education
    Take my wife on the honeymoon we never had

  155. Ann

    1.) Find work (I am unemployed) that allows me to work from home on my own schedule. I want to generate at least $4,000 a month. (This will make all of the other goals possible.)

    2.) Restart my acting career with the resources (money)and energy (not working hours at a survival job) needed. Also, have the ability to turn down work for more longterm goals. (cash resources so that I am not desperate)

    3.) Loose 30 lbs, exercise and take care of all minor health concerns so that I have maximan physical and mental energy.

    4.) Stabize my living conditions. (I have many questions about my current abode.)

    5.) Complete issues related to my deceased husband’s musical legacy. (release unsold recordings, put original tunes and arrangements in written form, make recordings out of print available to the public, as well completion of royalty issues.) This will allow me to focus more fully on the next chapter in my live.

  156. althomp

    My 5 goals for 2011 are:
    1. Establish multiple niches that generate income sufficient to accomplish the below 4 goals.
    2. Make income level that complements fixed retirement dollars such that stress level is relieved.
    3. Make income level that is sufficient to provide substantial aid to children in their brick and mortar business.
    4. Attain income level that allows debt free equipment purchase for the business at item 3.
    5. Accomplish all of above while adhering to God’s teachings.

  157. Jacques Pierre Ralph Jocelyn

    For the 2011 my goals set are:
    1) Get a Job so to start with my career
    2)Go on with my studies and succeed in so I can enter University to get a degree
    3)Take good care of myself and the love ones and get involved in my church activities, and my ministry.
    4)Paying a phone bills and some debts
    5)Help myself out as i am a poet writer with my poetry book and start an online business just like you, Sir Morrison! And keep going ahead with my dreams!!!

  158. Annabelle

    My Goals for 2011;
    1. To Love God and the gift of Life (just lost my best friend to cancer yesterday).
    2. Work harder – getting my website up and running.
    3. To be financially free – no more debts.
    4. To accomplish things as I start them, to remove them from my to do list.
    5. To be able to help my daughters better when they need the help.
    Most of all to learn to Love me so that I can Love others.

  159. Stanley Sterling

    !) Get in tough with you to revive the business I originally siged uo for.
    2.Earn enough to be a blessing ot others
    3) Get closer to MY GOD and MY LORD>
    4) Purchase a house in Florida without going into debt.
    5) Payoff all my indebtedness

  160. mike dashiell

    1. My #1 goal is to follow my wonderful teacher`s advice and to keep my
    goals in front of me at all times
    2. To finish building my website for my web hosting company and start marketing it to the world.
    3. To become a successful marketer online so I can pay off my child support debt and help those that I love and care for.
    4. To have enough abundant money to be able to help some of the other people that are less fortunate than I.
    5. To have an undying faith in my God for providing me with the opportunity to have such good people teaching me how to make my life a success.

  161. walter jordan

    become dept free, have a steady income from the internet . make millons from my new internet biz.. take better care of my family. become healthier. be happier.

  162. Yvonne

    My goals for 2011:
    1) Establish a new profitable online business.
    2) Increase my personal income to $500,000 per year.
    3) Buy a beautiful house
    4) 5x increase my spiritual studies and committment to my church.
    5) Expand my current online music resource business to be national and have GOOGLE buy it for gazillions of $$.

  163. Darlene

    My top 5 goals this year
    1. Get in shape
    2. Finish my master’s program (9 classes left)
    3. Get started with your system Anthony that I already purchased
    4. Spend more time with my family traveling
    5. Secure a career in my field of study

  164. jack

    Here are my goals for 2011:
    1. Start my affiliate marketing business.
    2. Organize my time. Set times for my day job, my marketing business, and most importantly my family.
    3. Double my current income.
    4. Take a nice vacation with my wife and kids.
    5. Donate more of myself to helping out our church with its food mission.

  165. walter jordan

    work hard to achieve my goals. just tired of false promises of an on line biz , and if i win the fifty i will do anthonys business. all i have is time. i am disabled. i want to sucssed and i will. thanks tony

  166. Winona Stark

    My 5 goals are:
    1. My number one goal is to spend more time on my spiritual growth as a Christian, reading the word and really taking the time to do so.

    2 Sell my retail business for which I have buyers and hope to close this month after working all my life and get started on my online business without the time constraints of the retail business and be able to work at it consistently

    3 Once the business is sold I want to see my five grown children more often and all of my grandchildren and now two great grandchildren and be able to plan special time with them and my husband of 48 years.

    4 Spend the time required each and every day to build my online business and learn all I can about the advertising/affiliate marketing business. Learning more about all the social networks, computer jargon, investigating all the product areas, it is all very exciting and there aren’t enough hours in my day to do it as fast as I want to.

    5. Increase my exercise schedule to a more consistent activity and increase my knowledge all the time about proper nutrition.

  167. Houston Welch

    My goals are:
    1. To get a government job to pay my current bills, (out of work since Dec 13,2011).

    2. To start your program to see how well it works to earn income so that I don’t have to think ot worry about a job.

    3. To save money for what I earn with your course to go on a real vacation.

    4. Travel a little.

    5. Retire early.

  168. Louise Stein

    1, Learn what Blog means and Tag means
    2. Apply my 40 years of system analyst/programmer/trainer experience on computers to working from home over the Internet
    3. Make enough money to supplement my social security check, and help pay off my daughters mortgage
    4. Help other senior citizens learn how to work on the Internet
    5. Sit back and enjoy old age and not working 24/7

  169. Suy Sun

    “My goals for 2011”

    1, Will learn and understand more of “How to make money from affiliate marketing from Mr. Anthony Morrison courses and himself.

    2, Will make $2,000 to $5,000 a month by June of 2011.

    3, Will become debt free and build a secure early retirement account for me and my family.

    4, Will Help with the church monthly payment and will have money to renovate our church.

    5, Will spend more quality times and take vacations with my family.

  170. Betty Harding

    1) Do not want to be dependent on working for someone else who can determine whether I have a job or not.
    2) Would like to be blessed so I can bless others.
    3) Be debt free
    4) Help others learn how to be debt free.
    5) Be involved in ministry.

  171. Karilynn Needs

    Have listened to your tapes and read the 2 books. I am not very savvy on the computer so my first goal is to get over the fear of starting accounts in Twitter. Never have done anything like that.

    Make extra money each month so I am not living paycheck to paycheck.

    Pay my home and car off.

    Save for an emergency fund that would last 6 months

    Save money for retirement.

  172. Keith Barrett

    1. Pay off any Debt.
    2. Get a home no more renting (nothing fancy)
    3. Promote the site and network community
    4. Help, my son whom just exited the military
    5. Run my own business with help from others

  173. Meridith

    Goals for 2011
    1. increase income from below poverty to meeting and exceeding my basic expenses with enough to generously donate to worthy causes
    2. become exceptional at onlilne marketing and developing business income
    3. spend more time in my pursuits marketing my artwork meridithjohnson.com
    4. spend more time with family and friends
    5. go horseback camping lots of times this year

  174. Cristiano DeMattos

    I have many, many goals for this year but the most important is to take every awake moment of the day to make this business prosper, after I achieve this one I’ll work on the others.

  175. EUGENE W

    My 5 goals for 2011;
    1] Start my own online business
    2]Save enough money to purchase land to build a house for the winter months
    where it is at least 60 deg F during the winter months
    3]Complete a book that I have been writting for the last 6 years
    4]Start a new book that I have done research on for 2 years
    5]Find a wife who want children.

  176. Marguerite Fari

    1. Have my play “Your Late Mother” produced with Kevin Dobson as the Director.
    2. Finish writing, edit and self-publish my 6th book that I am working on, and market that book via book signings, personal appearances and web marketing.
    3. Complete the edit of my recently completed screenplay and send it off to be copyrighted.
    4. Enter the movie trailer contest, by making a movie trailer from one of my screenplays.
    5. Sell three of my screenplays to get cash. http://www.screenplaystosell.com

    Marguerite A. Fair, Writer & Producer

  177. Clovis Bass

    Quit living paycheck to paycheck
    Become debt free
    Able to have time to do things besides work
    Take a vacacation wherever we would like to go
    Be able to retire earlier than 60

  178. Gloria Evans

    my five goals for 2011
    l. focus on my dreams of my own business
    2. share info that helped my business with someone else in need
    3. work on getting healthier by exercising more
    4. set obtainable goals for this year and pursue them
    5. be an example for my children that they can succeed in life also by
    paying off home

  179. Tisa Lawrence

    1.Getting Anthony Morrison,Affiliate marketing business off to a good start.

    2.Become debt free.

    3.Go on a long vacation with my husband.

    4.Be a better Grandmother.

    5.Last,but not least,to do God’s will,and purpose he has for me.

  180. Elizabeth

    My Five priority goals are as follows:

    Debt free/mortage paid off
    job or create an income
    time with my grandchildren
    time to go to Christian Conferences and educational/internet etc.

  181. Lowell Klassen

    1. Learn the most I can from Anthony, and have a steady income from it.
    2. Get my design media firm off the ground, and profiting.
    3. Payoff my car and purchase a house.
    4. Payoff all my bank loans.
    5. Be able to add to my RRSP’s again.

  182. Bryan Tipton

    1 to be financially stable
    2 to own my own sail boat and sail around the world
    3 to pay off all my bills
    4to do my Internet business any were in the world
    to were what ever i want and feel good about it :-))

  183. Bryan Tipton

    1 to be financially stable
    2 to own my own sail boat and sail around the world
    3 to pay off all my bills
    4 to do my Internet business any were in the world
    5 to were what ever i want and feel good about it 🙂


  184. Annette

    My Goals:
    1. Master this affliated marketing business
    2. Grow my MLM Health Product business
    3. Learn, Read, Expand into other opportunities
    4. Build back Financially
    5. Replace the house Wells Fargo illeagally foreclosed on.
    thats just for starters, I have several more too.

  185. Tisa Lawrence

    Anthony,I want to take this time and thank you for not giving up on me,
    just when i’m about to give up on myself,you always send me an up lifting
    email.May God bless you in all you do 2011.

  186. johnny powers


  187. Lawrence A

    1. Is to continue to take care of my ailing mother to the best of my ability out of love and honor.
    2. To figure out a way to generate enough income to help Mom get through the Golden Years somewhat Golden.
    3. I Have to go skydiving in spring as I really feel that it is something I have to do.
    4 To grow as person which is something that has a life of its own.
    5. To have some personal financial by 2012

  188. Jeremy

    1. Get a job. Times are tough.
    2. Get into shape
    3. Join the Air National Guard
    4. Move out of my parents house.
    5. Make money.

  189. Mary O'Rourke-Brors

    2011 GOALS:
    1. Become financially secure
    2. Help my son, who is disabled from Traumatic Brain Injury, get his life stabilized and become self-supporting.
    3. Be able to help various charities and ministries
    4. Become debt free
    5. Take my family on a nice vacation together

  190. Erik

    My goals for the upcoming year:

    Spend more time with my daughter who lives with her mom.
    I am going to increase my income and pay down my debt.
    I am going to visit my mother in CA. I am going volunteer and give back to the community. But the number one goal is learn to let go of negative thoughts and feelings. And I am going to love more.

  191. Geri Moore

    1. Start a successul Home Base Business where I can get personal help until I can accomplish my goals on my own.
    2. Go back to school and learn how to be a Business Woman.
    3. Remodel my home.
    4. Give more to Church and other Charities.
    5. Hav more Faith in myself to succeed.

  192. Rodrigo Alfaro

    my first goal is to learn the techniques in network marketing,i just bought your book, Advertinsing Profits from Home and is amazing, my second goal is to create a freedom of debt ,my third goal is at the end of the year generate $25.000 a month and i am not a master in network marketing but i am more than sure that aplying your techniques i am going to generate that income,my fourth goal is to buy a new home 5 bedrooms ,swimmingpool and a Nissan Armada at the same time,and my fifth goal is to take my beautiful wife and my lovely childrens to hawaii,,and i know all this goals are coming pretty soon,,thanks Anthony Morrison.

    Pdd. when you own your advertinsing company…rememberme, at that time i will be a succes history in network marketing and we can work toghether.

  193. Amit P. Jani

    I would like to build my downline for my newly found great home-based business. I would like to get a good paying , long lasting job, i am 45 years old with two wonderful handsome school aged sons. I would like to put some money away for my two great sons for their education. I would also like to start a retirement account for me and my nice, loving, caring thoughful beautiful wife. I would like to build a nice little house in my country (India), now i am here in USA so , Now I have two countries which I love and care for ! May God Bless me, May god bless you and May God bless our wonderful world. aman. Thank you for letting my express my point of view. Take care.

  194. Samantha Shields

    My top 5 goals of 2011 are:

    1. To spend more time with my 3 children.
    2. To afford classes for my children, ex: karate, dance classes.
    3. To enjoy a much needed vacation with my children.
    4. To pay off debts.
    5. To afford a bigger home for my family.

  195. Herb Meiers

    1. Work for myself. 2. Make 100,000.00 this year. 3. Financially take care of my boys and ex-wife to get her off my back and onto hers! 4. See family more often. 5. Learn to fly helicopters. Already fixed-wing jet pilot.

  196. Harry Burrell

    1. Spend more time with family.

    2. Make my online business a grate success.

    3. Get to debt free.

    4. Help others achieve success.

    5. Take a vacation.

  197. jamesbachand

    2011 Goals

    1. Spend more time with my family.
    2. Exercise and work on health.
    3. Become debt free.
    4. Continue getting A’s in college.
    5. Make money using the anthonymorrison system.

  198. Terry Bath

    goals for 2011

    1. to understand this program and make it a full time internet business
    2. to become debt free
    3. to be able to retire from our present jobs
    4. to help our kids finacially
    5. to spend more time with our grandkids

  199. john & David

    My top five 2011 goals for 2011:
    become more than just financially secure, be truly wealthy.
    two, set up a real college fund for my 3 sons.
    three, to travel around this country
    four, to have absolutely no debt
    five, to really be able to understand the internet…

  200. SUSAN

    Ok, here goes…
    1). I want to serve and get closer to God.
    2). Be in the position to give back more, to the church.
    3). I have three websites, I want to be in the position to work it better, so I can actually see some revenue. This way I can pay for my daughters’ trip to China. Because she plans to teach there. And help my son.
    4). Be in the positon to help my Mom and family get out of debt.
    5). Learn to let people help me, get closer to me, and love me the way I deserve to be love.

  201. gale larson

    2011 goals;

    1. keep family in house
    2. daughter at entry level to nursing program. grand-daughter at kinder garter level.
    3. I am unemployed for almost 2 years.
    4. spouse unemployed for 4 months.
    5. supporting daughter and grand-daughter while waiting nursing program wait list.
    6.. need income to continue wait!
    7. Type 1 Diabetic son on reduced work schedule waiting to return to CA. Needs help with insurance/ medical costs.
    8. Need cash flow in January!!!!!!

  202. Jean

    I am a self-employed hairdresser, barely making ends meet. My whole career I worked for someone else, and in 2010 I started my own little business. The problem is that I’ve lost more money than I could ever have thought possible. 2010 was a hard year financially, and I’m hoping that 2011 will be a much better year for my family.

  203. Jean

    My top 5 goals:
    1.) pay my bills on time.
    2.) put some money in savings.
    3.) start my foundation for my business outline.
    4.) invest in something worthwhile.
    5.) pay down my mortgage.

  204. Jo Ann Gaskill

    My Goals: Help the ones in my family that need help.
    To be successful with affiliate marketing. I am struggling.
    Pay off all my credit cards.
    More time spiritually and for meditation.
    Be the best person I can be. Be thankful for my good health.

  205. Sayda Rebosura

    My 2011 Goals:

    1. Learn more about affiliate marketing .
    2. be able to budget and stick to my budget, making sure i buy only what I need and not what I want.
    3. Be able to help my family more.
    4 Pay all my bills and bemoce debt free
    5.Work on my affiliate marketing business and bome financially independent.

  206. James Redin

    My goals for this year are:
    1) Complete the development of the iPhone and iPad X-Number Calculator.
    2) Pass Apple’s review and have the X-Number calculator available in the iTunes store.
    3) Change the way standard (non-scientific) calculators have been designed in the last 25 years (1 display screen, four memory keys, no memory display, no undo/redo capabilities).
    4) Have the X-Number calculator promoted thru Anthony Morrison’s Affiliate programs.
    5) Get enough money to be able to help homeless people on downtown LA.

  207. christopher

    Here are my 2011 goals;
    1. Learn more and be able to start my online business
    2. Have my internet(PMI & Ebay) coaches guide me to start earning money online
    3. Earned at least $5000 a month online
    4. Assist financially my relatives and other close family members that depend on my income and provide more support to charity organizations
    5. Loss at least 30 lbs weight to be physically fit for long life
    Good luck and more power on your business. God Bless you all.HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.

  208. Nai Says.

    1. I want financial free, wealth.
    2. I want to stay home with my family.
    3. I want to travel around the world.
    4. I want kids have a good education.
    5. I really want to money.

    thank you

  209. juanita rose

    1.to pay off bills, 2.to go on a vacation. 3. to help our kids out.4. to be stress free. 5. and to be thankful for my life.

  210. Jean

    1.] Get Closer to God do more for him.
    2,]Lean more about affilita marketing.
    3.]Start making money from affilita marketing.
    4.]Get out of debit.
    5.]Build a new kennels

  211. Debra

    My Top five goals for this new year are

    1. to be able to earn at least $5000.00 a month online

    2. Assist financially my relatives and other close family members that depend on my income and provide more support to charity organizations

    3.to understand this program and make it a full time internet business

    4.Be able to retire earlier than 60, Be debt free.
    . Have more time for my husband & I to spend time together.
    . To do some home remodeling.
    To live a positive stress free life.

    5. And above all everyday thank God for everything he has provided in my life.

  212. Michael Haughey

    1.) To get my web-site up and running with in the next two months

    2.) To have my walk with Jesus stronger, this really should be number 1.) goal for me.
    3.) I’ve been wondering a round this INTERNET marketing getting riped for alot of money, these pass 4 years, Gurus, and affiliates, my goal is to get my web-site done, and have a web – site where they can come to and get real help, am out to find affiliates that made it and really want to give back, for people who need help with their home business, want to start a home business, my site is about People helping People, THIS IS A PROMISE GOAL.
    4.) To be able to keep my wife home where she don’t have to work.

    5.) To finally become a affiliate marketer, and work from home full time, where my wife want worry ever again about having the money to pay the monthly Bills,


  213. Tonya Burgess

    Top Five 2011 Goals

    1. To do my Father’s will and to more faithfully and frequently use the
    talents that He has blessed me with
    2. To be an example of God’s great love, mercy and grace :->
    3. To become healthier, lose weight and get in better shape
    4. To earn extra income and work toward self employment and more
    family fun time!
    5. To take my Spanish to a new level

  214. Raymond McKenney

    My 5 goals for 2011
    1) Complete divorce by June 30
    2) Complete my web site
    3) Start E- Business
    4) Make money
    6) Learn more to make more
    7) Purchase Home
    8) Entertain
    9) Help Family
    10) Help the needy

  215. Edwin Harris

    my goals for 2011

    1. To earn enough to supplement my social security to be able to pay my bills and have a little pockey money

    2. I would like to learn how to start a business in affilate marketing. i have tried several things and so far have not done any good

    3. I would like to earn enought to be able to travel so we can enjoy our golden years before it is to late

    4. to become financially stable where we have no worries

    5. to learn these things and then be able to pay it forward and help others in the position i am now in

  216. NIKE


  217. Robert Browne

    1) Become financially free working at home at my discretion.
    2) Put cash down on land that I can build my dream home (credit is shot. 1 FC and 1 BR)
    3) Have more time with my wife.
    4) Excellerate my network marketing biz and help people learn to do the same.
    5) Take care of myself so that I and others experience the best of who I am!. Thanks!

  218. kent walker

    1)Get bills and credit caught up enough so I can get a permenent place to live!
    2)Get an internet business off to get money coming in to help wth my other 5 goals!
    3)build my credit back up to where it was!
    4)To have enough of everthing to be able to travel whenI want!
    5)Be able to help others do the same there is alot of us that do not have enuogh for just basic living let alone fun stuff!!

  219. Tina

    Goal 1: Laugh more
    Goal 2: Have peace of mind
    Goal 3: Eliminate debt
    Goal 4: Start an online to save for retirement, assist family and church
    Goal 5: Have a better spiritual relationship with God through reading and studying the Bible and applying what I have learned.

  220. Tom Davey

    1. Stop overdrawing my bank Acct.
    2. Open a savings account for my daughter’s education
    3. Restore my Truck
    4. Pay my bills on time and have money left over to do something fun
    5. Go someplace nice for a weekend or two

  221. beeherd

    2) Make the phone my friend – provide better customer care service
    3)Hold 4 shows a month – with my home base business
    4)Learn and apply strategies for the online marketing business
    5)Purchase at least 3 real estate properties by summer
    6)Complete and market my credit improvement kit
    I could go on but, I will stop at six goals (Bee’s goals completed.

  222. Mentor

    My top five goals for 2011:

    1. To learn faster and smarter about Affiliate marketing concept!
    2. To increase my knowledge of e-commerce and e-business!
    3. To become financially independent!
    4. To be focused, happy and healthy!
    5. To spend quality of life with my family and friends!

  223. Andrea

    I wanted to write all the things I need in this life, like being a better person or achieving financial freedom. But I realized that I don’t want to get lost in the hundreds of 2011 resolutions. We all want the same things in life.

    I have 5 suggestions for 2011:

    1. First things first:
    We wouldn’t need to buy a house if we didn’t have a spouse and beautiful children. We love them, and the life we want to create for them is worth all those long hours of work. But we have to make sure that they always come first. That we play dolls with our little girl and take our boy out to ride his bike. And not forget later on to be able to have personal time with our daughter and give her good advice, or take our son out and teach him how to drive.

    2. Preventive Medicine:
    Sooner is better than later. The sooner children learn that they were born in a land of opportunity and that it only takes vision and motivation; the faster they will be on their path to achieving what they want in their lives. Let’s not infuse them with negativity. Yes, life is hard. No, nothing is free. But we have time and the earlier we learn how to use it, the better life we will have.

    2. Working Smart:
    I am writing these words because I thought about money. I bet you do too. And working hard is the only answer we arrive at after going through all the thinkable ways to make money. But being smart about how hard we work could come in handy. I believe this is the reason we chose this program, and as long as we put a little effort into it, we can achieve our goals.

    3. Continuing Education:
    I don’t know about you but I like to learn. It broadens everything you know. Just being inquisitive will do the trick. This year, learn a new trade or a new language, learn all about a business and make an investment, learn how to manage your money, or how to make clam chowder. Just as long as you don’t settle for your current situation, things should move in the right direction.

    4. Change:
    That’s a bit of a scary word. We don’t like it. But it is necessary. Sometimes we are controlled by our habits, simple things as watching TV or waking up late. Or we leave things for the last minute, and then it is too late to do a better job and be more prepared. It takes change to take control of these habits. And it is not easy; it is a daily struggle that will be the difference in whether or not we accomplish our resolutions.

    5. Enjoy it:
    Enjoy this new beginning. And remind yourself of that every day. Make sure to go to bed knowing that today you did a little something to get you closer to your goals. And that you enjoyed the beautiful things in life. Give thanks that you are able to work and provide for your family and yourself.

  224. Gus Perez

    Goal 1- finish reading book
    Goal 2- figure out how to change my membership level to silver
    Goal 3- to change my website from having all catigories to having just one like health and fitness which I really like a lot
    Goal 4- make money to help my family out
    Goal 5- get $5000 to put towards affilate acaemdy
    Goal 6- Buy my first car

    these goals I hope to accomplish and I still dont get how I cant add campaigns but I’ll figure it out but hoping this can help me start my own business and help out my mom and new step dad with my 5 siblings

  225. Darla Nassif

    1: Have enough money in my accounts so my stomach stops hurting from stress.
    2: Pay off all my past due accounts and be debt free.
    3: Be a good example for my family and friends.
    4: I want to be happy and feel good
    5: I want to buy my ranch and very first home.

  226. Ron Brown

    Stop worrying about where my next forms of income. I’m tired of working for others, I want to start my own business and become financially independent.
    My goals for 2011 is to become a Success Story, show and tell others that if I can do it, anyone can.

  227. Tae

    1. Get a new job or career and/or some capital to start a business.
    2. Pay off my student loans.
    3. Go back to college and acquire my degree(s).
    4. By accomplishing the preceeding I hope to have more time for family.
    5. Become financially secure and make a new list for the next year ahead.

  228. Joe Martin

    Goal 1 Expand my website so I can quit my job.
    Goal 2 Use my expanded business to help support my two challenged children
    Goal 3 Have time to volenteer,
    Goal 4 Take my wife on a trip to Austraila
    Goal 5 Help others develop online businesses.

  229. Marc Galyean

    5 Main Goals for 2011

    1. Have the flexibility to spend more quality time with my family
    2. By May 31st have my website mynumberbed.com my main source of income.
    3. Help family members achieve their goals and desires.
    4. Start saving money for retirement.
    5. Continue building my online business and start investing in others.

  230. Molly Martin

    1. Have time for me and my family
    2. slow down and enjoy the view
    3. Help my family with bills
    4. help myself with bills
    5. Be able to buy health Insurance

  231. Dagmar Y

    Goals already met first! 🙂
    I have a close relationship with my God, Family, & Friends. Serenity in the storms that are life with the aid of the above named… through laughter and tears.
    Goals for 2011:
    1- Two years ago I had a small business and my partner ran off with the finances, causing the business to be sued… The suit is almost done and my finances have been in ruin… I would like to raise from the ashes and put my finances back in order without having to claim bankruptcy.
    2- I lost my mom in 2010 and could not even contribute to helping with the final expenses, I would like NEVER to be in that position again. I would like to be the one who can “step up to the plate”, for a change.
    3- I would like to be able to purchase a piece of land, for me and my 3 dogs, and put a home on it (prefab is just fine with me!). That way my daughter, Son in law, and granddaughter can learn the path to my home with their eyes closed. No more couch surfing to survive.
    4- I want to save for retirement, I have a little less than 20 years to retirement age… I don’t want to get there and be afraid of how I will live.
    5- I want to find true joy and happiness in my job by helping customers find what they are looking for. I am a Tax Pro during the season and love to get my customers every penny they are entitled to and even a few they didn’t know they were able to get! There is such satisfaction for me to educate my customers, especially when it is much more than they anticipated. Career satisfaction is something I would strive for.

  232. Kinsan

    welcome 2011. Learn more to earn more

    1) Get my A+ and N+ certificates
    2) Spend more times learning marketing technics from Anthony M;
    3) Build and personnalize my website;
    4) Pass GMAT
    5) Start BMA programs

    Good luck and happy new year 2011

  233. Trudie

    1. To make enough money to help my family.
    2. To bless others on the street that I come in contact with.
    3. To support missionaries abroad.
    4. To pay off my bills and not worry about my finances.
    5. To work hard, play hard and enjoy life.
    6. Be able to actually save money, and not borrow anything.

  234. Kenyetta Gee

    My 5 goals for this year are:

    5.BUY A CAR

  235. D. Thomas

    1. Be healthy
    2. Not to work as hard and as much as I do now
    3. Not live above my means but comfortable
    4. Not listen to negative talk and stay away from negative people
    5. Take a two week vacation this year.

  236. Jennifer

    I have read all the postings so far and see a concensus of replies dealing with family time, out of debt, giving to God and communities. I share most all of these thoughts. My Goals ? Well, there are many things I could improve on concerning family, friends, my community, and myself. So basically I find my goals circle around all of these factors plus the financial means to accomplish them.

    1. First and foremost is to trade stressful job full of frustrations and way too many hours a day to working with committment, dedication, integrity and honesty to fullfill financial need through this adventure of Ecommerce and affiliate marketing.

    We all have wants, some type of debt, some material wants, and some material needs.

    goals 2-5 deal selfishly with needs, wants and wishes for set goals of this year to fullfill the circle of time and help to family, friends and community.

    2. goal is to make at least 10k in income gain in the next three months
    3. goal is 20k in 6 months
    4. launch second website in 9 months
    5. end this year with 100k income gain

  237. linda

    1. Be debt free
    2. Retire and travel
    3. Help my kids financially
    4. To be a better teacher and leader
    5. be a better mother and friend

  238. Teri

    1. Find either a business or employment, since I am unemployed and a single mother. This incorporates making a decision on what I want to do to have income coming in. I have already lost everything I had.
    2. Learn to be and resonate that I am happy.
    3. Get my business management certificate.
    4. Become debt free and have six months of income in savings.
    5. Buy a house. This probably won’t happen due to bad credit and no current income.

  239. Robert Musgrave

    1. To become financial independent
    2. Start an educational saving for each of my grand children’s.
    3. Become debt free.
    4. Be able to give at lease five or more families Christmas this year.
    5. Take whole family on a nice vacation on me.

  240. Marie Gassinger

    These are my five Goals for this year:

    Goal 1: Continue to be thankful to God for what I have and what I don’t (A dear friend would repeatedly say: We cannot make bargins for blisses and catch them fishes in nets. Sometimes the things our life misses help more than the things which it gets.

    Goal 2: Continue to be the best wife as well as friend that I am able to be.

    Goal 3: Reduce and control the physical disabling pain from motor vehicle accident five years ago.

    Goal 4: Extend a helping hand via my web site to those in Brevard County, Florida of how to work with “rubber dollars” during this time in the economy and use the lessons from the depression that helped my parents survive and provide the essentials for a family of seven.

    Goal 5: Complete the advertising to my web site, to start making money that can supplement my decreased income as a result of my disability. This area I am still struggling with, need guidance, need inspiration to keep focused, and gather friendships that support not only this goal, but my other goals as well.

  241. jeffF

    1. Get website established.
    2. Learn how to promote my site to gain the traffic needed to make it work.
    3. Be abe to finaly get the x-wifes car out of my name.
    4. Be able to buy some plane tickets to see my step kids.
    5. Start a second web-site.

  242. Ron S.

    My top 5 goals for the new year, in no particular order. . .
    A. Fullfill a promise made to my daughter for her birthday.
    B. Post an acceptable profit from I-net ventures by April.
    C. Give my family the vacation they deserve.
    D. Double the size of my garden.
    E. Be a better dad/husband.

  243. B. Hem

    1. Make an extra $2000 per month by March 31st 2011
    2. Make an extra $4000 per month by June 30th 2011
    3. Make an extra $8000 per month by September 30th 2011
    4. Make an extra $16,000 per month by December 31st 2011
    5. Teach 10 friends to make an extra $5000 per month by December 31st 2011

  244. Darryl Turner

    Goal 1. Work overtime at my job for the month of January to earn enough money to allow me to comfortably afford Anthony Morrison’s Coaching program, and thereby increase my internet income.

    Goal 2. Buy a used Volvo (4 cylinder engine means better gas mileage).

    Goal 3. Use internet earnings to buy at least one investment property and convert it into a rooming house.

    Goal 4. Buy a personal residence while real estate prices are depressed.

    Goal 5. Increase internet income to $3,000 – $4,000 per month and quit my job.

  245. bob odenwald

    background/after major “C” operatiom 05nov08..did not get out of hospital untin 24dec08/having been very ill and lost 60bs it has been a long road back/after 18 months of massive drugs..i am now only on one for hypertension/i have just moved to a new apartment to jumpstart my new life..thanks to many prayers and THE GRACE AND MERCY OF GOD ! #1….SPIRITUAL…to thank and know that everyday is a gift #2…MENTAL…….to be of sound mind #3…PHYSICAL….to restore my body with healthy food and exercise #4…EMOTIONAL.to be safe—-sane—secure—- and work on repairing relationships that have been fractured #5…FINANCIAL…not to replace the things i have lost…but to be able to meet my needs…and share with others i know in need THANKS

  246. Ann

    Just made that website up, don’t have one except my e-mails.I have been trying for years to get a job on the internet, but all I did was spend money I did not have, so here I am trying again. My goals for 2011 are: (1) Learn to do this job with you are die trying. (2) Stop the overdrawing on my bank acct. (3) Pay everything I owe off so they will stop calling me. (4) Have money to help all my kids, grand-kids, great-grant-kids and of course myself. (5) Money to travel any place I want to go, and be able to have fun.

  247. Brenda

    1. To draw closer to GOD study the Bible more, pray more. 2.Get my health back by eating better& walking.3. Get an online bus. started.4.Save some money & be debt free.5.Spend more time with husband & family,also be prosperous enough to help others.

  248. Ernie Lewis

    1, At home business that will provide financial independence, flexable work schedule and a creative outlet.
    2. A business that I can teach my children and one that will afford us the ability to gather as a family without traveling cost being a factor.
    3. Help provide relief to those in need and the support of my church.
    4. My wife loves to travel.
    5. Save for my grandchildre’s college education.

  249. Clara Leake

    I am a 72 yr.old lady who can see the possibilities if I don’t give up and my luck chances; My five goals are:
    1. Pay off student loan and hospital bill from May
    2. Earn enough money from your company so I can stop working. I do a lot of driving on my job. Approx 100miles /wk. I’m tired aand deserve this if given a chance.
    3. Any monies I make, 10% will be given to my church.
    4.Help my family. They have been my rock through many serious operations. Pay back time.
    5. Be happy, feel a sense of peace. I’m a Christain and truly love God. Without Him I am nothing, and nothing can shake my faith in Him. Being broke, facing obsticles only makes me stronger because whatever life holds for me He will never forsake me, as long as I continue to believe in Him and myself.

  250. Santos Rodriguez

    My five goals are:
    Spend more time with my daughters they don’t live with me.
    Pay off all debts
    Clean my credit
    Have enough money to live well, with out any worries when paying bills
    When the time is write, (………Boss free………. )

  251. Robbie

    Hello Anthony:
    I’m just getting started and am reading the book first as you said to do.
    After seeing videos, TV, and emails I’ve received, I feel I know you well and admire your perserverence, character and integrity. I’m sure you would have made a great doctor as well.

    My 5 goals for 2011 are:

    1. Learn this affiliate marketing program and use it to better my life; and those around me, being able to meet my bills each month.
    2. Be able to help others who are in need.
    3. Be able to spend more time with my family
    4. Have enough money to cover emergencies that come up.
    5. Last but not least, draw closer to God and be able to serve others.

    I’m 78 and I still go to work part time in order to meet monthly expenses. I love my job but being older makes it more of a challenge for me. Sure hope I will be successful with your program. I feel really good about it so far. Thanks for all you and your staff do for us.

  252. Angela Webster

    Everyone seem to have good positive goals, I pray they will accomplish their goals and may all their hearts desire be fullfilled.
    My 5 goals are:
    1.To learn affliate marketing
    2.To be successful
    3.Maintain good health
    4.To be spiritually grounded
    5.To be happyily married and spend all the time I desire with my 3 beautiful granddaughters.

  253. Joyce Abbey

    1. Save my home from foreclosure
    2. Be successful doing my online business
    3. Financially stable – not living paycheck to paycheck
    4. Invest time in helping others
    5. Being able to just enjoy me for a change without worrying about where the money is coming from.

  254. Anthony

    1. Get Married (scarry huh lol)
    2. Finally graduate college with my bachelors degree
    3 .Own a home for my family
    4. Find a career with my degree
    5. To understand and implement good techniques in affiliate marketing.

  255. Patricia

    1. Get a online business started. 2. Be able to spend more time with my grandchildren. 3. Get all of my medical bills paid,and become debt free. 4. Have time to visit extended family and friends. 5. Be able to going shopping for anything I want to buy whenever I fill like going shopping.

  256. wayne palmer

    1 . learn your system this is greek to me
    2. stop living payday to payday
    3. not have to worry about my 20% of dr. bills
    4. do somthing nice for my two kids
    5. more time off to spend with family

  257. Kevin Mack

    1. Learn what it is to know about getting a website.
    2. Find a way to talk or email Anthony directly.
    3. Find out how to actually work this internet business.
    4. Try to put into motion the beginning steps to get my trucking business started.
    5. Refurnish my apartment until I am ready to buy another house.

  258. Thomas Paige

    My goals for 2011 are:

    1. Do better in college

    2. Treat other people like I want to be treated

    3. Try take care of myself and family better

    4. Make more money some were, because I’m not making money with your plan.

    5. Get someone to show me how to get paid with the Anthony Morrison plan.
    can you make this happen?

  259. David

    My first goal is to pay off my investment.
    2nd is get out of debt.
    3rd is spend more time with family. Especially since I have lost much time by persuing my dream.
    4th is finish my basement.
    5th is build a retirement.

  260. Thomas Paige

    1. Do better in college

    2. Treat other people like I want to be treated

    3. Try take care of myself and family better

    4. Make more money some were, because I’m not making money with your plan.

    5. Get someone to show me how to get paid with the Anthony Morrison plan.
    can you make this happen?

  261. Earnestine McCurry

    Much more faithful in church & studying the Word of God
    Pray more for my husband healing
    Take care of my husband much better than last year
    Take care myself better
    Pay Dentis, Drs, and hospital in full

  262. Darell Jones

    1. To invest in tax deed sales
    2. Invest in Tax Liens as well
    3. To become smarter
    4. Get employed
    5. Get a gym membership

  263. Ron McClellan

    1. Get my internet business to the point that I am making enough money that I can have the time to focus on just it.

    2. Gain more knowledge. Right now I am just soaking up all this information provided to me in the videos and books.

    Spend more time with my family. It seems all I do is work. I want to be able to spend more time with my son and also my father as he is getting on in years and I don’t want to regret it.

    4. Get out of debt. Other than maybe things like the mortgage payment. But be good about paying extra principle to get it down as fast as I can.

    5.Become financially independent.

  264. Erika Morin

    1. To be a significant contributor to my household.
    2. Successfully build and earn a living through Affiliate Marketing.
    3. Step of my 2010 stupor and become an active part of my own life (this I have begun).
    4. Finish writing at least one of the novels I started last year.
    5. Manage my money better.

  265. C. Bartram

    1. Have 12 months of education course online, is number one to get accomlished by next January or sooner. Just finished course on investing in the stock market.

    2. Earn enough to keep all debts paid, credit cards etc. Want a business that I can do at home.

    3. Have more time with grown kids, travel and just enjoy being alive.

  266. Earnestine McCurry

    1. More faithful in studying the word of God
    2. Pray & thank God for my husband healing
    3. Take care of my better than last year
    4. Take care myself better
    5. Pay Dentis, Drs, and hospital in full

  267. Derrick Smith

    My goals for 2011
    1.Live a life that honors my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.
    2.Take care of my Family.
    3.Start a successful Internet Business.
    4.Get off of unemployment.
    5.Be a help & blessing to others.

  268. Josh Maddle

    1: Be successful with your program.
    2: Be able to support myself financially.
    3: Lose 40 pounds through exercise.
    4: Get a vehicle that is not falling apart.
    5: Pay off my loans

  269. Dena Hamby

    my first goal is to get this business up and running very soon as we were told i could do in just 1 month. Seems every time I find a niche it is not right. I am beginning to get a little agrevated. My next goal is to be able to pay off some bills and try to get ahead. Number 3 is to be able to put more ito this business money wise . Number 4 is to try to put up money for retirement , and as of now that is impossible. And 5th again is to be able to get this business up and running as soon as possible. I put the time in and the research but it seems to knock me back down every time . WHAT AM I DOING WRONG.

  270. Susie Kaufman

    My five goals are to get out of my nine to five job.
    To be home full time with my three boys.
    To never be finanically unstable.
    To have the time, means, and energy to take my children away on a vacation.
    To prove to myself and my children that with right vehicle in place anything is possible.

  271. David Molina

    My first goal is to pay off my investment.
    2nd is get out of debt.
    3rd is spend more time with family, especially since I have lost much time by pursuing my dream.
    4th is finish my basement and landscaping on my house.
    5th is build a retirement.


    1- Please God
    2-Start my master in Divinity
    3-Start my own online business
    4- Get out of Debt

  273. crystel

    1. establish a successful on line business thru knowledge & anthony
    2. begin to make money with the online business within the next 30 days
    3. eat healthier & excercise more
    4. pay off most of my dept
    5. do more traveling

  274. viji peter

    1. save my house .
    2. i need to cut my working hour’s ,i mean overtime.
    3. good time with my family.
    4. pay my medical bills.
    5.not living paycheck to paycheck.

  275. Luz

    My five goals for 2011 are

    1. more time for family
    2. Financial freedom
    3. debt free
    4. be my own boss
    5. travel with my grandsons

  276. Mike Jenkins

    1. Make Money Online…
    2. So I Have More Family Time…
    3. My daughter graduates high school this year, and she wants to goto Oregon State Univ. she want to major in zoology, and get her PHD so 8 years at $34,000 dollors a year… there is just no way I can afford that…
    4. I do floor covering for a living, been doing for 15 yrs now, no retirement plan at ALL!!!, so by the end of the year I want out of it… and be making money for retirement..
    5. I would like more time to go FISHING !!!

  277. James Ritchie

    1.get out of debt..
    2.work from home.
    3.To be able to take better care of my mother and get her
    a walk in shower and get her better things ..
    4.bigger house
    5..A lot more FREE time yo spend with family and take more

  278. Jackie

    2011 Goals


  279. robert holub

    1. become a member of the success team
    2. work at my online business to get closer to being debt free
    3. work hard enough to beable to depend less on my friuless retail job
    4. spend more time with people that truly care about me, and that I care about
    5. enjoy life more

  280. Chris

    I want to save my home from foreclosure
    I would like to pay all my bills…..on time
    I would like to help my wife and daughter start their dog rescue.
    I would love to help my son with his EMS business
    I would love to help my wife get her children’s books published

  281. Salvador Isberto Jr

    My goal for 2011
    I will find a better paying job as a care giver.
    I will learn more about internet marketing, how to make money on my free website do research, find genuine

  282. Deb DeGraw

    1. Make enough money to pay my rent and basic necessities in life.
    2. Hopefully make extra money to begin saving for retirement again.
    3. Make extra money so I can visit my daughter in Seattle, my daughter in Winnipeg, Manitoba and my daughter and grandchildren in Teulon, Manitoba.
    4. Make extra money to pay for needed car repairs.
    5. Start saving for a house so I don’t have to live in an apartment anymore.

  283. Double Dee

    Goal 1. Supplement my income.
    Goal 2, Be financially independent.
    Goal 3. Share more time with my grand children.
    Goal 4. Have a less worrysome life.
    Goal 5. Prove to myself that I can run a successful business on the internet.

  284. Alex Meyer

    1. Get my website up and making more money than i put into it.
    2. Help my grandmother get out of debt.
    3. Start saving money to help my family pay for my college.
    4. Become financially comfortable.
    5. Get closer with my family and friends.

  285. Ronald Kunau

    #1 I wont to be a better person.
    #2 have consern for needy people.
    #3 get to be able to make money off the enternet.
    #4 help my family out ,an get them to do good also.
    #5 feal good about myself.

    Ronald Kunau

  286. Linda

    1 To become financially secure now and for retirerment.
    2 Wirte a book I have always dreamed of
    3 Get married so a I have someone to share my happiness

  287. Patti Herrington

    1. Spend more time with my grandchildren
    2. Continue going to school
    3. Have enough money to live on
    4. Be able to help other people
    5. Be able to put money into savings account.

  288. Linda

    1 To become financially secure now and for retirerment.
    2 Wirte a book I have always dreamed of
    3 Get married so a I have someone to share my happiness
    4 Quite my job so that I can educate poeple about the Athony;s program
    5 To pay my debts off and becore richer in my personal goal, by sharning my wisdom


  289. Ileana Perez

    My Top 5 Goals in no particular order is ……..
    1- Buy a house
    2- Pay my credit cards off!!
    3- Pay my mom’s house off!!
    4- Go on some real vacations!!
    5- Buy a new car!!

  290. Comfort Abu

    1. To have a closer relationship with God
    2. Go on vacation with ease
    3. Leave a comfortable and stress free life
    4. Become financially free working at home at my discretion
    5. To be happy always

  291. Gertrude

    my goals are: help others, help my husband (has cancer) pay for medical bills, learn one thing well from the business to make money,give back to God what he has bless me with, and share with others how to make money online

  292. Louise Okomo

    My five goals for 2011 are
    1. Stop overdrawing my bank Acct.
    2. Spend more time at home and with my grandchildren
    3. Open a savings account for my daughter’s education
    3. Getting my Associates degree
    4. Pay my bills on time and have money left over to do something fun
    5.Make my business a success so I can write my own success story
    Have my free wibsite setup

  293. Earl Hill

    First I want to say Happy New year and Happy New Day to everyone. I am a little new to the game of affiliate marketing and I know for sure you have to put in serious work to get something out of it – (I hope I don’t scare anyone by saying that, but its true.)

    1st Goal: To put Anthony Morrison’s book to the test and make my first 75 bucks.
    REASON: If Anthony says that this can be done then I will go on to make my first 1000 dollars and I will submit a video stating that his system is real.

    2nd Goal: Make my first real estate deal happen in the first quarter of this year.
    REASON: To by a car-new or used.

    3rd Goal: Build a bank account cushion of at least a minimum of 5000 dollars before the third quarter of this year starts.
    REASON: To sustain the bills coming into the household.

    4th Goal: Have at least 2000 dollars to spend on christmas this year.
    REASON: So my Daughter can have a great and exciting christmas.

    5th Goal: To end 2011 with 10,000 dollars in my bank account and take my girlfriend and I on a nice small get away for two.
    REASON: So I know I’ll have what it takes to do it all over again in 2012 just BIGGER!!

    ********To all that read my post, these are just some of my small goals that are realistic to me and I believe are achievable to me.*********
    I believe that the world and everything that makes it up is for everyone to enjoy. So go out and get your enjoyment in this life. Its not just for one type of person.

  294. MichaelTrimmer

    1.}build asuccessful on-line business w/ affilliate marketing,
    2.} get GED so I can further my education
    3.} save money for tution for college,
    4.} buy car to travel to school,
    5.}visit Philipines for 3 weeks, meet my on-line chat friend

  295. Dirk Larimer

    Thanks Anthony for this venue:
    1) I want to finish Anthony’s’ first book (I’m on page 143; almost done)
    2) I would like to replace my monthly moorage bill of $360.something with an equal amount of money earned through internet affiliate marketing
    3) Item 2 would free up money to save towards my annuity life insurance goal of saving $12000.00 per year.
    4) Through Anthony’s’ strategies (I could start all of my goals with that fraise), I hope to start saving big time towards a nicer bigger yacht I can retire on.
    5) I want to continue to pursue all my goals by staying present in the now and enjoying the journey.

  296. Gary

    I’ll keep this short and sweet!
    #1 Get my affiliate marketing business running to provide income to more than just survive!
    #2 Pay down the ever present monthly credit card debt.
    #3 Pay down mortgages & student loans.
    #4 Spend more fun time with my family.
    #5 Be able to contribute more to Childrens Hunger Fund.

  297. Ann

    My Goals for2011: (1) Learn to do this job the best I can. (2) Stop overdrawing on my checking acct. (3) Be able to pay my bills each month. (4) Be able to travel. (5) Be able to have money to have a good time.

  298. Carlos Trevino

    1-this year I will bring my wife home (no more working for her)
    2-I will make this bussiness so big (huge) I will……
    3-pay off my home
    4-buy a brand new truck
    5-and will stop workin myself 9 to 5…….
    6-and travel …..(paris/italy) here I come….

  299. Roderick Gaines

    1.Earn a degree in Theology.
    2.Spend more time with my wife and kidz take a vacation for chance.
    3.Buy a home,vehicles for the family.

    4.Become debt free.
    5Help my family and give back to God.

  300. steve

    1. be debt free
    2. have a piece of mind for retirement
    3. be able to enjoy life at it’s fullist, with no worries about money
    4. help family out with money
    5. buy a new truck instead of used trucks

  301. Marcia Brady

    This is one big goal broken down in 5 segments to be more manageable.
    1)I would like to finish my internet marketing course with PMI. Its a unique course that teaches how to have your own internet business, i publish my new website last month.chandelierhaven.com.
    2)Learn what i am taught about marketing my website and affiliate marketing so i can generate an income.
    3)start generating enough to pay off my credits including the PMI financing.
    4)Generate substantial income to quit going to work and focus my time and energy on my business and spend more time with family.
    5)Extend my business, so i can pay off my son’s college fee and be prepared for my daughter’s.And yes buy a home.

  302. georgie altman

    1) I am going too make sence of advertising profits from home. 2) I am going to set up my business and make it work. 3) I am going to put aside an aloted time every day. min 2 hrs, maxium who knows. 4) I want to generate a following of at least one million, on twitter and other sites. 5) By the end of 2011 i am going to pay off my credit cards.

  303. charley folk

    1-work and save to enroll in the success academy,2-study all the training
    videos 4-,spend more time with my family,5-treat everyone with love, care and respect.

  304. Ann

    Well guess I can copy someone’s up above me here. (1) MONEY (2) MONEY (3) MONEY (4) MONEY (5) MONEY

  305. Sharon Volkman

    I want to be financially secure.

    1. One of my goals is to be debt free.
    2. I want to learn more so that I can be successful in affiliate marketing.
    3. I want to be able to pay my own way.
    4. I want a better income so that I can help others more.
    5. I want to be able to donate more to charity..

  306. Marcelino Acosta

    My 5 Goals for 2011:
    To avoid foreclosure and keep my house for my family
    To get out successfullly from my Chapter 13 bankruptcy case
    To earn money online and start paying off my debt:
    Mortgage- $402,000.00
    CreditCard debts(Joint) $76000.00
    To have extra money left over for Food & other expense
    To keep out of acquiring new debt and just pay old ones

  307. Pragna Patel

    My goal for 2011

    spend more time with my kids and grand baby.
    learn and understand Anthony Morrison’s program.
    learn how to speak spanish.
    start retirement plan
    become a computer savy.

  308. Rosa Watkins

    I want to help my husband with bills. He is a mechanic and at times he’s out in the scorching sun and at raining days and very cold. I He has worked very very hard for us to have food a home and just about everything we want. But it hurts me to see him work out in the blessing hot days. So i want to help out. Give my children vacation that they will like to have. Give my children a better car to drive. and for me also. Move to another house with a chiminy a pool and big rooms. Help out my family. Maybe put on a grocery store spanish market. My brother know how to work-in business like this. Help out my Christains friends like church, donate to some of my radio programs and minitries. help out Isiah 58, and more. And just take vacations when we want to. I really hope this comes true for me and my family. 01-05-2011

  309. Rosa Watkins

    I want to help my husband with bills. He is a mechanic and at times he’s out in the scorching sun and at raining days and very cold. He has worked very very hard for us to have food a home and just about everything we want. But it hurts me to see him work out in the blessing hot days. So i want to help out. Give my children a better car to drive. and for me also. Move to another house with a cheminny a pool and big rooms. Help out my family. Maybe put on a grocery store spanish market. My brother knows how to work-in business like this. Help out my Christains friends like church, donate to some of my radio programs and minitries. help out Isiah 58, and more. And just take vacations when we want to. I really hope this comes true for me and my family. 01-05-2011

  310. Regina Frame

    Thank you so much for all the knowledge you have made available. My goals for 2011 are:
    To continue to grow into a more confident and determined person and to grow into that person who pleases GOD, my family, and everyone so that I can spread God’s love to everyone everywhere.
    To continue to learn everything I can about Internet business especially affiliate marketing so that I can get my business going this week.
    To have a consistant and stable cash flow that will allow me to make and keep my family secure, my bills paid, my house, car, and business investment and credit card debt paid off and have money to spare.
    To have enough extra money each month so that I can help the poor and homeless.
    To write my own success story very soon.
    To finish my manuscript so that I can have a book published.
    To make enough so that I can travel with my family each year.

    May YOU, Anthony and your family have a Happy and Love filled New Year. And to everyone else, a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

  311. Ted Thompson

    At this time in 2012 I envision myself to have gotten these following sites
    under my control:
    1.To be sitting at the left side of Guru Anthony.
    2. Get my other sites up,up and away.
    3. Have all of my finances in line and working on the high side of of fives and above
    4. Recapture my strenghts and determinations of bygone eras.
    5. Grow to be able to build 5 Alabama minutes in a New York second.

    For around 40 years I have been working against a severe case of depression. I sometimes wonder how I was as sucessful as I was.
    I have really been in the crapper for the past 8 months, but I am picking
    myself again and think that this will be the item which which will keep me
    busy enough so I can sluff off the other problems and keeping me busy
    enough to go and once again reclimb the mountain and stay there.

  312. Uche

    1. Be more productive
    2. Make plans and stick with them
    3 Start working own my financial freedom, so i can pay off all my bills and, not worry about any money problems
    4 Treat people especially my family with more respect
    5. Study and do my work like i actually need success like i need air.

  313. Ermine Thompson

    1. Do more for my Lord by helping others to know Him.
    2. To get closer to Him.
    3. Work harder to start earning some money from my investment in PMI
    so that I can be debt free, save some for retirement, work from home only
    and help some other less fortunate folks.
    4. Pay off my mortgage
    5. Help someone else do what I have done

  314. J. Mwah Polson

    My goals for 2011:

    1. Spend more time with my kids
    2. Set up a successful internet/ home business
    3. Become debt free
    4. Become financially independent
    5.Become more involved in community and charitable work

  315. charley folk

    January 6, 2011 at 12:13 am
    1-work and save to enroll in the success academy,2-study all the training
    videos 4-,spend more time with my family,5-treat everyone with love, care and respect.

  316. Sylvia

    My five goals for 2011 are:

    1. Finish reading Advertising Profits from home and set up my affiliate
    and start making money asap.

    2. Start paying off my debts as sson as I make any money.

    3. Set up a retirement fund for myself and education funds for my

    4. Give more help to other people who need help, and

    5. Take a family vacation this year.

  317. Marie Weihrouch

    Here are my goals for 2011- 1. Believe in myself. 2. Become a goal setter and follow thru on things I set out to do. 3. Learn and put into practice Anthony’s systems that I’ve invested in for myself and my family. 4. Raise my 2 sons and be a good mother to them. Provide a good foundation for them. 5. Dream and be living positively.

  318. Vaiaisa Koroseta

    MY GOALS FOR 2011 ARE :

    1.) MY SON – I want to be able to afford a lawyer, to get custody of my son.

    2.) MY FAMILY – Be able to build a house for my family overseas and be able to reunite them. Also, to provide them with help when needed.

    3.) GET MY OWN APARTMENT – I want to be able to afford to pay for my own apartment, so that my son can come and stay with me.

    4.) SAVING & TRAVEL – I really want to save more money to travel, and be able to help people who are in the same situation as me.

    5.) MY AFFILIATED MARKETING BUSINESS – I want to gain more knowledge about affiliated marketing, and be successful at creating my advertisement business.

    Thanks Anthony for helping me with my affiliated marketing business. And hope you will keep in touch with me, with more helpful tips for the success of my business. God bless you throughout this New Year 2001!

  319. Best4u09 (Tina)

    Hey there, my goals in year 2011.

    1. Make a steady income from this online marketing business with Anthony, then i will be able to:
    2. Get ride of my current 9 to 5 job (underpaid, very long hours, lots of OT w/o get paid)
    3. Continue to finsh my one-year language training classes with certificate, which I have started since Sep, 2010.
    4. Save enough money to visit my parents overseas & buy them lots of nice gifts.
    5. Support some kids & needed people financially, even a little bit

  320. Patrice Jones

    1. Become debt free

    2.Finish school

    3. Own a home

    4. Travel

    5. Become more financially stable


    1. Publish my website and start marketing the site 1-31-11

    2. Participate in forum discussion about marketing my website.

    3 Learning to be persistent in carrying out my task.

    4 Action involved.

    5 Focusing in the overall establishment of my website.

  322. Michael Baptiste

    I would like to operate a business which can sustain me. I have monthly bills to pay and I would like to be able to depend on the business to pay bill and to save some. I am willing to work night and day to attain this position.

  323. Scott Dutton

    1. To implement a system of autopilot income. In other words, i would like to find a way to to do something once and have it create cash flow again and again.
    2. I work way too hard in traditional business and have a very hard time being a single dad. I want to be able to spend much more time with my kids, dropping off and picking up from school, working in their school, helping with their homework.
    3. go on one vacation with the entire family for a minimum of 10 days.
    4. Find the love of my life
    5. go fishing 10 times this year

  324. Cleo E.

    Five (5)Goals
    1. Start my Online Business.
    2. More active in Missionary works.
    3. Take care of Families health
    4. More time with my family.
    5. Help the needy.

  325. Toni Wertz

    1. To get my 82 year old mom her wishes to move into the nicest best Retirement Home that has nursing care on sight 24 hours a day,and out of this poverty scary neiborhood we live in now.
    2. To have God help me heal from all my medical problems. Severe injuries
    from car accident that left me bed ridden for 7 years my mom taken care of me. Paralyzed large intestine, all horrible digestive conditions their are, surgery on my esophogus, Fibermyalgia, gluten and dairy intolerant,severe
    pain, anxiety and depression.
    3. To get my home based buisness started and generating income asap
    4. In 3 month make $25,000.00plus, 6 months make an additional $50,000.00 to 80,000.00 plus, 9 monthes additional $125,000.00plus. 1st
    year $200,000 to $300,000.00plus. I’ve earned a six digit income along time ago being a small buisness owner with my parents. Now I’m going to get back up their plus a lot more my goal to be a miilionaire in as short as time possible.
    5. To be happy, healthy, be able to provide my mom with as much money as she wants so she can buy anthing she wants, go anywhere she wants, to give her whatever her heart desires

  326. Debra

    My 5 goals for 2011 are as follows:
    1) Trust in God in all that I do and lean not on my own understanding. In all my ways (affiliate Marketing) acknowledge Him so that he can direct my path. Do nothing that dishonors Him and is not pleasing in His sight. Continue to praise him whether good or bad.

    2) Anthony with your help and mentoring, successfully implement this affiliate marketing internet business making a substantial amount of money within the first 2 months, proving to my friends, family and my bank that you and your program are not fraudulant as they believe you are.

    3) Anthony with your help and mentoring, I plan to become debt free and independantly well off in 2011. I plan to help the nay sayers gain the same financial freedom that I will have acheived,causing them to eat their words. I plan to make enough money to quite my 9-5 job pays low wages.

    4) Anthony, with your help and mentoring, I plan to clean-up my credit so that I can buy a house and move out of this apartment that collects water everytime it rains creating a strong mildew smell in the carpeting and through-out the apartment. I plan to pay for my son’s college tuition which is very difficult to do right now. I plan to help my two oldest kids financially so that they can help their children.

    5) Anthony, with your help and mentoring, I will be able pay above and beyond my 10% tithes which will greatly help my small struggling church. I commit to tithe 10% of the first dollars that I make for the first 6 months and increase it by 5% there after as I become more successful. The money that I will earn will allow me to finance mission projects for the youth that I mentor and minister to at my church. It will make it possible to gift to so many who are in need.

    Anthony all of these goals can only happen if God is involved. So I pray for our success and that you allow God to work in you so that you can help me.
    God Bless you and this business venture (adventure)

  327. William Hope

    Anthony:my number one goal of 2011 is to be able to walk away from JOB=Just Over Broke living paycheck to paycheck.Find a way to make money on the internet.To make more money than I have in my whole life>$20,000 a year.To play in some Texas Hold’em Tournaments on line or in person.To give back because I believe in Karma.

  328. Rebecca Sanchez

    1. take action on this opportunity you have provided -it has taken me some time to understand what to do. I’m ready.
    2. be a blessing to my family and friends in giving of my efforts and earnings
    3. be diligent in learning as I tackle the action plan you provide
    4. lead by example with the grandchildren I am raising
    5. be grateful in all that comes my way, Thank you anthony

  329. David

    My 5 top goals are to: 1# Get a Source of Income
    2# Become a faithful tithe Giver
    3# Develop My business Plans
    4# Pay Some Of my Debt Off
    5# Inspire someone else to pursue their Dreams

  330. Roxanne Scott

    To pay my bills off so I can get a loan to have a room added on to my home. This would be for my brother who have bad kiddney and heart problems. They do not have any one to take care of them and need help with cooking and cleaning and taking them to the hospital . If thier was any money left over I would love to take them on a trip to disney world. and to buy a moble wheel chair.

  331. claire

    My 5 goals for 2011 are:
    1- Start an online business
    2- Pay off my student loans
    3- Purchase my own house
    4- Free time for myself
    5- Have Peace of mind

  332. patrick mccelvey

    1 To finish up my Masters In Oriental Medicine , get my state license .

    2 Start an internet business ,mostly working with Point Click business

    3 . Build Soap business ,build soaps that heal skin disease/ shampoo.

    4 . work to make at least 30.000.00 a month and start from there.

    5 . Buy land in the North Shore in Hawii

  333. Benita

    1. Be one of Anthony’s success stories.
    2. Focus on one business (not several) and do whatever it
    takes to make it profitable.
    3. Learn the techy (social media) stuff I’ve been avoiding
    and stop procrastinating.
    4. Earn enough money to divorce an abusive husband.
    5. Be able to support my 80 year old mother so she never
    has to worry about money.

  334. chris bates

    My goals for 2011
    1. make all my doctors liars and regain total use of my right side when my brain was damaged from an anuerism
    2. make enough money online to lower my wifes hours working ( she is now cleaning 3 houses per day 6 x a week 10 to 12 hours per day)
    3. Take care of my mother since Dad died last nov 29th she lost $1200 per month and she is struggling.
    4 go to thailand and finally meet my wifes family(never got to meet her mother we have been married 15 years and everytime we were scheduled a trip to thailand I got laid off and then her mother passed well thats one on my bucket list I can never do). But want to meet her brothers and sisters cousins aunts and uncles
    5 make enough money online so I can quit putting so much pressure on myself and actually live and enjoy life

  335. Patricia Nelson

    my 5 goals for the Year 2011 are:

    1.to established financial stability.
    2. Have more time with my family,
    3.To be able to travel to anywhere I want, anytime.
    4.To leave a future for my kids,
    5.To be debt free.

  336. derrick

    well lets see i goals for 2011 is to spend time with family,keep learning about this system,or hit the lottery, donate to the homeless that really need it

  337. Bro, C

    1) Payoff credit cards
    2) Increase savings account
    3) Less stress, more visits to 24 hr Fitness
    4) Work towards getting Wifey retired like me
    5) Spend more time with my grand kids

  338. Karin

    1. Be a better Christian, wife, and mother than I’ve been in the past.
    2. Become financially secure.
    3. Continue to learn and improve my marketing skills.
    4. Resolve personal issues
    5. Find a new niche that allows me to maximize my talents and strengths.

  339. Peggy Knox

    My goals for 2011 is to find an opportunity to work at home because I take care of my mom, she is diabetic and she goes to dialysis three times a week. I need to find something that doesn’t cost a lot because I lost the little part-time job I had after this man threw his food at me. I think that is my only goal to make her last days easier.

  340. jame nyoro

    -to be financially stable through online advertisement.
    -to learn more about internet marketing.
    -to help others realize their dreams and implement them.
    -to raise money so that i can join university someday.
    -through Gods grace work harder than i did the previous years.

  341. pam pritchett

    1. My goal is to still try to keep my house if not to be able to find housing for myself, my daughter and my dogs.
    2. To reeducate myself and learn how to run my own online business .
    3. To earn enough money to raise my daughter with all the benefits every child should have and expose her to as much of the world as possible
    4.These last two years have been tough on a lot of people and I would like to be able to help out those that deserve a break and just can’t get one.
    5. The last one is just to be able to Exhale.I feel like I have been holding my breath for the last two disasterous years and I just want to be able to breathe again and have fun with my daughter, maybe visit some family and smile and laugh again.

  342. Stacy

    1. Learn affiliate marketing.
    2. Learn Affiliate marketing well.
    3. Implement the strategies to have an income as I have been jobless for some time–now in bankruptcy and about to let my home of 30 years go because I have gone through every dime trying to stay afloat this long.
    4. Apply affiliate marketing.
    5. Apply real estate wholesaling as well

  343. Archie Grant

    (1) Pay off my credit cards
    (2) Decressing my monthly payments on my house.
    (3) Buy a new truck.
    (4) Buy new apliances for my house.
    (5) Take a curse.

  344. yvonne pemba

    Here are my five goals
    1. Go visit my family in Europe, I haven’t seen my family in 12 years
    2.Leave my actual job and become full time self employed
    3. Make $100,000.00 as an affiliate marketer
    4.Move to a water front front apartment
    5.Star a family

  345. Shari Stogdill

    My goals for 2011
    1. To learn how to become a better leader and coach.
    2. To help others establish an asset business and build a healthy future financially and through a more youthful expression of themselfs by use of a company and their high technology of which is the only company in the world with this technology and is of great demand. Baby boomers set the trends and this is the right time, the right company, the right products to make me wealthy by building assets.
    3. To grow, taking one step at a time, reaching one goal at a time as I climb the ladder to succure a healthy future physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially.
    4. Learn how to become duplicatable so others can become successful to. As their success also, depicts my success. Everyone in the business works as a team to help each individual achieve their goal. I want to be able to be an active team player.
    5. Loose weight and become healthier. That will take time and effert with focus and mindset to do what it takes to reach my goals.

  346. Marilynn

    My five goals for 2011:

    1. Get Healthier, Lose at Least 60 Lbs by end of 2011.
    2. Move and get into a better environment for me and my animals.
    3. Make amends to any and all that I am not in harmony with.
    4. Secure more forms of income and stabilize my income for the year of 2011 and beyond.
    5. Enjoy life, sing more, create more, spend more time with people that I genuinely enjoy and have more enriching experiences.

  347. iris galloway

    1. Complete my education thru PMI
    2. Start having an income flow on the internet.
    3. Paying off my debts, so my kids are not stuck with them.
    4. Balancing out my hours with Anthony and family.
    5. Enjoy life with my family and follow the right path.

  348. Roy Halpin

    1. To develop a productive and ethical on line business for myself and my adult children.
    2. To learn all that I can and share my knowledge with others.
    3. To earn back my investment in my education by 3/1/2011
    4. To earn enough and to keep in reserve funds needed to promote and maintain my business opportunity
    5. Start funding my family charitable foundation, Owens Pond Foundation

  349. Janetta Wells-Stucks

    1. Start my internet business soon with Anthony’s help;
    2. Budget my income more closely so that I am not paying my bank so much for their hep with overdrafts;
    3. Make better use of the time I am spending at work so that I can get more done and leave earlier;
    4. Pay attention to family needs and love more…every year seems to go by faster and faster;
    5. Take better care of myself…we all deserve that!

  350. Steve Gamblin

    My first goal would be get back some money all i have done so far is spend and i see no return as of yet. My bank is broke barley going to make bills this month.I thought this was going to be a quick set up at least that is what i paid for. My time and yours don’t work I’m out busting it all day and when i get home all you people have left for the day.
    Second goal get this damn computer to work for me
    Third make money with rebel alliance bought it no income
    Four pay monthly bills
    Five 16 MILL in 6 years

  351. Hass Chehouri

    Thant’s my first 5 GOALS for 2011.
    Spend more valuable time with my wonderful (family).
    Focus on my new business (ideas).
    Become a successful (Invisible real estate broker) Domains biz.
    Finish writing my (success) story.
    Anthony Morrison! ( ) will fill my last goals – thank you.


  352. Don

    Hello Anthony,

    1 Find a business program I can afford to stay with until it makes money
    2 Promote my son’s memorial golf tournament This takes money
    3 Pay off debts
    4 Put money in the bank
    5 Take my wife on a nice vacation
    6 Quite getting autoresponses to my questions


  353. Melinda

    1. To be fear free
    2. $500.00 a week
    3. purchase two storm doors
    4 attend collage (Children & Family Services)
    5 Help my daughter out of the projects

  354. Lontay

    My top 5 goals for 2011:

    1 – To build a closer relationship with God
    2 – To FINALLY get entrepreneurial initiatives off the ground (affiliate advertising, real estate cashflow intermediation, investment trading, etc.)
    3 – To build sufficient financial resources/disposable income to assist occasional family needs
    4 – To be more proactive about mentoring youth, and sharing my intellectual capital
    5 – To continue to maintain a healthy work/life balance, and incorporate more pleasure travel excursions

  355. Havilah

    Wow, my goals for 2011,

    1. I want to help my parents with their debt
    2. As much as i want this to be number three it’s been bumped up: I want to go back to Romania
    3. Publish a book, if not that than at least get my own proof copy
    4. Spend time with my family and friends more. (Like going skiing or something fun like that or just hanging out)
    5. Learn a different language.
    Yeah, they may not seem ‘exciting’ and i may not be the most interesting but these are my real goals. wow, I just realized i have more, but their mostly things like learn to dance, actually hit the bull’s eye at the shooting range and stuff like that XP.

  356. Madglene Young

    Hi! Anthony you want to know more about me so here it is.
    On 1/24/2011 of this month i will be sixth four(64). Know my goals you ask for five but please for give me i had to make it six.
    1.All way put “GOD” fist at all time.
    2.Is to get $10 million dollar if knot i still have a goal.
    3.To pay my bills off.
    4.Take two week vacation with my family.
    5.Start my business in real estate.
    6.Go to the lake and relax,do some fishing knowing that my bill is paid.

    Thank You
    Madglene Young

  357. Ron Maxey

    1. Keep my family together after the los of my wife back in May, 2010.
    2. get my hme business up and running correctly so I cn work from home.
    3.Stay healthy so I can accomplish the above Wit God’s help and my family’s support .

  358. Stanley

    1.Get out of debt quicker
    2.learn more about websight marketing
    3.use websight to get more prepaid legal business faster
    4.to make more money to give to charity
    5.to have more free time with my family

  359. Kenneth D.

    #1 follow the path god has for me
    #2 have a profitable bussiness
    #3 save my home
    #4 pay off all my bills
    #5 provide for family needs

  360. wew19470

    1. Maintain good health in 2011
    2. Get my business up & running, and successful.
    3. Successfully embelish my SS check
    4. Complete my debt free campaign.
    5. Be a better person by helping others & volunteer more of my time.

  361. Grace

    1. God is the very essence in each of our lives. I have notice almost every comment made, there is a mention of how each and one of us wants to restore there relationship or have a relationship with God. And to be honest, WE ALL need Him.
    2. To restore financial losses; gain more knowledge of computers and become savy enough to start building or learning how internet business works. If someone can do it, I can.
    3. To find work, since I have been un-employed for 1yr and 7mos. it was hard to my self-esteem, and the fact I am in my mid-forties, I have had to re-consider, re-program my way of thinking, re-invent myself somehow, I have been reading so many self-help books more than I could have ever read in my adult life. But God is still the very top answer to that.
    4. To find ways to help others, my family, my friends, who are experiencing the same thing, or even much more than what I have been through.
    5. I know there is more to life than what I know, I want to really learn more about God, how I can be a better person, how I can become financially independent, and learn to become computer savy so I can learn to utilize the internet as a business, and Become a MOTIVATOR for others.

  362. Diane Wilson

    Goal 1: My Family is most important, an the reason for my others goals!
    Goal 2: To learn how to make money online.
    Goal 3: To be succussful at it, so I can quit my job!
    Goal 4: To be able to be debt free, an buy my first home.
    Goal 5: To be able to do it, THIS YEAR, so my mother (who lives with me)
    can live a Happy, Healthy, without worrying about money!!!
    Goal 10 ENJOY MY MONEY

  363. Oliver Johnson

    Want to grow deeper in the Lord and seek His face diligently
    Seek divine favor that God will enrich by family
    By God’s Grace, establish my business
    That the Lord will open some financial doors to enable me to pay to have my website established.
    To be in position to assist those that are in need.
    Have a lots of relatives in Liberia, Africa I would like to he

  364. jonathan schmidt

    my five goals for this year

    1.) supplement my income
    2.) become debt free
    3.) build a education fund for kids
    4.) build retirement fund for me
    5.) Pay my bills without worry

  365. Ray Fahey

    1. Have money to give my children a better life.
    2. Learn how to build a web site so I can get going. Hard for me.
    3. Earn money to pay for childrens college
    4. Earn money to buy new home.
    5. Suppliment retirement income, which is not enough
    6. Not have to work, part time job on the road.

  366. Henry Pelletier

    1. Help my lovely wife acheive the good health she deserves.
    2.Find a job in pharmacy that I can be excited about.
    3. Establish an on-line business that will eventually allow us to live a life of
    financial freedom.
    4. Visit our children and grandchildren more often.
    5. Pay down to mortgage and spend more time at our cottage.

  367. Lhakpa

    Thanks Anthony,Leading us with ur best for the benefit all of us.
    while: My 2011 goals are..
    1) get healthy and wealthy by adopting health start here plan and make more wealth by using ur system. learning on…..
    2) providing education support for my children’s with my best effort.
    3) pay my mortgage
    4) help my community to preserve my culture and religious.
    5) Learn more deep into e-business…and many more to acheive.

  368. Lhakpa

    Thanks Anthony,Leading us with ur best for the benefit all of us.
    while: My 2011 goals are..
    1) get healthy and wealthy by adopting health start here plan and make more wealth by using ur system. learning on…..
    2) providing education support for my children’s with my best effort.
    3) pay my mortgage
    4) help my community to preserve my culture and religious.
    5) Learn more deep into e-business…and many more to acheive.

  369. shawnda boyd

    My goals are : 1. Set up and start my advertising business.
    2. In three years quit my day job.
    3. Make a six figure in three years doing my
    advertising business
    4. Travel whenever i want
    5. Spend more time with family and be healthy!!

  370. Lady Yvette Anderson

    I would love to buy a house and get my credit back on track. Take a trip help my family.Having my own buisness would be wonderful instead of working dead end jobs for the rest of my life.Some of my other goals would be to buy a new car and buy my duagther a new car as well help her with education.

  371. Ruby Truesdale

    for 2011 I want to change my thoughts and change my actions.
    I want more time to smell the roses, so I need less rush time.
    I want to make money work and grow for me not me working for the money, And then I want to retire from my day job. I want to take a vacation which I have not done in 5 years.

  372. Henry

    Have this website be successful and self sustaining, return investment
    Have second website unaffiliated with this one get off ground with no more investment than has already been invested, return investment
    Peace of mind
    Trust in God not man! Big difference and yes HE is there.
    Solid heartfelt advice
    Now figure out the order of importance. I know the answer.

  373. Eric Jensen

    1. Pay off the huge debt I have from all the different internet methods I have tried.
    2. Pay off other personal debt.
    3. Make enough online money so my wife doesn’t have to work the job she hates.
    4. Financial freedom that will lead to more family time.
    5. Make enough money online to make me think long and hard about quitting a job I actually like.

  374. Ken


    1. Educate myself on your system.
    2. Choose.
    3. Advertise.
    4. Try to duplicate your system exactly.
    5.Continue to educate and duplicate your system.

  375. Connie Saggione

    1. Debt Free
    2. Steady source of income
    3. Family time
    4.Get better health insurance
    5.Start Savings Account and Retirement Fund

  376. Sharon

    1, Want to be my own boss for life
    2, Keep a steady income at all time
    3. Pay off this mortgage
    4. Never return to debt again
    5.Enjoy life

  377. Willie Jones

    1-build a successful affiliate marketing business
    2-fluency in Spanish and French
    3-buy a house in the mountains of New York and/or Pennsylvania
    4-help family, friends, and associates become financially successful
    5-Wrrite thjree novels

    [email protected]
    Willie Jones

  378. Lori

    1. be successful running my own business
    2. become debt free
    3. travel to Italy
    4. become more involved with the running of my country
    5. enjoy friends and family

  379. Tom Wayne

    My 5 goals for 2011 are:
    1. Make money.
    2. Get my affiliate business up & running.
    3. Pay off outstanding bills.
    4. Create savings.
    5. Become financially independent.

  380. Larry Gray

    Its real simple. I’ve worked real hard physically all my life. My wife and I are in our mid 60’s. I have tried many times to earn a living using the computer because my health will no longer allow me to work physically hard we are desperate. I hope and pray your program will work for me, us. otherwise i feel our lives will fall into a bottomless pit of despair.
    1. To earn enough to save our home
    2. Earn enough to repair our home which is badly needed!
    3. To leave our children which are also destitute an inheirtance
    4.To be debt free
    5. To teach other hurting people/family’s these skills like you do

  381. Rebecca

    1. Gain back a deep closeness with all of my children.
    2. Find inner peace.
    3. Finish writing my book.
    4. Be self-sufficient.
    5. Help abused women, and animals.

  382. angie cox

    My top 5 goals foe 2011 is:

    1)To pay off my van again.
    2)Get caught up on my bills, again!!
    3)Find a job
    4)Learn more about your program, so I understand what I’m doing. All to finally be successful.
    5)Quit smoking for my childrens sake.

  383. Erica Folk

    1. Money: Balance my finances and avoid overdraft fees. To do this I feel I have to make more money to pay for all that needs to get paid.

    2. Family: I am going to take more trips with my family and create traditions for my children. I am also going spend more time focusing on getting myself together mentally and focusing on quality time with my husband if he is still around.

    3: Career: I will be a motivated teacher and do my best not only teaching school children, but teaching others around me. I will be dedicated to making my home businesses work and not give up.

    4. Consistency: I will be more consistent in my actions by being proactive and thinking things through instead of being reactive and following my impulses.

    5. Emotional: I will keep my head up when things aren’t looking great. I will find a way to deal with the problems in my if and face them with dignity. I will not let anyone tear me down.

  384. Bjarne Breilid

    1. Make my first $$ on the internet.
    2. Be able to relax and enjoy life again after the death of my wife.
    3. Find time to also help translate old illegible letters for Americans whose immigrant ancestors recorded events in German or in a Scandinavian language.
    4. Since I do a lot of genealogical work – find out – somehow – about Anthony’s Norwegian back- ground. I think he referred to that once in his Blogs.
    5. Make enough money so that I can continue to help other poeople who may be worse off than I am.

  385. Armando G

    1. publish my website
    2. learn more, become knowledgable.
    3. Get out debt by end of this year.
    4. Expand my online business to be able to quit my day job.
    5. Expend more time with the family.
    6. Help my family and people that is in need.
    7. In general have a big enough online business that will allow me to be free and help others release some stress out of their lifes financially.

  386. Consuelo

    My goals for 2011 are: 1. Finished my home modifications so we will not loose our house. 2. Learn and make an income on this internet marketing to make our life more easier for everybody in my family. 3.. Be a better person to all. 4. Have all my bills and taxes paid off. 5. Enjoy life to the fullest because life is too short.

  387. Gayle Armstrong

    My top 5 goals for 2011 are:

    1). Treat my wife the way she should be treated!
    2). Replace a vehicle that my wife has that needs replacing.
    3) Strive to be more successsful in this business.
    4) Make sure my home business is a successful internet/ home business
    5) Become debt free

  388. Janice Eves

    1. New web site up and running successfully! Safe-Waters.com
    2. Know what I am doing to be successful with this business adventure!
    3. Pay off THAT credit card as you commanded!
    4. Help my husband set up a computer system in his office!
    5. Get financially balanced and pay debt at home!

  389. Sharon Shaw

    1. Learn and implement all the information I need to know to create and maintain a successful online business that generates atleast $3000 monthly!
    2. Complete my Bachelor Degree this year, 2011!
    3. Add more Culture, Preforming Arts and etc, into my Family Life.
    4. Get back my Beach Body.
    5. Help Americans (individuals) like Anthony Morrison

  390. Rosa

    Rosa says: my five goals for 2011 is spend mor time wirh my family
    I would love to do some kind of diferent work, that doesn’t tie me from 8-5 working hours.
    become debt free
    have more time for vacation
    travel as much i can

  391. Diana Lainhart

    My goal for 2011 is to get someone to help me set up my website and help me with trying to get free financially.
    To be a better person, understanding other people’s needs.
    Take my grandkids to Disneyworld.
    Pay off my mortgage.
    Retire without worrying if we have enough money to retire.

  392. Charles Dunn

    1. To increase my income so that I will be able to assist and support my extended family in the coming economic hard times.

    2. Establish a successful on line business.

    3. Learn successful on line advertising techniques.

    4. Purchase some good domain names.

    5. To keep learning new things.

  393. Eda Wilson

    Here are a few of my 2011 goals.

    I would like to be financially independent and pay off my debts

    Get my advertising web site up and running; and start making money

    Be able to purchase a home for my daughter and three grand children

    Help my grand children through university

    Be able to travel around the world and enjoy thee rest of my life

  394. Frank

    Goals–Make this system work for me-(2) Become financilly independent (3) Spend more time with my children and grandchildren (3) Help others (5) Be a better person.

  395. Cindy Holt

    1–to learn all I can about how to do Anthony’s business well
    2–to become much more financially secure
    3–to become more comfortable with the divorce my husband ”handed’ totally disabled me after 25 years as his wife
    4–to live with my secondary progressive MS as well as I can
    5–to get my RabbitHillCrweations business selling hand smocking dresses and accessories on ETSY going

  396. Viviana

    1. Be Happy and Think Big about future.

    2. Hopefully make enough money online so i don’t have to work 8 hours
    a day anymore or anywhere but at home.

    3. Debt free.

    4. Purchase a house.

    5. Visit my families and friends at the end of this year.

  397. BJ Jones

    1. Learn all I can about Affiliate Marketing
    2. Make my first $$ on the internet.
    3. Financial freedom
    4. Get health insurance
    5. Retire without worry

  398. Richard Augelli

    Make friends
    Make money
    Have more to give
    become debt free
    build a secure retirement account
    Improve the quality of my life
    Improve the quality of my relationships

  399. Duane Sjoberg

    Goals for 2011
    1. Dejunk my house.
    2. Dejunk my garage.
    3. Build addition to my garage to work on my cars.
    4. Begin restoration of my wife’s 1960 Ford Falcon.
    5. Take my wife on a vacation to Hawaii.

  400. Jana Zaloum

    1. To become financially independent
    2. To get healthy
    3. To better help the hungry and homeless in KC
    4. To move to Maine
    5. To become a stronger better person

  401. mary inzunza

    1. pay bills
    2. spend more time with kids
    3. spend more time in kitchen
    4. spend more time learning crafts
    5. save money

  402. Isolene Flowers

    more time with my teenage son
    become more financially stable
    quit my 9-5 job
    learn more about home base business

  403. Kirsti

    1. Have some kind of income. I need to make money to help my family and pay application fees.

    2.Get into college (and be able to pay for it) I really want to study music as a percussionist, but I have lots of other interests too.

    3. Learn to drive. Yeah I don’t know how to drive, I could get my license at any time. Hard to do when you have no idea what you are doing.

    4. I’d like to be able to go see more of my friends’ concerts. They play in school/garage bands but because I can’t drive or pay for tickets, that isn’t happening.

    5. Get to a doctor, and get the things I need. I believe I may have clinical depression. This needs to be treated. My inhaler ran out a couple months ago and so did my nebulizer medicine. I need to get some more of that but again I can’t afford it or drive myself there.

  404. A.B. Siddique

    My 5 goals of 2011

    1. To find out a genuine income site in internet
    2. To know the amount which I have to invest to you
    3. To know whether any good site in internet has or not.
    4. Not to run behind a fraud site
    5. Searching a very minimum paying site.



  406. Rod

    1 – More quality time with my kids.
    2 – Connect better with my wife.
    3 – Exercise more, get healthier.
    4 – Read more, exercise my brain.
    5 – Be a better person.

  407. Darlene

    My goals are:
    1. To pay off old bills
    2. To spend more time with grandchildren.

  408. kevin huynh

    1-make money
    2-build up my credit
    3-take care my kid education
    5-still want to make enough money

  409. Misty L. Bechtol

    True, I’m living off SSDI, Married to a Blue-Collar woreker, so WE have NO money, and are getting behind, so my # 1 wish IS:
    1. To find a work at home job that doesn’t cost anything to start (I know, I know, ya right)
    2. I;ve entered PCH for a long time, so I pray/wish I could win BIG
    3. To get into a program that teaches Driving, I HAVE gotten my premit
    4. To attain the money to go to Collage to become a Physical Theripist
    5. Again, the money to buy an acctual house, and move away from this trailor Park

    Gee, I look at all my wish’s, and they all add up to MONEY, needing money, so IF you know of a way I could achive all of this, my thanks would be endless!!!
    Thank you!!!!!

  410. Pauline Galvez

    Goal # 1 my Goal this year is to be successful for the 1st time in my life
    Goal# 2 to hire a ranch hand to do all the odd jobs i dont want to do
    Goal # 3 hire some one to do all house cleaning
    Goal # 4 to help my family out financially
    Goal # 5 to make enough money so my husband can stay home and over see the ranch

  411. Sonny Hinneh

    1. To master Anthony Morris’ theory and continue making money.
    2. Manage my own business and make more money to complete my projects
    3. Spend more time with my family
    4. Support the work of God in my church and out of my church
    5. Be a blessing to this hungry, unhealthy and needed world.

  412. melissa pina aranda

    1.have my own business 2.go to school for a better future 3.spend more time with my family 3.became a better person 4.live a better life 5.buy a house

  413. John

    1) become deit free.from credit cards
    2) go on my honeymoon with my wife
    3)try to stop smoking for good
    4) stop paying rent and buy our own house) become a homeowner.
    5) up grade my car) buy anew car.

  414. Kara Griffin

    1- focus on God and family – I traveled 8 months almost out of the year and loved it. But want to spend more time with family and work on my relationship with God to make me a better person all around.
    2- Health – I am going to work on new eating habits so can lose some weight. I have not been happy with myself last few years and lost some self esteem too. So, start changing eating style and lose 50-60 lbs by spring.
    3- Finances – Find a way to get more financial freedom, so can travel some and enjoy life without so much stress. It would be nice to find a job that does not involve a set schedule.
    4 – Move – I would like to purchase a house and have more room to enjoy life and once reach goal of weight loss , start having people over to share things with and get more involved.
    5 – Volunteer – I would like to give more of my time to helping others, especially our youth. Maybe get involved in big brother/sisters or do some additional help at church.

  415. David Line II

    1- to have more time with my family
    2- to become financially able to remove all my debts
    3- be able to pick up my life after the divorce
    4- to get a place of my own
    5- be able to look back and say I was there

  416. L R MOORE


  417. kierra

    do the best i can to make my god proud of me. 2.go back & get my ged. 3.study for colleage school. 4.attend hair school. 5.learn more about the word of god

  418. james a carrol

    1. get off disability & make my family proud of me again!
    2. Help people less fortunate than me.
    3. Get back grounded & get a new car!
    4. Dont wanna live with roomates again!
    5. Give my Mother & Brother a proper burial!

  419. Gretchen Love

    1. Move The ecomony is killing me.
    2.Get Organized. Your lost without being organized.
    3. Have more fun. Last year I tried to worry myself into a coma
    4. Make enough money to buy my way into one of these programs and make some real money.
    5. Start taking trips and just be happy.

  420. Ray Sirko

    1st & for most, Thank you for the opportunity to become an affiliate marketer, I’ve been working on trying something with click bank, commission junc. even had my own website for ’bout 2 months, didn’t make no money off it so I scraped it. Figured I’d get a fresh start at first of the yr. Got your books & everything, & if I can make any amount of money I’d be happy, But my main goal is to be as successful as you.

  421. Mona

    5 goals for 2011

    1. Finally have an income after one year!
    2. Be able to stay in my home and not stress about maybe losing it!
    3. Be able to keep fuel in my car so I can go grocery shopping!
    4. Be able to stop thinking the world would be better off without me!
    5. Stop begging for money from who ever will listen and maybe give me some!

  422. Colleen F Williams

    Find a job I like that’s a day job Monday-Friday
    Become debt free
    buy a new or used car
    Get my health back
    Win at PCH!

  423. Eva Dixon

    1. focus on developing this business
    2. create profit needed to pay bills etc, on time, no late charges
    3. create enough income to build a savings account enough to cover 6 months of bills (minimum)
    4. work smarter, not harder
    5. schedule my time with family and friends

  424. Eugene Smail

    Hello world My basic goals havent changed in years . First I goota keep food , stay active every day ,find money when possible and put it good use investing it in soom way that it may multiply to bring my self to the conclution of a cash flow system that will employ others that acualy think they need money ,, end result deliver you from stress that you might take time to search for your creater

  425. T. Jones

    1. My business be very successfully-up and running, with a lot of traffic to my website.
    2. Learn everything about my business so it can be successful-this is my first and I wont it done right.
    3. The smarter I get about my business the better my website will be.
    4. Can you help me with my business-website.
    5. Now I can Get all the things I have in my HEART-MIND&SOUL.

  426. james mcgee

    My Goal is to pay my bills on time and make money. And to spend time with my family. And to study your books and videos so i can make money.So one day i can have money to pay my bills and not have to worry them. And have my life back with my family.

  427. Terry Jones

    1. My business up and running successfully-the right way.
    2. I am trying to learn everything about my business before I begin.The smarter I get the better my website will be.
    3. This my first time doing this-a website.
    4. Now I can get the things I wont-need in my HEART-MIND&SOUL.
    5. This is the help I need for now-I hope you can help me now.

  428. james mcgee

    My goal is to spend more time with my family.And to study hard so i can make a little more money.So i won’t have to worry a bout them.

  429. Sherri

    1. Receive more income.
    2. Have the ability to give my son the money he needs to pay-off his Medical School loans
    3. Live stress free
    4. Learn how to get followers on facebook and twitter and have them follow me to my website
    5. Help people understand how they can buy land for their investment and make money

  430. JOyce

    1. Healthier Lifestyle
    2. Full Time Disability Ministry Work
    3. Marriage Relationship Better
    4. Finish Biblical Studies Course.
    5. Help Special Needs Adults in my church build website and start selling products online.

  431. Jack

    1. Develop a deeper relationship with my creator
    2. Find a job!
    3. Keep the home and avoid foreclosure
    4. Open my first bank account in over 2 years
    5. Enlarge my reiki practice to over 5,000 clients

  432. Patrick

    1. Find a work from home job that I will enjoy and with flexibility to take care of my son’s needs.

    2. Find a worthwhile ministry and get involved.

    3. Help the children with college

    4. Find a best friend that lives in my new city.

    5. Grow spiritually and every other way.

  433. Carrie Gregory

    My Five Goals For 2011
    1.) Continue a Closer Walk with the Lover of my Soul.
    2.) Continue to draw closer to my Family.
    3.) Place the preceptions of Simple Money Making Strategies I can use Right From My Home to Work more Positive, and write/create effective ads that going to bring the “Profits” from the trafffic.
    4.) Continue My Education in Business-Management.
    5.) Drive to the Bank with a big/bright SMILE.

  434. Ezra Woods

    1. get out of debt.
    2. make more money.
    3. get my XBox Live account back.
    4. visit some family. I have not seen in 10+ years.
    5. finally get some good rest.

  435. Derrick Rodgers

    Hello Anthony this year I am going to try this internet marketing for the last time before I give up. I have been trying to do this for the last 5yrs and nothing ever come of it. I hope to accomplish financial freedom and early retirement by the time the year is over. I am counting on you to help me with this since you said you would. Thanx in advance.

  436. anakaren

    hey anthony my goal for these year will be a better mom and trying to spend time with them im a single mom and i do everything for my family i work 9 hrs mon-sat that why i need time with my kids

  437. Dirk

    1.job so I can stay home with family,2 getting my own business going on a shoestring budget.3. hope that god will bless me in this 4. get a good retirement account 5.become debt free and own my own house instead of rent

  438. Rover

    1) survive the spring business
    2) find and begin solid income with internet and build
    3) spend more time with kids daily!
    4) ride my motorcycles MORE (Back to what I love) w/kids and self.
    5) set up purchse to own with person that owns my current property….

  439. robert

    1. to get back on my feet,2. to find a good job,3. get a place of my own,4. hoping to find a wife and start a family,5. go places like i did before like go to the beach, camp, hunt

  440. Denise

    1.Buy my dream house.
    2.Get out of debt.
    3.Help mom with her bills.
    4.Get a better car.
    5.Have a career.

  441. shawnte' Watson

    1. To be a better mother
    2. Do more for me
    3. Personal growth
    4. Do better

    5. Spend more time with the ones I love

  442. Rasha

    goal#1: Work on my relationship with God. Nothing happens without his order or intervention.
    goal#2: Learn the affilate marketing business
    goal#3: Learn and utilize the strategies for marketing
    goal#4: supplement my income! not easy living in the most expensive city in the Northeast.
    goal#5: I would like to help others who are in need and less fortunate.

  443. Gilbert

    1- Quit my day JOB
    2- Give more because i like to do so
    3- Bebt free
    4- spend more timre with family
    5- Go back to school because i have a dream

  444. Ingrid Joseph

    Hi Anthony These are my goals.
    1 To get over the hurdles I have been having to get my business off and running.
    2 I promise to tithe every penny I earn.
    3 Get out of debt (my family and I).
    4 Put aside for my grandchildren’s education.
    5 Live a comfortable debt free healthy life, where I can continue to help
    someone with out having to think where the money will come from. and travel to C D WORLD.

  445. Pedro

    1. Grow spiritual stronger in God.
    2. Help my family
    3. Have more work hours
    4. Gain more friendship and relationships.
    5. Help other people

  446. Patrick Montague

    Happy New Year Anthony!

    Goal #1: Restart my Real Estate Business utilizing some of your tips for improved marketing on the internet.
    Goal #2: Reread your first 2 books for understanding of key language.
    Goal #3: Dedicate the required 2 to 3 hours each day to realize success with your tips, techniques, communication vehicles and proven systems.
    Goal #4: Continue to be less electronically challenged with computers and other electronic communication devices (chuckle). My nephews have been a big help in that arena. It also helps to be the cool Uncle!
    Goal #5: Better balance my time between work and my wife! This really should be goal #1 or none of the others mean diddly!

    Thanks Anthony for the opportunity to list these thoughts and think it through a bit. I do have a business plan for 2011 and 2012 and now it is time to not try to execute… but indeed execute! Here’s to our mutual success! Pat Montague in Long Beach. CA.

  447. Dee

    1.get to know my Heavenly Father again 2. spend more individual time with each of my children,3.find a way to fill my unemployment gap 4. spend more ime outdoors 5.bless those less fortunate once i receive my finacial blessing.

  448. Yolanda Brewer

    5 GOALS
    1. Debt free for the new year
    2. More time for family
    3. Help my church financially
    4. Help my mother financially
    5. Take a vacation (just finished 10yrs. of college)

  449. Carl Morris

    1.Join all media groups possible to advertise my webb site. 2.Learn all I can about Affiliated Marketing. 3.Spend more time with my wife and kids. I work twelve to fourteen hours a day five days a week and almost every saturday. 4.Start earning enough on line to let my wife be home instead of working a dead end job. 5.Visit my Mom and Dad,They live 800 miles away and I have not seen them in a few years.

  450. michele

    HELP OTHERS who want to HELP themselves

  451. Larry Evans

    1. Pay off credit cards.
    2.Pay off my home.
    3.I am 66 yrs old, I would like to quit my day job and my night job.
    4.I have had less than 30 days off in the past 20 years,I would like to go
    on a 14 day cruise.
    5.I would like to be able to make a really nice donation to The Witter
    Wildlife Refuge.

  452. Belinda

    1. Generate income from a home based business.
    2. Grow business so I can retire and devote time to business.
    3. Pay off debt.
    4. Help aging parents.
    5. Build retirement fund.

  453. Leroy Holmes

    goal#1:develop a five figure income/month by 3/31/2010
    goal#2:regain my voice by resolving my personal credibility issues by
    goal#3:buy a new house by 6/30/2010
    goal#4:Remarry by 9/30/2010
    goal#5:Live Happily ever after in my golden years

  454. P.J. SANZONE

    GOALS FOR 2011
    1. have more free time.
    2 . have more income
    3 replace my income
    4 rid my self of depending on going to work to get money
    5. increase my traffic to sextoys4everyone.com

  455. Luis Baez

    goal#1 spend more time with Family
    goal#2 no more 12hrs jobs
    goal#3 help others have the opportunity to be able to provide and get my family out of debt, help

  456. Gerardo Rodriguez

    #1 Build a Stronger Relationship with GOD.
    #2 I just bought a House and I want to payoff my 2nd Lien in one Year (48K) this way I can be at a mortgage payment wher either me or my wife can support the expenses even if one of us loose our JOB.
    #3 I would also like to Payoff my Range Rover in a year but I am not sure if I can payoff this one at the same time we payoff the 2nd Lien.
    #4 I would like to be able to visit my family more often but this require time and money.. The money part I can deal with since they are only 6 hours away but the time is just not ther.
    #5 I would like to be loose weight and be back in shape.

  457. Luis Baez

    Goal#1 spend more time with Family
    Goal#2 No more 12hrs jobs
    Goal#3 Be able to help others, have more opportunities and power to actually be able to get my family out of debt…
    Goal#4 Help Single Mom’s,
    Goal#5 Provide a Big Charity and support for all the homeless children…..

  458. Douglas Weaver

    5 be debt free inheritance for my somoney for jennifer – grandaughter money for Shelly graNDAUGHTER BUY NEW CAR FOR DAUGHTER IN LAW

  459. Melinda Bouck

    1.Be able to quit one of my two jobs. 2.Be able to figure out how to do this biz, i think i am making it more complicated than it is. 3.Be able to spend more time with my family. 4.Go on a vacation, I have not had one for seventeen years. 5. Just be happy, we only have one life to do the best we can.

  460. Suresh

    1.Personal growth
    2. Do better
    3. Earn More Money
    4. buy a house
    5. enjoy with family

  461. Anthony V

    GOAL 1 since I’m disabled would love 2 make money to support my family and be able 2 do things with them . GOAL 2 Be able 2 build my first new home at age 50. GOAL3 Be in the position 2 help my family out in there time of need.GOAL4 be able 2 afford insurance for my wife so that she can get the much need help wit her back and hip so she would not have 2 go threw all that pain.GOAL 5 Wish I was able 2 take the whole family on a nice vacation on me and be able 2 get out of debt and injoy what life i have left.

  462. susan

    Get a job, I’ve looked everywhere, still nothing after several interviews around WA State. Does anybody need a psych nurse, who is also a marriage family therapist and sexual deviancy counselor? I almost have my Ph.D. in psychology as well!

    I really want to have my property open up to people with mental illness to come and ride horses and not worry how others may be viewing them. I got that from refuge last night.

    I want to get out of debt for my medical bills.

    I want to be able to afford health insurance.

    I want to somehow bring my family back together. They have all been in turmoil around me and the intra-familial incest that occurred to me as a child.

  463. Denise Parcells

    My 2011 goals:

    1. Be a better mother – spend more quality time with my children and have more patience
    2. Eat healthier – my father and my mother-in-law were just diagnosed with diabetes – it is my goal to insure my family eats better for long term health
    3. Be happy – try to see the positive side of things, smile more and not sweat the small stuff
    4. Get serious about making money on line – keep at it and make it work
    5. Get out of debt – tired of barely making it paycheck to paycheck – need to get rid of all the debt I racked up being out of work for 18 months

  464. charley folk


  465. Danny

    1. Start a Blog/website
    2. Fire,aim,ready. Meaning produce stuff then worry about fixing it later.
    3. Put all this knowledge into ACTION
    4. Be the example to help others realize their potential.
    5. Travel outside the U.S.

  466. PJ

    1. Spend quality time playing with my horse
    2. Launch Affiliate Marketing Blog About My Horse
    3. Increase monthly earnings online each month throughout 2011
    4. Take Up New Hobby: Water Color Painting
    5. Volunteer more time to Church and community out-reach programs

  467. miguel santana

    #1 learn how to promote my website with the proper phrases so that my stuff can come up on first page of google
    #2 learn wordpresess so that I can build websites
    #3 learn how to advertise in my facebook,twitter, myspace, and youtube.
    #4 make some money doing home internet at least starting up with $200 or $300. per month
    #5 payoff my ceditcards and car debts.

  468. taslima akter

    #1. get out of debt very very important.
    #2.wish to buy a new car. expended too much money for repair my 95 ford export
    #3. save money for my kids education
    #4. paid at least half of my house price to save in future.not to worry for loosing job again.
    #5 good time with my wife & kids

  469. Ruth

    1. I want to find a way to start getting an income coming in.
    2. I want to save my house. They are real close to foreclosing on us at anytime.
    3. pay as many bills off as fast as I can to clear up my debt
    4.work on paying off student loans
    5. get financially set so I can take some time and go traveling this summer with my family and have some time with my family without worrying about money for the first time in my life.

  470. Andre

    #1. be successful at selling my e-book
    #2. learn the affiliate marketing business
    #3. help my kids with tuition
    #4. help my Mom with her bills
    #5. go on a book tour

  471. Karen Langman

    My five goals for 2011 are:
    1) To reconnect with The Voice (Spirit) within; Everything I do will be from a place of grace and love
    2) Re-read Anthony’s book; watch all the videos; make notes and develop steps through February
    3) Purchase my domain from purchaseyours.com in February
    4) If still available, purchase the 365 day program using the two payment option the first week in March (that is when my SSDI kicks in and I have the money to get started)
    5) Follow the program, stay positive, committed, and become a big success with affiliate marketing strategies.
    6) I have survived this year through the Arms Around Bainbridge grass roots charity support. I am going to begin to Pay It Forward.

  472. Gail E Fernandez

    1. Spend more time with God in prayer and scriptures.
    2. Restore my singing voice and embark on my last chance professional singing comeback.
    3. Finally launch comeshoptheworld.com.
    4. Begin to develop a couple of back burner business ideas.
    5. restoration of personal health and financial prosperity..

  473. Lydia

    To Get My HOME BASE Back..
    To Do More for myself. Think about my on needs and wants.
    Get out of my debt.
    Take a Trip.
    Make all Medical appointments and complete requirements

  474. Maria L.

    My 2011 goals are as follows:
    1. Earn money to pay off my Visa Card since this affects my sleep
    2. Earn more money to help the needy and my four favorite
    charities comfortably
    3. Fix my house which is in much need
    4. Between now (1/5/11) and March 31 make at least $5,000/7,000
    6. Some travel would help clear my head and get rid of my worries
    7. Have more spare time to read and attend some of the Operas I want to
    8. Have more money to get more education on this business which I can
    see has a great possibility and potential
    9. Avail myself of all you offer in order to complete goal #8
    10. And last but not least, thank you for all you do in order to make us
    succeed. You’re a good human being, Anthony. God bless.

  475. Pamela Skerratt

    For my first goal I have already started as of January 1. Take more time for myself and work on my enternet marketing business. It is very good to help others and serve others, just need to balance it out a bit.
    My second goal is to do my with my special needs son. He is my insiration to keep on going no matter what comes my way. God had a plan for my life when He blessed me with Him..smile
    I have watched the videos and over and over of Anthony’s program and just didn’t seem like I was getting it. Well the light came on and I realized I was just afraid to take action. This I am already doing now since Jan. 1. I am now taking action and designing my first landing page. A person can really disquise fear and not even know it unless they examine themselves daily. So that is my third goal, 2 goals in one. Examine myself daily and JUST DO IT!!
    My fourth goal is: I was listening to one of the programs I recieved when I first got Anthony’s program. I had never opened it because I kept going to his next program thinking I would learn more every time he had an offer till I realized it isn’t all the programs, it was the first one and that only cost 19.95. At that time I ordered the Virtual Real Estate prgram and didn’t even know it till November 2010. I am in my field there with that. I am going to hit that one hard and strong. See real estate was what I lost with the economy break down. Now I know there is one in my hands right up my alley I love.
    The fifth goal which I feel very important outside of everything that will bring all the other goals together is: Personal growth. My music that I have wanted to work on all my life I put on the back burner for my family, My spiritual growth to feed my ministry. Increase my education in not only the business but read more self help books and take the time to put everything I learn into action. Grow deeper with understanding relationships of all kinds; family,friends,business,aquintances,neighbors and etc..Just stretching my potetual beyond the comfort zone.

  476. Sandy

    goal 1. Become closer to God.
    goal 2. Lose weight and get in shape
    goal 3. Do better with my finances
    goal 4. Get organized
    goal 5. Quit being lazy…

  477. carmelo ochoa

    My 5 goal for 2011 are

    1) spend more time with family.

    2) do better in school.

    3) find a better job.

    4) earn money.

    5) loose weight.

  478. JOSEPH


  479. Sergey Yuronen

    1. Help my family with some of their bills
    2. Get me set-up with a job
    3. Try to spend more time with dad cuz I really never see him works hard
    4. Try to get a new distraction aka a girl
    5. Start thinking about serge more cuz who cares about what’s goin on with them ….an what’s been up with me…!

  480. Alan Leyland

    1) Read and re-read Anthony’s book and find books focused on google ad words to gain additional khowledge
    2) Determine minimum $’s required to set up a basic account
    3) Reinvest any and all cash flow gains into successful programs
    4) Improve family quality of life with financial gains
    5) Rebuild credit after a Ch 7 bankruptcy

  481. Audrey Northcutt

    #1 Give 10% of earnings every month to church
    #2 Spend more time with family
    #3 Don’t lose money this year on projects that I don’t understand
    #4 Learn the Affilated marketing plan, I have the web-site up, I just read the book and I am thrying to understand the next option.
    #5 Start an exercising program

  482. Curtis

    1. Have more time for my family
    2,Be a help to more people
    3.have a source of income that will let me live a maximized life.
    4.Build something great for my wife and kid,
    5. Start a business that will do all this for me

  483. Gail Roper

    My goals for 2011 are
    1-To learn the Affiliate Marketing Process well enough get my Website up and running an profitable by Feb 1, 2011.
    2-To generate enough income from my Website to pay off my original investment March 30, 2011
    3-Spend more time with my Mom as she is getting older and my Dad has already passed away and I miss him and wish I would have had more time to spend with him before he left.
    4-To have my Website successful enough to give me a since of future finical security by Dec 30, 2011.

  484. Billie Waters

    GOALS FOR 2011
    1.Spend more time with all my family.
    2.Get my Internet Business up and running. I also want to learn more.
    3.Pay off some bills.
    4.Do more traveling.
    5.Spend more time reading my Bible.

  485. Gail Roper

    1- Learn the Affiliate Marketing process and get my website built, up and running and profitable by Jan 30,2011.
    2- To generate enough income from my website to pay back my initial investment to get started by Mar. 30, 2011.
    3- Spend more quality time with my Mom as she is getting older. I have already lost my Dad and I regret not having more time to spend with him.
    4- Spend more time on my knees.
    5- Get my New Business profitable enough to have a since of future finical income security by Dec 31, 2011.

  486. Tomi Haynes

    #1 More time with my husband
    #2 Master affiliate marketing so we can retire
    #3 Leave my children a better future
    #4 Help our families who are in need and others with debt solutions
    #5 Pray and work to create a safe and better world